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Bev. H. GUNDERT, D. Ph. 








By Besrifltntiou nndei Aot XZV of 1867. 


The maierials for this work have been collected during more 
than twenty-five years' study of the language. The words have been 
taken from all available sources, from the lips of speakers of all ranks, 
castes and occupations, from the letters and records of many different 
districts, and from the writers in prose and poetry of every age. A 
list necessarily imperfect of the literature which has been ransacked 
for contributions, will be subjoined under the head of Abbreviations. 
2. It has been found difficult to draw the line of demarcation 
between MakLyalam and Tamil words. These two languages of old 
differed rather as dialects of the same member of the Dra vidian family, 
tlian as separate languages; in consequence many Tamil words occur 
still in local usage (e. g. (STfaiy o, oras in some of its senses) or in time- 
honored phrases and formulas (e.g. <gYDoidQ_jc0>5 (Si^Sia^oo^^^ ojtoooi), 
which have long ceased to be used in colloquial speech. A consider- 
able number of such have been received and marked as aM. (ancient 
Malayaiam). They cannot be dispensed with, if the Dictionary is to 
give a true representation of the history of the language. This history 
commences for us (if we except a few inscriptions on copper and 
stone) with the Rama Charitam, in which we probably have the oldest 
Malayaiam poem still in existence, composed as it was before the intro- 
duction of the Sanscrit alphabet and deserving of the particular 
ittention of the scholar, as it exhibits the earliest phase of the language, 
perhaps centuries before the arrival of the Portuguese. For several 
antiquated words (such as (SYd^^cd^, csYdoo, ii. OYosEbl) this poem is the only 
authority. The bulk of the other great poems, the Bharatam, RamSya- 


wm, and the versions of the Pura^as were composed within the two 
or three last centuries. As these constitute the popular literature of 
all Malayajam readers, no Dravidian word found in them has been 
excluded. On the other hand there are many Malayajam composi- 
tions of later date, especially such as are current among the Vedantists, 
which evidently afifect Tamil modes of expression. These have been 
excluded if not supported by other evidence. 

3. To determine the amount of Sanscrit words to be received 
into a Malayalam Dictionary has been a task of even greater difficulty. 
As this Dictionary is not intended for the use of Sanscrit students^ the 
rule followed in compiling it has been to include only those words 
and meanings that were found in bond fide Malayalam productions; to 
sift and reduce the enormous mass of mythological and botanical names 
and synonyms, many of which are confessedly very doubtful; to record 
merely the principal signification of words confined to poetical usage; 
and to devote particular attention only to those terms which are gene- 
rally accepted as fairly ^domiciled" in Malayalam and which have 
in the course of naturalization received various applications not to 
be met with in pure Sanscrit (e. g. otocgjooojo, csY&ajorocoo). 

4. The idioms and significations peculiar to Southern Kerala or 
TravancoTC^ have been carefully collected both from the productions 
of the Cottayam Press, and from the very valuable Dictionaries com- 
piled by the Portuguese and Italian Missionaries of Verapoli ; works 
which, although completed in 1746, rest upon materials accumulated 
in the 17th, perhaps even 16th century, and rank as the oldest monu- 
ment extant of the study of Indian languages by Europeans. (They 
are marked in the Dictionary Vi. & V2.). Still greater care has been 
bestowed upon the language of Northern Kerala or Malabar proper 
(with the Bekal Talook of Canara); and explanations of the histori- 
cal names, castes and dynasties (comp. (3Ya<a>(a)g§5 cgtoslGoo^osl, (St^am^cbcxb^ 
e9ioai(i>, OTdQjGtoocJOo, (3Yaorvi£)<0«©Oi^) and of the institutions, usages 
and traditions, by which this province differs so singularly from the 
sarronnding countries (see for instance, asi^^^^ OYosl^a, (Bioadtsojo, oiooj 
(OfMxi) have been drawn from every trustworthy source. Amongst 


the sources for this kind of information I would particularly point 
out the old Tellieherry Records (TR.) as conveying a mass of instruc- 
tion in the hest prose of the language. 

5. The object being to present a faithful picture of the whole 
MalayAjam tongue, the writer has not felt at liberty to exclude the 
foreign words which have of necessity crept into the language. The 
Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Portuguese and even English terms, 
which the commerce of centuries and the conquest of foreign creeds 
and arms with new laws and arts have introduced along this coast, 
cannot be proscribed, whatever regret their prevalence may excite 
in the purist. They do not, of course, claim the same minute investi- 
gation and treatment, which belong to words, whose birthright and 
position in the language are indisputable. (See for Ar. (SYdgg, csYdiZ^o 
(Do, (3Ydi:S)<6, otdcruA, (STdejQj; for P. <5Tdea>0(al, (gYd«W)oc^l; for H. (Sto^qoA^ 
3D2>a6, c3i0CY2ja(Dl; for Port. (SYaooooDOfvfj for E. (STDoDki). 

6. It is for the same reason, that provincialisms and vulgarisms 
have not been rejected, though they are pointed out as such (f.i. (3too 
nrooo, (3ioadai3(TV)o under (Siocunrocoo^ OTdOfdcuDSo). To discard coarse and 
even obscene modes of speech, has not been thought advisable, how- 
ever much their existence and currency may be regretted. They are 
marked "obsc.", as was done by the fathers of Verapoli in their day, 
that they may be avoided. Under all these heads (§ 2 — 6) the student 
will of course have room for candid allowance concerning omissions 
and superfluities. 

7. The writer has throughout endeavoured to trace the origin of 
each word; and particular attention has been paid to the comparison 
of the cognate Dravidian languages. He has not been successful in 
every instance (e.g. <STdajt»oo); sometimes the unimportance of the 
word, as in the case of provincialisms, prevented him from prosecut- 
ing his search to the end. 

8. The arrangement chosen has been, to point out as far as possi- 
ble the root and origin of each word, to give first its primitive sense 
and to add the figurative and free senses in a rational order; lastly 
to illustrate them by examples taken from reliable authorities. The 


different constructions in which the same word occurs (e. g. (StQ^&> 
(SUsft), its various applications (e.g. (5Yas65tjc0)), allusions to the tra- 
ditions and superstitions of the people (^^raf, (srotosm), standing phrases 
((8YdS<9»05 (SYdQjcYviD) and proverbial expressions ((8ta§0) (stoccSlsni ^jul, csy^ 
^oc/d, (SYoaricLj, csYacYuoiPo, (8Y&c/ajloo\ csYa^), these points have been es- 
pecially considered in selecting the illustrations. The Compounds 
and Derivatives are arranged under each leading word in alphabetical 
order, but are not treated at the length that appeared necessary in the 
case of the parent words. 

9. The orthography of each word is fixed at the head of the article 
which treats of it, but in the illustrations deviations are allowed, when 
they exhibit a current pronunciation (e.g. (srdQSoj, csYasoj), or are 
borne out by the constant usage of some locality or caste (csrag^ csymj 
a(0(Dig), or when, as in the case of the numerous Tadbhavams, it is 
caused by the inequalities of the Sanscrit and Dravidian alphabets 

(e. g. (SYOCOTTOo, (SY^COTrol). 

10. It cannot be expected that the work should be compressed 
within the same compass as the Rev. Mr. Bailey's Dictionary. Not 
that the latter will always be found the more concise of the two. It 
is one of the chief defects of that, otherwise valuable, work, that it 
does not discriminate between Malaydlam and Sanscrit terms and 
leaves the student completely in the dark, both as regards the ety- 
mology and the proportional importance of words. For it concedes 
to unknown and useless words (e.g. (8Y2>«^oco1, (SYagsimoao) as well as 
to those that are comparatively unimportant (as ^(^9 nS) more space, 
than to words of the genuine native stock that occur frequently in idi- 
oms of daily current use (e.g. (sra^iMona, csrogj). In consequence it 
will be found, that the Sanscrit part of the present work (see for 
instance the compounds with (SYaod, (Sydoj, oras)) occupies less space 
than was the case in the former Dictionary, and this without any 
detriment to the subject matter. The progress made in the study 
of Sanscrit subsequent to the appearance of Dr. Wilson's Dictionary 
(on which the Sanscrit portion of Mr. Bailey's work is based) has 
enabled the writer to throw new light even on this part of his task. 


On the other hand he has endeavored to condense the matter present- 
ed into the shortest possible space. What is obvious has been omitted, 
many secondary words are but slightly noticed and a liberal use has 
been made of abbreviations. By these means it is possible to publish 
the whole work in one portable volume ; smaller than Rottler's Tamil 
or Reeve's Canarese Dictionary. 

11. The student may at the beginning be embarassed by some of 
the abbremations adopted (for instance NTfor root;-*- plus as in (StacucA, 
which is composed of OY9+(3Yda&; the figures (2) (3) which point to that 
a'gnification of the parent word from which the derivative is deducible, 
(as (3Y3<ax0txooo (3) to (S»<0>o 3., the mind). Also the absence of the 
common signs s., adj. may startle him at first sight. They have been 
deliberately abandoned. What, for instance, is the use of calling (Stdm 
y> an adj., which indeed it is in Sanscrit, when the example subjoined 
iio3ij_k06TOOo shows that in Malay dlam it is used as a noun? Or why 
should <3T0«g)(3>o be called an adj. and (8Y2><g)^o a subst, whilst in S. 
both are equally adjectives and in Malayajam strictly speaking both 
are noans, though poetical usage may treat them more or less as 
adjectives. Can the indefinite Numerals, such as (8t©Gnoc0>o, m>c(\)0(Qo 
be called adjectives, or have composition-cases like (8t©c0>C(aTa) a claim 
to that name? It seems to be of more moment to show by examples, 
how the words are applied, than to pretend to classify them by the 
utterly incongruous nomenclature of the grammar of European 
languages. Where doubts might arise, the gender, which in most 
cases is recognizable by the termination, will be found marked, as 
sornjGJQjoonul m., — nnolcoif.; (3toyc0>cAm.,(3toiPc£Qf. But since Malay alam 
grammar acknowledges only the distinctions of Nouns, Verbs and In- 
declinables, the Verb seems to be the only part of speech which re- 
quires specifying marks. This has been amply done by the abbrevi- 
ations a. v.=active verb, n.v.=» neuter verb, CV.= Causal Verb, den V.= 
denominative Verb, defV.= defective Verb, (for instance as^)5adj. V.= 
adjectival Verb (as (sraccn, ©a), aux. V.= auxiliary Verb (f. i. S^c^)? as 
also by marking its parts (past, 1st and 2nd fut., inf., conditional, adj. 
and adv. participle, VN.= Verbal Noun, etc.). 


12. An undertaking of this magnitude cannot lay claim to any- 
thing like perfection as regards either completeness or correctness. 
But the writer conceives, that a publication of the kind is a desider- 
atum in Malabar, and that this attempt at supplying it will be found 
serviceable to the cause of education in that province. Should it 
one day be superseded by a work approaching nearer to the standard 
he has had in view, he hopes that he will be found to have at least 
furnished a stock of valuable materials, that will under all circum- 
stances render to his successors a not unwelcome assistance in their 
toilsome task, in the same way that he in his has received aid from 
the accumulated labours of his predecessors. 


1. Tke TransiUeraiion, «dopted for 
tttt leading words «poii Dr. Lepsios's syBtem, 
H BBialy girea to assist EoropoMi students 
d the langvAge, who mmj feel the need of saoh 
• faslp. TUs system follows the prononoistion 
Md is folly explained onder the head **TraDs- 
liieffmtioo". I*oreiffn words are usually trans- 
literated in their original shape. 

2. Sanscrit Boots* It is neeessary to 
■ake a Cbw remarks reg^arding the form of the 
Scaserit roots and words whieh are giTen in this 
Dktioiiary. In the Sooth of India the Grammar 
of Panini is alone stadied, and it is indeed the 
greatest work on Bsnserit Orammar, bat roots 
aad words are not always giten here in the forms 
vhieh a stadent of Panini woald expeet. In 
every grammar it is necessary to adopt some 
eoBventional way of indicating the changes that 
rests and words formed from them vndergo, and 
lar this purpose there is in Pa^i*s Grammar an 
elaborate apparatus of letters added to roots, and 
viueli are called anubandha, and OTen letters 
vhieh form part of the root itself (sre arbitrarily 
ehaaged. 80 wc And in the Dhatu-pitha 
(er list of roots) s t h a for s t h a» and h j n for 
hr. The Qramaiars of TopadeTay saka- 
tay aaa etc. haTe a totally diiferent set of such 
l e tter s. Philologists in Europe huTO found that 
it is an im pr of em eat to change the Indian sys- 
toB ia some reepeets, and the authors of the St. 
tHtnhmrg Dictionary * of Sanscrit, which is by 
far the beet and most complete, have adopted this 
viev. Philologists hare come to the oonclosion 
that the Towels ;, { aad ^ are not primitiTs, so 

• HaaicHt WSrfto^aeh too BShtliogk A Roth. 

in this Dictionsry Dr. Gundert generally gires 
words according to this view as adopted 
by the authors of the St. Petersburg Dictio- 
nary. The roots which end in the above -vowels 
will here be found ending In r, e.g, d r is given 
asdar; dhras dhar; h[^as bar. So also 
the namerouB noons signifying an agent whieh 
end in i would here be given as ending in ar; 
e.g. k a r 1 1 as k a r t a r. So also diphthongs 
which terminate roots in the dhitupatha are 
oonsidered as secondary, and thus instead of 
gai we find ga; and si instead of so. Katives 
of India who consalt Dr. Gundert*s work must 
not be led away by the idea that the only 
right or possible ways of representing Sans- 
crit roots and words are those whieh Indian 
Grammarians have found convenient. A little 
experience will convince them that the contrary 
is the case. 

3. The l>ravidian element in 

Sanscrit* A number of words apparently of 
Sanscrit origin have, on closer examination, tam- 
ed out to be merely Sanscritized Dravidian 
words. The author of this Dictionary, in a 
German paper on this subject, has pointed out * 
many such words e,g. keyuram, putran, 
markadam, Tiralamyeto. Their reception 
and especially that of puttaYftm into Sans- 
orit may, as the author observed, be considered 
a strong proof of a once flourishing literary 
period in the Deccao, whenever that time may 
'have been. — Sometimes the words or roots of 
both languages ooinclde, without however justi- 

• See also an article by the Rev. F. Kittel in the 
Indian Antiquarj, Angost 187f. p. fSft. 



fying the prima ftieie oonolasion that the one 
has borrowed from the other. Further, words 
commonly taken as Drayidian, will bo found to 
haTe been imported; doubts regarding the origin 
of others are still entertained. The study and 
comparison of the Drayidian tongues, though at 
present carried on by a very few only, will, it is 
hoped, result in throwing more light on this in- 
teresting subject. 

4. In the arrangement of the AU 

phahet a slight butrationaldeyiation, affecting 
the sequenoe of 2 letters, has been found necessary, 
Tis : a) dOfia, being a compound letter (= a)+ cb^) 
and consequently akin to ^etc., has been plac- 
ed under and at the end of £i. — 5) o follows 
half r (*), which partakes of the ro & o sounds, 
comp. OQJibanlrDicas), QQj(OR»)n)^(do, aajQafT^rDlddA. 

5. The long vowels e (s) and 5 (q — 9) 
have been used consistently throughout the 
Dictionary in order to put an end to doubt and 
Tftgueness. Their general introduction into 
writing and printing is highly desirable. 

6. Regarding the doubling of conn 

tenants in Malayalam composition, some diffi- 
culties were experienced. 

a) In Malayalam Compound Nouns, as a rule, 
the consonant is doubled after the long 
yowels a, i, n, e, ei, palatal a, i, full u, 
the final consonants r, 1, 1,1, after m dropped 
in Hal. or Sanscr. Nouns (^(^aanaiOgj M., 
fio^ano^ 8. and M.). It occurs often 
after short pure a, seldom after u, fluctuates 
with i, e,g, qj&p)Q(0s§ and ojiplQa)^ (Qcnl 
6)g-)rQ0Oc)o, 6Qjiau)rcn)rDti98 S. and H.) eyen 
after dropped m, e,g, (OTDdMOtQib, is often 
optional after final consonants, e*g. (9^ 
anank AfiO, ^c)o5>uiisi etc., not obseryed in 
Qoa)6)0CQjo etc. 

h) In Compounds of Nouns and Verbs, e,g, 
00^90^0086), 6)S)a)6ya)9ya), reduplication 
is not required ; it may howeyer occur after 
Acousatiyes; with someadyerbial participles 

as e. jr*<o>aBS>d.$)an99^, o(Dfi>cnis>^9g^ etc. 
it cannot be spared. 
C) In Compounds of Verbs with Verbs redu- 
plication is necessary after the Infinitiye, e. g. 
S)aj^<OfteasTBi^ and the past tense in i, e.g. 
(ontiQnl.'OronrDtiQn) etc. In the case of (sr^dH the 
metre decides it, e.g. p. 127 ^smlfO) jSaaTlaB 
splo^, p. 158£<9SPrD03in6) jiinrio(=3CB; , ^etc. 
These rules and their exceptions, as set forth 
by the author of this Dictionary in his Malaya- 
lam Grammar (see Sandhi § 87, Samasarupam 
§§162 — 169) and sanctioned by the language, 
haye, in all doubtful cases, been the guides of 
the readers of the proofs who are acquainted 
with North & South Malayalam. 

7. A complete list of Abbreviations of 

grammatical and technical terms, works of re- 
ference, etc. is giyen separately. Besides these 
recourse has been had to 4 modes of shortening 
words in quotations, yiz: 

a) A fullstop after the first syllable implies 
the whole word which, in this case, is nol 
affected by affixes, Sandhi, etc., e.g. 6Q^^ 
Q09.(oao), or).(Sgj)Asl39naoft, oa.((0<ai))as 
§(snt, Qj9.(c^)ajlfi>nbo, Qj.(s)Qj)09(n9ob, 
<£\i,(aii^oj Qjl.(aas)SQB;, Qj.(rDiA)QE»)g^ etc 
h) An apostrophe (') after the fi^st syllable 
points to the omission of one or more letters 
in the body of the word, e.g. Q0o*(<fiin) 
fixoBi, «09'((flAi)a8cX>, (Sio'(s^ocro)Ggo, Qj)' 
((C90l)^9ab, Qj)'(^)aJ9n6, OQj'(^cul^>an) 

gy, QJ^X^>^>^-l<0>)0D3L£^ etc. 

c) The dash{ — ) marks the omission of either 
the first member of a compound, e.g. aj 
saS^i — (deaa = Q_iaoold9eaB, or of thelasi 
one, e.g. ojoai: Qaoi — ssaaiojofiieto. 

d) A dash ( — ), hyphen (-) or ellipsis (. ..) 
in a quotation shows that a word or words 
haye been omitted > 

8. The Virama (* ) indicates : 

a) That the consonant oyer which it is plac- 
ed is to be pronounced without any yowel 



after it, e.g. aHsp, ^&, It it ustd also 
to indicate an arbitrary di?i8ioQ of words 
io a seotenee which woald otberwite be 
written continuoosly, e,g. rowofto p. 488 oj 

reads: aLjrd^a^OisiE»oASorTnl^6)5)ej(Oi0o 
oH. This is done for the conrenienoe of 
the reader. 
h) To show the real and accurate pronnn- 
ciation of the half n as n. It is vsed 
also where by the ordinary orthography 
this is improperly written as a, e.g. where 
flOOJan instead of (BXKiiatiBfoand, we write 

9. The mark of quotOtUm C ") either 
pointa to a literal meaning,/.!, p. 991 oolmdo 
5TU)o "bather**, or to a word reeaifed into Eng^ 
liak, /. i. *godown*' fr. dHscQ^ etc. 

10. The different jjpecietf of animals, plants 
etc which comennder the same genoi in Mala- 
jilam are mostly to be found under the leading 
word, aee/.t. II. 0on6, joSlooA, <aio£), qj9«1, qj 
d^-d), etc. Some of these for lingnistlo or other 
rs aa ons may appear under the qualifying word 
which forms the first member of the compound ,/. t. 

Pmrt9 of plants ete. are enumerated under 
their respectiTe leading words, see /. t. qjq&p, ^ 
aso etc., and are besides to be found separately. 

Certain CompotmdMy which are not to be 
faaai mader the/rsf word, should be looked for 
vader the second, /.t. a|^jiDs>0(aP(a>si is to be 
foaad vBder ACiailaKri, jS^isnncu^o under sro 
Oocoof £Q_Oj)9io under oIW etc. — M oreoTer 
Icaseommon Sanaerit wofda compounded with 
one or nwre prefixes may be found under the 
KBpier words: (f»^9QpiO)o under c^9a^o, 1910 
« atiazzddo under croJzaoBo, cro:ijia^(mo under 
'LvT^^to, vi\^Q^f£iSich under Q^i£lAn6, etc. 

Again regarding a number of Sanscrit compounds, 
f.i, Qj)-(^0t>, QjV(a^-Qio6iuo etc. additional in- 
formation may be gathered by referring to the 
simple word. 

11. It need scarcely be said that, in seeking 
for oertain compounds under their leading words, 
care must be taken to find out the proper 
one,y.i. whether ecn^Oi belongs to aoD^^* ^ 
on, or 0000, oajs)egifRS|^tos)Qjggoors>aj@g, isv^ 
§6)i9»oooab to (Bi^§ or (8t^| etc. 

In fact cTery leading article should be read 
through whenoTer the Dictionary is consolted. 
By doing this the student will soon be able to find 
each word in its appointed place, /. t. YK. sxugJ 
and CV. 5>cugJ^<dai under oCLidan, the t. a a>sjH 
aa and (bioascqs under atsploi^a) and (Sioscsjja), 
oSlAOfis under onto etc., the v.n. cniocfte under 
cnloo, cySIoqc^^ under en).') etc. Matter, which 
may be omitted in the alphabetical list subjoined 
to leaders will be found under their definition. 
This way of using the Dictionary recommends 
itself also on other grounds. 

Uints thrown out here and there io the 
Dictionary are intended to foster a spirit of 

12. The Appendix furnishes supple- 
mentary matter in alphabetical order. 

Though the Publisher as well as the Editor, 
the ReT. £. Diez, Palghaut, and their respeotive 
natire assistants have spared no pains to 
render the book as correct as possible, yet on 
account of the complicated nature of the work, 
the typographical difficulties, the distance of the 
Editor from the Press, and the delay in obtaining 
information from the author, now in Germany, 
on doubtful points, a number of errors have 
crept into the print , which have also been noticed 
in the Appendix, for the most part from notes 
furnished by the author. 



following Lepaius*s Standard Alphabet, 2nd Edition 1863, 2nd postscript. 

a. Vowels. (§§io-85)^) 



as a in about 



as ea in head 



» a „ far 



9 ea , swear 



» i mm 


ei, ai 

M. as ei in heigh 



n i , police 


S. as ai in kaiser 



» u „ fall 


as in collect 



„ u „ rule 



, , vote 



vocalized r 



n ou „ house 



do. 1* lengthened 




„ um „ fulcrum 



vocalized 1 


ah, as 

vocalized h 



do. 1 lengthened 

b. Consonants. (§§86-68) 
1. a. Initial.*) 



as ka in kalendar 



the same aspirated 



the same aspirated 



the true dental na 



as ga in gallon 




pa in paternal 



the same aspirated 



the same aspirated 



as ng in singing 




ba in balloon 



as cha in chapter 



the same aspirated 



the same aspirated 




ma in maternal 



as ja in Japan 




ya in yahoo (German j) 



the same aspirated 




palatal r 



as nya in banyan 




cerebral r (German r) 



the cerebral ta 




la in laborious 


the same aspirated 




va in variety (soft English 



the cerebral da 




palatal sh 



the same aspirated 




cerebral sh (English sh) 



the cerebral na 




sa in salute 



the true dental ta 




ha in harangue 



the same aspirated 




cerebral 1 



the true dental da 




cerebro-palatal 1 

l)The §§ refer to Dr. Gundert's large Malayalam Grammar, Mangalore 1868. 

2) [a marks final half u in most Dravidian words, many foreign words A Tadbhavas (difft. 

e.g. CTOTit) § 17]. 

8) See the remarks on each letter, o — e refer chiefly to the 5 Vargas a> j^ 5 <0) oj; t 

6th Varga (o) is treated farther on. From a — e ^ Aisotoj are pronounced as snrd explosive 


b. Final 
<dl> k €r^ 9 c^h (£=30 m CD$y rbr robl 6ol ^ l^^ 

e. Followed by a Consonant. 



C0U kra <£t^ kia c/o gna 

(AX) gdha 



^ 66hra i2g ddha &rtm }na 

879U) ]]ha 



n^ tthya con tna ctxj ddlia 

c^ dhna 



^ pla eo^ bda (gnj bra 



asn S6a rr^ ska c(^ ska eto. 

■%> yka 

i)^ Ika JS,, Ika (cgi yy %J. lya v^ lya is; ^a).] 

d Doubled. 


kka €93 nna 


^ ^%l U^ ^^^^'^ ^^^ 


tta RjS Wa Ify OTa 


tta 3 dda nnn nna & iL&a^^ 


ppa 6Y^ bba Qt2 mma 
c. Following r (').^^ 




^ rga 4! '*» €^ ^a 

5^ rvi 



3 xda nrn ma ^ rpa 
2. Combined with Nasals. (§ § S8, 84)«) 

6Y^ rba eto. 



(06L1 fikha) oCO &ga ctou fi] 

(sYoiTd &6ha) 


sng 9^a gv^HjO ^la orn^ nda 



oru mba cbaJ iba 06OJ mba 
3. Between 2 Vowels. (§§86-48)7) 




en ^ iLJ }a (ia) n ja s 4a 

cu) fa 



3 fa clJ ba 6TU ba 



<© *r « ir ® 5r © * r 

Os) by ©cy Br 

1) For AmaX o tee § § 88, 84, 85 ; f or ch A (d^ we farther 00. 

?) Wliere dat, ^, (on, ^ haye originated firom euphony (§ 87), they are represented as single 
leliere, f.i. .asai^KS oaT»-kay; (different is ono^oo etc.). 

3) For the diibrence of nna & nna see farther on. 

4) Final mo (^ ) is often rendered s. 

5) These, nnder the inflnenoe of r, are pronoaooed somewhat harder than initials, yet the single 
fOBsoaant s«fBees for transoription. (Comp. Sansor. aiO(d> etc.; exceptions e. g. a>0(ORit^a> etc.). 

€) e» ^ s Ok oj are pronounced here as sonant explosiTes & : 
7) jU friealifse. About the Draridian n (nb) see foil. b. 


4. Peculiarities. 

a. (Ay besides expressiDg final 1, serves also for Sanscrit f^ t, which in Malaya- 
lam is pronounced 1, f.i. in gojb, fZJvrf), QWib etc.; cSr^cng^OVo^ gfCnjooOo, (TDOfcboJCgjo, 
sU(2i(i^<BiO(Ooy CO^So, etc. (These are in Sanscrit damat-kara, gadgad'a, etc.). 

b. 00 & ob. The Malayaiam has two different n, via: the true dental cn (4th 
Varga)andtheDravidian(dento-gingival) ob (6th Varga, page 523). The distinct 
pronunciation of both is still in use, but not nowadays, (as is the case with the Tamil), 
the consistent writing of the characters representing it. 

The dental CO ^n) occurring as initial and combining with the Dentals (nd, nth, nd", 
ndh) is unmarked; but dental cm (originating from ob+o, see 523, &n^) is marked 
by a grave accent (iiii), Both have dental pronunciation. ^> 

The Dravidian ob(il), besides being /?naZ (A), combines with O in 6>aboiiff6 (Gen. 
Sing.), sometimes with o-3 in cA>clJ (also written cnSj iiba, with A in (Plnr.) OZ^Dtb 
imiar (sobaorb), or it results from the phonetic change of ajb(fiJ & (d)) before a 523, 
and, in contradistinction to n combining with Dentals, this n is markedhy a grave 
accent and pronounced dento-gingivally. 

As this ob preponderates between vowels it has been left unmarked in transcrip- 
tion; all such n & nn (without the grave accent) point therefore to ob^ orbob and 
are pronounced accordingly.^^ 

e. O (6th Varga) has three different pronunciations.^) 

1. O doubled (OO) is marked ft^a (resembling tt in utter), 

2. combined with ob (obo) is marked Mft (resembling nd in binder), 

3. initial and medial O is marked r. 

1) So the pres. (§ 204) and g^, mo, cno past tense (§§ 217 — 221) of Verbs (cn^mo Abl. Sing. 
& Plar.) and the corresponding adj. participles. 

2) So Dat. A, Aoo. of Odcu^ § 113 ff. 


8) 'The pronunciation of the letter o** in oo & nbo ^^oontains so little of the r-sound, that 
*we now prefer, with Dr. Oundort, to gife to these new sounds a new diaeritical sign, preserTing 
•the necessary basis of t dt d, and to write e & d." (Lepsius, 818). oo has semi-denUl, o6o dento- 
gingiral pronunciation. 




BhadrD. | 
Bh. D. 1 


AbUtire (eaM). 


abridged. ^\^^ manner. 



the eaae abaolate,or in an 



abatr. N. 

abatraet N<mn. 



ancient Canareae. 

BB. (BalB.) 


aeoording to. 

Brhm P. 


AeeusatiTe (eaae). 



Anno Domini (the Christian era). 




adj. P. 

do. Participle. 


alT., adTl 

adverb, adTorbial. 


adT. P. 

adTerbtal Partieiple. 

Cal. KU. 




idv. 8. 

Adwatta ShaUkam. 



Agoana Ka(haram. (Cottajram). 



aliaa, otherwise, elsewhere. 



ancient Malayalam. 



(K.) Amara Simham (Kosam). 


a. Bed. 

ancient Medical Treatises in 








a 9. pr. 

Nomen proprium, a proper 







Adhyatma Bamaya^aas. 

Chint R. (ChR.) 


Arabic (tongae). fy^ni 


Chir. doc. 


Arbnthnot A J., Selections. Cotta- 






arithmetic, arithmetical. 



A&tanga Hjdayam. 




Co. KN. 





ancient Tamil. 

coll. T. 


auxiliary Verb. 



BaUeya.:Mal.-Engl. Diet. 



(A Scriptore Transl.). 










BaagaU (tongae). 


Bhadra Dipam, t^r Bhadra DTpa- 


Bbagayata Yyakhyanam. 
Bala Ramayanam. 
Brahmanda Paraaam. 
Buchanan J : a jonrney through 

Mysore, eto. London 1807, S Vol. 
Canarese (tongue), 

Calicut Kerala Utpatti. 

K|^&na-,or Rama-Karnimrtam. 
KartaTiryarjuna Hatha. 
Catechismus romanus, Rome, 

Cj^na Charitam. 
confer = compare* 
Cjfipa Gatha. 
Chinese (tongue). 
Chintama^i Rataam. 
Chiracal doonments. 
Chalana Shaatram. 
Chaturdnsa Yrttam. 
Cochi Kerala Mahatmyam. 
Colattiri Kerala Natakani. 
colloquial Tamil, 

compare, comparison. 
corrupted, corruption. 










frequentative Verb. 


Crsnarjuna Yuddham. 


future tense. 


Cfii Pattu (about agriculture). 


Greek (tongue). 


Kanaoku Saram. 


Ganita Bhastram. 


Curian G.: an Essay on the Mai. 


German (tongue). 

Syr. Church etc., Cottayam 1872. 




Causal Verb. [Madras 1863. 


Genitive (esse). 


Day F, the Land of thePerumals, 


Genovefa (Rom. Cath. poem). 


Dakhani (tongue). 


Gerund (gram.). 


Dative (case). 




defective Verb. 


• • 

(a Dravidian language). 


denominative Verb. 






Guna-patham, Cottayam. 


desiderative (verb etc.) 


grammar, grammatical term. 




Hindustani (tongue). 




Hebrew (tongue). [p*ny. 


diminutive (noun). 

H. 0. 

The Honorable East India Com- 




Harinama Kirtanam. 


Devi Mahatmyam. 


honorary, honorific. 


Damayantl Natakam. 

Hor. (HV.) 

Hora Vyakhyanam. 


document, documental. 


Hungarian (tongue). 






English; East (region). 


Hyder AU. 


Ekada&i Mahatmyam. 


idem =s the same. 


emphatic, emphatically. 

i. e. 

id est = that is. 


Eli Pattu (about oats & rmt«). 


imitative (sound). 


epistolary (style). 

imp. (impers.) impersonal. 










Esthonian (tongue). 








Europe, European. 






Instrumental (case). 


an expletive or expletively. 




feminine gender. 



f. i. 

for instance. 





1. q. 

id quod = the same as. 


Finnic (languages). 


Jerdon C. T.: the Birds of India 


finite Verb. 

Calcutta 1862, 2 Vol. 



Jew. Doc. 

Jewish Documents. 


French (tongue). 


judicial papers. 





• • • 


NominatiTo (case). 


Keiralya NaTaDitaxn. 


Nyaya Shastram. 


Kerala Mahitmyam. 




Kerala Natakam. r^i*^ 



oblique case. 


Kerala Varma Ramay anam | 





Kerala Utpatti. 




Knmaraharana Katha. 


Ona Pattu. 


Latin (tongue). 


OnomatopoBia (Imitation of sound). 






local, local usage. 




LocatiTe (case). 


Persian (tongue). 


LaxmT Parratl Samwadan 



Palghaut (district). 


Malayalam (tongue). 

Palg. exh. 

do. exhibition 1867. 


masculine gender. 




Mahrathi (tongue). 




Malabar (country). 


Patala Ramayanam. 


Malapuram (place). 


Payanur Pattu. 


Malayan (tongue). 




A collection of Mantrams. 


plural (number). 






Mj^ga Gharitam (Gottayan 





medical, medicinal. 


poetic usage. 




Portuguese (tongue). 





positive (opp. negative; degree). 


Marmamany, old treatise 

on Mar- 

p. p. 

participle of the perfect passiTe(S.). 





Puttan Pana, CotUyam 1844. 

Mo. Pra. 

Moxadayaka Prakaranam. 



Prasoa RIti. 

MpL (Mapl.) MappillaB, Malabar MohammedanB. 


Prahlada Charitam. 

MP. (Matay.). Mattya Puranam. 





Collet Ch., Malayalam 





Manuscript, Manuscripts. 



present tense. 


Mndraraxasam (Cha^akya Su- 




mythology, mythological. 




Na)a Charitam. 






proverbs, proverbial. 


Name, Noun, North. 


Panchatantram, in 2 versions. 


neuter gender; negatiTe. 






quod vide = which see. 


NegatiTe Verb. 


Rama Katha. 


Nidaoam^ Cottayam. 


Rama Charitam. 


Name and surname. 

Rel. Part, Pron. Rolatire Participle, Pronoun. 

So., HoM. 

North, North Malabar. 

rcT., RcY. 

revenue papers, revenue term. 




Rheede*BhortusmaIabaricus, 1689. 


Roman Catholic. 


Rimayana Saokirtanam. 


Sanscrit; South (region). 


Sahadeya Yakyam. 


Sahya Hahatmyam. 


Sankranti Hahatmyam. 

8ank. Ach. 



Soriptnral (Bible). 


Santana Gdpalam (2 yersionB). 


Shabari Yakyam. [etc.). 


=thaB (BO met with in GranthamB 


Siddhanta DTpika. 


ShIlavaU PSttu. (preflxeB. 


simple, i. e. Yerbor Noun without 


singular (number). 


Shiva Puranam. 


Shiva-ratri Hahatmyam. 


STta Yijayam. 


STta Yrttam. 


Skandam Puranam. 


Social (ease). 

80. Can. 

South Canara. 

80. & 80 M. 

South, South Halabar. 


• • • 

80m. Hah. 

Somavara Hahatmyam. 


Shilatamra Shasanangal. 


different Stutis of Gods. 

Saoh. Hah. 

ShnchTodra Hahatmyam. 





St., Swarg. 

aereral Swargarohanam. 


Swargarohana Kalyanam. 


Syrian (tongue). 


Tamil (tongue). 




Talipafamba (district). 








Telugu (tongue). 


Tellieherry (diitrict). 




Tippa Katha. 


TiBoholi Pattu. 










V. a. 
V. i. 
V. int. 
V. iter. 

V. n. 

Y. part. 

V. t. 





Yed (t). D. 


YetC. (YC.) 















Numbers after 

Tellieherry Records 
(chiefly A. D. 1796-1799). 


Travanoore (country). 

Tiruwanantapura Panchangam. 

Tulu (tongue). 

Turkish (tongue). 

Umesana Y|ttam. 

Uttara Ramayanam. 

active verb, 
intransitive verb, 
intensive verb, 
iterative verb. 

neuter Terb. 

Yerbal partioiple. 

transitive verb. 

Yerapoly dictionaries. 

the Ist part, Hal. & Port. 

the 2nd part, Port. & Hal. 

Yeiragya Chandrodayam. 

the Yedic language. 

Yedanta Darsanam. 

Yedanta treatise. 

Yetala Charitam. [ers). 

Yedayuddham (a poem about hunt- 

Yilva Puranam. 


Yivada Ratnakaram. 

Yerbal Noun. 

Yocative (case). 


Yyavahara Hala. 

Yyakarana Pravesam. 

Wilson's Yocabulary of Indian 

terms; West (region). 
Wlnslow. Tam.-Engl. Diet. (1862). 

the five Drayidian languages: Ta- 
mil, Telugn, Canarese, Tulu and 

four of id. (with the exception 
of the one given). 


repetition of the preceding word. 

words refer to the pages of the 




Rev. H. GUNDERT, D. Ph. 


The Dictionary of the Malayalam Language by Dr. H. Gundert 
which will be issued in parts, will consist of about 1000 pp. Royal 8^. 

It is calculated that the work will be complete in five parts, and 
be finished by the end of 1872. 

Price to subscribers, registering their names for the entire work — 
Bs. 12. 8. 0, or per each part Rs. 2. 8. 0. Single parts will not be sold. 

A higher rate will be charged to non-subscribers. 

Thirteen copies will be given to parties subscribing for twelve. 

Subscriptions will be registered by the Publisher at Mangalore 
and at the Stations of the Basel German Mission in Malabar, viz: 
Cannanore, Tellicherry, Chombala, Calicut, Codacal, Palghat. 

Mangalore, C. StolZf 

March 1871. Publisher. 

■^ /' 

nixtiHtUti ^marks^ 

The materials for this work have been collected during more 
than twenty-five years' study of the language. The words have been 
taken from all available sources, from the lips of speakers of all ranks, 
castes and occupations, from the letters and records of many different 
districts, and from the writers in prose and poetry of every age. A 
list necessarily imperfect of the literature which has been ransacked 
for contributions, will be subjoined under the head of Abbreviations. 
2. It has been found difficult to draw the line of demarcation 
between Malayahm and Tamil words. These two languages of old 
differed rather as dialects of the same member of the Dravidian family, 
than as separate languages; in consequence many Tamil words occur 
still in local usage (e. g. «^^o, (®fOs in some of its senses) or in time- 
honored phrases and formulas (e.g. (crcodgjcej, csr?^6^acjyce> Q-ja>9crb), 
which have long ceased to be used in colloquial speech. A consider- 
able number of such have been received and marked as aM. (ancient 
Malayalam). They cannot be dispensed with, if the Dictionary is to 
give a true representation of the history of the language. This history 
commences for us (if we except a few inscriptions on copper and 
stone) with the Rftma Charitam, in which we probably have the oldest 
Malayalam poem still in existence, composed as it was before the intro- 
duction of the Sanscrit alphabet and deserving of the particular 
attention of the scholar, as it exhibits the earliest phase of the language, 
perhaps centuries before the arrival of the Portuguese. For several 
antiquated words (such as (Sr^dS), cfiirooo, n. csrossTI) this poem'is the only 
authority. The bulk of the other great poems, the Bharatam, Rfimftya- 

wm, and the versions of the Puranas were composed within the two 
or three last centuries. As these constitute the popular literature of 
all Malayalam readers, no Dravidian word found in them has been 
excluded. On the other hand there are many Malayalam composi- 
tions of later date, especially such as are current among the Vedftntists, 
which evidently affect Tamil modes of expression. These have been 
excluded if not supported by other evidence. 

3. To determine the amount of Sanscrit words to be received 
into a Malayalam Dictionary has been a task of even greater difficulty. 
As this Dictionary is not intended for the use of Sanscrit students, the 
rule followed in compiling it has been to include only those words 
and meanings that were found in bona fide Malayalam productions; to 
sift and reduce the enormous mass of mythological and botanical names 
and synonyms, many of which are confessedly very doubtful; to record 
merely the principal signification of words confined to poetical usage; 
and to devote particular attention only to those terms which are gene- 
rally accepted as fairly ^domiciled" in Malayalam and which have 
in the course of naturalization received various applications not to 
be met with in pure Sanscrit (e. g. c®ro(g^xa»o, c®r?)QjcrofDo). 

4. The idioms and significations peculiar to Southern Kerala or 
Travancore^ have been carefully collected both from the productions 
of the Cottayam press, and from the very valuable Dictionaries com- 
piled by the Portuguese and Italian Missionaries of Virapoli; works 
which) although completed in 1746, rest upon materials accumulated 
in the 17th, perhaps even 16th century, and rank as the oldest monu- 
ment extant of the study of Indian languages by Europeans. (They 
are marked in the Dictionary Vi. & V2). Still greater care has been 
bestowed upon the language of Northern Kerala or Malabar proper 
(with the B^kal Talook of Canara); and explanations of the histori- 
cal names, castes and dynasties (comp. (sr?)dB>agg§, (©rostocsyDsl, (©f^flaotaab, 
<»f^^(b, (S>fDQj(»ODU)o, (STticruoldOfte^o^l) and of the institutions, usages 
and traditions, by which this province difiers so singularly from the 
surrounding countries (see for instance, (0^»k), (6rt)sl(a, (srooa/sajo, c®fi)a-i 
(MXh) have been drawn from every trustworthy source. Amongst 

the sources for this kind of information I would particularly point 
out the old Tellicherry Records (TR.) as conveying a mass of instruc- 
tion in the best prose of the language. 

5. The object being to present a faithful picture of the whole 
Halayalam tongue, the writer has not felt at liberty to exclude the 
foreign toards which have of necessity crept into the language. The 
Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Portuguese and even English teims, 
which the commerce of centuries and the conquest of foreign creeds 
and arms with new laws and arts have introduced along this coast, 
cannot be proscribed, whatever regret their prevalence may excite 
in the purist They do not, of course, claim the same minute investi- 
gation and treatment, which belong to words, whose birthright and 
position in the language are indisputable. (See for A. (&^ft^y (Sfi>ac 
fno, cst^>dS)(by (©foourb, (sroejoj; for P. c®fZ>89»oal, (6t?)8fk2)0O8l; for H. csroaDcb, 
m(^y c®rocnJ0(61; for Port, osroooooocro; for E. (©fDcufloA). 

6. It is for the same reason, that provinciaUsms and vulgarisms 
have not been rejected, though they are pointed out as such (f.i. csr^ 
crotoo, (srzinraaJDoruB under (cr2)adajDQo, csrocro^). To discard coarse and 
even obscene modes of speech, has not been thought advisable, how^ 
ever much their existence and currency may be regretted. They are 
marked ^obsc.", as was done by the fathers of Verapoli in their day, 
that they may be avoided. Under all these heads (§ 2 — 6) the student 
will of course have room for candid allowance concerning omissions 
and superfluities. 

7. The writer has throughout endeavoured to trace the origin of 
each word; and particular attention has been paid to the comparison 
of the cognate DravicUan languages. He has not been successful in 
every instance (f.i. csroajrmxJ); sometimes the unimportance of the 
word, as in the case of provincialisms, prevented him from prosecute 
ing his search to the end. 

8. The arrangement chosen has been, to point out as far as possi- 
ble the root and origin of each word, to give first its primitive sense 
and to add the figurative and free senses in a rational order; lastly 
to illustrate them by examples taken from reliable authorities. The 

different constructions in which the same word occurs (e. g. c®rcai99» 
rDlc66^), its various applications (e. g. (Srosa«3<e>), allusions to the tra- 
ditions and superstitions of the people (^®^§j (®r?)a>6no), standing phrases 
(csrossflev), (©ftxuoroo) and proverbial expressions (csr^^, (©ronjJleiojftxjl, (»o 
g|Oaa, (sr?)orba-j, (©rocnjotfo, (S^oaJlonl, c®r2)g), these points have been es- 
pecially considered in selecting the illustrations. The Compounds 
and Derivatives are arranged under each leading word in alphabetical 
order, but are not treated at the length that appeared necessary in the 
case of the parent words. 

9. The orthography of each word is fixed at the head of the article 
which treats of it, but in the illustrations deviations are allowed, when 
they exhibit a current pronunciation (f.i. (6ro6>sg_j, c®rosg_j), or are 
borne out by the constant usage of some locality or caste (cs^cg^, (®rea 
<^^\ or when, as in the case of the numerous Tadbhavams, it is 
caused by the inequalities of the Sanscrit and Dravidian alphabets 

(£i. CSift)(5Y0)o, (6^05^). 

10. It cannot be expected that the work should be compressed 
within the same compass as the Rev. Mr. Bailey s Dictionary. Not 
that the latter will always be found the more concise of the two. It 
is one of the chief defects of that, otherwise valuable, work, that it 
does not discriminate between Malayalam and Sanscrit terms and 
leaves the student completely in the dark, both as regards the ety- 
mology and the proportional importance of words. For it concedes 
to unknown and useless words (f.i. csrowc^col, cstDgenoofto) as well as 
to those that are comparatively unimportant (as ©^ -a-J) more space, 
than to words of the genuine native stock that occur frequently in idi- 
oms of daily current use (f.i. c6t?)§<eftmfD, cer©^). In consequence it 
will be found, that the Sanscrit part of the present work (see for 
instance the compounds with c®fZ)ad— csr^o-i— csro/sl— ) occupies less 
space than was the case in the former Dictionary and this without 
any detriment to the subject matter. For the progress made in the 
study of Sanscrit subsequent to the appearance of Dr. Wilson's Diction- 
ary (on which the Sanscrit portion of Mr. Bailey's work is based) has 
enabled the writer to throw new^ light even on this part of his task. 

On the other hand he has endeavored to condense the matter present- 
ed into the shortest possible space. What is obvious has been omitted, 
many secondary words are but slightly noticed and a liberal use has 
been made of abbreviations. By these means it is possible to publish 
the whole work in one portable volume; smaller than Bottler's Tamil 
or Beeve^s Ginarese Dictionary. 

1 1. The student may at the beginning be embarassed by some of 
the abbreviations adopted (for instance vT for root; + plus as in c®f2)Qjab, 
which is composed of <®o+<swtb; the figures (2) (3) which point to that 
fflgnification of the parent word from which the derivative is deducible, 
as (Sfi>ce>d8eto6o (3) to (srodBjo 3., the mind). Also the absence of the 
common signs s., adj. may startle him at first sight They have been 
deliberately abandoned. What, for instance, is the use of calling <s^.aj 
^ an adj., which indeed it is in Sanscrit, when the example subjoined 
Aj©DiutD»36o shows that in Malayalam it is used as a noun? Or why 
should cSTDi^fcV) be called an adj. and (®f^)<^g|o a subst, whilst in S. 
both are equally adjectives and in Malayalam strictly speaking both 
are nouns, though poetical usage may treat them more or less as 
adjectives. Can the indefinite Numerals, such as (srocsoodSjo, cst^croDfOo 
be called adjectives, or have composition-cases like c®fOd8>(8 orm a claim 
to that name? It seems to be of more moment to show by examples, 
how the words are applied, than to pretend to classify them by the 
utterly incongruous nomenclature of the grammar of European 
languages. Where doubts might arise, the gender, which in most 
cases is recognizable by the termination, will be found marked, as 
«©aijfijQJooro1 m. — crolrol f. (®rotf»<e>ob m. (Sfb\9dS\ f But since Malayalam 
gnumnar acknowledges only the distinctions of Nouns, Verbs and In- 
declinables, the Verb seems to be the only part of speech which re- 
quires specifying marks. This has been amply done by the abbrevi- 
ations a. v.=*active verb, n.v.= neuter verb, CV. = Causal Verb, den V.= 
denominative Verb, defV.=defective Verb, (for instance ^^\ adj. V.= 
adjectival Verb (as cs^o^^, Sft)» a^x V.=auxiliary Verb (f.i. ^§<b>), as 
alaoby marking its parts (past, 1st and 2nd fut., inf., conditional, adj. 
and adv. participle^ VN.=s Verbal Noun, etc.) 

— 8 — 

12. An undertaking of this magnitude cannot lay claim to any- 
thing like perfection as regards either completeness or correctness. 
But the writer conceives, that a publication of the kind is a desider- 
atum in Malabar, and that this attempt at supplying it will be found 
serviceable to the cause of education in that province. Should it 
one day be superseded by a work approaching nearer to the standard 
he has had in view, he hopes that he will be found to have at least 
furnished a stock of valuable materials, that will under all circum- 
stances render to his successors a not unwelcome assistance in their 
toilsome task, in the same way that he in liis has received aid from 
the accumulated labours of his predecessors. 







•dr., adrl. 



a Med. 



a 5. pr. 















Brhn P. 



Cal KU. 






abstract Noun. 

ancient Canarese. 


a Ijectiye. 

adrerb, adrurbial. 


ancient Malayajam. 

ancient Medical Treatises in prose. 



Nomen proprium, a proper name. 

Adhyatma Ramayanam. 


Arbuthnot, Selections. 

Ashtang^a Hrdayam. 


ancient Tamil. 

auxiliary Verb. 

Bailey^s Hat . - Engl. Dictionary 

(al40 his Scripturo Translation). 



Bhadra DTpam, or Bliadra DTpa- 

Bbagarata Yyakhyanam. 
Bala Ramayanam. 
Brahmanda Paranam. 

• • • 


Calient Kerala Utpatti. 

CartaTTryarJuna Catha. 
C|ihna Charitam. 
Do. Qatha. 















Chir. doc. 



















Chintaman! Ratnam. 

Chaturdasa Yrttam. 

Cochi Kerala Mahatnyam. 


Com para tiye. 





Crshnarjuna Yuddham. 

Canaoku Saram. 

Causal Verb. 

confer = compare. 

Chiracal dooumvnts. 



denominative Verb. 



Devi Mahatmyam. 

Damayanti H'atakam. 

document, docnmentul. 

defective Verb. 



Ekaleifi Mahatmayam. 

emphatic, emphatically. 



feminine gender. 



finite Verb. 

frequentative Verb. 

future tense. 



f. i. 

for iustauce. 






A collection of Mantrams. 


Ganita Shastram. 


M^ga Charitam (CJottayam). 




medical, medicinal. 








Old treatise on Marmany. 


Genovefa (Bom. Cath. poem). 




Goana pana. 


Mappillas, Malabar Mohammedan 


Gunapatham, Cottayam. 


Matsya Puranam. 


grammar, grammatical term. 


Collet*s Malayalam Reader, [tram 




Mudrarazasam (Chanakya Si 




Nala Charitam. 

HNK.(HK.)Harioama Klrtanam. 




honorary, honorific. 


Name; Name and surname. 

Hor. (HV.) 

Hora Tyakhyanam. 


neuter gender. 




Negative Verb. 


idem = the same. 


Nidanam, Cottayam. 




North Malabar. 




Nyaya Shastram. 








oblique case. 






instrumental (case). 






Onomatopoeia.(Imitation of sound 

i. q. 

id quod = the same as. 



Jew. Doc. 

Jewish Documents. 




judicial papers. 




Keivalya NavanTtam. 




Kerala Mahatmnyam. 


Payanur Pattu. 


Kerala Natakam. 

• • 




Kerala TarmaRamayanam( ValmT- 


Patala Ramayanam. 

ki*8 Ram.) 




Kerala Utpatti. 




Kumaraharana Katha. 











poetic usage. 






local usage. 




Lax mi ParvatT Samwadam. 


Putten Pana, Cottayam 1844 (e 



tracted from Nasr. Syr. origioa 


masculine gender. 


Prasna Riti. 









pet., O/o 










B«]. Part* 











80 M. 







preMmt tense. 

PrahlidA Charitam. 

per eeot. 




proTerbs, proverbial. 

Panehatantram, in 2 Tersions. 

qnod Tide = which see. 

Rama Charitam. 

Rheede'8horta8malabaricu», 1689. 
Roman Catholic. 

ReUtiye Participle. 

Ramayana Sanklrtanam. 
reTenae papers. 

Sahadera Yakyara. 
Bantaoa Oopalam (2 Tersions). 
Shsbari Yakyam. 
simple, i. e. the Verb or Noun with- 
out prefixes, 
= thos. 

Sira Paranam. 
SiddhanU DTpika. 
STlaTati pitta. 
STia Yijayam. 
Skandam Paranam. 
aocial (ease). 
Soath Malabar. 
Shilatamra Shaiananga]. 
different Stutis of Oode. 

some Swargarohanam. 






Tdbh. TadbhaTam. 

Te. Telagu. 

Ti. TTppu hatha. 

TP. Tacholi pajju. 

tr. traneitive. 

TR. Tellicherry Records 

(chiefly a. d. 1796-1799). 

TrsT, TraTancore. 

TrP. Tiruwanantapura Panohangam. 

To. Tula. 

Turk. Turkish. 

UmY. Umesana Yrttam. 

IJR. Uttara Ramayanam. 

T. Tcrb. 

T. a. actiTc Tcrb. 

T. int. intensiTC Terb. 

T. i. intransitiTe Terb. 

T. n. neater Terb. 

T. t. transitiTe Terb. 

Y. Yerapoly dictionaries. 

Yl. the 1st part, Mai. ft Port. 

Y2. the 2nd part, Port, ft Mai. 

YCb. Yeiragya Chandrodayam. 

Yed. the Yedic langaage. 

Yednt. Yedanta treatise. 

Y. part. Verbal participle. 

Veto. (VC.)Yetala Charitam. 












Vedayuddham, a poem about hunt- 

YilTa Pura^am. 

Vivada Ratnakaram. 

Verbal Noun. 



Yyarahara Mala. 

Vyakarana Pravesam. [terms. 

Wilson's Vocabulary of Indian 

Dr. Winslow's Tamil-English 
dictionary (1862). 

the fiTc Dravidian languages: Ta- 
mil, Telngu, Canarese, Tulu and 



following LepsiuB* Standard Alphabet, 2nd Edition 1S63, 2nd postsoript. 

A complete Transliteration of the Malayalaro Alphabet drawn up by the Author (now 
Germany) will be published with the last Part; meantime the Publisher trusts his subscrib 
will accept his attempt at assisting them in their perusal of the Dictionary. 

a. Vowels. 



ab a in about 



» » n far 



n i » pin 



« i „ police 



, a , fall 



, u , rale 



yocalized r 



do. lengthened 



▼ocalized 1 



do. 1 lengthened 

^ e 


6h^ an 
(S^o am 
<Sfd% ah 

as e in get 

» e n prey 
AS ei in height 
as ai in kaiser 
as o in collect 

n o J, YOte 

, ow , fowl 
, um n fulcrum 
Tocalixed h 

b Consonants. 

a. Fnitial. 




ka in kalendar 

I S 


the cerebral ta 



the same aspirated 

. o 


the same aspirated 




ga in gallon 



the cerebral da 



the same aspirated 




the same aspirated 




gna in magnate 




the cerebral na 




cha in chapter 

! (15) 


the true dental ta 



the same aspirated 

': LD 


the same aspirated 




ja in Japan 

! ^ 

da, fa 

) the true dental da 



the same aspirated 



the same aspirated 




nya in banyan 



the true dental na 

(*a final half u in Drayidian words.) 






pa in paternal 




the same aspirated 







ba in balloon 




the same aspirated 





ma in maternal 





ya in yahoo (Germau j) 





palatal r 





cerebral r (German r) 




la in laborious 



va Tariety 



palatal sh 



cerebral sh 



fla in salute 



ha „ harangue 



cerebral 1 



cerebro-palatal 1 

b. Doubled or before other consonants. 

M kka, <6id) kta, etc. 
^ 66a, ^ iya, etc. 

§ tta 

orat tta. 

oo fta 

osn tna; (Bxception cGCbltmai 

^ IbhUi etc.) 

(2d P'* 









0. Between two vowels. 

<g> W 

® *r 

Q-i b 

00 i as n in oature 

^(Sobo ifd; ob i as n in hyphen) 


(A complete list of mistakes that may creep into the print will be given out with 
the last Part.) 

Page 4, II, line 2, fir. b. Read : (G^CS^O^ard) akiottl}. 
14, H, line 1, fr. a. Bead: (Srt)S3^ m.| a^a, (CYD^. 
87, I, line 5, fr. a. Bead: api appig. 





W a. Found in Tdbh*8 before initial (d, &J, as 
=«or9i)si4b, (900fis§; — passes easily into the 
wand of oq, as SiJi^szuch from eas, svm ai£\ = 
era£\' The final (sra has often the character of 
• palatal Towel and corresponds with T. 6)aQ, 
C. r^. f. i. (oioj, (9MiXBi^(bb, (iM>aj(d8; o_io, oj 

L (9^ a 5. pron. That, yonder. (The oorres- 
pooding pron. signifies this, as in tswoity 
fo^) Henee : ooojob) snorm ; oiOdMrD, oio^oo, 
aMguj35)ei (and flio<sQa-i3i5>ei). Before yowels 
sn^^gpcb that man, (Bioq^So that place. It is 
slso used for the second person as sio^aOo 
thst person, yon (oomp. fliMJf)- 

n. <6)^aS. negatire partiele, before vowels fiionb 
(0. aa — L. in — E. nn — ) ai (B18(U3QJo f^nit- 
Isam cBOd^anao than which there it no batter. 

0*^ BB 6. (ob0.)t=ae, flios; henee aimqi^ 

mcOdo amim 8. l. Bharo, part, ^nn^ etb 
toorjso ^ TB. 0OooQ(MSK> deed of partition. 
1 part of a Talook, formerly called $>q09 
soDjD* grater than a mo, henoe nooodo 
•BCJU^AOfD^, 4iooc^ «d9nr)9o6 MB. S. ama- 
istkHi or ioeamation of a god. imnnoQS onoo 
cAOBAaob ddOjaidrMaacfo QjiK|| Bhg. 1. oa 
XQ(r6'> sBoceos^fmaP. Uag Udaya Yarma 
U called ardflW|3oceo KM. (OiooiooaKQMDsm 
aa)d Blir. 1. 4. faasaa gl<M7- omoji^ oiDooa 

fliOoc/3(0a3rDn6 person of noble descent Yl. 
(Sioooao 5)i>>§ain6 fallen from his rank Yl. 
0iOoc/o^Q dignity Yl. 

(STDoOdddao amSa'yam S. (m^ouno) The fourth 
part of a day. ers a>ocS\=2^ cn3c)o=a5 (srao 
oed)>o TP. Uenoe a denom. Y. (STDooo^cOs) f. i. 
((OaOo Aou^ ro3oolcfi)lajo an3oo3<2^(deo TP. 

(Sr^Od|d66^amSikka(inT0oo3o) To divide, portion, 
(gy&o^ anum S. ((sraooso) Ray (po.) (BTOo^no 
ojo cLjrDono CQ. (sroo^^onb sun (po.) 

cSi^CAX) aniBaTn 8. l . Shoulder ; (snocroao strong 

c®^rro(Oo amsaram Yu.=(8Toajcror^o TR. 

(SY7)oQOOr^ amhaSSf S. (L. ango) Anxiety, 
(throttler) sin=(8TD'i£ao. 

(S^<B> aya (C. Tu. (BT06KO) and (Btooj Germ, bud, 
shoot; (9rD5)d9>(SA to bnd (T. to burst) f. i. 
a grafted tree Yl. a>9^ 6)ai£)cB;3^ m>S)<Qi 
j^o — ajo^D6)aj§l cgoi^Drtfc «roj»>jeJlso FT. 
fftosoH SKui^ovotDb (8i3«>^:fi|l§o Bhr. 8. will 
bad again. 
I. (Sfd(6>o aTfam S. (flT9+<d>o joy) Pain, sin (po.) 
U. dS^ddx) aYamT.M.Te.(Tu. flioo.) l.Inside; 
often adv. «)9S(d>o, oonsou^o in the jungle, 
heart (po.) — (sr^CE^.^SKhlrob anoaoo ojcmo TR. 
within 1000 fanam, less than. — nt^^a^ 040 
Qjo 9(r)9d)8(0> examine closely. 8. abode, 




hoose, room; henoe 6)<d)g<d)o, 9Ax£^QiAo^ 
etc. — (BlOOjlsOasm (810(d>QJo ajroci^o o^)§^9o 
a>«r«orob TQ. 8. theminds£c)> 4. holding 
(in names of trees, as gg^cniaK), s)ui)aiid9>o, 


Cpds: tstQAaaCQ^ flR> A<0a9aaj , sio Acascoicno (8) 
heart, mind. flnoAxdoOBOanooo s)(0)^an^ Hud. 

flioa)0(Sso§ citadel ; s5cn>8kai0a>9(08Og KE. 1. 

enaiOborob sole of foot. 

flR>dM)08b palm of hand. 

eoaxaisrSy 0O<d>(O)^^, (Bvo^xno^ (8) heart, 

mind (po.) im&coin^ak a^o^tmoQo RC. 

fliodKOi^vifob (SigiorxBo Bhg. 
oodaacoio! (=0O<d>ol.) a. within, in the house. 

a4S)rDana>(ZS2aS)(no TB. from within, 
b. measure of time (^gujQ cn9ftlQja)a@ AR. 

esp. before noon (opp. dnlro^en^) (Bto<d)(Oiai 

OQsl, (SiocQisl MB. 
0. whilst Qjl^fomonlfiXTbo oiqaq^ s)<d)9(0R») tu. 

Brahminichis as keeping within their 
houses (2). 

tmAcmochf da master, mistress of the house 

mnAcsftn^ providing food (2). B. tm<ai<amf\ 

(Btoaios^ ^ooTXUft kindred (2). Yl. lower 
Sfldras, serving in Brahmin houses. 

0O<d>(8|ffi9. 1. innermost. 2. house sur- 
rounded with hedge or wall. 8. palace or 
mansion, as of the 4 branches of theSamuri 
family VI. ^gjplonbo imAo^s (nos)5d^ 
6)<d)Sl xt^ TB. 

0O<O)<sQgaj{^(fii (or fiQB<d>fi|2(r)0CB^) a olass 
of Niyer, considered as descendants of 
Samuri, also called AS^r^cncojl* 

0oai4BQ§ aLj)o(mQj4» sons of slaves, as in 

Kasrani houses VI. 
0O<d>a(aiai9§ (qj§) inwards. 
«iOd»9(8i8i9ab, SoRdxfo 1. indoor servant VI. 

8. AoaxonimeoA. 

(8ioa>rnloa (8) soorn. 
<Bi0«)gjO9»l venereal disease (med.) 
(SiOdh^o^ V. K. getting into, what is e 
f. i. in an account. — inside VI. 

fli0d>5)g^^a) get into, be caught 
ffl^cai^fob (BID. in a trap. ^^"goS^^ <Bti 
oa^cdacX) Bhr. and gc^cOn (Bioa)fik 
offered itself to the eye; ajQcnajor 
010 a>5)^^ NaU 8. (otSicbo 0i9coi\<Qs 
PT. returned to her caste; <d>g^6 

©g_j§ i§£\ TR. (=£cX)6)g_js) <9>aC 

SooBM (8io^)6)^^(d> ER. be seized 
very act. 2. to befall (BisaiPajb ojl 
4M)g^oevil will befall it;esttx£icm 
dan (BiOd)>5)g_|^Q(m CG. this was a ] 
ment for that. 

C. VI. (8Vdd)6)g^(Ss (old) ajo(PcDa>« 

(Ddtoob RC. 84. 2. vu. (8i9a)5>g-}^(zj^d 

to be taken, catch, as <d>6rnicD^(gl 

a>Q^§ojt(aA inflict, ajrolsajo sik 

(8iDa)«)g_j^,£jSo Bhr. 8. o} (^6\aM 

fi>g_j§ajl^ jud. 

(BiOid}0S6o§d) (2) dwell retired eiocn2i% 

Mussulman woman). 

flio<O)0aj valley, ground surrounded by 
(Bioa)0&jA (=6>o<d)m)oeb) heart (po.) 
00^)00 (=(Bto<d)(Z]Q) (Bioauosliana)^^ 
CC. chiefly temporal oo. or)oa.a><8a 
a. med. ar)O!p1od>fSoa}«0 vu. 

(Sioa)aQJS^ (2) palace service, body-gv 

satellites. (B)0<6>aiis^^^<d>i crysdOa tli 
of body-guards, to run with the 
attend on him. 

0iD4i>cnis)0)(no hon. title of Kayers, es] 

at Calicut. aio«)cat^BKn.'aiBtWefi.< 
(OKuA oQ^qg^ TB. letter of the 
followers (of the Pyohi Raja). 

0iOd)>cni^a>9^an9r^ general of body 
head of Baja*s household. 

(firOdB^ — CMdBbCX^ 

cSitZ)d8>^So — csyMbVau 

flDAcQjAA, dai to enter. 
eBaxQjOo oaUide end inside, «»a»(qjOo a1 
AlcftoaaKunb Yl. clownish, illbred, ZLS 

YS. a complete fool. ^(mloA erod ieiOd)>cnij 
oo fi> ji&Ki^pso e§y TB. no underhand deal- 
logs, DO shotfling. 
«Dd»3j^aj T. regulated price of grain — iilghest 
priee (So. and Palg.) 

4&^A^ a7fa4^ C^' inside, deceit (8ioa>o) In mn 
d>§ aj)a>^ C. Te. M. topsytnnry crod)>&jQ^ 
flDa»^ ajla>S9<d»1 vu. spoiled it all, also sio 

(92idMns<jB)o a7fa94ftYUn 8. Free from thorns 
sad rexations; rD9a|0 f8Toa)Sne<d>09(niorn)^ 
Brhmd. STDroKib rodn^o (StOd^sng^eaccO ajr^lojo 
BjWme KB. without opposition. 

0CdB»firar| ayatti PM. («iocoo^) Sosbania 
grandiflora Rh. with edible leayes. jS^oo 
^sSi a med. Cassia. 

0M>Jg)<e> a'yatta'ya(=ae<d>OQ<d>)Todistend. 
&mI MO^oiBri OQj^ stretch asunder. 

mAi^ji ayathyam 8. (a>u)) ifTot to be spoken 


crcArnn ayanda t.=(8ioqocto Pride. 

<^td)a^ ayappam ((8K>d»>) 8Ulk of grass, 
riee VI. 

^AoL^oci) ayappan (T. C. im^»^ from 019 

Ao) Ladle Yl. 

^A^ ayaram (Tdbh. 000990)0.) A Brahmin 
hoBse, 80. 

O'Wb/Wenoob ayaro^ah 8. Unmerciful (po.) 

^f^AosYtM^^ ayartavyam 8. impracticable, 

went of energy. 

(9Cd6^aiadB^ ayannayam 8. without object, 

iBtraasitiTe; «»a>0?-^QB^ intr. verb (gr.) 

<9&4oq dQ> ayamiya T. m. (trans, of 0»<o>e4) 

1. To extend, open. 2. gen. to remoTc, put 
svaj (as <Lj3aLjo, AoOQVo). ODauano ffioa^cx^dt 
teotre a eonwetioD. 
asaoolai C. Y. oaose to remore. 

(erO(d>fiio ayalam 1. Breadth, width. !• 
distanoe. a a£\ tOizSicA Aos oHaI^os ffOA 

(S(^<BiB^(BiyCrtb ayalnya tm. (Tu. c. Te. 

flBCOcob) l.Tobeoome extended, distant. 8. 

to part, retire; ojlrDfoao 05nB^ mQa£is^sf9«an9M 

tmaicmo^ TIB. QjioioMn maAc±Af£^cm (g^osm 

9a»6mo help me of my distress; cu0B0«»(m 

QjO(dea>c)o KB. (=egy9.uia))- 

aio<d>Qj, (Bioa><8&j Inf. far off, aside «»d»9ai 
orSl^, 0R>a>Qj OojocbH (oHr^an^ withdrew. 
rD3C03^4M>a fliO(d>«QJ <8>fl.d» Ch. B. 0»a) 
9Qi QajsnuQjSior) (evDrD^Qid) ojljO^ooA proT. 

AiOdBian^l in regular distances. 

moA^ Y. K. separation, distance, reserve. 

£9r^ Mud. much estranged. 

(Sir^dSxcb ayal T. M. 1. Bound earthen lamp. 
2. (?) anger Yl. 

cGt?)<6>rr^oad) ayasmal 8. (d9>n^9(ob whence) 

Without cause, unexpectedly, suddenly (po.) 

(Sf^><B>0, cGt?)da>3CQ7l aya, ayayi ((8ioa>o2.)a 

(Btoa>Qj9cail Inside of house, room ; (8io<0)9a^ A 
sons, fidBfidsmo QajasonDonlQabo eioAooflrsb 
d)>sono TB. 

(819 ^ oca!lej@gaLi A = (Sio ^(otoku^ 
(8ioa)9CC2jefi®(Gooh.)=(8io<O)(or9)0a a Nambutiri 

(S^<6>03^ ayamyam 8.(a>90)nndeBirable(po.) 
(Gvt)(jB>3rOo ayaram &• 1*l^e sound or letter no* 
aio<d)9rD9e) alphabetical, a dictionary. 

(SrD(d33(D6noo ayaraQam s. What is without 

cause; (stQ^oai6m^ys!\B anSL^ Asht. (=(8ioa) 

n^9(ob) <Bia<d)9rD6m09CBn 9ejdg|6)g-js unpro- 


(Bi9<d>9QBuo 8. not to be done. 

(Sf^SiOBSo ayalam 8. Untimely, out of season. 

(8ioa)9^0O6mo, (StoatdaiosRi^sarsb SKvSlj^ — mo 

a)O&j09g>j it is now too late, tfcrvoo noAOfij 

eiv£\ 9cux£\ MB. 
(Qy?)deb|6lDU0O(tb ayiDjanah 8. Haying nothing 

at all (po.) 

(BTdd^^ — CSfbdd&o 

cstmsoid — (evDeH^yoYQ) 

(6<r0ee^ Wfii^U l.r=(Q]foa)^ 2. Udder (Yl. 

9iod]blg)(bb ^Qi cnsGjsn^. MC. 

(SV7)(£blQd9> a^fihl^ (C. agafa=C. (roQj)<p) 
To roar, bellow, children to cry Y. N. csi^ifi\^ 
Palg. B. 

(6<^debl<7jb a'yil TM. Tq. l. (hence 8. (Biocoaa 
Hebr. ahalim) aloe wood, '^agalla'* P. Aqoilaria 
Agallocha GP. 76. jiicBcno (erotdDrob jg^^ 
a{{aB n^c/XTUMies)^ 6)d)36ng cyojltds Yy. M. 
eemo ^)fi,aD<flOa)brora)S^aK)D BC. 50. iQiotfirD&j 
«rn)aj9Jb (^ajco/ocX), imo^oib (er^riBo ci]3<bs><d)3 
ab(0>(>> BC. 147. 102. AQjga (moaTlrob white 
cedarwood a>o(b^(A GP. 75. black agallocha. 
i)jQjrm im^(A a cedrelaooa. 2.=aioancX> 
trench, Palg. 

(®rDc£blvp, (®fO(£bl6o a^ a-yil So. M. (T. C. 

■ ditch, from (BiOdChiP to dig.) Dam, earth-wall, 
fence Yl. 2. (stqJ^^p Qi>)9aaih, 03^^ to en- 
trench oneself Y2. 

(®fO<j8?lrtyWn a-Jfirti 8. Want of fame. 

(S^cd^oLio a'lfnrppam (ioc.)= (BrooL^oyo 8. 
c5ift)dfeaJo, (®f?)d^anoOo ayulam, aYolinam 

8. Ignoble KB. 

(St^d^oaaJo a^alam s. iii-iuck(po.) 

CStD<^a-^3(ao a^param S.(immited)Occan(po.) 

(G^^'TTb aiffSamS. Undone (po.) ^tQ^m^o not 

to be done — wickedness, oig^^o 5)jiScg]3o (Otd 

08^<^(<l^)Qk> a'yftrimam 8. Not factitious, 
genuine, honest, conspicuous, lofty, Yl. 

(SftiGxByddS^y a'yekka see (sro^. 

(9f^da><DOd£Jo a'yauialam 8. Inoxportness, 
unskilfhlness; anos)^QooajQidQfiifinDo croouxn 
gi»jo(proy.) a bad workman blames his tools. 

C^Cdddei akka 5. Eider sister (rare). 

(QrOdSSk) akkam Tdbh. (eioafiio 8. but in C. Tu. 

4nDoeB»=S. iBioaaio) 1. A numerical figure. (Bto 

ano 9Q§<0> to count, too, ^§<d> to add up. 

4>6)9^o (Bio^aBo 6>ajg)Q(v QJA HC. 2. a stop 

in writing, mark. 








(Bidd9nS)d9o§ a symboUoal mode of writing, 
(nDaagujSo a talisman B. 

(Bio<da»Qj)§o a figure used in 
mantras, thus: 

(BToaA^ a watorplant Yl. 

(Stt>:366^oOo akkanam =(BiojQftsoo? or world? 

(in alph. songs) etQiOAcnaQ£^(A &<Qa^o £tt 
Afoa <mcnjrD95)m. Anj. 

(®rt)d86^a) akkara (<Bio+^a>) that shore, adf. 
(SiO(ds)5)rD beyond. ieTa(0»rDo)d)3Oo) echo Y2. 

(S^dBG^aV) akkaram Tdbh. ((sm^BOiaio) l. LeUer, 
honce (eTO(a»rDgLj)y> mistake, great fault, ill-luck. 
aQSicraooroQ (Bi3(da»rog^vp cums Oq-jmi^3 (Id 
lamenting). 2. T. So. a disease, aphtha 

(SC^dde^aii akkal (Ar. aqal.) Sharp sense (XapU) 

(Sr^);366^(^c3e6^C20j, (0^j96!lzsh3B6^o akktl- 
kkahiwai akkilkkahi a med. root, chawed 

for toothache (prh. Anthemis Pyrethrom 8. 


(SrZ)c3e6^XYSl akkaoi (loo.) Palmyra toddy. 

asyz>:d6>3(Do akkaram Yi.=fliD<fia^Do. 2.aphtka 

(BToaaarogje Bh. Drosera Ind. 
(S^deeTl aUd Tdbh. ^mcmi. Fire, infllamed 

pimples Yl. (eTOcdAiiTnoilrdlssaioanlooDd^. 
(S^<B6^akkalam (loo.) Armpit, tickling Y1. 

(tS^(^C2b akramam 8. Disorder, irregularity — 
crime. cno^^9cQ^cn £o (eio^^o cnsogi^nig 

CYSlS)(0nA6TT>o MB. 

9iot^3(Ta)o not passed (po.) 

(S^(^3(61'3rnYU)G8«3akiaritt6nna Y2. Lodotow 


(iSY^(^cab akriyam s. = rn)(^c(vo t \, m^^9 

030 (Sio^cBK) oQnno QjO(3^nno Nal. (opp. cnMi 
^^o active). 

(Stt)(^(DCtb akrnrail 8. Not cruel, most ortaL 
(aiO(^rDmg>pjnb (^rooDSKQ) a double entendre 
(may also be read Qjn6(^roab). 

((StD6)'^3asnn akrottf (H. from S. (nMdBftiacvD) 

M. C. To. Wallnut. 


a&bS&^iQ — (StlKTM 

m<B6Ck> Mubl B. (oe-alos) 1. Eye, m Id 

aiQ0<stao. 2. mark on dice. %, playing 

die. 4. axle tree («A^). 5. a weight of 

87|^ &aaM (sAdbo). 

■Ddifti^ku) gambllag Y. C. {ematam&i Skuo 

«B:flfti09iiJ neeklaee of SlnocarpoB seeds. 

(SfliAQ^erno aKa^jMn 8. Baddenly; «i&£«a«m 
rDOQgga cBMQfiaOBoA CG. 

4Sf^S&^aSh nUMam S. l. Unhart, nn- 
wonnded; flD(aaiiOMO»q)(efi a><Bt^A<h CO. 2. 
whole grain Dried (po.) 8. pigment of rioe, 
isffiron and lime for the soctarial mark on the 

MkM^fft ftkhlina S. Impatienee; iBio<fifi30o 
unable to bear, impatient. 

C90cfib!^cab aUajain a. imperishable aimascb; 
Ai£i KB. MoafiKBKib the eternal. 

Md6bacyOb aUamn B. (ondeeaying.) 1. A 
Ittter of the alphabet, syllable. 2. word q\ 
cnaaaKDoacX) Nal. pathetie words. Qjoaocafiim 
aac>> MOOBcbQuiic^ CC. refosed; aio. ^§1 qjs 
vl^s to epell; no. Qjl(0^<d>, ojlanca^a), oIV 
A slip of the peo; <4|^a6o 6>S)d>cB;(fifi3(^o fO) 
fikm TB. my handwriting. 

4^ mnintwbiS)Qj\ a elerk (po.) 

flOiJC&fOajrD^nn9cr)o learning. 

flMfiaroesej the alphabet. 

•ndBfiaa>9^9aio ( a jisog^ ) alphabetical song. 

SBafiyDo^ooDo learning letters, etc. 

eaafiiAdrooso setting a child to learn. 
{S'^cfib&^DrroTI aksanSi B.= orOdOfue) Impatience, 

ory; «Aflfia9nQb^09ab hesty, enrions. 
(€r^£h£lC^) ftUi S. =r etyasao l . Eye. 2. trunk 

Ti. eflfiaWn09«^Wn9(oafia) of^^CG. flio<a^ 

aOa «d$an eiflftismo 00. moiificlecrn) (eye- 

WU) ^mgi Mndr. 

<9&3atan^?nb •kfi&am S.=r0R>da&cBK> f. l. m> 
M^^aOq^t^iQcanosiS PT. 

ssWno the tame m^^eS^sm9Qt^mjmK£\ 


(Qr^debaK^eob aUHdrail 8. Vot Uttle, an im- 
portant person Yl. 

(SrD(Sd6bQ:^o/3o aUobham 8. without agitation, 
constancy; sioaB^sg) ^jQj9dd>aKA0o6Qj9cJO Kei. 


(8iOQja£b9S|nb immofable Bhr. Y. den; «» 
OdQfiaosl:^ cnl^ Yl. 

(Sr^)6k6!^"0Qdl6no| akiaohi^i S. (0iDi)fi)+ 

ffirxiolcn).) A complete army consistingof 21870 
elephants, as many chariots, 65610 horses, 
109850 infantry. (In the Bharata war the 
Pandavas have 7, their foes 11 akianhinis. 
One elephant, 1 chariot, 8 horses and 5 foot- 
men ibrm a 9cn3CYi9^dUo; this tripled ^nao, 
tripled (/xmo, tripled ojaocSlcni, ojinor), jin^ 

5)flfi30QO^«nr^. Bhr.) 

ak}ia94l^am S. Ilnbrokoo, whole; fliD«usnfU)9 
((£00^)^015)00; (a-)0ajl^3nb ChB. tnosusmu) 
(0>ai(egp(a^cronmft (in epistolary style) the 

most fortunate TR. 

(Sro6ijla3o akhilam 8. All, whole (po.) oiofiin 

Qj^smcosmo^o etc. (Biofiulsojoonb lord of all. 
<S^CA> agam S. (not going) Tree, mountain (po.) 
CGtdC06^no)r5V) aga^iSam 8. innumerable, also 

(BiDco«Tg|CroA5nDo KB. 
(STDCOrO^, agaSi 8. 1. Being without means = 
Qj<i>la2ng^9<2^, (8iocOinns)a-i§<d> fall into adyerse 
circumstances Yl. tsttioyi£\iBai (8r^ft tmoso 
who will help me in my poverty? 2. (=flioco 
(miaonb Yl.) poor, forlorn, unprotected «» 
obt^aich beggars. 
(Bioc/xniaajcfiao ci^^ Mud. 
(Sioc/>ml(fAJo poverty, stinginess Yl. 

CGt?)C/)^ agaf am S. without disease — medl- 
oino (po.) 

(®rZ)C/)C2b agamam=(8R>coo. 8. (rooog^ Inac- 
cessible =0x3 j(a^(B;g>)9Tn9)QJcb; a(DO3g}9CO0 
cno prohibited intercourse Bhr. 

c:;y^co(0) agara s.saio«^ (a>9ftoco(Q9<^0o 

Kal. = d9>9rD^(ob). (sn<n(fSiJiiCBcr}o oQ(S\m!9 cy 
ao, flooodBcyoJoiBOab aj(£)0Ao KB. 

£»Z)C/)of^n— (CTBcnol 


asiix^^ — asfodho 

A Rishi celebrated for pasBing the Yindhya 
moantains and leading tke Brahmans into the 
Decoan. 2. the star Canopas. 8. (810030^0 
(Do(=(Bioa)(OT^)med. plant (Sioodo^^ GP. 65. 

(6rdC03UJo agadham S. Bottomless, deep, ob- 
strose = on) tiKE^^snnB). 

«S<^C/)3mo agaram 8. House (po.) 
<!S(J)^Q&yy) agU^am S. Bad quality; ^cmo^o 
fimnsBinb (po.) (Sio^firn) illnatnred (po.) 

cerZKSCOOiUCOo ag5Jarain 8. imperceptible, in- 
comprehensible (phil.) 

CS<rd(SC/)0((^ agotram 8. Of no family. 

(Cifoe^c/yodBjjYx? aganyaas^ 8. ((bk)03+©o<0)I) 

Living on trees or hills (po.) 

(S(Zi(Jl6\ agni S. (ignis L.) 1. Fire. 2. God 
of fire. 3. grief aeSfO*^^ (BW(/t? ojIs^:^ 
AiMsedxdQ SiP. 8. — 4. digestiye powerj (Bto. 

Qjei5)gJ)(ds» 6)d)>§<6B GP. (B)9Cm)(98 6aj&J0 @§^3 

0(019)0 A Nid. persons of weak digestion. 

Cpds. (8S>cni)<d)6nDo spark; (Bioan)«)Ocgjo (8) kind- 
ling the holy fire KB. 

ffiocmlAsmuo (1) hole to receive the holy fire. 

0iD(mla^o6rno(2) south-east; .oi^rD^c^vmlnabo 
«K)cm)Qd)>06n6 Gan. 

anocn^anooQ (preceding) 8E. wind. 

(Biocm^eab (1) incendiary Bhr. 

(OR)C/i^(Q-)OaLK/oo self-immolation (as of widows). 

flm<ml6QjQjo (4) digestion. 

(BR)GTV0gd;o fiery. 

smcmldonb who sustains the holy fire; eBtxrnl 

09(Tb &aJ3^3QB;nb AR. 1. 

0iocm^09cgjo and (Bioc/nlavoeo indigestion Nid. 

iBiocrnl^ai 8E.=(Biounlad)>ofimo. 

aio<m1(g Sk. Subrahmanya. 

fliooiS^oolfiU fiame V2.=3nj9Qj. 

fliocm^<Sc^o0o (oav|90o)r'Agni*s praise, a pe- 
culiar sacrifice KB. 1. 

«ia<m)cro9afiaid)>o covenanted before Agni; oio 
(m)croodafia1a)09CB» cro^o q^q^ KB. 4. 

mDCh^aroodOfialci^iea ojoin) TOh. the 
ox/n^OoOo^o burnt offering maintaining 
holy fire. The Brahman, who does 
called etocrni^ooyfS^ Tdbh. tsMAm 

CGt?)(C^ agram 8. (akros G.) 1. Point 
front. 2. first, principal. 
imQ)oxrQch the chief (f. i. cJOCBMona 

Kei. N. 2.) 
iBi?>^6anb, nb. CO. 1. first-born, elder br 

and sister. 2. Brahman (po.) 
mo^pQ^Bi honors paid to the principal pei 

0n)(^09ocn3o heart (po.) 
aRHg/)oooej a victualling house, cooking 

in temples. 
8io((/)^oaig-)0 a large measure 8o. 
(Bio<(£)QOOfDo land assigned to Brahmans, v 

of (foreign) Br's fiosnoo d»&p^gj^j^ 

oOorMOQ^oib 8il. 
mMy)7Udcno first meal, ceremony in tei 

(vu. (Bioi^ocBKnosajasaKDl Asflan). 

sio^ocrocno chief seat, as in Brahm 
cros, also of kings fmooioabo (bio^9< 
ojlyaH Hud. 

im^^svchy (Bio^ob first, elder brother 

(m9i^ (loo. of tstQ%oo) in the first place, b 
0ioO((/xnxoab forerunner, leader (also 
coob etc.) 

(S^(^QJ(Yb agnyah S. Neckless; mti^ 
ci^ggara av^^Jbjnb KB. 5. 

(Sr^)(ieV> agham S.(a-yos G.=eiooQOS)8in 
(8iD^>^QA>ejo ncorobo-Km) Bhr. 

cSr7)SaeiyOo agh5ram 8. (not frightful) I 
fal; djon) «Yoa'>^9ro09Sgcno the fever 
violently; (B(9«Qfii9^c;{j'aJl>o fierce battle. 

I. cGt?)39)o angam 8. (v^ (bimbu.) i. 
(also (Bioflb^g^^o, fitosboJloo po.) flioav 
bosom friend; aj)(fA9 — o^fiicm &(QS(!Sg|a 
(OiQi(zA KB. 

<9089so — (9(7)89i(0d 

(®rd89iOdo — cSrSbCA) 

Qjach Si P. 2. iramerioal figure, mark 

n. CSHOdBbo aftgam 6. (Tdbh. of «nooooP flioaabo 
aooasVS. to shield oneself) 1. Fight, battle. 
2. dual, challenge; eioskcsiAcno oHftlcas y2. 
OD&o ojlslaa to combat, wrestle; flnaabo 
ocu3(S<d> to fight; (SiDQrmas oiOflBbo qcljoob 
(m Tying with it; (^oiSasnidS fliOfto 6Mno§ 
ODi dSlflkcb CG.semolating. 8. duel as 
the ordeal for Nayers, a royal privilege, 
for which each combatant had to pay; 
sometimes fought by hired champions; (Sioaabo 
oa>9&icrojf9aj(oiaPcno KIT. often oiOflBiQjo 

Qjo xijaBbOjo Qjocasl demanded troops and 

taxes (ru.) 
Cfdi: ooaBtKaaa^ place for dael. 
SMkaaMWib a combatant, 
•nkxijflbo royal taxes V2. 
iBiM^upA pablic dael; ^9a%9B:9cS\(A (Btoft 

Og^ddb £9«9A EU. 
mkeioeS\ l. a public square. 2. N. pr. the 

old Syrian bishop's seat Yl. 
m&ajaaik cock's tail 6. 

^roadimo angftfiam S. (I. mom^o 2.) Branding, 
is of criminals; noobcno §raocomiifBo(A KB. 5* 

(SRBh&iy^ angalaykka T.C.80.M. Lament, 

fnene B. 

^'^dOoail^an (P. hangam, season) and canmaoSi 

Umponrj appointment; «»abOo ^000^9 

€»WboSi fli^ki6 MB. 

L (S^aSbl aftgi TH. (Tdbh. (noo<o^d>) Dress 

tkat eorers the limba, gown, jacket; flor^ou 

ftl or tfMbWuda VI. mailooat. 

n. (ma£\ aftgi a. T. H. (Tdbh. inocn[?.)Firefl» 
ftWo^ mosoSi «eLj36>ej BC. 88. OKOMmob 
flBib) «Dft«Aoeo6 BC. 67. 

^SR^^^KOh aAgitamS. (oiMbODo) Marked, spot- 
ty (P©.) 

flSr^SBifDd aAgaram 8. 1. Shoot, germ(s=^). 
takiadofpilaaHid. S.flrtttfgnof f.i.fiMKU 

roo8k(DO(Ooso Mud. symptoms of beginning 

0ioeabf^(OK> budded; flR>eabfD\g)9(Dofiui)orQEKT|j|ar) 

CBB^o (po.) 
Den. y. ffnoaabfO^cdA to bud, chiefiy metaphor 

of love, pride Bhr. cQcrU t^moegmlajb aid 

abolcdamo CG. (sQanocnomo). 
C. y. (8ioab(f^gj)(dA= 6)cnig^c09 of shame, 

jealousy, etc. CO. 

(SrOSdsOdo ahgotam S. iron goad (9(O)0§1). m 
anocEin QQdSao (BVdaaboooBcb (po.) 

(Gr7KS99)3aJo aflgolain S. TM. Alanginm hexa- 
petalum (=s<BT0tf)6iasil(bb), a counter-poison. 
a>9(^9ai)3&jo Alangium deoapctalum. 
0R>Q99»OQJ6>6>(ORA&Jo tantr. 
flioaai)3QJ:£i90olajb Aiooro^ tantr. 

(®rz\8&7l angri loo. (C.tsro^) Pap, teat=<sbleab. 

(S^COo angam S. (ayyos) 1. Member, part. 
2. body=cn)gy|oocoo, (Sioocoo jiisajg^d) to shave 

aBaja Yl. (sidoc/>o 0>O5)sm(ds) ((BTOocoAsnDcaa, 

siOocoAsmgj) to gird on a sword, quiver, etc. 

yi. 8. constituent part, branch; cnoosocoo 

era 9Qj95)ej 6)cn)'9<eo<S)o KB. of Biima and 

his 8 brothers. Q<o>3ajcro j^^qjo @ (ffvoocoaxan 

Qjl(33oS^(0n«)g-}§@(Chiracal doo.) 5 branches = 

Gpds: (BtQoco^jiaQo mutilation. 

(810OC063O bodily (po.) (ndocomob Kama. 
fliDocnao bracelet of the upper armssomocb 

aifi. f. i. (Sioo03aa>sa)«B8c)o KB. 
fliOoODor) well shaped woman (po.) 
(BiOooxQjdcroo ceremony of touching the body, 
in Sakti worship. 

fl»oCOg-js (8) distinct branch of an army, 
OOOfiJoCO^SCS^ QjaSdJIDll AB. 6 (=.aHS 

eioocofiocoo 1. rapture, loss of limbs. 2. 
(vn.) quite a member; of) aKoboojifiXtbo 
flR>oO38oO309dnr£l(SscD;oa)b. (epist.) 

«iOoCOsoc/S) beauty. 

AOocoegCDo rabbing the limbs. 

(&tc(/)err>o — c®r&o5gejo 


(gyOp (ttgn — (9M^ 

oiDooorDcaEB (Tdbh. mb9k(^d^ Y 1.) 1. armour. 
2. garment, jacket. 

fliDcxo^ooso oo8melicfl=Aoi^^. 

mboayu^^d) (tq. (BiDai>oftgjnb) a danger- 
ous swelling of the body (mod.) (En)c»e>3 
flg^ Erysipelas scrophulosa. 

(9100030111^)9(00 slight disorder (f. i. from 
pregnancy; (BiOocoaLn^9rD60Bc)o fi)Q-iMaa) 

(Bioo<y>ajl0(6fiuuo gestiottlatioDy also dnoo<n 

qOOTDo Yl. 
lOiDoc/Kroocoo embrace; (Bio. Qd>36n| ^e^^£Q>o 

(BiOoc/xTUQl(dn (8) a particalar oonjanction in 

astrol. 09auoQro)9QQeB oySicn}^ 0aiO99rab 

flLonsaAom aiooc/xtudWH aoojOBch Tr P. 
fliOocoooiooob maimed. 

(6irOoC06nr>o^(S^8&36nr)o anga^am, anga^am 

8. Ck>art, yard, (also apartment ^.q Od^ooj) 
fij<d)(ora) oQ/^ (8iooco6rr>o £9^? Yl.) 

(6ifdoC/)3(0o angaram 8. Liye coal, coal, cstQocooa> 

aj§a> (8. iBiooc/)9(0(j030rfl) portable grates Yl. 

(8iooc03ro.jQ>nb the red planet. Mars. 

fliOoc/33(0<o>9ro^)An(>o (£>>3s|o (0>9sa) Bhr. do 

a collier's work, burn roots and branches. 

(STOoCOVD^ angirassi} 8.(G.aYyolos)Akind 
of demigods. 

(S^(/f]S)(Oero^ — d8>yOb afi^iTfara^ami — 

Tfiram 8. (onoood yes) Oonsent, assent, ad- 

0iooo:$la)(£)«A 1. to oonsent, assent, approve. 
2.reoeiTe, f. i. iato caste; (BBCQiXvo oooco) 
A(S\<est MB. recelTO a complaint. 8. to 
embrace (=a«xo)(Ss) 03o099aroi^e<aac)o (m 
(BBfiD(9b auoGQJcnuo eioo</J)axol^ Kal. 

(SlfOo^aJo aflfenlam 8. l. Finger, toe. 2. 
middle finger Yl. also thumb ((Bioo^aiajWib, 
oioaebjlroajb thumb Yl.) 3. an inch (of 8 
CB;aj); mbo^&io 5MA9a»oo909C%«)gg9(n oorolroo 
KB. 5. Bama's height; (n9£^'Oi2i^(Og)^ & 
(Oo^oaj(a-)09smfi)9o CDgisnA Y. Ch. 

noo^oTi finger «iOo{oe!Wo finger-ring 
flioo^ejlav^eoemo ^emW ens 
a. med. (=(8ioo{oeio.) 

fliOo^^^^S. thumb,a(Do{0(%S|*|Or)9Q£)re 

to the size of an inch AB. 5. ojoeoo^ 

fi<9ornl Bhr. resting on the toes (a tsj 

(QrOofo^a&gliriS. ((BiooQ£»togo)Foot,roo 

(S^^O^S^OSl anfia4i 5 (sioae (sioocoo+ei 

1. Shop, in Mai. rather 0io«S9^gj 

2. market street, basaar, town, Tillage (In 
K. pr. f. i. a^janWeoeosl, etc.) 

Cpds. (8ioflaB9^<6B9ronb shopkeeper. 

«io<ae9^^/D<d8 or Qjoanl&o merchandise 

SCS)C(2^09 (BIO. (proT.) 

(8io<oe9^Q(OiO)9&naik> being tricked in b 

or selling (proT.) CG. 
(Bio«BB9^g_|9g the talk of the town; «d»9 

fio-iOeoao (Bio6i]e9sl^9§9GQ[(m (proY. 
(8io<OB9si0as(no drugs (opp. oj^ easax 

(SrZ)GS«3l^06)Q^0€8^ anidllapponni 

aquatic plant (wanting (BiooCOo or (BT 
(Bio-6i]elfi>n6o Qajft aiis)Q,<a» (proT.) 
what is neither required nor possible. 

(®r^G8^ anni} (T. (Bioab from <bioo) l.' 
thither; fli06iR§Qaj9cct9(gb = after death. 

(opp. S6IR§) dat. (BTOSOBidS, (BIOSCOBCOg 

EU. your Highness' hand; 6iMiBcb (Bio« 
9a^9asi9r^ TB. 

Cpds. (Bio«oe5)cn, tsoa£isicn (ffnosKn) thai 
thus; (smaasicn oQcrn cbiogj^o ojii 
AB. 6. yes. a>e^a^^(OBo)CT) jxi9«a 

PT. 1. (=00X^0(0)) — S10<QQOr)QSR» sucl 

nocoB^S there, nofiB^^oels here and 

flioa^om (colons) 1. thence, there; cm 
oo the other side. 2. you there (he 
a^cm 6naa9BL0^ a»ftpd^TB. your m 
(9i0699cmasfln«>^C|^ also his majesty 

fli069|^, (BiOfi>aB9^ (£<^« A?) there; fl 
(firi^«>aB9sl5>«B9SC2|(n9(0^a)c)Q AB 

ioiO(S«3BSo (stso) that place. 

«iD«6SBCB<uib, cmomaoh those, they. 

cSy^>.aJfiQ&i — C&^j^ 


C6f^^f(tyo — C^rd^ 

■MaB9§ (ojf) thither, onoo^ocb vn^ao^ 
^onM^Sl informed the king KIT. (8io 
oaD99g<de Q_jOfiaocB;^ TR. to your High- 
oeei. m^aoT^o g) (Scobo^o aLi9(d89r«9CBi^ TB. 
on both ffidet. odo^^^^cm (S103<0B9^o 
(.'sojlg^jab Bhr. in return I cnrse thee. 

^iusmiiajo, cgro,Q.\o..\ftv> ajaiijalAm s. 

"diUttb ajaram 6. Not mOTlng (in jii'DOjiSroo). 
Zn ]f^\o a]alam S.Inunoyeable, mountain f. i. 
juaO.sjaUiio N. pr. the Weetem Qhauts. 

i^iiljItSYtro ajittam 8. without mind, dlBincU- 
utioo Tl« 

fbiij\irOS)j> ajinSyam 8. Unimaginable; AZZ 

^^SiajVOb ajiram 8. Not leng. oio^roorob soon 

S'ddajrCirOo aJdSanam 8. irrational, uncon- 

^nJj CS<^^ ajn, Mq 8. A yowel (gram.) 
9<{^o a6dam TM . (V^aiosfat^^) Fear, dismay 


ao^s«QBo ihynesB, modesty (6)0^s>). 

6*^ ad6a (T. (B)d€>6).WB) Mother; ibid^ (oxno 
•5 ^ej cno^smo YCh. 
■D^i6 TM. (T. also (SioasiAnb. C. Tu. (Bioe^nb) 

1. father, lord; used chiefly hon. (8i^^ 
onbo ojrDo Nal 8. my father's house. 

2. title of males in royal familieB f. i. in 
PQaeida oa>9cnj^av^ab TR. the minister 
of Calient Rajah Msag^nb, of C!oohin 
tLi^^OBkji^cbj of Nayer chiefs aiAaaog ens 
Qiib «D,2i^ia3A TR. (in Curumb.) of the 60 
heads of Uraler (Cal.); CTen of monkeys «irD 
fl0j^ PT. oo^cn^ooDrDooo TP. oath. 

Mg^ C.Ta.M. 1. mother (=00^) (BIO^ a 
gVatUKn (oa&VoBo (^d>9(do TR. 2. Nayer 
Tl. 8. female of animals etc. otd^ 
the plantain stem surrounded by its 
offspring (aMTB).«o^ a>s)^Qjgj <ftglQ^o 

(Sr^^oOX) addaram T. M. Te. (C. Te. tm^ei ^ 

indebted, pay money) Earnest money, advance 
giyen to ratify a bargain. 0AS)A (donoaSVm 
(80^3(00 6)Qj^ betrothed Ti. 
(®fO^ DO (P. achir) Pickles KU. 

C®^.^l addi 1. see under (Bio^. 2. Atcheen; 
hence (Bio^(deayna> or 0§<dsanirD. 

(S^/^GS*^ addinna l. = 0ra.TSRQ6i]e Green figs 
VI. 2. very young beans, also (BWjyfiO 

(®r0.^1(61 afifflri 1. (Tdbh. amxc^Jl) Worthless, 
insubstantial Yl. iQio^rSloj*^ unlucky ways 
%(^®jOAo V2. (BTO^rol ci^6ng = ^fiuaj9§«OTa9o 
6>s. 2. (from (Sio^o) (Sio^rDlaJsnotd) to 
smile bashfully. 9(d>§l§^rD) QjfoanrDoanajb 
Bhr. (Bio^fi^r^jijirDldSACQ^ Bhg. sneer. 

CSr©.^ ad6a 5. (Tdbh. mm^o) 1. Sign, type. 
2. mould, £9r>s aioaBnm (BTO;^ for bulletB, 
(Bio^ s><0)0(q)^d9> TR. for coining. (BY0:^o fi)cn 
g^o royal revenue. cr)3CQ;a8 (Bi3:^o siorDlo^o 

axle tree, also (stQ^ {(A) corajs^. 4. weaver's 
reed or stay, a§^ (Bra^gJIgjDnb (Bio^. 6. a 
mistalce (=:syq)OQ). (BfQ<QQaa)^^o^o 5)jii3^§ 
ORD:^ 5)a>9e@<d> rnlcoucs/o (po.) 6. a little 
snail (T. cnonci, (Bio^q). 

Cpds. (Sio^sl (1) printing. dnD:^^<06^ocB»OBcb 
chintzes Nal 8. 
(Bio^slcOs) 1. print, stamp. 2. to mould 

(r=: a)(Q9QJ^S^<dn.) 

(BR)^^(0a3rDnb printer. 
WD-gjAggg type-cutting. 
<Bia^O49)0(Qb ramrod (and (BTOd^AOO^). 
iBiOd^t^So printing-press TrP. (=(BiO:£i^ 


(B(9|^fDT9>5l (8) axle-tree; £R89>^x)o (8Y^«mla>cb 

G^6\^ KR 8. 
(8i9^ana>sn| axle-tree, axis. (bt^^^uO-oh^ 
(0R^6)abo (BiD:^aiiO)sng QaroMDCiQa^^ejo som 
9croo(oio)(ooSl(Am9neaio fgsoiofyo. Bhg 5. 

(6>a0^3 — (Oi&SJWos 


csfUCfDoj — fStbeokS 

CCr^j^ add5 (Too. of (m^nbf ) Interj. of snr- 
prlBO, pftiii3a(8ioOQgj3. (gib9^o Q<&)c)oTO. hear 
oh friend, also (BTOQ^o YyH. 

(6^^ jrznob ajynSail 8. (not failing) Yiehnu. 
(aaij^(£\ oonetanoy Yl. 

(SC^OJS^o addham 8. Dear, transparent, pore; 

<d«o Kei N 2. 

C6^i3gOt) addhail (=010^06 modem) 1. 
Father. (BTOjaTd nb aa)nnr> sjjp^tOxX) aQOon Q?fii 
^^o 8G. 010^ 9 oQon^«BBSKr) q jiiog^ saicno 
Ca. (a child when flogged). 2. mother's 
brother Yl. S. Sir. 
(Biojird jti0 ob, cBtD^ ez father's parents (Cann.) 

(SOj^^etQj^ mother, hidy Yl. 
(sa^-aa =(819^^0 f. i. 0ioa-^ 9 QQfixm s>aiog^ 
cnDSojo MB. 

(SirO<2^1nnrk)ad6lliimam8. Undivided ;(eio^nan 
fi<d^O(seSl(fla 8iP 8. 

I. (6t7)9So ajam 8. Unborn, (sronnb Brahma. 

n. (Gi^8>8oa]{ain f. (sron (atos, leaders. (Sfon atd)) 
GK>at. jBiDiac/XDo S. a boa=Qjorncoo Bhg. (inoQi 
(S0CX)cq;oo3o sacrifice of goat HC. (Sfoeaojoajob 
goat-herd. (Bro«c/3«oao)a>o (prov.) difference 
between goat and elephant. 

(6fZ)9BCQ;o ajayam 8. =(Sioajnavo Defeat, ajlgjo 
^ a>osrr>oo eoca/Q^jo oioeoaiKijo Bhr 7. 

(®r0W(08 ajaram 8. Never getting old (po.) 

(Sr7)9B(0r\^ ajasram 8. Uninterruptedly; (810A 

Qpo d>O068ec)o (BTDOdiSQjiaA KB. 

(6^893^^ a]agra5a 8. Carelessness. 
(0r2)841oOo ajmam 8.(n(Biono)HideasedaBBeat 

(©r^WlrOo ajram 8. (running V^jtow) Yard f. 

i. of houses, battle-field, dnonlcDo (Sio^l:^ m£) 


(Sfb9S\ChyOS\ (P. azmaish) Examination, 
rough calculation (of produce). flioeSlaoooiids 

00001(080 <Sa-i9<flionr) Aocgiarx^orBoA MB. 
cer&rflenoo ajir^axn 8. (not worn out) 

Indigestion, also mofS^gfUOu 

(&^9f\ojcn\ ajiTani s. Death. 

dead Yl. 
CSYTKBS^caiol) ajdya^ 8. Inyincible. Q 
e^o anoncBKib AB 6. 

(Sr2)^^nb ajna& S. ignorant. dnoflstB 
ranee, oio. Qo^iOdBailcnonb cuocdastaiosr 

(BiDMiaMho unknown, (iioMoMi>x>ooru< 
living incognito Bhr. 

oionmoooo ignorance, chiefly religio 

(Bionmoool ignorant, pagan. 

(8ioQttiacB;o not to be known (po.) 

(QrcetSUo anjam A cup, small yessel ( 

(Sr^6tmja^ anjalam s. (sT (stQeaS be 

border. ei^oOJMBsia&j (po.)»(r)3ajl( 

I. C®rC6tDliajb anjal 5. (aC.todivide = 
Orig. a stage, relay; now letter-post. 
&o^Si to run post. (Siossurbb^Gj) pes 
6BU(f9k)g4fd lK>8t-offlce, (BiOfiBU^oron 

•runner. (SiOGOUrzi cuvpldBe S)ai3§.'Oi^a2;^ 
(STOSBuejinib (Qioo^cc^dBsonb TB. 

II. (®^6tiaJ(Bb Y. N. of (fliasoy^d). 
c®r^)6t&Lnra\> an]i5ain 8. (v^ (mo6 

Honored, revered. (STO6iail(a)03C3;{j@e oj 
^s CG. 2. (as if from (Bioso^^d)) the 
of awe. (ChiobcX) tsr^ cLAeB^(S^<a^ze>^ov 
(T»033tnCG. felt himself defeated, 
awfully. (Biocnjd}>c)o (nOaarsb isiOfisuliTno < 
6>^osp1cd; BC. 88. ^ 
(6ir06t&U aojl} H. (T. corruption of s)qi 

remonstrated often enough. 

(SiDtf)«U§a^(8ic}o YyH. some persons. 

Cpds. (Biofious) a short (moral) song. 

(Biosiaacnjab having 5 arrows, Kama, a 
ejrdCnJOb (pO.)(8l068U9o fifth, (BTOSm 

(no68U3oQ_iaS1 measles, catarrh Yl. 

(BioeoQOo ojrD the 5th or additional r 
native house, used for stores and s 
(BiOfiBUOo ci^rDccnajOc0tt shut up in 
woman suspected ; (Bidobuoo o^rdcc 

<QrQ6IBIjd8> — CTOS 


(Sr^S^esk — (6rosc06b 

OMttidab ft measure (P) Qor^ 0»6BUonr)9(bk 
esoBOSpl «oOoo oQ^Tio noicaioQ^ TB. 

9OSSM^Q0M9^ Anjengo, fortified by the EDglish 
in 1694 TR. 

SDsaDOjg^o K. pr. the Beat of the original 
Jewish colony (Syr. Doc.) Pai. 

iSftean^ <B> a^In-ya tm. ((sum^ c. Ta. no^ Te.) 

l.To fear, despair. (BIOQbP d9%o oj^cjoq Bhr 7. 
OMBUDSXiii QjTs Veto, came without fear. 
2. (po.) to concede superiority. cLjoajesijo ajSBui 
(£\CQ. Q-i3aiSB^os>03if)cQ;3QflyetC. (&.9oo6a^o 
%Xiuy9^ySiS Bhr. 
T5. flidSBiirgb and (sie^o awe, fear q. y. $>cr> 

^f^€iSiCOo anjanam S. {(Wfoem anoint) Ointment, 
chiefly of eyes, lampblack, antimony (oj^o 
asemo brass calx, (^Sfdixtsicnof ctf^oi (9id. 
3aoa 00. ft med. QcQ^»»9«rsacr)o OP. etc.) 
osanootaB^ antimony sulphurate OP 75. 
asad med. and to discoyer thefts or treasure; 
Heiiee tsrosiwocno ojo^ or e>6)a>aA 010. ®S^§ 

cossBdODctedfonb a conjuror. 

ff»9aacnai^n6, «iS6Bunr>ajjmabCrish^=:^o 

(S!^&tl^il\ anjali 8. The cayity formed by putt- 
iif the hollowed palms of both hands side by 
lide (=fiyoi3^s»40R) chiefly for adoration. (810. 
^^A, a4^36ieQejl(po.)«Bia«i«ej)6rixm)o aju 
3 €Mi3y*2 KR. (810. ^jiMQ^ (neqgg^:^ Bhr. 

<8^9«irrO0 anjatt 8. (by way of gliding) 
Straightway (po.) 

B^'6<0«O:ca»orz=«0(njDQak) TR. 

(^emuTif] (maa>=s>a^) annaU 5 ira^i, 4 

■sasorea- flDflooasplajjo ajfi^ootjo a fee on feast 
dsyi (Tray.) 

tf^ms^Ci aniohi 500. (BiDca|oooa(> A sub- 
^risioD of Xiyers TR. (in Iruwena^n). otoflnn 
0(^«b3^ (and — oonaaA) Roman oonyerts from 
Ikr, Fiaber ftod similar oastea (C!oohin). 

0^ i4a 5.(V^«D9beeoDtigttoiis«clo8e)What 
MTfes liftrtftorter. 1. ft lamp. S« a cake 

madeofey>(nDOP. 8. alookTl. 4. incuba- 
tion B. 

Opds. 810S<fl»§y , IS10«S8£U, (no50«9a9(Qb Tl. 
anyil of goldsmitiis. 

(Srt)Sdd6>^ (6^6)5(66^ (<d)3(sl )H0. Te. 1. betle- 
nnt. Port. **Areoa*' (the tree <ft(^<a§) ,oOOO flno 
os€>«a»dBei qjo SK)^ A9n^ TR. (assessment 
of 1798). prepared betlenuts a<^CB;s«Bdi, 6>ai 

«8a0o (opp. ^ycQBOQB'oajb) proy. 2. (loo.) 

(©rOSdee^Dae^nolccyob (siosdan ojoenSlcaKTb 
9cuh a med.) Bphesranthus Ind. OP. 61. 
kinds 5)jiiolcD) — OQj^(mo) — Celosia argentea 
Rh. 0000^ (810. Conyza Ind. Rh. 

C®^SdB6^^o T. BoM. Shelter, oio. 6)^o$<edi 
grant, protection Yl. 

(®^S(d6^30J Shelter; (8ios<fi5)0gy<efia1 the 
sparrow, fringilla domest. (a good omen); 
also a child may be called by its mother oios 


kilanni} (or (siosouonounb o-jo&j, (siossxs-iottnl 
(Sich OP. 60.) Asciepias annularis, med. in 


(eios(a^0ab a certain condiment B. 

(8ios0rDo Torminalia Cadappa Rh. 

(Bios0iP T. incessant rain (see (8iosai0iP). 

(8IOS0OOI 1. inequalities of ground (?) MR. 
298 (in doc. style). 2. any small bit of 
ricefield, much used for rearing riceplants 
(Palgh.)=sio_jt>oo, aj@fi^6rd3CSHob. 

(BTDSOiSP) way between two hedges Tl. 

(SfbSdd&o a4aUcani v. N. (miS«t%e») 1 . Being 
contained. a^Kn9iaas>0D a>QjlQB;Siaeo KU. thus 
says the tradition. — 2. (old) aU, the whole, 
orxofoo nostiSao u^^5^^, Qjlroib momcs^o 

edinSdOao (^S^d)^^ RC. Jti(0d3» (810S«9ao oaio 
9^ Yl. purchased the whole of the goods. 
(BiDcms<0ao (BiDon|]^ajSKDC(^o ^an^ioni (doe. 
alias 0iOfm^<dso) with the consent of all then 



(6rDS<fi6& — 


liTing heirs. 8. possession, enjoyment ; qj)§ 

(S\a9fm TR. 0SjSplAaii6iaol(dfior61(Qb (SiDSdan 

CbH (doc.) (SY^ (STOC^QLKmOfOb (Qtoooeogo @Q 
Qfiieo^o (BioS(0s)0^^ (ST^atono TB. in ease of 
one branch dying oat the other inherits, oi 
cBxnoss«8Ao ^Rdoinb TP. cr)95S(dso croidAorol 
OfikSt; a(&>o§6)GB) (8i0S(dfio €iJiX(m KU. took 
possession of the fort. 4. self-control, modesty, 
chastity Yl. secrecy, aoog^cmscflfto VCh. 
fnoSiSato Q^fb^cnlojib BC. the austere Bishi; 
(nDScan^ea 0e>cD;(DlaA Qcnj<sns)ajc>;>d9« BO 117. 
Sita the most chaste. 
(BiO5(0sd9i»3fDnb proprietor. 
(TOSidS yi. = (810S<StS)O 4. 

(®r©S05*3<e> a4aminya 5. (v^(to§) t. n. i. To 

be pressed down, enclosed, contained. 9^30 
Sfiie) is swallowed. Qj3r£laS)d9Qggifab (srosona^cs; 
(g^ Had. enclosed by the sea. aiSoiHrgb (BTdSfisel 
took shelter under. ^ai<b aos dhsasl&p (Sios 
(019300. 2. to submit) yield, bo possessed, 
ruled. (BiDC^ck) (Btosasq) yielded. aicmsn^cGinawU 
dam iBios«>608sne .ajo>o TB. (=Anoscs^d)). oi^ 
Qjai Qaojcrv) JosT^rgb (sroscoa^ Qajomo TB. q_jo 
ouso^nrn)^ does not yield. 3. be controlled, 
proportioned ; ^tSiSdaS (010500)00; oi^ (?'<>▼•) 
6KUO(96>&ld9nS<ae3.'aT9) lSTOSc0ttSg^. proY. 4. 

be allayed, calmed. Q^nmoaib^;) (BioseB^o a 
med. (=S3S)fi.d98o). nrS)5Km (trHnmorbb oDc/s^s 
(0§o UB. 0030 (SioS6a§nnD S(d>9Q_io Hud. 5. 
to rest, cease, be silent; cojootdo (sudscoal died. 
ar?(no6)S ©ojo n^rf^ jyssoal ojlfmoaaonb qq 
cm Otmoonfl^o KB. o®(m5C9B)| &6)rD(mo)sa§o; 
af\ ^onsaeiorSl^mo KB. why standest thou 
silent. 0a)§S6OB)QS6nDo listen attentiyely. isro 
aSl^aiooecu^sml aLj9<anHud. live retired, cu) 
§^ «Ku^sc9B)a2;onb Bhr. gave up the job. er^ 
Q^^OMiBcX) (BIOSCObI OKnDidscnD Nal. rust from 
peace. Qj9(Chirbb(Bio5ae) jaior^lQaioc^ shut gently. 

ADSoalnf. (=«i&s<sso2.)(9ios60BiQ^qSt ^^* 
made to o^ase entirely. 

(Biosoers^ (nosflbai the whole contents (s «o 
Sd9»o2.)(BioS8B)(ob «&36i3b form an estimate B. 
(Bi05fi)eo(aiO) unmanageable, disobedient, etc 
0. v. (BiDScaa)as> make to submit, enclose Yl. 

(S(^S<B&<Bij dde] 5. T. a. 1. To press down. 
aj^^-OTiQ^Otflftl (9iosc6ao AB 6. swallow. 
2. subdue, possess, enjoy as property. cn9SS 
cOenm Ofho^ TB. the actual Gtovernment. cni 
&KTiioaiiS(0s to secure, use the crops, ^tvm 

Qjo Q_jOa3jO AAOOSTOkl (S10Sd9sicD;(|ftl(T)3rQb A 

ipldBecmajODdcanroanm liyed from cultiTation 
TB. (GOjoeicro-io (BiosanI KU. usurped, amu 
smii^aDrgb (BTOSces TB. confiscate, ojemo o-j^ 

fD^^SdasH TB. (=(B10S)S:^ JXlOJO^o «)dtOmDo 
(ei9Sd9nl6>d9n3(>><d> KU. conqucr and rule, ti^ 
Qj)rtno (BioStdnl oa^o^dOs) KU. pay up all his 
salary. 3. control, repress, aang^scdeaiaab 
<&iplQj a)36m36ni^ KB. could not contain 
themseWes. jikea)rooe)a)fi)S,QLj96QU(Q^c(i(QBQft 

(SYD. (a-)36ma8S)a (a-)€maj3(Ta)QrD ^jiKCIOlSdBHi) 

Bhg. by mortification. a)9@.S)cr), ^^£\<o^Sicn 
(0)0* to subject demons by mantras, ^^ino mos 
ani 5)ajg-j3'ib CC. correct an unmannered 
child, ^c^cgjo (Bioscdsojonb AB 4. punish. 
csocro^^goifhlejo cQ;3iari^§3<f>neio ajMiH^ 

QJOGQO (9TOS<8(0n6TT)O CtV CO. Q_jO€l90Sd9ai9> Bhr. 

restrain. cro9»)SaBc)o (SiosdJs) TB. suppress- 
ed our gricTanccs. 4. to allay, quiet ; a9inaeo 

Q(Dg>jOo (SIDSdSeo UB. oQCnidDa CLnO0g_jSQd9»6mo 

isajon03a>9(Qb AB. must still my hunger with 
your flesh. ojosmi^ScfiiPoDdnb AB 4. comforted. 
CV. (BTdSces^cds f. i. 6&aa OdiO^Sddn);^ KU. 
caused the country to be ruled by an equal 

Cgy^C^ see under (SiosQC{ji»>. 
(0r2)SOOo a4axiam S. ( V^(BTOs ) Erring about (po.) 
CSfDSCCO a4ftOda T. H. a mode of beating time 
in music B. (see rmofto) Bhg. 

(CT)S^ see AnoASgLi. 

cs^So^, csr2)Sa-jCYb sMiapp^iiif a4<^pp&ii 5- 

(C. qocu)q-io) 1. Betel purse, chunam pooehs - 
<0.fD9««>o, Q^ol^nm ojo(S>o ; hence (BASguj^asS *" 

(TOsfl»— (TOsaj 23 

(®f?)6iSdQ» — (©roe^SaJ 

«* KR. betel mrwntt. «»Sajy§o a ooart 
chwge Yl. 2. » stopper, oork B. (=b»s 

g^). S. b^Pber'i drewing caw, also (Bioausnb 
•osg^ (taxed). 

(Sf^soacno adamanam T.BoM.(«w)s)i.Pawii, 

■w*»g»- ^. «»S0Pcno <o)fno (= «i06)s^ gaTe 

C^JSoij, cero§cti4 adambu, a4imibu t.m. 

OooTolmlne pes oaprcB or Lagerstroemla 
wgfnaf.ajajcm) — ©aiea — Codt. flagellif. Bh. 
fiS^SCQ^Dgo a4ayalam 5. Mark, sign. «R>sai;oao 
®§d» to mark. B»S(tt3ft5)Q_j§flnaQD>,a» AB6. 
<iisiiiis8 the enemy with some mark, a wound ' 
etc. K. <nwi5>n) rrosca/oao the letter of Kayer 
5. is as follows, roooflso <0>g^c©o ^s^ ^s&ocA I 
S». joint letter of R. ft C. (TB.) 

«»SCXy<e>,srBn^a4ayuyaT.M.C. ((tos) n. V. 

1. To be shut, shut up. (a^QJO'OoBiosaoi^Nid. 
Qi3«arA «»s«Bilgy would not shut, ©^.e^ss 
<%oBhr.the ear is stunned. 2. to be enclosed, 
get into, come into possession. oQcrSldBa d>.so, 
fi«uae4 ete. mssn^ (Jajooin I hare receiyed. 
(=om5 •€aj8a51^), esp. of the oolleotion of 
*««. orfi^rflnin (JcrvoDcan ojcmscsyo TB. 
waya:n<m (<^aT?) «os<»o^ ojcyri^ etc. 
<"~t«ies=«>s«9d>). 8. a. T. (T.) to obtain, 
cJWteof aaOfflaiaQQea cuaao (tosooiiJ^o KB. 
<»J^ ®»«ajo>iin fltossB^ KB 2. 
«s<» Inf. (=«os«) all. (rosea croooorSl^ 

Bbr. sea ®o-.ofl»c)D (rosa» 6»A05r^ Bbr. 
•S^aiA T. a M. (unsubmitting) enemies. 

««sai^<i«n BO 84. (rosai;a,«as<A 


T. ir. (TOSOJ T. M. C. (obtaining) 1. Regular 
^Mtoa=:«^^3^o. 2. buying daily a 
««tod portian on monthly account, ftrngj, aj 
H* ©ajjfjj snosQj «)«»o§a». 8. money that 
fcM eoise to li«id;(=cuay«A)(ro. <ft«a^^ to 
mmmpMn aoemiiit B. 4. dexterity, acquire- 
maL flDsqjMo Ai^cmA Bhr. (tosqj^kX) 
*-i^^ *• iUlad in examinatton. «»sajQc9« 

be perfect in any arty 1. flidSQjQa(W)aj§a 
a perfect thing VI. 6. esp. instruction in 
playing or fencing Vl.-den. Y. (rosajlcae 
to buy the whole, f. i. of a ship's goods; 
obtain the monopoly of selling tobacco eto. 
within a Bajas territory Yl. 6. T.manner 
(=(a^dh0^o) ffis)«)<xjo€laj|o (TOSQJ Nal. 

(S(l>6\S^, ^ a. V. 1. To shut, obstruct, 
block up. Qj!w»lejos<fld^ «»®S:^o^gy MB. 
no locked door. a^obJU mooS:^ dk"is<flaioab 
mtmiOt^S^ TB. riotors leaTe us no night's 
rest, Q(^ «*os=^ans<o«aT>6ajoain6Gfl. dead* 
<ft-JB}S>s<a»o«>(TO ojDflj^ looked into the sun. dh 
afJ}S^ an^or61cea Nal. A^^hcte (TOW)S:^«)a 

djocnn iro. «»ocio m>. eto. 2. to take in, reeeire, 
collect, put up. cr)l<flD(dn Q^^rwawjsfle, a.«^ 
rftsflrt* (ro«, Qa)«>n6o tfxna><ea o^^ooao 
QJ«mo(ro€)s^"l§<jr^ TB. oolleoted for Govern- 
ment. 8. to pay down (as an instalment), put 
into a bank, ^(oy^t) (ro«stBs©cnjDyo Qjoo^ocnjo 
yo (doc.); to conclude an account Yl. 4. r.n. 
to be shut, rendered impervious, cruoejl <Jajo 
ca> ojvlaj^o (Biosjylgy kR. the way which B. 
went is still open, I may kill thee as well as 
him. ea^ (ro^sj^oojoo Nid. ©jy (roosae 
cmroTlorx) 0O:fi3oa1 anr^csiil orxns a med. ooj^ 
©Aoar^ ©jjiojl leros^dajoain stunned (=010 
sa««)). el^«6rec>o<fle ajiioilflioas^Bhr. ® 
ro^cnlib eiM>s^ro) e}s>ad9ao a med. (roajoaao 
oH 0^«»o (owmlrt* (TOmS:^ «a»o<y^ CO. being 
shut up with him in the room. 0u> efSl§«s 
:^ ©ihosng curtsmo and ©^ss^aPr^ae be very 
dark, be in the dark; ero^ss^l^cn ojajoj 
ipl YCh. 

(Sr^6)S^ QJDOCSI A vessel into which 
water is strained from the boiled rice. 

<S»?)S^CX51 (®0OQ«,) Lid of a pot serving 
as strainer (also (TOSaj, (tosqjoao a.tuo). 

CSC^Sf^, (SrOSjy Y.N. 1. ObstrucUon, 
•^^^ gravel, o^ca/Saj J*0"«enes8. 

(Sr06)Sg^ — (erDSOJ] 


(Srosym — (Srosl 

2. wliateTer stopa, ooTert, oloseB a hole, ojloj^ 
oveoQv {Doo od)aM)a)33ni (mosgujoovg^ KB., lid 
or ooTer of a pot, jar. 8. sffios^o 2 and 8. 

(6tZ)6)Sa^dB6) O.Y. Oauie to look or shat; 

Qjlo»Jo ® f61§SgLj^:j^ CO. a-l«mo (^§^^S^ 

«Bdi3O0dBail TR. (from aiM)S<0n 2.) 

(®rosrw<fi>5 (Tfd vu, mr©. a4ftni'2fa (C. to pounce, 

T. to grow thick Te. to shine—- V^fftOf) To 
burst, oraok, slit off, fly open — atosoomooB 
6><o>ocnj Bhr. ooscm 9ajQrooo5 Bhr. a tree. 
9^wA (mDScre «Qjo(sv1* Amoovo oioscnD qjWio 
f^om a wall, ojgy otoscro, ojo^coiailAnbo oi 
ott onosoiDy etc. 
(Siosib l.=i8ios(9b war. 2. a splinter, as of wood, 

bone, stone, 
snos^ V. N. splitting, a oraok. a. y. (Bid5<ds^, 

(IQ2 (old) (eiDsa^s>a)05n9 aojoomonb av\^ 

Qunb ^r^scoBcX) Bhr. tore off; {9idS(0in.aA 

QjoBcX), 0<o<QBcX) RO 9. Aornlab s><d>o^^s) 

flRiSfi>(Oioi^<S2 AB 6. 
0ios<iS2^ Yu. onsasB^ to split((STj^oo 5>^ocnj 

a>ad), tearoff. (^(Siaam^soio!^ HO. opened 

an oyster. 

(6irZ)5^ a4Bl T. M. (0. Te. terror) from «to§. 

1. Olosingwith combat, fight. <Bi5aej9SS(Qb atroa 

Qo eoB (fi)S9&)0§ cro09or)09a£^ Bhr. like a sea 

battling with a sea. otosfob o^eioejSauo® BO. 

€»S(dk(Oi9iO BO. (Sios^fto Bhr. battle-field; 

(nosorifijcgjl Qjlfino BO. 2. emnlation (= 

(noQBbo) aiO(»locn9SS(9b e)ajon8(0)§»jaib grief 

comparable to. 8. incessant (of rain) 

flODo Bhr. 
fliosejoA enemies. (PDS&JO^aio&iobi AiosajorD 

ag_)3(dna(BR»W a§c6aQjnb BO. 
I. cerOSOj) a4aYi 8. Forest, jangle (0. Te. m> 
ciDQj T. 4Bios<b dose from mos) ascnajosal^a 
Qj KB. thou consumer of the Asuras. 
i8iDSQjia»:fiir^ (or — a>8^o^o) a Corcuma, 

n. cerOSQJl (= oBsaj 4. see (mosc9a))dexterity , 


M. interj. Oalling persons of lower rank 

oQSO etO. QJ(^<d>aS9 OO-ssoQ^SO. 

(Srosonrusl a4aiiLba4i ((mosaiooajsl) € 
Buooessively B. 

cerosl a4i T. M. 0. Ta. (Te. ffiocu^) ^ 
What comes in contact. 1. botton 
beginning. erDosaslfiXibo. eaios^i^ oios) i 
<caW>o6o 00^(08 oaj:fi)$S ii^^') P^^ ^ 
OKMOB ^s^c(i(8nl6>abo 8iosW (jud.) 1 
heap of nuts, ^finio flios) (Si^^ fiol 
well dried for sowing. oiDS^SfD Adta 
all from the commencement. (8ios 
CTxmgy prov. 2. sole of foot, footstep, i 

of a foot. (BIDSl ajolflW^, 0O>6«I^ s 

ankle. iBWsl •cnodaaloos^Bdi follow foots 
s^i^sl9a2;9S^scanrbb 0iQS^5)a)O9i^ Hu 
beaten from head to foot, ^nm^l 0gg c 
lacTiD (S&jo^o iaam^CB;s)CBn(Biofl.(m AB S.T 

(gQ&J9(d>0 lgonDS)aU9<SsnGBIfi.<T1D 00. 001 

the three worlds with 8 steps, igcrndo a 
8rd time or turn. 8. foot, metre in q 
4. foot as object of adoration (see Qjiiajsl 
aaajsl,) «aLi6mD§s>a»cX) the king of "" 
Trav. (jnos^QanfAojIfinoajfinxaB^ AB5. a 
Q_jfirn^c(^<d), Qj«rr><a§<fl), s»jiKTn (Biosl 
Mud. 5. blow, stroke. oJoajQ n^mcd 

^Q. fllO^ flTO^l:^ TB. Q®«Km (BID^ 

<iS^si(S^Siwsf\ came to blows, (mosioa^! 
beaten. 6. sweeping the house (OiO' 
£\qs^o KU. 
Cpds. (Bios1<d>&30orbb(5) assault, (mooDSKn 
oi assaulted him MB. 

(Bio^^ftlsoaj (1) first child VI. 
(BK)sldft»^ (2) at each step, repeatedly 
a)ipl(Sa retaliate, blow for blow. 

(TOS^^rodBa (1) ballast VI. 
(BiDS^j^QLiA (8) sweepings of a house. 
aiDs)(SRO(ol (4) a class of Brahmaas, pr 
of the holy fire. 



(SrOSldOst— .(6rdsl(2 

oo^cnacAo oxro PP. (1) lost hit gtanding 

giovnd s flD^cvoQj. 
ao^)Q.iA«B«» (8) to walk (hon. of Cftymals) Y 1 . 

■DS^gjsaj the bottom itap, foandation. 

ODS^ocBtA a certain game Yl. 

■B^tg^s^ (6) qnarrel. 

ms^OQj^A (1) to come down, fall. (=:(8IDS> 
0^). Qjojof^slog^ PT. 2. ^^Aai/oail 
oo^Skus m^tancnch BG. roared louder 
than thonder. 

aDs)^3^9«rr>o (1) prior deed (f . i. orSl^onail 

fiObo AD. TR.)=d^)&P(a^d06)mo. 

fles^S9<Do a>QBOQa> (1) take ballast. 
OD^eakb (4) hon. foot (mosl^ajrolsm BC. alio 

sb^I^^kX) Q^f>ajnb (2) from head to foot (po.) 
■0^9^ nnder-oloth. 

MsksooKDo (2) 1 . a fixed interval of time, term, 
feast, stated oeremonies. (gio. a)&pi(0fi, cns 
fl|^d> TB. celebrate a marriage, feast (opp. 
9saaa>>. fiio^carag)ro3al«>cX> Stsfidsm MB. 
(r>59aa9r^o (BID. dasogo cngyoufimo cnsmo 
TB. coronation etc. (Bios^CB/aniKDo ^if\sai^o<dii 
TB. after the feast. (siosiQEVcnDrDo $)jkj&jcg 
(o^^ «n0o) extra expenses TB. 2. exi- 
gency, argent, indispensable; fiQAajga) 

ens outacns MB. undisputed, regularly. ((/) 
od^g^j^dob (BiosicB^ooxosoSgnno TB. neoes- 
sary. isos\ca>cxw^^v£\ a0)f(dn <o>g^:^ TB. 
flDskso (4) present giren at an audience, fee 
on purchase of pririleges. srMAob ^o^^cn 
OD^voai^o s>d)>o^as9 KB. 

sW^ (1) checkmate (=aS1gjonb4l>§B^CBi) 
gj). «o^V»Q<fl» give checkmate Y2. 

skaooo (1) to the bottom, thoroughly, jS^o 
flft. €kua^^ AAflo^ MB. 

1^1^* (1) io oomaMBce. 

oio^CBl^ai (4) leaf in which the king eats. 
flno^lcq^Ogj firm basis (of undertakings). 
(BtoslojOfDo (1) foot of hill. 
(SiDb'siaLiiflai (2) walk slowly, 
oios^cruoocno, (Sid&lanciocno Yl. foundation. 

iSrdSldBG^ a4ikka T. Te. M. (tsm^ 5) l. To beat, 
strike. ^rofoba^oWf Q0Aom (Dsni ords):^ 
TB. (Bio^sltfls), Q-j«m0s)dOa» coin, dkooo^ias 
to blow. (B!ds (BTDs^can kill, ^nrn flRds^^^Sojo 
<£\ 8 o^clock struck. QaJi»a»s)A»9g qugb^ooI 
nm^d9arQ9(2 only no fine! crooroLD^ Amcsao (i£\(S\ 
^s'^ AB 6. drove. — as t. n. or9)ei(Oi9nsBc>(9b 
(Bios^^ Qj^^ojb KB. throw yourself on the 
ground. 2. M. Tu. to sweep the ground 
((BIO^ 6). 
Y.N. (TOsljafflb 1. beating. 2. ((WOS^QS«<fi») 

a trap. 
(Sioslgj 1. printing, stamping, coining. 2. what 

is beaten, as metal, not cast. 

O.Y. cnosi^ias f. i. ousmo have coined. 
fD«r9s)g^ttno)o two kinds of coins. 

a4id6aia The cotton of coooanut leaves, eoej 
Q^s ajo«>oaLiofin» (snnBgujoro, oa>o^os , etc. 
used for straining (and perhaps sweeping (810 
S^dSn 2), and torches. 

(©fDska adima t. m. {tm^ i) i. suvery, 

(BTOslacBHaJb (8ioa)S)a_j§a> captivity Yl. 010^0 

Qjlsnio^oc^ redeem Yl. (B19. A^f^Q^jfiH^cm 

Bhr. to emancipate. 2. feudal dependency 

of a Nayer upon his patron. 8. slave, (ga|a£i 

.ftft>^T|poQiftQ:ij(^«aft^a j^asmoaofb KB. am 

sl0CB/9Q\d9a aosQjo ^fimda CG. we your 

(bought) bondsmen, also 0iDs)0 o^esQ BC. 

in order to serve. (Sio. ajl^din TB. rob slaves 

(riotous Maplas) (Siss^oeas Aqj^ prov. 

Opds. mo^esanao l . grant of land to an inferior 

with reversion to the grantor on fsilure of 

heirs to the grantee (Tell.) 2. also 

mortgage of land by a superior to a person 

of low caste W. 

(©rzjs^.co;— csri^skiy 



iBiO5^0g-)6ml6)ji)^ Bhr. 2. serre as Blades. 
aio^0GB;OQLjcn immonity granted to slayes by 
their masters B. 

(6t2)s|cQ;orl) fc (erz)sl(SCQ;CYb a4i7aiL im>s\ i) 

I your serrant, in obi. cases diiD^oiMxmo) TP. 
pi. otos^GB^caaJD, 0)osla2;oA, <Bid5lcB;ana)C08ck> 
i9T^o$)a MB. six of OS. In po. similarly «m 

0ios^cBH> l=(no^GB;nb f.i. o^og^jojonb 9Qcm 
s^<a}(fm\cn»d^ (moouofi^o GenoT. I oannot. 
2.s0tD^a>c)o (4) Vo. Aaoo^c0«(mo) TP. 
oh my yoong Lord! (Too.) 

0io^cB>on6 m.; — cb;3cX), — a2;3aAZ^ B. — ca;o§) 
y. f. sla^e, servant (pi. (BTOs)ca;o<b and (bids) 
Qj(b). (Bio^a2;oab a)S^a-).x>Tl<d)5)fi.cs^o <d)S(ora!^ 
TR. removed all the inhabitants. (BtooojOcB) 
c8AorD5)abo (Bios^a2;onb qdio auodOfioi MB. 
his dependant. 

(9TOslcB>0(b also 1. a low casters wife. 2. low castes 
(opp. A^cvofb oaltivators). 8. (from (Sios) 
4.) landholders. (Bio^GB;onao4> a class of 
lower Brahmans, servants of Bhagavati. 

ososlotvoibajcmo an old tax, paid to Jenmis. 
(010. (DXDO.'orai (inks;5)(0 fO)§a&c^o (oxsstciyo TB. 

(Bios^QcD;os)03ft a class of Nayers, esp. in the 
Cadattuvanada <d)SaiSSajcn3§s'ac(i;os), em 
^QcBios^ (gano^aa aos (OKmroocnocGn po. 
((TOS' 4.) 

(Sc^s)ffii<B>y eostn^ a4iyii^ ((bo^ i) i. Fan 

to the ground, as rotten fhiit. e»9ib &ASs\aM^ 
9Qjocdn spoiled by rain. oiorDtdfiA a)04aicDioiab 
ai9sSi€maS\ifi tme^^ ollsm^ firDcmoib 
BC 25. fell at Ramans feet. qjW>s^6>ii^ c^ai 
a>cX) B8. 2. drift on shore, ^QjfA ons^fln^ 

Bhr. borne by the waves. ^Vib, aicsa, etc. aiom 
5^009 came in shoals. aisaHfob gsodsob cnosl 
0^0 (Al(D03ai R8. beat. 8. a»€nb (8ID. the eye 
suffers from excessive secretion. d»>jms^Q;y 
(TTvoi^mo cncw a med. cnlrobla^^ang^ ^oiA 
«idsicqjom(2o mod. 

C6t2)§d8>, ^ a4u'ya T. 0. To. obs. 
0. Te. Ta.) 1. Come into contact, coi 
close upon ((Oiosrob etc.) 2. to cook ((a 

(B1O^09O1 = (Q1OS0O61 q. V. 

(eT0§(i3n, qSi T. M. 1. to come nigh, ai 
close, with Ace. oqfiicm (STD^OSS, ] 
QjSroos (SO. Dat. cg^ o^ro^dao^o; 

(5^s (Bio§as2 ^%^ ^K* ^Q(0(S^6 
^Qx-mzfto&o Nid. ((Bio^ajQS treated as at 
Noun) QjooBdSVtn (Bio^ctSSB ^^^^^ 
KR. in battle, cb/9^ (BIO^os^ Mud. 1 

of departure. (BioCQj^eig^fm^aD^ajQg 
Mud. on)n6(0)6Lj Qo-iooKmlnrD^cqi^ 
dang^red. 2. to beseem, become, 
portionate to. (Sio^tdso cij|CDo in b 
manner BC. S)ajg2aj^gB(deo 
(ST^^oroo EU. ordinances for Nayer 
(8iDom%c3«o (oiocnao)(T>ajs)^cxyo ^ 
with the consent of the apparent 
(also (sionm^mrD) — MB.) (Bio^dBeoc^fQ 
perquisites. (8io§d9QQj@ rights reta 
the original proprietor from the pui 
Qg)§'ni9ifd!^nm^.'0iO) ^ojl pay accordin] 
work done. Qji)9Q6)ajaOQ,£^3sn3orob 
on (sa^'OKWj! QQ^<Q^cm tsr^ib TP. 
to serve me at meals. aroar3t:^<6o 
(S S)(d)9§c0ttaa8(»o TP. better take 

Neg. (Bmsoottpi impassable road Yl. 
(0ioS3(Oi0)(g (a^c^^israiltds do what is 

Inf. (B)iD^a«at», (sio^tiOsd) 1. near.onlaBQ 
ojae.'oio»laa>a)b tm^Si^ s>aj;^ Bhg. 
^fiMob TP. (D9CM)a(>o (8io^6>a» cn\ 
2. soon, (Oio§Qdn qj^, TB. come s< 

4no^9<a8> treated as noun. (StQ^ ^cho 1 
dteocoH Qjoacno MB. 

Adj. part. (mo^coRn 1. near, next. 
cnocX), (Bio^{DiO)3c)o TB. next day. 
ojlsioo ODScbday after tomorrow. (B 
cnis>abo srD(OKr)§990B>9 KB. the ne 
2. becoming, flA^(OR» Oo^OAai as con 
AD^fllB^ monthly support. 

(9rd§<ad— (srocssoai 


(6r2)§ — c6r06no6S^ 

i»§^=«09a<Qn (with Qen. m under oio^ 
^•)ffo$^B /la eloioruo OcoiaD daily for 12 
days; a med. 

n^flBKLiob, — SdiBionb l . Relation, (n^irnisoi 
Sysdb fl)0^aiaiBi»n8o flvgnso CG. eyen the 
next relations cannot help. 2. waeher- 
■ao, barber of each caste, as neceesary 
for many ceremonies. 

(S^O^dBfi A row, pile, layer. d(D§(de 6>ai 

fiiOBcb Kid. hence 

i- T. «D§a8i9», daf) T. M. 0. Te. to pack np, 
pile ap, stow np. Qjloa>^(dfi^ fi>aj<sa etc. 
CY. «D§daB^cda. 

(S^^gLj 1. (rng^^) Hearth, fireplace, oo 
§|jA^ — AB^gj-oron^A Qja®s>iOio» 2. close- 
ly woTan cloth (also (noslgj). 8. nearness, 
mmeetion, proportion. <ro^^§^3ana» ojlaio-i 
(M» offer too low a price. 

T. X. flO^g^ oro0QBM6R»)oabo tm. neameas, 
ficirtaasc(2|o aioaj(QS>SQ^o on. relation- 

C. Y. flD^^dOa bring near, a^^n^ uronaooro 
ao§>^9o m'^ Ka1> ordered to come. 6>6)a» 
<^'^^9a:J^^ Si P. drew her closer. ^^ 8 

gj TR. 0»$g^i|2) 00^)0 g{a> sommiog up 
the whole, ^ons a^ajcroo tsai*j^ for 8 days. 

(Sir^das^ T. M. ((Bi09^)Kitchen, cookroom. 
MMBsoa^'raVibof aaejo^iob TP. , . 

•D^aiAaeyDcnoain FT. BhTmasena became 
flo>^aia<fla(^^iVab sparrow (perh. (BiD§<dnflo=s 

flDsanfto, So Yi.) 
flD^dBaaociig^ cooking, (sn. «>Qj<08(m Oicno 

mWn AflAKmcnanando^ ^(dso KB 5. 
■ngjia (d^^^flS£^ Oio^cSea Sfid^cio 1. men- 

Btraation. 2. forbidden intercourse of 

^fi^isoB^j (fiy^KSsaeje •4^*-l>^==«»5 

«>0>) auTil. flossda) (^^ai. 
QcOKDQSdejo honey-comb. 

C®r©§ aftft T. M. C. Tu. (V^(8»§, (TOsng to stick 
to) Leech. (Bi05)§<d8 6)ojo§d8«fio proT. 4BK>§ ojI 
s^dSA, (00. fi><o>9^tm1 a med. ^'f^naoft oecni 
c^/ob 0jiicnos>gBO^s<frc)o CG. (in hell). It is 
considered as blind. (B1D5)§(08 MS $>a»9§a)iBi3(9b 
(proT). (Bio§g^^c0ttO vault of leeches and 
worms (curse). 

CS^Q^ attam 5. (see mos) l. What is across, 
transverse. — thwarting Yi. (bio§^qjo cross 
face Yi . (obs.) — 2. roof (also 8.) used as store- 
room, lumber, (B10§o skLjo^ooodfob (8iDd>cS2 
prov. — (Bio§(dt)fSl soot. 8. scaffold on i poles, 
fliag^o ojlsldon to salute by folding and 
opening the hands across the chest (y^oflo 

(0io§a03croo 8. ((Bio§ exoessive) violent laugh- 
ter, derision, defiance. 4i!W>a.mD qj9^o <^^ 
onatsaooauaijo Ajui^ Bhg. qs)<0> fi)6iaro)^§ 

<o>o UB. ^jjoolrsb eadjooaoiaogaooaoo & 
%DaofSi^ SLR. (metaph. of Ganga.) 

Y. deU' (BiDSoOoroldQa), q-j3(Do m'^e^ ER. and 
cruocc{jO9d>30^aic)o (Bio'ctyo Bhr. 

(8iD§9ajo S. (= (Bio§o 2.) upstair room, turret 
6)cn)0(xxro3aiD§o&jQco9ajroo SiPs. 

(BiDSoaj^S quay of river or seashore for bath- 
ing purposes (at Dwaraka). 

<SVZ)§1 atti (C.Te. T.Tu.BtoppagA)T.H.Apilo, 

lump (=8105) in 1. (81D. Sidh^^, (810i^(dfi£^ 

dh pile np, ram, pack close =(Si09anl6)aj<dA. 
2. iBio§lo^Q complete purchase of a freehold, 
called (BiOiP^cs; (Oiog^Q^Soodai or — danrosmo 
title-deeds of freehold property. oio^Og^ft 
a^ib TR. (mogiog-jib rnl(i&e(d)033r) aG)^f^t^ 
6>(d>otfnB9ab HR. doc. a-iOcn?onbo (8io£)(da 
rDfimo, Qjocnj (STd^<Sg_|09C(i!l orflA^ aiooB) TR. 

(S<r^6noe8^d8> a^aniiuifa (C Te. Tu. stoop) 
TM. To shake =s(8idoo«09a> Y. K. (VYOsmDao a 
jerk Yi. 


(Sf^GCO — C6l^l>6fY>ajb 


<»t»no — (6»©erf5Vsy 

CSr^eno a^a C.T.H.(V^(iiosnD«=(9i5^) 1. Sup- 
port, pillow, (majQB^om. 8. branch of fig tree 

CBiU>5g2 acJiio KB. also ohaanel (?) OJuego 
QjrQ»qQQJoa(>(BiD«m Aa>^^S6mo KB. 4. yoke, 
pair (acs«m) oiDsnDgJsaj, «R>«nDaj(rT)^o nn- 
out doable cloth, as of Brahmaos. 5, Obsm 
GBHoajg^jg^J (see aiMTTvob and (sosx^m^aa 2.) 
(S^e^nocS^cd) C. T. M. To approach, arrive. 
With Aco. (SdhoaDocs; tst^stnenj^ oa>3(d>Qjo 
KB. (BioajAcn ^jikmsmsm^ CG. aJi^oBQecnl 
(OiOfinDooi^or^^o aioc^jdOoot^nb TP. the miniB- 
ter close by the king. With Soc. otoojSrDos 
fimcBO Hud. With Loo. (B^rDftrsT^nb iBiosrr) 
ooocnosoz^ KU. the 5 border countries Pandi, 
Congu, Wayanadu, Ta)u, Punnadu. &os\ cstQ 
stnsn^ oj^s^^ CG. in war. d))g-pb (Siosmsioi^ 
near the shore; also temporal by Ski^aBcnocb 

QjaTMmflni^ KU. arolg^onb en. onocb (Siofim 
aa^vA a med. 

Inf. (Bi06rrxB;s>^mo BC. (8iocmcQ;c(S2 near. 

V, N. (BiowTXij arriral, closeness, love(=«-ai 
il) oiotimanrob ^crol^onb BO 8. 

a. V. (mSMTidSa T.C.M. 1 . to bring into contact^ 

asp. embrace, hng. j^osmcnaoi\cm (^oiOcoiO) 

(nosMTT)^ CG. ojocnji^KT) A^asa^A Aio€>crn 

pj Bhr. fl2^i^ oQnba>aj)cXxoiD)S.'SK^ai (8!0 

AsmcBS ^^ 3^- ooo^o 03Q2f)(gb siOAfim^, 

ei^osismji^ SMno^a* in roTerenciog; Q^sogjo^ 

6)02^ (BiOA^m^ $>a)99ng. oajsno^aj qjoQcd/O 

SQfinr)^ CG. put the flute to the lips. Ao)9(0s) 

6>6m:^ 5Ku^s>aj^onb ajo«Q_|§ TB. leyelled 

the gun. a>5>(X>(ds6m^caBt anchor. ji^axA (SiD 

s>6n)d9A TP. give a beating. 2. whet, grind ; 

QjocXiteio^sn')^. — (ndA«rrM9a(Tn<d)g>j ,ajaiid> 

whetting stone, board SKurD^cas aR>5)6rr>d9n 

(see 6>0n») to take the cifet Vi. 8. So. to 
pant Yi. 

y. N. <BW>«T)jyajb, (BiosjemaJ sharpening, pant- 
ing Vi. 
C&berryaii a^al O.H.T. (also palate, tee «iog^) 

Jaw, hinder part of moutli. eaotcnafiO ojgp^inbo 

fliMmejVob (BiD^<qS9«3o a med. 

ilio«m i<A) g_}gy grinder, double tooth (op] 

fini^ Arb. also (SiDsmcxii^^aig^ Y9» < 

(from rage, whilst smiling with the 
(BiD^meji viper, and (8iDsmajl(ak<uP0Qij Y 

(S^eno, (®fD6tnr)D a^a H. ^^ Bupee. 

(tSiriDeno^ a^i T. M. C. (>/lro5na) 1. Bow, 
soldiers; (STOcirT^ aj<fti0n to set in array, i 
co)^ stand in files. 2. decoration, 
wtosm\^s\ ^9<a\ ojlsl^® KB. abo^ 
diadem. Qurst^ml.^axivsck) Bhr. the I 
adorned with pearls, <8iosrn^Q0agaj»'Oioi£ 

6YT?l0OQ2pSo BC. (81D«m^0aJlbd9«tPejl09< 

fine women. (mo«rn)e)sp)a>do Bhr. paintet 
oiosrn^i^ooo Hals, conrt decorated 
feast. (Bnsrnl(pijroxaec)D qscob^ CC. the 
dance of serpent. (Siosrniavo, (Siosm^cD 
dressing-room of players. iBR>6iT)icB;ejo 6id 
amojfoocv) prov. (SiosrnlcBtajQdinos a 
to hold the dresses of idols, etc. (Biosrnk. 
jii6i^£i (gjfip^o 6>^99r^) CC. a gran< 
«nMrn)Qj)(M* ring-finger (also little 
Uttle toe). 

CSfOerri^ddy T. M. To wear (j 
arms), decorate oneself fiS^sm^oais^a 
Qj.aSoBC. Qaicsf^snrKoilejOTSlaMhVB i^8| 
SKxj9(Tr>tfTn)aDi{»9or>a>c)o Hud. ^^ro^A 
QftiBiOtfrnlaDOdejoKBs. 9Aud.'a(£^<dii (sua 
ajfla:\«Qc)o KB. 03ai09o)aib oio. Mud. ®ta 
Aym\dii (BIO. CG. S iii9(^ oQ^.inatsmlsni^ o( 
ants. 6)Q-i9sW)d>05n36rn^aai9Bhrii. mo 
women, (BioqjcX) 6>qlj9S^ aiDsm^sn^ a>: 
ICals. (8100X0 Asmpcjasm^aoocoOTiDoKI 

y. N. (BIOtfnSlcBirsb f.i. (BT^S3iil9<^9(df)tf1 

(a_)U}9or)o (prov.) 
0tO6rn)Qj) saoolaRsm^QjdQBbi cnl^o CG 
C. y. (BTOsrolaincaii to dress, adorn, (sr^i 

dress out an elephant for processioni 

esnSl^ASo «». Mad« 

(6r2>6«nrSVa — (0ri)0mjOb 


(CrOgno — CSTDgnooofb 

(&99nok2 ft^ima 8. Powsr of redadng the body 
to Ml tttom (fliosno). 

<SifZ)enr51csUo ai^yam T. M. (T. c. mMn\ first) 

Skip^a heftd, prow. (opp. an^nto.) 

(PCenrftai^onb a^iyill 8. ((TO5TO) More minute, 
ffi05roaj^»>rikir)ianfirnbidn6 soioob ABe. 

^^f^b a^n 8. 1. Atom, aeoording to CS. 

1 • dast; ^zi^Kh (9i05nO(98)fi.o<d> 

6^99^ a>6n^^S9 Nld. fBia5r©(^0o«nDo m small 
sf possible. 2. a rery small fraction (21 tst^sm= 
1 ^zT) C8.); S.arioe-graiB. 4. the rib of 
spUntAin leaf, aj3iPCB;6no C^6\<Bst catting a 
plantain atring without hurting the nape on 
vhieh it is laid. 5. small white fly. 

®C6ne a^a DntT. V^=«w§ (hence awwn etc.) 

^»Ceni&<flwB>, <jeb| a^nyaya T. a M. To approach, 

IOinO«ris)fi>39rie9^ pgy. 

0O6nMI«g a^nnill a amall flea (T. mbemA 
touch), see oiosno 5. 

^'^^9^ ^94* (=aiosf) 1. A small lump, eroeni 
a^qI a bag of musk. 2. excrements of 
tlephaot Vi. (=aji3nil). 8. testicle (obsc.) 

men^o a]94aiii u^mmvm Vi. 2. Tdbh. m 

ffrxo world, «»9«o goaATfusl BO. 
^9n%^ a94Ar T. H. (from preceding or eov^ 
d> T. C. To. Te. to resort, or W>gD aboTe) The 
Gods. m»snsh9Aoci) Hals. fliO5nB<bor)0CB;a>nb 
Bhr. Indra. flidff'eciPO^d^ ai^g^sio^o Onap. 
diriiM bow? 

mer%\ %]^ (C. root, origin) Kernel, stone of 
igo etc., nut; scrotum. 
iBk»9§o play with dice Ys. 
♦TCenroOo a^fam 8. (see srosng) i. Egg. 

2. s oi^o^iasmDo world, «iMmDA59QO<OBc)o CG. 

the shells of the mundane egg, 8. testicle, 

A<D«W*o «»5mi)ol*Ti. fflwsmuo <fl?VSWfi 

•9§a» HC. to geld. ffRMmu'sr^ nb o^ AAtasni 

a jr^dSanriD CO. 

a»9ni;4«i9ceo aerobim. 

ciMTiL'Sio oriparouB. 

moTraxmai^ Cjmbidinm oratnm Bh. 

flDsmixuatmo swelling of testiele Yi. 

(0(7)gnQ aijil^a T. C. Upwards, abore; henoe 

perhaps oiog^cB/oa^ onsnT»oit) BC 86. <BiDgD 

tan<a£\ arD<d>aiior)n6 oeo^gyoo BCsi. (pros- 
trated so as to look upwards?) 

(©rdgnoOft T. M. Tu. C. 1 . Elder brother, (era 
sia32;9ao orym^ ono||[];j(TO)cnj1 pror. 2. Boyal 
predecessor, ancestor; (0>)s)g_]§ ojejlcsf (BM>. 

Q^cQcW (810. QidiO^COTO))^ (BID. TB. (ftbgO 

naoft a)oajo qcosIcd; 6)o-jonib TP. €h\if\(A cnofm 


oaoA cnsom cruDoooaai^Q «a-J05)aj ciddo ens 
nrn^g^ og)9bl(ob TB. 

^^^fnS**' (BragfgocfiaPalate, (ow. cy^oI aajDcnH 
mouth parched. (Siosmoafnoaj Qonoaib (8iD9oeaano 
OojocB/oejo proT. oeaigsocds and (S^lsroDOcSa 
Vi. The uvula is (OWgfDO<affns)nbo (8T^6nS1 (or 
6)uiiQ(r)oaj) (5W)|majoca^m isiOg^o pror. 

(©^Ognnfob a^^al aT. aM. J. High, God, 
esp. Arhat. (SfOJjf]:^ 9cnsi(t>\po a_j9Qj^ BC 28. 
(810. (mcn!^GR€i2i(sl 26. 0(unaRa]03S)5«aBi6rn^cc{{o 
(810. 53. (glory?) )s. squirrel. 

(S^gj^O 9klfifi Looking upwards, (BidgDO oQcm 
oajfigo <ft5^:^ (in the native way of drinking). 
(Siogj^o oCDomOfd) to gape, also (8iofflQ9rno 9cno 
d9a^, ais)(0a and (8i0fiDD0d9no Smodds. In po. 
gen. (sidflmooidrolono S)d)3sng3-d>oooo Qcnatdnls 
CO. in prayer and expectation, (BiogsooiD cn\cno 
jaJSaorDo (to drink the moon^s rays), 9(0)oaSQ^ 
5)i^05nBfim3aiD Qjoci^o ajls.cnD CO. 

(fii^€|^DS| a99a4i NoM. (comp. (Sidgf^o, (bio 
gi^) Cheek-bone cnlonbo (Bio. (Oi^ qjo)^ 

<f>'fi.C^o TU. also (aiMCD3Sls>CS^gU = ^3^S>QB)g4. 

P (8)osro9s) (0)36rB3nb <^aiJos) aojsns proy. 
^^ol), (S^&nr5)ijb a^^aii, a^^^ykkotfah 

Sciurus palmarum TC. squirrel. (BiOgDOtfidBao 
gob (OKmoajooaiflSo proT. AB. (BioasotSnfii^cid 
OS eoocroo c^c^o OP. 
(Bto^o^OLjaiP, fiidgmoanjmo&ajosp a tree and 

fruit, called moakey plantains Yi. 
SGJOMmoab, 0.DCB;ffiDO5>anosnb jungle squirrel, 

considered as ohief planter of oardamoflsi 

(oiftib) 8ciurus mazimns. 


csrognr^oojl— c®r5ro5te<e>D 20 

(SrorrfJ)^ — <®wy5)(a^ 

(Srtlgngoojl aipjavi T. a M. ((rogjjab) Tator, 
teacher, head of a company of actors; roKmo 
(SGjfoiBtonb S)<d)g3aib bid. oq^ QjoJcuo proT, 

^^^fnr^ aw (see ano6Tmb) Inside of the cheek, 
joint of jaws; flnog^cai^fob (BR>i9<d8a) to masti- 
cate as toothless persons. 

(Sirt)rO)g ateh S. Hence (po.) 

<S(l>(l5)<S^GTi aSaifuSa (T. oio^tna) hurry )=6aj 

@>Ugj3S. (8iO(0>ai(inQB;odn 0Qj9cun It has been 

OTer harried. 

(Sf^as)<B6i>Si a5akkaifa t.m. c.{=(sm^iQst)To 

cram down, turn betel in the mouth Vi. 

(BiO(md93Qcnod98<d) to lie in wait (P. atacar, E. 
(S^bOS)^ a5a6u T. H. ((BIO®) Each, leTeral; leio 
ffn@ A<d>3gyo TR. 

(Sv^rTS^cfiisilrnV) a5aiki5am 8. Undoubted Vi. 
(!S(^(15\B^ a5alam 8. Bottomless, a hell Bhg. 
CSlfZ)rrn^ a6a)i T. Noise, tumult Vi. 
(S^(15)0 a6a (<inos) See that, behold there; (BTO 
Qunb Qjcm (smmo (po.) mym^^-^^ttatn^, 

(Sf^(l5)0OJ {IL. ata^b:; exertion, fatig^ue, 
disappointment (ST^oaoajt^aoB^onb (8io<0)3C\) Sio-i 
sQq_i3o proT. 

I. (S^roTl a5i Tdbh. l. (flOcnSl) Sword, (siQ(m\ 

QS^o dSnb^QJCS^o (BIOODJO BC ISO. 2.=:0tDCUl 

(f.i. (SiMJnaiorDo etc.) 

II. (®^roTl S. (V^«TO) Beyond, too much, 
Tery. ooDdOj (STDoJnaz/oQpjnao, (8Rm»^cs/oq^j6ii9>i 
dksidan Nid. (BiO(tfncQ;ocEin6)§o(a9 (cnodouo TR. 
QLjrD)(aoa-io (OiaoinoQ/oa^re o^cnidds KR. &^(£\ 
(SJOQS^Si^^asi (jucr>3CO0o Bhr5. (8iO(d)lQcB;o(^o 
aoQroo cro^zzoBch (sroadc^as) KR. <BTD<nncD; 

g^osKO) Qjeiflm^ (mlrf)^ CrArj. pressed be- 
yond endurance. 

(Sr^)rG^d8)ra)6tnoo aSiyara^ain 8. Most kindly, 

AR. (810. Q_)oc({^o Mud. so as to excite pity. 

(S^roTlcdsOca'ab aSiyajaii s. oiant, a n pr. rc. 
(SYZ)rs7|c6)D^ a6i^faram=«i&cju)<&>orDo tr. 
(S^ro7)d63(23tDab adiyamaraii 8. Very young, 

((V10' (SiD^ ecn. Bhr.) 

(Qy7)ar))6)d9>3§Q^ a5i'yo4nppam«io*3ain oqjoa 

5>jkJQU Bhr. fiercely. 

(Sf^(U)\(^aio atikramam 8. Excess, 

assault; excessive punishment. «i^ 

aio(i»l^0o 0QOol TR. 

siQ(£\^£\^tt go beyond. <&>aaio (8K 
KR. let a set time pass by. ai 
Q^gyoo 810. Nal. pass through, oioc 
KR. transgress an order, so a)g 
mstdn TR. s2(a^a)orDo fBio*^ en 
niO^ were such Tiolence is in ^ 
Oftos (BTO. TR. assault. 
<®fOro51^6noQJDOt) a5i^9avaii 

ceedingly gifted. 

(Sr^)f^CSa^Oc^ a6ighoiain 8. Vei 

(0r2)r^8QaJo atijayam 8. Yery qui< 

C6i^ro^roy03o a5i5arain s. Yet m 

much (po.) 

c6i^rznlro^0Q-io a(i5abam 8. Great ^ 

CS^rcTlLOl aSithi S. (V^fBWxm wand 
(Bio'a^ea, — cjomo, — scnxij, — cro^ 
pitality. QdsSi (Sioajas) (Bio<0)liDlau^ 
KR. (Bio^mlL^ajm 9aj6rr>o YGh. 

(C^r^/^cO'Da-imctb a6if ayabaiab 

bountiful AR5. [f.i. 

<S(^ai)\S\c^ aticTiyyam 8. Most 

(S^rrfHg^ aSicTuram S. Yery far. 

(S^(7fil^rG>o aSicTnitani s. Suddeni 
(SroroTloo^^ a6malla5a s)^3S)g 

The best. 
(tS^foTlnolo a5ixiif la S. Excessive 

cs^rzs7k^c&p^(Ont)a5iniB(hiiraJi s. 


(6Yi)r^a-iDrnv> a5iba6am 8. Letting 

proper time Yi. 

CSt^KC^Q-13o-k> aSibabam 8. Deadly 6 
m>(d ^tmia^cB^ocan KR. 

((S^r^(i^dB).^rsb a5ibn'yad6al infl 

c®rcrb?l(a-j(ScxiiDCA) atipraydgam 
devices. (Bio. figgeo^nb Mud. 

c®rorrf5\a-^06no(Q--J1cQA» adipra^ap 
Dearer than life (po.) 

<Sfbaii\{aJ\ — (6V0f0)Vb 


(6'Z>ro)Vu — (6voanlrny|o 

(Sim)){aJ]aSK^ aUpzKai 8. Hort contented 

(®rzyc^)enJXTuxiJob a5ifiindIiaYaft s. Most 

deroted A&6. 

(SrZ>rS>^60LJ(tJUl aMfinddld 8. Being oTerwise, 

8. Olattony. |. . . 

<Sf^i(di\ri\«^Cl5) a&ibhira5a 8. Cowardice, Cr. 

(Srti^sTkaujrDo aSimadhnram 8. Yery sweet; 

tiooriee=fl2(D^0C4^<Do. a med. 

(5r7)ro^Va>((5)o a&imatram 8. Orer much f.i. 
mpft^-ol ILK. 

(S^^^^DnrdcQanrb a5iinanaiaiL 8. 8aperliu- 

■an f.l. ^nsxiib ootoo^acft KU. (at6(9^^o 
o»±a^Z2.9^j Bhr. performer of miracles. 

©Wn1aa<2;^ aMmanyaA 8. Host honor- 

ible, ccscn^oooo ajanHao^oOjOoOo o^nio (po.) 

®Cr35l6V6UaLijrOo aSimeithllXiam 8. Excess 
is Yenere Vid^ 

^t^^nVOLBOrb aMrathail 8. Mighty champion 

on chAiiot KB. 

[(for women). 

^'daflVooCOo afiiiagam 8. Extreme passion 

<S!tr{nVt)3(m)o aSiratram 8. Orer night, the 
Srd day of Aswamedham KB. 

^fO^VoV&idV) atiziktam 8. ExoessWe, be- 
yond (po-) — «i&ini9fDd>o excess (po.) 

€^^<»<e> a&irnYa T. a M. Fear, tremble, 
flnflD^boojoi rocket, a bomb Yi. 

(S?WnVb aiir M. Tn. (im^A O. Te. adjoin) 
Boaadary, limit (r>9S<aA)6 KU. frontier . <0>§y^<b 
laadmark. £0'3'(=moej)flnD.xnl<an<d>({Q(@a(n1ejo 
MB. doe. mMis% (i^oqg^ d^sfloB/roa® TB. a 
Qtnjnria^oajsPajMMB^CiyoflMnanrgb TB. on the 
boondary of C. and P. (^i0e^Q»l9iu mb(£\(f»4^ 
ftW erol^anm ^ObaaorDnaoft TB. cneiQSiS <mD 
9!i(SitA a.>rD)^Q^(S^ Aaj)eB9 ajraoiD TB. 
cneroaeh on the limits. 

Cpds. «m1(d%a to bound. 

ibcwidary, cn99^iP9^am tno'ttfij | 

<sa crD^oooosrab TB. along the eastem 
AOd^Axioeo MB. qnarrel abont the boundary. 
a)6neTn2b)cno anz^lrgb <bb. (erj^sn MB. 8o. 
(8in^9^)6mcdfi0g^ OKm® BC so. 

(G^r{n)QJ6rOd96k> abira^akkam Great homi- 
lity, Sojsnf)^ (8iz>'07)r9»3^ ^fi>S. KB. 

<®7>anVlJ0dab aSiyaiaii 8. Exoessiyely ad- 
dicted AB. 

(6r2>ro7|aj:.ajd8)o aMvaJa^fam 8. Mere phrases. 

(6irZ)ro9|QJ0rr\>On afiivasana 8. Fragrance; 
qnick apprehension. 

(®fZ)rd9|aj|scQ;o aSividayam (8. flnwRloHcfti) 

a med. root, Aconitam ferox? OP 75. 

c®rorc?laj|(Y^cQ;oa6iviBmayam 8. Yery won- 

derftil KB. 

c®r^)fo^aJ)fOOfl) aSiviraii 8. Mighty hero, «io. 
orf) Bhr 8. ironically. 

<CtZ)rrfr|cy cQgl aSivfBti 8. Excess of rain. 

(S^rS^CSOjaJo aMvdam 8. Unlimited ABs. 

(S(^af!)^QQ)o aSiSayam 8. l. Preeminence, un- 
common; rolnT^lrob (SiD(nl(/sQB;9(TDQDo Bhg4. 
2. marvel, wonder; ovcBrMDJo 5)<9>05nB (810. aiO 
^oob Nal. 
fStQ(£\ub(£\<aei 1. to excel Yi. 2. to wonder, 

be surprised =(8io^c/oca^g-}^(d>. 
(BiormlooocD/ODo Superlative ((O)0o) gr. 

(®rt)rzn1(J^a)0fl) aSiSSrail S. Hero, (oro. flxnldae 
(O)och SiSiQOJo KB. 

(ts^^rroga^So a5i8anga4am 8. Excessiye 

distress, oro. qjobo MB. o^^ooicfin tsn. croosojl 
ajonb SiP4. 

C®f©rinlorODmo aSisaram 8. (also very pithy) 
DiarrhoBa, dysentery, (esp- rD<9/9i9(a)lcr03roo). 

den. Y. (BiDrmicn3(D)(0a to suffer from it (=(810 
oiPcrDaroo QQ§(0a) emorD96neooo(BiD((n)crorD^^ 
^^rsb YCh. jara|p(eo aioai)lcrcr61«Qa a med. 

c6r^)ariVr\2CB(D9 aSiBondlEuram 8. Yery floe. 

CG^rd^cn^o'SCYb a5iBtambliah 8. Hardened f.i. 
(Do^Q&joso odkoeqy BrP S6. 

(8r^^(7ilfVs>D — il&iicofoxdb 

22 <srD(imj)3enol — (Srogj^o 

<Sl^n^rOV> a5lSamS. ((8iMin+S(OK>)Oone by. 
(BTO. ojoo^^ormS oChCBD = a>iplspip@ ■— 4a>oaKoi8M 

Bhg. eleTAt«d abore. [(po.) 

(Sr^)rO^OJ ativa 8. ((8i»ii))+CQj) Exoeedinglj 

CSfb^ a5u 5. ((BTO) 1. It, that (with gto «T9®o 
and oio^Qjo TR.) obi. case (Oiodtlob f. i. (ORkoHnb 
QMDo thuB. — aUDOro) just that, job ; mofioalfiKr) 
(Tn6)nmcB/0gj — (8T0<2rt» (opp. (9iogy) — eB10(8flI>0 t.= 
(810(0)3 1o I 2. as for that, — indeed ! I now re- 
member. --* (ST0(0)^<8^c(yo g)(o>^<8uLJc;^o oosdSo not 
settle down to one^s work. 2. it is also used 
as adj. (STO^<0>oejo, <0iz>^(m((i-)<^orDo, (Stixoiv^ ^ 
d9n^ai!>, and in po. as a sort of article following 
the noan; ojcoinao^M^Vob (^oojcnanodko £au4> 
Odionb 8G 8. Indra is the first among the 
great. Also mere expletive (gajoainas^oaiM 
CG. (r= Q,aiO(£\). 
(ffio@d)c)D modern plural =(Btocu. 

CSfb^<B9><Bi, dde] afiokknka T. So H. Squeeze 
(= jiy(g(6a<d>) from t. n. i8iD@sa§^ Ti. 

OSrd^fiJo a6nlam 8. Unequalled, cBio^&ignsaj 
fijob etc. 

«Svd(^^Cr!J^ a5|tti So. H.soioctfnib. 

C0rt)(g)Q-ri a5fpti 8. Being unsatisfied. 

I. (S^fOYO^o attam (Tdbh. cion^jo) Evening, oio 

(0T9)O gel ids'.. 

n. CS^^O^o(Tdbh. ooo^jjo) 1. The 13th. constella- 
tion, Coma Berenices. ts«>. u^&Q^J(0^cnD ODono 
KR. favourable for an expedition. 2. feast 
in HTnam and Chingam month, .'SiO'in^io ji)0qb;o 
a feast in Cochin, (with (SV^oo^ and S)<d)3sl8c&i 

e<9QQaj3fio ((^cbo prov. 
(&^<7S^(l)o attaram (onrDo) thus (Bio.TJiZbrDo Q_iO 

€■9 TP. 

(©'^rOYO'fb (A. Star) Essence of roses. 

c&bPSfU^aib attal (\/"(bid^, (rogyfiA for «ro.gj^rab) 
Grief, horror; ai&(OrevAe>Qj§a|^8rD306aGcX)^(O)o 
Qo Bhr. horrified them all over. eon^CDBdo 
ffioasimcfcsku^onD eojaj^oso i(£)Qo)daaQB/0(Bb AR 6. 

come to grief. iBiDfliBiaA fl^i{|^(T)4> QjWb< 
RC 86. the gods were grieved. (SOOJ^tfl 

distressed, (8io. oj)nrT?s>CB; joyfully, 00. 
crn^a>ajb <flblsQj^nb RC. 

(S^ayiro>06«^ attaqi (T. throne) Porter' 

cS^(nYTnDCQ71r5YD)DCQ7| attajittiyi stami 

000 fuse words Vi. 9. 
(S'ZiCS^OO atta^ A bamboo mat. 

c®fZ)a5Yo^oiPo attUam (V^ fl»<8b, a»9spo=(i 

Supper, (opp. ^(ontOiPo.) 0io. d)>sp)d9a, £< 
sup, (STO^o gissm^mo Q^oggoo QQcni«B 
PT4. (gaLianlids (sv^onsiosPOisonaoo ski 
Nal 4. (BTO^o Q xLidoolnnr) (SiorD^aisoBl TP. 
c£^<A (smcatOiOipo gj snj ^snrv Bhr 7. 

I. CS^WTI atti T.M. C. (Tu. {8»aJTan)and « 
ca;orob Ficus racemosa. (sroon^ ggon^ (Bioi 
Qa-irDOoib Q^nrrMninb (0)&)<b GP65. Qoj 
Ficus oppositifolia — (Biocmzft^g^o ripe f 
(BTD(mon60B, (010^608 green figs or plantai 

n. C®^fOYiy!l l. Tdbh. qDCT^ f.i. (BWconfW 
Elephant pepper. 2. Tdbh. (Biocrooi i 
ondn^oajo a med. (Siocoici'^rDo s)(d)^<d) 
a gibbet to preserve the ashes of the < 

CSf^XS^ attu sg^fssoa Mimosa Inga m 
bathing, isro.'mA^^o (£h)gm(OR&iai (8io<zs^0 
a^Qjonb «Q_jD3n TP. (TO. «(0>dy ^sa>a« 

(gypgygrgVo albliu5am s. (=«mil(g(m( 

Wonderful, Qjfi.5)a) (istb'^y£\^&^<^ MR 
strange. 2. wonder, admiration; ma 

ct^g^i KeiN. 

c®rcrn)jn7r.o afiyandam s. ((bto((j>1) Beyoi 

end, excessively, continually, (8io. § 1 6i?: 
(BT0<uw(TD)3(S0Qjo Complete nonexistence 

(Sd^SSUo atyayam 8. Going beyond, ^ 

(S^rO)i(QlDo atyaitliam S. Immoderatel 
(Sfimj^o atyalpam 8. Very small. 

(Orog^D(Sd9^ — CSr^iD 


(®rdLOC^ — (0?)UJt 

gl aj3<aftaicX>) MB. Yiolent abate. 

(Sro^D(c/)QOb, (Sr^^dCe afcjigraham, 

— in 8. OrergreedinesB, 0io^O6>oaan (SIDOD 
c&oo proT. den. Y. ^ooo en^x/)Q6^:^s\ 
cnaiA Bhg 4. 

CS^jOOJCgjo atjavaljam Tery neoeeMry, 

(Sr?l^30rOdd<dn atyasakti 8. Extreme fond- 
new or leal. 

^SRmpcrormo atyaaannam 8. Very near, 

tbe approach of death. 

^^jdMrTl atynkti 8. Extravagant, anasaal 
speech, (no'a>d3 9<d>§9rQb on-iOQq^ e)a)tKbajnb 

^ «. [beet. 

(8^jfOrOvCZb atynttamam 8 . 8aperlatiTe, Tery 

®OfQ)»i^o afeyuiQam 8. Yery hot or pungent. 

I €fC{Q) atra 8. (oio) Here (po.) 

n.(9ro((0), oidcS^TS^^cnVo atrap afetira (oTirD) 

That Bast, eo mneh; fii»^(%o tt><@>c(Uo <eTdA 
oMaia ean it be eoantedP (8io<g} flidcX) so many 
people, cy aoa-J^ orSl^^ 6>d>3^(d8nm({B> crSl 
^ ft^ jn^ flTOjqsyso Gao. so moeh epaoe, 
li fur. «iM|g)3ao awDdo TB. so far, to yonr 
plaet, aleo ob^^oso, tswfg^^.moiOAo, 
•0Q)i9o all, wholly; soaidae^Qi^o, el'snMnI 
«KbifiBifiHS>^9to H. C. to all these clasBOB. oQ 
•nn3^SBaiK@)3yo jad. «iO'j(g>Q^o fl^gtl g2<Q)^o 
£g>l neither eo much nor eo little. 
9o^i(StQ^ m»ig)a^29A looreoYer, besides. 

only, but. 0»S^ £g| that is all. ^o 
BiWd ajocqfrm^ €»yh KB. I speak but 
in lore. ODdglrsb ^v^(0)jo cn^ODdae^gy ^ct9i 
OkO^ SiPs. not thine, but mine. jiD^ 
oiu Ooj^vo 0<o^i6ft09^ amed. the patient 
is sore to die. (BK^csvayDJ^ aTlr^aviirE^aib & 
ttl^^ KU< these then are the K. Kayers. 

(S^^UQ atha 8. («») then, now, and (L. et) (Bid 
%«s«mo YCh. 

QiOLOajd 8. or also, otherwise (=agKn^AQB>) 
ejo MB. either — or in the other ease. 

(&^[Ji(^QOjQo atharyaydfam 8. The 4th 


(S(t)QCno acTanam 8. (V^oyos edo) Eating, food 

(6rt>dOd00o acTarSanam 8. Kot seeing, dis- 
appearing. isiQaddcnzzf£\ he Tanished Yi. 

(®r0/3oai T5ro? (A. adalat) CJourt of justice, 
ciTil court. (Braaoejm (BiDcn^ocs/o a civil 
case iind,) (S^Qo&iC^ ojisnfltmft the pundit 
of a court, (bio. mcr^rol another law officer 

(&^fS\nf!\ BiSihi 8. (unbounded) Infinity, personi- 
fied as mother of the Gods. (BIO^WH skljoq 
9«xBi) (T^cgjab Bhr. hence (or^aWnb. 

cS^g^i affiya 8.=acA»)(dfi05Mn(po.) esTDgc^o 
(Biogc^o 8. 1. unseen. 2. fortune, luck tu. 

(BTafoHd^o, (BTOgt^sao^fiio ill-luck, influence 

of the evil eye. 
ffnO(Tn)(^g_j^u> ^3^ A behave meanly Yi. 
(Bioitind^nb, (Bio^mlo^rmjo lucky Yi. 
(8idg(^ 8. look of displeasure (po.) 

(S^dQj adya 8. (010 +gjaLil) today (BTOg^oojleven 

now (po.) . ^ 


(Sir©(Ql ftffri 8. (stone) Mountain, oo^aoel, cro 

cs^d^cQ;a adyayam 8. single, unic. (sr^oieo 

Qj rn\^nb (Bioa-iounb ChB. (bio. &o^^ 
Bhr.==iBio«5>a_LTJjo. [Yedantism. 

(BTD6)fi)a-ii])MR»9mo knowin g only one substance, 
(BK>QQejuu)(dfi9^n6 a worshipper of 8akti. 
(BiDS>fi)a-kU)OMi)d)o a Sanscrit treatise with 
commentary Adw. 8. 

(Srt)(jOg adhah 8. Below, down, henoe, 

(S1OCJO0O 8. lowest, low, mean (opp. si(Dn»Oo) 
fem. (BIOCJU0 and — 0). (BTO(joe|^nb (gsmo) 
debtor YyM. 

0iO(jur^ S. 1. lower (opp. fiOiatrDo) mnuj(3\£h 
(DlflBa to lower. 2. under Up, Up also 

cerouoobb — cmuSVfi) 

24 (OrZKjJkkB^— ctoujW^d 

mauoma^so «iDCJD(DQjo qjW):^ R8. from 
rage. (HiDcc^og^o neoiar of lips (po.) (Siocu 
(D^ismDejo KR. (tee (8iD«mlcc{;a)). ec^rDooj 
(S\ Bhr. eto. 

mdCJOtajoiKno downfall, ruin; ct^^dch flio' 
(odilcno a)9ejo ojmD Bhr. EU. 

y. deo. (ei08no5ifi](m)oo.Tn9»9cob (Biocosajdnl^ en 
ooldBso Bhg. 

(nDUXjOj^roldas to depress Ti. 

(B)0UXT^3(ab below, underneath (po.) 

(SftUJdi^ adharmam S. Lawlessnees, injus- 
tice, cjo^aoaxsaoBcX) Bhr. 
a]OC02i2n6, (oioco^ (m. and f.) 0tDCJU32£l<0>nb 
unrighteous, tsaujezitBQOZo^ Bhr 12. 
(S^Oj) adhi 8. Above, upon, over (many Compds.) 
CS^Uj|dB>o adhi^fam 8. More, much, superior. 
In. comp. fiQajcnlfi^o (roa3^a>OD3SgfC9o UR. 
superior to him. (SiO(n'aj(juia)o 9aj3d>CB^g^ TR. 
not beyond it. (Qcnj^aiOcmat jxi3a3TBncmuS)a)09 
c£\ TR. amounted to more than. (SToroasft 010 
m\^<m&cno jxieo^otb RC. preTailed. 
«R)(ju)a>6)g-]^^ to surpass, increase. 

(6rd(jul<d>(D6roo adhiyara^am 8. The subject 

matter, reference (in gr. f.L croaanoouu^^rD 

smo congruence). [office (mod.) 

mtbuS^<Qi(S^<Qsi 1. to have power. 2. put into 

AOCJulatOfOo 8. rule, authority, gOTernment, 

official power, cm. 5)aj^ Mud. resigned his 

office. cnoglQtu (Siou51(0>9rD.'ond)mD3(d9lcQ;aj(b 

TR. chief minister ((r)ooroo^(S.ijra)(eo (sra 

cju^a)9rD09(0tt) Si§S^^ jo)^ TR.) (^^ujIot) 

flno. right of administering fsmily-property. 

AOuSldkofdoA the same 9CLienonao9as> (Sio 

Bhr 12. right, claim. 

(nDaSla»9a>ab a title of barons, f.i. 92^<d>oejl 
<6a(iA (BIO. KIT. 

(mouS)a>o(Dl 1. officer, esp. magiatrate; siooodo 
«id. (mod.) m. of parish. cuso<an cnocjuiaio 
(S^ TR. 1796 the m. of K. Hal. 2. owner, 
who has a claim, is qualified for. ^eDdOfia 
cumfixnoi ««><)«u3ab«o*«K)o fiojib Bhr 12. 

also fern, sooob nnfilcm e§o Aou: 
6m\ (Biosy AR. 

ADuStaiogfo office of 0iouS1ao(d1 f.i. q 
<Bid'0oai>lro1<d«aT) au9^, also oiss 

(6iro(juVSda^o-k> adhikfebam 8. Blanc 

sure, abuse. ajaoc» «D*03(SKUdd9aa>ck 
aiMino<fifibajflBft3C0)(oidOtom QjOca«ax>) 
t2<oni(Do 0iocju)9<fl&iajaLi9(da KR. taunt. 

y. den. iBioa3^0<afiaaJ)<90a to censure, ; 
affront, cyvdolma^ 9a>9aj)^ <8io*^ 
(Bio*^ ficonSliflfi Bhr. fisoaoib oio*,^^^ 
(if paid irregularly). 

(!S(^u3\Cnah adhil^amam S. Obtaining. 
(Biaa51c/>0)o acquired, eofOdtLjQCXDfimo 
anujicoraiaoQBn Bhr. happened to him. 

(Sr^uJlgrznorb adhicTuba^ s. (Syr. R 

Archangel yi. 

(S(^uj\(2sojns) adhiddTaSa 8. Highest 

patron God. 

(C^oJIooDLOob adhioathali 8. LordoT 

08xixj6^cn9mnb Indra. Ci^9a>9CjuVnaaiN 

(®r2)u3WjCYb, — Q^m?l adhiba^ — ba 

Lord, owner. ascnSldKbdaN (8IDU?)q-jcb;9( 
KR. fem. [ease 1 

(6Y^}(jol(23orroo adhimamsam 8. An e; 
(^t^cjJl^cuoob adbirndhaa 8. Ascendt 

co9iO{^f\}pcnKaj\ VCb, r 

(S^ajlajcro|;3e6^ adhivaaikka 8. Todn 

fliDuJlajdcroo stay, abode, f. i. of a dem< 
person. crogl|3CJu)aj9cr\)^3CB) jiicBorMnr 
<oiassrnl09<baj)§i(ab (Sio. 6>ji)fflj30ib ^'. 
§^ Tirun. Anj. lire with harlots. 

(STduSlcOg 300o adhiitbanam 8. 1. Resi 

element in which one li?es, practice. «& 

cX>aS (810*0902; ^roroloj Bhr. «>903^ 

c)^ 010. eiQ^loB/o Bhg. 2. high b 
sorereignty yi. 

m»uS^(B§i(9iCh fixed, inoombent, Lord T 

mouSlc^rmo set up, tenantedi leat of G 

(SrXiJVo^ — ($iO(^3aRa 


(m^oosQ — <sibcnGS% 

mujV0V» acDutem 8. Read. 
■KJoWib snooeiftfal Btudent (po.) 

muJinOo adlunam (mooS^) l. Sabjeet to, 
dfpeBdaatssajcAo. «ooab iBOOJcXxaB «»u5Vt) 
(nocft) KB. a>9sjaac)Q oa^e^so (oo^^cmoqjo 
(WQOiQjxiSknao^ KR. oommitted all to him. 
onQJXjJkrx) opp. ojrdooJ^cno, ^lOOQiOuSVnea 
«• ftlifa^^. 2. power, ohar^ 6)QdQLiduSVir) 
aoaak 8om« (=6M)ecixuo»9(0b) o4[Do(«^(OocjJ)odo 
dd>»0r^ KB. by dostiny. OBOg)^^^^'^^ «iouJ) 
(naaileja^ Arb. (or croJoaJicnoBak^aik). 
•KjJkrMi dependenoe. 

C9duJ)09ab adhltail 8. Lord, ojOoqjWjJ^ 

0^000 adlLima 8. Vow (po.) 

eSTDl^cQgab ttdhjita^ S. Modest. 4ro(4)c^o 
teree. «M|aQ0(^3B^c03o AOCRO^ KB 5* 

S21UJ3Cr>fG)l adhogaSi 8. (siocjot) Deaoent, 
mkiiig. ficmttorn (no. oS^caicBK) ftcnrvm^ ajcnib 
nxuoigaad sotj^^o Val 8* 0iDQJcnr> on* qj 

eMcj0363COo lower part, 
nscua^aso looking down, downcast, so m> 

3u»aj^9cn9(»l P. T. of a hypocrite. 
SD^u»<GJO'fto> — gojcno hell. 
flMu;'3QJ9C% wind from behind. 
mf^jc&Q^ aff dh^aUam 8. Visible, dear to 
the eye. oO^T^^ c^DCI^c^ tm^^iO^ach. 
flaa^jtttanb orerteer, in charge of. uxr)9(3^ 

afiBTBo^KB. ai9<Mm9i3^dQ&ic6Hiid. master 

of thedsphanto. 
■»3^^Bi saperfaitendeDee. a)0a9^d9s ino(t^ 

d)A» ^cn^ Bhr. (alto moo^aam), 

(Srd^^ycoiPno af dhyaTanam 8. ((oduSI+c) 

Bnading. eap. of the Yedas, one of the (fiodb 
Afisao KU.— also deny. 0O9^cvaSlAi and 
miJO/aiaS^^ Vy M. 

tSMM^-^croyWo ■ddhyavasafam 8. Firm 

enA^pfnf^ntomo addhyattmajfianam 

(6rd<t^3an2(D0(23CQ;Gnoo addhyaltniaiama- 

ya^am 8. The spiritoal B. — AR. 

(6)rt)(^^3aJOOo addbyabaxiam 8. (cans, of 

mk'^Qajcno) Teaching, eep. the Yedas. KU. 

CSirD(^J|OCQ^ LesBon, chapter. croj9(3^ocsel 
QjCTOo 20 days of the month, good for reading, 
(nooryi^ocB; oi, 10 inauspicioas for students 
(the 1, 8, 18 — 15 of the lunar fortnight). 

(6r2)r3^0(S(03Q-io addhyarobam S. impatation 

(as calling a rope a snake, phil.) (Bi»^oQ(do 
Qj(0ianor)oc4o (ndajaioeojialcnoejo Kei N. 
(S^rd^XJ^D, cerd^XJUob addhva, addhvai 

8. Bead, way. udmo A^oho ^vS (Bvofax^jooj 

VaU. — fll&%JL)J(T)l Loo. q^i^JLXDOCI^eB (Bio^J 

03ab CO. traveller, also (Bla^'3JUJCYflor)(1b (po.) 

(6)rd(tXJ.J(0o addhvaraZQ 8. A ceremony f.i. the 
(Biooojsacoo; iBio:iJUJ(0(on»)cm90om9i|o Qdkogj 
«>c)o KB. 

OXKUOJ^ officiating priest KR. 

<]TO(tX)jX>>) addhvinam (in 8. the Aeo. of 
«eSA)jab, in T. oormpt?) Great exertion, 
fatigue. oB^jUJOcno ^soexm easily, 
(snajujocn) So. diligent. 
V. den. mo&x)A^cn^ast to labour, work hard, 
exert oneself, cnsorn (Biaiai^JoorSlg-joob ooe 
(fo^^Qjoroo MR. 

(SRicr)^ csc^icrxsajy (®rocsno ana, aiia?d, anfi 

M.O.Te.Tu.=oa)cr), Inf. of iabch=i^^cmhi In 
adv. Terminations smx^macn, orSlscn etc. sSi 
«fin9or>,$>ajO§aTKn«aj, esp. after 1st adyerbials 

csrz^rOdBsQ anakam vu. i.=oe<n.iooo. (s»cna)o 

QLi&fle cnsdSeoriD TP. 2.s(Bio(Sor)a>o TP. 
C6<fD00<ieV> anagham 8. innocent, po. 
(6r0OOG8«J<d> axiafLnUYa((B»QJfia9 T. Te. C.Tn.) 
To move, shake. onocnaeoOtO) o-joog^ immoTc- 
able (jud.) fiizKDfiQeSgj quiet I TP. 
V. N. (Bioorxflno (C. mbcnA watery) moving, 
shaking. 9a)gorob (so. eg^ aor)<dacaanlaA 
CC. heart not touched. 
(SfbCnddGtxBiy <Be!\ T. a. to shake, fan, 
excite. iBiooD<0soQ(O) 0or)(0so^aib OHt^caaooA 
I mro CG. 


<TOcn©co — <©fdcr)^ 


cmCOaJ^ (SldCnOd^ 

dSV^rOoCOnb anangail S. (immaterial) Cama. 

made her love me. 

henoe iBiocno09^<d>rDlidA to love, consent (but 
(B»onoc/Jla)Drt>o from (8i8oc/5^ — diacord) Vi. 

(Sr{^mG933(0o ananftaTftin Tdbh. axsonuabM^o 

(SC^COJ^ anai6a=(Sionr)g{j Heat, lee foil. (BO. 
ojlslcfin to get varm. 

(ev^roo^dd) anattayi (T. 4nDcnoQ«> from (b» 

(Txbb) To make wann or hot. 4))§^ 4BiooO(OK»I Nid. 
The ▼. n. (in T. lOiDcnfi^^) existo only in the paet 
(BiDcncnD — VN. onoaoQj. — CV. (nDorvBRSlcaa Vi. 
X6t2)roo03rrO(AmerioaQ through Port. JUaiias) 
pineapple =s AoaxtDifii^* 

cSf2)00rf^ aaaoSam 8. BodiesB. tsamcmcb the 

eerpent 'Se«ha, hence m^ncmtusossCMUDo^ 
So a neck-ornament. (OiocnaQ>Qs) V«. •»ct> 
QCRBSS^ (<d>ookj) a kind of earring, (formerly 
worn by men alio TP.) (g^iBWorxiwo, dHcmoj 
ODoOK/saiKna, (nDcn(n»aJrt>o K. pr. TreTandram 
with the liMie of Yish^a resting oa hiiterpent. 
(BiocnaQ)C9ajo mnlti-form. 
(BrdOOmm>e ananferam 8. Snooeeding with- 
oat intenral. i. immediately after. Qjcm(£\ 
Qobo (BiocYXTQxoo, ai6>om«(OODCTO(oo as soon as 
he had come. ^. snoceBsion, inheritanoe.<nD. 
acn^dd), ajdk49>; to inherit Yi. (mcncwociiSiO 
GMRBilflib «ft)slQB»a MB. also oAcncndrDydglai 
iSi£i got by inheritance. 
(BioODOQ^fDoJOS !• inheritance 00. o(B^ ^^* 
2. MO. <Ljoa>, to bless and gire orders as 
a dying person. o^SKTOOofDaQr^g^ *^^^^ 
TP. why snoh dying speeches, my Can^a? 
mDcnaorDab, mocnawKiich next relation, suc- 
cessor, heir, also 0iocnai£1(Da»9O/D iQi£i 
A(6ao6r^ TB. (Biocn(Q^Qjcrooo(T>o succession 
in a royal ^Q TB. 2. title of lower dig- 
nitaries (opp. ld>orMrTXU<b) TB. 

ceitdonrrDyob anan5al t.SoM. Light sleep Vi. 

(SyOOOgQjo anan^am S. 1. identical, directed 
on no other object. (sacncQ^xS^(aaiOv£\ qj(IB 

oiD ewBQ&i KB. folly resoWed for one < 
2. union =fi>aQ)i^a3) Tl. 

csriDOOQ^^ob aaaba^ak B. Chiidies 

9n^ o-j^dWoojo AB 1. 

(®r«m(U^(D30Jo anabazidliam 8. Fav 

(6r?)nrySa-kdfic^ob aaapfiUaii 8. Bxmsp 

desire, as a YogL 
(m)OnCQJb auajam B. lajostiee, ODovacvx 


(Srz)00<^ anargham 8. Prieeiesa, m 
(Gir2)00asiDo anartham 8. 1. 8easeiesss 

onoaK). 2. calamity, ruin. HMsioo «o 
prov. riches ruin. tmcrmoBiBx^ o^Q^ c 
outrages, (DoeaifORA^aaDrbb 0^0)021 0» 09 
OdfiQjl^ the land sustained great b 

peaceably. ajtalonfiasoDanoQ^o Bhg 15. df 
of (SioonDo wealth. (Biocn(mo6)^-j§o oGKHi 
Q^iosn^ B8. fearing they would be ruin 

(CtDOOaiob analail 8. (V^iWX* to brei 

(B»ajoP)FireTdbh. aacnflAfire, heat,— 

(B»cn^, (TOcn^ eto. (B»ooftja§ griel 

(Sr^roojcjOOOOo anayadhaiiain 8. in 

tonce Yi. 
(®re)00aju5) anayadhi 8. Endless, ini 

cSflicnoMfUh anayara5ain 8. incessam 


csrDOOQjcrvxOo anayasaram 8. Want of 1 
(SrDOOQjrruoVn\> axiayaBthi(am8.lTn 
isio'eooncroo po. 

CSrOOOOdOOo anatanam 8. Abstinence, 
ingsdWolcfin. (BA. ancaeS^iiy Blur. 

(®f2)roof\| anass^ 8. Cart (po.) 
(Sr^)roaD^9)^(tV) anahafigaiam 8. Mode 
c6rt)roo<6>o(ydo anayasam s. Dark, mi 

6&f6a eBioonoi») 303000(0(2 KB. (by arrofi 
(erSOODc&aJb anaynlam S. Unperplexed, ^ 

(fifOfOjC/) — JTOCY^OQJ 


(OTTOoa; — <TOrwft» 

tSitxryyuya5)o asi^ataiil S. Not yet Mme. mo 
(mcoiQQjkjuaaioai PT. who prepftTM himtelf 

(S(&m3.aJ3a>oaiii}aram8. l. Bad h*bit. 2. ir- 
ragalarity eitabliihed by law. cn^e* inonoo^o 
oo ttdaroa^aVak p6r^ OojooA KU. 

(fitdnoosil H. inij Orain. Ao^j^cn^Afo « 

A&2.) 8. Not oommaDded. 
0Z)rr)3aR23QJ aiialtma?^ 8. 5oi apirit. 01$ 

^fbCnoU^ anatham 8. Unprotaoted. <D0^o 
fli'09Q»^ Oojxi^ BrPi9. kingleat, forlorn. 

|b oo'aaaa) TB. deaolated. 

■Dcnxanb m. — id f. forlorn, orphan, widow. 
^» (^M MKnaOiOdni^ aaya B. after hia 
faiher'a death AB. co SJOcnoifiocrooOOCBKiiU) 
axiBln tkia leaelj oatof thewa7plaoe(TV.) 

OTrn9eit)o aataffaaram 8. Disregard. 

ta T. ^rn^elOTMBBdo (nocnom^:^ AB 6. («ano 
CTiT^f^) not minding. 

(9000341 anili 8. Withont beginning. ciDono 
inW6V^ XB. lying waste from times im- 

(SftCnyoj^ mkpA 8. Hot obtaining (po.) 

(Srtcnxt^Qjo anamayam 8. Welfare, ccnf) 

SD. «B6(p Bhr. yon are well today P=Qax>o 

(^rcmscQ^orruo aaayaiam 8. '^thont trnmble. 
isrcrO3(0f^ anaratam S.ssaooxikmrq. 
(G^vv^xgjnb anaiyaiL s. ignoble (opp. a^ 

^srtcnoBMt^ aaalai^aias. DUigeaeew 

— oVjlb active Vi. 
^fdmoOJl^ miiifwkfma B. Hot naaaaaary. 

* VB. put Miiilf thwart wMuMt aeed. 

(SY^moC^(£^ anayjiti 8.FanareofrainKB. 
cSirt)(Y^orr\f)d9>ob anastiyaii 8. No Atheist KB. 

cerorolro^ ani5a (Bioad<0) (8yr.) Prayers for the 
dead, dirge. (8iocn^(0)3fiKueBo ^S* ^^1 water. 

(©r^OOlj)/' WUtywn 8. Temporary, inconstant, 
j^onoio (BID. (mra36rn1a>cbd9n d(finC({jo EB. 

(®r?)roln^(Tno anindi5aill L. Blameless. 

cgrooolcfl^^ao, (Si^on|(Scacaao aTiimiSani, — 

mfiaain 8. Not closing the eyes Nal S. (BiDor? 
0)cfi3GLJib the Qods. 

c®r©rolra<^JDob aniraldhais.Free — 

the morning star Yi. 

(6irdo5VSC^/3o anirvdfam 8. Uadanntedness, 
one of the 3 «)0(Sjcroii3ijiaxo«»cX> KB 4. 

(6ri)OOlaiCYb anilail 8. (V^ (bioo6 breathe) 1. 

Wind 2. = (BionDejob f. i. fliornlfijQj9(o>aini)(?A 

cronr4faxk> ^^m^^Q a med. 
(Qr^fOlOdo aniSam 8. Withont night, eternal. 

(6roo5k/SliCQ;o aoiidaTam 8. Uneertain. 

(®r0OO|c£go aniitam 8. Unpleasant, displea- 
(Bioaol(^a>or£l offensive person. 

cer^ool^ anilam Tdbh. (eioa»<£ao a med. 
(SrdrrdlPo the 17th constellation (Lapns and 
scorpion's head). 

(®r2)rr^dB3o aniTfam 8. (V^(8»ab) Face, firont, 
army (po.) 

(C*t)r^(7y!l anfU 8. = (noorxs^o Injnstlee. 

CSV^CYfloDOb anihail 8. Free from wishes. «o. 

(COOd ann S. prep, and adv. After, along, 
fbllowing, agreeing. <oteci9 Nal. after that, el 
Qjcro0adS)ajD<Ts@ 8it Vfj. day by day, so (Bio 
ode^cno etc. (siooddafiafimo ^ smosmo oqc^ 
BrP 7. every moment. 

(6r^ord(d>au annifaiDba 8. Pfty. scuonb (no'ocvo 
o5tfxmQil<fi^SMB»enr)o KB. saiOMaMMQjWo 
cB) (urD9(aodjrDab kind to his worshlppera. 

(6irdord(d>(D6nr>o ann^fara^ain 8. i. im- 
tatioB. oMq^xnaifMvno onomatopoeia, gvam, 
a. mlmlory, drollery. 

CStiKrbd^O — CSTDOdC/) 


(mcYdjg — croracro 

den Y. (BiDadaxD)<afli n> imitate, serre, help. 
{^^(oSidaSt eo'^cmQ socguovs^S) Bhr. o^ 
aj(0izfti<m3CBn iiBio*g-|9 <d»0ao oQiOKob (song). 

(6rdord(d>3(2o anuifamam 8. AooordingtowlBh. 

(SCiKrd<BiO(Oo anu'yaram s. (=(Bioao6>rSl(6a) 

Imitation ; fayor. — «ioada>0(£^ imitating. 

(6roord<^av> anu-ynlam (along the shore) 
1. FaTorableas wind «ioad^ajcuoc;{j (po.) ojgu 
q-joIjS 0<o*09cb; oecvcno g^r^oasn KB. a aoft 
bed. ficiinb sioqj^ (BM>. et^Acpo, ono. SL^n^ 
MR. is in their favor. Qaocg^abo saajooa^ 
fiMOBch Mad. the divine fayore which M. enjoys. 
Qaior^oajoDo (^/)Qo)g^^ 00. fit^aal (inaso 
TB. 2. oomplianee, acting in concert, m^ 
crn (snl'zvw^ cn\m cnscteTB. act with every 
consideration for -- Aiocijoabo ooVn^o^axMDo 
(BIO. Q-jOQ(i{(YB MR. speak as he dictates. 
3. SaccesB, ease, contentment. 0ong^(ab(8A*9(0s 
§ remorse Vs. atooBjo mb, or^cBfl snooeedad. 
aiDOdi^eiai favor. mDad^^s^(m9(a>7S d^(M>.aictt 

Bhr. compliantly. 
(mood^QKib favorer. ojVnoai 6>.aicqi(aVm (Bid* 

(D9a£l 6>a-i<3(Daa3<b KB. 
(8ioad^ex/o(^ false friend. 
isioad^&iQ^§a> to favor, help towards, m. 

©y§aTVOJ§»j MR. 
denY. 0oad^eji<ds f.L eiooVm oMd^aj) 

Q06>9eo9o ono*^ (uosaq gave similar 

C®r2)CYdc6©r61<e6^ TP.=5(Bioaacz>Q£Sldai, 
CSifOrrdtiO^Zho annktam 8. Unexpressed. 

(StdCYd(i£)C2o annkraaarn 8. Sneceesion, «oad 

^eooA one after the other (po.) 

denY. (sioadf^^aB f.i. oijo »ai^ai — 8oq^ 

f^nb (a^)afifial6mo earn (bio — cno Bhg i. 

completes one revolution. 

($r0CYdCS^3Odo annkxoSam 8. Compassion. & 
iflei^vocail (B». KB. 

(0r^OdC/OCtb axi1l|;a& 8. FoUower. 

0009090000 following, esp. by dying after the 
ftSORDS^. hasbanda«KuaM>s «DQd</90or) 

6)03 cngi Mad. Oaght I to dia 

den Y. (BeodcncSlcas to follow, attend; ^ 

& 8oo. cnrDQjfDQmos oeodcodlcaa 

(0r2)CYd^6nr>o ann^ni^am 8. i. Goni 

2. secondary qaalities, described as 

(SfbCfbd^oDo ann^raham 8. i. Fai 

pitioasness. (opp. cn^ipoOo) eoosjro: 
Q«>099 jiiod)>oflno® Mad. 2. blessin 
adffOoDUbdiwi) Bhr. able to bless a 
effectaally. (Bioa8t^QoajO(06 tf)ai)og^, 

(BIO. tf)aiq| BtP26. odoriDo QjeloldE 

c£ o^tmf) (BIO. tf)jisq| KB. a blessing < 
tObOJSicho c/slrog^rob a^^ji^cacn^d 

f^§) a>rDCOBcb (09^0 6>:u^ (BI0.O.aSq^ 

den Y. (BBa»Q/)Q£Slfas 1. to grant Osoi; 
(BIo'je^ Nal s. granted her to disc 
0R£l9a> oolgjonb (bio. (sio^ons oea 
9(0s6mo KB. may the gods be i 
to it; to bless. o^Sicm (SIK&q^ 

(6ronrdiU(OCYbm.(D)£ anujarah.i 8. 

(Bioa9.auoaa9(Qd0oatil AB i. with thi 

(B)ead.akoWoQBi)r^(0s croqiiao KB. f 


den Y. (BiDad^(oi<aa to accompany, i 

(6rZ)CYdiLj|(7SV> ani^Sam 8. Unbeoon 
aval GTOzaoooo Mad. an honor oat o: 

(6it)ord8«rYb annjah s. va. (Boonlodob, 

at», fem. (Bioaoeo, — nml after born, 

child, yoanger brother and sister. 

(BieodeonacndOfia^K) the 10th and I9th i 
after the nnaor>afi^3)o Tr P. 
(6vt)0rdSif)Oj| annjiyi S, Servant (po. 
(G^DCYd^to aniljna S. Permission, 

(Br^CbHKS^jo (BioadMoct^o KU. (bio. sia 

caorh Bhr. took leave. 


(O0l<daons KB. with his leave. 
(firdnrdrs^aJo aiia&abam8.Begret,re] 
oani0OQ»iB Jdiai^j^ oo. (Boosis Bh 
dan Y. iBDoaaa J dm to regret ete. 

croodomn — aswdf^ 


(SfWdSO — (SdKtM 

cB»0oCi.ADCBcaRt0O9aftlBhg. 2. M. alio bad. 
TSMUn 8. Daily. 

(900droOB)d06^ aniniaiifiUas. To be 00^^ 

•i. ffDOLi^os ffo'i^ o^9§(^(noab Bhr. kindly. 

(fii^ndmCQAs ammajamS. Couolalion, retpeot- 
tal addreM. «0OBaxM(0iaaQS qjoob^ Bhr. 
ccwplaiiantly. od. fii.Aio§^ omtb^^ KB. 
OQMolad. cn^y^ md. Bhr. patience is needed. 
(X Y. to eomfort, pennade. orxmocBn ojOfiBoaa 

(8i?rvdr03or6]<d>o animasi'jfain S. Kasal, pram. 
tBfOdn tr?ln»nnbaBUUn8. Unrivalled. flndCBo-ia 

(Mmo 4»»tfl^ Cr Arj. iBiaodoja 6>«>o^ KU. 

kiBf^*a fl*g. iDOBQje o u N »spl BC. 

0DrVdQ-^3fO>oaiIllba5am 8. Proportion, (g^oad 
aj3aiQA<9^QoejoBhg6. being equally pleased 
with each other. 

(SZndObJOrOo annluuiam S. Drinking after, 
tehlole of medicine. 

mcfd^dh airappnYa T.a m.(«dc0 t.TcC. 

to say, see mi^n) To send; in official style 
o^ydil oooag^cn aoq^jo aQanoaJb TB. 

modoojcrujo annfiandliam 8. Ck>nneotion, 

as of aets A oonseqnenoes. soaioadfioxnuo cjo 
fdaaQBdcBb Kal i. seeing the bent of her mind. 
den ▼. flido-i9coni9S fliOQasaxnu^^^om cro 

oDJOft KB. misfortune ooming out of 


CStZSad^SOJe aiUlb]ia?am 8. l. Eigoyment, ex- 
pcrienoe. (g^<fi&k ffOOdAOJo &§§ 9a>9^9ib 
MB. the peons who see it daily, orvoiftoadsaio 
safering hell-punishment- 2. produoe, all 
ad¥BBtagea arising from possession, a^fw^o 
CJO flBCBCQje ^a;^0Ofm09«ifi)a>96r^TB. as his 
peaseasion is proved. (yca£^a>0O(n>o oon^ (BR>. 
gGaytTR. the rioe harresi. aiXBOdSOJo the 
prodaee of a tree (one of the 4 fisovo) onej 
oBcto ■fxpan iiWftiqgo ojcmooA MB. when they 
hear less. flO.«0ao«.aianQtneinfaU bearing. 

8. fruit tree. (BeodSOjcoBch sku^ MB. planted 
the parambu. 4. grant of a land at a pepper 
com rent in reward of serrioe, also symbolical 
present of a betel or coooanut at the time of 
executing a deed W. 

ADceCQjl^aa 1. ▼. a. to enjoy or suffer, possess. 
i^ol oQOon a4K<3(Q-)6>o(Do ffioadSQj^^ MB. 
how did you come by it? aj6nr>o^cuoeio dSi 
gi (Bioodsoj^^onb crooc/>ml atan^g^ TB. 
2. ▼. n. ecgjoeoB/ocdn SKU^asnrmn danoyo 
cnc^tsU m^adscni^ ojom TB. enjoyed all 
the rights. (BiOddSOJ^g-jooaan) (0)9(D«mo TB. 
put us into poflsession. ooloa2;ocoo ojoail 
(Sanm nooasRAlaiD cnoc^oe^ dmso (sioodfi 
Qj^an £[§>) Bhr. ejkuod ^taio OKmodsojl 

:fil%0 ChB. 

C. Y. (sioacna) octoq^cbbcX) «ead(SQj1^d^ 
make to enjoy, o^roo 5).aKStt«Km§^oo moojoor) 
(Bioci3SQj^gJ)(8eo KB. render to, aTcnge on 

(SCbctd^^oOAo annbhavam 8. i. 8ymptom of 
mental states. (goLXia s)0oon9adSOQjo ojoaasion 
Nal4. silenced his objections. 2.=(a-)(Soajo. 
000903690106 magnanimous, high dignitary. 

(6rdnd(grG7| axinbhu5i 8.=(B»ad8Qjo f.i. ctoj 

^9adi§(f£\ Heayenly enjoyment. SiSiOjeBa^o 
QjQjon (Biocid<g(0)ajoa£^ PTs.smoaasQjI^cu 

(6rOnrd<B/33COo annbhogam M.(firom 8.) Enjoy- 
ment, usufiruct (=(eiocidfiajo) Aaojempc^s 
(Bio*0Q§^9TB. it is the company's own. (Don^ocmoi 
9d>9<g9g^^5c(z;fi)§>)9 (BKMA^Anbo (BIO. (Br^Aom® 
TB. GoTemment has the usufruct. (Bioaaos9CD 
(MS>odeed of hereditary gnrant(=(BioadSajo4), 

also (B10a9Q89CO5><dn9y. 

0iDCidQS9CO^(0s to enjoy (also of coitus.) 

(St2)nrd(2afil annmaSi 8. Ck>n8ent, leave, soma) 
oj^s £l&p)a)^ai €Slb cso, 6i^w£\^ Nal 2. an 
encouraging glance. 

(6r2)ordC2)(06Y^Oo axiiunara9am 8.s=aioQBOMKno. 
000)901 iSD. O-aNU UB* Died with her husband. 

CSftCfdC^ — (Qi^nrdOJ 


COTnWJD — (OTfYdoro 

(SfbCtdQxyC^ annmanam 8. inference, gness. 

den ▼• mtiadS\d^ f. i. (BiDfrnloobo QuKD^oosm 

5)(Oi8i(8i5a80^«ssoo Ghftn. from this yoa may find 

tbe amount, o^oro) (BKMn>9cn9^ (8ioci3(S1gy(g 
BCi6. compare. 

BO. Tdbh. Hanuman. 
C6r0ord<S(23/3o anamocTaill S. Approyal, joy. (Old. 

0(ORft3S ffiro 6)^^ JLB. (BIO*Q09S (ST^Q^gcfiSo 

6)01)^ Bhr. 

CS<^0adCX^9(m) anuyatra S. S)^^ Bhr 2. Accom- 
pany for a short way. (sn, «ajO(0) Vs. (O^ 

uxndoobl dkuomoo ^oss&o AQgso (Bioadcs;9<;5) 
6>.a)nm(s;^:^ KB. 

(Sif5rYd(8C£yoCA> anuyo^am S. Question. 

den V. (BiD'coldas) to enquire Vi. 
C6i^nrd^0<6Oy) annraktam S. Attached. (sroajftlrbb 

imKW^smr)ysf\ YetO. enamoured. 
COTrrarO^f^ro fondness. Sionaedo (mo. ©r^ 

C. Y. (a_)n<d>5>a iBioadrDeiBQigJIcSfinno KB. gains 
their loTe. 

CSfbCWOO^ tender Iotc. (mzS\(A (Sio. KB. 

(brothers) (a-^eQd>cbtd8 cna^rbb (Byo. Mud. are 

fond of ns. ^6YP<B8c)o <0>6neofob (010(0^01^ (SO* 

Qjo oojemo YCh. desire for them. 

cno99adrDoo?)(ft>cb Mud. the adherents of N. 

(Cit)rVd(f^Q-)o anxurfLbam S. Conformity, oorres- 

poadiBgwfth. a)^oad<3oj(a9QQj(t8o or^eio KB. 

«siba£\9&}dam «ioa9<f3aj03avl| rDsneoo aosifi^ 

Q|{0 QJO€B9y QJOamW illD'SOai; QJ&p1d9| MB. 

82^000^90-10 Nal 9. adv. — henoe (Si^ioaood 

K^ajneaA Bhr. those like himself. QjoMAood 
l^ojob CO. 

(SrtKYdCSaJaJo annldbam 8. Ointment, rubbing 

with sandal powder etc. ^^cocnuoodejla^nb 

KB 5. rD«iat09^9o6ajrD3a9QQjQ_jcnn6 KB. 

(SirtOd<SfiJD(2o axmlomam 8. Going with the 
hair or gprain, favorable. 

(!SftxrdOjS\dde\ annyacTikkaS. To permit, allow. 
mot£^crw£\4 (Bw'««a»«rr)o YetC. cer^ oQtcrn 
«D*^ oonsented. ro905>(n sDasonoAd>ochaj9nb 
(»D*»tfasTno KB. lotcn^vi^ cnor^7Sin> Qj<d> «o 
GLKvy miC60j£\ji^mcm^ TB. grant. 

(S^ZOdOJDdo 8. permiasion, leare. t^fnidBS 
AaAC({^o (BIO. PT. I give yon free leftTO. qj aku 
cn)««n ffioadojocroo (vn.) (Oio1a>, Qj9eo§a> TB, 
^nsojonb (BIO. Qjccd(sid!l:0o TB. arUDBc)D^ao oo. 
c^d»)(ab KB. if yoa also agree. (Bioajctb 4BB. o 
mOg^^ tfiMSBcX) 00)9(0121(2 TB. (O^ e^tcmao'o 
^ TP« assent. 

(6rendQJ'ofn)(d>oi) animata'yaii s. Follower, 

also roo0Oa>OQjocB3J(Oidt^CB;oo ej^6mo6 KB 5. 
(B»adQLi(Bi8Kno«) jisg^ Bhr. I shall obey. OMruo 
(BioaocufOi^^ KB. submitted to the missile. 
(0rZ)ord(SajaJo aauydam 8. ContinuaUy. MO. 

QjlOGOde)^ AB. 

aSrtXYdOdCOb aauiayam S. Begret, also «M» 

(mxrbOdocr6\ddei annaasikka B. To adTiia, 

reproTO gently. 

(S^nrdc^QoCOo anuian^am 8. (crooo3o)sB«oQB 


(®rDnrdc&g3rOo anuithanam 8. (cn^o) Perfor- 
mance, esp. of rites. cn3a\^oao(^3or)o=cromg}9 
<o>mo, (9^ocidc£Qocn9e^(d>cb ouii^ YCh. 
(Bioao<^(fla (p. part. (Bioooc^fOko) perform, 

obsenre. 5)6njQ/3x)0o^o oQgyoscijo (8R>ad^ 

tfansmo KIT. spread, (oocnajo^o <B»*d£JJB^ 

eg) KB 4. 
C. Y. (SiDaO(^gJ)<0s as Q^o (bio. UmY. (the 

spiritual guide). 

(Gr^nrdrronruJX^^ anusandhanam B. inyesti- 

gation. <oKmjoQdaxxm}o(no=^Qj6mcijo «d 
cnDJsT'awarxJjo acDODOjo KeiN. 

(Sre)CYdrro(Qo, — (Oeroo anoBaram, — raaim 

8- Following, obedience. aR>adcn)(Oo oaioefo 

(a^ci20J9<^o 0)6)99^0 Qjo3(ORinejo<aJi1 KB. by 

indulgenoe. (stKfdCtxxoemojjiKno Nal t. eoa- 

oiliating word. (Bio(n|9QB)fiXOo «io'«meMiA oj 

oflo^ MB. spoke for the plaintiff, 

(BioaocaxDiaai to obey, aequiesee, iodlate. oQ 

math AcmsaoVsinesb (Bio':^ TB. a»fL|cyi9(u8 

cxu «o^:^ ^^ ^ subjeot. AiOQjexn «d' 

:^ AQjtf^aaicmoMad. employ htm aeootdlBg 

te his prayer. Qjkjuifaacm cSkjS^^^jmtt^ 

0rz)adCYV>3 — . C6rdOQ)dBb 


cgrDrnrero — (©raoRWOO 

r;^^|Oo)^ TB« aoqniaece io the Terdiet. 

Cno OOoldBOMtlb 0O*d9«n7)(3 0SBJ9fi^ ^^' 

wink at it. aoi (oa&^Afi)^ fnD*^9n6 aiiejo 
fiOtfrsoKB. can I follow, imitate thy flights? 

C. Y. li. (ghcA^emsfasiQ. aaadav>(S\^j^o 
ABs. make to follow. 

(TOrVdrr03(Do(Loo.->8(D)acoordingto. grm 

oo flBOBf^oejo cu^aoaaaroorDfim^dQcCl KB 5. 

let the amhaaaadon go aa jostioe demands. 

woodocwGi follower. 

®^0nrdrrO-lM9 anYUmramS. The nasal soand 
lepresentad by o, gram. 

^OPf^aJb anlbam & (01000+ (nogjf) Watered 
land, Boiat eountry or olinate. 

tR)ni^(!Baanra6.(thighlees)8nn*s eharioteer,po. 
eOr^/SV) an|5aill 8. (Q190) Untrue. 
^SROCn and see nocn. 

^Mcr^d^ an^yam 8. More than one, many. 
floacnAcoa, mo9cr>^ qj^cjoo manyfotd. mQ9cn 
fto mo9c^ ea qj% ajasoob CCh. quite alone. 
•DacT)A9Q»l(0o Bhr. many thousands. cnoacT) 
Ao flDaoTMBK) rdO0»O(0srBoA KU. oDrdA) '909cn 
«M> o^jg^oib BC. 
plir. mn^cnAlb many persons. 

— ttnm T. a C. a M. 80 many, all (=«d(Q) 
<3^) syr. doe. 
CSftcdSjo an&am 8. 1. End, limit. maosDtfxmBi (o^o 
ojt^ CO. di^. <sio^0tgy36Miiota «cnxr) un- 

CO. iBBanae joy. loajg^^cnxrox) Qjn80iai^ Bhr. 
a. T. Te.C.Xa. (= jaKiQ^o) beauty. 
eo^A 1. a fonoing triok, jumping 
baek(?); to oat aaommertetfnoaooQjocgdXio 
«DoWf» cniMfW oAmdgrdo eo^flo^ TP. 
iifB of joff rietary «o. 0o),AyzA ; gymnastios 
am. tffflLdjBimnfr aa aooomplished gymnast. 
2. (Xdbh. anna3 P) to be anraged, lose control 

mCQftdMlb aoSa](ail & Destroyer, Yama. 

Eados. flD'daaWiOM^a kill, po. 

(moocDAcnoo ajssa^aajaoEtn tu. oBaamdaoko 
died suddenly (by Yama*s spear F orflAOQ) 
ecmo to the very end). 

(Srorrmenoab an6ai2Aji T.M.(beautifiii,oooiP) 

A Brahman. «oao96mo^3>0 SO. (BiDonBcmreo 
(S\<A Qjkjejaavo SiPs. 

(Sfbcci^iy (tSTDpri^ axi5ah, an5ar 8. (Satos; 

intus) Inside, in comp. f.i. aioaa>t{^^o AB. 

with inward grief. 

ffiono^saHOsmo 1. the inner organ, heart, 

mind (including 000 s or^jiaju^ eitaCMaoroo 

jS\mno) (sra'coK&WsnBoain rosr^ or>a^ tIz. 

acng^, ea^^ KeiV. ao*(8ia)(ok uJlcnS) 

^oob Hud. 0O*(ors»^(Qb aidBcBRft^^aa consider 

'Sio'coRrirob cnlcaic»09(iv1|| aaajduSlcfiso TB. 

you will surely perceive (hon.) 2. faTor. 

(= 0ong^ ) oo^jsm h cn)o^cLi6>ih(Sftd aa. oi 

^d^ QjorMmo TB. 
anoQ) t ojrDo women's appartment in palaoe. 

(BiDOiD s a4rDl<o>0O(b fenuilee of the palace. 

enctoi s Q^(Ma3finab culod jqctooi Nal 4. faith 

in women. 

(SrOor^Ji^aa an&aram 8. 1. interior, Interral. an 

CTQXOo 6)<d)3^3o Mud. that's the moment, eooo 
ag>a(0 whilst, also ojlaioajlteao a)aao>arD as 
he wailed (po.) (|ss<a§09ag>a(D CCf whilst. 
2. difference, (na^rbb cuacHO (naooxoo, ^2g90Qo 

a^dOQo (OMoealejaa 00000/00 os. oAaai 

6>jiiSyormQ<Tii ao'Qjo Qg^ TB. shall be pun- 
ished without fail, m^cm 00. qj(o)a i^gy 
jud. shall be surely done. aio. o^^cm^acv 

(Scccc(Mo<j^ anSaran^am 8. (a»oo»>) Kind, 


cSfi^cccMo an&aza(ln8tr.of(aoa8Mb)lniido.a»(n» 

rooainis fiojonb meanwhile. 6>a-i0^ tmornkob aid 
aa)(03 QjiknoBhr. SKmcm ^asWaa»(&o oSiifi 
Goi^och BC 88. in the nose. aiDoouoo cn^cS^ 
j^ Mud. = £ga)(9b. 
(S^or^rDD(CQi9 an5araltma S.HeartcnD'oScm 
A(Ci iiDmxQ) ciDa(/ftcaa^^o £«n9 81 P 4. yom 
have a deep grief. 

(Sibcnsxbo — (8»onro)Q!j 


(mrrmoLiD^ crorrinldBM 

(®rdrroyoxQJo an5arayain 8. ObBtaoie.— M. 

triok Yi. (BiO(Ta)roocQ;fa»orDob crafty Yi. 
(6rdrrc^rD3go an5aralam S.InteraedUteBpaoe. 

(BionQomo&asR&^aiib ggeaiib KK. oaBtes placed 
between the 4 original ones (as flioaiiexuo 
wS\ etc.) 

(!SftiC((y^<B6\ ail5arikka l. (Intereo) To die f. i. 
Brahmans, to disappear, fail. — oioaQKoWo 
dead. 2. to differ. cnosQasrO) 6)oja8c0nmo d^o 
(OMBfiO^ (SiDaoKiSl^ Qoe<£do OS. the difference 
between that sum A this. 

<6irdrru)af)d9£kv> axi5aiikiain 8. Sky. ino*(oia)90&j 

QjcnD o^fnoo ojooneoLimo o^omooj^uiiiXD^s^Ti. 

<S(^(vy/S]Q^ aii5aribam s.(=aJkjo) island. 

(S(bc((M<Oy (Loc.) (6irdrriD(S(D6no aii5ar6, 
— d^a S. (Instr. of vioaoroo q. t.) between. 

(6^rro^roV) anter^tam s. i. Entered, 

hidden f. i. a QQiQ(0x>9o = (B»a>(onnor» ajo 
0)g-)SO«)(O) c(ol<0ao ttoDOQj a med. 2. mental, 

(S(ti(V5)(^QDo antergfliain S.ssoiocmtQjfoo 

(S^CRnS^OOo anSarjaxiaill a Brahminee 

(G^rrc^eAJDOOo anSardhanam S. Disappear- 
ance, onajob AOomobocneocBn Arb. oblfiKB^cob 
«iD*Qjo6>jiic^YilP. Tanish, as Gods. <m, (o^o 
dji^ Brhmd. 


intervene. Qj1(£ao (no. Bhr. will not enter. 

<6rdrro)SacOo axi5arbliagam s. inside. 
<9ronTS)aE^da an&annuda s. with inmost joy 

AB4. . 

(6rZ)orOKgpC/)o a&Saryagam (bid'q(oibi (ssobI 

Bhr. Inward sacrifice. 

c6rt)rroxgj9^ an5ar7ami S. Inner guide, soul 


<6r2)orc^o!jr^ cerz^rro^oLinsnl aii5arTa(i| -^ 

▼atni 8. Pregnant (po.) 

(®rdrrc)Q!JXA>o anSarraBam s. LiTing 
(6<rdrrc)Q!j3QO<d>ab axi5ar?aha'ya& 8. 

ao>sjo^) nooel (Sio. Qod AB s. 
cStdrY7nrn|^3aJo an5a8tabam s. Bomii 
(6rDrro)3Qjrr\)3cail anSavasayi 8. < 

Barber po. 

(Sfbcv5)o^oy cs(^cct5)0^svo anSalaixii- 

1. The cross plank in a jangida. 2. 

before window. 00. Q2§a to lay ban 
Vi. ». 

(Sf^cc^O^ an5a}am ((ODcnooq. ▼.)Prid* 

mindedness. den Y. — Yi. (mDOQ^oftidai 

cQi^prO^ anSi Tdbh. cnxng), ETcning 
called QQjcnP; both Joined maoPctyo 

cnocfo (BiO(nDl(0a Mnd. siDoni^ocB^oflLo t 

continaally. iBiooreD^GB^oati) it is late. (Sioc 

(om aj6m^5>a)39iB ffioabS^oD^oanredfl^ pi 

not continue the work beyond eve. 

Cpds. (8Aac£^:^QjgLj red sky. (bio*^ocb) sxxj: 

CG. A golden plough. 

(Bid(ni^(8R&lr^ the cTcning light. (B1os^^< 

«e*(S9o AOB (^^ cucm^g^ marks of 

ordered household, howcTcr poo 

ancestors require the light. 

(SiO(TCDl0ai4) (8. crco^orDocoo) Tubei 

Polianthes; (mcr£\ZQi<£\ perh. th< 

or Mirabilis Jalappa? Eh. 

maocD^eoOOc&oftob KU. a ParadeTata. 

OTdonDlcmoaieB^cdab a med. plant (0iD*6>n 

a. med.) 
anoa^cs^O(0a n1ght*s rest. flDttomaasR 
f£i<A Ao'idAionD Qjro«§ TP. 

anaiS^Qjlftiea ookaa TP.soiocnilm 

aQSlQjifl.(6Hi1(nD anrMdeooil TP. 

($r{)ra^l<d)oa]i5ivain S. 1. ((nDoiSl ant 
site) Near esp. Loc. (nDonS)^^^, oS^smdoi 

9a> QjcHD CG.=(Bia§«<8a; a^oob (SiMnr 
tUKl&9A (prayer) may I draw nigh I 

2. (<noao)o) what reaches to the end. 

acSl«>eoc0 ssmDo KB. puniahment II 
till death. «fiD<iA<o»09to caoooHMb 

me^raioQcn— (&dcmo 


(Crcnnnd)— (®rwba-i 

AssAAORflAo 1. ft 2. 

KSmod.j<oab ftadondivaraii Hasr. 

nal Lord. 

intTMHS. («i»(Ta)o) Final, last. iBiaa^ 
hr. burning ibe oorpse. 
inb a low eatte. 

Alltnni 8. (sanoaoKOo, O. enteron) 
I, Bad. oommonly ibt^iq^. 

|o andStain 8. m. (8io^ao)3fi.o, 5>oq 

•What swings, a litter. 00. o®o) ajo 

Hals. iBII>3CB3^4>)QLJ9QO<0>n09lb Bbg. 

ankin bearers. 

i^W> 8. swinging, agitated. flno'eocB^ 

T. waxed donbtfol. 

andham 8. Blind, infatoated. oioauxD 
asTDdon CO. also aiacTU)<d)ib the blind. 
iOr/QLOob, — crwatAch Camsa, the prince 
blind Ca. — elsiioskm (BidauXDO^oriD 
^ Mod. thunderstmok. — oocaMn, (Bio 
. blindness. [oQ^ ^ ^ Mud. 

K9(Do 8. darkness. cBiDau)^9(D<0a6neo 
*^9^ 8. great darkness (po.) 
1301(0^ (perfectly dark) a hell. (Bio'$[p 
lacneao «i9«o Mad. 
iO (see (Boomaao) bewildered, fool, 
ce oMnua^WjOf (mooioofiL^d^ Oojo^ 
flDCni)9ji)g^(9n to bewilder. (Siocnud^ 
•ewOderment. [Pasture, food, po. 

Y\3 andhaMfS. (G. anthos. Soma plant) 

Ho annam 8. ((sioemo) 1. Eaten, food, 

riee, Urelibood. tsncmo^ocno meat and 
[po. also ABorKDcroo). anoom3j(n^o food 
iment. eaxbsscoo <4Da«eB taocmo QfS\ 
mo TCh. support of king. 
^agqi^-UD^a BhagaTati. 
ms^ green Titriol. 

W aonam (and oiomvsb?) Tdbh. ooo 

fwaa or goose, hence (SDrDCB/cmo. It is 

lisd tor its walk ft as being able to 

te ailk odxed with water. aj3(2jln]b <d)Qj 

(DODO aojosifij CG. A^atd) Q-joono o^coib tsta 
nmcBBch Oqjocv ai&fi aoj9<8KTT)a^9S)aj HK. 
I follow the great as crows the swan. 
(BiormQ^aaos^ the swan standard 6. 
(Sioomar)S4aa9(d(DR»l, fiioomo flDS>sna> Qsoms 
c»ocb RCiO9.=o0o(rcco90looi. 

cS'Onnnrch annal (prh.=(BiDomo n.) A bird 

of stately walk, flroorryabeonA cnscsyDcfe Bhr. — 
crying Toice AiocmQaj or?) a^[^ croaoxtno 9^ 
^cns CG. — The 2 birds are distinguished in 
CG. '•RKmoBch 9aj95)ai cnsoTMinrol) aj)onr>3Qai 
(inoaTM>&J9g-]05>ai (9>(oaa9 ojlsor) children imi- 

(Sf^CCfd anni} M. (T. C. tmchc^ from tmo) That 

day, then a>aniQ(m. Bhri. ever sinoe I saw. 

csom «>ajQ0anDo 1. the price it will then 

fetch (doc.) 2. a certain tenure. 

mtxtDcm day by day. (Sionmono aj«nr?fi)ji)^ 
by daily work, sajsq^or) aiscgjan^Onrn ma. 
c^D^fetn) Qjro)<e)Q(^o Qoismo TR. from timo 
to time. aiDon^aneiiB the production of that 
day. 0O3(mas fisn^ (a)$>§yor))<da CG. (gos) 
I shall at once be flogged. 

(Sr^obo^, (Sr2)CY^ ahbll, ambl} T. H. (C. Te. 
(Bioaba), Tu, (Bioo^) l.LoYC, affection, (bio 
9aij9^ O(d)9§(0Rft9(9b (Siog^ (proT.) (nocruooofob 
(gcnJOQ if love fails, the right fails aleo (of 
family connection, joint possession), hence (sm 
cnjo ^cn^o KU. (OiocnDgyocars) 000:^ OBo a>ain 
§>)9cmai atooi/ejo YyM. 2. also trust, devotion, 
(mrsbojaao (sioQaiJO^ aiaiji^ormnb Til P. (sio 
cQJOo (Bi^^p^rbb ^a£\ KeiN. (oooueio ojcan 
(BO. oojosp^oa^ cucnSI:;^ CG. isidcnj^tab o^^ajQ) 
hence (Biofixm^o loving d^nourn (BIO. oncnj) RC24. 

eosQa)or)nbOQjo)or) (adxrbRC. dear child. 
(Bionbounb 1. lover, friend. (Btocrur^rbb (Bionboj 

Odo QjoufDlrgb QjoiiOQo Bhr 2. 2. husband 

0aj(aiO>c>;>c0sribajnb RC118. 
(Stonbo-JcB) (po.) to be fond of, connected 
with. aiaaboSlajnbcmcm Qjo>88« the 
very merciful. ^§^Qj)9gy9^ dMn6 9d)i06TP2o 


(S^(^ — csr2)m|0QQ;o 



cr)o — <®rofr)«jCQIo 

CBKlbojaoQj CG. the arrow conBisting in tho 
^lanoe. ^ifcA annbroiejo (sion6aja> 00 ^Ja^^ 
cvS\ CG. abide, dwell. a>3fiRJo)rofiQQ05(njo ud 
?at(06i(Q Anj. residiBg. ajlipdn^osyo) ^/kS^cw 
wS\cn Qj\S\:eQsmci} RC. (=&ea) ci^anai9CB>lai 
cnlcmoudsyo) Qj)^<3ajocBi^ CG. quickly, (eio 
n6ajlor)3<b A3<3rDOo)ro3 (SojajdhcX) CG. were en- 
gaged in. 

(S^(y)j> anyam S. 1. other, chiefly in S. 
compos, bnt also (BTOcn^ dasoinb MR.=0«)ooo 
ascunb — (8K>on}aa3<b others, strangers, also 
(OIOCQ)^^ Vi, (8ioon|(0) diversity. 2. descent 
iBidc^oonlcno Qo-iOcd), (Sio. (^slQ(^<d> the family 
to bo extinct. (=(OiO(r)-is;oP) 

(nocn^no^rnlcSnorDnb of another caate. 

(5R)fn)® elsewhere (po.) 

(SioroiLOo otherwise taiooOjUQMn-io, micn^i^o^^ 
nemo change of mind, acting contrary to 
(BioonjLOsanJn OJ.aigM'nrTo qj<^3 KumK. = 
eiOOOo,micnt^yfXiJo(Ljo^ to refase. (Siooo^ 
LOO (gaj1<fl»an^ is irrevocable (a corse)- j^ 
Q^(a!^(Oicib «d)6jaD (8!OCTO)LQ3^o<9«'<^so KR5. 
cannot be altered or avoided. 

(BTOCT>.LO!)ajfob((8TonO|UiOrt>b) of different nature — 
(SiamjLOooj^g another man^s. 

(SiocDjeo at another time, sometimes. 
(SjooHjaaa^o Nals. servitude to another. 
(Siocnj e:^o=Q_ifO0ai^o. 
i8idor)jS)aJ^(i@<o> distinguish (Sf^(a^o Xi\cm oa 
ciDOfflia (8!0C2)«aj§«®3Jg (Tatw.) 

(Siao^f03^<8»3<b MB. foreigners. 
(BiDOQiQjoa03dte to transfer. 

anoanjOCQiDo for the sake of another. 

d&^iCQpWo anyayam s. 1. injustice fwacn^^^o 

(8K>cnj3QtDo oQcn Qog^oaai^ caomojnb dn^anaii^ 
d9)Q(DcSlor)36 Si P 3. Brahmans demanding re- 
dress- (modern usually cni3CD;^QO'(0>o).(Sio. 00) 
6m<fl8 ojonaiacnio Bhr. unlawful. 2. cause for 
complaint. g2aj(0n (8ioogj9Ct2;o ^sneocaTlrsfc (Syr. 
doc.) S. M. complaint, suit. eBid. oaicds), 5>jii 

^, 6)n33^ f.i. (sioxiob onloobo a 

Qjii^ (jnd.) (noajob ^aasicn siJ>^z 

<^S)nbo (810. (QT^<aia« ; (aioedaicmailiBb ma 

(80. QQj^ ojooQj TB. the disputed 1 

Qjaa<>)s<S0rbb ooi^ cro. ska^oD^, n 

scoi^fno (m3^^(0nl(Db 010. 96Qjxjulgj)^ 

(8ioaj^croQ(d9 cnlaa6>fl.s)Aa9r^ 9«>3o^c 

Oc&cXxvj^cQnoo, (BIO. (ucxb;ooTB. shall p 

you. i. (mod.) the plaintiffs (siocn^oc 

ti. (Btyi^^:a;o rDoenb the plaintiff B. 

02^0 (a^^an)a)c)o MB. 

(8iooQ)9CQ;S)g_j^<d)=((Sionn)Oca;o 8.) to 

complaint. (s»^ ojl^oioroldStarxoPa 

sued for consideration of his olaii 

Qujocnj MB. the p. under litigati< 

(BT03aj(fifialj^ (pid.)(0RKTn^Qi;3(S;5>g_|c 

(®^^)0[)jOOo anyfinam S. Not deficient. 
fiDWmo CG. unspotted. (Biocn.or>fDac/Do 
Mud. most tenderly. 

<®^C8n[}i any 6 (S. from (mocn^o, or=a^ 
1 . Without (sioQm<d>o (Sio9mj alone. 2. 
0(QT^io tmoooOj 05)oo9rcBaj^ ®g^ P^ 
(St^cn^ other, besides. (8ioo)siS9^(ob(Bio( 

<aiooo TB. 

(®ft) 3^3(2^0 anyonyam s. ((rorg,! 

1. One another, mutually. (siosaOiOrr 
mutual dependence. (Sio^nnixnijj) 
TB. 2. friendship, (sio. ajfisa^a) to b 
Ti. jiiocub)(as>0(b a^daad^TD (8iD3cn.o 
Q-A9glp^ TB. lived on good ten&s v 
QJ6X0 (Sio. (St^aol gained over TB. 3. 
a^cjudg^3cak> (=c3(^Q)^(SJUo) Yi. 
(81030^ 9cin)0<BR§ enmity Yi. (2). 

(SCbcn^Wo anvayam 8.((Biocid-f-s)i. 

(sro(o>3m-icD;(on)n8aKob ^snedco; (osnodaai 

2. logical connection of words (=:a_i(0| 
fiOicnuo) (8ionr)jGB/ajo<^o Tatw. the wc 
which it is constructed. 

denY. (Siomjaiilcfla to construe (grai 
Qilaj6%a9mc;d3(nr)jo (8io*^cS)fin^ K 

ttmLKKU — (Sroojcn 


(QV^ojiU — (6V?)aJ(D3 

Ja0s6o (?) aaTaTdf aftfL&l Bhr. 

K^Uaed fts aeeoiid«ry leienoes, viz. 

'^^''•) [BTer. 

9 aaTAham 8. (^ooa + (noiot) DaUy, 
D anntem 8.<ADad+£)Coimeoi- 

-A«/ai3cnJiViBo bloody, etc. 

a:^ ailTlkia 8. (^oeai) Philosophy, 

ko ft 4BA3nr)Jcfia)iaio sought. 

ler, March aiDo09cno9cr)j:£ao 6>iii29'. 
00 «e. inTestigfttion (jud.) 2. oare 
■M^arumb aoi'smi^^i^ MR. does not 
KOAf^xi roo^ 180*090^ oxmooib TR. 
'ernment thonld be entrasted to the 

lUan 1. to seek, inquire, investigate 
acn^rfio^fas. 2. to care for rdonaio^ 
nmxB^ «D*^(CBaiD KB. cnoo (sio'cdQ 
)• TR. the coontry under my charge. 

8. (O. apo — L.ab—) off—, ftre- 
Dnfoanded with oioaj.— Priyation, 
r, Sonth (opp. grob). 

abaYa4am (S. better (siDoiaiso) 

adTcntnre. fey Mud. 

snoo abayara^ain S.Withoatmer- 

Ve abft-yaiiam 8. Detraction, deteri- 
«aV. — (£Q)<afi to scorn Vi. 

abayanuQ 8. (& anooj^co; po.) 

ungratefal. croinoas) ono. ajoso TR. 
'a»9rDaj^u:9cn9oi9COjCn9o sidoob teio. 

1 oak^ Saj9$KB/ab C€h. 

1 injur ioat. ~ denV, — (S^^ask (Vi.) 

Wl, cW>a-i^oro?| abaTfirti, — 

u Infamy. 

b ftba^ttam 8. (coo) Departed im 

AM 5. boldly. 

lojcoaW disappear, be lost Yi. 

(S^oJiLJCSlfoabaJayams. Loss.tsioajjjSliTAoiost. 

(Sriin \f\ ^3(Do abaJanUQ 8. Mistake, affront. 

(!SfdQ^ikj\<B^(a^ abajikfaum 8. & M. (oj^^) 

8crophulou8 swelling (=ajy(0s9(on^). 

(Qi^ajmcQio abajayam 8. (better (siooj— ) 

Defeat, rout. fiXLjons® (mcBeil<Bb (eiodjnctvog-j 

§ q61q{}o ajorD0ocEui Bhr8. Qtmoejjl mt, «>d)0 

snecSlon^ MR. disappointment. 
(Sre)aJ§ aba4ll 8. (qj§) Weakly, sick (po.) 
(6t0aJrO)jo abatyam 8. ((BtDau) Offspring, soonb 

aiOaj<^oanoi Bhr. I wish for a child. 

(6r2>ajLOo abatham 8. Wrong roadE=aj1tf> 

(S^^clJAMp abathyam 8. Not salatary, want 
of diet. (8iooLjm)c»o «> jiSgyo^ a med. (SiDojfO^ 
ScfiCbfimo 6>jii^ ind. [trick Vi, 

CS^eLJdQC/do abaf eiam 8. Pretence, disguise, 
0Sr?)Q_jrOCQ;o abanayam 8. Removal; bad direc- 
tion. cs^sx)o !BTD*09(iri jisesni^ Bhr 8. (=(810 
Gti3^Do), [Prevarication. 

(SrZ)o.jOQ|9caXo abanyayam M. (mo^jsi^waio 

(S^Q.J(a^LO abapratha 8. Dishonor KR. 

(S^o-lCZorOo abaxnanam 8. Disrespect, affront. 
006)20 (810. cLia8(mQ)lca)oejo cn^cds eojQQaocn 
0oaD colCfiBJdvl-^ TR. I took your insult for 
an honor. QeojisrijOa^emaBo (8iOQLj0O(T)9<ds^ 
oiaasro)! insulted. — denY. (8iOQ-j0O(T9<aB. 

C^oJ^r^j abamftyQ S. Yiolent or sudden 

(Sr2)aJfOo abaram 8. ((Bioouo) l. Latter, follow- 
ing, other. (Sioajroe^ooo next day, (STO^oja&o 
the 2nd fortnight. (8ioajrD9aQo afternoon (opp. 
o^qio). 2. hinder, west. [vanquished. 

(SrZ)a^rD38«|ro^ abaraji5a]iiS.(ajrdoe$W>)nn- 

(€ri)a^(03UJb abaiadham 8. l. Offence, guilt. 
«iaiieaiil9QB;os ^cS1q» «no. OiiS^ TB. 
against tho C. 2. esp. trespass that implies 
loss of oaste. omaijakSoeaiRilonD ojojiiaio mo 
ajroocjocoioncno (^dds in civil oases pleading, 
in criminal the ordeal. oiDORSS^jcnajnilaiD 
ci^Sfl^(Si (Qff^Sicho (810. Q,9^ TR. she 

(SrOoJtOl — CGTOoJ^oCOo 


CSf^tLJX^ — cerDCSaJDoOb 

fell through P. H. eooobo (sioaroo^no eo 
cb<da TP. — (BR>QjrD9CO(nrdl a fallen woman. 
denY. (BiooLjrDouS^eSs to offend, rain, debanch, 
with Aco. fiJOdob (SioojOfi (Bio^^glg^ TR. with 
Dat. oTas>z0<£)» (Sio'essoaeo proT. (01000)8^ 
00(013)1010 5>Aajcjocujo oinrmn dnoajroxjoicds 
(wyA TR. as she transgressed the rules of 

csrDa^roliardlnnnab abaridhinnaiL Bhg9. 

(BiQeucS^^MQ^ch S. AR3. Undefinable, incom- 
(StQcLJ^C2|rO\) abaiimiSam S. Unmeasured. 

(groo-ifDlalrtDDcnnaajofDlcjo^ Sid D. [scarce. 

((Sl^(iJ(^Q-k> abarubam S. Monstrous, oddi 

(®rDa-J(g(D3rifKVto abardksams. (ojsrDOdQ&o) Not 

unperceptible. (Sio^dOAiflBtoomo knowledge of 
present or visible things EciN. 

(iSV^a^ajCbo abavargam S. Final emancipa- 
tion. (BiDQjoj^cn?.^ = «aoj9ftio Tatw. 

(S^cUQJO/^o abavacTani S. Blame, calumny. 

(Sioojojoe) calumniator Vi. 
(S^cUOJO^enOo abavaraQam 8 . Concealment. 
CSf^a^OdGfUo abalabfam S. Solecism. (8io'0 

§^3^(0) Q^06)g-j^(d)ari^ prov. 

(^a^rroaj|o abasayyam S. Right, not left; 

from the left to the right. [ajajatfl. 

CStOa_irn^OOOo abasnanam S. Funeral bathing, 

(^a^or^3rOo abasmaram S. Delirium, epi- 
lepsy Nid. gojihofDo (Bioajnf^<^(0n @D5>gyoro1 
<fl»Gio KR. forget. [ni^. febrifuge. 

(S^a.JQO) abaham S. Expelling. eQ-irooojoOo 

(Si^Q-iQDfDlj96^ abahaiikka S. To rob, extort, 
purloin, ajaO<fi>c)o, ct91gjo ^ojooi^SJ®*^^^ ®®' 
MR. acquire by fraud. soDg^^OD (OiO. Bhr. 
steal the heart. 
(Bi9a.jQOorDo S. taking away, robbery. 

(S^rDa^oODrrOoababasam S. Derision. (Bio*<S.'CRAO 

5)5 (SSQ0(Ob 5)6)9^ Bhr. [0(6Ȥ. 

(€<^a^3<d>o aba'yam S. Raw, indigostion, ojoat 

($rt)a^OoCA) abangam S. (tsaoj) Outer comer 
of the eye. .oiGBuajoajoocosocosajei^soco^a^o 

Nal i.=a>s<fiA6n6. 

0SVZ)a-^^o abatramS.Unwortby, unfit r 
cocno (010Q-J9((3)m1a]b €)A:i^^ KB. 

c^TDo^ddonoo abacTanam s. BemoTai, 


(STDo^oOOnrb abanaiL 8. ((8»aj+(Bior 

wind from behind. m^ 

as^o^OCTurGTI abamba5i s. ((oida^ 
(€roaJ0CQA>aba7ams.((8»ij+£>) i.c 

danger. (Oio'6a8c)o oxmo^ gajsavcoBcb 
ojordlaS^ronrDo (8iaQLj9CB;a\^9cno FT 1 . 
ous place. 2. loss, death, o^olco; 
QiTJiato^ cuSlgJojOflia^ TR. fled with gi 
(8IOaj09Or)3an9tO§o ^6)S Odlg-jOO^oan 
fell. 6>Qjsl6)d>09r« (BIO. Oinno were sli 
fi)ft (BIO. QJOBanon TR. put to death. 

(StrOcUDCSlDo abartham 8. Senseless. 
i8id'Qjlac/3:fi3o absurdity. 

(S^ojI abi S. 1 . G. Epi = dnofil , in comp. 
over, also, and iBTOoJjIji), unooj^r^ po. 

(SvqqJKoooOo abidhanams. ((sioajn) ( 
cSfDa^((0)ro\^ abntratvam s. Being 

son. a®(d)aJ{[3K0)-lo OK) (8(010)95 d^9a0 

(S^o^o^o abubam S. Flour cake. 
(Si^aJC^o aburyam S. Unprecedent 
uncommon, tu. (8yO(a!^o. 

(Sfb(S(Lj<B:Q^ abdksa S. («ioq-i + su <3aft 

ing for, expectation. 2. M. desire 
(0)(C8CUonb ^MnifiRi^GaiiaA cooo ibio. Sijii 
I beg the H. C. also (Bioso-kfifiio f. i. or 
(Bn>«aLj(0fiiQasT9)9S)S c^^<ff!^ TR. entn 
by letter. 

(Biooojacbl (Sn 1 . to expect. svTDg^ (Bto* ^ 
if you wait a little. 2. to entreat, 
Loc. & Ace. also ajg^aeblcm (Bi09ajj 
orOiOnofDlaA (BR>*^, daxnisoiHcaiirab 
^ Qscm (Siti^(tjd^j^9(A TR. if t 
should once beg for peace, (oxno 
9ii(0)lonD i8io'<dsaio MR. 

(^(Bq-ioqOo aboham s. ((Bionj+fi'sc 

tainment ^qoOOOojOaOdeld^i^fob jx 


denY. (Bio^aJSoD^an to judge rash 

(SrosvvJ^OiQ — (S>t)|^Oo 


(€r^6)Q^3^ — (gyOQ-nfi.V? 

^Sf^6kiJfOfOi(SrQ^(Q)o abannddyam 8. Kot of 

hnman origin. «o*(SM).iofisnBi(d)lmDBhr. (i.e. 

«ijaaoc)ocfle). [after cbjocoo KB. 

(SrZXSo^XgJ^CZb aptdryamam 8. A ceremony 

(SrZkilj, cS<rCa^arpa,appn8.(pl. ev^ajs) Water 
flBgjidi6)S.Qa>99^ eikucotKMmo o^im Nal. 
SOififiaOQrnl (Bio^jWcn^cnosniXBil KeiN. 

C&Do-i appa T. M. A oommoD weed, Ageratam (So. 
Asusoo^^) GP64. <d)9§^OP66. Ceanothai 
oerole* Rh. Asajg.) ete. 

<POa-Jo l^pam T.M.C.Te. ((SiOa^ajo, 4B»g-p?) 
Fried cake, bread. (BiDJ>QQd (D^cuonb flio^ 
aad^ cnWl^ CO. fliog-jo 0&j(D:ij^(ab 8i P. ajoa> 
acaVsb 5>ajno>^o Q-j9sS2;a\:ajo (SiOg_j0SQ(^o (m<S\ 
ojsmajo BR. (for parrots). 
eDg_]^s>3ron6 baker — fliog-)^^ OTen. 

(Sfao-jS) appa4i T. (o-js^) Thug, Tatw. 

(55a«jCtb appail T. M. C. Te. (To. mother) 

1. Father; al«o among Nambaris, father^s 
brother cm^s SiJiio\<SL'Q^ch (& ja3ioog_jnb) 
TR. oojgjjg^ ft (loo.) fliog^jirdnb father-in- 
law, aiog_}aafi) mother Yi. flUDg^ocdn father's 
mother Yi. fl»gjig_}nb (loo.) grandfather. 

2. used honwif, t i. a 8adra tribe> (SiOg^naoib, 
Gods o^gjocQJx'SRig.jab Siya (^(flsor^Gg/D^^ 
KU. Brahma. — (RD^nbojlrMib thamb. 8. need 
interj. := et^/sm f. i> (Bff>^nb 'snog-jcib sp$7ch (tncao 
Ttt. nrynjksoib a». (=nn. cr^em). — Yoc. (bio 
g_^ moQ^T^ mogujyo, (810^9 m>^ (loo.) inter j. 
of pain and sarprise (comp. (moOjord 9). 

'^Q-jOCSS appa4d (aj9S ) Thus CO. 
'OTaJl appi (C. T. Te. <siOgj|a> to clap on) 

1. PlMter=iiA«)!^. 2. dirt, children's talk 

Yi. S. urethra B. 

gji 1. aDgJ c^fl^^^f^s^^o ^M. (of a breast- 
vo«iid)« 8. M. affectionate appellation of boys 
Li. c^siri>D (OO^Agl db thos 4 Npr. 
<TO^Oo apporamM. T. (ojoo) That side, be- 
yond. oDgjoQjosg-l^^o'^^^n^Qcnvc^^^^ 
withoat hesitation. ^00 ^ooio qnogjoo TB. 
■Are than 100 yemrt ago. 

(S^6)q^3^^ appolntU (po.) & (8io9y9cX> T. M. 

(5>Q_j0tf)That time, then. (BjOgj^gijgcX) at times. 

^6m0DQ»9rtA (8io«a_|o«ip ^£i craca;<eft9o TB. 

as soon as he is better. (BTOAg-jOQSP @SO«B6n">o 

Anj. at once, opp. cn9e)A. 
C®fO(Q-J<6>DC/9o apra'yasam 8. Secret. — c^o 

not to be manifested. [poerless acts KB. 

<Sfl>{^af\(Bia2i'yQj apra5i'yannaY9 8. Doing 
(€rt)(Q-^rc^<6>3c^ apra^iYaryam 8. incnrabio, 

of «(090DO PT. 
<!&0{Q^OS)\(^ apra&imam 8. incomparable. 

(S<^(o^rbnrDLoab apraSiratliah 8. without an 

opponent Bhr. [ — (st^ot disappear. 

(Sfd((Ljr5}io93S[^oapratyakBam8. imperceptible 

(®ri)(a^UJ300o apradhanam 8. Secondary, 

(6rZ)^(236^nOo aprama^am 8. Of no conse- 
quence, falsehood. — (8io(Q-^a9sn?)a>nb liar. 

(SC^{a^QC2i^Wo aprameyam S. Unfathomable. 
010. (a-)soajo Bhr. «stt>. ^so Nal 4. 

(9^(a-jCQ;asr)o aprayatnam s. EMj(BtQ*9mmn 
cro9cju)(eao KB. so (8id'a^3i;9cn3o. 

(9rD(a-j(ScQ;D8QOOo aprayojanam 8. Useless. 
(®^(a-|aj<e<&^Qjio aprayaktayyam 8. Not to 

be uttered AB. 
(S^(Q^orOoC/)o aprasan^am 8. Unconnected. 

(S^(a-jrronnno aprasannams. Displeased, (sm. 

cnlngaioBrhmP. 0io^D^<d)9on9 cnc^cSo a®o)(s> 

(8i0(a^cro99o (ms>om m^ actio TB. regret much. 

(5^(0-^06^61 aprani 8. Sickly, miserable (vu.) 

(5^(0^00^0 apraptam 8. l. Unattained. (8iO(a^9 
a^d»)9ej^fl.9CD;cujiicD«S8c)oPT. illtimed— (ora(a-)9 

au|0 Bhr. unattainable. 2. M. (sroojoa^nb 
incapable, orooq^oijo (eio;a^9vi^cidoMB. imbecile. 

C®rO(Q-JlcQ;o apriyam S. l. Odious. (r>^<Q9 aj 
a6)rD (S10. (sr^fOttn TB. 2. dislike (Oio. (d)9^ai. 

(0rt)aJ(O^nid8>6oap8ara88n'yal8. Oandharwa 
women Bhg. and (ai[OAJa>(a^a>cX) Bhr. 

CS^OiD^Jo aphalam S. Unfruitful. (Oioa£^&jno9CB; 
CTVroa_kdJl KB. (castrated?) chiefly of barren 
fruit trees. ajlaj9Qj (8K)n£i2Jo ool^ ajspl^^ TB. 
deducting barren and young jack trees. 6)(0)«a§, 

(grwQjttJUo— c®ro«1 



A^«09 ete. (gidaoej0O^ Qqj9c£) MR. beyond 

(S^oiT)^ E. Appeal (S1O.Q5OJ9u5^g^(0S,(8TOo 

cola)rD)<dn MR. 

(^Z eajrUUo aBaf dham S. (unboand) l. Irrele- 
Tant, mistake, miBOondact. (Sios^s 09906 cn\ 
Qnmds (810. GuOfini^QaLjOCB/i SG. impertinently. 

SiAosn^ (oD ojlsl^ by a slip of the hand. (Bid 
6QJ@1}0O3^ fiKusg-onQfai) zS^ea^ qjWio MR. 
by mishap. 2. untrath, falsehood. (SiajjSKY) 
00. cunBeoi^ deceived. 

(S^evXirb lAar a. Character, respectability. 
<BK>« s§^9sno):unb (MpL) 

(Sr^)6ajajnrb aBalaiL s. Weak, siiiy. 

(Biosmoj woman, po. 

(Sirt)6aJ9£LiCYb aBalaiL S. No more a child, cm 
cSIqj 6)(8.D'5nsajnb (Sio.'cnos^ KR. 

C6r^6y^oaB]amS. ((8i0g^)Waterborn, iotas. 

(TOom nb moon (po.) [^oon, year (po.) 

(SrdSOJo aBd^am S. Watergivlog; cloud; mon- 
(SrZ)6Y^'^ aBdhi S. Water-holding, sea. 
<&OfSoUS\ abliangi What is unpleasing, so 

oS^aso (810* (deo qq^ Q<se30 &@@ PT 1. 

(StZ)/§CQ^o abhayam S. 1. Secarlty. 1810. ^roBoio 
cusmaBiooiario CCh. aJHsom (sio. gsneoo ARi. 
2. promise of protection or pardon, am, (OicS^ 
SiSicm a^o^iob QjWn^rDnna ARe. begged for 
quarter. (8ioaj(s;o oQdjgcXxdQ (a)CTa)f»cX> Q^cm^ro 

CTQ)(T)<b BC63. so (810. ajO<d>, Cljl^<d), OjaidEh, 

Ao^rbb (810. 5)^ons, (i(j)6>nm ro<fifia>S(0A6rno qq 
nm (810. aj<da AR. (810*093^ surrendered on 
discretion. (SioscB^eocno, (810. 6><d>9^(fin to save 
and protect. 8. in Mai. a sign of protection 
which Rajas gave with the hand dipped in 
oil and saffron Vi. [f. unfortunate. 

C®fOeo^jo abhagyam B. Misery— (g^nb m.— cOj 

C0^/3DOJo abhayam 8. 1. Absence. (m(m\<Oicm 
fidcucmstorob aoea^ a>2caQ^o Bhr. 2. destruc- 
tion, death, nonexistence; negative, gram. 

cSt2)@3caQ6Ynoo abhasaQam S. silence Yi. [for. 

(®r^ abhi 8.(a. amphi,L. ob)Near, towards, 

(SrD/3l^(2l(66^abhikramikka8. Toatiaek(po.) 
(S(^fi\cn(S\dde\ abhi^amikka 8. To approach, 

go to (po.) 

(S^fS\SfiCno abhijanamS. Family, noble anees- 

tors, also (BIOS^sscboijo Bhr. 

(8ios^eQ9(a>c6 wellborn. 
(Qv^^sfloSVO) abhi^tta 8. Yictorioaa; a aaeri- 

floe, noon, zenith. (8iosleS)a]B(o QJ^c^jeSlooni 

moo cb;o0o KB. 

(S^^0^(n) abhijnaiL 8. Experienced, clever. 
ra9esocroaj9fi'Mioi>'0>jo PTi. 
(8iois^MHi9cno information, recognition, mark, 
cnog^oib (8io.*6i.TSRn cn^, (srospAgg oo/tiMiiBi 
d))6>ni(Kok KR. 

(Sr7)^uJ300o,— (SuucQJio abhidhananii — dhft 

yam 8. Appellation, name. [Delight. 

(S^3|or)OS)d96^ abhiiianfikka8.=Bimpi.KB. 

(Sirt)eV>lCQ;o abbinayam S. Pantomime, (Ooco 


(Srt)^00|(BaJCydo abbiniveSam 8. Eameat ap- 
plication, persistence. Qa>a>QBv)cru-i^o^(aA^e| 
6)^orofi)on)3ajoa:mo)SKab KB. 
denT. (Bio^oolcda, flnos^ooioLnc^nb. 

(StQ/Slo^S'S abhibnja S. Beverence. oaojA 
flooib (8io^a^63^nb UBssimpl. 

cs^/s\q-^ocq;o abhiprayams.(flioil+(^+a2) 

Aiming at, inteotion, meaning, wish, oooj 
cn^rA (8io.'093Gpro)cas) love him cordially. oy9 
astsa^siabo isio. import, gpjg cna^s mo. TB. 
my advice. oQfcm qQ}Co1(0a fliO.^c^^Q MB, I 
would suggest, that. 

(Sr?)^/3ajo abhibhayam B. OTerpowering.wo. 

cnlsinbo 0(d>aTo ajosnrro KR. 

CS^(i)Q^OS)o abhimabam S. Desired, chosen, (n) 
s>nbo (810. S)j&)3^ai state thy wish. 

cSt^viV^^enoo abhimantra^am 8. Bespeak- 
ing blessing, enchantiuflr, osp. of arms. 
denY. csi$c%CJUo(8ior^0;QC idan bless or ourae the 
weapon. cr)9rD9:D;smo(nruo Qg)^(Oiai 010.'^ ojs 
(0»o)QB;^9ob Bhr. (Sio.*^ i)>Qjoo<OQaoaA(«DA) 
^ca^uiTi^oft KR. coudecrated vesiela. 

(6t2><itoD — (S^zyskus 


(^rtiS^O — C®f^*£t^ 

&^S\f2000o abhlTninam S. Keen feoUog of 
honor, eelf-eeteemtarrogaoce. (SiasiaocDaoarn) 
QSiA6id^09n§ AB $• covered with ehame. ^^9 
s^Sixno pride of birth. 

ao^09cnl («ioeil03ro3j9nb Nals.) proud, 

hnoghty. <8io*a^c)o QcoKDe^cnnb Bhr. 

CAslaxiSWio oD^)ob fliaaabfol^ Bhr. self- 

ooBoeii, ambition. 
denY. ensleocnlasv 1. to make something a 

point of honor, feel oneself. ud<Q<if^QQcm (SO* 

^ ^rvipob d^eici) Bhr lo. 2. to emalate, fight. 

gx>aj3(^9S (Bio*g^3nb oQaonDona <&toa>6fno 

Bhr. s= 0(sn:^(fl». — 3. to honour, favour B. 

m£^aocn^9A^ ojrcBo Tu. disgrace =r9(0)3(g)„. 

^/f (^6Llo abhimukham S. Having the face 
towarde — (Bio.*e3Ct^ o_iO<d> face to face. 

(9&8)CQJ d&(d)nb abhiyoktah S. (beset, invoWed) 
Aisaalting e^daaojonb csnSj<B{witi (sie.) ARi. 
a^9sii9COo onset — denY. iOiQS^^'SiiOUD^disi to 

attack, press hard the enemy (=@Qd98a), 
^Qda«d>) Yi. 
(6fO^VorO)o abhiiaiani 8. <Oo) Delighted. 
oneVodao eharming Qj^od joe^^oanb deli ghting 

every one. Om<g>3;^(O90n 8iP. delightful to 
the eyes. 
(8d6Vo).aJl abhin^i S« ReUsh for eransxT)' 

CD. ^MTi^tbcA fi>.aSgjo AB6. 

(Sr^ilaidc^ilk) abhilaiam S. Propensity, lust, 
wish. ^jsa9i£iaj 9:030 own free will — also 
6i^ae^liJ)c(tl(ob (8io*:fiiQ(^gs.ijn{> Bhg. 
J*±aAfh cr^9o Bhr. a>9sn&onnr79)aja8's>^ 
ao.'(fi:{%ea)aib KB. 
aO;£)ai9i3^ desirous. 

flD^^3:£a)aB to long. j)95nz9ab (evo.'<Odcno KB. 
also (SB^dj^dStono (aLj9rDo oQCZcno) KB. 
aD:u^^askslejaBa)ia[»f)^snB9^ YetC. affection, 

lo^t- [<dn Greeting. 

(StS^curocTio abhiyandaiiaiii 8. denY. — oal 

^SIbfS\OLkdSyd» abUTanikka S. To rain upon. 

er^^lojDdo, — arOe,— Q|o abhivacTami 

— iuuuOf — cTyaill 8.8aliitafcion,aooosting. 

Bhr 4. (BIO'Q)0 (urols) jij:>^ a ju^ ojOAgj^ KB. 
took farewell from his mother. QLj)fm9.LnAvT) 
Q-Kia'j^ (Bio'smo 6) AiQ^ KB. (to one dead). 

(6r^ajo$YQir?lrz^ adhivandhibam 8. Wish 

Qxoo^i^oj. Bhr. 
(©fO^Cy fUUl abhivyffdhi 8. Progress, thriv- 
ing. ^rfiS) (TOCmoaLi (8TD. 6).aJ^:^ Arb. (TXg 

S9B5)& (&>S9i]!fbo rm<nnm TB. all my prospects 
rest on your favor. [curse. 

($r^)3lC/dDQ-V> abhisabam 8. False accusation, 
<S^fi\rQo^Cno abhiSangam 8. Defeat, impre- 
cation Yi. 

(SirO^(SoacidB)o abbisd^^am S- 8prinkling with 
water, inauguration or consecration by pouring 
oil, ghee, rico, pearls, etc. on the head of idolst 
kings, etc. ajg3i?«cai:0>o ^'ii£\^£^<Qio etc 
csm. Si oi^ 0S^QI3S>.O) KB. get thyself crowned. 
(0^ rD9^'3T;^eB)Qjjd9;ao (Sio. 6)uiJ^j^ Mud. 
crowned hiui king over both countries. 
denV. (HiOis'fi Qijji^aB, to crown, ea^j^^ch oQ 

Sicm<stQ\cS\ji^o^KR 4. — to be crowned <&>dj 

o36)e@.9a3b, a>3eQ3aj3aD ro30n6 (sroii^sanjii) 

g_]3ab 6ia8S)an§nrio KB. 
(gi3'^.iaSl<Oi9)n6 anointed, 
also (BToil3daa<ontfl» (?) 6)m^(Zil» ajy (S».i^« i^ 

d?l^ the rice is blighted by insects Yi. 

(®rOrs1r^O^ abhisyanffi 8. (trickling) Cong- 
estive (810il:^n9ljiiQB.-^rtjb OP 52. (OlDsi-^aal 
<i>.cX) Nidi6. 

(St^^oroorOa abbiBaram 8. Bendezvous. 

(8io.§icn39rD^(d> a woman who keeps an assigna- 
tion. z^x^scajwA mOi*&oa>ozu cno(S\zoh CQ. 
(araslcniorolihcyaao Nal 2. 

(SVd^laDrSV) abbiba5ain 8. 8trioken, sabdned. 
igajrD9ejo 9m!'cnoSi:aich Bhr. 

((S^r^cd^o abhiki^am 8. ((TOsIi a&icnmo) 
Continually (po.) [Fearless. 

(Sro^rzDob, (Rrz)/^(^ abbi5aii, abbira 8. 
(SrZ)r/)d^o abblitam 8. ((siD£l+e<^)^^l)o<i 

for. AID. CTOPuS)^ the wish is obtained. 

(CV^CSS^ — CSf6(Qo 


c6rD(2) — a&^QM 

<S^(2SQo abhficTam S. l. indifferent. (SojOib 
5)jiiQ(2i;3nb (0108^8030(2^ maintained an equal 
fight* 2. unchanged, cnlcrntai tm^z^xsv S(B(S^ 

-^ *• [impenetrable. 

leiDSsj^ (d^joi^o) nB2. not to be split, 

<®f?)gioC/)o, cs^i§jer«8lc6© abhyangam, 

— njikka S. Rubbing -with oil. (BjoSjocooji^o 
cy)o=co):^<fljfin f. i. eoTxnoQQjnnosnb (Bio'oo) 
ornlaai CDcmonotgg^Dsmocsill CQ. (bad omen). 

(S(^jyd&n9t abhyannjnas.Leave.cro^ewD 

«OBao<ob (BiogjQdMn9(0)cn3C(^ Br P23* with their 
permission. [internally. 

(S^r^pr^rOo abhyan5aram s. interval, — (sa> 
(Sf^^jC(\>cnoy (®^jOro|oe6> abhyasanam, 

— asikka 8. ((Oiocro) To practise, exercise, 

study. (8T0(fT)J688C>a 6)<Q>05r5 (BTO*^ CQ. (8T0((Tg 

Gro66UQB;o rDO0n6 (^cYTiio^aajfbbcnirrn (oro*^ ER. 

CY. (Bi0SjCrolgJ)<0s> 1. to teach, instruct. 
2. to educate. (OiO(n]goo(mj9at(d)S)2. aj(@)6)cr) 
(OTO^:^ Mud. (8io:xi(d» 'sro. PT. 

(BiaSjCrolgj YN. a lesson. 

(srasjocroo 1. exercise, practice, study. (oro^Ai 
roo — (8isa^coo-eto.6>jxJ^. — 2. ability, ac- 
quired thereby, ojemlasxb Qj^smoejo (3tos.o 
croo proY. a feat. 

(SiojjOcrul a student, practiser. cni(m.o/?joa\Sl 
(sr^cnfi)CD; QQ§<d^o, (Bia§j9cnS) d^slaiobproy. 

(tSr^OCOro^ob abhyagaSai 8. Visitor. mm\ 

ld)«>^o (stti'aao VCh. 
csr&g.rciD0OOo abhyntthanam 8. Rising to 

salute a new comer. (W»i^(ci£ocnoa) cro^ocoo 

(Sf^GWo abhyncTayam 8. Rise, prosperity, 
happy progress. «aaj<0)cX)(flS (BTa*(Oi^nmo5)^o 
s^o «Quorol<fi>c>5<o« QjlnDoodfljRainmDSjggLosn^o 
DM. (T>T3mos.aotwo8cX) ARi. 

(Sr^Q-JDCOb abhyubayam 8. Means. ©(in)(m 
QQm,e^sns (stQ, PTi. 

(6^0 abhram 8. (a. aphros) l . Cloud, vapour. 
2. sky (8ja(e®aio«)o Vi. (8TO(e«na^ofT8>iplQan(Bb g^ 
c«als^ejo KeiN. udo^o (8ioe9e./oQ{ma)Oflo a 

g^^ AR. 8.=(8i9IB^o, talo, m 
to fall from the sky, also called Siu 
med. in (o^ssooo etc. oidgjlodiio a i 

(Sv^£2) ama T. M. a reed 8aoohanim sai 
(81009016 med. GP. 

(S^dOhCnB^o amangalam 8. inauspio 
(S(t>Qij^(b amaddar t. a M. (=(sio09<t 
<S^(2^de> amattn-ya t. 8o. m. (=:(si 

To repress, threaten. 

(Bro0§ threat Vi. j^^j^ 

c&liCMy (fSfdQi(0dd6\ amara, — kka b 
I. (®rc(2)rOo amaram 8. i. immortal. 

(BiO0rDcij(b Nal. (SioS'O^d'cb Bhr. the Qo 
<&>^&j<di Bhr. heaven. (8TO0rD<£hcbQ-ia>< 
Asuras. (OTO0rD<&cX)ajronb Indra, (bio( 
his residence. 2. the 8. dictionary of (sn 
ooob also (eia0roSd)>9(fi3o. 
(BR) 0(0(0)^0 divine nature (Bio*(0)-1QJo a 
Qj)<fi«(m ^^crb; (sio® (the dung of 

ox) «CrDaul«gL-J0«9« oagiOo (810. Qjn 

ii.(S^(2)rDo amaram T. M.(V"(sio0ib) i 

of a vessel, elephant's hind part, abi 
ojisldOn to steer. 

(SftC2^y or (S^OJfDl amari, avariT.M 

gofera tinctoria (8. crflfijl) prh. V^ 
2. a sort of slipper or sandal Yi. 

(®f©(2)(TOd9>5 (TTb amarnya 5. i. To « 

settle. a_i^Qc0s) (Srdoeanscb (OTO0ns09Q n 
Bhg. stroked the deer. (8iO0(O^gu<d) b 
ground even. 2. to be seated, rest on. 
(TU)o (Biozcno Bhr 7. Qjl0omo(8TO0aiooninr 
6)jiJ^(b (eYO0®nmyo rtDcnjroonb Anj. tl 
residing at Perinchellur. ^sdSitmz^ (Oio 
down. 3. to be allayed (<0)OOQ, ilooo), < 
quiet. stajs^ooidQQGuonb (Sio. be subdue 
(8iO0aT)Ojnb grave, sedate person. 
(S^QJfDrrf) VN. abating of wind, fire, 
(Sf^Oilb (prh. Tdbh. ODSroo?) a1» 
KR. fight, battle. 0)cnfi)<0nSMD06s>jii^ 
(SToaj8rDos0(b aj>i^ qj)^0)^ KR 5. 
(BTO0(Ong.o battle-field, 
flnoaanoib warriors Yi. 

(StbQis^ — (6rz>(2^ 


(®rZ)(2J02) J — CS^^ €8« 

(fftOis^ VK.l. Calinii«98,ielf-gOTernment. 
i0. cu(S\iQ» eg) TE. peace will not be rentored. 
i, Bubjeciioii, seTerity. a^eacBOfiKD (90. 6>^Si9 
toQxab, 030)90^000 (BO. ajcoaaoisaioab TB. pat 
down. ^rx>C9Bc)D ©jxiQ^.TrwR^cm (8io*csyo cn\tii 

orders, aeTere threat. a>eanao^6>s fioLje^ 
xiiern Bioai^gjcn asrso-iJOTb TB. 
a. T. (®rCQi<j6fc, y gYQ) 1. To presB down. (Sio 
2i^ ojlsicfl* gra«p tightly. aLJXBndjl§0«i>aBo 
8iP4. swallow. {ga1«S)ii; (81000® KU. rendered 
trm. 2. toanbdue. 3i>)9Q_io(OiD2(^0a>(^Had. 
suppressed. ajS ©AO^ ©nirm (Broa<0n Mud. 
rufoJiJlaKT) (Bisza^ TB. overcame. oo((^d9R5)A 
irb. Q'li oo&o»95r^ iny^aa(>» Bhr. appease. 
CV. «02;^df mod. = (oiD0af) f.i. <d)yajgs 

ojis^^eajiiO jud. (robbcrsX 
CT. ggizrs6i\<a^ 
:5«22<»t)rtm5ii, cSftCblOTS^ amarettn, — 

fettn (Tdbh. (SiD^Tn) King's meal, aaaso'^Q 

64(^00 the king has dined. (aiO0S^G@ ojoOso 

difiiiinrn^ TP. see (Siog^tno. 
^2'D^.nb amaztyail 8. immortal ='8T0ar0(bi 

002 3v.nrosaBdo, (soz^oo^^^ KB. 
VCi^cSbb amaiibm 8. also .Bioe:^ ^^(q]^.u(7ao 

Bhg. Impatience ano'Sato^ Oji3q<!]Ij^ (Oi^ Bhg. 

rage — heoee: 

miT^^snyih «B^Zd£^ impatient, passionate. 

m(Ki<B»j 61 amahi'ya To low (So.if. in i. 

Sam. c. B.) [f. Too. AB. 

I90(2£3nb ^tnalali B. Pare, saint. — (noaSdU 
(Sfli2Bl\ tmali (T. ft 8. diooaj) Laxmi, hence 


■BZi^daa to aboond, remain in store Yi. 
(8^C2^ 1. Ar. amaL Collection of reTenue. 

«2a' 7h AmUdar. 2. H. amal. intoxication. 


^tfUl%\ amali T.M. i. Bed (po.ll.)(Biod>a8{i 
o^ataftkasn** (wa^^ojab BC u. ongya 
^<9t90ak ippswngaB <iJtt^AA9^ BCioo. 
!. turalt, affray; cry, wall. 
»2&)fia be tfovUed. GY. mflfiP^dMi Vi. 

(Sr^aor^iCu) amatyaii 8. ((oroao at home) 

Minister, counsoUor, also (Sta^Oi^^ch Mud. 
<DO(ii0^<b BC. — (SToaD^Wifm-io his offico. 
(8TO0>2)**^^*^^ family adriser Vi. 

(S^ZXZiOOOnjY^ (Ar. amanat) 1. vu. (8)O0dodo 
Deposit (BTO. 6>CLiAi aQgJI<9) TB. jiJIgj QJ^ 
ancb AcOa (810. 6)01^ & 6)cng>j ^oio (sroaocnso 
cb51 6>cu^ CT|j£fiS^g_jonb TB. (810. 6)<d»o§<fl« pay 
a deposit into court, before commencing an 
action cn^oolrm enm (a^<d>3roo (8io'09C(^)6)CU^ 
TB. 2. N pr. Mpl. 

((^(^Dinrdo^^ amanniam 8. Superhuman qq^ 
cs^o (810. cni(nD5)S ©So-io^tfiio Nal 8. 

(C^t2orrzy>> aman5ain So. Confa8!on=(8io0a^; 

No. frustration <fi»05gjo <sw. (3Tgjd9«l broaght to 
nought, (8io0oaO)S)gj5 was confused (Act. 19, 
S2 B.) (8ioaDOTOod7l5u oin was disordered, 

(3ro€ioaro):9«3(Ofib mischievous. 
CS^fflDfb (P. amora) Mulberry tree, Morus Ind. 

(S^QiDQJOCAJj amavasya 8. New moon (Sioaa 
ajocnTicnocb Bhr. 

(S^(2|d95^ca)Q amikkayiuni (see (snou) The tic 
of a ploughyoko (also jsio.i? — ) <0)anls)nbo (Sio 
Qjlojagi 6):usl (b:o(<4(JJSb MB. [(Sio^jliOs). 

(8100^ d3Q 1 . to fasten the tic of a yoke Vi . 2. see 

(Sft(S\C6\o amibain 8. Unmeasured, copious. 

(€rtC2l((V)o amitram S. Enemy. 

<Sft£)^(Biy $rvn amilnifa T. a M. To sink (=(8io 
0(Cd^), aaj3(u)(zi (8lO0)iL ^oj^CijUoft BC 16. 
absorbed in. d^fin5^ai0l$£D5ij>J3(oi BC4S. SKD 
ooloB/Oo QOOfljTOjalsfgea ^^^ CG. dwelling on. 
ojrtiymorDlrab (8100^1 j^QJ<b BC 54. threw them- 
selves at his feet. 

a. V. C®^^^«^ To fix, set (8iOiPd>>0(b «fl^ 

roiso (8ioa*jgj3 BC. put on. (0(or)«88c)o (Bwa^jg^j^ 

cB/ «)i>>obl0a>o KB 5. (^'313)) (Sioa^jgJ^slaD a» 

cujoifiiecb Bhr. [judge. 

(6tt)Q?1ob (Ar. amln) Person in charge; native 

(®rorflfb(Ar. amir) Emir wo^onaoA grandees Tl. 

(SftC^es^Si anmnnu'jfa T.M.C.(=«d0<»«») 

(S(^C^ dde] — (®^61Q)C£y 


(®rO(8(2D<^filo — cS^ooj rOo 

To sink, settle, be sqaeezod, as hand io hand. 

a. T. CS^^ cd&c6),ce^ To press down,8qaeeze, 
knead, turn food in the mouth. (Sid^dSal en) 
6)Od8« Vs. to stuff YN. rgiOQtdao. 
(Bio^(dan6 a deep rogue. 

cSTdC^oeeTlrDo amnkkiram gp 75. Vi. & (bto^ 

<66roo TM. a Hed. root, Physalis flexuosa ((010 
oo-icoou) S.) a med* against cough. 
CGl^C^(fV) amatra S. (opp. @qo) in yonder life. 

(S^Ci^<B>y=(S^cS\\^ q. V. amulttaya roon 

638Cfe (StQ^^^m Qjl@iU6nDfiJBc)0 KR. 

(Sft(^^^ amulyam 3. invaluable. 

<&0Q rS\> amf 5am S. 1. immortal (G. ambrotos) 
(QiO3<a)naorD3CEn^(bnnsoQ0aj)aibSil2. 2. Ambro- 
sia, Neotar (8ionbo)Qjo^ Qd)>9§Rno)9rbb (SogoDo 
proY. <S)LG9g(0)otho precious story Bhr. S.differ- 
ent fluids, milk, water, etc. tstQj^ cid o-jo^g^ 
S)<0)36ng Qn-joamno TP. 4. food of kings. (S)d 
g<mcsiO) (Si^amno king is at meal Yi. (Oio^asTOt) 
cno a>9cyo aj9i>>03c^ dinner time, alsO(OTO0fi)(^ 
C29, q. y. (BT3g@ ^-al<2^ B. 5. different plants, 
chiefly ^oogtzno Cocculus cordifolius, (Biog<i^ 
6)nbo onojo, roooo GP. — oojggjgfmo Heni- 
spermum cordifol. 
(6iDg<tn. 8. immortality. 

<SR>Qa^(^jy am^dhyam S. Not to be sacrificed, 
excrements tu. Tdbh. (8iQ5)0^o dung of birds 
Vi. fooeaao^.mlfof) <btd. ©§o(ab VyM. 
(8iO80!t^^0)<a;3cail oJTIonno Bhg. 

(Sc^Cb^<B)y s^CYCf^ ameynya T. a M. To be 

subject, Yi. agree. 

YK. (8ios>A0rm) what is included gj^^^scD 

<d>ib <SfQSiZc£\(U)\ &(9siOJib f^Wda£\ BC107. 

the whole town (=(S)dSc0ao 2). 

a. V. <S(^6\C2^(Be^ 1. To subject, join (grD<£>> 
OBCX) 6)d)>955)0aJTO) QdJiib s^jiiQca/oi RC89. 
mounted the chariot to which the horses had 
been put. s>ajgel6)<d)9§aj@ig)(D)cb (OiO6)S)0(^o 
RCiS5. silver spotted. ^5)CLjejiocB;9S9S)09(U)94> 
0osv9)CS^o (8iO5)0cds) RC 116. 2. to rulc, grant 
«YD«M)0(ORIR8^ Syr. dOC. 

C$r2)(S(2D^^^am5ghani 8. Unfailing, eff. 

(®rt)CQJ amba (T. (m^) Thick, stron; 
(Bionruccr)^ Qjuj) -an pall heavy loads, i 
(eioaii9g_j0^ rower^s song (comp. ^oi 
cm\c/)ib C. Tu. boatmen). 

<^«^cYU§orb ambattaii Tdbh.(ro>o6nj<^nb 
c®r0ofu^ aiibabu (oiaQo) 50. (mo-moa 

fDo aoSfDonm'onrrf) ojiplsKa; (oroSouo^ ® ni 

I. <®^cnJrbj (BKOnoJO A. anbar. Ambei 
6)aJ9nrryTLj(b (0)cr>rmft Ambergris). 

n. cSirocnJcb or (®r?)auoambar(ioo.)Thc 

an also some (Bioauos)(d>9^.TiTi^^, (sa> 
^9(sng Qjocno vu. almost poured out. 

(Sr^cYurDcSe^^ m ambarakka (aC. 

fade) To be confounded, perplexed, i 
mo cnl^o KeiN. l.=Qjai6sn^; GiJiicn 
(BIQ nna Qaj9a}o Nal. will be ashamed, c 
in comparison with that lip. 
fSTOcnirogj perplexity. (8naufOg_|9sl5)rrf 
cdHrob Ti. in the midst of the tumu 

cs^oxjaio ambalam t. m. Tu. (perh. 

rDo Tdbh.) 1. A place devoted for publ 
assemblies, etc. ojiP^cBKnjiijo choultry 
8.) jajooau'uo temple court ((aio^rxoodj 
(njQjd9R9rDnb host, man in charge, chief 
age Yi. 2. a temple M. Tu. = ajQ£b((g)o. 
tuo ajl^saolcas cu 9^0)1 g-joiih o-Jg-jSo prov 
GLjg_js) &'9rD9^3a right of directing the cere 
in a Pagoda, with the title to an elevat 
m it. 
(Biooru&jgjy: Npr. of a temple in Trs 

fflT8o6njf09a_jCO9aJf0o PT 3.) 

(T>9a)auajo MR. a square temple. 
«»au(uaj9CT\r), f. — croiaSl, caste of t 

(^f^OXJtfo see CS^cnJOtfo 

c®fZ)CQJos] ainba4i (=<sT^cB;aii95)cowpeo 

(9}3au9si Si^9xnajd>>o TR. Samorin^s { 
(SrZ)rrU3CDo (II. & P. anbar) Heap, cornsi 

<8»OcnJ0<51 — (SiZbSQJOlb 


(SrCo6VUdBg — (Sr0a£2 

(9rZXnjyD)(H.A.amari)Howdahon ao elepbant. 
oo. oa>^ai (Rojal priTilege). 

®^cnJDJPo & c®rj)aiJifo ambalam (C. Tu. tm 

<njs 8. 000601(^0 oomp. flisgo) Hogplam, 
Spondiaa mangifera (8»auospaialfi>fi6o Aihoou 
g>j ajl&1^2£S proT. a weak sapport. tsooaiiP 
a^^SLioocng^ QP68. oaj^fwai «»aiJiP(od51nb 

O^T'^b OP 65. AOgOCLlSiPo. 

CPCoi^ amba 6. (=«rort8a3JbudP)Ar^ow,po^- 
copiIle quill (comp. oasjob). 6)t»D§fijg5 ajiiH^ 
oonriilacn ciaat^ KB. 6&^QB/cnj qq^ Bhr. 
» treacheroas arrow, aoisloyo (8»cnjo ^9r^o 
£i TB. there was some flghtiog. 
Cpdj. SArojo arsenal. cuaOT© ^^^ ^ R)*^ <BR» 
3uO£<>) Sxtomo Bhr 12. dep6ts of arms. 
B058uai4b isionunb CG. =(u6Qa6Qj36mn{). 
fiD-rnlf^xjo^ distance of a bowshot, oofo^o§. 
wnj^iO (T. Bocnjejl) moon (BO'6>.Tjra>gj ^il. 
its digit, iaiacnjla^casaj SojDS^ej Ccn^aa^o 
8iP4- aR>'yu\£\&ii\o6aio aslcfl^o Nal4. 
(also 00*^19.23 0cib moon B.) 

BDooj^c^ c»ocLnn6^§, (ro)33jo quiver (=q^ 
6n)i, ST^ajcnotfla)). 

sayn^zocS^ arrowshower. 

<5?cn^<e> aee c©rDorbQ_j. 

cr»«k «»avi«<jaB§o efin| TR. Vexation (Mpl.) 
®f36i6VOQJ ambai (8. (woosiu) intorj. of wonder 
•ad joj. <8ios>«>au «aK>Qajlnb Ah! 

S^^oeOJ amBa (wDza) & cTOo6aj)<a) Mother, 

^^QB^ajrObainbaram S. (what environs) l.Hori- 

ion, sky. ^'fpff^^ aS^mxh CB;oaajajoo5»0Oo 

•o'oikrrnVgk Qj^ficoe^ CG. (8TD'«fij»a)oao aca^^Oo 

t^ AB 6. nngy<Tiworoiaiil«s ojcn^gjonb RC. 

thff Gods. 8K>o€)ajOjEi)orDla>c)o Bhr. — (Sioo^mro 

2Grn^Aiaj6}3iiKib KB. of the solar dynasty. 
!. elotliiog. 

■ooaojo) (celestial) title of Samorin*s qaeen 

flDo^GL-OfOosnb OAox^ab KU. Npr. a Chetty, 
to whoB the baikUng of Caliout is ascribed. 

CSTDoGnJc^ ob amfiasthail 8. a certain tnbe; 
barber & physician; elephantkeeper Mud. 

c0^6Kij & cSr^3CY\^ amba k ambbass^ 

8. Water, (bidoJJ G. ombros). 

(8R>o6nij63o, (810o(SS3Q9o, (910o(8S3(QqOo lotuB 

(in comp. (^ojoofiojmo etc.) 
<BtQo6Q^eo, (BiooQsoao water-giviog, cloud. 

(BioofinjoS^, (0tDo9s3u5^ sea. 
<oiO20C0o watery =:(By^Qj.o po. 

(^C^OQi amma 5. (in Tu. father, 8. (nooeoj) 1. 
Mother. Gen. (BT9Z0c%5)5 & tsmzzKiildb (po.) 
^-0(002, ^Q.wiSi A jsiioozB mother's sister. 
2. hon. goddess, esp. Kali (orazz^cnjrDog) & 
(BioSJZfOKnjrDonb queen dowager, cnoojijl^rab (oro 
zzcroDomo ancrBoKU.tsTo^cQ/dib matron, Patter 
female. 8. interj. o^crd (BTO70 I really don't 
know! (8Ta.?B^o lamentation A doubt or per- 
plexity, also {9TO920 (like (BTO^o). 

hcDce: (mo^ScS&ggo (innate) sagacity ft roguery. 

(eioz0(dn@gnb deep fellow Yi. 

(Oio^.a£dn6 mother's father, (Sis^za her 

(8102002)^)0 family house of a Brahman's wife. 
TU. (BKDzeoScsp) G^catot^ch maternal grand- 

(01023906= (Bio<3030nb Yi.; (Biozaoongjob also 
(BiazzdCK^nb father in law, father's brother. 

(Sio^odi^, (BiozasQjl 1. maternal aunt. 2. undoes 
wife (also (eio^Boz^ Yi.) 8. mother in 
law (Can. & Cal.) who is also called (Oiozaa 
cijlcB/za Yi . or (B1OZ03cbS 20 loo. 

(Bio^9C(Dc;39(rrOo knowledge of old women, 
superstition lore. 

(Bid209ajnb, (mo20o0n6, (910300906 & (0109009006 
1. maternal undo (8. 09^0106) also (010009 
CB;^n6, a>9n>emxi4>.Q(])o6o9209ft(8v^«rr>TP. 
I swear it by my uncles. 2. a Sudra distinc- 
tion, 16 (8io8Z0oaa9A direct the ev^qjcug 
g|9Cruo of the 850,000 Colatiri Nayer KM. 
Ammons ruled once over Coorg. 8. lik« 
0O(2QJo6 used for ^mcQioio mod. 

(S^a£2(Do — C&^Q£^ 



(S(t>Q(^(bo ammarani Impadenoe, obscenity, (sio. 

(BTOZ0rO(d»9ron6 Impudent fellow. 
denV. (SK>mrdlc0n Yi. 

(Sr^(2£20OO & (SfdQQ^Tcno ammana (m) 

T. M. Qame of throwing & oatohing handballs. 
m(i22\ocn^xh aQO^siQi^ cr)S(06nm cnocS^zofy KB. 
(Sioz09cnflSbiei9(Y91<d>cX) (gss^OBs^o BC so. 
(SioZ09OO<0s}^ tho same. Bavana QQaiaiocro 

^9B)gp(S;9^ QJ(0rS1(I8qJ@ aS\ fi)Q_J9d9nl a(]) 

61 619^ dhrofiSB^cab qQoq CartY. 
(Sozaooryajo^ifi) f. i. (8iO00oorxB>9§o oooai KB 5. 
also Qj1gu5)d[>.osne203cn0oil Nal2. tsiozao 
cr)CB;9§ TT) 0(majn6 CG. (on seeing Bugmini 
or}(OTna>nb anor)D5)S (Stuzzoaysao^), mei,m>& 
&s>Q, ci^§an9)m9cr)ai9§aLinb KB. play balls 
with them ^^^@a)oc/Do(8iO0Z9aD9go^(^9 
el QjB^CcaBfinDoKU.— (8T0zaDcr)9§<D. vu. Y2. 

(StliQChOC/o\ Npr. A king or nation said to be 
overcome by Samorin KIT. 

C8f^Q£\ anuni T. H. (see (8102^) Grinding stone. 
Aon^^iibo ai|rn2z)cs^6)S ggg^ejo prov. S)ji^ 
Qggoib (BTD2ial<dstg^(.«6SH9n8 9a>96rr)<z@ C0. 
(8i02^d9s^, (8iO00^'^@g tho oyliudric stone 

used to grind with, also (sro^cfieiPQj) ((sra 

0ald96SPQjl5)ca; $0-19^63 Kid.) 

(Si^^6arf?51 aminiiim H. (C. Tu. mi2z^y 

T. f?iO20o) 1. tipple, from (81020 ; children cry 

(ggiz£\stlsSi(OiO CG. (BR>0^6IBo)(O)6KTr)9aafORO CCh. 

2. interj. of pain, as of a child. oiOiaalaaiBlQa 

£!jo a^ytm^ejo a>ofinD9za CG. oh mother look, 

what is on my body and neck. 

(SiQ2Z^s(in\ (C. Te. affectionate appellation of 
mother) 1. So. affectionate appellation esp. 
of infants (ofr. T. mozzsvno), sometimes of 
mother & wife. 2. a female name. 

CS^q£\^ ammitt&Qi O^* ^^^ 1*0. C. tmo^^) 

The lower lip (comp. oioa^) in (Bkd. <q>s^^ mark 
of displeasure, perplexity, etc. 

(girz)^ amma T. H. (T. taiKi^^=m^9sqA ho 
reserved, dose) 1. 80. Expression of tenderness 

applied to girls by parents, etc. (c&odcr 
oQ^cho (StQZ^A^^ QUO. 2. interj. of 
caution, etc. (BiOAeamo Oojocsin tu. 

(®f^Qq^QQ(Ovg^^ Q^Offa amixiTiixiiiiatta] 

80. M. Grandmothers ((smez, ^ez, dng 

(i5v^(Sa£20^orb ammoddaii (=i8to(s^z9s 
m90n6, see under (BiD^Z9aiab ft m^cnS^ 
slang name for lion or tiger (BTOO09^ni& 
Oomso (0109009^030 Qj^ rnl^Onms 
QJo orSl^<8§ prov. 

(SrD(S^2£230b see 01000901(16 under (9ioz0. 

(C^igo amlam S. Sour=a^a)croo m< 
(8io@id9> tamarind. 
(BiO(0o better (Br^(go mango tree (po.) 

(0rOCQ; aya (T. (8105>5>ji1) moving. 1. Clo 
also (siocs;d9s), (SiocoKob; (siocB;d9s)CD;ft a 1 
the loom. (Sioca^ct^gg^ any thing Ug^ 
2. T.H. rumination (SiocBXuaenm G2<2 
(8iocs<saj(9«d)> no. (8iocQ;0(d8<d), (Sioaiea 
(prh. oiocb.'Qlj q. v.4-«iOQ(fla<fl> or q_jo 

(©r^jcoio ayams. 1. (v^(8io)He, po. 2. 

good fortune, po. 

(©r^cQ^cee^, (®ft)6^ca)de6^ aya(e)kka c 

5)S)^. C. Te. (BiOS>a\3 to move) 1. To sei 
ward (ai^s)a. (Sioco;^ Qja^oel^ sent to 
au6io©l (0)g_\mroia9^ (BTOCB'^^QLjaDJuA Tl 
sent by tho HC. (8iO(a^o, (oiOTiicaicdfi 
shoot. 2. to let go, leave (oiodj^as ^ 
030 (Siocs'^(Saj3, $)A(0>.7Stz})^<b (8ioca;^9£ 
let her hand go. ^ro^, (anQO^o (Sioco;^ 
s Mud. lot it fall. (Siogy9(0)>d>T3i^(s;,2p« 
PB. or they will not lot in. (SiooiSifi. 
9<dn6mo leave her to me. rnlfig85>flL <sio: 
TB. (= ^oj^ — ) will let you go. eoorxr 
^5)S S2cni^(Qb (Siocb;^ CG. allowed h 
to dwell on (or 3' to be dissolved, a 
in). 3. (=(9io5)^x<eQ<0>) to slacken, U 

YN. (OiocO'^iaib being loose, untied. 
(Sios^g^ sending, slackening, (sr^^ojc 

(8ioca;g_|o (BpfolgjdicXj (Anj.) prh. 


CSTDCQA^g, — (STdCO; ob 


cSTDcaioj — (!&t(S(SV^<^e\ 

Cy. fliOQB)^4jaHi. 1. to make to lend dh^cn (SK> 

00. TB. order book. 2. to get oneself dis- 

miseed, take leare (8id32igJ)Q^09i^o «^spi 

sB^^o^^vn TP. cr\}nrT?cjooar>mR?a)<bbcY9lnrio 

(s^yib tsKHB^j^ Qi»>3§a2;a>aasi ^^^ ^R- 

tMiaacnyS ffR>':^O(0>95r^ KB. 

(Cr^CQXX^dB) (also teiDSP) 1. To ilaoken. a>3 

saD mQ:af6p^ CG. girdle grew loose, i^^a^o 

^r^sQ^fiSQ 09cr>m)o BCai. relaxed. onDCWGn^ 

£»(T>AAnaai£)«cr)M>sBCii9. 2. to be watery. 
fl&scB^ 0aio Oojoa) Nid. 

(S^2>CQ;@^0 ayakkuH (T. enmo water, mud) 
A certain fish. 

<!f2>CQ^Orjo ayanamS. (V^go) Going, way; the 
covrse of the son, ^(Ofwtysbsmi northwards, 
ejaaDfirnocacno southwards, each of 6 months; 
bio^aphy ojro^ioseo^cmo KM. the story 
eB^rni^5n6 a meal before marriage B. 

®M2;nb ayai T. M. (Tdbh. dnomnb) Brahma. 
ao3»i3>9(Tn9s6iaj>^o<b KB. told Br. awsuctOi 

taob^&xm^o (8. isAGassse) Caraway seed, 
Camm CarrL 

<9CcaV£i5>ayarkkaT. M.To swoon; also feel es- 
tranged, disagree Yi. .a3<^]g^oa^9rn3SQB/(0in<fi) 
oo)<9iaaj9cn3Ci^ ^QB/osno $)iiic^ Mud 3. from 
abhorrenoe of Ch. gganxio flioa^qj^ Q-iosn^ 
B8. diag^uated. ouaSki o-joooocB/airsils^cnaib 
Bhg. spoke contemptuoosly. 
CT. flos>g!jl<8Bi to exasperate Y2. 
ffios^n, (Ros.^ T. So M. swoon, forgetfal- 
B«as, diseord Vi. ^l^r L 

<S>^^cai£J ayala T. M. a fish, Mackarel. Scom- 

L (^r^ica^Tlb ayal=r(e^CQ;i.Clothlinc.@^g_]3nb 
S^^^gnbdcib c^/emsicn (8R>i2*e!!n(Sa2(db® ^o prov. 

IL cert^Q^.Tfb T. M. (& (BiOiiv<)b) Neighbourhood. 

proT. morsLQ^o OL^Tj^^o mdoisy. doe. 

t^sfdob neighbour, also (Sios^mosl ft (sro 
<»at*i33»«a9f&nb Arb. (=«i9Cb;&iji^— ) — 

(Sios;pjica2)<0a3fb MB. sotso^VfiioodoMB. 

iS>dCBxob(SQ^o,—cr)o§ neighbouring country (QO 
raHnmowobcno^ KU. cndglonrKurobcno^Qjs 
ipl32;3(3;^gg <&>3§o^a{> Mad 2. 

(Bid32;{aba_»afiao, — e-|<9»o, — ej-i«a»o neighbour- 

((noi2;SQJ3(d»(l]£2 Arb. 

0roca.'a)b(3ai9j^^o & — (3ijJ3i)i<b the neighbours. 

(OiocsLfsligjoo tho neighbourhood. 

(OiOdt^obojospl the ruler over (this and) the 
next lands. 

(sr&coie^rb & (®fZ)CQ;^(S€ei5^DQj|f3l) n pr. 

One of the 5 Cshatriya dynasties near Che- 
ffuva KU. 

(®f^cQ^Qj ayavn VN. of oracsucx^i)) (comp. cbid 

Ca/ 2) 1. (StQ-SJ^OJ&iai No. (STOCB^xilocOSiO} To 

chew the cud. 2. elasticity. oJil^nm <a>DG45)S 

(STOCQ/QJ ajOBrOIOlOCJg^lajb ^5070 (SCLJSo MM. if it 
fail to make the wounded leg supple. 

cs^coiOdo^ ayasassa s. ignominy, ono. & 

(5ngooBhri2. [magnet. 

(®fCCQXv\^ ayaSB^ S.(L. flDb)Iron. (awcQ;qg;|0(ra>o 
(JTOCQTI ayi S. interj. Oh! rsTOoTl ovt^fiu «iiio^ 

Si jx)oaii Mad. 

(®r?)CQ5Vbj (S^COJlrOo ayir(am) ((eracag^) Iron 
dust, any ore gDfD)aii<3p(b MB. orooco/o ^^rigo 
(dscm (QioiD^) (exhib.) (BIOcsT^c^gs^ smelting of 

^^^^ ^» [(BTOcnsroo Mpl. 

CSi^CQ7l(DDrn|rDYtr) Ar. ayiranyat=(B»DGJaiwA, 

(©rocoTlrol Bee 6^ag)rDl. 

<Sf^^dM)o ayuktam S. improper, unfit MB. 
(Srt)CQ^rc\, ayu5am 8. A myriad, 10,000. iST^ 
cbA(Oo a>l50<s^3&rc%fO)o Qcusmo YCh. 

(SrzxSCO; ayd S. interj. Surprise. (SidOCBf a\> 
«fiii PT. 

(6T©(Bca)o^o ayo^am s.=fflYo<s««d<8>o. 

abstr. N. (ET03cs;3(/}j<Oi impropriety. (SioojOdo 
cnoo ^si 6&ro) rDo^asiAi(o)g-)9n6 o®o dft 
(8io9cB;3C^fO) £9^ TB. it is next to impossi- 
ble for me. 

dSTd^^caiD^^oOo ayoghanam 8.((8YZKB»)Biaok- 

smith^s big hammer Yi. 

CSflOOD^f^ — (Sf^ 



(BioQQBOflcvo of iroD, ironlike^ po. 

aSf^QCWy^j ayof dhya S. (not to be overoome) 
OadOf Bama*8 residence Tdbh. (Sio9ca'0(on^ BC. 

cSftKg^ ayyam M. (T. $)q®cb;o) i. Aims. (oio. 

SDa><dn to beg. cm, o^^fijo o^^o EeiN. e 
c^o <9>(i6iao (StQ. ^5609010 Nail. 2. donbt 
(po.) from (STOcs;. 8. lamentation, grief, (teia 

®CgJ3) (B1dCgJ0d)>o61 (81009(^000 OD^ pO. (810 

Qjch iffiocgjoQjlsO ^§1 TP. ou^cdnnno Ao-Jgfg 
fisscb (BTO. Qjl^ddsrmis, 0og-]a. (Bios^cdscno o^ 
cm (STOOiob (STO. A<dto^({{(2 TB. also (sro^ojo 
clH^ccj/o Qd9>s va. alarm. 

(Sr;)(gnb ayyail 5. (see 5)Qg)Cs;ab) = (8Y0^nbP 
Father, lord. (BTO$]0 sir ! also interj. of 

(Siocgjob, (Sio^jg^ob Npr. the banting Deity. 
(BYO^nbojipl the most honorable of the 6 modes 
of hunting (= AcSl^^nDOCB^o^). 

(S^c^nnnl ayyanni (s)oa)P) A field that yields 

two crops in a year, chief harrest in Magara 

(= S^rOdSoSngo). 

(®r;)q2jocQ7VOo ayyayiram 5000 (ooQ))* 
c®ro(S(gjOj (®r2)(5j(S(gjo ayyo, ayyayyo 5. Interj. 

of pain, grief, alas I (8io3Ggj3 o^(m1«08S>cn (^ 
So ^nHoDo CG. (BiotScgjo Q^nriDggan^(7)b Srmocno 
0X2 po. (Siosoejoojoojo what a pity! — ^^ 
(810* i^ggajnb such a compassionate person, also 
(Sios^osoojo compassion. 

I. (SfM) ara 5. isT (StQOJi decrease) 1. Half. 
(8iO(M)aj6neȣ^8orx>)ro^o<d>5m BC iss. an arrow 
shaped like a half moon. 2. the middle of 
the body, loins, waist (=Q35, 0D§) (SiOfOQi^o 
(tnata^o 00010 fainted; (Bi06)rDd96 ^cb (U>d9603oi 
gkj. Bhr. (8Y0rDain<9b or (8ios)r^>d96 <9K2;61s Si^o 
or^QajooD Mud. led to exeoation. (Biorooan^ob & 
or^ I have it in the girdle. 
Cpds. (Siorodaowob ^. (sio.'OBnocob cnoifi^t sojsfijo 
not even 4 minutes. (Bioroandrob ojej^od 1^ ^jo 

aiDrod98g-)OCB;o, — ^§ short garment Yi. 
(Bio^(0^(ob small box used as pane. 

(8iorM)d98is (2) 1. loins. (eiorooteagViifc 
Kid. 2. girdle. — mofDO^joeo Bui 

ignxodBAismo half a moment, (bb. . cn\^ 

(8io(0«ao96n6 chain worn round the ^ 
ajiOfinooflrno TB. (BiofOfionoomo q_i 
MH. symptom of delirium. 

(Bioroonaoiin (2), — acml waist-ornamoj 

(Siorogjso (2) leather-girdle Yi. 

(Bio^Og-jtfmo half a fanam. 

(QCKOnjejo 4 pound, in proT. (B»(o^ai< 

QoJOAe, (810. Q^Qj)s)nbo AlP<de. 

oiorog-is (2) girdle with olasp Yi. 
fliOfO0cnm)ocdn(o^<aA to benndecided,rf 
(8iO(O0(i6 stunted corn (Palg.) 
(810(009 1. a fraction -^^^^f aiorosci^s o 

srni — 2. a wooden bolt. (bio(O0C(^o 
i8idro09CT)o = oioro 2. g|tsaoo96n6 msic 

Q^aaov TP. put on his waist. 

(81O(O0O(9b (2) hips. (SIO.'tlHaiO S>CU5^6)^ 

fliorot^dM girdle. — (8iO(0(^ti9a»l Arb. 

himself for wrestling. 
aio(OCB^a> (SQg^^) TB. each half a B 
(8io$)roro^ by halres, as medicines. 
(8ioro6>s>Qj^n6 (prov.) a tolerable phy 
n. (®rt)rD or CS(^(OQsS ((swroii^ Koyal, 
0m etc. 

L (St2)(Do aram T. H. 0. (V^AiorQ) 1 

(BlOrOoSkX-iOS^, (810(0QaJ9Si filings. (810 

er^ (03d]bi6)g_]9si^ Bhr. 2. edge of i 

etc. sharpness. 6>ajaaciJipl(OiQSKU4ds ( 

prov. (8ioro0rD(a)gy(Oo Yi. 
n. (S^^XOo 8. (V^cBio*=G.airG))Swift. 2 

spoke (po.) 
(Srs(D<d)a/ araifalll} ((Sioroo^Ai) Gnndli 

(Srt)(D(d6^oi) arakkaii T.H. (Tdbh. • 

1. A Baxasa (8iorDd98<b0$rn) KB. 

2. a miser; a kind of ant HC. (pi 


C®rZ)(DdB6^ arakkl} T.M.C.(Tdbh.ro9(e£09, 
1. Gumlao, sealing-wax. (8io^(d« Q(iAn( 

ggrolox) ajo^EDOcrDo s^^^^^^^ Qj^oq 
ro<afia 5>^^ KB. monntainocrs. — (no> 

(StrOdO^ — '®r?•.(^€8*| 


{grCfOiU — (®r5(0?t5vtro 

of the 0<uaiaafiaLH9Bc)o TB. — of two kiods 
Qj^(D<dtt 9a)3fijo<0« OP 75. the Utter also 

eD.^<a»^gjo Bhr. the Uo palace (eagiacoaoo S.) 
2. red ^BrDaASOiKob red Nymphaa oo'cnioo 

<srsa>fia^6nr)o arakBa^am s. i. Not preserT- 

ing oD^Dafiolioioajsaif (03699qj Bhr. 2. (saco 
q. T.+aaismo half a moment. 

(8^(Dd6b&K^rroo araksasam 8. (fD<fi&i9^) Stuo^o 

fflo'exDul^KB. The world will be freed from 
the Razasae. 

(Sf^fDCOcrb aragah (?) £ei MC. 

(grt(I)6S«| arannUT. M. (Tdbh. roocoo) l. A stage, 
Kene, place for pablic exhibition (=<d>a^gjrD, 
d^fsl) ^(DUS^rDCOBOl^ Bhr. (Sio^(S»flCB;gy (Otofo 
09310 proT. not in a corner, publicly. (Sioro 
9^ 3S^^o CTOooaoD/^ggjuftKU. convict- 
ed or Bospected of breach of caste. 2. the 
cloth with which puppet-players cover them- 
telves 180. Q_jlsi3s> Vi. to fix that cloth oj) 
^f>!09di 00. '^aai for a marriage (po.) 
3. t (oo^ocoBo Srirangam d)>9qg)<d6 elorsKab (Sio 

c^8k03ej TP. [adulteress. 

Cpds. (SD(MaB!Pl<s» to disgrace publicly f.i. an 
gaooBi^^A to disgrace oneself. 
flDrcoel^di to commence B. 
flDr&«(aaQd9» to exhibit publicly. 

cttMcBBOOo public exhibition, a play; tera. 
«isplt8a to open the stage with tho farces 
of the boffoon. (OoaxXxdn (era. <&>!p)(d>9aj 
omo TP. she may exhibit herself as an 
aocompliahed gymnast. 

flMsoosoQ a drama. <no'oc9aio 2000 fiQg^ 

t8tMB*|da> arannaTfa T.if.(«o(oa^«>)ftT. a. 

(Sr^rOdB6M>, (66r| Bruising gently, to remove 
the bosk by rubbing. 

the aoeket on which a door turuB, 

(®rdrD.ajab arajaii t. h. c. Te. ((oons) King, 

also (BiD^c/snb KB. (Oio^canb vu. (Biorojiitib oj) 

cmvA q_jS9cq;3 prov. after checkmato. 

(SiorDjiiajoc/3o, — 0(as»<X) Boyal family. 

(Bvoro^o, <8SKD^ 1. Royalty (siQC^^^sn^ (gscoal 
Bhr. began to reign QDftCB;rDcoocBn§2s)Qtij 
<&>o KR. oo-regency. aierDjoj s)^3^,Qaj(dA 
Yi . give check. (Biorojojcuo^ reign. 2. con- 
stitution (8iorojiri§<d), Qjra(i]|Qa> to order, 
settle. (S10. (Sio&P^fisn^, ^if^ea^ to be without 
head or order Yi. 8.(8iO(Disj=(8iO^CB;o<^, 
(SiorDc/oajoao-io CCh. (henco o^ord^ Hibis- 
cus populneus). (orarojarigjgj a grass (S. 


(Sir2)(D6^roYQ)V9b aranidl The buttress tree (P= 
(lSf^(t>^ aradn Wooden axletree (opp. odSot&j) Yi. 

<&^^<B> see cSfM^<B>. 

(SdCOern ara^a T. M. Tu. The green house- 
lizard, Laoerta interpunctula, said to be poi- 
sonoas ((810. 6yo)0§3(9b gbs>m zcnemo prov. ft 
forgetful ((8io'c68 0o.'d))) ; hence (B1D'q;^o)S 6nj 
(Sjuidosororib forgetful. «t^ jjlg_}ip Dia))nrTV06Yr>(f>>d) 

SQ_l3tLl6>CU KR. 

(Sr^xoeno) aiaqi 8. Wood kindled by attrition, 
Premna spin. fig. ^(Q)aj9d>^^l(0aS)omdroro^)l 

rosr^o fiyrnl^asz^^^sneocs; ojjiKDWsniooosaT)) 

cB/soib oold^nb ^^ijcnao Bhg. 

(Biofo«rnl0rdo=jxi0.2 KU. anoroernlQi^o anaon) 
((^ODCDK^o KR. in sacrifice. 

(BidfOfirn'dQa^aio a mod. 
((StOrOenri) aia^ T. a M. stronghold ((STD(D€t^oP) 

(Bidrofirn^dQn to be perverse; (8idrD«m^g-i being 

impregnable Yi. — (8iorD6n9icB><ab €l^\ifi<aS\c6:uo 

(Q)l^(gb BC 18. at the eastern gate of the fort. 
(6r©(06t2^ ara^yam 8. ((erarosmo far) Forest. 

ce^^rml araSi 8. ((Bio) Uneasiness. 

(SrorOnSY^ arattam (Tdbh. rDd^oio) Red, an 
offering of chunam & saffron. Sa^ooKacoioto dh 
issen^ a mod. (8iiaQ.'m:ria^o (S^maKDoroojo g6md)£l 
MM. (prh.=:(8R>rD(mA). 

(SfOfOojnl — ^®r? roQjo 


(®fdfDOj| — cSr^)(D) 

QiD^.TJTd) T. M. Alpinia galanga, med. root. 
^ojcrrxBio. & jaDoorDTna) Alpin. gal. minor. 

aS^^rOY?! aratni 8. (am)o) Cubit ©ra'doS am? 
artiCD-no QorDlajxi^rooej KR. 

(©rtfoob arah Tdbb. oOOicAi Siva «a>oom jq^§ 
0ronb RC. (Oioronb roionb curascsajo&o Q^s>nm <d>9 
c^ rd(Qfial<0a. Mantr. 

(Sirt)(0(2OO aramana (ii<B:arD)T.M.c.Tu.King'B 

bouse, palace, court. (BiorDjai^rt) cro^rol^ns 

(I@:u9n6 jai>(@)09aro0 KR. [bolt. 

i^Z(0C2(h aramma =(010^0 2. ((sror^) Wooden 

(®^rDCQ;ob arayai (=faTO(Ojainb) 1. Hereditary 
cbicf ofHuckuwas. (SToroco/oasaso arDdBAon^ocDSo 
TR. 2. a southern fishero&Bte (a)ac(ZKbb am & 
<&>srsb (019.) a chief, called ^^QOOr3iAf032/n6 
Ad>>9§asBQi(b a>9aj aom30ro) rrnlosnesne®. chief 
of a)9CBH7fb (8io*ft is 5)^cnj)r9b (SiorDcsxib or 6)^ 
fTin«tt fi)a_irocTua6 (BwrocB;* in Chertala, Trav. 
3. a tribe of mountaineers ; — fern. (Si0(9c{^> 
Cpds. (SiofOCD^omo (rDoeooOocroo) royal swan (Sio. 

(Sci_JD5)dJ o)aj^GJI^ Cn5)fDj^ KR. 

(SiarD'raorab ((srarojo^ Ficus religiosa ((orocyd j dilo 
8.) QjJoOjgionb (Bio'iinGj Qrijoai^aj Bhr4. 

Bhg7. — <f>)^r9QQ;9^ a wild kind of fig tree. 
(BioroaTiroldBACiXiDdmo KU. (T. (morDjJl(a33>o)ti8n) 
royal dominion. 

cS^roccy dB) araynya T. M. c Tu. (v^tswr©) To 

bo bruised S^ygb (QToroeni^Qajoa^ (^^^sm^) 
(fstQsmo) a>9ej<d>c)o 6)^CQB)QB;rD6isi^ aj9(in)ct2>9cdn 
CG. from fetters. 
YN. ^moroaj grinding. (BidfOQjo Oja)(q^s>ajcae> 

add seasonlog powder. 

a. T. CS^S^ddG^ To grind to powder. (BiM>ro 

^aS ©»Dljai9«A ^fiwcqgg svwcSlcSso Vi. (rocnni 

c6s>6)rDg^9nb 0<zi)aQ9 prov. (8iO€)rO:^ (D>asaj9a{> 

Q-jaioso gsn^ (to prepare & administer physic). 

ASlaJ9(TB)9«Or) &91B9(fllo prOT. (BIOArD^ (oxo)a) 

also to instigate ; Q<O)c0s)S>(D(ao to ruminate. 
YS, (BVDr&gj powdering; herbs used to clean 
the head of oil Yi. 
(6ir2)(DQJo araYam 8. 1. Noiseless T.M. serpent, 

also (sia.^Qj, (OTOrDiisrn^carojjjnb RC7. 
Q-Kmo3(3;«:i6ma6. 2. Tdbh. roojo lone 

(®rt)fDQj|aQo aravincTam T. Lotus, 010 

(Ofiinb lotus-eyed CCh. 
(©r^KO^ 866 (©roro^. 

(®rofD^d85, en^ Qa^od^ araju^ T. M 

(snof^) To shrink, also (Si^rrxsca; oratd^ 
Cal. — met. sxcroa (5iaroor\;fiQj9CBn tu. 
of being bent & stunted), 
a. V. C®f^)rDSce), glaOe^ce) 1. To fi 
alarm a)90)rn)09a)rD isi^^oioro^ m 
CO. — also (Bwrofii)-^ a^a<Q> CaL — 2. 
{q£\ (huntg.) to start, rouse game, so 

CY. (^.LncO«9S>rO aJ05)gjsi«<fift6Tno a 

Sicm (moosgl^roldDsTD TR. hac 
brought together by threats. 
a5vt)rO^ (willow B.) 1. Nerium, jjj:u 
N. odorum — wai^.-oizj) aia. (see, (aidaifDl) 
Plumicria acuminata. 
(JS^(b%^ S. = 6)ajrB0fOo Calosaiithes 

c®r2)fDD8?ce>o arajayam s. 1. Kingiesa 

GQ;ajr^>o roda£u)<aR Mud. (Sio*0932?leanDa 
^30. 2. anarchy (3R)r?)9«fKo>JDQi <8 

(©^rOOfcTl ara5i 8. (disfavor) Enemy (p. 

I. aStOfSl aris.l.=(rort)aonf.i.(TOrolcB0nt 
of foes. 2. =:aoro), Yishnu (BiorDics^o c 

fSorDlajrDob Hanuman AR5. (SiordiajV^ 
asT9^94> AR 6« 

n. (®fi:fl51ari T.M.(T. (maroliiriG. oryzaC. 

1. Grain of rice, freed from chaff, mg^ c 
gu fQiCSiS\ <siorDlcs/9(en 1 811. — met.s>m«)gy( 
6>ai Q&^^s)6)(T)9s>rd5)(Tn(^e90D^)rDloaj 
(£>») jii6)0^^fra(^Qan9>KeiN2.(byin8tr 

2. rice given as payment, measure 
(oj.TnsirDl 10 Edangalis, of (Sioro) not of 
(Siofd) (O)ln09®(T> Qo3:fi^ £g^ TP. good for 1 
but to draw pay. (SiDfolci^o 6>^gjq^ 
G@ TP. to Nayers for war. (gT&Qj6)nbo a 
(OMrnicGio QQim:^§^gj (or aasn^g>j) ho 
yet eaten the last, did not die. aiO(D)Q[^< 

(sro(5] — (Sy2)(6)dafi 


(6r^9&>— (CrofStay 

OAon c^BSkiD QLimo Ti. escaped beoanae 
tbeir lifetime was not yet spent. 8. any small 
grain: jJVMSiaROtrDi, (in(9)rDCBHoi etc. amed. 
Cpds.* (OD^ana^ (2) royal servants, also (B0(S\ 
aBS-onaoA TR.=rQO(9n3<b. 
«DrdlA<a9i3§ rice basket, & (8io/Dlaj§^. 
aooi5KT)§[^(dft (8) Cicoa disticha. 
ao>'^g45n6 (S) cufold) granulation of a sore, 

if not=6iorD)a3j5n6. 
flO^Og^ssi rice flour, also tmfS^^^oj . 
nD(dW)gu)»thl bundle of rice Ar. oiorDl^SiOiS 

q^At TR. (for an army.) 
onfAa^dOj turtledore MC. (^6)d)3(CD^ (^o<) 
oor&l^x^CB^ scarcity of grain. 
corolesrmb (3) coarse sand. 
OD^dl^^aoj (8) (Otkm TP. measuring out the 

allowances to bodyguards, etc. 
sttf£)cB79Q 0P 75. the 6 spices. aisa>g_]9aKD;(D), 

aD.'Dk»ls ^9£ ooronation (by pouring qj&p 
QBKs) on the head). 
in.(S)r^)fOl, CS^fOlo see ismoB. 

®c<6lAijro5', csr^folSce), (©rorolcflblfBb ariya- 

tta, — }f6, — Tfil ((812)08) Near. (a£ii(s;r6^Q<d) 

Siooj ojomerDlSd) 5R)9cb;o prov. (Sioaj6>a6o flio 

^)d^9i3» e^oj qQ^(£\ (Sioctv^TR. to him. (tnoe 

Oft so^oQ.^R^cdf , r^9633aj)Anbo (8ior^cB)(t@nno 

2jmb TR. from the king. /OKmrdldxm^ qjI^^ 

■aolAxepl way close by. 

L iTOiOW arikl[a Tdbh. ciOr61<fis To diTide. Oob 
acno«>99iB^^j2 Bhadr D. diTide by the 
Bosber of Saturn. 

U. <SZ(S\ddSi TM. (n. ta^ 8.) 1 . To sift, cleanse 
riee by washing, filter tst^ cBiOfDl^jyocab a>gi 
«s^aiQ»^gj TP. 2. to gnaw as vermin, itch. 
8. «D<£^^ cnsdam to creep as snakes, worms Y i . 
•Dc&l^aflms (1) a strainer, funnel. 

mo(£i^a» KRs. must search after gold 

VN. (BiorDlgj 1. sifting, straining and. A<£^aii 
straining spoon. (Bio. Qern^ or (Oio. aj9(@)o 


2. esp. gold wash (oojonTT^rolgj) (Org) eajoAob 
oojormfDig-ifing, flTPfDip-iajoflwO (§), o-j3(ori^ 
6&nrn)ono onlaecfo acrn^cm oirDOj (8iOf61gji 
6)Q-i9nbaJsm(BtS3<SAo Q.qj (rev.) 
8. American wild sage, Lantana aculeata. 
4. the webbed husk at the foot of a palm 
branch. {& (8iO(9g-j9(D). 

(Sird(61a&)(2oeJ arifigaXDala see m>m€aq 8. or 
(810 (Q? A precious necklace. ^, 

(6r©fDl38bl003Q^ ariiiginavu TP. ((Bioca) A rare 

ce^oxj arimbu (T.C. otQCSia^ fr.(Bioa8) Flower 
bud, first appearance of fruit, small shot. 
(BToroloiiDo & — 0(0 V. wart co3ajl«a0(a6 (SiOfoJ 
auoro cn^S)0:£^ a>6n^ MG. 

(S^DfOla^o ((siorzB) jc cSfZ)r6l£2) arippaiQy — ma 

Difficulty (=(BiOfaa0) f. i. aorogjpjlnrn (BiorSlgjo 
aQ6a^9(7ibRG. (8iorol0®s;o§ Qajorolnmsatn 9ao 
ad^l Bhr. 

(STOODonDroo e2(0)(33(aAg_|^o RS. to tell, this would 
CTen embarrass A. 

adj. (Dioro^cB; rare, uncommon. (8vor6)(sr ^tfiuo, 
QQQiOrfiio Bhr. (BToroloiv ^dg(b, ojlrodb Mud. 
(810. rO90nt)KR. (810ro)5KS;0(T8 oOfol C0. (8iorS) 
Qcq;O0o RC. extraordinary sacrifice. (Sioro) 
QCB;9<b superior men. 2. (=(0io(0)<O)9.'m9)) 
(8ioo)aj9or)(o)cB;fl«iai9cr)S)QJ9a8d> RC. diffi- 
cult to know. 

(Sl^^Dot) arimaiL (the preceding or m^ I.) 
A deer Vi. 

(®r?)fDlc£ydB) ariynya T. M. C. {(m£\ IL?) 

l.To mow, reap, act gently, oj^rolcB^snb dtcno 
HR. and>rocB)rD^(8io.'o)6Rii^5)i>>3c)oa)aHed. cnoo^ 
rolaaa^^ajobCG. cut off the tongue. (^s^Qai>9§ 
^«)Sfliorol6ioi9 SAsajo Bhr. hair. (Sio^em^ ^o 
A(d>c>3 (Xt|@(m9)9(9bKR5. wings. (/aro<08&o;^£5(gb 
(Bioro^oo)^ RC 35. (6iorDl6iaiS»ro)aa9^§ KR. mow- 
ing with the sword. 2. Si(otesa(S\z^^ (& 6) oSflQI 
^) to tap a palm tree. (SiorolcE^om (oHcsinb TP. 

<S(b(S\pdo — (erOaB-oJl 


(SflMG(y^ — (SV^XlBa^d 

flyDfolojocV) 1. Biokle, scythe, (also (OionaaJocX>). 
2. (loo.) hoe, spade. 

(Si'tfOJOdo; (Sr^(D].aJo ariiasif — jam Vi. (T. 

pepper) Ang^r. Ya.Qjfi.$)fD m^cS\udQ^o Q^oa_i 
QJo, <Bld. Qj)^6aB)ai3(0b (StQQQ proY. mQ<€\udo 

oosl^ «<fi)^:i?(no TP. he got angry. (stQ(S\ £^^o 

^^SSL ^^* ^^' '^'^^<^> 6>a>§Ai Yi. be appeas- 
ed. Maplas oppose en)(S\udo to ojlrolodo. 

(S«^r61c£^oariit&mS. l. miaok, misery, pain. 
QroocoorD^d^o Tr P. (BiOfoi(m a)3fimoo Nid. to see 
things black. 2. S. lying in chamber orooOQ 

ciJfD (pO.) S. adj. (910a^CB)3o (3)drD)d^32.3o Q9rD 

YCh. the last old age. — (mofDlc^nb m. 

(8iDrDld^«i wretchedness. 

den Y. (8iorDl(^c0i) 6m(ii9(^ flio*^ SojoiTI Y2. 
was disappointed. «sm*:£^<snso<s£\ gained by in- 
credible sacrifices or troubles. 

I. (&^(a^ csTZxTOOi aru (vu) t. m. c. Tq. (Te. 

SD OB A) Brim, edge, margin. aucEvroaoj Tale; 

the Loo. (8T3a8QJ^r9b = fl10CDidn(9b. 

mi&fDaaid)), ^ to diminish Yi. 

n. C®f&(?» 5. adj. V^(minnte, little?) Rare, un- 
usaal, impossible. In oomp. 
fliDro)aa»l(T)3Qj q. v., oidn&SBinoooRC. (& tsiOfolcs} 

^000) etc.; bef. Yowels (BT^^). 
fliORBAej (ft aioqad) crael marder. 
«iorDicnjgGD proud flesh (see (6iOfD)g-i5n6). 
(Bmro)6>caJ0R8cX) inmost meaning. 

Bhr. the arranger of the Yedas. 
onocQiaj (T. (norDts>6)aj) fine woman, daft oiona 

QjQ(s;o^,mi&a86)s>aj03(bRC. pi. tstacoicuavh 

Q0ejl(mlo«aai c^J/^ogo Bhr. heayenly 

(TORBOjajtb T.So.M. (not dear) foes. 
YK. C®f2)(l»(2) k C®rOfDla 1. Importance, 
superiority. ewa!^Sicho(m,Q-iOea^^S9. 2 .diffi- 
culty. QjoaDrob (BVDctB0CB;9o & &qj0 ojooxmiom 
iBR>. &9n§ Bhr. difficult to tell. 
(!&b(G^Jlj\ amji 8. No appetite Asht. cstQcS^jj^ 

(Sir^^fZ^enoob arai^aJL S. l. Purple ook 
BUA^s charioteer. cn)€Kr^(dai (snaasmf. 
monm oaiudl^dhroaidi Hud. oi^'ykdo 
(m Q^sni &JLaa\ KR* red from sham 
(syonssirxm^aiaio Bhr. solar race. 

Q9om RC> before dawn. 
<Enoa80fin')3acB^o dayspring. 
(STO(Q6mocorD) Bhr. woman with red li 
den Y. (si^ dtouso (stotxaerr^^ ^osmo (at 

csr^t^^ ani6a t.m. (sisiDr&icB^ nc 

11 oToas) Old (8)0q)|9 *4rregular, aw 
^QDo&Kn^aa^ self-exaltation would be 
A defect. Neg.Y. has been formed i 
signifying 1. what ought not to be. 
c0i)a8(3 dtLj9s>(D€mo CC. ^(T^o^zdSiQ 
GKO) onla3)d9snm m A§90 (Siocqi^cy)! KB. 
Nouns, Infinitives A Dat* of person, en 
as(g Bhr. would be wrong for us to 
e£iaiCSiosiai Q(iiS\iSsiOSMnur)ia^o Bhr. 
must not consume the righteous. ®a 
ago cros^tealanos^ YyM. must not b 
for a witness. Rarely with 2 advl. (sv^ ( 
coBc)o(d»o^QJ03)g_pn(mcad(9 YilvP.— (Sioi 
a)Ocgjo a wrong, forbidden thing. — I 
g^rSdDOfisn^RC. euro 093(11)9619^ vu. 2.i 
bility; mostly with 2nd advl. 0Og_i9a 
QjgCDo in a way never to be forgottei 
a)Sgjoaoas(n3sia9 KR. could not pass. 
«cang_jroI^fmlaj6)m Bhr. — with Inf. <s 
(0)9^ (from wounds) HM. Skmogotgb m 
(Oi^&cai a med. — iBioaiMA9aoo9(9b et^x 
^ prov. 

(Biora9(U)0^, — eg 1. impropriety. 2. i 
bility. (BidrodSnfiooo^ a9imM>(9>9cX>a 
a2;9(ok RC57. a)95maaAn923(C(go @£ 
CG. you may however see him. S 
ness. Q^«>o gnl^^egfOMAo^ PT. 
iBiorDo^ oldYN. a>o«mrDO^ Mud. 
e(i<asirD9^6)^§ajft TR.= s^ta 
ojA 'the unBhaken*\ 
CSt©<Wg-jQ(D (Cal.)=(TOfolgj 4. 

as^ocfMo — <6rd((^(m 


C®^(jgQ-Jo — (C»©0^OOo 

1SMMOS\ amma^i (I* fsnm) As parts of a 
rieelleld are mentioned: isxMm^raao cu(0<njo (Si^ 
sn^ ooasess^ (or «b)dq0os1) odrDlo}^ osr^cs^ 
s^ MB. (doe.) either "bank" or superior 
plot osed for nursery. 

^(O^crU ammba (ajorolcnj) A labiate flower, 
kind of ^ctu. 

(^dC^BOJ axuya T. M. Woman, see (Biorb II. 

(Sr&aiCui, (©rwoVlJl ani(i)Yi T.M. (Lawcw) 
Waterfall, eascadn. oo^aj^cc^o cne^cq^ RC. 
caWiajo^CBK) d9)06TioaD^jj)(d)Ofi.o^oKR. met. 
florD^3jio»c)o Aigraor^ft (ST^d) aaj^<0s»5)aj KR 3. 
ffKSOJ^CBrx^ the same (SiOjxSuajroilonaaA (SiOfTS 
3jlc2r>oo«^nm ®aj95)ai BC. (loo. (OtorcBCU&pi 


^^^^^Y^ arOBS^ 8. Wound, sore, 
spjmgq^ao wounding, sharp, po. 

>^(q6o an4 T. M. ((9)0(n n.) l. Qrace, favour. 
ak^(»aj&)c%s>s ODoaado g^eoa/oe^ Keili2. aj 
met «»)n»aja8fiOcr)9Qej RC ii8. mcocmomcn 
tm^vA o^Wb^^oiO cuuS^gjnb Bhr. 2. deigningi 
coamand. «8>. A^^« «»r»^o^^ to order, 
mj (hon.) firM>iisflg(AVno ^(oaiaaftoa) tteoj 
A^o so'sscb Q^^ may the blessing of dnru 
k Oods enable me to relate (po.) AOOa^A^ 
^^vA 'by the king's oommand", heading of 
Royal letters TB. 

aooB^a*, £\ 1. to deign, Touohsafe, grant 
Axreact oj/D^aMasmo, (nl6nr>(aa roo^ 
Q^ (^rn)«9aoern|C2jo mDOBalnDoaf) KB. (ou 
(A^oj flnsbtorxoBoasmo 802. Q5)^qj^o 
sMi9yia%9ai9d9»ra9if)^rm s>«>aajo Bhrio. 
2. eommand, aQoesicn sousob (BioassL^mo 
«MBB9on oidkm KR. 8. Aux. Y. Qd)gra9 
d) CC. please to hear, c^^^^^s^ (doo.) 
Mated, residing. 
flB/9fi^9^ 1. command of kings, etc. 8. oraole 
of Gods or demons through a possessed 
person. aanSlotgflS steQf:g<A dims — <bto. 
a^oq[|<i« TP. uttered the oraole- 

9^^QfJi aiite Bttto, me, a med. plant. 

(Q^(fnQ^ arftbam S. Unformed, formless. 

OTOtS^oj) incorporeal, Ood. 
(Si7)6>(Dd86^ «eo under (Braroayd*. 
<Sft(2(bGftiiSx} ardi^nifam (Tdbh.ooomfino, 9(d 

6no<0)) A bitter pungent grain GP76. 
(er?)(S(03COnb aro^il S. Healthy, sound. 
(6rZ)(S(D0iU<dx) aro]a'yamS.Nausea(=(Siora9^), 

foTor with Tomiting Yl. 
(SrOd*y> arkam 8. (V"(8»-ii) l. The sun. «.=s 


(8iod9n«m0)cn}nb Npr. a (Tolattiri Rija KM. 
(SrdCb^ ar^a|am 8. Obstacle, bar, bolt. 

«»{^S«n6 8iP. king. 
(6tQ<^4]lo ar^ham 8. (y/^tmdo) Estimation, price. 
(SiDoeicn^az^o TrP. astrol. determination of 
cheap, dear A middling months. 
(0iO(>a.oe8timAble; honouring oblation (a^noe 
Qjjo) to CKxls A Brahmans, chiefly water. 
(STOobixjsaiSsacX) washing water ofliBred to 
(6r^).Q^1de©arfikka 8. (to shine) To praise, 
adore. «fr^o®aBc)o6)<s>o^o cnocnocSid^coB 

Qijofi)a»o5ngoflioiJl^I>M. flio^(0)opart. pass. 

«»?\» flioi^no, (BoitiCDo 8. worship 0iO6>^(fia 

PP. 9aaj«>rr) oioach^^ mtbincn o^ct^ortA 

RC96. oaiajoiiooo 8iP4. Qj)Q?a)o flioii 

CD (gsoel CX!/. 

(S^^'Vm arSflB^ 8. Flame (po.) 

<€^€5^, Q0€5^ ( Ar. ari ) Petition. (BWOinfe 

oQ^^xfS^^at araro^ei'aysiS «a-J^ TR. 
(®rZ)€5^^Bff' arjikka 8. (V^ isiMb O.'oregB 
strive after) To acquire. (onxoiode^Q^onb PT, 
part. (8106^(0)0 f. i. <o»3ajcroo8|Ql<m«eioAo KB. 
YN. (Bioa^oDo acqaisition. 

(©roe^oOo arJunam8.(>/"rD«=:(8iaii)White. 

sn§ Bhr. to cover the world with their fame 

as with snow. 

(TOB^cnnb N pr. the 3rd of the Pandavas. 

(BTo'cusp^ KU.=anrfl^aoxBO| (see «o 


(SiBgrJopfM — (©BftJUo 


^®^?nf$Y^' (®r^|{V^aJo anjMsi},— vam 8. 

( V (8^<b flactuate) Sea, flood. 
onos^osQo lotoB. 

(erZ)(CiDo artham S. (V^ .'siotb) l. Aim, soope. 
010(01^00000002)^ for money*! sake; adv. ajroo 
(inoo Nal. for others. rD02a>ocgjosnoo fifirnonO 
. ro^cdscno AB4. attends to B.*s basiness. (8i^(p 
oooanacoscb oiono ^^o Bhg4. the desired ob- 
jects. 2. gain, wealth, riches; chiefly money. 
(Bionm fi>ajQo (STOQanotcinai sxuonbaiofirno 
OAO^ejQ TR. doo. 3. meaning, sense. OR), 
ojoa) to explain. 9ajao9O(n^o({nD'OMn-ia0sianb 
Bhr. knowing the substantial meaning of Y. 
A, S. ajo^dMOGcX) donoo crx^das (8i5*0oainrn)gy 
TB. are not plain to me, not intelligible. 
DerivatiTes: oioanDcn (1) begging, petition. 
fliD(SiD(9>o (in comp.) having the meaning of — 
(fl}0(aj£)A»o(Dn6, 0iD8S)DQLioab rich Yi. 
(BK>ann(a^9C(V0O3o nsory B. 
eioosiiK) ajaaiQJOQ a receipt for money. 
flioenocn)o^ sum of money. 
0iDanoo((/)oOo ooyetonsnesB, (Siooimooa. 
(Rioanooai abl. in fact, meaning, viz. 
(Bioano^ desirous, ODOajQ0O(fifno(aSiolcB)OQE^ KR. 
(Bioczno^ids (a^crooeo ojaBCQ^^ ^*1* ^ satisfy 
a beggar. (Biaano^aioanoQjocnocB!^ oinso ARe. 
the beggar will become rich. 
denY. (StQC[i£\<a» to desire, beg, f.i. ^ono Sciio 

a)69B6>a. 0oOO€QJej)8CI2;O^ UR. 

part. (mci£^<Oio begged. 
(810600^0 proper. 

(Sr2)|po86) arcTikka 8. To trouble, hart. 
(BiD§l(ao Tetanas or hemiplegia (po.) 

(8(D(3JUb ardham 8. Half, astosuoo tmonb mosLoo 

S)6)ecuo proY. Nal. 

0toSLO jiM^jQch half-moon, orescent. 

fsat3Lxxr)0(S\ Hermaphrodite. 

0ioel>aLj^OD half the customary interest TR. 

(Bi0(9l};^oaflsrr>(b KIT. half Brahmans, castes 
which are regarded as having sunk from 
Br. rank to a lerel with Xatrias (f.i. od 

CDjI^, QOLlO^QJOcb) KN. 

(Bioe!ba>o(Q)o 8. ata&v(^oi^ tu. midnig! 

iBiDiabo&Uo a quarter. 

denY. (sizxsiuicflift todiyide in haWes, a 

(STOslul^fiLjMab C8. Gan. 
(Qio®(9l>o§ half-mocn KR. (fi^* 

(®f0glJ6noo arpa^axn 8. (cans, of v^ 

Placing, f.i. ojosoyfimo pattiog the 
(^03^0 Qojoejo (810. 6>^<s^a) Kal2. 
set his eyes on him. 2. entrusting, < 
0iQg)6aBc)o Qjlco-icro^,ai (sm^cn^ocn^o a 
6>^Q1 Nal 4. conflded to each other. 

denY. (8!0glJldBn = (8!0alj6rno 6>ii)C^, 

give to Gods & superiors, 
part, (sn^ljl^o, f.i. ^^ogJl(ti>698ch 

<S(^6fnQo arfinfaxn 8. A Tery high 
100 millions (in CS. 0oOO<S<&>O5l) < 
millions (C8. aouooeu). .oOOO fiiogoje 
2. different swellings, esp. cancer. 
QjosPids) Q(Ljos>Qj nfl^^roVaao aiojld 
(gftso^ajftBo a med. 
denY. (SiOGOjel^ jiiCMnooeob Nid. 

(Sf^tkcBicAi arbha'yaii 8. (Yed. amk 

f hild, the young of animals. 
(S^QOto armam S. (narrow?) A disea 
(C^Cgjob aryail 8. (tmib) Devoted, ai 

(8io^0oaj (Yed. friend) sun (po.) 

CSftC^o arvam 8. ((syoib) Racer, hor8< 

(inoc^O(d<> 8. hitherwards. 
(Cir?)C^CY\? arSasS^ 8. Hcemorrhoids, 

(®ro (ioOfb arhail 8. Deserving, wortl 
cm\crn (8TOann6 Arb. fit to rule. 

OT0aOr0) = 33l9C2j'0> f.i. (BTO. «CLJ05>Q. 

a^6)a 6> ii3(g TrP. 

I. (S^o ara t. m. c. Te. (V^owq) ] 

tition, room =1^0) f.i. £Ofin§0o Mu 
CB^o royal sleeping closet, isnorsj 
9<d)S Mud. 01O5>O(fiQo (TVQfD<6Qo ajlO<Sc 
don't run against wall & wainsco 
quietly, 2. well secured rooma; n 

(S^^o — csfd6\^ 


(®rZ)61cjy — (®rOQ<6> 

^Aso TB, treaiury. fi>aj^(8.'0ias«)n6o ajoo 
gorms^ajoofij prov. Qa»ig3<D b»o AtTRalsKuo 
£)^ TR. plundered the stores, cnz^s (BTOO 
(Bl^ibo ^(nj)<ab ^tp)^9(ob TB. land close to 
myTAolts. «ioo<i2|o(20C^cnDS(fls)KU. forts ft 
bATboars. — jAil <B»Qj6Kn ojisl^ (mcx£\<A 
ef> <^3tP;^> «aoo£lnno a^jpI^ TB. fl»o 
CQo oao^ (Osl<a« KU. regulate the prisons; 
henee: aigjOy A«qiO, or))ejc(vo. 

Cpds. fnootaaob 1. at the palace. 9A0i£\9dS»9^ 
■DoaMb aj9^«<m ea0dS«^cQrsioo6 TB. 2. 
Hpr. palace of the Cannanur Blbi TB. 
ffloogjafial sparrow (=«»§<8ftacflar61tfblflA). 
myoQ^A the door of Samorin's sleeping 

room, in charge of Pafanambi KU. 
eoogjo closet, treasury. 
fBOo^SifOfCt borglar. 
■Kxuattlid «i86)S;^ «>919 Mod. door of closet. 

ILcSrt)0 Inf. of aiOQ<d) q. t. 

in.(S)fOO 1^ T. M. Blow. MO (Rooso^. 

©5a, tiun T. aM. (\r mq) Uw=a>a2o; 
•Dc^oabocb OQMlfiji BC 124. dutiful Sita. (sto 
oo aonicYSVbk dooms <u9q_io 09QO 60. (bioo 
ai£§qB|3flB94> 63.=cJU0a^<^A or {offla<ft»<)o. 
loe. SBOQ^o ojoojo oa>§ajnb impudent; bat 
SBaxn 6&A 0000^ gggtj QjOQjo oQg^ he suffers 
■0 want (=«0Q<oil). 

«^oay«ej 1^70^ t. 0. a M.(\r(B»o m.) 

1. To beat hard, f.i. monkejs ojOAaitSnel SP (in 
sojI 903»a^ WDOfiB^aa^ 6> jikmo6 BC 15. 
s»r)gj'>a3g» aa§<te cleanse grain in harrest. 
€0':«ia2tf peltiog rain. 2. to beat drums. 08 
acT^don :S6>oaR»ejo)oo3fb BC28. M^.Tsmoq^o 
2§afiBJD etc. 
CV. «na3ila» Vi. 

'SSCOjI (^i** ^r*b) Arabia— arable; also 

CDOsn^ms ^^s-fifc ojoio TB. 
QrfiOQo (At. haram) Unlawful, flrooocnjlo^ 

ete. whoreson. 

^co^siPja^eojJde^ lAyiddayekka a cer- 
tain heathenish ceremony Yi. 

<>^6U)i(^)aiikja Xaekerel MC. 

C6roo|c£yd9> ariyuya T. M. c. Tu. (Tco^qso) 

V^flnoQ 1. To know. aioolsKunb I know (Syr. 
doc.) part. (BTdc9ajn6 privy to a transaction 
(doc.) ojeunso (8iool9d9> Inf. notoriously. (BVDO^ 
QOiO&aji unobserved, suddenly, unwillingly, (oi 
QonmBiocnolcB^osycn QjW>oft KB. swooned. 
Sometimes (like oojoQan) with the ObJ. in 
advl. part. aJrD)$iois»o)Q^jan)6>g>|ora9 CM^o 
Bhr. cannot live without him. 8. v.n. to be 
known o^orSldSttoleni^'^sOi (810c9)cb;^q^9Ao don't 
know, o^ooidOo (BRkSIooi^ I knew. 
«iocfiQa»3<g, — cwD^, — c3Ln§yo^,— ca;«g_|Odfco 
^ ignorance. 

CV. (BTOolajldas), (BWolcaHdas to make known, ojl 
9od3ft3o QQS)(m(mo. also o^Qnmos , aa)on)(do 
(Oio^^omoloBtncdo BC. to report, notify. 

YN. (BTOoloflg-i notice. crOcenorSlQai (Siooici^igj 

(m6SBc)D:0» (STOolojl^dSAonb ^sn^ etc. TB. 

mi6\^6iio acquaintance, familiarity, lero. ^sn^o 
(fi», airodo^td) to contract acquaintance* 

(8iocS)aj3fi.nb (= loroolajnb) experienced, learned. 
(BioolojoflA Qq^^>(£\ PP. 

YN. (8100)01) knowledge. a^j^XTCD^oo «ioo)Qj(d) 
cb Mud. what tidings? o-josnelctvooj etA^ 
(OTBi <bido1q^ eoGSBd^iBsi ®gj TB. we were 
not informed, that. ... 6) ji1(32^@ 6ra«tssc)o(0noi 
Qjjr^ we are aware, that he did. jbtooIo^ 

§^€9BSicn s)^^Q09 KB 4. gratitude* 
(Bioo)Q^a)3nnb skilful, knowing. 

<Sf^<B)y OQ aruya T.M.C.Te. 1. To be sever- 
ed, cut off, break. $)6)d)<&.3rab <9)^(0i^qj (0}dc<^ 
Bhr. in battle ooi^aiosneoQ ojlflcno Mud. 
QOjroQo will be eradicated, (^ftcnTi (OioQauonb 
KU. ^oqd; (snoc^ojlfino, qgmb tsiooQ. 2. to 
end, cease, crocrofon (BtooqGxjdcb?) the line is 
extinct. croo6ajau)o(9T0. the claims are at an end. 

(gqg^Zao (aiDQQOJO&o Bhg. 02 CTV^^^tno (|DDd)j)aJo 

flnoool«(mo 6)6)ejj90 Mud. woocno iroooi^o 

($rDQ<d6^ — asttiC^ 


(S<^dB> — (6v?)tf)0<d6^ 

KB. will no more be born. 8. to be finished, 
resoWed. A6KS)rDooe)^.Trrialrgb (ST0QSKU9(TBd)}6rr) 
<di CS. oaloalation by proportions, ^o^fo (Sio 
ooaiojJlcB/scBn Yi. as good as settled. 
Inf. (vmo 1. off, in jiioouo, etc. 2. entirely 

0100901 (BIOajfiKT) (81OSc0i)9o RCSS. fiStb 

g»ot9>g) 50. Mn9cno docKOonriDajocB; 

cSlojonb c^n^^o Bhg. clearly. 8. little 

ffi9ocdi)g»j QQmoAOj^Ortib (loo.) not e^en the 

adj. part* oiooo to which there is not. a>o03 

^^\gb (BRM>ooorD3<fi>90Bo KR. a cleared sky. 

^cnooOiQiOaiS^ CG. incomparable. qjo§0Oo 

ayojo jBgyoajrcj. 
a.v. (®r0q<fi6^, f gtg) (▼u.(8iooaft)l.ToseTer, 
oat off ^(^<»6)a TB. 00)39 reap, ^^^ ^^U 
a>cD;o pull as under, 0rDo saw. — mot. (o^sm 
cb;o (Bioq(^ Mad. betrayed our love. — (noQ 
(Dift5>^g the whole roof (f.i. fivgycaalQnboiSC).) 
2. to decide, inoQ(qgi Qjo<di peremptorily, «st^ 
oo>^n9>aj9d9a Vs. conditional promise, ajsm 
(or^Anbo croQcoioi ajapco o^§(ZSg 6)iO)9c)oaj9nb 
(doc.) fixed interest, ojlfij (Sto, determine the 

CY. (QioQg^dao. (^QjQcncBfoesb d^i^toiatQ^^ 

YN. flioQgjl. seTering, sawing. 2. harvest. 

Qj^ao€ioooa8 aLiCB;^QaJ0O9Q2i^ KB. 
fliOQQjajocb, flWQasojocX) (1) Yi. saw. 

(BiOQgjaio/dob sawyer, reaper. 

I. (SfbCl tin (V^(BTOQd») 1. Severing, catting. 

ajIc/TloD QjAOJtiBa isiOQ(0)an9%9o prov. torn 

part. 2. horrible (prh.=II (SiorQ) oiOQAaj 

violent death, f.i. of king=cu^A&j also «m 

Otfiaj (cn6)ZB (SR>0«iaJdlirmzPs>§ QQScaeOdo Oq_j9 
e)^09r«o:TbCG>) <BR>Q!n&J(T\;Qp3Qda>2J<d>cX> SiJil 

S^g^joob Mad 7. by exeoating them. — flnoocu&j 
TP. (8id(^ej (va.) ioterj. O marder! (=(8)008 
aiai q. V.) 

«iOQ^.'ORil^=^oq^ot^^ (loo.) 
(SiOQ0^, etc. 
n. fXS^C^ In com p. for (sr^ six. 

<BT9<^og() 600; flWQa^oodb Npr. Ni 

Porlatiri*8 bodyguard KU. TB. 
aiOQQLj® 60, (SiOQaj<inloo99^ 60 yet 

(SiOQajos^oej 64, the Brahman oo 
Kerala (64 Gramam), the singalai 
tions of the country (64 omkiooji); 
number of rafters ^^cmTOio oAen 
Qj^ccjjo prov. {s= A^9d3UWA)' 

fBiDQo-jag^cno&joo the 64th year (or 
aimgo*, when Tlppa introdaoed olre 
in Malabar). 

ffiOQ^ainb (=:cft3firr^fiyn6>8abrahman 

aioQQLi<b 6. (flOQainsos c/>m^ oj(S\^ 
crgrm^ 4sm(^aifi>ro^o on^ Bhg. 

(S^Q (6) i^'ya T. (M. <d)Qa)) Agrostis 
Yi. AOJggQai a horb, like rosemary 

(Sv7)Qce0)ajb ahikkal t. So. m. (YN. 

A niche, ditch. 

(Gtl)qrm1 ahl6i YN. (8iDQ(d>, End. a^ 
Q(i6o OTOQ^danoib MM. oaoearoci am 
CEV^rA TB. at the utmost limit. (BT&Qan)< 
QLi(oa(ES&^ YyM. fix the boundaries. 
o.aS^ to finish. (SID- 9>^^ establish 
AOidM fix the last term. ffiOQ^6>^9<aft 

«vD(^ain(S)(u§(d> to be extinguished AfO) 

^o Bhr. ASa-isai0Q<aiWj9e3a>4 

CY. os(^as)«>& (BiOQ<mWj^(mot{g»o 

(giOQro^^^^ to close Q_i^(gb m>'cn 

C&tKl <UtU)^ uuttala = oioc^tna) 
s QJ59<0n (8i0Q'0r0)O)CBi^(gb TB. 

(Sf^QODSl MB. doo. = «ioa»0os^. 

cSfSqcnj aiumbu t. So.m.(V^(8ioq 

(SYOQCTUOib little remains, stunted frai 

(S^6)Oddei aiekka M. (i. (sioq) To los 
likCf ga>coo jiiojl^ca; Qq-im>&j «ios)o, 

^ — 6^gC08\aj360B) KB. a(])5>cm a^ 

6>o^ Bhr. a^och ^ojls^s ■so(£\<b%a 
QOdE^s^ et^Arm TB. I shall not si 
I detest the whole proceeding. aiGjloj 
cbH (Mpl;) I have changed my mind i 

mcXDb— <6roa3 



iO{^ qualm, aTersion. «». A^gojob 
■ring. flDO^o flD^tJU^Q^ oaj(S^A 
acso Bhr. 

o^«i to make to loathe. eoDg^nr^ 
p«Bpte«nr>o Qjkju^ajcoo 00)^1000^^ 
mtik myielf retignation (s)«)aj^903^o). 

Vkm TN. =(«»Q<o1 1. Extremity, 
XDORQan OBOoo aiOBrmiijo.^gy PT. 
»o 92g>|Kn.iinboiuided wealth, onoo 
"Dgjcmo Bhr. OAooetg^dS.'moAo fi<9q| 
te Bhg. innumerable. cn1eJ0oo^eB 
MAiik C8. the circumference of a heap 
iu hate. «ioooo e>9m eo^QJU^ thoroagh 
;e. 2. adv. as far as A^pcoioiooo (ooj 

.) 8. erening mooocBosiA it ia late. 

t or paesifn. ffDsid9annB s^ocn^ob, 

» Q.J06I e5«aa1 ^2^ (Byd'0(oioNaK^o 

i«ux») TP. 

00000 or adj. part, oiooo). 

ejo death, C^nor. 

p rainwater standing in pools. 

•Xio end, loss, damage, oooicn a». 

3q_ix»^ he is dead. «mim\sicn oio* oi 

aitoinjaro. on. ^sosMi»(0-Qea^dan;flno 

CXXBB9A 9or)9<dS(d> to remedy, mend 

I. «D. acn9<0e^ TraT. repair. 

■o right of saocession to another 

h of the family, when that has failed 

00 A9(^A ▼«. to be in a farlons 


T. v. C. Te. (To. cardies) 1. WaTc, 
RBfij obs. hence Anmfij hills ft waTCs 
spam insai. 2. TK. of siOAekaa, 

jfiksoipo. the surging sea moaiAScbb 

9/ti* 1. to flght eternally as the bellows 
■I the shore e2<ii^<09S&>6><^9^^9nb 
Mfe^K^ ^|6Km flDj]CkiLj9(QiajmD yon 

are a bore. 2. to vie AftjuslaiSoB^o^ 0001 
6>aj9rt8<ml^ AO^iJlgyl^cX) KR. 

(B10(lKB/9sf) RC.= (810 litf^Sr9b. 

(®r2)ejd89 ala^ T. M. C. Te. Tu (V^croej) 
1. Lath, splint, palm or bamboo leaf. (oiOdiA 
Qj9<m^<«b MR. door of split bamboos, sioajA 
cnl^ closing an account on leaves (aioaiAabo 
00. ojrno 9Q-i33i^ his story is at an end), ojp 
ajooQnm 00^491 weaver's staff. 0D2J^^a)3C[£^ 
QOJdSi^ 0drDla)«>fi a^l^ud>aja>3<dnlRC. cut 
in slices; anything long, flat & thin. 2. blade 
of sword, knife, spear. — chain of elephant Vi. 

(Qr^ejGS^dB) alan&aya T. c. Te. Ta.=:0oej & 

0D.T)sa§i)>; loc. 0OtU<oaaA Commotion. 

a. T. CS^B^<QGi><B>j dBGtl To wash clothes, by 

beating 0Daidan)gJ^jip)QC{j^, 0OGJdan) ^.mi^ ^ 

«9n) 09o61fi)aai9§agQi KU. 

CY, 0OtU(dnl<fis. 

0DiM9e washing, oaj^sosiznsab ae. 0O')o1 ao 

09) (da 9a_i3ajonb proy. 
00^^(08^)9^006 washerman. 00 .UdOs^Qomosxibo 
d> 9aj96)aj proy. 
CS^£Jo alam 8. Enough. (8iOdJ0 jjo Bhr. 0^01^9 

ca;9d9n to let suffice, loaye off. 
(S^£J98}t£l j96) (to get ready) 1. To adorn, de- 
corate oneself, (mroasrnlap^ cnrm9CB7) 00*^ 
cnsmo KR. 2. to put on 09ej 0oaj«>nbo 
^^mk\(A 00*:^, 0^;gi9[ifirr>o (SQJ9nb 0O*9(da 
smo Hud. QDA(0)9<fisc(^ ^^ ^ co€\tQtiKBL 
also with Instr. i^ocD/sejo 6)0sa^(bb 0O*^RC. 

S. to adorn another. «(Q-)<TM)c{no» cij(m^9e1 6)ji>o 
n 0o*«i KR. 

CY. 0OQjniroig^dan f. i. (^A&i 0oajQA 0D*^ 

Bhr. decked her out. 6Qj9.iiU>QV Qj(m}3a)<fi) 

aprbb 00. KR. ca>qJi9ocoo 00*:^^ Hud. made 

him to adorn himfelf all over. 

0D2jn>(Mmo 8. ornament. .aw>0(aa» 0Oejtt(D«ni 
OBAoeio RO. 

0OAjflB»O(Do 8. decoration, embellishment, ele- 
gance, rhetorical figure. 00 yobgrocnsaasdn 
6>abo 9 i>>9^0KX>TR. instruments for solemn 
occasions. — 00 Juab9<Doo9(rmo rhetoric. 

(&tB^<B&^ — (&t fijcsy 


<®f?)fiLl% — (»0 aXU 

(6rdaid6b&g1 alakimi S. Misfortane tm. (poO 

6S9CX) £06101^ KB. (819.*aj)<fi3QJo Igs^o GP51. 

spirit of melancholy. 

CS^aJd^^^ alakiyam 8. UndiBtinguisbable. 
1810*0001; ojOdSQ MR. unproyed. 

asr?)ai(S3&)Daio alangolam T.So.M.Confa8ion 

(see (Sio^coBrab) slovenliDess Yl. B. 
(Syt)ftAo \(gb Yl. see (saoiiwA; (Biooj^rbb from 

cCS^ej^dB) alattnyaT.H.CV^cgroej) To importune 

(€^ajl7y^D(Dl (P)ala5ari Preparation, articles re- 
quired. croe)ej(8a (9iOQMn9rD)^>c>3 Aonoo QDgy= 
Q^Ogl (loc.) 

(Sfd£J(7y)| ala5i So.H. Troublesome. (SioaMfHojo 
id)o (or socoo) misery. (8ioaj<cn)GD;9QBn(^dan to be 
tired with unpleasant work Yi. 2. 
(QTaajaJ confusion, stir, fright Y1.2. [(81064). 
(BTOajg^oQa) Y2. to refresh oneself (comp. 
(Bioajg-|0 molestation, fatigue Yi. B. 
(SYOtiicnj trouble oj^ca; (Sro. tu. 

(8ioaicnja)T. C.Te.H. (=(8ioaja^) be agitated, 
tired. (8ioa)cnj)OQ-j9^ spill, asafull plate. — 
shake clothes in water (Te.= (BTOajcdsa)). 
(SioojaiKob vexation, trouble (sro. (Sr^tiBs to molest, 
tease — loc. aioaj00<9b uproar. 

(Sir^ajGYXJo alaBdham S. Unobtalnod. 
(BiOk>i^o unobtainable, irrecoverable. 

(6r^)£joeacLJo alambhavam s. (siooio) i. The 

feeling "enough", contentment, also (Bioojoeoj 

(3ju1. 2. having enough of it, vexation (aoio 

ejcnj^) Yl. (Bioajosocuo (BiocS)a2)9^ intempe- 


ffiDaieBMn) the same, nnalaxbdaso^so a\^Qj 

(!S^BA<Sii<B> alaynya t.m.c. Te. ((biou) kto 

fluctuate, be tossed. i^'^ixny£^ nr)S(d99au3cX> 
C09^atiBnaiajaBicD;ai6iaiir)(sKB4. 2. to roam, 
be wearied. (&>9^3(0)9Qo tsmneai^ oosoio KB. 
CMKmonmdcd^ j^iesioo^flnisft^Qjocnn^ Bhgs. 
let me not thus pass thro* many births. 
CY. m^2K£\ian (loo.)r3QjQaj<fia. 

a. V. (Sr2)6^ej<d6^dB) 1. To beat a 
waves on the shore. 06rTba0ajoej<Tji 
(from anger) (Bioz0<O)n09oifab (Bios>'ii:£ 
infant, for milk) ^ODo o^naoolrbb 
$)6)<0n CG. A$>i)>GJ9vTV)0S)aj^es ro»aj 
(S^^^xio 5>iiA(s^&j^ KB. 2. to beat the 
grief. 09oanaiajj^o s>Tno(ip1^o cn\ 
i90CErigs>a},fi|%o Bhr. fi)S)A tsni 
Qeo^rab <^609oCO. 
(Bioej|fij(ab vexation, mourning. 
ieiafi>ajguJ| (see (Sioajgj) YN. floaigj 
St<A 6) Ao§ajg| BC 16. with vehe 
CY. (BiDS)aigJi<fia f.i. ^guxDo «)05>ej{ 
:^ Bhgs. 
(StdBMb alar T. H. C. Te. (C. Ta. (B0 
blossom, opening flowers 0ej A («r 
aynriD). 2. the sharp point that ri 
padlock Yl. 
(Bioa]<boaroab (1), (msnBa)<b5icuo6nr)nb, 

ounb CG. Cama. 
CS^ai(Dl A flower, willow? (=m 
(Srd^^dB), Cnrd 1. To open, aa i 

ocn3<eao KeiN2. (ssafijrsa)). 2. t 
A dry (T. Te. to shine as sun) = e 
yearn, long. (Sio^ isioaicrn aigiplcna 
Qjl9aj9«»)d^ KB. with longing eye 
(BIDfi)0ad9» (8IDaj(OOa5^anO5>03 prov. 

YN. miQi^ heat, lust cuoDOigiaosa 
ousness — (8iOi^ii^(0n9a>nb=r lODt^i 

(©rcajQdB), o| alahfya M. t. (T. 

fear, amoxi^ C* terrific) To roar, be 
as elephant, tiger, woman in laboar. 
Q7l§&iolnn9<b KB. (8id&xSl^rD)a»c(^ 
(DOdfiacronb ojofoo (B0Do) (Bio§fiS9 K 
<d>c)o (BID itQoms aojoQQj Bhr. 
CY. 013^0 (Stouold^OAosni (^00^ 
(Sio&iii (loc.) roaring, etc. see unde 

(Sr^fiJOlb ? alal (=ffi02j or (BiDg^) a 
oqtQjQgj^spasoiD CG. [^qi^ 

(grcajQJorb ala7a& T. M. c. i 

<8r?)ft3(ro— (Src^i 



voBAo with UoguishiDg eye. fl»aica>2)splcx^ 
OS enrxnS) Kal s. 
Sr^iaxroaib, c$rz)£jOd(ob alaaal,— Sal 5. 

{ma&x^^) AgitotioD, fatigue, diBappointment. 

•DXinb flio*fiJdCBii^ he is worn oat. 

Y. H. AMJOV^ 1. to be tired. oigi^A AS^i^ai 
ca)>£kmon)^o Bhgg. (Bio&i^n)36M» Q^oei 
^ Bhg 1. uDweariedly, forthwith. 2. to 
niecarry. aaajdHifiaiaicnS) coso CC. 

CV. oiko MOGJcro)^ «>a«B9 (jud) caased 

flBfiJcnS)gj peacock 8 pride, a flower uied for 

0i5eJ3d9A Ar. halak, Bain. mb&Xietix£\ ttojp 
fidel] aU B. (tee mt^<s^A) Palngnioe Yi. 

6&fii)dB6krCirO) Ar. aliqat. The upper earring 
of Xapliehia. fizaoonbo AwSi^QS (8Bei<fiaC82<> 

■neiaaiSBi Qolo^^qSI TB. 
eteS^CHo ^liwg^wi a. Y^ithout gender, gram. 

<>OfiIVs\{da> alijnya (C.c«oara))a>, oomp.«» 

in^n.T.To melt, disiolTe(a8talt, heart) a>gj 
^ ^§^9o <noeji6n9 ajnaojuoso aj3S> CG.(B0 
o^ouDS ajVx^fii3o-jo 9A§«ij)<^jo uai^A^o UR. 
esflL'^atatcX) aiaa^^eej^cB^oj u&iiQ^si^gj KR. 
diaidTiBg in moonlight. {BiDej^aa)0cn<0s)36m 
&C. 29nrxn:ds^flBiOfii)fl0O»e09^ Bhg 8. esco 
ouo nnto3m[omej^a'^§ CO. 
TS. «oej),Aya^ Aoejloj melting, oompaiBlon 

flOdi)axi9^ OiftMU Bhr. CQ. kindly, 
a. T. flDfijl^aa to melt cnJ^oftatmnnDQS esoocro 

aej^ajomwin ojgo a!]Lj3(n))tfS6nr>o KRs. 
CY. floejVv^tti the eame. 
tneT^jMnssAs^oaoQ^smo foul ulcer. 

Q'&C^ ah 5. To shake. (OrS^ (06^ 0^ T. H. to 
be worn out, grow lean. 
YI. flB^j^weftrineM,tireiomeneM,iiiDfiJ^OQ 

ai Yi.2. to Feet (eon^. «OQi^). 
■DP^nwA atir. 
•B^jdtAi doSi Yi. to agitate. 

(gioejae BoM. a firinge (? Ar. alaq hanging). 
(8ioe4d9Q£ij<de shndder. cn^moao ad>§lg (BR>. o^ 

CStr7)£j GOJ orb alubdhail 8. Liberal. 
(©^fiijOJ, oD^OJ Ar. haluwa, Arabian 
sweetmeat. ((moej)- 

(Str2)^OJ'0b alUYal T. M. Bustle, bueinesB 
(6^6>aAdB6^ see (mofiiO^A. [eoolD. 

C®fD6^ajQJDOOl Germany, AUemagne, see (BTda 

(^fHQB^GUo aldkheun S. Blank leaf, unwritten 

CSr^aio-JCOob aldbagail S. indescribable, 
or all-perTading ojc^aocoaocu or ai^nb cn^^o 
ca^^.^udb (Q1D. AR4. 

(6irt)^eJ0^o aloyyam (S. uncommon, im- 
proper) or V^(Bi064? Trouble, disturbance, flio* 
Q_jO(A> offend. fiaJcn<0a9rQG)S(8io9ai9ogjoauQ£S^ 
CBfOsnol^ (Chir. doc.) fiid9eJo<^Og^§a|2^ ^ 
trouble, tease, — also csn^gi^oih^Qaio Yi. 
(BiooeLiocroroo (C. (mosgyoojo) trouble, confusion. 
(DosWoLJom (TO^aiocTOfOo TR. the distur- 
bances of war (^GOi'^^os, <fliiPd9e). 

CS^S^fiJ^debl^o alaU'yi'yam S. Not current, dis- 

CS^^^So alkl4am (T. (ro^rgb from (TOtA) 
Yulva=^aOj'ya_j$a.«o also 09jf,onm3^%)^S 
9ca.3^ CO. & (Bt9^<u)09^cr)3<oKsiaso CO. jS\ 

Af0l9)3<0^5o CO. 

CS^^o alpam S. (=(BiO(bo) l. Little, small. 
fflrDjy0oaia» oQnrn a^^^^Mo^dy TR. as too 
trifling. siogj^nasrDocanrDlcfleomajft ojono roo^ 

cnSldOenrrxs TR. low castes. 2. a measures 
^ 05^ Bhgi. 
Deriv. & Comp. (Bide:^fi>39yo a bagatelle. 

(B1D^Gatllo=6>ii)Q0rVib Yi. 
(8i0fi^9%»C!b simpleton, unlearned AR. 
mog^ littleness, meanness flio. (O^og' (Biooj 

(Douuo QG)cre^nn> KR. 
0[ag^fiQj3jul<d)c)o men of few ideas, 
ten^soc^nb rarely happy. 
«o§-jrocro«a3ron6 soon pleased & soon angry. 



(OTflyafg^o — c&b 





(BiOgjqjaiiB))cD;ocEtn on a petty soale, in redaoed 

(8iog^9jcii0cno makiog water (hon.) 

(Biog^octygu shortliyed. 

(Biog^oosiianb (er^Ao cnnch YyM.) poor. 

(SB>§^<BQo Superl. very little. 

(BiOfiJWgg & (sa^^fiMOo Compr. less. 

(BioOe^rDo much. flno9gj(0)a>6mab Bhr, know- 
ing mneh. 
CgyPflngf^ see (Biodn. 
CStZ)i^OrSl almani Syr. SeouUr, layman Vi. 

<6i^^ al T. M. or <S^^ (T. deficiency) Dark- 
ness, night (hence aRXORKoby flnanatospo) aorn 
gyo Qjcno RC. 8 nights. (8iogy\ob oQ^nmoejo d\ 
go KeiN2. find by night. (BiOtf>^)gyoo Sojomo 
Qjrdom90D(Oo CG. (oSlaabcb (8iogy)s)or) (oo^a^rbb 
OojoasSouoAfii GG. a»gjlcnBQBl(8b scso cn^o 
o^asbtfrob very black hair, (nogylsoinnm jiiocv 
(gbRCi4S. (8io^9cXyi^8BbSPfiii Bhgg. also (BR> 
g^oAo^aabSPan Bhg. 

(BiDg^jo sngi^o djooa^ grumbled, made a grievance 
of it (loc.) 

I. <S(^^ alia (T. (Biog)6>fi)GU, Te. G. (B»gyr^) 
Tumult, di8taTbanoe=:(ma>oO(b, oooQio Mpl. 
(see (Biogy^). 

n. (Sr^^ alia 5. Neg. verb (prh. negation 
of pronoun (BID, which in G. Te. exists also in 
the form (Siorab) 1. Is not that, not thus; neg. 
of (8T^aia>, as QDg>j of £911 f.i. m§»)SMoKmo^ 
ejo (Biogy <4Domo<fi^64o egysKsxno qj(oo ^^ 
KB. no action whether good or the contrary 
will ever cease to be (can be undone), (ooogjo 
an^rDi(0nlOQJD Bhg. if it be not the case, m 

Cn\<Qs^Q^W^(OiQ ® 506(030(0) prOT. (B0§^9QaSIBlS 

0S2 fi>^gjgy what does not concern thee. After 
Inf. figjo ojaIq^o QcnxLHasgy a med. do nott 
cya((^ 9(0)3aDg^ eocnocro KB. let there be no 
enmity. — after Fut. ^^cmiSichaaeio or})ano 
0g^ YilvP. cannot be avoided. 2. is not that, 
but something else; iroosjo eotocnQo eo(Oia»^ 
o^aiotf)s <0>^QB«KQ) Bhri. not intentionally 
but in play, i]^«)gj1(S ^^ SojoA Bhr. a.iy| 

8. not merely that, but Aor»o 
(BiooffAQB^gycuaicbaa amrnl^ cnoooc 

QjQijjgo Qjii^ 8G. 4. but m^ ( 

(A on the contrary, if I come. 

(Bio^oOfO) adv. part. 1. not thus 

Mud. not too slowly. au^Wj 

grDcroonaoft aq^cm A9SfDmo MR 

onogyMVO) aooooongy Nal4. m 

called it otherwise but dog. 
other hand. Q(3)cmMib ojooiab i 
OQooogg^ oofiio KB. in that < 
tell, otherwise what's the use. 

gyOfiMD aiOr^ o(Oo08JrDOa8<(/>QOc 

as(2 Bhg 6. 4. except. a(T8(oio)* 
(mlrflcdeaaiiocb (Biogyosytn dSiggna 
o^gy except when they are una 
09olcB^96Mii Sajoa>OEf^ TB. no 
recovered. In So. even with Ac< 
flDgy sanatoQj cn)5)nma^§»j95km I 
besides thee. 

iBiogys^riiib if not, or cnl((^)QDl^{T( 
9eJo 6iii(nu)gjrib AB. aaxX> (sa>\ 
nAOB&i oQCgso c%cno YGh. so a 
4i>\<A Nal. (Bioog^nriD airol^ftib & t 
Gond. at^OGBJ^yd^ 

(Bi&g»)9CB;o 1. at the end of a sentence 
cnxbbcn)oc/Do fi)a)95negy«cB;3 ongyg 
2. in the beginning before name 
fdoa AB. O Bama! 

iBio3gy9=(BiogjQcQ;o 1. Ao^(A af\ 
9«o 09adsa3(rT^kB;ag^9 et^och K 
am but a woman. oi^O^o ^«i 
aD9(oi09<a8 DN. confessedly. 

«D0^ l.=(mos§»j9 f.i. axm9g») I < 
see. 8. do not! AjaicgSg). 

tBIOgyl po. = 18109^3 f.i. 609(r)g>)g^ 1 

not I? 

(SrS^Olb — (Sv^QJ 


(SroOJ— (SroaJ6« 

«m»}KaBi ft tha other parts of the Verb we 
■imiUrly ued. ttorxDocan^^B «i9S|mW 

^gjKib etc. TB. ioM9MD)§^9(aL^(miQ Bid. 

C^^ rob allal T. M. (T. Te. C. twUting) From 
motA lorrow, grief, difRdence. AOgyejea a^ 
<ft)d9e proT. dietreeaed. oDcaeaA AO^yCiioaRl, 
flBe»|(ik oaj§<fiecnD CG. griered. agbuWjo^ SA 
§9afc £9«9Ao0O§^ CC. meUnohoIj feeling. 
•DXKB ojejlqv flBgyejo Qjlcncqfo ojls^^ (to.) 
very dejeeted. 
dea y. fliofyejA f. i. Q Jiiogjlcnonb mogyfijo jiio 

ai^fiidA aQgyoO^o^o Ca. said to all the die- 

t r e ei ed women. 

^Sft^ dU T. M. (C. twist, also T. So.H. tm 
g^nSi thin texture Yi.) 1. The pericarp of 
lotas with the surrounding filaments, m^^ 
093*032 ^^- flOg^OBioAsiiMmob Cama. 
■o^anidteUMnrKSMA CG.s0orD0O(«b. «Dg^ 
|j0AddA3cn»nb Bhgs. Yishna. cnoajtb ao 
^^OBio^aairzi Bhr. fine hair. 2. anthers, 
Aamea, Aajcvgyl palm blossom. QjosPtStSgj 
ftobo flogj) MC. also in the pith of eoocXxno 
Man there is Aog^ OP 67. 8. lotns, «ai 

AB^jkEob (T. stray elephant) female elephant 
0^1 se« oader ffogy. 
O&^fb Beeideaee of the Pemmals at 

Osdugmtmr, with the 4 (in^, also sailed ad 
6l|ratoQ_y6)«ai»9Q^eM>o KU. 

I. (SrttU ara T. M. l. Plural of (Si^ those 
things; also mncuA&i (fsiocuai^os MB.) in 
beoks cooiOQ obi. ease, which is now used 
eUeiyrefening to animals ft low castes. a»aj 
oo aoLjM) those fellows went, ^o^ob qQ) 
!m Aa^n9^ ojoen^oQo (SiDaxxSlancb oio 
mkk ^oms TB.«da bud, esp. the 
frvit-Uke spront of Artooarpas. «ioaj go^a) 
te bad, as a jaektree in the 5th year fliM>ai 
^i^OBiS (as of palm trees AQekBa^^om^). 
▼•i* <9d6yQ-M6kl.s«MM»«aTosproata«i 
t. see — criirts p69. 

n. CSr^OJ aya S. Down, oflT, in Tain, (see (tnoj 
(Oo) Many Cpds. 

<Sft>OJ<B>So aTaYa4ani 8. Mlschiel^ danger, a2<9 

(6r2)aJdB)DCydo aya'jfaiam S. l. Space a gs, 
opportunity, leisure. QSmxnlan (BaaiAooso 
£9^ Mud. there is room for the first plan. 
A^cmonb (BIO. occasion or caase for doing, 
oj^ijoo Aoeraonl) ejsgjoojatoosab (B0g»|o«)sii a 
Qjl^ Nal. I have no more any opportunity 
to see a -war. tno. QAo^<aa, CLJs^as etc. S. 
title, claim, right. OojorDlorn (B». e§y ^^I. 
no just cause for war. orx^as (Si9*^agasa(imi3 
ao cnoo a!R>Sdan^ajtf)rdfinr)o TB. hold what is 
mine. mo. ao^<fis MB. confirm a claim. 09 
pa^mQ^QS Qjlcju) (810. OQ-io«>aj TB* according 
to the statutes of Mussulman law. (SQ^Oaflsm 
(a^<fl)c)o(dn s^crn (OO. ®g>j TB. 
(BR>aja)9oeQjia5^ deciding on the title to 

property; settling about the possession 

before entering upon the merits of a suit, 
a»ajA0OMi>lib deed of purchasing any claim 

short of proprietary right to land. 
<BRKUAoc/oa-K(3)o deed of conreyance. 
(8iocua>9(/d6)g^a> to be entitled to. 
a»aja)9c/9l owner, claimant, heir. (gdlcBKiJAo 

odla^cb the landlords, eogj^o^s iro. 

MB. his heir. 

(S^aj<^£j| aya'yali An arbitrary tax on rioa 

(80/o) ^nno onogy (Sioaj^ejl TB. [(Sjjo. 

(^OJ(SdB)§ aTaY64a T. M.Misfortonesiroaii 

(SY^QJ^OrsTl ayakhfa5i 8. Blame, dishonor. 

©(oHsKTbO d9^(0TQ»1a^O (000^^9(0)10(2^0 0OO9aa) 

§y TB. also (moQjl^9(oi^ ajoat tu. 
(Sr^OJCOO^ aya^i 8. Knowledge. asyW en 

o§^9aa (SBOjaxm) aaao(Q09<bl(Qb BCes. if you 

know to wrestle. 

(0iociico^<fis=3(Bioola>. [cmocno. 

c6ir2)ajC03QOOOoaTa^ahanam8. immersion 33 
C^QJf^err^ ayajpUMUn 8. Bad natare» Tlot. 
(GfdQJSgcabaTaJajamS. Defsat. (^^^csUb()Ma 

fla.Gu(»cnD MB. 

c^cMJtfkifft — ($vt)OJroo 


(OTDOJon — (6ytaK8rD3 

^SftOJ&h9i ayajna 8. Contempt. 

(BiOQjnoMDo despised. crojg^RBo AiOQj^nncB; 
naoTDgy Bhr. not despioable. 

district 8. E. of Cckdattavanada. 

• • 

(Or^QJSo ayadam 8. Plt,Mnd.=:dk!p). 

CSrOOJ6tnr)o aya^eun T. H. l . A weight or measure 
(T. of 20,000 betel-nuts). 2. a mason's rule 
or leyel (Cann.) [maram, med. 

<6rOQJrc)(£]0)o aya&antram B. A kind of Apas. 
cQr2)QjrovD6nr)o ayaSaranam ((SID. 6>.aiQ^ ak.) 

cnoojrmrolan 8. To descend, morz>en(> (sal*£^ AK. 
came down, chiefly God*s appearing on earth. 
(8ioaj(mo<0o descent, incarnation (thro' human 
parents) cr)D(r)9O?cO9aKm3r0€9aa9(^ (^tSBa 
Q^o AB6. eo903j(a)orDo, (O909Qjtn9(Do etc. 
ORoajcmor^a) preface B. 
(®r^)OJr0^o aya&alam 8. Being out of time. (810. 
Qj^cmct^d)) make a mistake. 

C&dOJSOdTh ayacTa&am S. Clean, white. 
(6<^QJd3(D6^nOo ayaf ara^eun 8. Bursting; hoe. 
(6r^)ajgQ ayadnru Slander, see gQ. 
C®^QJf2XJb=«»6aj(auo Tdbh. 

cQ^ZKliCjoooOo ayadhanam 8. Attention. 

(8i9.'cY)l<fia to be attentive, learn bj heart, 

fflroaxJODoSl well yersed in science, [mination. 

(Sr^QjeOO^Gv^Oo avadhara^am 8. Exact deter- 

(Cr^OJuJlayadlii 8. i. Limit (sro&id^srobcnoQio 

(gnxucjuicBJOO^eS (SioojorSl KR. 2. term, fixed 

time (tu. (Bio2Mn) (a)rDi<d)) aQ^finl (okth (Biosiow 

«cB)Ofto jud. Qj5)sas d<b (810. e)aj:^Ti. armistice 

(810. S2^A determine the day, astrol. ano. SKU 

dBo, Q-io^, Qo1(d) fix a day. (svo. atSpiGn^, (Stb 

QiS\(A (8iocuaS^ d>^^ oQfiicm ^v\oq^j^ MB. 

term to pass, (8V0QXJU^fi>g-)9«> Vl . to be pressed. 

(6r?^QJU^aDnb ayadhu&ah 8. Free from worldly 

ties, naked mendicant. (BioajcyfmOajrfiirooQBn 

Bhg 6« (SiOQJcyttiKDXB/Aro c^cmo9A TR. N. pr. 
of a minister. 

<6rOQJ(UjiCYb ayaffdhyah 8. Not to be kiUed. 

($rOQjmb avanam 8. (O, ko, L. ayeo) Fayourlng. 

(noaxnojo Qjo^cu ^*1 2* protected, governed. 

(Sv^KUOoroob ayana5a& 8.(m0)Bent, 

down Bhr. 
(6irOQJCY51 ayani 8. (river) Earth, als 

iBioajorSI qQ)^ roflneiaoo snocnuS^ajfoi) ] 

(8i03XT9iaLjnby (BioajnrS^Q-Mtjn king. Nal. 
C®f?)ajrfri)l<DOWDQJ S. Tbe king of I 

a title of the Rayar dynasty KU. 

(®f©ajab, f. c®roaj6o, pi. (©r&curb ai 

J, — r(loo. (B»uaj, 6aoeiTP.)=(8»+« 
that person. In many Comps* dtOLi^a 
Qjnb he of the washing place, 9(0>9§co 
he of Tottam. 

osv7>OJnruJ|o ayandliyam 8. Fruit bes 
cSvt)aj(S6nJ3(jOo ayaBodhams. insight 

Qj9€m9CJL>o cn^Oda»cx)039Q[n8o 8iP s* 

(6r7)ajgLOCY^3mo ayabhftaBnaiiain 

bath after sacrificing. 

(!Sf()(UCbnS)\ ayamaU 8. Contempt. 

(810X1000X^0 contemptible. 

(Qioaifi93cno=s(Bioaj0ocno disrespect oc 
oocY) blasphemy Ti. 
(6r2)(ucQXLJo ayayayam 8. Member 

Sm9giQJCB;QJo YilvP. (8IOaJCBKUCn)o09o 
with another bodyas(8iOoC/xroocoo. 
(SioajcBOjl body. (bioxiosoiOJo (Vioxj 
fractions & units Gan. (fiKn^ Is m 

Q,£\<%0 (BlOrolcS^O (BlOXKBKUCDScX), fo 
§y)cTB CD. e^ Q. (810<0).) 

c$r^QjrD, (S(^>OJ<0dds^ ayarafc — kka 

Tu. Country bean. (B0XKO(%o oioo-ioo 
o9^ &Ui\ prov. (BIOe^Ogi-pK) t^cfifiSO < 
Kinds a)g_j(bl)(Bio urD<0A French beana. 
aiOgQjro Doliohos viroeus Rh. 
«KijO(majro=6>ajoan9:ijVooP Yi. 
QQjqpa-uo Dolichos Lablab. 
QjoftoirDifla (& OB) Dolichos ensiform 

(6i^OJ(0o ayaram 8. ((Siooj) Lower, hi 

(81OXJ0O lowest. 

(BiooLMOSXibss (siDoasiab. 
(SroQj(Ol Bee c6i^(2(0l. 

C&iiOJ{QQ^ ayarabam 8. Deformed 

csroaj(2a)3UJ9 ayarodham 8. i. Bloc 

imO-KSTDd — tiSTDOJCro 


<€rD(Uoroo — «roajCA3D 

harem. «DQjaro9ax|)ciOo AiD^fi® KR. a ironQis 
oj/oo also a»aj9<Dauxno f.i. ajcgDfl>Oda«ala>c)o 
ojayo doxiamxJOCDCOB^o Bhr. womtin't apari- 
ments. 2. M. tbe office of (aia[^Q»9rtin^> or presi* 
dfloi of a Bralimanooiiiioil.a»aj8/D3U>oajd9« 
KU. U depated as tuoh, Anxt^rDoaS^dds^ enter 
vpon that offiee. (nDaja(Docu^^<0B to depute, 
also cii3ei9^^^«a>9S3£^(gb oui^sirD (BiDOJ^rDo 
u^^o<aB) TR. Bade a Pattar Yexier. 
(seoj^oxjuorxncru^ KU. title of some Half- 

BrahmaDs, whose ancestors are repated to 

have been Baxapunishas. 

^aj3(00aOb ayarohamS. Descending. (QT^ 
Si-tiacOdaiQ^aaoaBcX) MO. (in singring.) 

<9dOJC$^Sj^Wb aTaz$5am 8. Unforbidden. 

(^^OJgnr^ arar^^Un 8. Blame, indistinct 

CS^SajakBbac^GnOo avalakiavam Inanspioioas, 
iBbeooming, nglj. tsiQ^smch m. (Sio'sm) f. 

^S^QJB^oeojcrh ayalamBananiB. Depending 

on; casbraoe a BjetemsfST^^^OB^ifla f.i. cpoo 
ottui^^ao a»3j£iofirij)iaa KN. or>n99a39<Lj(QM)5 
njQgiOjfPqBt ffo.':^ Crishna acted the part 
of H.*s ton. 
&bCiJcd> tee (STdajVob. <Bi&ajej) pomfret (loc.) 

92XU(SfiJ0<6)Ono ayaldyaiiam S. Sarreying, 
flOXiSeiadbVoio viewed Bhg. 

Cr^OJOdb aTaSam S. l. independent, dis- 
obedient. cru^QjoerDOtiQa^o 010x100^ o^eBbiejo 
2. no more controlling oneself =Q_iroa)oe'o f.i. 

q^sdb Bhg. make belpless, miserable, (sooj 
La6»^^Yi. andoae. 

coaic0« ck^^ jiioanscX) KR< in an ecstasy 
of griaf. 

^fixt30S^^oy-(30dtQao ayaSitaiD,— Mam 

8. The rast, remnant. 
OttU^tf a? fliyam 8. Needs, anyhow. 

etOJCnXOo ayasaTam 8. l. Opportunity, 
Icitara. A.^apnb an. ^(Oito^^os^m Mud. 
aBikmsly i»r aa •pportunity. ojaacxjaob, 

fiid9({3)3fto Qjogljonb (BioajcrorDoegy TR. could 

not. Often =cn>oc/xtnl f.i. <d)^^sn6 (Bro. &«nB9 

^ TR. it was seasonable. 

(BioajcrorDSd9o5 inoonvenienoe, unseasonable. 
2. necessary time, urgent occupation, ((ooqj 
cnxDiflaoroab an occupied person, esp. peti- 
tioner KR.) often of court business, audienoe. 

019. d»)06na9nb odaio^aanrng^jOca/o, (Bid. 6)jiia 
gj9om9<b axmojlsBtKobcucnD crSlofio^ KR. wait 
for audience at the palace gate. 

(StdQJoroooOoavasanams. (& po. <Bioa>cro9co;o) 

End, conclusion. (Bioajcro9CT)d>9&io death. 

deny. (Btoajcrooa^cBa v.n. 1. to end, cease. 

(8ioaj^9ooo (snl'jiX jud. the claim ceased. — 

also 2. T. a. a>a£n'(aeo<ae a)9<sjo aro*g-}9Ci6 

aiS^o^oMR. more commonly (BidajavoorS^g^ 

C0A to bring to conclusion, f. i. orofg^nsiBiWiaaA 

(Bia. MR. decide the case by an oath. 

($r^ajCY^(Do avaikaramS. To be eonoealed, 

faeces, privy parts. 
(SirDOJcruo avastha S. l. State, condition ; there 
are 3 (BioojoroDOSSso states of mind eiOi(J)im , 

ca)J9^o, cT^cfijajJ^ Vednt. (8ioajauD9jiMS99B^ 
medical properties (rDaV)o the 6 tastes, ojl^o 
virtues, ojlo-ioato 3 aftertastes, (o^soojo speci- 
fic). 2. circumstance, case rnQsaoSicn mo, these 
are the facts. (a-)CB;(onin^fi)nbo(BidaxTUoQQ-J9 
Aai TR. according to the measure of your 
exertions. (B!03a;6)^9(OCiicroDoao)®rt) AR 5.= 8 
c/80(TO)OfO, «Q-iOch 8. statement, contents of 
letters, ojodn^ «m. aong^GJOd^cs^o ^-oio^; 
eicnySiZ^Si^osnS gD^disratsio'dtcX) oQ^foi* TR. 
reported untrue particulars about me. -oigg) 
(8»ol«(S)6nso 010. TR. (heading of letters) what 
I write to Ch. is as follows. 4. 8o M. calamity 
(8io*«)gj^a> to be distressed. 
Dat. (moajSKroQcda 1 . as for ajl^doj^oasSK^^ 
(B»., 6>jxieJ.xi^5)abo(Bio'd9«o 0OQo; oaonoea 
«iD. d>»aen0onb TR. to oonsider about the 
question. 2. because cy^<A<a»aoG0 qad^ojo 
cBnrol<6Q<m inD:iJ«)auDd9a N. 0060 fliaoiA* 

<TOQJCruDD -- (©OOjVr) 


csrOQjWj — (CmOJltP 

CAQojid daicS^^ aonoo Qjljiio(£lajoab gsgu 
MB. considering the faot, seeing that. 

(©rzxucruDooOo,— cruo)rri5) ayaathanam,— 

Bthi5i 8. Stay, abode. 

<6r©QJcrojrOo ayasvaram 8. Unmusical, oxd jro 
QOifiOfOoaj/o (Bioajcn)jro(D3<x^'o aj^oaaaie KB. 

(OrOQJD^ avijji l. 8. ((TOCUOcSb downwards) 
South. 2. 8. (aj3<flb)dumb, speechless. 8. Ar. 
abazTr, afazir (810010 ^d)>cX) spices =3 eouo&L 

(Crooja.^ avadyam 8. Not fit to be spoken. 

CSiroaJOQ^n avapti S. Obtaining, f. i. cjumoajo 

(0^CLJ3£J/OYD) Ar. hayalat, Charge, trust, 
security. (moojo&jAtmo) 6)d>o§das), eQg^5)A<an 
(BioajAcn snoojoej mz»l ei^dtai TB. 

(S^QJ\ avi 1. 8. (L. oyis, G. ois) Sheep. (TOojI 
QB/o§=:aiolcB;o^ small sheep. 2. H. A (siooj) 
Qj@Bi=5(8io^ q. T. hence 
anojldaa to yoke a bullock soio^aA. 

(SroQjlde©, (®fZ)ajl^(Bb see (®fi)Ojlcxy <e>. 

c6rZ)Qjl^Daril avikhytti S. Infamy. 
(:MQj|<^o ayighnam 8. Unobstructed. 

(Sr?)ajliUoajb ay^al (fr.ibUs?) A deyil mo!^ 
jdiofijionbo (^QjajQ 0(Oo qg)a^ pror. 

(®f?)ajtes ayi4e t.m.(b»+»s) & c^^mjIso 

1. There, (sioojlsscnlaio, (Sioajl^nnD thence. 
(Bioajlssosrei aocncroo (8R)61cb;osmi) TB. your(= 
(mofia§). 2, house, home oQCiboajIss, aj§R8s>s 
(moojlas a>scn9 £101010 TB. (Bioots>abo (Oioajios 
<ds Qo-ioc^HB. 6>«>O}gj<08)9fDS>n(>o(eT9ajlsQD/9(aRi 
TB. also with adj. part. oQ^naDib s^rolcdacm 
Aioojlss crooBurolcOn, 6)aieg(0Rin(ab op.osi^cm 
GLn(S5 MB. 

(Si^Oj1§o ayittam T.M.(8.^ajl(£g)The28rd 

asterism, Delphinus. 

(G^QJj^j ayif ya 8. ignorance ro98)cn}^«mo 
(OMxm (BIO. ei^Anm^ KeiN. (haughtiness). 

(BID. 903aO09an9QJ AB2. = 09GB;. 

CSt^QJIUO ayidha Apology, excuse ajatf)ro am 
Qjicjo &joa9i^(Tu. Coch.) also=croabSo (loc.) 

(SirdQjloOCSU) ayinayamS. intemperance, pride. 

(QTZXljlaJrOYQin ayibatti 8. (safety) A 1 
(810. fi)a>o§asia(^§ oDsrOiiD^tSn Kid i( 

(©fOOLnciy <B> ayiyu-ya T. M. (C. Te. pu^ 

gether, suppurate) 1. To rot, spoil 
laid on a heap. 2. boil on fire, be 
Yi. oiaabsejo s>oi(TQWaj)Q$nr», «ku 

AOI||^(D9CBnQS)(Ta>0D BG. fig. aKsfl^ 
0)610900^94910 Bhg. absorbed. 
(BioojicBKok a peculiar curry (loc.) 
YN. (Bioajl^rbb = eaoor>o. 
a. T. (siooHcedi A (sioatcdfi 1. to produc 

(as of fruits for distillation). 2. 

digest, destroy Y2. 

<&bOj\<bnS)o ayira&am S.irninterrupt< 
A<fia9oqiaji(0(ino (gios)Ooq)S>oaa^ BC $4. 

cSrzKijIad) ayil (a H. T. C. flaojcbb) Bio4 

& dried. 

i8ioajifijd9> (see (Bioaj)<fia) to boil hs 
partly, loc. 

Cpds. (BiooDaai sxoioeji a med. 

(Biooji^aaii^ closing dish of Tiyar n 

(BioojlgifDl (Bh. aRO^rob«XLj9(o^, al. m 

Ophiozylon, (=(Bioro.isni) ^OKm, 
(810. med. 

OiPdSaion^S CC. lumps of aTil. 

ojonoiaj^rob TP. of new paddy =sa4fi>c 

(S^oJl^orb P. see aO— . 

CSf^Oj\^OJ<Bx> ayiy&yam 8. Indiscre 

QSRRdOA (8T0. ^Ogl AB6> 

Q^j^d^o (BioijisoidBb^ FT 1. impruden 
(6r2)aj|Od_Jo aviiyam S. Halfhearted 

(3iJ9aid))Cfo C9£g<fifi9(06icX> CBlO.'09CBn fi)xU( 

(SjQ Sid D. 

(Sir2)aj|od_]orroo ayiivasam 8. iHstr 

(Bi03jic/9J0O^o not to be relied on; 

Qjocda oi^ArD (B03j)oojoa>)09Aoio 
(Bioaj^oajoa>9 unbelicTer. 

(6r^)Qj|QOlasv> ayihi&am 8. Improper 
cGt^yojI^saJo ayilamBam s. Withoi 

6ku9aBa> soioob (Sio. CC. 
(Sr^OJl^sCSrOcSl^ ayiU Tumult. Co 
(6r2)CLi|lPrG1o amed.=:aioaj)(fia(joo, a^cfic 

CBfOoJ)^ — (6r2)Od009 


(TOOdOnl— (8r0(^ 

Job ETittaYfth A csste of f 
r, in H. Malabar (42 in Tft|ipftrambii). 
Ar. nfynn, Opiani« aid. 9cn>an<fiay 
tie. to eat, smoke opiam. 
kr. abir, Scented clay for painting 

p aTjijam S. Not stimalating GP. 
» arekka (T. C. adclH Te. anoaja^ 
l^it) 1. ▼. a. TobeatrioeYi. m^ 
ti^gj^ifia also intr. ma<S\ (Btooajoooo 
not solBoientlj poanded. 2. (Bio 
jo^ a meeting to break up without 
aoything (Loo,) 8. see I. mocu. 

fSiddio ayaidiTfam S. Unsoriptnral, 
no. s> jii9§y); flna'^^o oiDCuejofiQind^KB. 

rk> ayyaktamS. Not distinct, mysteri- 

9 aYyajamS. l. Unchangeable, AB, 
Unable, gram. 

cnjtl ayyavutha 8. incoherence, aio 
n OB. Nid. delirium. 
^(Ch ayjakf(am S, Inexplicable, or^ 
»'.0XBi!2o ABs. 

io ayyajam 8. Unfeigned. (BR>:^on 

ojis<s)^9ab UBi. (nD*SPOajoo ocnxu 

STal. flio:uj3ns4£Kainb AR. truly devoted. 

Qo, (®f©cyifl, CSrOC^So etc. 

• • • 

hob aiaktaii 8. Weak. 

£) weakness. 

,o impraetieable aOM5>^o(8K>* floSBhr. 

9, c&bOB^(i5)o aSafigam,— iSam 

lia4a T. v. Meanness. 

> sweepings, dirt (loo.) 

I aiaii T.SoM.(<nMVibT.) Drowsiness, 


^OojsA Yl . to forget oneself, [enemies. 

b alatrn flo'.ajoaf^tamD Bhr. Had no 

b aiaiiam 8. Eating, food. oQ/Tl\<atS 

o»^«aarmajcrg KE. 

Ti^ 8. appetite. 

denY. siocoldn to eat. part. (BiooaW) eaten. 
CY. Guicfisa^ocxA^Qj^ggj^ Bhr 7. 

(Sl^OBrnl aSaai 8. Thunderbolt. (SiD^jiJmloaj 
SSQj) OQjofi)aj RCs8. 

(eflC/d(S)(S\ aiarm 8. incorporeal. (noc/sr^(ol 
QjodOa aa>§^9ajo«)QjMB. a yoioe from hearen, 
groundless report which cannot be traced, ojl 
fim^aAcvSlrm (Sioc/or^nSWnoAS qj9^o Bhr. 

(SrD051(66k Bee <^fZ>OBcno. 

(Sr^OdVUo a&vam 8. Unlucky. 

C®^^ aSa 1. (C.Te.(B»crol) Thin, slender (loc.) 
2. Ar. haj, pilgrimage, Heoca. oio^qjW 
QQ_j9(d> KU. (OiDy^oj^eBdoA in Mecca. 

cSCd^jxj\y(!^(b^<VJodi\i^ — ffdliam8. Un- 

clean, tmo^^^ajuio^orfiao pollution KU. am^ 
^(OKDOsflrDltSQcm Qcn) KB. 

(6^(^^ aSnbhaxn 8. inauspicious, eril. 
(Srt)(S<ydc&Qo afeiam 8. Perfectly, all. inD3J(9>o 

0»fi)(OIB» OlD^OOcGaQJo (XMe^io^d^^^ MB. do 

not allow at all. 

<8R>Qoo:fi3rD^$a> be wholly destroyed Yi. 

(S^(K/dO<B)o aSoyam 8. (griefless) 1. Jonesia 
Asooa latQ^fJdo^Sicho oaiocnj KB 5. qjI^cko 
cb;8^9A a^a@ Gul&sa§oau95>ai ojiftcoBicnoA 
BC. (bleeding heroes). 2. in 8o. Ind. prob. 
Uraria longifolia (m^axS^Sicho «ai(b o^ORf^as 
Q_i6Jo amed. 

csr^o^ nb^cs^og ooj aSmaii, — avi; s. (g. &k- 

mon) Stone. (Biocg^sa^oao^ Kals. a kind 
of dcTotees. cn33Cga>SQjnA Asht. as if a stone 
was in the womb. 
(BiocarD) lithiasis = ^g^SguJ, fliD. fl^6)fl.<6Qo a med. 

(S(C\(J^ aSram 8. (Corner, hence jb)(B^o<^o, 

ce^^^^OXj aSrad^dha 8. Negieot. 
(Si^i^t2b afaramftTn 8. Easy, oilocm mqbk) en 
QdM mo. PatB. easily. «io. Odi>9(nD AB5. 

(S^0^(/§\ airi 8. (=«io^o) Edge of sword, eto. 

(®rO(^ afcu 8. (O. dakry)Tear.«o'«>«m«Boch 

oioooi ^^B. dropping tears. niD^aMb Qouio 

<6rtOaUo — (Sr^c^o 


(8«w^n — (®t>croamn 

sp)(0s) Bhr. (Bioc^cjoorooeaoJo Nal. stream of 
tears. QeQ^tasKX) KR. tears of joy. 

(Si^Od.Jo aSvam S. (L. equas) Horse, oayalry. 

(Bioc/o-i^9n>^n6 the chief of the horse Had. 

0iooej'3)/)o=(8iOfDCD;orab Ficas religiosa. 

<eiDcyd-iQ_i(un 1. lord of horses, a title Yi. 
2. Q<dioaiasRift)rDi KU. (because of the horse 
trade at Cannanttr between Persia & the 
Rayar^s oonntry). 

<eiDc/ojQ_>r^(dfiQ Bhr. knowledge of horses. 

(8ioo9-ia-jDejn(> groom. 

(BioodJO0CX)o sacrifice of horses KR. proT. 
the most meritorious act of a king. 

(8T0Od-iS)fi)ajajO veterinary art. 

(8iDoa.jcro9rD6(QQab Nal. clever about horses. 

(BKK/a j), (8ioc/d J^^cX) the 2 charioteers of Indra 
celebrated as Gods of light & helpers. (BR> 
oojiascX) iBT^erDo o^sng cunmoA CO. (Siaoo-i) 
a>l(Seajna9<b ommorbb ca)9aS^<dao the disease 
is too desperate for earthly physicians. 

(Ct^Od^rcTl aSva&i Tdbh. (Bioi/silnr^iCseeprec.) 
The 1st constellation, head of Aries. 

<Sr?)c£go, (tst06^c^^ aitam, — aa s.(L.ooto) 


(8R)c^a)(6(>QJ3QJi>><b the guardians of the 8 

points, (SiOd^a^^noBcb their 8 elephants. 

(SiOv^elc0A3(dsd) disperse tothe4 winds (vu. 

000(^00 eighth. (BT9:^0S3aJo, (B1Oc^0^9C^ 

^Q, (ST9(^0C/ocnl a very dangerous time 

(Bio<^^ 8th lunar day, quarter of the moon, 

inauspicious aro^ordooo^tfrnlsonocm YetC. 

a feast in Chingam. 
mOd^Qjcho a medicine of 8 dmgs. (^^o 

(BiD<^croilAS^ the 8 miracnlooi attainments, as 
iBiD«rT^0, 006)2 etc. 

inD<m9oODo 1. the 8 members, f.i. hands, feet, 
knees, elbows (?) (Bioc^9oco(g;^6m90o, tsa 
(^oocoafi^Qjodo perfect prostration or adora- 
tion. 2. 8 parts f.i. «0(^oo(/34qb;xoo 8 

kinds of meritorious exeroisea. (CQi0e 

COIKDSm, C^OODo, ao09uS)). 
(BiDd^oocoQ^CEbo a famous medical work 

j^<fiOan\xs^r9b prov. 
«0(^9(a&irDo the famous mantram daoc 

Ida Bhg6. a»(^>0£D(S\€i(at fBoJ^caa, 1 
QJgp:)O^0(Q^o YiWP. 

(8io<^9SOdajr&ofimo the 18 Farinas. 
(810(^90)^06 Bhr. a humpbacked Riahi, 

(8106>O<^O8 JCgJo 8 (8l&d^Cn3)€Ja). 
SnD8d^9(SIB)r0o OSAo AO^Do Nal.s=108. 

(CtDoOgl aifi B. ((Biooocoo) Food. «». a>ip) 

CSr?)c^^^ aithHa S. ((BR>^ kernel) A 
tumor on the stomach. msfiidOa Qcnexo i 
a\ (a_^(^laj Qjl&Mos) Kid 12. 

C®rocro^o asakhy am S. 1 . Friendlesa ; ei 
Yi. 2. often for (Biacroog^o outrage. (BIJ 

(ds»95)rD (BTdcroe^o TR. the violence of the 
riors. aib)cB>9nia96)rD (8ioa\)^09<fl^, i8r^6 
(Biocro^6)g_}^(Tn9)nB{9 TR. molest, troubl< 
ai (Bioa^(^6B8cX> <d>9firni(eo, ajsp^dosag s 
6^(fn TR. insecurity of the road, tst^ 
Qg_j^d)) Yi. to be beside oneself from stu] 
disgust ((8ioc/3(Ojo?) 

cStorroo^j|o asankhyam 8. innumi 

«kLj9mao oj^nDOjo ^^o^oirsonb m'^vs!^ 

(6rZ)rrOoCr)rO^ aBanga5ia.Caaieless;aee 
(nDcn)ocoaj)^ai/9C(in|ga cro9dBfi^ MR. wor 
evidence. (SiodDoc/MnicB^aa^ saddenly. i 
oxDo calamity m^aiWMtio QSOSga^SKm 
mockery Yi. 

(S^croas^ aiatti} s. Not good, pi. md 
^aacXt fem. (Biocnxn) unchaste. mocnMski 
AOT) cnxdn oQ^nriD ouiiog^ (ODcSWwmb aM 
qj9qOo 0.0)^ KR. mistook thee Ibr a 
wife. — In comp. imcroah^f)oOo c§^ 
(BTUoCOo £gy KR. 



(®fOcr\51— cOTrn^a 

flooo^o iutr«e, Qntrnth, breaking of an oath 

^oOgj KB, eanat not advise a perjorj. 
aDax>0|:u9a^ liar. 

(&0rrooOo, c$rdra5)de6> asananii asikka 8. 

'Growing. [^^^, 

(Srdor\^|o asabhyam S. Yalgar, indecent (Sio. 

■Donsg^a obaoenity eoaecbdas mi^ao^^^ 

Qjsat Ado ojoaiQE^o TB. oBed foal langoage. 

(gr^CY\X2b asamam 8. Uneqoal, inoomparable. 
WcroQiOVo aaamayam 8. Unseasonable. 
<9&cr\}(23rr>o atamaaaiD 8. Uneqital; on- 
eommon, improper. 

<S'drro^(^Yy<£b^j<fi)0^fQUo asamprekiya- 

Yintram 8. Acting nneaationsly PT. 

(Srcrrooe^rsSl asammadi 8. Disagreeing, oiii 

OQo flDg»} <no. Hal s. no objeotion. 

C^rrosOacQA} aaamsayam 8. Doubtless. 
^rrooO^CQ^o aaabayam 8. Isolation, aoa 
axib oDcroooxB/Mib qqjosqlup) cnsaT)9<9b ChYr. 

^dcrg^o aaahyam 8. l. intolerable, yex- 

slioiis sihii^xn^w^va^^cntSaodQ (Bio*03o SiP2. 

t. Bolestation, outrage, disgust. 

! 0Ocn>c^Q^j§A to be troubled, disgusted, 

ablior (see fl»3\)^o 2), 

■DOTOoo^ impatient. oosmocrcooWfO) Asht, 

9&rr03Uj aiidlui 8. Not good, not TaUd. o^ 
dape^flicn)9G(^aj3o YyM. (of documents). 

Q^drrOD^Up asafdhyam 8. impracticable, 
■aattaiwablc, incurable. (Biooroo@^0e8J^oNid. 
•axogftbt «o*03Gmrso grow unmanageable. 

^/tcroMyc^jy asamanyam 8. Unusual =(8» 
o^g;|o Tt. 

QSorODOb aiazam 8. l. Sapless, worthless. 

o a» e Blir. CTen a mean person, (BDcrodrDocn 
^ r*^^* ^s^rmfie^cm KB. like an imbecile. 
moac9cocy^aS^ tnooxn cg^ KB. no meanness 
about hint. 2. M. little, trifle. <aocro3(O30 s. 
a|; «D303<Do 4KX»iBa0a»^ TB. was some- 

what deranged, ojsmo (siaorodrocn^iKDo ojoob^ 

TR. by little =aioaro3rdijy. 
(©rOrrvSl asi 8. (L. eosis) 8word. 

(8iocnSlQja»<3^o aofiaa) Mud. the vibrating sword. 
(Sr^rrvSlrmo asiSam 8. Black. «R)cnSl(o>8<d>ooo 

Nal. black hair. 

(Crocrvg agu 8. (NTtroTu to be) Life, spirits; 

generally pi. •aQj6>omo(oa\jcS«c)o, (8!0CT\jt6«c>3 

ecdfiO^o ^cunb KB. he is our whole life. 

CSt^crvj^Ofb 8. (in Ted. liying, spiritual) A 

Demon, QQ^a>^o (S(QC[\^a>^.^o Bhg. — A 

name given to monsters, tyrants Q^ocna) 

na9(b (8)0CT\^rDajooao KU. (Bioa^rDnb qjd^ TP. 
the fiendish baron. 

(S^r&CY>J CQ^ S.(marmuring) Envy, malice, ojro 

^smo A3asiO)9aA(BiofCBroitinn)b(sionr|^CB) ChYr. 

(8)0. OLjoa) to slander. o-idemixxjOBorD^oilb <no 

cryca^oajfonb cu3ajfo)rD0((g\ab Bhr. envious 
against them. 

(8iaa^cc;(?n3 Q(otd)(d>Q^^ KB. envy incarnate. 

deuY. 5>.xia8^^egunb (^Tno^^jo (9ioa|^CDu^ 

dSco KB 5. envies. 

cevdongdebl^GnOo asokia^am 8. Disrespect. 

(®rOrfy <j9t asfk 8. Blood. (Bion^CAJU0(O stream 
of blood. 

<Srt)6>rrofO asan 8. He. 

(6r06)crv}^^p asaakhyamS. Uneasiness, want 
of health. &o<a»!a(6!iccn (Biz>s>cn30Ai^(a> rest- 
lessness in sleep. 

(S<fd6irrorf)^oro_jr0o asanmyasyaram 8. 

Dissonance, bad voice Y2. 

I. (©rccn^o astam 8. (V^flracnS to be) Yed. 
1. Home, hence (Sioo);)? os^ian A fli9(T);^ao 
to go home, down, set. 2. evening. (Biorr^o 
ge^:^ cOU cnoipla) (dd^GBiscDtHrDldSao jud. 
(00 onto se^Qg-jaao ocooo amed. till evening. 

n* (Qprt)rny|o astam S. (V^oiocnKno) Thrown, 

finished; in Ck>mpds. onDO^JlsW 3 AB. fearlessly. 

(BidO^j^crornDSQ-jo crojox^azyddb) eaaojIcodcX) 

ABl. she was comforted, oag^do (BiO(T);|03(da 
eajoob cn^ CC 

(Srz>ct^£2CQA> astamayam 8. (i.(so(T))o+v^tt 

to go) Eveuing, (Bion)j)acBicroaQB;asiailaB(bb AB. 


(©focr^ zcas) — (©rDcraoVOo 


(®r©cr^ c^ — c®rMDC{^ 

Aioa^^aonno (fr. (sio(t^0qdky)o) tq. nightfall. 
(8io^<S(m^3§ ^SiS QDaj)fi)S oQm^ TR. 

aio(T^0^<dn 8. (see I. ffioa^o) (o set (san); 
disappear, end; stand speeohless. isidcr^^ 
^vA KU. at Banset. (Bion);|(al^ ® oootfldi> 
fDM):^g^Sau9c)o TR. after Bonset. (often 
■aperfluoas tsrQ (oHsj^ flionr^al^ roo^ 

g_j3nb rd" cnoii^^g-jdtQQj TR. before night- 
fall. —d^oojo (8id(T^0i:fi|%o PT. — met. 69 
(£le|§ I suoBcb (Sionr^^^ CC. a)3^a6aj9 
coQjo onncQo (sai'j^^mo Nal s. cq/^^o qq 
aiBQB cnD&e^oAo Oojoejo (Bio*^§cno Nal i. 

(Bioa^0(0«09(Saxj, <sroav)6)0^ TR. [tain. 

(Bion))9^fiJo CG. theflctitioQB western monn- 

(6ir2)rn^^ asti 8. (G. 'esti) is. tnoa^ojo cnoo)^ 

Qj9=g86nBp s^Scd;9. 

(8i0CT^<w-io existence Vi. [ation. 

(0rcon^noJD(Ooa8tivaram T. C. 8oM. Fonnd- 

^^'^^^ asta 8. (Q. *e8to) I.Beit 80, f.i.crvai 

0^, 00300^ etc. 2. aWC21J3CBJ^«Q-J3«0> to 

become a beggar, be redooed to nothing (prh. 

(Sr^rruo aatram S. ((siocrocno) Missile weapon, 
opp. c©((TOo, arrow (SiO(mjoo(a^aBcX> AR. all 
sorts of arms. — «»(a5<y<^ = «»cnj0D^ 
arrowshower. — «©(n^ archer. 

(CrOCruol asthi 8. (G. 'osteon) Bone ; the hnman 
bodj is said to have 360 bones, weighing 65 
Q_j&jo Brhm P. (socroolcQ/ocsiloajda), (8iDcrofil0 
C0O emaciation. 

(Biocroo)<06O^ KN. alofrSndra caste, per- 
forming funeral ceremonies for Fajars, also 

mdox^l^so skeleton. — mDcn^SiitorD marrow. 
«»CTUolcnD0^6mo or (Bioa\]iLn Ay<fia commit 

the bones of the dead to the Ganges or 

the sea (in a 06i«baio). 
ffiDcn^^oojo, also etb, &(Oi<QmA, (Sio. .a^§ 


C5ir2)rrviDVDo astbiram 8. Unsteady. (Sf^ (610 
oudlrDo A^g^ MR. to cancel the decision. 

^^^^^' 'Svt)on^ So a8paitani,aa] 

8. Indistinct. 
(Stdor^d) asmal 8. (G. hemon) Of 
s^ooni 7u. (Qionf^^siin our caste, mo^' 

(®fZ>crojro>^o3)o asTaSantram 8. Not < 

ing oneself (6»OTO-WJ)5Q[5i = o-»^ut-'afi6 
mind is come to a state of irresponsi 

(QTscrojc^r^Drb asTapnanmar s.(s: 

The Ch>ds. 

tha&a, asYasthyam 8. Feeling ui 

position MC. 

C6<^DC^rb Ar. aiara. lo ^mg^AgJsaj 

(S^^OC^Olb Ar. asal. Original, primai 

sort ((8iog^^§i etc. a fine child m^ 

do it quite well) aj«>^o (eiogojejoajos. 
an) MR. original document =(8iogi^&J: 

CSrOoDo aham 8. (G. *egon) I. uj9c^:^ 
I am blessed I 
(BioaoeBdorDo 1. the feeling of self, self co 

ness (phil.) 2. egotism, Yednt. t 

selfconceit. — boisterousness, g 

@ea (Q10aO9ft)9/DCa)GyCr0Jo Nal 4. th 

pomp of a king's appearance. 

(BiOaoaBBOfol, f. — rfisml. prond, prei 

(SiOooag (D)nb elated ^GQi^j (8i0aO8^ 
coDODo SiJiim KU. 

denY. (8iOa08B9rold8» to be arrogai 

sumptuous. oQ(2cmos tsm^^s^ t 
against me. 
onoooau) selfishness, pride. 

insolence, selfconfidence 6(d9ib c^^on 
6090 (SS(S«]89&i8iPa. 

denY. (BTOaOoSsoji^^onDo rcni0l(OR 

^9^ Bhg 8^ safiiMnfWib eR^on 

ooosoojld^ Mad 6. felt himself. 

(6101020(0^ selfconceit cBio. QLie!o)<0ao Tl 

will become orerbearing. 

(6<^qOC^ ahaSBU 8. Day. oj.'moiaogg ) 
'Bidaog^mb daily. (8id:iog]^ ai&flgjoab 
iOao to liTe (to be hard ap). 

(QVOoOoO— (QTD^ 


CSfO^ — (Sr^m 

flDoorDoot daily 0OaO(DQ£VDQO03fii(a«>ejai9o6 

o^a^aomcib Bbr. day by day I recite. 
ADoCK^smo a Galidate, astr. 
onsoajmi, mDoogri^ Sun. 
sn^oes^&io morning 

QmacX) fl»9a09roo^g)o ajWnlQruordocBn KB. 
for 6 fall days. 

90t:£iyyaai\ daily sabBiBtenoe, livelihood. 
Q-iX^ ATsrii 00. a^spiteo MG. live upon 

™"^- [KR. Bhr. 

(SrcoOoO ahaha 8. Interj. of pain & sorrow 
mQD\ ahi B. (O. 'ophis, *eohi8) Snake. 
ooaolonAfiJSdajo mortal enmity as between 

iehneamon A serpent. 
miao^ssfo dread of insidioas persons. 
■DsiS^ 2jrTUjl^n6 asnakeplayer=s dhocunbHad. 

fiidoOVjCro ahimsa S Not killing, the first 
bv of Buddhism Bhg. — harmlessoess. 

OdodlfTno ahiftam S. l. Unwelcome, anono^on 
9ao»3rDi 0).'D Qjraamo KR. 2. a»o§iAcB/OfO 
aoW) e^aa aoiflaoo ChYr. wrongs. 

firdook&CDOgl atdmaraimi a. Son (haying 

Boc eold rays) 00. ffoojcn^AOD; SLsmqi^cm 

*xaMiGi KR. ^Bhg. 

9tiQd)cno ahinam S. Perfect modlm a^lanoH 

€^^ ab|ffyam 8. Kot pleasant, med. GP. 

Ci^ftSoC^ ahtfu 8. Unreasonable, ssmDo a® 
mso aVno aQoieo eoooaftrop anQaoj^teacX) 
c4i|f») flBa»«aa TB. vain excuses. (mD^oo^gaio 
sfi 0^0009 OLJol^caa TR take under false 
pretexts. «oia02ajoa0| tf)aj§la<fis3mD TR. 
■■proToked, — also accidentally. 

Qr^^oOD aho I. 8. Interj. of surprise oioOoOd 
cxTWai KB. fie. «09aO9«Qj(0» Bhg. alas! 2. see 

WJom anha 8.=<mDaogg;«0QCD3c» Soon, po. 
BKJ a)a T.M.(C. abdomen, V^aiocte) Hole in 
io the ground. «iDa^§lc»onk, «»& aCBO 

£WimA a.aMM^ A5^j0to proT. of suakes. 

.05 bole of birds, rata Ti. 

0102 05 ^g^ 1. cave or)rD)a)g^cEti^(iAor))nio 

UUOS^ MB. 2. prOY. rs<ft^^. 

(S^^o a)am T. H. Tq. Salt marsh, saltpan Yi. 

CST^dSso alaTfam 8. (^Aioaiai) Curl of hair a 

QcbcnlrD, ringlet aio&a>socy3), orflejaaisfiioa^i 

coBcb KR5. 

(Bi02a)3a^rSl Cubera*a town, proy. for a rich city. 

(8102. ^)Ct^)^ Pay. 
i8ioS.a^c/3nb, flio2.<^0(Tnnb RO. Gabera. 

ns^^d96^rb a^akkar aT. (=(8Toao) Sea «smz^» 

Qjflcnb Crishna RC. 

(S^^dec^, rrrd a)akka T. H. c. Tu. (Te. qjooj 

size) V^(BiocX) To measare. <g0^ (8ioanr» s>a)0 
^q^ TR. measured the groand. orDo^roy Qaio 
d>o iO)Ofi.armonb CG. who measured, compre- 
hended all worlds, o^sior) aio^nm ooooain 
measured, tried me. 

CY. OToagL^an get measured, Sicngi^ tm. TR. 

YK. (8102(019)0 measurement. Qa<d> o-io^gy)^ 

(Bioftconto a)9q| TR. measured the peppto* 

(Bioa(OTa)(8»orDab the measurer (paid by 5 ^^'o 

in kind). 

YN. (S^gClj 1 • Measure , capacity (SiOftOJOO, 

ei^Qj)gy3ajio>,(8io2Qijs>^§ unbounded. iO)Ofi.QjQ 

(C^ <^53>'mBi $)fi)cromjfi)ecX) Bhg. innumerable. 

(BiOfl.Q!n§a) to measure, define. i0)0fi.Qj9di9rsb 

measuring rod, weighing beam. SDc^^og, qQ) 

(2jftQj BO much, how much. — flioSLSaj fully, 

all (^(O^Q^o (BTDajfoajanfi.€)aj ajrcsogQiGuonb 

KeiN. — G92'a)nL^sne2S>'U0^06RiiiK)(TAgy9o CG. 

said too much. 2. measure of time, aifoaett. 

Qjl^as he comes- ojcm^cn\m>(A when he came. 

(8Y02e}2m RC. that moment. 3. till, as far as 

rnloo)jiirDajrDiQB/2^ RC9. = 6&02o. cn^Odo 

jii(Q3ado @@aa.^o (doc.) as long as. 

CStOgC2O6IOLnj90^aJlrT:ro)O(Y|) TR. (see onoQfiJ 

09O?) The German chief (M. Brown Esq.) 

(S(^^(^<B> ? alarnya (a C. fear, alarm) (BiDArDli6a3 
^cTTVtnlnm o^^^ AaiSdt mantr* 
flRDftiOa (=imoejQat?) to lament, cry fixuocBKdRio 

ojQjrso aioa(8»cx2^o PT. (beggars). 
YK. moftii bellowing, flMgj Yi ihriak. 

(Sr^tgQJ — (OTCWftSo 



(6r2)gQJob alavai^ (see (Sioftcg abore) 1. Meesa- 
rer Vi. 2. boaster, exaggerator (comp. (BTdOJ 

I. <S^£i ali 8. (stinged) Bee fsmd)qfQo Nal. 

U. (S(i>£i Seoretioo of eyelids, ^d^TOsOy o-I^* 
(Bioa'cq/a) T. H. (=(Siz)sIq^, (btoip), sidqj^) (o be 
overripe, deoay ^gsfipfini^ ^ojo^d*. 

VN. BJOfiDsaJrtA mellowness, decay. rQir>(<^«n 
(S^^OSo alinf 8Un S. Terrace before palace 
(®fO^CQ;ab aliyaA M. C. (Te.«ogjay) S. cro^o 
ainb 1. Brother in law. 9cn8rD (Sio^QB/nb TP. 
real br. in law, not husband of a cousin, g^ 
<0R»iono (QGsq9cm<^o (sio. ajls^QcdAfimo Acaib 
proT. 2. hon. add ress f . i . of Pulcyas amongst 
each other. 3. a showy but inferior ricegrain. 

CS<^^dB>o a^l'lfaill 8. (opposite) Falsehood ; fore- 

(Sr^gi, (®r2)^dB6^ a[ll« — kka (V^oncb) Small 
box of horn. a^«i (8iD^c0a)(9b (Si^ani HC. 

<&t>^<BGb<B>y (B6^ alukkuya(T.C.Te. quake= 
(Bidcbb) To start, shrink, cramp of limbs =s(d)lo 

VN. (Bio9<0no Vi. awe, fear. 

CSt7)^aijdB)alTIinbu'ya 8oH. C. To bruise, 
squeeze; (loc.)to swallow bad food (sro^cnD ai 

(S^6o a) aT. Narrowness, whence (BIOSL, (Bioft 
Qj, 2. a T. sharpness:^ QJcX). 8. T. H. C. Tu. 
termination of fem. (shortened f^om (Bi^). 

(®ro6oDt61 P. almeira, Wardrobe. 

I. (groggy Ar. allah, GK>d (moggo^vt), 6)cnaji 

caosm Mpl. by Gk)d I (B»gB«>a6o TR. 
n. (Or&gg^CQ;:CQ?l(BQ-J0<B> (iW)cfe2.) Become very 

thin & sharp (=(B)oai<ft). 

(BioflBonb loc.=g2<0R&lcX>^§gn6. 
(CrPg^dB) aQa'ya T.Totakenpwith the hollow 

hand M.=:aio9.€nj<d>, 8oM. to claw, acratoh. 

SB^Qjob the armadillo, Myrmeoophaga. 

K. pr. The Bi^ah of Nlleshvaram TB. hence : 
eniittiscoi €V)9^ «o9ttoab Qjayan 000$ KU. 

CSrWd^ alaya T. M. Beauty (a C. «m 
oomp. (Biov(ob) (SBiPAfli .AkaedfVab ^ 
prov. Q0sju>dks A^ofDOBoA Mad. on 

% Bhg. flnz>u><d>W9b nicely, liftirly. 
(roipa>ab m. — £q^ 1 1. haodsone. 8. 1 

ato^Ao a mark put by fismales on the 
def.Y. a)36nB0(r)iPAanlg>^ BC 27. 
adj. (mijp^<s) fair (o^^dilayo tsiQ\Pd!^ 

cfiaodo (stuti) (Siasp^av qj^cju) Ty! 

^ov (So^lA^ooooai (doc.) 

(Si^^c^jcd) alaynYa=r(BT032K3ya> No. mt 

a£^<b^ Diluted curds, tm. ^ongj^ relaxc 

C®^D6)^(d6> To loosen, slacken, dissol 

(S^^^ alal T. M. Te. (Tu. (MQX^i 
Heat, fire, heat of pepper. 2. bri] 
Qajsm^Qj3ajisP5)ai^oci)aQDo Qjifi.6De1 i 
moon shone most brightly. 8. inflan 
pimples caused by heat ^fimsprob,(BVdy>fbb 
4. grief (Sioyrab ojis);^ ojocx^, e^fi^ 
(SiOipeja), mo 1. to burn as a wound, 
from pepper, be chafed; ONBOspej^ 
(in co<00>ajl(incio). 2. to bum fh>m 1 

d9>(m0^ (BR>SP(T10 Bhr. ^rD(0>o (80. ft 
Q-liKO0&PaiDtf)eg3(T8^QJ0O32n CG, fl 

0(nggiPflm mtKoia»<fe Bhg. 
YN. tmiP^ ezcessivo heat, ioflammat 

(OT0K9b, Q^)O^s>aj9rDlcrosBU0rDo). 
CT. (Bi0tfOQ<9>, 00^ to born, at with 

to affiiot Yi. 

(S^\P\ ali T. M. C. l.=(8«»^Qj Expent 
OO03CK2JO (BiDSP^^raBdasnct^o KB. iBR>a).'ar 

2. (T. Stifi) bar, riTermoath. 8. 

bamboos, lattice, railing, trellis «o& 

(0)Si)> TP. 

Cpds. ciDiP^ ^»g^ (1) putrid InflaBuaatk 
eye tm* ^Si^fO^o a med. 
iB)Mpla9ej(l) despair (pd. Q^«n| CKOkO^ 

Bhr. quite undone, im. Ag^ the in 

broken, defeated. 

<roipW8S)— (Sr^KpVlj 


asttff — (Sib\poj 

A (8) buTod place, prison. 
j9 (1) wMte, lewdneM, «o. «>o«rniaA 
b btbftTe lewdlj ma'a»yoch prodiftl, 
igiita a alto Ul breeding (loo.) 
ftje(S) a eeaport, rirer-harbour, (18 in 
1^ KU.) «o*qB| flikiKBA to come to the 

*o (Tl. flDtfWo) site of a habitation, 

in; a garden. 

xjtsq lowland capable of irrigation W. 

fSVdb I^Mil T. M. Alangiom de- 
am fl|D3aBl>0filo. 

da>l4i7^YAT.M.C. 1. To become loose, 
id as 9aj«rni, ct^hjl CG. ainoofto (oiD&fi 
1. ^k^eo^jo OJ^m^Qjo Mad. (in a scuffle) 
vdknkni tst^if^eeq qjWb (a ring) Mad. 
|SpleBi^9aj9iri the connexion is severed. 
, aeooOo (BID. pollutio noctnrns Yi. — 
id to beoome tender eocrxroo, xS\smei 
nco^ ooeaejmieofoVgb AID. Bhr. sidoj 
KXJOd am^A(^&i&r£\ YetC. as he 
Iota with her. ^a^umsS^eai^ croo^ 
O. o5Vo)o aaȤ oiodSKmorD^aa^ UR. 
3 bj music, ffo&^aoi^ ojoea^ Bhr. spoke 
A; l>0n^ pardon Yi. 2. to go off, 
y spent, destroyed ousmeiplaa^; SAog 
I ^SiBeoTB Bhr. lies in rains, caojo 
^Wbo flmrrxtt^ the bones to which the 
ia reduced. CKuoou^Wn^ (a palace). 
cnxjq^pAsbfliDSP^ci^oTatw. the waking 
eases into the sleeping state. 8. to be 

tpreeedented. cnoglrab ansp^aycm ecgjoe 
imat eostoms. miKusicho ojocas (bidsF) 
Tl. deserres credit, passes for good. 
Bsfly^y^ expanse, waste, custom, de- 
id for. QjW)e|as ^^o (Siovpl^rab egy, 
cSeUm 0ID. 82g>j dull, heaTj market. 
Vlj 1. expense (esp. customary) c/oo 
bae flmp)a^ 6)jaieLia^ cnsfDRfi KU. a> 
i^kij KU. (for an ordeal) oiDsp^aD^a) 

Yi. to spend. 8. enstomary detraction, t i. 
in paying for improvements under dU^dOeo 
cmo, when the Jenmi has not to pay for the 
10th plant. 8. tenderness noif^^oid^ d^neuq 
PT. bitterly. <nVmVbb €biS\aa99(Sie^o c^^tsn 
dAtfbjIfy BC 129. loTe. amgi^Wibo mh^qj 
(soj^gj) Yi. repentance. flDOjocnos (Bid. 
a>ogi showed contrition, begged pardon. 

a. ▼. (SrOifldBGt l.Tolooie,»ift»s(pUaetoantie. 
Q<fi)0§CBripidaeBhr. to breach afbrt. <aaeSi «o 
!£\^ QQ4(8e to put off the marriage string, f^ 
(0)0 a». KR 4. to undo, solve a tow. o-ion) 
QOJg^ (BiOipi^onb MB. to out up the hog. 
2. to waste. Qjiiftiaupl^an to spend. c)^d^:iy 
S(S\^ Aoonts^d^ Bhr. to destroy (as T.) 
CV. ffDSP^g^dte get to antie or dissoWe. (g^ioio 
0io*:£| ens a>mi^5KB; Aa>o^<S2 K^* ^^ 
pensed a Brahmachari from his tow. 

(Srz)^, (6r{)|pdes aloi ala^ff (see ooffKu) i. High 

wall of irregular stones around an orchard 
atgustaiosTB (8ioy AiiRSId^ MR. also ^g^A 
MR. (doc.) 2. (loc.)a^a mad wall. 
(Cr^dB), ^ alnya T.Ta. 0. a M. To weep, cry 
(BTO^pfot^rDomoib RO. 

CS^d^dhy <£\ alayaifa T. M. C. l. To rot, 
decay (300^ 6M>a)caeMb mn^^ ^ojo^TI 
(of a leper). 2. fire to grow low. m\m^*MO 
in8§g-)a8SI Qajae proT. cooking OTcr a dying 

a. T. oiDydQtd), ^ to putrify Yi. 

(8iD|p<de 1. dirt, filth 0iD*acrni=fiyat. «D|p 

cflaQcdB to snuir a candle. 2. (inlc%QS mb^ 

(Se embers, slight remains, 
(noytoig, m^ddtKA (l<x'*) Alth. 

(Gfd|p(l^ alutta T.M. (snydepressioD, whence 
(Bt^ipo) Full of dregs, strong texture, pregnant 
speech Yi. 

(any (QQI A = (nD0i|£L^ A. 

(SrC^pOJ aluTa (prh.8«|f) ▲ sweUiag at the 
month of the stomach Yi. 



I. (0VQ) a 5. l.s=ino That, (sr^ roonoxi that 
king, m^zvo&i that person. — bef. Verbs (Sr^ 
^S(TT>one;>n^ ojlo^d^ TR. after lying thns. 
2.interJ.ahI et^aQmoojosioi^ HB. ^morumo 
Q-j9C({j(Tio (Tn.) there he runt (srontno) 
8. T. a M. interrogatire cfl.0C^o Qg-lo 99^0 
are their Highnesses here? 

n. C5VQ a T. a M. (C. Te. (BT^oj) Cow, in ei^ 
onoovA) cowherd, also tet^^ib q. t. 

m.C6YQ) as. Hither, towards, till; in Gpds. as 
(St^^G^o gniddn KB. up to the neck or throat 
(to eat one's fill) — (Bf^s>e^2UT)ci) UB. 

(B^dS) a^fa Inf. & YN. of (gi^<fto> (q. t.) Alto- 
gether, sum total, (Si^A^si A ^sicii9A=@ 
<&>• f. i. (Si^^cdsQiTSiot 900^ Anj. black all orer. 
(Si^d>g^95s=(Si^a)^(d> sum total, f. i. oq^ 
(af^(A er^ a>nT)cas (si^^g^os ooj^^ TB. 
the whole account. (8r^A)g_}3§ SMMoq Qcno 
c8»i TB. the whole of the trees. (Sr^^^^^os 
Qjfimo TB. the whole sum. (Si^d)g_j93s 
iSi^(d}09cr)09aOg generally ¥2. 
C5tQ)<e)o ayam aM. (T. body, or=(8r^oP)fl»5 
a>o ^dn^abojojlspaecbBCiiT. Splendid corals. 
<0VQ)dB>(Do a^am S. ((gi^ m. (&.<b) Accumula- 
tion =cnla>rDo, mine cnD-i^9d>rDo; Qana)9fl> 
roo pearl-gpround. ^cn<&<sgjOd)rDCTUDaKOBsO^ 
cn)(m (BiorDlg^<0a KB 2. 

C8r9<6>grrvr)o a-yar^anam S. (<fi>^o) Attend- 
ing to, hearing (po.) (Sr^^gm po.=9<0)sl|. 

CSV^dSjoEbGnOoayaria^am S. (<»db) Attraction, 
the art of summoning by enchantment. 
denY. (Bt^Atia\<att to attract, f. i. a GK>d from 
afar by mantrams. 

C8VQ(d>^o ayalpam S. (a^^^o) 1. To the end 
of a Calpa. 2. attiring, ornament (po.) 

CSn!^(Bim£i(B>o aYasmiyam 8.(aiofta^9aA)Un- 

foreseeo. ojmo SoOoojoojo fli^a»nr^i)»o (m 

(0^(d>3 a^ Neg. y. {m^Aa* esp. HI) 
that. (n&2 aj^ptmoflto is not in rain, 
not to be thus; (Bi^dtotn, et^Oiom 1 
bad, (lAonb fli^<d)0fiioo9(tib proT. sr^ 
not good? 

VN. <8i^^9^ wickedness, fli^fto 
£9n| GrArj. I also shall be foi 
with. (Si^a)9^ nrflcsai onoa oiOBa; 
8. is not serrioeable. 6yrnimoo tsft 
for nothing. 4. cannot gp.«9 cno 
a?lrDig_jonb (8i[^«>o pror. 

(0VQ(6>^d93Q[^ aTfamkia S. (^9o<afi) 
desire. (ST^.acB/9^ ^^(fiol^ooib Anj. 3 

C8VQ)c6>D<0o ayaram 8. {m^^ 1. Ti 

(81^ (Si^a)9ro9e^ with initial (Si^ 
2. shape, figure; (in oomp.) = 0qb;o, c 
f.i. aocoaj9i9>9rDnb the blessed, or < 

(!8rQ)(d>309b ayaSam S. (a>90D, light) I 
(BT^atooDo Qaja^as^ (maKoinnb qjI^ 
iBi^d>0(/909oco milky way Bbg5. 

(Sr^Aioooeos^, (Si^^oowoQiSS going 

the air KU. 
m^diWJbomoaS^ a bird (ploTer?). 

(erdd»>oodQjeB) a parasite, Cassytha 
or Menyanthes cristata. 

(gr5)d^c6>, cq31 ayn-ya T. M. c. Tu. (i 

also (Bioik, from pron. V^er^). 
I. The Copula : to be that. qqojIqs et^A 
cm^ where does he liTe?= where is i 
liyes? to become that. Auxiliary Verb 
distinguish the latter signification, f. 
cn)a9dS09aO Oojoiko TB. itwillbeoomi 
grieyance. «)@as)(n OojoAai flidogf 
became like a thief. aQOODoairno (tu. c^ 
what is it? A^fin aOiam^Ocfi; MB. 1 
happened to the child? AausmPdBt (O 
CBKd)l5)nbo Ooe:£kio TB. derolred a 
C. — (09^ Qj&p^««a oq^ got aepari 




Fat tfi^Ao, m^ ^B&^ i^ ^11 ^ il>^ Jiu^ 
■0 (=A03(m). axmarak enoi^ oQt£\(A €W^ 
«»3(DQ^ 0(d<> '^' Often with conditional 
eoy>cO mwahB%^^e^o or^o TR. I may write 
(or come in perton). 

Oj^^cud I oannot tell, indeed ? Tcry posiible 

Iif. ft Ylf . 0(d^ 1. BO as to be (= T.) dooi 

oiiddd), ^cnioSA BO as to be before, r09^9a> 
QjOAOQdab BC. ent in two. N. croofifia)cD;9 
9* (doo.) in presence of witness N. 
2. being. fii^«)Aa>39n9, (BY^^caooib since it 
b so, therefore. 8. altogether (also m^ 
€kjo TB.), flios of) (Bi^iO (=s8. (oxneua 
(TO^) fii^A Qjesffsoo Qmo Tatw. these three 
■eaninge or words, Tii. it, then, art. (see 

Opt a(d«»9& (▼n* fiT^Sg) 1. be it thns, 
well, probably, (Oooji^ai fli^A^g TR. be 
it in the morning. oi^CBBAcn fli^£^ flio 
aMae9cniBr^4»>9§ GG. if thns, be it sol 
2. as for that (=8. c^,g!, s>SKU)(Sid aqj 

peror, he — cttg^odo a\^a9Qi^§irD^cD;9 oj^ 
ttm fli^AOs cnWm Sojooai eeaos^cro 
ne^ KR5.(=aj^5>cmoCB;o how much less). 
S. either, or o^^c^icnoaidg ^(Q^ono^ag 
Oood. ffr^sooi, (Bi^ifVob if it be. fsr^ci^tbb 0» 
^Mmo (^nno 6)09splaO!)9o6 RC. *if so, be it 
•o.'* mmAA anno rD9«9£^£i9o YCh. there 
may be one or two (generally (Sl^49blejo 

CoaeeHiTe aigisoejo (Si^fQejo though it be. 
aan>40fi»|o one at least o^airoo liilejo whoso- 
•fvr. (n>sBi9£bli»jo(necro(n9io^eio whether 
good or bad. 

Cond. ftCone. (from T. (sr^oflnb if it be) 
aoosanyib AB. to any one else, o^g^ojonb 
whaterer it be. t^m Oi&)og^o«e9:uoab 
CO. €•■ oae ersr aayf 

cBi^oao (sstsr^^rilejo) f.i. Qd)>osdiViA ^j^oexido 
Bhr. somewhere abont the fort. 06rn^^S9 
sxoi Qa^yai9€h^<A ciJom9C0o oQSxmoaB colsb 
(S)o &«)snia?i(as CG^. (=QjrDii)»QB;930r{8mo). 
An incorrect adj. part, is formed from (Si^ob 
f.i. QQaQ)95>9ni9ra9a)io»n6 what sort of man? 

adj. part. (Si^dhnm, (Bt^cb; (po. (st^ff^^a), (St^ 
or^Qj 1. he who is Qui)^09n6s>(UfQ909&9 
atcm (0963901 KU. the king Ch P. Thns 
many appositions (8muSl(Ljcn9ancB) oeojob, 
qj'3JL)cn93flggB aj(0i8id)nb, QairD9S>3j9(D(Ty 
(dA, {^is09oCDgno, dnm9o the first, etc. 
8. (BiigiiKiinb he, that one, (Bi^n^g (o^n^o 
those two. fli$QD;ajv'>oina«S^ Bhr. between 
them. (BidQB^ 6)4)>9sn| therefore. 8. after 
nonns they serre as a kind of definite article 
^ej^dLicn90ajrib Bhr. the rogue Call. q<^ 
on93iajrib the wicked; esp. the neuter en 
0^S (a^95m6oeft9CB;4(n9 9aj9CB;9g)9 CG. 
as for our life, that is already gone, oj) 
(0)0ojo 63cr>rnica;932>®o rootnoj/oab ER. Rama 
is to me f. & m. rD9639U9s;{2 (fhcn\(BS\udJ 
fDob YC. the king is our Lord. 4. (Bioaj(2, 
(Bi^oj)^ (before a sentence) is as follows 
t i. ^^>{f][}n& ^on| a)9CQ09aj(3 (heading of 
letters) Gannan is herewith addressed to 
the following purpose. 

adT. part, (gi^d^ 1. forms adTerbs, as memo 
cBtHwell. 2. as, rD9a(T)9^9sno(TiD ^osmcrrm 
&<a»(S^o KR 3. all I see seems to me Rama, 
I see him erery where. (BIOOj^)^ §taji<tii 
c^0(l9s^ ^6^1 Bhr. saw them grieyed (=«^ 
mo) QcueAnn09S)^ crofi9Xi9ardl(d>a9Q[0 a» 
g:p9<ae6mo YyM. (sa^cno, (SiddasH, so as 
to be). QajecoBAfl. ongeigsi^ qjaosb B^'* 

(B10rDii)On930 QJ9!pl|^ CG. 0.010^(0)930 CTO 

esm^^ MR. (= Q^mo). 8. during cLjqg^ 
e9nru09an8llaji:^KR. omaS^dM) Aa>9g^aB 
fl.93£l (nsGjQmo MR. 4. with {=:^^v£\ 
fA.tmojsiQ, dh^a^e930 <d>on|) cn)9^ CO90O 
oO a>sniag_j9cX>TR. when we met. 6. be- 
cause am a>9sja9»^§ «ajsm9§*«M0d9a 




Otijoa£^ TB« 6. often m^re expletiTe or? 
6)fl (Y>sg^ocnosn (n^Aomoi^y, OE^snoaeao 
CB'OQj cnoo QQ, (oh that we were men I ) 

With auxiUeries 1. (B^(xO|3E(nd3»l (bat a)0 
tOpVa/soS^g d»)9r«lgy KB. in a cauaal senBo) 

ohiefly after Datiiee (8ioajODos)^ofing for 
n. The fatore has by itself the meaning otpossp- 
biUty, which is then transferred to the whole 
rerb. s>uk)SS10o I will do, may do. tB(^ oQeBb^aA 
if possible. (81^8^ oannot. ei^flto Aa^9Q(d»9 
Oigj 6P.; 6t^<ftoajgp|^o, fii^disaxjaocj TB. 
aiS^aiScms4(ORftOfi.o, csi^ojIsQ^TnatoAo as far as 
possible. — in the past: a>Sd980((£lcr)oa^(ongy 
BC. ooald not pass. Anaajg^o et^^UQ Si^^ 
sooob Bhr. did somehow whateier was possible. 
9<Lj cLAOsatS^s^cn^ ei^csajg^jo CG. — pros. 
findAcm(O>0(S^CG. If possible. — ohiefly with 
Dat. ft 2nd adT. part. cni^<dn^<On3o, we oan 
take up, (Bioaj6)d9s>^d9fioQajoAo, QjojA^Qjonb er^ 
QQjotb cgjt CG. none able to praise, Sootfiao 
s>xi)oaijonb aJscm ist^o Bhr. ojooMoOmodSe 
0O0§^ Bhr. (bat also Kom. QOi^oo iiBioaj<d> 
^o Bhr.) 

(Sr^Qj, (ST^oj® are esp. used with the signifi- 
cation of power. 6)QjffiMqe8fl.o9s rnVr)<ani 
(mo(>l CG. yon oan but oonqaer women. 
aaKTn9<^ (SiJ^OD^ &j3ti<^ I tried my best, m^ 
Qj6XO)on£^8g-)3c)o po. what more can be done, 
how oan it be helped? (SidCiMsng^dfiiao Qoo 
<fi3o haying been foiled. (ST^OMingj o^mo 
oojcde (Bioa§»)0 fig^ TB. no remedy for it. 

^oo TB. I shall resist it as an intolerable 
state of things. (Siotfnono axoacXxfio (Si^cu 
(n^g^9§»)3 TB. we oanH do anything to it. 
iBi2^^^9(ni=«r^aj2 f.i. fli^dSeeolaDoQajocm 
gy CG. not to be known by any one. 

m. to be the very thing (hence neg. a(^Ao), 
•jBidOMBH the riee is what it ooght to be, done, 

cooked (but 9xi1909q»^ Ooisai^ the rio 


8nd fat. oij^aj it will be right, ongh 
(s 0(mWom) ^oaov QLifij^«9A3aj pi 
merely the eayesl <4)(m9(0> ouocat; 
oa)0(m ojcxBrdOj it most be said, 
bat be confessed. — ohiefly with the 
part, of Verbs QjQom (SK^oj he ma 
Qjomooj nay he come, oh that h 
a)6>^(in9Q^ Anj. Qjrmoo^sxoKTB s 
CG. wished that he might come; a 
Inf. cng^ acng^sxn Q«>d)S)(fie3Q^ 
cs^ocnifico PP. may yon I 

IV. It serres to form Compoand Verba: 
1.) with Noons qb;9(S)cb;o^ to set oat, < 
to be healed eto. similar to the 8. ooi 
with fiOjldaA («>.ai^ iasimilarly need 
ponding with 8. A(S\<att). 
2.) with Verbs, 

a.) rarely in the form of the Vert 
ending in mooi (rather T.) alo q. 
BC. Adc^sn^seioo PT. flQCD^daec 
(only with (8J^o). 
b.) In the form of the old Inf. gn^daa 
came to eat, aiMmsai be able to 
oome ylslble <d>3tfm99mnnD, 9i<a^^ 
AdanSoj Bhr. (ohiefly in a paseiv 
compare 09cr>aKia9(O9<ak A04m6)g 

is heard, ean be heard) with Da 
Qjfieo ««)cXxfis9CBn Bhr. Often in ] 
A^snb GrooTMAo cn^id^asiBiCOo Si. 
6ino, cn0qg|j|(£^(fie3ggorT?9s«mo JU9 
be enabled to praise, worship. — in I 
mia^<asiOgj(S^A or? Bhr. cnWdxi 
9(Do^n3bl(flAO^aaoKU. s^^ogioog 
(= 6><d>3g^ai9nb crooooft^ ojoso). Wit 
tlal meaning. a^a3b)(bbQja8:8Rsoa£^tc 
in that case it might hare been 1 

figooOaaaio CG. I might see this ' 
oomplished If— 



(J5rQ)d636lOU| — C8VQ)J86to 

e.) in the form of the modern Inf., esp. at the 
eloee of the aentenoe (mostly with g^o, ma 
9^ etc.) fiiMBBcX) itnoom ^g<m o^mo oa 
CA o^s^ "^^ ^1>®7 confessed they were 
the thieTes (=«).am) o-iifDlco^ «Q-joa>CK^o 

d.) after the different tenses it stands with 
rarioosly modified meanings. (mcTBans^^ejo 

onxif^iiBono were sitting. — (OKmodni^ en 
an93^ CO. Od)3^Diao^9b\gb KB. (if you 
shall hare giTen = if you g^Te). oQCOBOCiao 
4cij3QBM>^/^\dao he will hare strayed some- 
where. «»aj<b 6>ajgg|^ajaaD9(mLS^ CG. o^^ 
8)id6cn^«a§29offB§o09j\:o CG. a laughter 
that might shake the globe. jiisAaoctO 
r^a* be in a dying state. aAa803d)Vgb etc. d 
mso «>aaiMO§ 96aiocju)g^^g^g»)3CBnf»nno 
I hare told no untruth. (^Sioaia^aBnno oQ 
ft^iA flgGD (T)(^o Qjfdii)>QEtn§^9i3rirQ9nno the 
loss would not hare been so great. 
With 5eg. ady. o.j6nr>o ajiroicB/3ovo> (eT^CQ| 
on TR. it has become impossible to ooUect 
the reTenue. [in stead of (tnfQnmod^tab, (otrmo 
ci^fA etc. also the form of the part. Noon 
oeeura in poetry Ajiia^jj^o (aia^cromo^ 
Q^j KB. (— fotfo^dT^o), ncan^o a>sn^(OiKaJ^ 

^^emdv&dHt^io CG. ®(D(no4ii3dO<ab Ch]. 

0I9<0A<B>, dBGtl y. act. of preo. 1. To 
make to be that, (snxtsxT) rDon3aj9<anl made 
him kis^. (in 8o. also aSWn (DonaojocvodSin 

OaJ»^ KB4.) S3vT0)a3d8el S>A99rw»o6 & 89 

<iCV»»iO st^.^mgxh made her his serrant. 

AOi^aob Bhr. (^9ng94dm\ (ls4M^ (generally to 
•ttacft) n i^iO}| OiiSflgooMaaA get one to do; 
with Vef . Qjk^oQO 0^^ AGu^sob TR. pre- 
YSAt the sale, fiojesjo (^smkoi 4Mr«9(ae^a)0 
9«a, eoBiracted (D9f^m £(D^dBe99«0datmD TB. 
■Douacn Bsa^o m^9CMi lai^sartmo Bhr. 

alsoQQg»)9<sanmQjlron6 RC. destroying. 2. to 
place, pat, employ. (ST^A»td>g:^^ appointed. 

(A<8T^93^e^:^)(8TOXl«)CnQ-t6TT)l(0e9(0si, <&)3^QJ3 

(05^ Nal. banished. cnaLiTSiZA^t^ (Sr^Bei 6)6rBdBi»^ 
PTi. cn^ojiajOtiSsl, (Scoaj9«)cr) ^.-ota&(OR»iaJ9d8ei 
Bhg. let Gk>d dwell in his mlnd> Qajggo AScma!^ 
ej9<6sn poured. 3. to do ofl qq^cvS (Si^ddso TB. 
what can you do? 4. Compounds with Noons, 
corresponding with those of (sr^Ad) f. i. gtn 
SKD o^onrn CB>0Q(3)a2>9c8R)s)cT)9n6 CG. made to 
get out. Qsa09(0», cnnmodSe to heal, mend. 
CY. (ST^dOn^an cause to make Yi. f. i. (msonrok 

«»'=^' [AoacXj CC.) 

(jSr^daaetmilrcV) a'yonji&am 8. Bent, curled (as 

C5VQd%rO\> a'yn(am Tdbh. (S. (sr^^/mo) inten- 
tion. (8T^. ojasitn^dh to gratify. rnim>9^inso 
030 QjrcBflqgBajonb AR. to disappoint thee. 

C5VQd%£io aYolam 8. (full) Confosion, perplex- 
ity, trouble. jiTiaooifliaio ^^c@ RC. (9i^«i&i 
6)3_}§)@ a^(^rib Bhr. was frightened. QSiO 
(mzft^cm (ST^dkcllsoajo Qjmono Nal. (sr^fiiQi^gy 
AR. no doubt. 

<SrQ)<^ro>o see dS^^c^o. 

CSfQ<^05)\ a'yf&is. =(eT^d>9^o Form, likeness. 

(!Sy?2>^^o ayfitam 8. part, of m^^^^ 

Attracted; — a conjecture Yi. 
<!9fQKBd8>3^ see (er^aajoaH, Pomphlet. 

(S^ddeo akkam T. H. (v^(si^aid)ni)i. What 

one puts ((8y^(aaa> 2.), layer rDsnesdano (=q_j 

5 8, local: resting steps in wells). cgnmscSoo 
forwards Yi. 2. (T. prosperity) contentment, 
rest. (8T^d9fiQ0 Qj9STDrD3^<d) rule happily. (Sr^ 
d8eo 6)aj9§)cB;ajnb discontented. cstbxxSiCb o-i 

c^ TR. made over her jewels to the chiefs, 
thos settling the case. 3. strength, persisten- 
cy, continuance ; also relief, as through medi- 
cine. (St^dSAo dhoan^ QjWoBhr. lost his balance 

6 fell. (Si^cdeo (a\A j^o oat^ RC. strong 
dam. (O^aAo ^sosico) orfl SjxS9Q (0)nm9^ 8il. 
negligently. (Bi^ano ^aiaiDc/d(a)^u a^^qQ Mud. 
determinately. Afla9(ae0lgy no fixed purpose. 


(3S»5)c6ftdd> — (iS^corovo 


cs^cy)^ — (S»5)<x»>Dfij( 

4. perhaps (=r(ST^d>) all, altogether. (Stos^^ 
gjQjo (gScBs»Qjo (Sf^tBsto 9cn9(0Al RC. Tiewed 
her from the sole all oyer. 
(Sfli<BQ><B) see under (SS(^<6i<B>, 

C8VQ)^CBo akrand^am 8. ((by^iII.) Weeping. 

(8Y^. (sscoel Nals. 

C8VQ)(^(2o akramam 8. Assault, invasion esi^. 
croco^naoib o^^mo KB. 
denY. (Sf^^^dSn to attack, encroach, nsnrp 

EU. rD9^Qd9>(3i6nc)D Qjomo^^^^o NaU. 
(O^^cb;, (ai)aiacr\>-iS)(ino) etc. to seize on, 
force. Acano^o s>6>eajo (monm <8T^^0^(aa 
(nflQ&J3<8)0 KB. fate subdnes the world. 
(Si^^oooo seized. fiojQ^^cnxno^^ocTQKnodi) 
Arb. (=ajoonb). 

C8VQ)(S^30do akroSam 8. Crying against, er^ 
O^oc/di^ocb Si Pi. she lamented. 

C5'Q)c6:&^0fD6no aksanuja 8. imputation of 

iCSY^fld^&^akii Continuance of an cTil gj'O) a^ 
crficdo (8T^<sfia)cfi;3C^rDl(es9§ Vi. let it remain 
as it is I 

C5VQ(Bc0:^Q.Jo akidbam 8. Blame, reproach, 

objection (sisajosAS ^Ztok ^sn^ sxatOQikcXxfis 

o^q;^ CT^Q^afiaojo MB. 

denY. (Bi^QafiaoJilas (part. (St^b^o^o) tore- 

proTC) confute, impugn, criticise fli&inU>abo 

oJltiM MB. expose farther its iuTalidity. 

(!S^6L16nnjL)ajab akkaQdalail S. (breaker) 
Indra CO. 

(St5)64 akhu8. (digger, V^duob) Mouse, ratPT. 

(!8YQ)(S6LISo akhddam 8. Hunting (po.) 
C5T5)^ akhya 8. ((ai® in. V^<^o) Name; in 

comp. (8T3)^ nb named. 

(ST^^ocDo l.=:(ST^^. 2. story. 

denY. (SY^^oor^ldSn to relate. 

(SV^eUiMno the finite yerb (g^am.) 

C8VQ)COrOV) a^a5am 8. (V^coe) Arrived m^. 
6iJ9}^ 8k. come; (Bt^oxytcostanoo Sk.sojfoa 


<Bro>co^<&»o adventitious, not origi 
eases) (Si^coggj^ainjcDo Nid. (c 

(Si^co^^diob one passing by, Kei 1 

(ST^cosacno arrival, approaching. 

denY. or^ (Si^co^Qg^aao^ o-jsai 
till you returned. 

CY. leioajAcn (Si^co^^oaMmov^ 

(81^7)00 (8. arrival, news, doctrin< 
Shastras. (sr^coacasMAQidCD; cnsi 
Yishnu, the marrow of all knoi 
is also called (sr^coeo ai>nno«)S 
Oojocg^fiioi^ CT^o^onb CG. tsi^os 
oeflbrooj^oSJO^YivBi. (Si^c/>0W 
Bhr. most learned Brahman. 

(ST^coo^, (8T^coo0id>o future. <§(0) 
a^o ABs. past A future. 

(gr^icng^ offence, sin. eo^roocog^ 

($^CO^ a^alam 8.(=(Brd^69^oB( 

with honour. 

(SK^QcroQQJo a^fiyam 8. ((orocml) 

to fire, the Agnipuranam. 

(!SY9(C/)CQ;6nr>o agraya^am 8. (tsa 

fruit offering; = aj.'marDl. 

(Sr^^oDo agraham s. (seizing) i 

ness, wish. (8100)^02^0^ (Sr^^/^ooo g 


(St^'49Q6) desirous. 

denY. (51^4900) (0a to wish, desire. 

CY. <8r^4£)aolgjl<a«. 
CSVQQ^Dr^ aglia5ain 8. (V^ooob) 
(Sr^CSQ^DcQ:^ aghosam 8. (v^ o^ 

of a crowd, din of feast (8i^9Qai3:aaC 
(a^QxiQudoanoQJa Nal2. festival enti 
oQ)9(m a^joojoodfl^ Onap. 
denY. (sr^QofiiOcfi^liao to feast, pars 

(St^iS^oeroo aghiaoam 8. Smell. 
denY. (sr^^^d^mlas to smell. 

CSk^SdsO'Do T. M.= (9i0aOflBt>M0o. 

c6t^(B99)3ajj see cerdCSd^jsajo. 

^8yQbC/5)d8)o — (S'OiUOrQb 


(0VQ)ilj]ano — QS^O^GLlo 

<0yQ)€B]3jo, Morement of the body, gesture, 
attitude— beok; ogling, coquetting, et^. a>95d) 
to beckon. 

Wt^S^Oo annal & (8VQ^693^ (hon. plar. o((sr^ 
snb) Brother, the term need by sisters (oompare 
SiQ~iaacki)«B^saQ^ tnoon ojla)^ CG. she called 
her br. oQrbciooB^o^ai TP. my brothers! 
(hoo. plor.) 

©5).aj^d9>oajo ijandra'yalam 8. (ts^ m). 

As loDg as the moon exists, also fii^xa^a<ef>o,^i^drDa>o Qjsy oo) AB. rule as long 
as the world lasts- 

•'ft^a-Kamo ajamanam 8. (v^ ^a) Rinsing 

the month after meals flr^. qoi^o^ Bhr. 

o^jiii0cn3|g|a3<^ocr)6DBcX> Bhr. 

den V. ci^ A)0)«9n KB. (^9a^«mft ^orob «iy«fl^ 

t^QiU^DG^nob^ (BrQ)i]LK61ae6^ aJaraQam 8. 

To engage in a line of oonduot, practise, per- 
form, obserre (Si^flRseiQca; (81^ jiJ(^QB;Mnaj(b Mud . 
disobedient. <afia<®^ca>ajVort»o (Bi^^fl^japsi 
CKh AB 6. presented arms (=(Sid^9(Do 2). 

oi^snb CG. used to war A get himself oaught. 
■eojocn 7BL9^»^ Oi^iiifot^oab CG. to annihi- 

»9aJ0(Oo 8. (= walk) 1. Usage, established 
eaftora, chiefly of 5 kinds (Oeoao — , 1^309 — , 
*flfti®3 — , croso — , cn)90j9 jiiorDo) Aaia jiAdroo 
aste laws. — Brahminioal cr^ Aou® (as fli^ 
Ij^eiA etc.) KM. — Boyal ordinances, as the 
li flr^^wDoof Polanadu, obseryed at Colicodu 
(mWaojus^, (gcroa^ etc.) KU. — oeD^rgOAiD 
c» written laws, opp. to aei9<d>9 Aioroo practices 
■•» prevailing. — (Bi^iUyDagy CO. that will 
M do, fie! shame! (Si^jiJorDacSa^ 5>ji)c^9<ab 
i^vjqi} sojt^j^)^ KB 5. — isr^^9^o(onrol3i9 
•orb rude Vi. 2. cirility, reyerenee. (sr^. 
•aj^ to bow. o^yorilvoo er^ « juig TP. (bt^. 
«joa^ TP. sainted. 48ir^jii3(Oo eoas^ <^^» 
t^'aa^nb aafkn^q^ KU. Nayer fashions of 

saluting. (81oqj$>co «ia2ji§ (sr^ o^^ oio 
CQBtorSlmo Mud. (in an audience). 8. customary 
gift 6)Qjan95)ft (S(^joo!bo Ad)9§g_j3rib TB. to 
restore sister's dowry (Mpl.) Q0l)An6o 6ieiaK£\ 
mo cn^^in) (Sy^. QLj9<oi§aj3n6 TB. the taxes. 
— honorary acknowledgement such as is giyen 
by the temples to those who pay a (Q^3CB;Cfilin 
(SOio TB. [trance Vi. 

(et^^3rD.ij9<<»)r9b temple door, principal en- 
denV. (ST^joiorDlcdf) toobserye good manners Vi. 
(ST^jildg^nb (adeundus, or the man of obser- 
yanoes, the one who is to be imitated). 1. 
teacher, esp. of Yedas, Guru. 2. fencing- 
master, as Q696n^^-ai3Siit>. 3. schoolmaster, 
(T. M. Tdbh. (ST^^ocib, (sr^osonb hence 
(ST^ni9(gcTUD3mo office of schoolmaster). 
4. carpenter, yu. (ar^xiigfol, Bt^c/agroi. 
(B^iijIrZJV) aji5ain S. (V^^) Heaped up — a 
cartload (po.) [iaT2)=a?09cb CG. CC. 

CSV^^^l addi T. M. ((8i^cB;ab) Cowherd-woman. 

CSy®^ adda (T. (Si^^? (Bt^so^^) Fitting time, 
favorable direction or circumstances,-.fayor- 
able tide (= (tMmo) NoM. 

(BT^^^i sfiP to li'^} stretch. (= d96a§ A, $)aj9 
<0««fi)) Vi. [proy. 

(ST^^fob QcingaM^iScB; ^^ (al. f^j^) S)id>g9aj 
VN. iST^^ a throw, hurl Vi. 

(!SY^aa3/3|:d&, cSf^QidoBcno a6hafanam 8. 

(.a£dQ) Coyering, concealment. (0)9g2^9Ji£d9emo 
disguising a matter. 

(Sr^jyQcmo covered (part.) [milk etc, 

(S^9?o ajam 8. ({arowo) What comes from goats, 
(ST^n^o flock of goats (po.) 

(gyg)8gDnrS6nJDaQ S, (<sf^ in ) Arms reaching 
the knoe, a roonojarusmo. 

CB^sil aji I. S.(V^(!TO«, G.ftgon) War. 

II. Ar. hajji, A pilgrim to Mecca TB. Ocue9 

8i))cB;3(b, 0aLie3SplG29(bKU. 3rx)ro09n6 (91^69^ 
CQ/oroscET) Mpl. 

(!5rQ)S#10Jo ajivam 8. Livelihood Vi. 

(ST^eflajcDocrmo (isr^ ni.) to the end of life. 
(QT^. ^axioai^9 BC, 


(!8ns^^ — cSY^sosb 


dS»©sl— 05<5)9d9> 

0S(ll0hOi ajnaS. (moo) Order, command (Tdbh. 

moTR. gOTernment. (eT^'(de»c)os>g-j^ being under 

orders, obeying. 

(8i^Mo3a>rDnb servant rDomonmoai^cnd^osno 
Mud. first minister. oda9)^onooo>rocr)3C[^ 
UR. (a)oaj<d>onsiaoi»>orola)cX) AB4. thy obedi- 
ent servants. 

(A^nooajcno (ST^flBtooojldSo to order, com- 
mand; with Soo. (BTSojQcno^, also ist^vsn 

(den v.) lead me aright, 
part. (BTi^flBtoonno, (sr^wsnoajlano (neg. (mocDo 

nnsci^o AB.) ordered. 
(iST^4Rno»9@oCOo disobedience Mad. 
Ct^WsttDOLJaont), — Qjc/arrf) (Bhr.) servant. 
CS^gio ajyam 8. ((8T^+ «W6iw) Ghee (for sac- 
rifice). [CC. 

(SfQ^eOhX Port. An jo, angel (ST^^<fi)c)o Genov. 

(!Sr^6to^(6) anJH'ya T. M. (C. Te. (QT^ad=:£Q 

ono, T. 1^092 coiiip* <by^:^<^) '^o bend for ex- 
ertion, spring forward, lift for throwing, try 
by shaking. Qojrgb oQ^on^ (Sy^soo^ (a1. or^^) 
Ooj^cocr) ^35^ Bhr 7. aroocoro) (ST^aoLn ojeT' 
an — (ST^sauismocds) searching look. 

(0rQ)6ir9YQ)^ annali &; CSr^srcY^aS] SoM.:= 

(8TS)«noej1<08>9<0)(9b prov.ssajiojoojiab Awtidh, 

09^5 a4a T. M. ((Bi®§a> what moves) Flowing 
garment, chiefly of women, children, idols 
(BT^S AQjcnoCC. jiTlooos children's holiday 
garments. 5) oiiQcuos qj^ojo^ od^osngojcnoTP. 
(for idols); see ojoxids, ©aja^cwos etc. 

aSfQSdbio ada'yam Tdbh. i.^fsr^oip^o. An oil 
measure, also csr^so T. SoM. 2. = qOosao 
gold (8t^s<0>o 6)a»os6rnl6io®cry RC. gilt arrow. 

05rQ)S(?aJD5c6>o adal54aYam (T. (8i^so(8^3s) 

Justicia adhatoda or bivalvis, m^'o Oaj(b, (sro' 
osiZA^nb Ooift MM. med. in bilious fevers. (Si^. 
«»oaoon308CT>o GP. removing cough. 
05rQ)Sa)b a4al YN. ((0i^^<f>>) T. M. C. l. Shaking, 

trembling eq^, (oiorDCBioei^&i^c^ Sojooei BhgT. 
(8iaSrtib«>Q-i§o trembles Bhg. «. agitstioD, 
grief (8T^ offing, «0»ajcre (po.) ««)«fimoskr>3A 
(8!as«ei!>6>s CC. (8r^s«eiD^ (^aio «<*»§<« 
^ejia VCh.«iDaj«eS <8!9)S«Aft»nBW^a«a-W«s^ 
Mud. 8. SoM. dancing flr^Sfiio o^iosejo Vf . 

(!5rQ)S|a4i T.M. (S. (St^A^Ofupo) The month i>>d» 
So; height of rainy season «!^s^«a«D§«0Ao 
(;5SP8Bb«ar>A woejQmo RC. roars like the oloudi 

in adi. 
I. (Sr^i^ad^T. CM. (Tu. o®av)l.Ck)at, sheep 

(lit. ftpisky, from (8Ta§<a>). 2. dewlap (firom iti 

perpetual motion), (sr^^ «>roc5ynf» to bleat Ooj 

groo§l5>oD «0^jy PT. 

Kinds <0»o§os M. aewuos So. qj^wsws Palg. 
Ibex. «^oaJDS & ©ajgaoS goat. ojQidS 
(Ex. 12,6) & o iiiZ0f?csi;os (6)^0) sheep. 

(81^^09^ cattle. [braoteatt. 

{8Ta§<m'cTT)oajoai, (BT^^swiJOSOajoei Arlstolortis 

(Si^§^8Bb§^, <ft6ioo!>§ kid, lamb. 

CT^S^SBjgy beaoar V2. 
(8T^§labQ-?yd9« goats* dung Vi. 

(Si^^o^ mutton. 
(9v^s<d>9(oa(> shepherd. 

(Si^sd^oooob ram. i^ 

(8!a|«><ft»o§ofii3ai a plant "ram's horn." ^ 

11. CSTQ)^ =(r)D§ T. M. (perhaps from «id^*t « ^ 
{BiD^<fr) in «Qj6Tr)0% Travancore, oQOS^ « a^O j. 
cn3§, ajoca;o§a>mD§ TR. ,, 

UI.CSY^^dSjDOsb see «T^^«a» 2. ^ 

C5ra§d9)j Sl a4nya T. M. C. Te. Tu. 1. To wats, ^ 
swing, rook. (masicqassaa^cnoofefifliiefii^Ofi* ^ 
(Chrshna with the fic9)— of ringing iPtt* 
6)Qjos>ilo§nm qjdafia'SJU-Knl CC, 2. to ahab^ 
totter, sink as hand from a blow 6&mD oiqjoomI 
6)ajffipo^, 0s«fc »s^6W0D(8b fiyoMnos* !«•'• 
«ajQ-jLQoe(4^{ocnocBJ^ (8t^^«»o<AI jgscno Bfcf l» 
3. to dance fir^oxal^D^a-ios' Qja«r» Bhrl. 
henoe (£^cxai9%A (s=o«'§K3i3So) etc. •«** 
play e8!5S3^8^3*» P'^*^^* *• different ftoT 
ful or regular movementSy f.i. a^ro©^A bstfct 
(often merely (St^a MC.) «SW&o09^ ^^ 

(0VQ)(SS3qJo — ^B>QS 


<S*5)cu>o6nj — cs^eno 

lio]jbathB(cooco<sr9^<d> Bhr.)i cnocvo^a) hant, 
odsVxDfiOtfi* beckon, oaojoribo oo^rog^Vob (St^ 
§ft poar milk, oil, oow*b urine, ooooanut milk 
on an idol. 

CY. «r^s^<ae f.i. ojooulfiKn isi^^d^ Mad. a 
jnggler made the snake to dance, 9s oiAcn 
m^&^m^^BiQios^^aAo (see fli^^a> 4.) 

(a tow) theatrical play. Qj^gj QO^^ iO> 
^xmea^^oob AR. celebrated marriage. 
Der. fin^gc, 01^, er&^^ eto. 

0((^!)Q-b i4obam 8. l. Being inflated, flatn- 
leoey OF 69. S. ostentation, pride orvDQ_Kmlai 
^9S «iejai3aiajlsQjo daaoai or^5oajO09QS 
Q-iO€Bi^ 9^»cX)Q-j^(aA9&9 Nal 2. 8. pomp oq^^ 
%if^(^QjMS9cLjo Kal. adr. e^SJUno^oojo (O0I 

L (Bi9§ at|a T. obi. case of (m^sni; «r^§<fiA 
(mi A cow that oalTos OTory year, fli^igjlom 
cnacX) yearly birthday. mQ^oj\9udrBao annaal 

^' ^^' ^ [ar^a q. T.) 

Efii^ A bitter gonrd et^^Bsa med. (=flta 

nLdSV^ C. Ibhr. ITo. see crOD§. 

4B»9go at(am 5. YIX, of (8r^§<er. Moring play, 
dance, oomedy. ojo^o (Bi^^Qjo (gsm), aa>3 
§3^ «ocTMB«ojo ®gy perfect silence. iBi^^o ^ 
§W>ak ciA9Stoi8iS(onP(9b proT. 

Cpds. ^(Sa9§o oil making. 
crfWsgo bathing, boating. 
«dsaft9rDab dancer, actor — of a oaste 
that plaj in temples. (17 in Taliparamba). 

0*^ iftq V5. of fii^^ai 1. Swinging (gr^^ 
•§)<* «r^«». t.= «r^§o dance, play i8T^§9 
fii CC. S. hooting ro5ng3| «ifi)<>)a»oo proy. 

SB^ drove him off by a sharp word. 4. banting 
^^l^fmofSf dog for chase. fiT^|a^§ ojornl pror. 

aetT. 0>'^^(eT^ai)l. To press oil (m^|nm 
ojom €i(ry^9cb «t^<0ai pror. fir^^anrab a 
■01 B. S. to hnnt acta ^uxiimoi m^£\ YIItP. 
mi^iS^^iti£kaicb hnnting name of jackal. 

8. to hoot (SV^§6)<0ao§(0e drive off with abate 
or oQflatiorDo, <^A<m (Si^§) ojoanoftoaai TB. 
4. to drive away (ij^(d*6)fl. 0)[^§l5)aiiai&)da», 
9aj9ajg2|o ^rold^o (Si^§l$)«a99q| Oojoqb^ TR. 
took oar cattle. 

(0if9CVOo6OJ^ afamBarftm 8. (dram from 
(S(^<§ih) 1. Pride, pomp, show. eloDosruroocuDo 
GQjrDQQjrfiio Bhr. «)CD;'3QJcn9CU)o6ajrDo o^s^n^ 
6>5>eaj«{ma colc0«r51:^ FT. 2. celebration, 
^8ngoGQ|a8o cn)-i32;oajfD3CUDo6Qj^o, cn)JCB;oQja>9 
QjDosajtwroDocnd® Nal. — parade ; retinae Vi. 

(!SY^C\JL9(d)o adha^fam 8. A meaBare = 4 cs 
an93Sp), a Marakal CS. 
(8t^rup(8^ 8. Cajanns indicns {=^:u(t). 
dBtOCUjiOb a4h7ft& 8. (>/" (WOoo?) Opalent, 
rich, fiojajymnb powerful. 
(Bi^nrjnao* 1. the chiefs, f.i. in war. 
2. title of a class of Brahmans, chiefly the 
(Bio^cpoOiflRO*, leaders in the old aristo- 
cracy of Malabar. (8»5rigjnb CTXT^«nlroi<fi« 

C8VQ)6^nr) ai^a 5. (Tdbh. (Sv^mo) 1. Command. 
cr)2g«s (Br^smo^o {ST^flRsBics^o ejooai^, aou 
em^ (BT^sm (0)l<fl(aro>:^TB. 2. oath, adjuration. 
QjloajocTOa Qjasojonb (8i®6m cro<mjQjo s)^^ 
(wrooo TR. ©ojoalcwoCTT) perjury. 
(Sv^smcdn^^ 1. to swear o-igglocv oj^^^, 

(Biog-]5)m ci3s\jS (8r^«mcan§a) Vi. also 

with Ago. ^asojlstcn iBi^smQBn§dab swore 

CY. (ST^6rr>cdi^§ajtd9a to pat on oath. 
2. to adjure, also cite, arrest. Acru6i^9aj<en 

flr^6rr>c(D| (Ot^mmS (Bio:uft <^§3<0n95MA TR. 

(Bioajonbo aarob roTiaB^jocnrysO^ (formula: 

em etc.) 3. by, f. i. «>€roo6m, ^roBQjo«rr), 
Q^((TT)o«m ct^cmTem scrvDocossa TP. (OKmo 
sm smonb o^nnoos ^flf3| (Dsneo^m cr^jogoo 
oaotdAolcs^dSad^^ CC. cn)aBJi9sm, oslainb 
(mn6 ojoainoioam CG. rDoeojoaaem coBAoem 
AR 2. — often shortened cr>)cm9i)cmor)^<flAl 
^ (po.) I swear by thee, I have it not. 

<8*©©nOo — (Qv^GOri) 


(jSrQ^sns — CS^OrOo^ 

(SVQ)6rr)o a^ftxn T. H. l. Broth, soap. 9<9)0Spl 
CB;9smo; a dish of Maplas er^. 6Kii<dA. — 2. (C. 
«rd«m1 burst) (gi^. ^c^a a field to burst by 
the heat of the sun =s 6)^s^ a^§a{|^9Q-)9d). 

(B^enoro^Jo anatwam ((sr^snk q. ▼.) Manli- 
ness, also (S(^smm»no Hpl. 

^"©enol a^i T. M. C. Te. (also8.from(8T9>6n6) 
Peg, nail. isr^. 90^^ to strike it, (m5>0(d» to 
drive in. (O)0rO3srn^, rtProigjasm), ajlfo^ca^osrnl 
screw. QjsnsicBiD6rn) azlepin, dhSCB;36Tn) nail 
with a head (opp. ojDxjoernl); also=Qg)^ajra)3 
€m^ stjle. 

2. what is like a nail or pin. s>Q_j3nm36TTT^ a 
sample to mark the eooQ Can 8. (Si^sml 
jiiooA irrigation channel Vi. ((m^^rnl also 
bed for 4 plantain trees) — aiasajlsxibofsr^ 
6m^(=a>egnb) the last bit of matter In a 
boil, ooosidered as its seed. — (sr^srni 90 
Aaj9(8n comedones. — (9T^firnia9)|mnb a fish 
V2. — flfl)§^n6 (BT^firnl head of bone. 

8. the peg on which all depends, prime moTcr, 
Bhr 8. (said of Earna) 

^octcd) a)9nBorab CG. finest gold. 
(Si^srnltanfDo the choicest of anj thing Yi. 
let^flrnlQajft taproot. 

(!8^6vnr() ai;^ 5. ((st^onil, (0io||[]^rib?) Male. — old 
pi. (8T^69BcX> (q. T.) brother. — mod. pi. (sr^ 
finooBiib f. i. i8i3)6noflecX) fir^^oi a^osi^j^&t 
ARe. (calling out the foe) coi iSi^snoo oo-i 
OBo (Biog)9syiD Oojsdko a nondescript (abuse). 

Comp. (et^firr>9^ ram. 

fli^srnlgkjo house of bridegroom (of castes 
below Nayers). 

«r^6rn)g^<9A9<b bridegroom^s relations. 
oi^ablstKij boy, manly fellow. [child. 

(Bi^6i2k§i, (Bi^Bbg^, QT^6n6«>A<u«MQb (song) male 
(Si^6n6A(nl^ horse, stallion. 
iSiMno^ 1. man's work. 2. male member Yi. 
m^snbojKxmjLinb =: (Si^snb man. 

(Bi^6n60(BR»i etc. 

ei^enocoo male tree (so Of^enbotMaa , 
OD, iBy^6n6ajgj9CBK> eto.) 

(Si^sn^cSl the lower half of a ooooannt 

abstr. N. 1. (Si^snrMn-io, manliness, sno 
aHcB/ (Si^sm^-oroko (Si^anl TB. they 
much amiss. (St^cm.inotflasaroab a hei 
2. (st^sm bravery. (Bi®9nBrn1rM>9«! 
agounb CG. 

L (I9^6ns anda So. tst^sngtvA (prb. «Bi 
Afivm) Yoang bamboo shoot d^taoB^eiM" 
«>aj9S^ = t^ ajroli)) of any strong all 

n. CS^SOS adj. part, of <BT^<o>. 

(!5^e«^€8*3 (fr. flr^ins?)* C5t5)§€8*3(D 
Wild cooamber Y2. 

<8V^9>^ an4i T. M. C. Religious men 
worshipper of Subramanya, aPandarai 
called .iJSPcn^cQ/Dsrel (a caste of Yogii 
(Si^4nB)cB)9§o a certain dance Yi. — hei 
fijauo«nBla-cX). Ci^5n0C||§ feasting Pand 

dS^sn^ ai>49 '^' ^' (T. ovosrig Te. o®cuy) 1 
prh. from (S(&^<Q> comp. <Bid£; 01^ 
8)90030 = 365^ days. Can 8. at^s^qjO 
osneoorn^cnoflfc (doc.) yearly. (S(^5r^e£\£ 
08 o^nb 1 year old, SiPu 2. ei^snecvm^l 
at the close of a year.Der. (Si^^I. — 2. 
periods, a Jupiter cycle of 12 or 60 years 
(8)(55)sns<e»rtnlA orLrn)(9i^o (9T^9ig (Jew. 

cS^anSQio a5angam 8. (er^UlmseS) i 

grief; God is oSlrDOfmasinb Bhr. ibidskhj^ 
01^. a^«n^cn5^oaOo CG. 2. olfenoe, hlz 
Qd»^9ip)a>ch (ST^ S)Q-t^ ^SOB^ CG. by o 
unexpectedly, oiiosm^nb or^. fir^cai 
proved a curse to the innocent. 

C8yQ)rG^6IflUrOo 8. What causes to cot 
whey (po.) 

CS^rZD^dCoTl a5a5ayi 8. (^r^covmodran 
Threatening one's life, felon (sQjcoa 

dSfQ)(6)tLJo a5abam 8. (V^(0Kiji)8un8bii 



06VQ)a(Qa — (SVQdOdo 

kjeet to one^s protection (=c^^ 

mm 8. (o)A) Fare, freight :£= 9(0)9 
Dack (8. (BtQ(m\ Tardos). 2. Tdbh. 

Sithjam 8. (cmff^in^) Hospitality 
jM^ai eojas o^sjsmo KB. oj 

AkD^d^ CG. — met. OQ^Quob cngy 

k T. M. ft ankBOJoroTko (S. <gi^ 

▲tterism, star in G-emini. 

III18. ((gdj) 1 . Diseased. 2. agitated 
- croocDOo igBflOfbb (Sis>Sf05)g_js aH 

aldte SiPoi. a>tfnB9 (grDGB;9C(^ CC. 

lU (T. csid^gftl) Hoise, bazz Vi. 
1. prob. Port. Anona squamosa 
from America, in Hayti language 
»^dBa, (SX^dHCidSa Gastardapple. 

Ql8. (fi(^'\-Q:aato) Taken, obtained; 
It. ei^TSia)903eo Mud. cheerfally 
> eW^cnoft CO. with all haste; 
depriTed of pride. 

(sfiT^^B^oo? T. (sr^roralroo Te. 
MSity of engaging in a work Yi. 
Vi. = (8i^crufl9or)o. 
prh. ( or qqi^o.vpS^, 
•uya (=(8)i^^<d>) ojspoiilrob aosa 
» TP. (=an§) 

itto} (T. (Bl^.'Oiot, (8i^ror9)9c}o mo- 
^3 3Ei9i9b,~ fiiza,— ajnB9ft Nambti- 
$xplained=seo^<6iaie0, (SiSd>9(Oro) 
)e.iri(sr^3 3n»a29^HR. (in Cbaya- 

Itm&TQ 8. (V^(BiDnb, O. atmos, 
crman) 1. Breath, life; soal, 
Mtxaaoj the oniyersal, 0fbj9(ina9 
dual spirit. e(&(fJtdcn\Asn^ <8)fine9 
mcM AB e. diseorer in the soul 
ioal the one 8oal of the world. 
taojWkn «Do)c[^ proT. 2. heart, 

breast (gq>(aB0Q^<9)0«r^ owd^ij^ 6Rfe9n6 Nal. 

(8l^(S)09ajVgU»>(Do SKLI^ (SI^B9anocn Q(ll|9§ 

cn>^o 6>.nic^ KU. 8. self, chiefly in oomp. 

hence: tst^tofd^o (3) consisting in (=000^0) 

»o(2)a»8)aD9t6U9(oia<d>09o Qeaoo KeiN2. 

cn}oaj<BT\xo9(O0<d>a9CEtnrolg_|rs{. Bhg. 
(sr^onanab (8) son, at^aiecn daughter. 
(Bi^aieMHiooDo, — QfiQjocJOo (1) metaphysical 

m^sai^^ocm (8) boasting (si;^. a^Dcmooib 

Q_i(Do Bhr 1. worse than death. 
o^aiBMOcafia (8) preserving oneself, ei^. Q^cy 

fiMbosvM Ouklgjlob KB 6. 
6id(OBQ?(0iai , (Si^oeMHinb (1) knowing the 

unirersal soul. 
Ct^amoot^ (8) suicide, tu. (BiD^oOiOiai). 
flv^coaao&oo (8) for one*s own sake. 
?(3r^(Oi0)diCB;9a2)^an Q-tCDn^ YCh. my own wife. 
(Bi^traksM) own (po.) 
<nfd(agjo personal m^ta^^^i Si Pus. 
er^Q(OB9ajaaooo metaphysics, explanation of 

61^(0109, (BiDor)9(aia9 ft aLirD9(ra9, the 8 consti- 
tuents of existence (phil.) 

(jSr^/dtDo af aram 8. ft Qsr^/Brooj T. c. Te. 

1. Bespect, regard for. 0§y9(Did9ft9aa)0igy 8G. 
no faTor. (ST^arDQaj9Qs CC. honorably. m^Q 
(OOjIrab a^^(d>c)0(fia cn^ CG. kindly, ei^em 
qlj9^ A^j. duly. 2. support, comfort og^orSl 
dto e<b fli^rDOjlgjssno protection. (ST^onfOai 
<i»)a)o atoni^f^ BC. no consolationr (confounded 
with (ST^cjU9rDo). 

denY. ei^tS^^sk 1. to regard, A^9nTvm 
ei^a(ok(V9SMA AB. not minding (=(9io(r)9 
g'^); QaT90l(OR)iaBS)fl. (9i^(DlQB;9«>(tn UB. 
fli^fDl^caosRSl honorably. 2. to support, 
console, o^^cbkuskd 01^. Arb. (Si^ro^^ 
s^nDQu9(ob A^ Qro9ecno Oaj9dQiilcn9cX) 
CG. comforted the child. 
Part. (BY^gmo honored (8T^groKD9q|OflB9^^ 
smib CG. 
CSY^dOdo af ariam 8. Looking-glass. 

cst^/aooo© — <!St®©lg^ 


CSrQ)(2aOdo-— (SrQ^uJlfO, 

^S^QTCOo adaaam S. ( V^ao) Taking to oneself. 
m^. 6>^^ to receive. rDoacnMA CQaiajiocB/Ss 
(BT^. 0>^cg{«>g_i§ (g0) BrhmP. receiyed from 
the sea. 

(!8YQ)dOCQA> S. gain. «Tj^a3CB)Qg-)§(£b to be 
adTanced. (mD(2«>^o^ A<b fii^aoavQjo onc^ 
QL)o fl^gy MB. 

(Bi^ax(u rnlantmi income tax. 
(Sr^/al 8. 1. beginning,fir8t — magasAD^ 

d8o(9}c)o TB. the transactions of this dynasty 
since the days of my ancestors* cBi^a^CB^odn^ 
0oo61 TB. changed again. (Si^d$Qj^(?tt 
from beginning to end. 2. In oomp. et cetera 
f.i. s<^oe1, 0ejQ®oa^«)cX> (=Q(D)ajoc0, (gs 

hence: (Bi^al^oo^mo original canse. 
fBi^al ^oajio first poem in schools (Bamaya^am). 
(ar^elQaajrib original God* 
(ST^al^ancib the first c/di^oe)a>e)ocaeas^ gonnb 

(BnooJ^o (0)1(013)906 KB 5. 
an^fO06393L) 1. first king. 2. the Mapilla 

ruler of GannanvLr ai«TOf^(ok rodno fiojlfiojl 

(BT^Qoz; again (sfit^csz^ocBrl^) 01^ rosiBoa 

oooD<a»id^ TB. 

(ST^a^cuo^^o introduction (of a book) Yi. 

(BT^e^Qoo^fi^nb the serpent Ananta. 

(Bi^e>CTD)o 1. beginning & end. Yishnu 01^^ OO) 
aj^aj3Cglfl.«sel KB. God is oST^gjOOOoO^ 
(D)nb, the Yedas are called (StMjCTTJh^cd. 
coecb CG. 2. from first to last a>9^(nn)o 
s>ji)3^or)9ab (91^. KB. 0snr><e«9auoc)o oioo 
030 A^a^o (ST^. KB. from head to foot. 

0(2^§)0 first. ~ adT. at first, at once; as at 
first, again (=:(8y^s1q(S') at^sa a>e:^s^ 

(Bl^ 1010X39000 = (81^8^00)0 f.i. QjVT)j|9rOC010n(Qb 

(8t^9<^ (81^ (nstn?§^gy MB. 

CSfQii\^C^ afityan S. ((Sioalanl) 1. Son of 
iLditi(7 or 12). 2. Bun. mi^ SiS\£^(Siaicm^9(uo 

Q£j ABi. (Si^^o^majob BC. The 
ence of the sun is computed at 
Tojaua, Bhg. (St^eit^o^acfi^o a man 
(8i^^aat>g|]^ cnl<ba^<8<a) TP. (a 
in drawing water). 

^Sd^Qf^Odo ad^dsam S. (v^alu? ) 1. C 

mand. — 2. substitute (gram.) 
denY. ei^Qai/oicas Yi. to oomman 

CS^r^^ ad^yam s. see csr^d]. 
(Sv^qjIoBs^ adravikka 8. «^) Haste 

assaults (Bi^Qj9(mo Yi. 

(^OJooOo adhanam 8. (co9) Placin 

(Bt^. CJOrol^foidB© Yl. 

CSy^ojorOo adhaiam s. (cotb) 1. 8upi 

base (Bt^. ajlsldSn Yi. to take refuge. 
<Bi^ Sgy TB. the country is too 
96m9u51g^g_j9nb (8Y^co9^o ®gy TB 
not the means to pay. 2. the 6 oi 
regions of the human body, *locati( 

Qj9CSy (=CT?aj) JBT^ «@ol«n6oQj|5>£ 

eilojcib AnJ. S- M. document, b 
(also (Bt^cuorDi^, (a_)09sirr>o, ^cms 
6)060 sym^oj (8T^cj09rD(SOQ_ism (St^ 
I prore my case altogether by d 
<d'nsP9cC9roo,(870s)cQ^9C09'Do documcnti 
transfer of property. 

C8t8)Uj| adhi 8.(c^o)l. Care,anxiet3 
or)9§9CJu)a2;9cu^ homesick. (By^cjuIo^o . 
mental & bodily sufferings. 2. pt 
(By^aS^(a)o6 suffering mentally. 

CSfQu3\^jo adhikyam S.((Biou5)<d>o)< 

dance; pre-eminence, authority, po 
c(£^(9b (810*040 (Biasdanojo cnicBBcXxfi 
Q§, a>(Z2<0Bc)od9a (sr^. So9<dA)^:ud9c 
have the right to rule, they to saci 

CSv^uJlo-}^^ adhibatyam 8. (m 

Sovereignty, supreme authority Qi 
<^o $)a>9§<d«nno Nal. (to heroes). 

(Br5)uyi00o adhinam = iBwuflcno f. i. 
^9S)n6o (Bi^cJloDeaa^dOBil, oxoj 
cjJkn(oiBt)(obcn)(m^^ cnoo TB. I aa aal 



®i©rn — <0vQ^oo3CQj 

b ^lini&Tiain g. (m o) Flatnlenee. 
loft C. Ta. M. (T. cvdcn, Te. oQOd 
^CB^^gSC to support) Elephant (Qt^ 
i)ml akSTDot, — d9fty9.vR»61 AR. et^cn 
S cn0qgj^g^(0s (in temples), mo 
» elephant (opp. ^o^xn) QdnDdSe ojoj^ 
0i^oqTB. Often in proT. (B1^skt)<08 
kOsffiB etc. 

£1, — ^O^ii C. M. Xnagundi, residence 
hna Bayer EU. 

\) children's plaj (og)n^9a>ol oSl 
atftlg^j^me CG.) 
nv oj medio, plant, so also 

BtQSK^J^ ft Hedysarom etc. 

oob elephant-keeper (sr^cnay»s oj 

Sid- fiol^atSCDidcX) proT. erj^dana^ 

nib an instrument in making roads. 

^ elephantiasis. 

?1 pit to catch elephants. 

i»sVeb elephant's house. 

i9(Qj tusk, irory. 

19^ elephant's trappings. 

laoi a measure of 4 kol = 1 asm^. 

Bso oai^ or>s<ae stately walk. 

lOoksKib diseased with a scab (cst^cn 

gb, CD63ji1Z2o). 

^MaLaflio A^iigS <D)<^9o (song) as much 
elephant's head. 

anojo Mi^rD^o^ejo corol proT. 
, — g^s^so elephant's pen, also et^ 

xi training an elephant — (ST^on^a 

91bI elephant's dung. 

If. pr. of the jungle behind Palakadu. 

to QcudBeTP. one of the 18 fiT^Q(|{COa 

A eoM^ the pririlege of employing 

iphaot to eonf ey earth, water (Syr. 

Wojdb, So. (O^cn^ajs^ (S. Qoa)pcu9 
lepluuitopiia leaber (med.) 

(Bi^cncvsU^ai^jjS ^^® ^^^ stage of growth in 
a ooeoanut palm, the stump 4 inches orer- 
ground of the size of an elephant's footed 

CTKOfS^ QjlrD^OBI^, tSt^CDS^SiSiiSaiAdi MB. 

i8i^cr)GE(n(aanzS),--QjW ,---(gcX> (Bh.) different 

cBi^ar>o9QB;gu};flfia) (=09e8urib) fabulous bird, 

an elephant-lifter. r^ii 

(Si^cnaiOTMOBl or — Qj5m<dM) Casearia oiata 
II. CSVQ^TO aM. T. sfli^aQcn, m^zu t i. sioajcn^ 
cQ;9ar)(2 (oncQQjttSvUiaioo^ KU. 

CSV^OOdSx) ana^fam S. Drum. eida>«)§a^ 
CT^ce CG. Crshna, son of Yasudeya. 

C5VQ)ooono ananam s. (>/" 01006) Mouth, (nj^m 

ro(^ro^ martial mien. 

(lSYQ)OOCBo iaaJnam S. {sTctkb) Joy, delight. 
There are 8 joys Q?<a3QD;9 — , (^a^9 — , qj9 
aocr)9 — , fli^(0B9— , Q^o — , cnl«9— ,«» 
S)fi>aj(m9 — , flEbn9or)9orxBo EeiN2. (phil.) 
(Bi^onrBfiQj^l^o YCh. = ^o-icn^o. 
(ST^(Txssaj9gg^o tears of joy. 
(BT^ODoacno friendly reception Yi. 
denY. (sr^cnraicss to rejoice. $)3Liefio (6)(0)9§) 
(Bl^ a Kayer custom, sprinkling every 
morning 7 times the water of their tank 
into the face. [bow. 

C5VQ)00£200oaaamanam S. (cnta) BeTcrence, 
(!SYQ)OOCa'OOo anayanam S. (orfl) Bringing. 
fii^arvcDo (Bi^. S)ji)^ Sk. brought, took. 

denY. (Si^cnaOdae l.=cura9ajg|A (part, (gr^ 

nrfW>) f.i. QJ(rT^o srgicnaO^^at Kal2. 

to soWe, find. fi)«>^rD9'joia>9CYfto)o Gan. 

found by the rule of three. 

(!5tQ)r09CQ^o S. Net Qj9ajlcBil(A (BI^. •g^9o 

orSlrOiodiloDotb PT. 

C5»5)OODCQ;crb Snayaii (ei^ n. m&ch i.) CJow- 

herd ec&cnvstzvihib^ — g^j^<b, — 9:^^^^ OG. 
(Si^ar)9aj young cow, cn^cnoaj^oonb calf 

<!5tQ)mXQ^aSY0?l| KU. The document by 
which Brahmans appointed kings for a period 
of 12 yean each. (deriTed from vi^nDdavA, 


■litocthe ii(ga9^aiiti, Drcovhardisrarrganlsd 
M the snoeBtori of the KtQlkada djoMtj). 

fliQtOO^aD) Uftham B. Imaa) CooBtlpMioD 
(meil-) [eiarol «te. 

lBi^rn)=aiscan(nt in AajMmsn?, ajim 

QSt^ yb i^^o as a^ly am 8. ^araaaa'i"'-) ''""'""'■ 

»ai 049.909^^0 (nsnQtrn Dal. rulei im- 

«SUJ)r(i<S&y}ajp annldmjrun B. Kalorftl order 

<opp. (^sniaejs^o nncquil nwrris^*, etc.) 
OSfJy^a-ia anfibam B. (oiBCQOje) Huib; 

I. OSlOrrD an T. aoM.= «i9 Ox or cow, bgnce 

aratnaaj youog eow, [^ q,. 

U. egiQlC^ T.I[.= 3i9<n1nb CondttionBl or o^a 
lSr9rY0)Ul&a(T. owl) A poUoaom or anlaek; 

uilm»l e(iiaiarTn1gj)ni9i oignoajjo proT. (B.= 

ohftBieleon Vi.^istga). 
aS^QlOTni an&un SoTt. Spike to pteieri« fruit- 

treei from thlsTei. 
(S^QO^tDa uSaiam B- (ai^nai)lDternal. £ 

TR. the leorel of the okm. ng. sK)3<iii'>^nb 
laperflelal mind. lOr^ e^ has coatage, de- 
termination, reaouroBS. 

OStDC^O, CBigjq^ Fiof ander 
Calient, from uliioh are derlred the S>g^o 
onKBoagib potters alio mgnsinb EU. «>iuo e 
nitSann 0isanl3i.ruift TB. 
cSi^C^^firt to bnm 4riH(=sr3aja)Vi. 

aS>Qi£]ig« onttam B. (oecmno G-. 'aotoroa) 
l.Entraii* .^igQ^amtoj, -•AA^qg, — ojsqj. 
S. lt.= <sig(Si^3^, iaTg(;pajl<aK a raptnre, 
atgh-Toil lii'ibwili.'a OTno a med, 

VSflt<SCQO^S> BOcToU'yS B. ((WB»s3a) Swing- 
Ing Ml, litter = si.«3^ni>. 

dS<Q)(TUj0 andhjam B. (meaiu) BUndoei*. 

tSlt^lrnUa udhrim B. Telnge (Andhne gea; 

CB>Qi^)i» iofam T. H. (Tdbh. «^)acn)j>») A 

day'* work, daj'i hire or wajei e 

(Bi^mltBB nBffilai (TO.) 

i^T^cnj fins daily meala girsn to 1 
at the Hal. templei. 
ISSt^ct^in aba^a S. (0130^1 ocean 0: 

Rl*er. J 

iStt^a^eTii abi^am S. (cuaib) Mai 
cei^o-irmono abaiaoam b.([xj«) f 

danV, fusojo (Bigo-jwiliflao CC. 
(Sa^o-iT^, tstJip-ns^ abattq 
Hiahap, rain, danger. on^-usiaAgeji 
rruqis proT. isignjqQ oinso dn&ia < 
«ajla*S **■ Siao-Jek^^lffl Stfl*" 

Si^-Ljrmo (part.) atWotod, sffiKtod I 
<Bfl8a_13(3.fl^C\jas 8.(fl(9in)FT0inhi 

mgn-iaeenyAio omsAo Kid. idem 
(lB>Qa-i3Q)sa abaf ikka s. (us) To 

cMo n_iy>eBQ{|o (Si^oj^bI^ CO. 

(STQn-JlrOo abinam s. (cu,3) udde 

fTTVSfc pO. 

iS^a^B aptam B. (si^nj) part. B«i 
tained, attached, trnilwoTthj. aiSa^ 
doubted decIaratioD, aa of Oodi, 
apeeeb, isi3nj,ec^ oooBdenl. nncnl 
.Tj,rB)t TCh. fljtijlns Bi3:ij,eioPs 
na masiiSB TR. ad2Zd)ioa ojaa.' 
(=jiliajtTai*).— cru^lojo ergya^ 
came nigh. 

ist^^B. l.acqnIiltloD. imfs)<^M^i 

to gain mj wiih. ma^iiatiftiaa, 

gjjD fi9g^9a CG. what da I 1 

going to beaTon. S. truat Ti. 

aS<9jM &PPa Spoon, ladle Vi. (T. a 

dSt^jy. appil T. U. C. I. 'Wedge, [ 

alopa a orarioa. en^Jo [»g1 «i^K 

(po.) bolted the door. Sigfyo at 

vu. — (hcnee qkei^, eitnsgj) !. n 


i^Mp — dSVQOl jaJ3 


csvQ^Mo — C5*5)a;2g) 

fUa 8. (00^ ) Watery, ajlcorai^o 
Jo •SQi^Qjo 9au-iao ojcro er^o-i) 
f Ch. — aU drinkables, which di- 
noe ^iQ>o. (0«<aio, (a_)o«mab (med.) 

IplaTam 8. (g^ Bathing. 
Offieer cBiSKUfQio oO^o^oobo TB. 


CSrCojf)^ MB. E. Appeal 

, aBaf dham 8. (fiOjmjD) Bound to, 
•tie of yoke; e(^6tiy^X)9Z^ecn^:£\ CG. 

ifiadha 8. (6aj9(jo) 8egment of a 
Mite. Gan. 

iMi-yam 8. ((BIOO^o) Yearly — 
B ceremony (sy^. e»i&p^3n6 TR. 


8. (so) Light, brightoess. (St^i a> 

Bdo Had. 0CBQO9ca)9S Nal. 

abhara^am 8. (is<b) Decoration, 

klly they were forbidden in Kerala; 
nmnon are now: G(0)3cX>fi. bracelet, 
»t-ring. fi>rnoo^gu)§o frontlet, oatsuo 
»in, 3>yyi^Qi or aiTau&Jo or dksno<0fi 
^1B^(an^ noee-ring, eoai necklace, p,n 
r-ring, <0)fi. ankle-ring. 

00 abliaiai^am 8. (S9cfi:3) Addrees- 
SoOmo i8T^SUS99£:l CC. told his 

abbaSam S. (V^dsocro splendour, 
appearance). M . Low, vulgar cruo 
sgos (Sr^oCTOo Arb. corruption 
) SS^. er^cB; ojro MR. mean building. 
)h (sr^socroneoft MR. A&incflmond 
;9cnxib c^jftS^inTQeio Bhr. (ST^ocro 
i mcn^j^ KR. — In phil. the indi- 

1 is «r^9croeilajo6. 

> ibUjiram 8. (oiois^) Enchant- 

«ry {=s ayQ€mZiZ^^o(^os\ Jl^OfQo 

CG.) looking for omens to accom- 

tiitor aet. (8i^fii^9fD3a)«ic)o cnomo 

O ^kxiCroo «>!^)gj90D9C(Q Mud. 

Mdfodb toroerer. 

(!6Y^S)8Q3rO}io Noble birth Bhr. fivmog^oTI 

^9Q£)filT>a8 (8T^fi^m3<^<08OQJ QJCHD AnAch. 

<!8YQK^k^6Llio l*q> Simple fli$. fiooj^d^ Kal. 
faced her. fiooj^^saBtmajQroos ei^. Oojoejo 
Bhr. (BT^^Qonoio^ ^S9aj a»ZBocr9<fi8c Mud. 
in presence. 

CSY^^fDCtb abbirail l. An abhlra, people near 
the 8indhn (=0phlr). 2. cowherd ef^(t>a 
smuQJo Q^g^do a§60Bl AR. 

? C5rQ)(S3o89rOo abbqjanam 8. (gn) Water 

drunk by Brahmans out of their hands Yi. 

(fffQQ^ ama T. M. C. (Tu. oo^^e) Turtle of 3 
kinds onogoa (either a>rDCB;90, ^9noa or e>aj 
@90, the latter in fresh water.) <d)O§90| «i 

seJ30. [«ca;o§o med.) 

(St^^aism,^ tortoise shell ((8i^(T)g_]§|jo et^z 
(aY^a^S«Q_jo«)aj (prov ) yery soft. 
(Sr^2ki^o^dBa to fly a kite. 
(8i^0gLjeiA KU. seat of Brahmans, made of 
^0101 wood, in shape of a turtle (^2^aSk>o), 
(gi^eg^jsoiD bag for betelnnt, etc. 

aS^Cbo amsoi 8. l.(G. 'omos) Raw, undressed, 
undigested. (9i^e9CACB/o stomach (opp. ojA-id 
03Cb;o). 2. sickness, chiefly slimy stools, ei^ 
esajfDo diarrhosa with fever. 8. M. stocks 
for hands A feet (0)§qs| 5)4»>35n}9aj93D (81^0 
niRhVob QD§ TR. (=sa(0)9fto). 

(!5^(2enoc6^ ama];^akkti T. M. (& ei^aj— 

Te. (Qi^ajDo, C. (Bioojc^ 8. (Bf^^srrwo) Gas- 
tor oil plant (sv^esmaalfii, — <flAlab9aiib a 

Kinds : jS^ooo — Rioinus communis (the best 

Aaj/61c0 m^' Rio. inermis 

6)iiv^9 — or 0LJ9W1 ler^. Rio. africanus Rh. 

ixjojom (81^' (whence lampoil). 

0fijCB;9— Ric. Tanaras. 

(d>s^9, — a»6ngQj9, — a>9§o Jatropha Curoas, 

5)a>o^ca9 — Tragia oamelia. 

cSfQ)ai\£^erno amantrai^am 8. (0^^) Call, 

inviting er^ QjiI^ OrmroVtA A^fDO^lTal. bid 
farewell (with an invitation). 

«»5)C!)OQo _ OSr^ooMib 


(0VQ)(^ — (SC(D^Q}0(Uh 

denV. to inTite, Bummon (BR>aj«cnos et^Q^ 
=^ «a)oocft'«oQjm:ijlfnl03iK) Bhr. adTii^ed 
him to exchange. 

C»5)a03o amancTam 8.((ac«o)Siowiy(8®)«Ta. 

CojDnrnlag cucm CG. bj A by she became a 

«*®acQ;o amayam S.((5r2>0o2.)8icknea8, hurt. 

<Sl5)aaj<6)o amalayam a. l. Phyllanthua em- 
blica, «CT)gy1. 2. N. pr. a temple <m>rt8o)m^ 
Sab, 63ca;o «ifOro)ejo0eja)0OQmrtao Mud. as 
easily held as a 6)m^<a» in the hand. 

<BrQ)aDS ama4a (also (St^saos) - Venetian or 
Moorish Zechin =01)^0^ Vi. ©^armajjA! 

(S^£\ ainiNoM.(=:di«so8Bh.) A light timber 
tree, used for making yokes, the coals serre 
for gunpoiwder (=£ajn Odina?) 

^r5)a|oaao amisam s. (et^zo) Flesh pt. 

(ST^0icfi3Doo) fiesheater. 
(Br5)CJlfYb Ar. amln, Native police officer MB. 
(S(Q(S\((ii Ar.amil,Colleotor (snoboe) tet^SU. TR. 

^r5)(gajD(C9o amula^am 8. (et^ m.) From 

top to bottom Vi. 

©'factoD/ao amod'am 8. (^a) 1. Joy. (Bi^aaoel 

^ CG. cheerfully. 2. fragranoy ^mDa;aj 
00 Qjcmo^zoQo «)iii(32^(g crfl (0)oma§»j3 CG. 
smelled them out? 

(S^ am l.= (8i^Ao(see(Qi^<ftOi)ItwiIlbe,also 
in 8. Interj. of agreeing. (Bt^ooQcnoeaajrbGnP. 
those who can. 2. interj. of grief Vi. 

(gY^^OCQ^ amnayam 8. (g^o) Tradition, holy 
scripture, po. 

(B^CYiJcsi ambal T. M. (©r^o T. wetness) A 
water-lily, which opens after sunset (S(^ qjI 
<D)fiw^03cl CG. (Br^oiwA aHspjOf, med. (sr^cni 
fijioobo (Bior^ GP. a^nb^(anieoc(2^s>^o^3ciurob 
CG. my mind seeks the moonlight of thy smiles. 

rD(&/a)9axi(ob Nymphea Lotos* 
Qaj§go — Nymph, alba. 
uaDooo — Nymph, stellata. 
Aui)Q^ooo — Menyanthes oristata. 

Agai — Damasonium Indioom. 
^Sfl^iQo anuam 8. Mango tree, edoj 
CS^jgo amlam 8. (fliqpg) Tamarind i 

I. <0tQca\) ayam 8. ((m^+gp) incoi 

(Bt^CBOjo (^cD;ajo receipts ft expei 
oajavcoBcb ocnoan tu. — (Si^im 
8^ On_i95)aj CG. reTennes. 

(Bi^iis>a>| T. Tn. C. M. Settlement 
register of assessment W. 

n. CSY^CQ^o M. 1. Either the prec. in 
eaj'jejocao, f.i. ©aflgjroo oQfiOQSicn 
oQcmo^sis£\g^ PT. how things will g 
(or from (Br^oO, (BT^^ V^(8T9>td.). 
cnorDocD^o, a>o&i33K> q.y. 2. light 
Qjra9(!g2<^ alleTiate, (sr^ Si^^^st ma 
Vl.2. (B. slackness, oomp. (BiO'^). 

(!Sr^cai<m3 ayabam 8. (otei) stretche 

crflsne. (Qi^co^mascB; Oioiosml AB. (st 

CD/9cb Bhr. (Si^cdmo) a^^fQ^o Gan. ol 

(Sr^:2;rcni 1. length =:(8r^32;90o. 2. fat 

az/railcdftisnb YCh. looking to futu 

(S(Q)^il5rG^o ayattam 8. (cszxob) Depen 
ctable=(8T^cjj)cno; (S(^ZL(ao)Si^^^ to 
(In So. (SY^croD^o^ = Arosauo^ Yi .). ] 
described as crojos^anatcnTl^^eXsor 
CD;.inacnS^tJu)a)c)o Mud. acting on t 
conviction or on that of a minister. 

(!8YQ)CQ;CYb ayail T. M.((Sid2.) Cowherd 
f. (Bi^QDw^ or (8!^^. — (Bt^iiit&isao^m 
CC. (Bi^^n03d98cr)3LDnb CQ.—et&suib 
chief of cowherds CC. 2. C^shna Bhi 

village of herdsmen. 2. of ' 
palace, (sr^itaiiosl 9(d>o;ai&ja)a^ 
EU. chief lady in his establishu 

C5vacQ;croo aya8am8.(<gios^t) Of iron 

csi^aK^Qjo Bhr. iron frame. 

^f^OOJOClTh ayaSam 8.(g(10) Happenec 
mo f.i. (81^31 0(mafidO9a\>^^ Hal. 

OBV^CQ/arrOb _ ^BiQCoTlen 


(»r©csy UAo — fls»® cjy g^ 

ef^WOCrOo ayasam S.((a<rv>) l. Exertion. (Si^ 
CIL3.TUO dnnoo ^soBOotVo^g^nb CO. CO.OTer- 
work. 2. fatigue, troable. coecnooiocrocys 
eo airam) CC. refreshed themielTee. tsi^ 

fisaiS <bk[09fiJ ojdoin^ 6>ajai9:»i Oojoa^o 
OM>tf»3^3aai CO. don't driye her into despair ft 
nadnase. 8. (compare (8i^3Vo II, 2.) nimble- 
Best, as>S|XTU''ara.9'ok ai^^octoo ajra).-oi9i^ by 
fencing obtained fall power of limbs; — oppor- 
tonitj, a_j3fi]i^. 

Cg>ai7|no| T JC. ayini (T. tst^ ojlcr^ core of 
tree)= fli^sai^ej) Artocarpu« pubesoens or 
hirsnta, a strong timber, ^dso^aiooj. 
nggTi^a^nor^ Weberacorymbosa(its fruit d>.o 

«t^arior)^^3S 1. a mode of dunning, (prb. 
by sitting on a plank of Artoearpus wood, 
or from 9f^PQ^of) si^dOvi)) QjIftcnjA) to 
pay the expense of it. 2. meal giren to 
bridegroom by bride's mother on marriage 
day (=Qj99^x) No.) 

0>dcaiVO6 ijiram T.M. (C.aisoxllrDo 8. ctoqo 

Qpe) 1000. fll^a^rDo OMOBA^a^ll coemaM\ 

6. flf^cvVDO-'giBi^ atfiJoecoBcX) AR. for ooro- 

aatioo. aj3Q§ft Q-jgB^at3eicB;9aso csv^ainroajo 

^9rf Avsjo TR. letter to the chief men about P. 

sr^cBifDaajm) a dangerous ulcer. 

ar^atifDibgi^ thousand eyed. 

er^aOiDdSaanA 0smixuo hall of 1000 pillars, 
as at Kninbhakonam. 

'ar^iOroanaaxBo ei^aMDJ^dSOJonbCO. thous- 
and tong^ed. 

ei^^e^^^cmo candlestick with 1000 lights Yi. 

cr^Ai.ocnj.'Oiai) pror. thousand witted. 

•^^s^^anb Lord orer 1000 Nayer, iBiOgfiStmoi 
<ir^. KIT. also (Si^dn9^9<T)6ioi2<)^>^^ 1^00. 

0nysi?iej)ffDo aTiliyam (Tdbh. (sv^^^o) 

The 9th asterism, forefeet of Leo, auspicious 
to>r 5aga worship. 

d5VQ)CQ^UJo ayndham s. (cs^^) i. Weapon, 
arms (6iicu^(c^9ei£k3 jxioaj;a.j9arua(o>o0/o^fij n 
a2;(^'jsdMi)^rDl<d)3al<d)cX) A& 6.) (Sr^cs^jCJOo 
oQ^dto-si^caaQj^TB. the adult males. ^9a2fim 
6>rD ^9niO(A«Br^. ajSPAOBfimoKU. present arms. 
«[^cc2^.inoi9«m KumK. by my bowl 2. tool 
fBT^ <^^<6ea)b installation by a sword conferred 
on each suocessiTe head of a family (also fa. 
(ey^<3^CJO<0aajr9n Kayer's war-knife fi>5)d)(0n 

<8Y^. 6)A0«n$ ^0)009 TR. (a^O3§rDd9*(m0l) 

mod. so^gfiidA.'nnA)*) 
(8Y^C({^(jOd)e9onb sword-bearer, soldier. 
(BT^i^'CUSdanogj armour, preparation for fight 

(BY^'S^OAS Qojo^ TP. 
(ei^(S^cU(i-i96rnl 1. fighting man. 2. title of 

the 36000 armed Brahmans, who performed 

Cshatria duty in Kerala KU. 
(m^Q^cuo^n (=s(T)jLirD9<[^0 feast in honour of 

the tools, which procure one's lirelihood 

(8th Kanni) TR. 

(Bi^^ux/doej arsenal. 

0(^C({^(jOOfii9croo fencing exercise, taught by 
Panikkar (see <0)Qg-i). Of 18 kinds (.oqjqjI^ 
(uo^<as TP.) Tiz. 1. ssyo^a>o2. a^s^o 3. ^ 

7. Qj^ns/o 8. Qjlc/9 J903aO<no 9. (rniogj^STTU) 

aio ((Sio3anj3cn|o) 10. coeaz^oSdusconD-iroo 
11. U3<(^snncD;o 12. QcroQSQo 13. ajsaio 14. 
ojrooncsz^o 15. id)9cfi;c^?>ui 16. oTiaisfiusmuo 
17. coe9099((TOo 18. (8idad(Tn9»0o. Popular 
names are (ST^crxj^aio^aj^o ji)(T0)o5)aj^o 
aia»)fD^d)o6)aj^n ^(Ta>rgbe)xi^o etc. TP. 

aioa) 1. Life, long life cn^aeAfi. (Si^^^f|)j3§ 
^s>s QouasnDo. TR. I shall let you escape 
with your liyes. (Si^Qt^g^t^oasn^ajroogj) erDl 
:^, (Si^c^g^oaxX) 83\ijigjl§(j Bhr. m^ re 
««md>AC[^nm ssnaoib KR. cbtS)- od^cMi or^^ 
dOna^ TR. to execute one. (BT^tsj^g^cm oojaio 
fioneso, cn^of^airdilmornonoa mad. 2. lifetime. 

asussaittuj — flst^rosro 


CB<©(IXM— «8T?|ffiDUJ 

oq^ OJCuliSa to lire loDg, 
pm. sij^ susmulite to tarminate one's life. 
Ti. <rilnb (DtiAUKqidu fi»a^^tn«ai Bbi. h*lf 
Ihj deitiDed lifetime oig- ao-aiasjiiaioj^ AomO 

1. AiQ'a.nnsflD Mai 4. 

(Bi^j^smeio stroDg ci 

STgqidiaiKTia leagthealng the lite<f.i. medi- 
{Si3^Aajlo^»jBAgei3deBth(o^. 101^03.010 AR.) 
STgoj^disi: medic b1 science. 
eigayOgj^SD rest of lifetime ora^ym oiogjo 

(8)3. ^.a^iftovuii PT. 
(ngci)j3i^90ocelebrBtion of life, * sftcriflce KK. 
«9qi(^3r*(f.i^TO^) long lired— «i9(IJi(^)(T)3 
«> Bhr. B bleaslng. 

eSUiQwyujCTja ifodhanatn 8. (ajjuj) Battle. 
Srg'mi'nv a^aiSgJls Bbr. prepared to flgbt. 

'S'QUSi, e^OtiJ iyiftt T, M. C, 1, To select, oull 
(hence ffl^s^) gather, array ojloit^ (S^«ng 
GKUifttbesp up, Aisl^Q, ogniiai^ ooilnp. aq 
A< ffi^H^QAoiifiD put grass halms of equal 
length for a rite. !. — isrsaajA:, to bend as 
for an exertion Ti. a.inl°e4a m^siq A.R s. 
svnng. ami) fligoif nJl^^ (/iBftOiivs^^ 
Bhr. pulled op. oja^ojo esakojib rmzSiiA am 
A<o flig^snoootn^ RC. n^s.^ralni airnosnQ 
^£i»nb PT. litllug up tbe arm. AoJIaim^ 
"®^ ■"'g^RC. fied eagerly. 

wW esoal iBio^Mo TeT. 
tSlJUna uam 1. S. (En ae.) Brass, also isr^ 
(DQSo — (Si^m B. anawl. — Aigrenb 9. Hars, 
Q. krit. t. Tdbh. nO»ieo string of pearls ; e) 

rxsii a uinaATniitmnci CO. ^uaca.j'saes.silieo 

(gTQiraSo i»4uu MoIC. = nn.->aj3f (prh. siQ'ol 

So from nrana; or^aiats-vs".) 
fiVOKOge inttun S, 

famous for horius. 
flSf^I'M'^nu Ma^an(T. wgrosmoVudam, prob. 

from B. (sraAsm.lti stranger) Brahman, perhaps 

the name, by nbiah they called thenuelrea 
when entering the pcnininla. et^'MmAAsmu 

(csr*, a^monsuJWnjo ojonJl^hl E.M. »lw 

hon. plnr. ffli^fosmajato ■woanDoOo ("ft? CC- 
OSl^lttOi] aninn A Venetian, = 5 Rupees Vl. 
?CST^mJeBnmbEUii iio.= e3aT). (nsibin.) 

igr^-merafl odiBsA, an-iinq^ fondly. 

flig«mjie»al or fligfonuo oijiliaa children to 
ooaz parents. 

(song) = <a<3,in!t»A. «t3«cii]«*^ ets. 
(S>9lOai3o arombluuil B. («s) UnderiaUnc, 
beginning. ■ 

denV. ni^<'s)iO>=3S(BfA>,with Aoe.ojs«o , 

jij'u.-.Osfso*^ WR. wUliD«t.(Q^«Bl*a . 

istQ. KB. took up the work; 
part. (BisrasQjo begun, Qjle.t^nrMga&siit OQ 

rtwajasajeB wajQ-ig,a«& Mai, 
,ai3pn>|j.i lo betaksn In hand «iOi«3,aM»«3a 

oiiSnTK^ino CG. 
iBTOi'noesrT) alacrity Tl. 
(Bigaasl diligentj ole«er vorknuuiTi. 
(!5»5)rofBbaralT.M.(T. abo Are) Lined (BolL " 
srgaieonb) Clitorla ternatea. S. (T. «y4 
Marsllea qnadrlfolla^oiVearonl; aj&V»»«* 
Oxalii (in OP. ci^fDaon*, ajaltfiison*). 
(S>Qi<taJo anTam (B<Q(03(lJo 8. (<t8) Cry, - 
noise ajftusoiiio etc. 
iS)^r»3j3rDa T. U. Tu, clamoroos naltitidt, .. 

(C- imgwauawo retinue, tr«a, prh. fNa - 

(SiBTOA) foBstly pomp imaraaj9iBB8j.o a&f 5 

icicniSRS^D Kal. oJI.'sib o.-viMblffiS SQ- . 
I alnflijij RC. warcry. 

I OSi^IDQJSlb Bee (STQiTBid). 

ras^ = fcoiitraclion of (m)iBO| WioUow) ^lo* 
isr^. To soothe or lull a child to sleep. seeflQ 

I ^» & ST^ftl III. 

I cB^lKnijujros u&dhui&m b. (resw) 1. stf*> 

I ing, performing. 2. (= ^ignKUm) wonUp, ' 
I asp. with Soweri aiejSdii'Si^ A^aKOltg^KlL ' 

»iomQ» — (0i9({3<v^ 


osiqkmd^jo — dS^rb 

iOaS^ 4 ffr^roxjuian to worship. 
en m^ Carty. (ooaob ojig^ 
^AOCJU^^ AB. (before using it). 
tTftff*^"* 8. (0)0) PleMore garden 

dflTfQ^ inyY>k T. M. C. Te. [Tu. 
^ther.] (prob. fli^^ with Inf. (Sr^) 
sauoh, examine fitd^^r^ ^I''* ^^* 
nocn oi^sA^B^OT^o C^* <^i^o (sr^ 
TTi^ttSomo Yet C. to get a turtle. (Sr^ 
Hi Bhr. •QJd^DGcb anA(Tng-)9re3a>3«Ri9 

d^dfio^moao to examine, — 
,9CT)3§o a certain dirination Yi. 
inl 8. (Yed. distent) Near (Si^. 

TTd ani'ya (T. Te. to abound, hare 
h. from V^(B»rt8) C. Te. T. Tu. chiefly 

(81^ Richly, satisfactorily. 6)5)^^3 

▼ultnres in battle — a belly-full for 

flTspring. <Bidn>aj3^ej full breast, 

T^rDOJOib^Qiai/Xb Bhr. (Si^'Daiotb^ai 


(. past, acyajdcfn o^Qjins RC. (= o^ 

«t.)or?fe»aTD «@c>a CG. tall man. ^am 

^jh the good. Q0a89cr>a>3(TO>aLinb RC. 

gh as Xem. O09So (Si^cm^o nnoio 

oy-pfing fruit. Qiijsrnocm crocruq]^ 

lowing wealth, (St^m (sic.) o^oornoab 


fc. fat. a»«ftifiJ3RBo 5)^)999), flVOSPa^OOBo 

aj9aU»>o RC. 

iOQLi93K> o^.TV CC. they died (=^3 

in Comp. (sfli^nBo) (m3O3A033 Bhr. 
jotoa-bom lady Lacshmi Qjs^aj3(b. cu^ 
£. well shaped bow. 

}0ini9yani S.s(8i9aB6n>o), Of giow- 

jer ^aio in^ «^«^ ^asRi^ CO. 

fo iri4I^ani 8. (part, osao) l- Ascend- 

ed. «00B^9f3aipnb mounted. fiij^oajBriddA, 
c8id®cuD<ro0ocuid>€)d KeiN. perfect philoso- 
phers. 6i^t[9ajP90939nkNal.(=:n»mo). 2. Hal. 
a mined house or family =Q9o(U £tti mo 

CSV^^^OD^io aiOgyam 8. ((B»3<dxoo) Health, 
streugth', also of trees A y^coB^Adbo (sr^. 9oj3 

(!5V^Q((D3q-)o arobam 8. (rcB^o cans.) Laying 

on, imputetion, charge, also (BT^9rD3Qj«mo, 

denY. (8i^O(09ajl<8»=:.a4(S(^^ to inflict; cro 

ajsmo (ST^ YCh. to attribute virtues. Seo 

cfi3o flt^ to charge with fanlts. 

05YQ(S(D0(2)rob aromal ( (ST^(b = {noos) l . Darling 
(Bi^rDoerak s>«)aLjaK(9b OG. S. pleasantly, happi- 
ly (81^ a\^6u^^a89afinr)o PT. in^ qjobooj 
s)xJ^ etc. (po.) 

(St^CSrOOoOo aroham 8. (rosoo) Rising, ascent. 
oJioaKDo (Bl^. 6) AKS^srit) KR. went up into (see 

fm^tcb^aosmo ascendlug (f.i. crc-iy:jO — the 

death of kings KU.); rise in singing MC. 

denY. (Bi^3f03od)(dA to ascend oloo (BI^. BR. 

I. C8V9(b ar T.M. (=02/3^) Who? pi. & indef. 
sing, so oO^V^m 181^(0® (db SY^S^d.^) TR. 
whose =s 0^(0105 — AiDairDi^ab (a^d(QM>s (sro 
slan cn^<m Qoisnos ^^- (repeated with 
distribntiTe signifloation). tm^codo g2§y there 
is none, I hare no friend. (Bi^oao asoao (=(810 
oKOBo) g2^3«<>BKiinb Yi. left alone in tiie world. 
(Si^-ooob (fr. (Si^nb, (O^ifiab see (Si^Amo) (sr^ 
(08090 whosoerer, any one, the next best, 
(81^(003000 Qoisnid none wants it; also de- 
clined (Qi^fDOAdbo, (ST^^dScns^ KR. (Si^oonb 
(Sr^oob (mOoT) proT. the who is it remains 
a who is it. 
Old forms ei^3(Dado (fr. a^^ooo) ft im^J/oeio 
((^ej)ejo) (BT^Q^eio ojone atsnioihlaaio CG. 
— (^qOo (91^096)5 ojoob CC. whose can it 
U. CSV^ 1. (T. sharpness) Chip, splinter, as of 
bamboos ^ai;96. Qj^roaniTn dq^^Kbojd^ 

iPOrb — ^SR^iohfh 


dfOf« «pliBien hti iwt en ftnger A baU mr^ i 
A(1»?, 4BiyD^nbA(ioio spear of Artea. wood; 
•kaft of wpmr (= «oejA) «i^^t9&»ft pouted 
•teko. S. (T. tploiidoiir ) Of^^^oeia staj9 -m CO. 
•Uaiaf gold. (Comp. flr^-sd). 
ni.49^ssflD'a (beC Yowcb) «^fQ»3iU Bhr. , 
Tbe prodoot life, «r^sp^ di^rsex) Bhge. ' 
lore-iiekiieM; prh. si^l^r.3 (d^> Ti. coo- 

Mod. cr^^^ cocoob Bira crowned with 

4Br9<^BlskB», (0|[g irkiiya t.M.ct.aIm to fight 

ooMp. II m^) 1. To crj ftkmdy roar, thoat. 
ia^(^|aj04»» to Tocifeimte, Qfn»(TS)ej0i^t^(m 
•olemBitiefl). 0i^rT^xja>^/^(D3ib AB. thoat of 
triimph. 2. prh. to blaze op, rise ar^^yobi 
^Q^fOm ciecnSI (po.) or roaring fireP 

^a»; alio m^^<^<S9i to halloo. 
CT. A^j^jW 1. make toghont. 2. oojas^ 
m^^^ Bhr. stirred up, raised dust. 

^St^i^ieSGO^ arfl^a (w^ib T. Banhinla tree, 
0I^'5b94B>9^ ita branch, symbol of the 8ji13&p 
Bi9a)N. pr. The YaUarar d jnastj, which had 
to oelabrmte the Mahamakbam feant at Tiru- 
iiaTai, until dispossessed by the Tamnri. (BT^ 
9aB9§cn}J|Sa-jo KU. <Bl^3caB3§aJS>0(fi« MR. 
by the A. measure. 

^8VQ)0)bS(OOo arjanam 8. (Qm) Acquiring. 
denV. m^ ^smoocX) <ST^6^3ieAsrr>o PT. 

^8yO0^ajo aijavam S. (ge^) Straightness, 
sinoerity, Justice. 

08^fOYO)o irtam ((Sig) + 3) part. Afflicted ono 

cuc)o mf^(mrBiV3£\ CG. suffered (in childbirth). 

(8r^(oi9»cn3^ Mud. despairing. 

m^oioimoao shriek, groan, alarm, lament. 

4B^0iDiaj(&o(ii«rr>oo3CB; oDdroocB/cmnb N. the help 
of the distressed. 

(Bl^'ORin S. 1. affliction Qj^ocxi'ocosrofo)) Nal. (Sf^ 
iXB»)^ftQ%nm (q^Wdo KR, a saving water. -> 
Tu. (K^fonOaf^^ he is not poor. 2. chiefly 

tkiral o^ o^s^aa past after water, Mo. 
S. (oovp. €1^^*) eryiiif oat. 

CSV^/ofmrUo irteTam 8. (92) ^^ menses. 

dQ^ aif ram 8. 1. Wet, moist sunei^idb m^ 

eoBiaxiO CO. by batkiBir- 6^ 0(^6^^ 
(by moonlight) refreshed. «^ec«n D Wa t 
6ia)94r^ oifirUBeXal. 2. soft, mellow, fSMliif 

are strangers pitied. *(QMni9G«j^3 AS. 
from eompassion- 

o^m compassion = m^BSocuo, c^msos §1 
&k> A0r«M& fli^ai caSktaacmo Hal. di ^ 
g^mso <Br^ fisreao Bhr. creii a atone woili ^ 

(SV^qyo aiyam 8.(ffe3jyed.faitbfal,or/fl0A I 
ploughimn) 1. Belonging to the Arjas, tbs ;. 

conquerors of India, (opp. sov.. fc^e^ib). «M "^ 

reaosAS ^no s>od>«)aR39^ Mad. the movatata :- 

prince embraced Hinduism (Si^juficnv^ aJBI ^a 

^ino £Qsr«3 ojoQi^nno Mud. a Brahman; M ^ 

also Yeishya, (Si^^g^=6)iii§i loo. 2.8aiiasiil lu. 

(Si^^jjOdOs pure Sanscrit, tsi^ogf o^y<||2 tibi ^ 

modern Mai. alphabet, as used for 8. wriilig .. 

Afta av<m<0s TR. 8. suiting an Arya, doUs, ^ 
respectable rDoq|d9sK>) croooixnuoAaimf ■§ _ 
Qn6o ojoooo a^ooo (Si^cB^09o KK. win ki .^ 
highly ennobled. OojoooIcb; m^S\ca (aiaEiTP« , 
a noble parrot. tsT^ogjeton Mud. magnsnlmsM 

hence : (Si^cgy Parrati 01^02^ acb; OauQj^dtt^A^* v 
(fflQgi<fl«a)0D3§ KU.? .^ 

0)5(89 (Si^sjcT))^ KU. the Tu^u ooontry. > 
(Si^ceiaj§(b & (Qi^gBoajsft a kind of fiwiifi 1^ 
Brahmans. ^ 

m&ijQjlb\<eAd^ palace entrance -> K. pr. fla '^ 
residence at Gannan&rs«ieodBa<ilb KU, * 

(ei^^0O'i() the Ckiyal ox, mistaken fiora teb^j 

(Si^oojocb 1. a foreign modioiiie. 9. a Mfii^ 
attribute, (Bi^'^o Q-j§evjsax%o KU. \ 

(H^^oia Cleome Tiscosa, a mod. « 

fll^cd^ — 48I9Q 



MotkagathcriBgplaeeof the Aryas; 
Btry between Himileyft ft Yindhye 
9:ijaM9o ojergiisesmuaei Si Pas. 
hence the Kere(ft Brahmans were 
oed KU. 

JO Saneerit laognmfe? «>oajavo^(o 
g^mUdk m^ cn^dto oqui^^ «>«>o2 


lam 8. (Q:fi^) What originates with 
rhst ie rerealed, plain (opp. 0903 

ted, artifloUl). 

irhatar s. (ffe<^.Droi)Jaina8(po.) 
T. M. C. Te. (Tu. mQtS\) VK. of «io 

f whieh the road is cleared before 
ut. Hence (sr^lo = ia£^ 2cd f. i. s) jiS 
S)^qg^390 after baring done. 
' e<2J^Q thus. fliDg-)iSRpnnD mgy tsr^tb 
•J fli^o^^ -^§9 ▼ell baked. — 
I adj. part, ttcms-normajoo Bhr. the 
peart. eis);£^aj9«)oaB5>(T) Mud. how 
etP 9ASQj3OOi08n§y TP. did as if he 
leard. ^r^AMBedodSt <md9naj9Q Sab. 
to each one^s sins. ODosmaig^O'majo 
CO. how did yon become so impu- 
Ihiefly with fdtnre part. zm\^0OK£\ 
it to die. 0oC/3ej0303o)rQ9nr)o lived 
Mijg]^om»09AO)p«Kmegl KU. retired 
eee. atoasizinaoQeoAO Bhr. to quench 
riore. — The form oj^soo^dn "was 
come** — is often contracted in ojrDo 
see arises the semblance of an Inf. 
j8id«mo.aknDi£h)S(de90 MR. there we 
up; (occasionally also the form of an 
A9004hemo TR. may you be pleased 
. For particulars see grammar. — 
it. a^atdJXi A«>d9iB9o etc. explain- 
^krMea like (BOCBf asmouS^^ojooo 
W •Ao^cfll TB. 
T. If . (Te. o«Q) OfdQor^Qffio, (Qv^oobb 


KB. oroeted rlrers — (Si^So through the rirer 

(more in So M. ; No. oj&P.) 

4. (=«OQ)BixT.M.C.Te.(Ta.flr^nl) (81^090 

sixth cn^odob, — aojob. (sr^oodl^rDo 6000. 
ei^odo 9>Xfi» A each 6. (Bi^o cnoeio Shastras 
ft 4 Yedas, or 6 cocD^o A i fiojocB^o. 
Cpds. 01^0994) (3)T. n. to bathe OT. (BTd*s)d9e 
f.i. an idol. 

▼N. 01^09^ bath, esp. of idols with pro- 
cession, (Sl^rn30gy9SMA l8Y^r?99S9 proT. 

<^(S\^909^ cattle-fair. so9aii^nbo 

9^MD Qj)&paB(2TP. no blood to be shed 
on any account. 

(er^09§Aao idol's bathing-tank. 

eid09§1A0= oajs^Q<8a9§. 

"V^N. 0|[dO9§o bathing — met. <S\^o 6>d>9 

sni0O9go proT.=a_j)i^o. 
(gi^09o GLi9iol (4) the side near the ribs. 

fBt^09^ (4) ceremony for finding out a hidden 
thing (Big). 6)01(00 Yi. 2,= cnc^o oojtSo. 

(8V^A9aA (4) 1. insect =rQj5ng. 8. like other 
names of the bee, the shrub a)QgjrrT?. 

(Bi^oo8ai>(0=(8i^oolnbajoo (3) bank of rirer. 

(Sr^oolflBirbb (8) residence of Trarancore 

(8T^OQa>9(gk (8) river's channel. 

(er^oQ (uHrQasS (8) regulation of streams. 

(ST^Qe^ (8) sacrificial grass =:Aob. 

(8T^OQQ(r)90Q 9aj9d) (8) to bo under a tow to 

bathe ft fast. (m^')()9m90cni8n35)m o^nriD 

oj9(iQ2 ^^^* ^®°^ ^7 '^^7 governed by one 
single thought, unmindful of hunger, etc. 

(Oi^OQajoo (8) towards the river (tn)re3aj<oe9 
S90QaJOo 6)jxlono TP. 

(Bi^oQ Qjsfloj^ ji]9fDo (8) Tr P. Superintendence 
of timber, floated from the jungles. 

(8r^oQGU9CB; (l) = (8Ta<iaj9aO. 

(Sr^OQAQjgji MR. land formed by river's sedi- 
ment ; superior ground for fruit-trees (opp. 

08VOQ<d>, 6\ ttaifa T.M. C.Te. (Tu. flidMz) 
V^fnDQ«>T.n. l.Togooff,betxtiogiibhed. 


osvQcx^dSi — csv^aj 


(jBVQ^afe — (Sv^ejo^ 

Nid. (Tftdojo (QT^mo, (also (noojmicTr) m^'^o 
ppjan^ CG.) atasor)!^ (BT^90o Bhr. 2. esp. 
grow oool 9^05)Ogjoo (81^0^:2^0009 CG. dinner 

waitB. aiOa/ORh) (or <0>O09(BI9|)) (81^Q09Q Bhr. 

to appease or satisfy the last. 8. to dry up 
((Si^olcdtKab ^roeDfob ®^(d> a med ) as land, 
washed hair, wounds a,)|m90^a>rol^. 4. to 
heal, be allayed, calmed ^tfiuo (0r^=(/a0l(ds). 
or^oovrai incurable. 

CY. (Si^oidSM, (Si^ol^a* (esp. of clothes ii^sne 

(!St5)OQ(e>, Ool T. a. 1. To cool, allay, 
calm. (St^oas^co^yoi ^tfiuo RC. inconsolable. 
2. to dry ^meJCDOib (Si^ool; birds to trim 
their plumage, c^sng tmsaH (St^'oq^ to sraooth- 
en king*s cloth with hands instead of iron. 
8. T. n. (?=at^aaA or T. (sr^nboob (ar^eja*) 
to grow richly, thrive <0)QJmO(b (Sr^ool Qa_j9^. 
VN. (8r9)00(ab see foil. 
CV. (8r^Oc51d9«. 

dSV^OOaft^a 1. A small bird, decoy-bird, sparrow 
Yl. 2. darling (eiSpOA$)g-jroKab, (Si^Soo my 
dear! AaabldOn d<b (ST^ooA<d5)Qg_}o (=co@o) 
ei^GBn, d(b (8T^O(0niso3cu figg TP. (see foil.) 

(S^OOak YK. ((Sr^OQai 8) 1. Growing; 
healthy, magnificent growth (gi^oosaias aaa 
(SdKb £9«oaO Bhr. a big girl, seg)^ (BiS)'>o 
fiiooDCSd^esajb Aig. filling the soul. 2. activity, 
carefully looking after. 8. = fiT^oo f.i. (sr^ 
ooaib^so:ij^5>cn CG. 

C8rQ)OOo 1. Much c9a>aao^ ei^^oo o-ioanm 
aftQg>j TP. don*t fly too high. 2. (= ojo^^^j 
fr. Qjo^ to thrive) something, somewhat 
anocTiacLio Qaj@fii't''^^^9 (Bt^')Oo cuiyseo lest 
he fall in fire or water (or any other danger) 
oryloDdaftOOoolQjjsnBoTF. cnl (BI^oo «qjd5>3j^o 
TP. did you perhaps goP 

dSVQ)^ ala T. M. C. Tu. (Tdbh. of tfi^fiJOto or 
odOfij) Shed as for sugar-mill, workshop, cow- 
house. (Si^ej<8arbbaSlmo oj9(8b<flisi^9'ob pror. 
•Qif sakMKnpo TP. the cows of 7 stables, ocuaa 

<flAc)o 0(dS)ej<flfiei90OQ6iAi(nD CG. in 
ing. — oil-mill 9ao(A ftO^ (BI^&k 
Addaioadfl^ proT. — workshop of li 

TR. (8i^S)ej(dnQroQa> Yi. go to sho| 
cn^QB;3^ pit or shed to catch tigei 

(iSV^^JoaUmS. 1. Broad. 2. poison a 
rorosxT) Mconmcuo Bhg. poison s 
Siva. Qjo^o tfi^fijojo <Bi09B^fiaja(O 
RC. 8. M. (T. Dalbergia) a tree=:<S 
to make mortars. {Bi^aiag^aMgb cs^ 
daioanrv, (Si^&j.'Oian&JCErirob ffi§ a med 
4. Ar. *alam. world, (Si^aio qjosQ ^ 
(gr^fiMSBo^ (8). 

c5YQ)aio6riJooo alamBaiiam s. (v 

Depending on, support cn^<flfi A(b 
(Do jQgj ARe. (lamentation of wide 
(Si^^ajodruo the same (=e(&i^^o) 

o^3s^c(^5>s aio<(^o (si^ejosaje 
Bhr 16. to stand on. 
denY. (eidak>6an(flA. 1. rest on atm) 
soH^^cni^rnDKRs.toholdto. 2. 
a form (@ajo (81^.), religion (( 
fiACJLQgjo (BK^aiosn^ AR, = 5>Aa>s 
CSr^ajoSo alambham S.(fiie) Seising 

violent death. 

d5tQaJCQ^ alayam s. (eSi) DweiUog 

seajoajouo, i^oH^ooko/o etc. ^a 
merciful, etc. 

c5r^aiQj§o alavattam t. m. c. To. 

Quonaio from T. csf^^A to move = <a 
fan in shape of umbrella, made of 
feathers aj§o aoR^^nm (Si^'ajo <oii 
j>^oc^o i)ju>(irn^^o (Bi^'69e^o (Roya 
& good omen). 2. a panka. 

C5VQ)ajQjoa^ alayalam B.(m(Bkin) 

bed round trees (<»so). 

Disquietude, tsouble, cares. 01^ i 
how happy he is. «id'«>cX> fl^g (09K 

iBtiejr^ — (0v^Gaiaj 


(ISVO(SfilDdBM — C6VQKlJ6nrSl 

Ml TR. diflturbsiioei, rebelliout ftt- 
. aiS|gi4(aj^)4Xi6o aj9&apo ojmo cnob e 
m^'cB^asi ovainqQ TB. general con- 

^ ilt8JB]Il8.(«iofiioro)l.WearineM, 
t. (QoDoSoijocX) o^oru^o a med. a 
m) ateoooi d9is^<fittos).isi9»9(ooaicrojO TP. 
cnoeked np. o^cjcnd ^& coaip)^ 5)rd 

TR. his HigkneM died. 2. idleness, 

gyuodb slothful Ti. 

^dB^ nSYoH alattiryaTobawl, balloo 

-So alibam S. (ej.xj) Talk. (BioiOjoaio 

aj««3 VCh. let her not talk with 


si^fiiXLjIdaa 1. (er^mct3«>5>/eroaj) etc. roo 

jSt^. to ham a tnne (Brahmans). 2. to 

*• [w^eiDTJia Vi. No. 

;^ alas Ar^ lahas, A large cable, also 

ili T. M. C. («(^ ni) l.=:(9f^ang-)^Po 
firnit, hail. fli^ej)g^.DROcTn (mo.^«m 
Ljoeiaoi KB. like the thanks of lizards 
, also 0i^s>5 Vi. 2. oyster NoM. — 
aU N. pr. (Mpl.) 

S^ ilikka aM. (T.^i^uejiafitohusza) 
1 ahoat, as in war or feast Yi. 

/VOo alingaiiam8.(e!noco) Embrace. 
Ak^to embrace. 

IdBbOo Ar. *alim. Learned men (Mpl.) 
JLflo all41iam 8. (aHoO) AttUnle of 

»,nnrd ala'ya i.(T. M.C. tomoTe=(8io 

•Ad = «^.oorsb) T.n. (cn) (Si^eino The 
Bads Yi. = g yya ^. 2. to be spent, go 

So. oQUgD^ QjlOA fll^nno QOlJOCeTI, ACT) 

113331 oj^^asoDConomical lamp. 3. (sr^ 

iiocmxt CO.sffii^cnD (see (Si^-atih). 

to heap np (past et^ Yi.) ^§1 (m^ 

Q O^ to make a straw stack (Coch.) 

^JTOo iUbanAm 8. (Oiloj) Paint, 
e a^*cYMel«<3D OA9snieja»fo^d^ UB. 

CSQKSai^ddM iloyam 8. Yiew, interview. 
(81^)3010 ihcno looking at. 
CBi^Sfiio ^ AB. haTin g seen, aid xKDOfsb m&9ei9 
<^nb CG. to be looked upon by him. 

dSV^ iBJOnJCn InTostigation, reflection (T. con- 
deoY. (8i^S&J9 ojlaa tooonsider. ct'9 AAOJOTOO 

Adti 9cnosS\ (8(^0^0 jS\j^((i\Tii MB. on 
considering these oircnmstances. 

C8V^aJ3a)o alolam S. (seisoi) Shaky (919*09 
anQoLj9fi>=s0roig-j9OOd9> Ko. 

I. dSr^OSb il T.M.(Ta.QJ9)=sYN.(Bt93^ ''Being 
there*', by, through, ^ojaiw^ A-no Bhr. one 

of. or>9S9ejo Q_j»{ni, (^nnejae^o (i.i9Tn) TP. half 
of (see gram.) 

II. dSt^ub T. C. M. ((8T^<d)) Ficus Indica 8qj 
rD9.'ob, ciiSoS. The different kinds: onosisT'cB^fKDk 
Fie. glomerosa, mbCO^wA Fie. relig. e(OR{)ca;oaA 
Fie. Benjamina. A9g9(9b Fie. oitrifol. d)>g)9rQb 
Fio.maisorensis (or Hibiscns popalneoides) jS\ 
o >9 9(), ^ucmar^ Fie. infectoria((maj^S9aib 
black poplar tree Yi.) 

'ST^ejip) its falling roots (Palg.) 

(8T9QJS:,9CB; , (ST^&iCQJSPo its fruit. 

(ST^ej)n6aj9aib its milk. 

(8Y^(9b.Tsr9»o si^B^ to wall in a large banian 
tree (St^*(9eiO]b (st^sao^GSimCOt, on^Ao^ej 

Qlf(d^ (S(Qf» AB 6 • 

ni. (SirQ)asb (waving =(eio&J) a M. 1. Water A<rn1 
moo (Si^ej^o (moaJ)a-j<oTl KU. explanation of 
Tamuri's title «KmeJlcO0i9cr>9'mlr^. 2. (=00 
^rob or (BTdsPoib) troable. (BT^ejirob Qjl$no, m^ 
fimddn (St&^o (8iosre4o gDgy$)gy9 No. 

0S(QcuerOo avoQam T. (Tdbh. (sr^ajfimo) 

Market, street. (P) 

(QT^XismdSogy (Yi. — 6rr^ — ) a trough near 
a well ((0)9alQLjl&piaj9nb). 

(8)[9ijsmg_}ej^ KU- Brahman's stool, ^dao 
orvcno (see (8190). 

(St^CUGO^dBd see (BY^^smat in CG. a^oSisney 
^anoD ctT) 0i9aQJ9fi.o Qa\)aj^d9s) castor oil. 

csr^OJenol aya^i C.T.Te. (a^ocLMmo)5th 
month, .fliUoBo. 

CSTQ^Oril — (!8VQCLJ^|o 


C5tQ)aJorol — C5tQ)aJ3QO 

(Bi^aism^oigo KU. yearly change of the 
Brahminical string). 

(BY^QjrO?! ava5i SoM. (=<Qir^an) Breath, ya- 

pour. (sr^ fla%a) = od_iorol(a» Vi. 
CSYQQJ^ *ee (8r^d9ia> II. (possibility). 

(S(^ojcno\p] avanaH t.m. (T.aiso cj^iioM. 

(BT^oiooospid)) Quiver 8k.=@«TT^. 

(^Y%Qja>6nOo ayaraoam 8. (cu<b) l. Screening 
(=a»l(8rD9CJU9cr)o Yi). 2. obstructing (BT^u 
(D6mo Qjlddafioojo 02*9 ^sn^ oo^^<d^o HNK. 
(D)O0cro^smo o. ostB^cB/ocglrD^ooi^^o KeiN. 
(namely (8i^u/06mo & Qj)o<dfiaaLjo negative 
ft positive activity). 

(jSV9Qjrom>a7artamS. (c^coizn) l. Whirlpool. 

(Si^snoo Q<disrTOo YCh. falling in love. — hair- 
curled (BT^oiRSvoiJiJ^ascb coO &snelQj5>ood9s> 
Nal 4. (horses) — the navel is compared to (Si^. 
CG. 2. gathering of men ((ST^ogjoojosTOio). 
(BT^oiRSRal returning drDOOJosRAlQ oiimoNal. once 
more. ((BTSQJUrJ^ bettor.) [regularly. 

flt^OJcmatCDo revolving, repeating, observing 
denV . c^flS (9T^aj(mz&l^ ^iSi^smo med. again. 
(ST^*:^ ojOA to repeat, (syoone mswm (BT^u 
osn^oM Qpajni) Yylf. to revise the decree. 

(!5rg)OJfiJorai?l avala6i t. m. (So. — e^ A— cul) 

1. Yezation (8T^*6)g^^(d) Yi. to be distressed. 

2. grumbling, complaint (er^ajlaioroTlcda SiJii 
cmocA PT. (sr^ojlaiotin (8iosioo3cs;aBcb Od»>c)o 
ojn^aab, cB/n03mro3d9« (Si^ oQ^^tn) (BiocB?d99), 
(8T^ cn)aai>SfiSBcX> SdO)^ a»)d9s> TB. 
(Bi^ojaidtyH {08)30)06 So. plaintiff, Ko. a vexer. 

CSY^Qjall avail S. Row, drove. 

(jSVQOJt'sb aval 1. (T. desire) hence (Si^ajQJsai)^? 
2. a large bat So. (T. (m^ajdoio) csi^oj^ (sr^ 
ORob QjloacnD ajrmoaib prov.~ flying fox =q_j9 
ooonb (loc.) 8. a medic, tree (purgatO ooo 
curbb (81^. 0cdnQj3smr KR4. prh. = (8i^ajiicb. 

<!8VQ)ajOd|o avaSyam 8. (aidqjoo) l. Necessity. 

cOQ. &Qg^5>A(0n (9T^ fiSniOCIv) TU. c^j/SiCTT) 

o^roidto cn\ (Bi^aj<^a)<oeai(bbSiPu8. in straits 
(word pf a Ck>d). ei^ OojOtd^a) Yi, to deliver. 

Qjoso Arb. all who were deemed n 
for the enquiry. 2. needfiil, reqoia 

SiCho (ST^OlK^O (a^d>3a>o Q_iO€>CB/6n 

speak as he dictates. — It often ae: 
"must", either with the Norn, of tl 
required (a>g;|cn ok^IjS) ojAAfD at^'X 
also with the old Inf. (ST^qb^ <o>9a>c)c 
(T)^(68 oi&AfD et^. understand: sij 
one) ; or with the Dat. or 2nd Adv. (^ 
$)S)d>(a»3an (BT^. £9r«9a£l TB. Ch. 
coolies ojlslgujoob (Bi^. ^g^ MB. 9 
crx^dte (BY^. QjcnD TB.) or with the 
of 9ajsmo (in different forms : (BiDtsv^d 
Qjc^o fiSg^TB. 6)a>9§6>d9acmo oQcno\ 
c6n (9T^ ffigy I don*t want to give aw 

9Ql/9nB(fS (8T^*09<ftmo MR.) 

(BT^oj'^cBs) 00)06 mod.=^|§sQjnb. 
(BTSpjc^6)gj^d> mod. to want, wish 


(Bi^aj(^(9oaO(=oaieni^ for) a^aeliaic] 
<gYQQJcr61d86^ ayasikka 8. (ojcro) T 

as a Qod on a person ((g(a)OQjoa\)o) ; 
sojourn for a time ojcmorob (Bid*2-)(tJiVn 
(Bi^ojocrooooQi 6>d>§) fientoifion Bhr6. 

army, (gajtm^cq^s iaj&pejcgo (Bt^i 

fi)A§l (saaoj^ Mud 7. bivooacked. 
ca>gyQej9(d)oaj9cn>n6 (po.) the Deity 

istically viewed) as spread throu] 


? dStQOJD^dB), sl aya4n'ya v. n. To 

(Bi^ojo^A V. a. to air Yi. ((Bi^ijt). 

(!5v^oJ3qOOOo avahanam 8. (jjqo)I] 

quickening an idol, stealing the prei 
God for a newbuilt temple. cn\ (BV^^oj 
Qoja^go oaajna3(b ojoBo Bhr. fl2(Q[)A( 

ojoQ^.'nlseajlocB) (Bi^tuooocno 6>^< 
worshipped Brahmans as if they wi 
nations of the 2 Gods, f^isu^um 
QjdodlidB KU. to make to ooma. oq 

e^rQKljl — OSr^c^ rmtnl 


(!SYQ)^QJOdo — (!SYQ)Od 

Oflidra oxi6r2^aj3rbk CG. on which he had 

inToked a Deity. 

deoT. (Br^xi3ao)<flfi (see prec.), (8T^ijqo)i0A| 

to enter, possees, m n demon. 
fil^Oj) T. M. C. Te. 1. Breath, life.^ 

0^ AntflOarRD^Dononb EC. granted life, tar^iji 

C[3cfoOeBBi»sW>cB;9ro^s6 oj -hoviboceSI BC. in the 

fooL (af^oj^dBa ^cruo oi&ajcdn (<^o ojroo RC. 

m^pji e^A to yawn, sigh (Qa>3§oaj) see 

2. Taponr, ateam (St^indQaaio 1. ley of ashes 

flig'sjRftVab Q<fla«) Vs. to soak clothes in 
ley. (comp. (Bi^xma^.) 2. steamer B. 

3. T.M. tank (=«ra!pi) er&^(£\(A rmoart). 

4« =0i^3jV9b. (Bi^ijl(darQono, (ST^ajlc;^5)S 9aj 

3229fij jvoaej) ^amftOo GP. 
«r3i?ti^3§=a kind of goat(«)ADrolca/D§) cr^o? 

(3i9^o6 ojotbb fi^o, 6>5)cn (gsejdo &ja^ GP. 
45IQK1j1^06^ aM. (T. Te. to gape) To desire 
▼i. (see w^urbb). 

^idQjlfiJs aTilaia 8. Fool (BY^'socb; moAo Brhmd. 
0^90^1:2^ aTil CcBsalpinia honduoella tst^'A 

(9rm iMBona cnai CG. tfi^Qj^QfiJATSiaoeji a med. 

(sBl^aS 4.) 

•©Gulpr^ ivifl, CBrSKiSlg 8. (=(812)^^^) 
Manifsatly o^oj^rDomcBo, cr^ijla^eo Bhg. 
ffgDj^ajldSn to come to the light, appear 

OD^ Qjasjgonb et^ cnlnb^.^mtaiRft^rob Hod. 

part. a^fXnig^9o; tS(^ij\(£^<aio from (Sr^ijlqg^ 

i£\em to manifest, declare publicly. «ioai 

«s» qcmVok ai^oj^roocnJlflA CC. = (a^ 

•f5ajl/:^oaTiltani8. ((8rslQJoe)d9» q. t.) 

•©oJVOo aTiMn M. Beng. (T. ©^iTim C.) 

f a wii aorienlata. oajxmoojIrDo Cassia occi- 

4«itAlia, (So. ocLioomdroajVonb) oojocmojijlrD 

AofiS^^amed. [^,j, 

aTB 1.2nd Alt. of et^Aai q. t. 2. inter j. 

XTb aTj5aill B. (fii^-urDsmo) Corered 

(BY^'maoO (T^CB^ KB. 
(Oni^ aTftti 8. (ddairnsk)) A tarn, time 
0«^:^Tini) «>ftsoo Gan. as 

many times as. oj^^nrnlfixibo (St^ £(Sq-1 
(OiatOQ Gan. the doable of. 

CSV^CSQJOda avdSam 8. (0^00) Entering, pene- 
tration, possession by spirits, ((BT^33Jc/o6)gj 
§(d> to be possessed, inspired) eng^gedness of 
mind Qj\^OiZZaQQ)(dli croojctocda (sr^. (Si^A 
cB/ooA PT. colcmoaoBcX) eoooior^^dds e^cidmcmcno 

SiS (Si9)3ajud0;Q^0o^aio ^sl CG. thy yery 
names inspire her with lore. 
(ST^SojoscdDoronb demoniac. 

denY . flT^aajc/alcd» to enter, be occupied with 03 
cnl(^ <8T^',a?S jajl w»o cn?)s>Tj)<e« Bhr. usurp. 
(8io£ld9« crflaacbdoo (er^'Q-jdJ^cmfoag VilvP. 

part. (8T^aj)(^ol. possessed, engrossed. 2,-=(sr^ 

Oajoao; sjcbocnj (g^^^S a)Cj)^nb (By^^ 
d^fORJionib Bhr 3* [sure. 

(SYQCSOJc&goOo ayeitAnam 8. (ook^) Enoio- 

(!5V^(SaJ0£:I| avoli 80. (8T^9d>96j)Ko.<Bi^9ajeil 
Vi. Pomfret; 8tromateus P. 

6>QJgg (Bi^. 8tr. candidus. 
a)9(b tgr^. 8tr. niger. 

CSdjfi/d aSa 8. 1. (V^(TO08 reach) Quarter (=al 
(da) Q^§9c«6yijo^(>QLj$mo(eio§a09cri>ofi)^^AB. 

aj.URfeOoooaiDQjo on^osn^ BhrmP 7. 2. (Si^v&g^ 

Yed.siSY^oeocro). a.)hope ojAooomoo a>€)§o 

nnoo (BT^c® Qjiso proT. onoan^om fli^osojl^oTR. 

shall not hope for it. ^cm cnz^s (Si^c/o (oH 

ono TB. I have lost all hope. 6>a>9^ano) 6)5><a>an 

(ST^ooc^o OAosHB 6)6)<o>(fia ^'nicK^o proY. croj 

(Do 8iPu. a hope hardly nourished in dreams. 

aD9fl.cqjo fisneso <4Dnno5)ee9fD9ooQi)>986J9>eCG. 

don*t nourish the hope. a^9^0QJ^3ri^<Bs)(eT^ 

od Qjoan^ Jikmig-pjn6 (Sioa}0ou)0nbKB. who 

decelTcs by raising false hopes, (sr^ 6>d>9^ 

cBnfQ^ proT. b.) desire, longing syuoomoc^ 

0aD3O8, SKuaEdos etc. ojlanoi.'ORtVab (8t^(^ 

ajoQa> GnP. cnVmooe a)snelfi)gy3asajdB9o eno 

QcQjoAnj. Alas none longs after thee. (BT^c/o cn) 

CfiUCDo ODOodo Qjasog^o — ^^^^ I^« flizx^nkok 

(Bi^od OQj^ (also (BionHorn, (8ioxi9fto^ — (^ 

^OOD sxuoaajQ Anj.) 
0ii^(A6)g_j^a> to ooTet, !iaU In loye, 

(!5VQ)03brro — (BVQ)5)OdrDilJo 


CS(QOSikQj» — CS^ig^COlo 

Of^oodouiooeo a>ogid), <uo^ to allure. 
(81^003(30000 disappointment. 
denY. (Si^'jalidfi to detire, hope. 

CStQ^Odocro asamsa B. = (sr^-jb 2. 
denY. (Bij^oarol<0A to wish Yi. 

<!8VOC/d3d> aknga 8. (lyasi)) HiBgiTing Yi. 
denY. (Bi^'jo8a[il<da» to suspect. 

OSV^OdCO^o asayam 8. (oD) Receptacle, chiefly 
mind ^aojsxD (sr^VTjroi^rziib Qjoio^ Bhr. (=c^3 
onl^) (8r^c/8<8ca> jiSlo©!^ FT. 

(!5VQ)OdCDCYb aSarail 8. (roracious) Raxasa (Qt^' 
ODscon OLjo^roosn^ ^u<rold9A Si Pa. 

(SSVQC/dOob aSail T. SoM. Schoolmaster (= <6t^ 
jiiog^nb q. t.) 

(8T^od3<£) T. M. carpenter, (fern, or^ooo^,^) 
said to be of Brahm. offspring, sculptor of 
idols, also of stone. (ST^(;93rD'Q(^€)S Qii)^ (ST^ 
e)c%o A^Qjo (fh(^o proY. also Qsaiosz^orolTP. 

CS(Q)C/dO^ So. Garden-cress, better (SioaIOjO* 

I. CSr^C/dl aSi 8. Serpent's fang. 
(Si^'jo)aj)cfian0O(b Bhr. serpents. 

n. ^S(QC/S\ Tdbh. = (8Ta'J8ig^S. (c/oocro) Prayer, 
blessing. 0)(O»9O9l<d>^o^o^cn(bRC. (St^^ct^jo 
6)^og^ Bhr. Qjo^ Q^rmoca) 6)a)0g^ AR. 08 
(/Sl^nb m^amoroDcalcxyo o^sng CG. g.uraa 
Qj^onaecb tm^^^o) RC. 

fD^i^atTl^ Bhr. 
(BT^c^ciioeo blessing (&(8Y^,;a)cijjiicno)(ST^n)9 

2J«vT>3S (sr^. ajoa9lad9fto'CTr)«>^<^Bhri. 

av>as^^^<5)5 (01^ S)S)(d)6)dn3sng KR. their 

thanks . (8io3ct)<&>o(St^ joldisBu TR. (=croai9o) 

(Bioajalfijb fi>S)d>s)aj^ (8T^ OiiiogJ) YiWP. 
den Y. (8Y^c/o)dje^i)8) to bless. ^cmznrDo (9i^*^ 

6)niD(rn«gj3c)o Mud. ^cnl (BT^'sSica^ KR. 
(gy^^ aSn S. (G. 'okos) l. Quickly, soon. (Si^ 
5^<8a-»3aZlslcnDn6. 2. =181^^(9^^061 rice ripen- 
ing during the monsoon. [YCh. 
(3i^^a>o(Dl resolute; (B)i^^<&'0(^(D)jo sojsmo 
(BT^^^coo swift (arrow Sk. wind) (Qt^^coOoj 

«a).T^ Bhr. [impurity, o^fiJ. 

08tQ)6)Odt).aJo aSanJam S (^^) Ceremonial 

(l5VQ)OSD<^o aadaryam 8. (jtiib) 1. Wond 

strange, welldonel 

(Bi^QBlcQyob ft marrellous person. 

2. wonder, admiration (8r^OBUSji^(O03CE 

g;^ KR. astonishing. 
(etg)Cflai^s>fl_|^ Oi to wonder. 

CSfQ)\(^(2h asramam 8. (^0) 1. Hem 

(LjffDUdOQA f.i. «a>0§lfBb (SIS). <thlflga Q-J0d9». 

4 stages of Brahminical life, Brahn 
Grhasta, Yanaprastha, Sannyasi <eid* 
<0« KIT. to obserye the rules of eftoh (st 

(!St5)^^C£U) asrayam 8. (c^ 1. 8upp< 

what one leans, refage, (8V^ flogyomcud 
c/&_ifonb (ST^. prov. Mud. (Sr^ ffliD3Ja» oflj^ 
how are tbey to help themselvesP Q^ 
6m4i8c)3 Qfl)gyooolmoo (8!^ ^^ojofe Bh 
centre round which the stars reroWe, 
(dnrD)<d80ol. 2. protection ft reliance 
Qj €^aT)gyo^<m 000 ast^ (8»u<a»i§y KB 
rely altogether on the king. <fl»onJ«RxficBn 
BooTl cnl^ TR. to stand under the Gorei 
of the HC. roa«oa?6)nbo <8r^. a^sl^ 
crosmirDlcdsmo TR. to remain abroad nn^ 
Raja's protection. a_jaiaBo Aoueivoi 
sljai Q-iCTOGjlfob Qjnno TR. resorted 
harbour under the HC.'s protection, 
dependence or relation, also adj. (81^ i 
au>9^cB;09CEO MM. that Tital spot is n 

teeth; most of the GiZZo are a»cn^(8 

saBc)Q etc. smDQfiWO® a»Z0o^3i;o onao 

Bhr. the Cshatrias' business is action. 

denY. (S(^x^^<^ (part. (Bi^^uljy 
(^d^ 1. to seek support,haYd reoo 
cnliTbo-ioao lera^caA-^AR. (mDOdo 
.ftft^ftata JBT^;c^^«<0)0 Mud. has I 
ed the enemy? (SC^^^'S^jj^gfcmxic 
liTingbyserYioc. 2. to trust, belieye 
qctT10.u>>. (8t^^^Mad.a<ioptedBud< 
3. to have some connexion with flftodi 
(C^^ «odDfl>o a)A<0) AR. to exp 
through philosophy. ^(£\SicntS(^^ 
06ioi9Bhr.=:croo6axTU?:^AcSl;^; (Da 

MC^QJb— fiVQcrxxDo 


fl8taorofm» — (mj^cfyjoocoo 

\^ iDdfjA «iooW^ Bhr. Bhlthma 
utti about ft kiog's datles. 
f^«p«inb dependftuty client, belierer 
JoaKBroftiab loving his dependftnts 
king) <8id^9Vaiaj3<3TV}^o Bhr. 

GO. make them feel secure, noorisfa 

> iSravam 8. {%^ Promise. 
^(QK> promised. 
H^oj^dae to engage Vi. 

^ iglfiiam S. (^<£b) Embrace qjo 

t aQjq;p|PT. untied. 

OBtaVab oi^g^tfi^^Bhr. cooojdo (Si^ 

Q^i^o embraced. 

;8Qo; C5y3K>d-j)oOo aivaynjam 8. 

;b a>nrn^ ((fiooailrol). 

oW aSraiikka 8. (udjcro) To 

ip, reoorer firom a fit, be relioTed, 
rest 9axgk>ih99ig (0)anT)9oo-iorul^ 
naod-icro^sgi CC. flattered herself. 

je-icro^gupdBa to refresh, comfort, 
. lei^oa-iaro^^ nb oQcn fi)^3gp cri\ 
icnS\g^^ CG. (scs ajl^3anO03S)ro (sr^ 
Ig^ds) ofl AB. console my bereaTod 


oo 1. relief, comfort d\mo (SiocroorDo 
ft«n|, ojosno (Si^. TB.— 
iQoejn);^ 2. time for breathing, 
i f^takooos-iocn^o 8rd chapter. 

fe MacjIlMD 8. ((mOrfiadov from ore 9 
itli a)aBsaio or csIlqodo. 

hob asaktah 8. (crosm) Gleayiug 

i«d, deroteJ. 

i) attaehment, leal. roosonrob (Si^ 
f rO0i^ OojscBvl KB. 

»o l.=flid(n><Mfl. 2. uninterrupted. 

• isiaam 8. (€^in>) i. Seat, stool 

, cnSlo<^3 — throne. 2. fandamcDt 
•^^kaiM^ (Kd*(aaiVgb 04916 pror. qqq 
icomMi A%lkA/»:3a^ TB. (torture). 

part. (O^cnJknnb seated. 
CS(Q)crormo isannam 8. (croa) Near, fgt^cn 

nmdiisejo impending death. 
(Bi(^cn)9||0 obtainable Vi. ojMiiaao (sr^crooay 
CC. going to Hades. 

CSV^crODrOo alaram 8. (cn^) Shower «i^ Qs 
coelslonaib aiaauojob Bhr. Indra rained. 

d5V9cr\J(Do asnram 8. (flonvrD) Diabolical, 
savage (as marrying by purchase). 
cBVd^iV^ ^* MTgery. 2. the 9th ajstoo of the 
human body s3 fl^ojrrx^o TCh. 

(SYQ)CY^n3Vav>a8kaacri6am8. (q^) Oaiiop. 

(Si^qgUjoacoo attack, assault. 

CBVQK^^DGnOoastaiai^amS. (cr^ib) Spreading 
mat, carpet o^(^^9(T);|^sm(9^o AB. 

denV- iBi^rn)rDi(fia=:aj^io)<aa Vi. 

CSVOK^TJiJ^ ftSti 5. (from (BIOO^^P) Property, 
substance, riches ei^o^axb cOftiCBn^ae, oi 
do^dam(doo,); ajoscBe (ergnr^jj^ TB. the 
financial means for war (opp. (SYj|cX>, 9«)oaa). 
(8)[^nr)^(aa9(Dnb wealthy. 
(8idnr^<a»ab 8. (opp. cnso^^knb) l.belierer in 
the reality of Qod & world. 2. M.= 0(d 
(T^idsorDab, hence 

(BY^nr^^o 1. faith 0(d'909^ «)a)3%|,« (81^* 
QOa BQCDo eoj^Q^oai^dSao Bhr. 2. M. 
(Si^o^^o. cgyo^ a^MMmarob SiPus. 
from porerty. 
08>OCScn^ alta P. ahiste, Oently, slowly. 
C8VQ)CroD atiha 8. (ouod) 1. Begard for, care 
onaaonnD)orn)ejea9oruocB;99&J CG. cro8%gcnojiso 
fD^nziiVBb m^ SLSisruBhUA SiPu. if you mind tbe 
laws of good breeding. 2. longing for 0i^n\)o 
o»9flQ|mo Qj«BLn(dttQaii9c}o CG. if determined to 
cheat. (Bidar\]iO(mtf^^ aiO(aio>c»0(ob kindled the 
afleotioB aft>esh. 

tn^oruogja^ So. disposition, proTision for PP. 

hence m^TCX^^Td^A to prepare for, get 

ready Yi. (aflq^aoio) (Oi^ClUDODMysa 

aSVoloBiab CG. 

CS^OruDorOo Assembly; hall of andienoa m^ 

a\tt9or)aj9cnS^<i>>c}o CG. ministers, eouriiarsieto. 

48IQ)Ct^Se — 019003 


(0IQ)(8qOCQA> — <0f^6o 

(BT^ aj<fl«Bhr. (BT^'coRiiVBb orSlaomoS QjmoCG. 

(Brahma tar prised); generally: 

(8i^aruo3OD0srT\jDajo (also (BY^orx^omenalrDo 
GG.) Bojal hall KU. (Si^*«aj rD(oncn>ioa09 
crocno (a-)9Q-j)^ Bhr. (Si^. a^<fla sasi^ao^ 
0faaj)<n»nb Si Pa. (a conqueror). 

(Bi^ouooco) the tame (-VLCoart-hoate). 

C8YQ)or^/3o aBpacramS.(Q_ieo+(md)8eat, place 
(= cTx^aoDo) croocAObcofoilar) tm^a^o <bi^. qq 
gjORjrat MB. exempt from the ilighteit tut- 
picion. (ST^ajonailomogrx^o Bhr. oooation for. — 
God it called O03afiieo eiOismoq^o CG. 

OSV^rrv} 10 asyam B. {(sr&rS L. ot) Face, month 
(Bi^^o (tic.) fi>A9c)o(d> to cast in the f^tce, knock 
againtt one Vi. 

OSvQcroj^jBs^ asTacTikka B. (cn3j£)To tatte 

QCR&^fDloiB (OKib Qr^eJo(!8i^*d98om 8aj06>&j Si Pa. ; 
met. (ttu^cd; Bhr. <Tiuum90oroaaS^(ora»or)o csr^ 

(»f®J^ as P. (et^jS Vi.) Mill, (ais)g)^<dn(ab ((Bt® 
jii<flA§y Yi.) pair of millstonet. 

OSVQoOrOo aha5ain S. (oonb) Beaten Yi. 
denY. 9&(S\ mQy^ocnidSm to ttrike dram Bhr. Q 

orS^^snb CG. 
CS^QoCXtierOo ahara^am 8. (oo^b) Fetching. 

denY. (er^aoro^ida to fetch. 
C5^rQ)QO3(0o (takin g to one*t self) Food oJ^ejooj) 

omsTR. (01^003^0696^0 egtjor^ecsyo eg^KB. 

no mealt. 

denY. ooej^eJo (Bi^oOOfoi^ AB 6. lived npon. 

<!5VQ)qOQJo ahavam 8.(0^=500-10) Calling ont, 
battle, fight. Bhr. 

(Si^^Qfon 8. (^ tacrifice aoocrod^QfoTiav^o 
o^gymD Nal. (or^ (or^ai) to offer np. e 
6Km9(D93Q(dn 6)iaig^9omab o^nb fisajofi)£)0 

95nti BC. 

p*rt. (n^gQrcno tacrificed. 
(8T^^QOro>o called. 

<I5^q03 aha interj. er^ooo SMnstfl^ a>(Daa9 
A^onmonb 8G. 

^St^QciOWo aheyam 8. ((moS\) Bna 

SooauocvAoioaocb Bhr. died from si 

(S^arr7|d8)o anUyam 8. ((8i03on6) ' 

done daily, in a day or by day (f. i 
Tdbh. (ST^oijo. 

(ffVQxiQodo ahlaJTam 8. (c^oa) Gladn 

(S^QOjDOOoahYanam S.(QOJD)CaU, i 

(8T^ 6>jxi<g4=Qjlfln<a«. [calle 

(ST^-xO-ia2;o name. rDO09aOJ^'o6 the 

(0^|3OOo alanam 8. Pott to which e 
are tied 5>d)^<fiiooi; (Si^xneaxnoAi 

I. (S^|| aU 8. l. = (Bi^iiCLn Bow ag 
(Dsas to march in procettion. 2. 8. ( 
female friend $).'n3!p) pi. (n^lOeoA 

n. ^S(Q£\ T. M. C. ((Bi^t^) Holder c 
Oanrosfll, Q.isai'3&), orfl^oflO etc. 

I* aSfQ^^ddij £\ alu'lfa No. = A^A To 1 
roar (C. (S(&^ SoM. (or^aii). 
(Bi^a^gj (loo.) an ezplotion. 

n. C5YQ)^(d>, 60^ T. M. C. Tn. (Te. o® 
rale (Bio(d^o^ ®s«ib^ Pay. cnosa^c 
KB. ajscB>oQsne3(b BC. officers; to ten 
Ada (Sf^sr^ cnscm Bhr. 
8. to possesB, haTe^sm099«=:£tt } 
^03jab BC. axrSloLja^nm CG. grac 
flbcn^QLidsn^ cn^Qja£\cm Bwarg. to 
thow mercy. tta&aosnsaB^dk; qjVt);) 
KB. extentive. ac^tplazilrab 0^9^ a 
the riTcr at Mahe. a)g2i99vaiab 1 
hat the power Yi. aMSOAfi, ei^99ie 
their loTer (or Lord); with Ace. g2 

6086>fi. (S(^/^Cm CL^^cHi CG, 

— CY. in a^Qgjd&las f.i. (nooiKSK^s 
d9,Qgj9&^:^ PP. delivered np to thei 
(Another modern et^vm see nnder 1 

O8V960 H T. M. 0. Tn. (in To. ft Te. 
hence the fem. term tstQf)^ wiBch) con] 
1» A perton, sxucmocfo a femalci 
«r^|9cX> both sons, m^o m^S^uOQ^q^ 



dSYQ^g 3(51 — c8>oy cd» 

pmumtd Ibe forts. dd^^A «D3dBM to send. 
(Odo fli^Stt ffOiif^ajSKY) d^s^^ TB. they 
wiiad my meMenger. cq cnou^onaoft .oO S2 

oskm TB. a^aHfii Ag^ojlai proT. 2. an 
abl« person ADOJob tn&^y:£\ hM become m 
WMM. oaab tfi^xft) ajoe>g^a> y2. toander- 
toke • responaibiUty. With Dat. ft 2]idadT. 
able, cn\ c^oon rDiafiS^g-jonb (Sig^^gy Lit. thou 
ill not the wife to nurse me. £(2 A-ai<32|p^ 
cuaob 1B^ etioch Mad. I shall do it. dS)(0A 
tfsedOd qoalifled for all. fsnQ (roaD^g_)onb 0^ 
t)d»c(^gy TB. it will be intolerable. 
a^MBa to bring up well; to appoint to an 

ofBce; to fit for. 
S. lenranty slare. oi^cb Oihog^^i to bay a slaye 
Ti. 4. measure of a maa o(Ooroac)QQcu§Bo, 
Afvxb o^oo oajtto ^sn^ HB. flSidc)Dajoo 


Conp. o^sle (S) YyM . slare. 

fl^fiMaidg^ money (mankiller). 

tt^t'^ (2) capacity, 80. 

1^00 the wall sorroanding a well. 

0^i)^»6i battlement of fort B. 

fli^^a9§i a mockingbird (B. Job. = hawk?) 

a^:>>aB3<b (3) dependants ^QtsKiszzmo (Dosa 
:ueza^o o^cicxasdSros^ <^s) (doc.)} dOQ(d>o 
onb tfi^cXxaad^ naimeidOBOJ^ MB. hired 

ff^dd^sd^a yenetian Yi. (a kind of (K^aas). 

fl^d^cOaolcBinb a bird in Trar. 

fl^^e3 (3) slaTe*s hire. 

gj^jjioo (2) fitting a man; proportions of 

a person. [another person. 

m^>r\ F^S" (3) rent of a slare lent out to 
fl^cJoflaooo disguising the person, 01^ o?^ 

the art of assuming any form. (31^*03(11^ 

(or — coBiMfii) 00009 Oojo^l TP. made 

hcri^ invisible. 
m^duf^xjo linage (of gold, silrer) AOffltfis 

m^, ^009 CMBOJOb 80. 

(I5VQ)6q 9(0| almari Port. = (Sioc)^ x9i Almeira. 

(!SVQ(^3rb alvar k (St^^QJOlb T. M. C. Te. 
(*Hhe rulers" or 'Hhe humble*') Title of the 
12 Ylshnu apostles, see m^±iOch, 

(0IQ)^(d6^ ilakk^ (T. C. ei^^OdSe) A handful = 
Oojoflsa (prh. from ts»(Q £&Pdae) the ^ of a mo 

QjSPC0B9SPd9e a half alakku, -^ Nail. 

d5VQ)ifb alam T. M. C. (V^tsioy in (bio^^>609) Depth, 
deep place, (si^. OaD3d9e(d> to sound a place, 
sift a person or matter. — met. (Si^tp^flaaiob 
a deep man — (Si^ o^sne 9^0Qo CO. (S(^spf^&i 
AtfldM etc. proY. 

(Bi^(po({nl So. a class of Pagoda attendants. 
(Bi^iPocTQxob So.sQjai ^g-|gy sen Bignonia Indioa, 

(0IQ)if| bU T. M. C. (<ST^«f>id)) 1. The deep, ooean 

(SY^iplc^o gosplo^o sea & land, cnoaia&pi uijooi 

ooDsft £01^ KB. fiT^&plaxX) the 4 oceans, (St^ 

spIaov (d>s«Ri9 CG. (ojoeja&p) etc.); 01^'^ai 

g^ib, (QT^^aoo(baj^r.b C|Bhna, black as the 

Bea. (Bid^(99CY)^cy9), csi^iplaoa Laxmi. (Sr^sp) 

cao(m9^(m SMXi-ionnA CO. (ST^^5)g^jg[f^9^nm Ao 

<^^nb Laxmi's husband (or=(c^03nb). 

2. reserroir o^roosplaicb; oajosi^atfioB^tab 

^s Bhr. in a tank. 

(QT^^CD^OQ N. pr. Codungulur KU» 

8. roundness (from 1 . (S(^\f^SKa)&da»on (Bxmd 

ooossm^slrD^cBaar) ^qsp) PT*) (BI^&p) oHgii 

BC. round bow, So. Oojaroo^ = jii^o disk, 

ai6rr>CB;0!pl ring. — csi^spl So. funeral pile. 

4. (Si^&plrDonsQj KU. the "seeking", title of 
Arakkal, as ruler of the Lakkadi? es (=: (Oi^ 
elrdosaojLi & AH Bija). 

5. (8i^sfl(0s&P^d9a)O«mo (prh.ssio&flQj) a kind 
of mortgage W. 

(!8YQ){pd8», enro ilnyaT. M. C. (Te. oaia^^ (V^«ro 
y>)T. n. Sinks=(0)ay<d); vu. (8TS^sn| sank to the 
bottom. sorosaososriD & s9^o 5>fi>09n| (O^osno 
Bhr 1. c9i^aB3Qj05>a2;Q6Qaado QjW>«Tr)aca cno 
fil CG. (mark of pregnancy) (grgcrxBaiOfo) 
oOoib (Si^ias^onsono CG. ^taiav^e^n^^ Qj) 
wnDWB Vil. 

dSr^lpdd) — ^<d6^ 


d5V9(pQJ3 — @WJ 

Inf. fli^sp, (Si^iX> deeply. iei^(d8Spl<8» at for 
planting ooooanntt, «iD(dQjlrDej3SP q6) 
^ocbb MM. 

TS, (ST^^ T. M. (T. aHsPCSthe same) 1. a son- 
set, weekday (uil aobaajg eto . 2. =2 (Bi^^ajgo 
a week. 6yD0^aj§and!)(ab Qidtosn^oojocni^^ 
cunb BS. 

Oi^^Q o daily or weekly duty ; regular bath 
with oil on Wednesday & Saturday. 

^^Sfe'^' ^ ^- •• *^ •^*'» immerse 


(!8YQ){pajO(S6imiC51 ((Si^aob) N. pr. of 
man Tillage, the head of which (Si^ 4d 
is the leader of the Q-iaii^c^6|^Q (ne 
naTay, ia Adinatha) KU. 

gp Found in Tdbh.'s : before initial ro, ^ S as 
QDfQOoal, sejQjocoo, S2S(S»; — instead of g 
as QQSQJo; — inserted, as A0(S\^Of OJtS\cBtM, 
In DraTidian words it changes with & as in 
^(09, QDfD^ — glides into o^ before Cerebrals 
ft Liquids, as QgSo, o(])So; ggm, QDOCOf, e^ 
Sftov etc. 

^ i 5. This, hence ©ojnb, ®(g. — The follow- 
ing Consonant is doubled: @(0AOfiio this time. 
flStA^CQj^S (po.) this thing done. 9D[(rn)6aacX> 
(po.) you here. — It stands for the first person : 
Q2e^^i^<aB5>fi. a_jOQDQ(9s>6rno (po.) preserve us. 
QQ^SgoOo I. 

C]9<6>rgb i^fal T. M. (T. s^ai, C sdM put down, 
destroy) Fight. (siMaqsiJiicnf^€h(A aT^^aajoses 


A4l>^ao=aajO(b(0nAo, inRC. sa>^yioajd9i 

oQDoab 84 QDa)^&<oi9il3s 57. (also Hpl. 

song st^eiVflfc 6>ajo(Wffi). [«Knjroo5Kn). 

fi<&oQ<0>P=(noa>oQdh (po. ^tduo g^^oQnm 

StAcBn, OJBI T. aM. s^Aisnt eoosroiD) RC. the 

conquering Rama. 

gpdBfi^ ikka Ar.P Uncle =AorDsrTXU^ (Mpl.) 

g9d9aikk^ aM. (92 A or 02 Qd88)= (81^0^.-01^, 

<ms in RC. saaajIgjSKiims said, there was no 

trouble. [c0s)-^also Vi. 

gQfdag T. C. Ta. straits, difficulty (from qqq 
flQi<asfiO(fia (T. 0Q1O9) to draw in the stomach B. 
C^afttfl Ys,=sii7i<a£\£\ tickling. 


C^ddnlcb S. ool (da (So. o^<q£\s) ft 92<8n)§ 
Vi. — ^ddnlcX) ® (Q_)<e>0fO<majlrab Ki< 
^(Sdd6^c51 C. To. H. The residence of the 
Lingaite kings — flD^<^^crooauo9nn 
kingdom — oDQano^^smo, — qj<D9qO 

^Oastoloi/oab the king, who 
the North of Colanado KU. 
^dBbOc^ ikia 8. Sugarcane (Te. st^ fr* 

^cflifi3k_JDc3fe 5. N. pr. First king of J 
Brhm P. 

^98b|ay)rro iigiriBlJ Ar. (from Inglese) 
(KU.) sDAEblroloQ/g:^ $)d)Og)o the Christ 

A.D.(T.R.) [spark) Fi 

^oCOenOo ingai^am aC. (^nb, a>«m 
^oCO|<75\)in^5am S. (id ocn tomoTc) 1. < 
shrug, hint QDoco^r(n3<d>orD(oe9^o 9jaS(Q 
olacDMmo YC. 2. intent, purpose (= c 
fioojo). eoco)<<>>oQ^<a>o<^OOT^FT8. ( 
proper explanation. — ct^c^^o 9qj9< 

afiaQB^QLQi^o Sil. 

£ooS)(0)nsi»nbSk. knowing one's thongl 
Qgoc/S1(0)C«»iaa3(b AR 6. who know to tat 

^o^^ in^cTi S. a med. plant (Tei 
Catappa?)— goo^a^ eiDajRi^ab CY))tf okdi 

@ffi^ ih&q T. M. (QQossDS) 1. In thiadi 
here. 2. to me, to us. 9Si€ai^Q^99rmc 

@.^\6) — ^fitny 


^fit&Jlrob — ^s 

hriag bm them liero. oj^ob st^oe^Mib «qjo 

(Bo KB. (=oQc6id^), 

flQl96»»9cX>, 029(09906 OQF man. 
eoasrn (oooor)), £«db)<8(T) 1. that (=sa2«a« 
«nf>«flt, e3«»'^) — 09<5cruoQOOrt)ctSBilan ©. 
ajKnS)^ Bhr. no rule m to how. 2. gjase 
«cn (gcaVaoaj c^cfill^Nals. jiut(=«ajQ«<») 

without any preparations. coenDQasrai such 
(£j. ei&p etc.) 

Efi»^as, a^m^S here, hither (po.) 
SO|T»(cnl<T») 1. from here, hence. 2. from 
me or ua. — Often Abl. for Nom. ^soqcrn 
aD2a«lae »^ TR. we shall not agree. 
8. also the 2nd person, with w hom the speaker 
identifies himself Ka§CT?aD(B;(8(fl«firr>o uS\ 
<£^(S\(A jil^ejofw^o AE. please send (from 
hare jour) diBciples. ^^^ kU. to ub. 
C9aa3<a^ («cnocas1) hither. flraeo^milcswBDfleiSl 
S9aa9§ (qj§) 1. hither, thU way. 2. the 
Ist person £9<ae9§ (Jaios)^ TR. asked 
me. ©««B3§Qj)«f03ari«>a9CB;ajAMR. my 
enemies. ^9€9qo9^^o (BQ-J«»rolcwo@ KB. 
(=:(n^<0a). 3. the nearer of two parties 
£9093^ jxkmWmaj5>ro (bio9co89^ onoalgjl 
^3fA PTs. a»9fii93§ enoajg/ori Ojjqjjf) 

PT2. Qjsmo 6>d>9^a)roioaib @isaz;o £8cqb9S 

I^Ttfil i«i2i=aBfflizPro) Tery little. 
1^ idfiha 8. (NTctfto seek, wUh) Wish, de- 
iire ffeais»n6o gQ^ Oaj35)ej enoucb cnl^osKm 
IB. e.^c»9ji)9si PT4. jumped lustily. 
C-«§ a»yDf*, ©^ DCBa\:9r51 selfwilled=(2cro-i 
^tflaarDob. ^^^^,^ ^j^j^ 

B^XBf^filo, ®^oc0C3qjo agreeable to 
Dj^3a-j^o diet mooording to the patient's 

«▼. ^^'lifls to desire, wish, wUl (part. 
?^ deairons (po.) 

5) iij» B. (V^CB>«)Baoriflce (po.) 
■U inJA 8oM.=orDoCQB, (ro(wS, Acacia In- 
»• (^ ©«a T. fl3« C. Te. be soaked, dry 
P)— e«BldBtfQaiD OP 66. 

©flnTl T. M. green ginger. Amomnm Zingiber 
(8. .ajIfliBiosoP Zingiber sjdTifliBDoQjib) — 
oj^flBu), esvDcan^saD or iajaa. ^<6aS\ 
5)(0ia9ejl a med. — 
goeaS^j^oo the juice of ginger. •— 
eoBDiin^nmajab very angry, silly. — (kinds : 

a)9§WD Zing. Zerumbet, eajcoSWD 

Alplnia Alleghas). 

@6imHd), ^6<^asb Ar. inj3=sETangelinm, 
the New Testament (Mpl.) 

^6lOu]£l^ iflji]ipp^ (loo.)Fear, awe, modes- 
ty. — §3. gDgy9inaajnb who touches every 
thing, a bore, impudent. 

^S, o^S ida 5. (V^go§) l- Plaoe=©so. 
hence (SidxHss, sdojIss & the old Loo. 6)0D 
fiotjiss (Ovs)Od9«o YC. in the heart, c>Q_i9&p)(sy 
nrnxHss (po.) where it rained. 
2. interral, place between oDronb £95g-ic9n^ 
cgS^BS. rushed on. Ocos^^o d^cnxOAZ9(S\^ 
s Q^rD09n6<r)9§ KIT. aa»9ejo ^s6ob) Qojsmo 
ososlscBHraib KU. 0a)(mB)^nb goscal^Qb eooa^ 
(KB.) eo^flraDnb eS(d£l9S PTs. atinterrals 
along the road, (^s^sosos (Sios^avlss isn&jaai>(^ 
^Hud. (no^QCB;9§^^Qa2;9s)sAnj. jij9EbCT\i09 
nr)a)ofliooc;^09atil§ o^^ cts 00^9080 TB. what 

8. interral of time — occasion, leisure aocd; 
slojcrosano) flDS gsneocin TB. a e^ojcro.'ORiVbb 
90s (0)^090 TB. (BAtnlmi escsHrsb till then. 
nD9ej03cn39(mad9a gos oiocoe^ MB. a 09cn) 
(a(S\<A g^^Scds within 2 months. 92^^^ 
«oO alcucro.'m^eid>(i{^ within the last 10 days. 
©occTiss somewhat before this, (sioodjseco 
(Of^OdSis ^sr£\<A Qn^Mnls^ftioao KB. after. 
(BiostcsvcTm^o aiiplcs^^aTVD)^ ©«)s<fic TB. as 
long as the feast lasts. — eo(S\Bi(m^cm ©s 
Qjoso, ©ss)4)>9§(qi2, QDS<&icX)9aj9oyGh. oppor- 
tunities will be lost. 

4. middle, waist. ^ what's internal ajSCBpejo © 
scEti^fijo at home & abroad. fD s^^o ojs QSo KU. 

5. measure, chiefly weight. fiXDgyls. a.) inter- 
stice of the sise of a grain, b.) weight of a rice 




grain; bo <4[^s, o-ism&s qjcqi «8>iP6BU C8. 
02® Scdsis weight for weight, like for like (£6>s 
tOnls 09Qd) to barter goods Vi.) conoOO^j^mstl 
acr)95^56)CQ;9(ZSgs Qjl^a^o j^sKBs. 

Cpds. flDsaaiS (4) middling; alternately (2). 

®S(O>fiiA8<0) (2) T. n. to be mixed together, -~ 
T. a. to mix well. YN. £S<d>fij^. 

fl25aȤl (5) equal weights. 

eSfdarD^ oj)^:^ (a)9«o) oDScas MBsis. an 
under-farm (P). 

CS(dai9(ob (2) post of rails. 

esaaosp) (2) branch of rirer Yi. 

eD5aans= repeatedly, often. 

a2S<fiaskB'3n6, @S(d»9«m(ano(Onb an under- 

g2S^§a> (2). T. n. to mix with, intermingle, 
grow dense or fall, aiome^o s&PtanOQoojmii 
s^sl Nal 3. coroaecb flp.s^^ AB 6. enscnjg 
oaio^o 92S^^ cnsnmoA CC* QajsmcaQSflo 
s QDS^^ rocnS^dn SO. scteocno ajoii^s^ 
so ChB. is not to be fully obtained. «>sQai9 
s^s^sicn (S^i ChVr. enoompassed by. 

fl2S^§a> to occasion aanocu^orrb fl2*0§sm 
6)0 OenoT. =s (ToocO'o' aj(i8a{|2a>. 

fl2S6><aaȤ(4) a.) girdle s(rorDO<0ai|. b.)en- 
dosed passage B. 

a2S®^§ (^) unnecessary, indifferent. 

fl2SA(9B9^ain6 (2) under-tenant B. 

025^08^ (2) a bit of gold between beads B. 

92S9jx)ro»^(2) T.n. tojoin, unite-* T.a. ^S 
QjBi^ to reconcile — £59^^ agreemant. 

82SO^ro^ N. pr. barony in Cadattunadu TP. ^ 
S9^(S\ aieocX) KU. 

a2S(£^^ (2) to fill up closely. 

fisonas (3) theft B. 

fl2SanB»(Do (4) middling, inferior ^sosizwoaasTO) 

es^siaoaaorDab of the common sort of men. 
a2SS>(on»99« (4) fl2. qjW)0^ tf>ii)9omoc)o KB 5. 

Sascno&pi (2) passage between two rooms B. 
flKScnVo (2) a partition, middle wall. 

fl^sco^^ (2) to be bail for one Ti. 
esorflo)! (loc.)= .oSl^soei. 
estiXTMSU (4) (po.) heart. 
essovDo (8) the afternoon. 
CSojoai (2) to speak for one, interc 
6n6 5>d)>§innr) jiqsoljoa match mak 

^SaJSPdOtftO No.=sA5>0 QuiSPdOAO sl 

quaintaoce. So. experience. 
®Sq-j^^, ©S6>aJ§i^ (2) to be Ini 
an affair, fall in with. (S(^ atocgjinDi 
moo ggso-igso fiiogy TR. did no 

with. aQOl«R^<3 6)Cn<8GQU9^55)QL. 

happened to strike. fiioaj5>ro 5>a. 
vl^onb gD55>aj§0 o^g^do BCis 

undertook. — (s^f^'oruocooin ^so, 
aflcdaoo will help in war. — ^o^ 
g 6>fi)ajrDo Qg)gy3^e4<> (P^O ^^S 
count of business, q^ood^s t^' 
so-igisga a)<d«^^9ai Qi30fi.<d^ 

^Sojos, S)SQJ9S 1. business, affa 
action. S)d>9@as><0ai9§^a @S3. 
(fiqiono (jud.) he trades also. ^ 
aj9§(t»^an settling accounts. 8 
contention. ^sojo^aKb ajO€ 
TR.Q_i6mos)^9snB laioxiadeda 
s ^ooneo TR. 8. intercourse, 
ance, Ko. 4 . final adjustment 
or business Yi. 

flDsaj3Sid>3(oab a dealer, quarrel! 
CSOojOdSa (2) aoquaiotance, experi< 
CSOojoosa) (2) to be distant, of 

width. <0)3QiGgo fiSOojafDO (3) tli 

too short. Mud. 

esQ§ (tu. Qa)059g)=e2saitfl^§i 

2)5^6^90^0) (2.) uointerruptedly. g 
SgS^o^cQ^oa/a) 9oj9<d> TrP. 

CSaUvisiotospo the first night of newlj 

fl2SCD;9c;ycoo gear, 9(a)9<ds^fi>abo c 


fl2SCB;3cX) (2. 4) a middle person, ii 


p5{&3§o (2) So. doabt, also sssaf^ano. 
SSsP^ai, fl^SQOJa* (3) to disoootiiiiie — (2) 
to leaTo sn intentioe. 
e 501^95 (8) again ft again, repeatedly. 

jDSdcBrds, a09S9S potsherd pnt between the 
ricepot & the hearth. 

SsajroooLi narrow k low ridge in rieefielde. 

C&ajsp^ (2) midway, byway, lane, ditch be- 
tween two walls. Qjl^fi>n6o s)'0>«<fla ®sqj 
tfl ICB. 

CSOj^ dk (2. 8) to be interrupted, itop, inter- 
nit. d^Q^CJOo (^pi^romciJ^ a)2Bo flSSOjl^o 
KU. giro up. — tiQS.^S93.U), SDSasplca;o<S(tn 
iaeesaantly. — ® saHsofjgi continuation. 

CSCA^ Tl. csooroi regular change, as of 
beadi ft gold. 05miaicn^o goscrofoi <d>ai 
oiogfit 0961 Mud. (aUo called gp.S06rn)). 

gSo, Q^So, a^So i4am 5.(\r®§)l.Place, 
spot- f.i. ajM^so, ecrn^so. ^so fi>d9»o§(an to 
giTB room. — cBK)QpsaiRiVgb there, oiQ<ni)s 
oftkA iDy with me. a?^d>o6o <^so a>&pi^s>(d>9c)o 
■hid thy station, duty, flg^rsgj^ cn^o Arois09 
o) BCtt. (=sQJ9<^). 

1 hoiue, naniion of Tasiala, KaduTalis. c^ 
SQ^ 095Q^ oSVq^ KU. 6&(G9aLj«Kr) a>2.s>6ai93 
obo iftflfiD^Sdaamo Bhr. preeerre a house by 
the taeriilee of one person. aj.Dioiob ss^L-jfirni 
atf^gjWmD TP. to build a mansion, c^sinzbl 
ous^ Sayer house (loo. <^^q|2aiis^). Also 
Mid of aappoeed mansions of ghosts etc. = roood^ 

^ orymMaal OOMBa to undo eyil influences 

3. meacare, portion, also of time. (BAolojs^ 
s^sasAo TB. as far as he knows. (8idcSlQ6Rieso 
(uosMoMod. moojVso a§ Q_i(t>gJVgb ojottcvsmo 
Bhri. OB this head I must enlarge, ^mo ^ 
ooW Alb mQiSo ^tfl^=-J. cn^^nboso <d>&pi 
iia paaa thy days. g^^So d»>^pl«aoi^ qj(09o 
^(==^£S). Aif^tmnso 4MX2 Mud. the former 
part of tha story (opp. aJ^anmso sr a>ouk9a).ii)^ 


«nt TR. during all the father's absence. SL^no) 

roo ciQajQ2^5®''°^9&^^<'<^^ ^'^^ ^^^^ *° answer 

arriTCB ajnrnlsccsd TB. oQ)nrnls(i||» (= «q_joc)o). 

-- o-jofiia^ cy?1^ot6 go So gogy TP. 

4. left Bide=gDSajg^oo, — socoo. — sDS'onilg 

moaj cuQj.'DR])l§1§^gy did no more speak, ^s 

(OR^sQoLjdd) f.i. when meeting a dog, woman 

(superst.) gDSO'ORDos sxmoo) MR. 

6. width, breadth. 9^5^ee<2 spacious d(t8 

Qjo C8. £50 c^y>o 09(^So BC26. broad ohest. 

SDScnnaio 6Mn6 atSfob RC loi. broad sea. 
Cpds. S35»)3a)b (4) left foot. 

®S6)S}§ Tery bad, as ojip), Qjd<ea Palg. 

QDSo S)d>§ajnb (1) inconsistent — (5) narrow- 

®59e)§ T. SoM. inconsistenoy — contrariety, 
harm. — Qg. d)idsd» to oppose. 

Q2S$>6)aa>, 93 &(® fi>6>a) (4) the left hand. — 

diAorod) e^ni TR. two factions, chiefly of 
Tamil low castes. flQSs>«)aa>n9m^ tmc^vafo 
TR. the complaint of the left hand caste. — 
gDSaa>ajo(/&o also 92&S)>A Chaliyars, that 
worship only Bhagarati (opp. aj&Ja>A.) 

ODS^Qia^QJ left side. Ormssn)^ ^sroratai s)'a>oc9l 
went to the left. 

SDScoRftob left handed Vi. also ®s<s>o)3k(6fi9 
ronb, fl^SQS>aB)a-joa§sgajab, fl2S0'n$)^(Os) 

9P. 59(019)® shield TP. 

ffi5fliiQS (4) left side. — the wife, as being 
the left hand of the husband, —opposition, 
what is inadmissible. — heresy Yi. qq5 
(OQ^ <d)Og) 05<0s<d> to confute T2. 

e&fliiQ§^o4> heretics (Nasr.) 

@s9aa)9cX) si2j£i KR. the left arm. 

fl2Sg-j<0no (2) meal of king^s attendants B. 

S2SgJOo left side ;mDaj^AS fps^ooQ nr^^ 
cm KR. 

esog_)^d)(5)tobowide. a>€nba2SS)8^S(20mD 
^ooOdSa^ RC66. (or sStixui^^iP see under 

^Sd9»— ^Sfl8*3 


^sca— ^say 

ds) — or!WnBlso«>ajgVol(dftcm 9cn(5^o DM. 
broad eyes. 

eS(a^ (2) a petty prince, of whom the 
KM. oonnte 1400 in Kerala (8. Qj^root) also 
eSQLJ9ip) KU. 

S2&0^sA (5) dilflcolty of speech from joy or 
grief B. 

Spscnjlro) (4. ajrol) a shell with the spiral 
taming from left to right. —also s^S 
ciia>o B. 

a2SQJ<d> 1. the principality of an QD5(o-)g 
f.i. ^tf fill a\}.i([3ajo, QcnQ^§«99i00c}o the 
2 chief Tassals of Colatiri with 12 a>0(O)o 
land, 800 Kayer, 12,000 fanam yearly in- 
come KU. jajg>ejl e2saj(0>(B)oro aaocgjo 

KU. 2. jurisdiction Yi. parish (Kasr.) 

QgSQjaio (4) both sides, noighbonrhood, qds 
Qjfijo aQjo«)fij m^toa (ST^cSal (marocmo. 
(Sisoiaio s>a>o^(aeo(a^d>o(Do TB. according 
to the taxes paid all around. — (also sepa- 
rated). 92Sass Qjfijvm (sml^sn^ AspltQao^roo 
TB. the tenure as obserred in the country. 
((MKlboesSajQoQjfiJCggSOCEti) Ocuioojonb TP. 
to go with friends. (mAobo s 5^0101^0 aiai.'mo) 
®0oc(^ TP. with shield ft sword. — adj. £S 
cuejo roon^coe^rokTB. 

fl2Sa)3Vp)s£S(a-)g, who has esojo^ KU. 
ftsojlrtnoooo (1) space, air Vi. 

I. ^Sc66) i4akka Tdbh.(ajD(fl8i)Adoub1edrum 

@Sd9a0§&o g)§d99C/Do6UQJo KB. 

II. ^Sc66>, C^ aT. aM. To dig, split ©s 
aoioj tm^cnoio ^§0 §ds (^s^BCto. (said 
of arms). 

ni. ^S(d6>, cdsH (&So 5) To widen a place Yi. 

^SGS4 i4«n&9 C. T. Strait (= gos). 

fl25«aeoo (etscoB) ft e^sooao q. T.^ifficulty, 
contrariety, oppression, want. A^oicBi ^9 
Sjon^ar) goaasicn s^soboo <Bi^<e»)cB;ocob 
TB. raise such difflcultiee about it. 

esfisai^, esiOBcnos^, esoBSp) (csm. 

(T)3^) a measure, 2|> a^rDrak 
broad, holding 4 Kali, or 57,C 
of a>spe5>cng^ (its mark ca.). Tl 
kind 6>.aieiajlscoB&pi is used in h 
cxj9§ls<aB(i^, larger by 10 or 20 i 
to pay the ojogo. oiejicv e^ 
OgQ 6)0Dg^ TB. .oOOO fl25«89^ 
<&0 eo^di Qjifij Atsni TB. (in 

^S^COBO =9^SC080O q. T.-.(B. QDS9t 

QfcdaTB. without harassing delaj 
6>aja8>TSia» esacoBQff^, onsaaoi 
09<dan TB. treated us harshly. * 
QCBBQ Sinx^ BCes. oaKTHOcab 

[To walk with 

^sc^dB), i4an6ii'ya ©soal cns«a 

^Sa_Jo see ^sojo. 
^Sa-ig^oonaj|cQ;ofo9|r61 n. pr. 

of the 36,000 armed Brahmans, resi 
Parur, endowed with Parasu Ban 

^scnjdS) idambu'jfa MC. i.=flDsg 

stumble, knock against, oppose. 
SQ.5CQJ^ contrariety B. 

^scoiob i4ayaii (m. ^S:^ f.) T. : 

The middle caste of shepherds ft 
rather foreigners in Mai. oaia^i 

oQSCtVOb (O90(l(> TB. 

^scxyd9>, e^'C^ idayn-ya T. M. 1 

1. To hit against, press against ^ei 

<CMOefiO<ab £560^ Tl. iBIMPlfiRI^ < 

^^6)5 9^>fiio A30 Kal 8. 2. to fall ou 
compete, soaa^^o ^sov oos^ BG s 
than the wind, cuacb goscno ^^flS 
gosl ^sdHnm SiaiocA BCes. — (Bid 
Si^osrS £560^ disputed about rel 
m2£\<A ^ossa^ 9(ljv£\ (tu.)s2S^c 
ably. 8. tocouTerse Ti. qds6o^ 
jaKailcda y2. (Bioaj9oD9S ffisenqpf 
intercourse with him Ts. 

©sft— ^sl 


^sl<fi> — ^sW 

iS^lA 1 . qasrrel orxr^ oftso (aiocid09CDEi^ 
>APC^o fl2S:fi)fii3a»^ snf\ea^ aiOBono MB. 
T>ai9rD95 gos^^ fi>^figonb RC98. to 
8. Cunilj difoord, separation ^s 
k kaIai to reunite. 8. interoourie Yi. 
SQ»^«aato difonite, separate, also s2AS«fi». 

■r T. M. C. Te. (V^flD^) 1. Impediment, 
nee ^sh AipIgb; unhindered, unchecked 
8. trouble, grief (po.) Ai&'oncDOfbb gDS 
b Bhn. were troubled. a>aj)(d)cX) gDS 
•xjooB^ Q_Ma1^ (SitYij.) £aiA>mR7n6)(r) 
kLjdaalcnonbRC 22. et. Q §) Bhg. perfect- 

•, ol i4ahlYa T. M. C (and esoaat 
pree.) 1. To stumble, trip. cr)snmi9)9(9b 
(proT.) 2. to falter, hesitate, e^scfl 
Lia^Q^ YyM. rtinrtsaongg go'o TP. 
er, doubt. 8. to quarrel Yi. 
>S:4j !• stumbling. 03^6oacX>3an(2o q2 
\ QjrD9 e^38aBcb9<0no Ca. 2. hesita- 
1, blundering. 9m>S9o oj^isooojo ^s 
)59CMn «>9^. 8. quarrel ^0)(A a ^9 
flDS:^ ^y^* disputes about money, an 

x£\ TB. ssii (Ch^an to pacify Yi. 
I stammering from grief? &eg6>0osp)ggg 

^oH RC78. 

[*lft (fi^) -A. wood, burning rery quickly 
ojsofiJaeo^o (proT.) 

i4AT«n T. M. Tdbh. (g akso) 1. Taurus. 

yOMBOdso the 2nd month (Xay — June). 

LiTOk^ KIT. beginning of the monsoon, 

eral armistice till jg^sojcqffi* 

)»o(8. Q£i«o; the horn of the Himalaya 

lock - a med. root, [c^^jroob BC 41. 

b Tdbh. Q-aascb a hero, ^soicnoo a> 

Db i^ATBl A butterfly Yi. 
T. M. C. Te.(V^fl09) 1. A stroke, blow, 
ftlpftiAi csiAS^ (po. of animals) 

t2s\ (f.i. in road making). 2« bruis- 

midiiif. fi^ikuoskq^o ^(0>9(Do (po.) 

8. thunderbolt s^^^x^^ q^^dBoo OojocbO Oqjo 
QvlMB. so gD&ia)|i»), AOO<ei), etsl^coB^ 
it thundered CO. eDsl«>aj9^(0Bam Yi. sudden- 
ly. eb^5)g^^d») Yi. to happen suddenly, ^s^ 
<2saT) Oiisofbb BCss. 
flQsi^*^ (^) ^ betel pestle, 
e^ Aipoiib (2) a betel mortar, used by toothless 

P«"ow. [GP 68. 

flDS^^<fle (2) young jaokfhiit hashed ft fried 

ets^itiRSl (8) flash of lightning, 

fl^s^cXLJOsloB/oani reduced to dust, of ftirious 

oombat, ruthless destruction. 
es^flTDo (1) a rammer, gunrod. 

e^Amajb (8) flash of lightning. 

es'f^&Pdano (3) thunder, e^S^^KB/oej) BO 88. 

fl^^loBi^-jo balls or cakes of cslq^nrnl. 

fl2S^QE)jg[]^ a kind of cake (also s^s^q^an)). 

CS^Q^oTii a kind of Tcrmioelli. 

CsloyrMiib mortar for husking rice, also a 

i2^<^dcX> (3) fork of lightning. 

^s^ojo^o (3) the lump of gold, supposed to 
be contained in the thunderbolt, and found 
when it strikes into cowdung. 
9^5^6>Qj§ (3) clap of thunder. 
gDslQ;u^ ft QD^Oaj^ sxuosat the stone of a 
fruit to burst ft emit roots. 
^S|d9>, GOStC^ i4i'lfa T. M. C. Te. (fis^) 1. To 
crumble, fall to pieces, be split as e^n:^, xS\ 
o, <o>sej)6)nbo oH^asj — 0§r9b sosifiRi^ of a 
cocoanut plant growing. — met. Sicnem^o ^ 
^siixS\&ea^ Bhr. 2. to be powdered, eos 
(rn)b^c%nrn1gj (med.) 8. to fall, be reduced, as 
price (QjlfiJ 025^60^) degraded — S2si«"0 ns 

(£\ rather a low caste. 
69Sl(66^ ▼. a. 1. To beat, bruise (mrS\ qdS 

<0d» to pound rice Yi. O0:fi3<oi3cX> fis^tdso FT 2. 

aios^(6»c;^o (stae^rob Q|Od>9sn8)b^<docsyo eo^B 

(0>cqjo (po.) 2. to demolish, break down. 

^Atf>(0)0<onSl s^oBa HB. ojotoSVob et^:^ (S 

ome (robbers) TB. 8. to humble, etsi^^oj 

oa» (po.)=<wDJgJ|^ o_ioa» to abuse. 4. r.n. 

of palpitation ^entail cs)d9to a med. Hid. 

^sVa;— ^§<fi> 


^§dBa — ^eno 

YK. I. SQLS^:fi^(^ !• demolition, rainB Ti. 2. de- 
jeotion. SQLO^909^^<^ d<0d»Q^o gl^ii^^ 
fii^cal^ Ti. (since Tippu's death). 
II. fiQLStg4 ruination Yi. 
ni. ^^loj demolition, despondency, degrada- 
tion. -^ (with e(^a> ft (ST^caa). 
gQSlCQ^ a piece of wood, to beat the ground, 
or to stop a passage. 
^ sl.^p (fern. ofs2&^QB/n6) ine^^aau 

^SIsYTSY^fsb i4inml T. SoM. Small earthen 
lamp Vs. 

^sIcOTtb 1417021 (e^^dte) A Canarese caste 

^^<6>, I Idnifa T.M. C.Te. 1. To put, place, 
plant, wear. a>ai^o ^^ Mud. put on, so 
(8TS)'srD6mo etc. — 5)ciJooi^5)^3S^, cuea^ctO^ 
planted MB. — gD^A(0>|a> to lay up. SDi>g% 
gjsn^ he trades without stock Yi. 2. to 
oast, throw. eso>fl.a) f.i. aiSfiJ^rzi to throw 
away TR. cno^ jiioo^^^ to glTe. QDf^§^ 
to discharge, eoSgcas (6)ajc6«d<) to abandon. 8. 
action in general crf^sne a)QQ;oi| Qsi^me ^dSajnb 
Pay. 0<i])3ejl§ qjoSjOBcX) leather instruments. 
Q-jaab^§^ to diTide, <3T^«rr>d?§<d) to swear, (btooj 
SiQ. cuco/Qjl^ QD^ (0)d^ TR. (=s)Qj^, oTlrno). 
4. anx.Y. denoting a completed action. Qclj331^ 
s has gone; giving also actire signification 
to a T.n. as (Si^rfli^at. — The part. s^S 
strengthens the 1 st adverbial, by emphasizing 
the power of the past tense. oQfiicm (Otsojlf^ 
fiD^g Q- 03ca>(onAl(iib (srod^eosgasma TR. it 
is nearly 2 months that I have been placed 
in arrest ; stands before Negatives 6) ji1C(^§1 
g^and 2nd futures Qdvo^ronHog ee§ ; also with 
causal power fi2cx?®s (fiOsono aroi^g ^9^ 
QJo SDg^OgjO TR.; (Ljosioo)^ cn^^onb SQL^o qd 
gj TP. cannot stop for oonversatiooj becomes 
meaningless 0[^a^§ = cST^d/. 
CY. fl2§ajl(an, s2^(^to>>^A^®topu^o^*f aIbo 
QD§daaai (old) f. i. oajol§({]Q RC 2S. 
Cpds. g9^a.9S burying place. 
C^ ASp) a grave which sinks, supposed to oover 

a wicked person. — a trap-doorwi 
flD^Qjs^ a gateway. 
^§cdd 14akk^ T.M.C.(Te.c^, c 
£5^) 1. Narrow passage SQL9<d 
space between two fingers Yi. 2. 1 
difficulty, poverty, also g^^^B^^o* 
of lobster. 

6y)§GS^ <6> V. n. To be straitened, 
pinched. d^srD)6)^bo Oo-joft g^^^^S^^ 
swollen eyelids. 
g9^(d(B<d), (0n) V. a. to confine, pr 

(as a crab). 

©?fci i4^PM T. 80M. (aas 4) The 

^§ i\\gk Tdbh. Qjlc^in Q<fift% Muci 

gp^o l^fam Tdbh. S2<^o> perhaps, 1 

QD^^jiinb Y2. and qd^^^^^ chec 

^§0 Itta^a (S2^) No. Wooden bl< 
notch, used by carpenters to wedge 
etc, in order to work them. 

^§^ Iffall T.M.(Te. C. e^«n)) 

^^rzjb Ittal aasad^' sas^fTabk ti 

around the houseyard. — also com] 
Q,Qj.. — gograb aDgl(61<08nno (loc.)— £ 
doa 030^0 zoeni^:n^cro TR. also s 

^§1 Hti T. M. C. Tu. (Tdbh. CB;c^) 
spear 9ajfi4d>cX), SDgla)cX> Mud. e^e. 
A(TD)o Qo'^ g^a^cQ/OcenCQ^ (pro 
Brahman girl B. 3. N. pr. of men { 
^§|(2;fi6^DCYlilCQ;.^ob N. pr. 
of PalakaduTR. (s)^^®<^9orii^ ^rma 
In a Palakadu inscription of Coll 
is called the nephew of c^^siod 

gg£l<6> Itti^ft Tdbh. e^d^^ Brick. 
g9^(d)ceAgi^ laterite. 

ggstfl, ittuli ^^ qj1§1cq;^ i 

reserved transfer of landed prop 

(= (8tO§l(2ajQ). 

^CUJ Ida S. A ^^ Praise of Gk)d8- 

^6^no l^a T. M. (C. Te. oQsm) 1 . Pai 

2. clothes in one woof. — atsaHfim, 

Si& OKa^em (po.) gDsmAoLjoo croai 

twin brother* flgLSTP«32*3QS dkcr 


jpyvyflft — gorgfa 

CP. 8. mate, oompanion, onion 82 
Wnx£i$^ (to.) etom om^cab ojlroloj 
tL long) lorert* parting. QDfim Aw'oni 
no aDrDlcBfOSVO) YC. not learing his 
a moment. gDOTXEing^oimKiiacndS 
PcvaR^ (proT.) 
"nOiiiABiSk to pair, as birds HC, be 

» or)9(T^ Cr Arj. if two come together. 
^A to be separated ctfm ajIfficB^o 
iscno ckQgpsmob KB. 
)o slight difference in aooonnts Ti. 
ift to match. 

i^akkamT. X. (^sma^at) l. Ck>n- 
oe, nnion. gDf09Qj6>rDCS^o QDomtSao qj 
united them TB. ojlsmaeo gogy §d 
r^ Mnd. g36m«9Bo ajofinftgo a\>00(ini 
1. rejected his proposals for peace. 
slon, tameness. enj^caDoib (Bnouardo 

e«q| TB. his mind is somewhat 
ddS 1. Agreement. 2. certificates 

proprietor to mortgagee, ojogosisn 
maatlmDo Qoi^ flDcrndBe ojooel^ga 
)Kb <^9n^o MB. certificate from owner 
, that he has let his estate §D6m<d« 
ad of notice of sale to a Srd party — 

to lessee to transfer his interest in 
iriy etsmdBa jS^ W. — also coanter- 
i giTen by oocapant to the proprietor 
ng his haTing transferred his inter- 
• p r oper ty. a>o«mo qjocob^ cn)aio as^ 
Tusit mmofiBm (sPalg. esploj^ol)— 

n^ oa>a§a|j| — MB. transfer of the 
irord to the heir apparent (loc.r=(Bi^ 

G8^S> 1- To agree Agmt(m g^sm 
Kt£^ CO. pleasing to the eyes, orvmo 
lej cnosVaib ft9^36 Mad. were not 
iBt^d with the new mler. <d)|}][^^ 
» ftOM CO. sleop so dear to the eyes. 

fittVob fl^firrMOB^ocnnb ^mo acnos^cm CO. 
8. to make peace, stand well with one fDonoojo 
C j^lgueaoin fl^finrMoal Ti. me£^ flosmiaai — 
C^nrxoBaOdn cxjIsttmob^ ^so pror. cosrnia) 
CQcnaB^Aos^smael YC. 8. to grow mild or 
tame Ti. 

gQ6no<6ftd9>, dBcH T. a. 1. To pacify, recon- 
cile, tame sojosxn jiKQg^^a^Qcnos c^nr^cein 
§Qj9ab Mad. As)g_](d> gDSvrveaO) TP. 2. to 
rehearse, teach a drama At£\ s2snD<ds^=anrD 
sm\j^ Vi. 

^6W)€93 Belationship, those of the same 
caste. semcoe^aA Odidoaji^ TB. complained to 
the caste. ^eoAio <a)£i ^€m€9^o egy»a>9<6io FT. 
to lose caste. (BmajsxD sDemcaa^mo o^cxqQ oai 
<de to suspend (for a time) from caste pririleges. 
§3.^1^7X0806, — > (ntci> kinsman ss ji)3crnajo6. 

^6nr>c£y<j9>, eostt!^ i^ajnya (aDsm) i. To 
agree well, salt. rooasrrfW^srrxoBcb ^smsa^ 
CC. 2. to subside =QD5>fl.(dA, as rain Yi. 
CD6^6nOd86^ T. a. 1. To unite, couple. ro«T| 

KB4. (for a sacred purpose). gD$)tfmd^ jbIcSa, 
oa)Saietc. 2. QDA5m^ro)<0n to be eqaal Yi. 

^enrxb i^ar (T. flower bunch) Fish-spawn 
((tnrDloygB e* roe. rmrDlo^gyoano) go. milt.) 

gpffl^ (T. garland, C. clot) A swarm, qj 

finB^sneonas^rok s^iicno ssngo, aj6ns)snecB;3Ao 

(8iod)cnjs^0snel CG. — 

gDsneoD^at to be thronged. 

go oneoinlr^ uproar (BiOQBjoQjlal6)^9sni o&S2^v 
ai^(S^ TP. si^9na:isoi9Q.o6iA99nS 9^. etc. 

etsne-^b (ft ^v^ib 5> jiiaficn cncB;<r)€08cX> BO i9.) 
Tcxation, sorrow. fl2^V<^>^Aaj((8(0)OCEHroiaj 
oso gojloAab Qjl^o^BC 16. flDsnee^o Q^«n| 
Ji^^Gfl^ C0. were affrighted. QDonecab cn^j^o 
(po.) might make jealous. flD^B^ob a^voAo 
cn^aePTi. we shall rue it. 
^fmS^OJ.^ d9>3S(6) (loc.) To point at one 

with the middle finger bent (obsc.) 

^f^KamS. (QD to go) Gone, reached (po.) 
2. Tdbh. odVoko fit, pleasant. ^(aimo!i(A «lj9A 


^m% — ^(Tfnnl 


^(o»o>!(D — gm^ 

Onmo6(po.)[ willingly. ca^fiJsaxa&l^flB^^ 
mo Mad. (OO0(rnW09C(£^ KB. srato^T^^Aoxb 
BC. well fitted ohariot. ^qsI 0^)^,-019^^ S^ti^o 
Ocr)9(69(Tio TP. tried whether the sword would 
fit him. ctftdconn ^Qsl a suitable blade TP. 

^C6)i i6as S. (g98o) & (S^ODg Hence (po.) 
QD<mta.j(Oo CG. thereafter. 

^OS) i6a (T. new caltiTation) 1 . Sproat, shoot. 
2. a small fence Vi. 
flDSMmtfifi, to sproat. isiosqj) ssxoi j^P^o s Bhr 5 . 

^rCVDo Karam S. (pron.) other, different, as 
in 09cB(a)(Ooqaiok1y(po.)sQ(a)rDeQ3(d>l low caste. 

^rSKlj i6a?!} aM. T.=flD(<no2' Pleasantness 

adj. S2^^2J^ a)oai9c)o BC is. well appointed 

^ra^6o i6al t. ^rc^JP, (Srtiro^iP (8. oao?) 

Flower leaf, oyaria of fish. (O)30ro^aj)mo clj 
t£^cnQ(£\(oo g^oncX) Bhg 5. a»90rocai^<Q>cX)SQ-iOS)QJ 
Qjl(/d3Gj03o Qd)O0a.cncB;cn6aacX) KB 4. 
gp(g>3 i&a (T. ga(S<a)0 from g^®) Behold here. 
aS\ et^mo ojotosaio PTi. (also g^g aisojOB 
cfianb PP.) 

^(d)\ ihi S. (pron. sa) Thus. In qaotations=: 
o^oio — stftni aJlonlauoxQ^o thus ends the 2nd 

fioanloDOCroo (gD.xfn+oo-f <e»^cro thus it happen- 
ed) legend, tradition, history ^adzsoc^mo 
^a£^QDo:roo Bhr 1. 

gptg) 10a ^(6) 5. (fiOt) 'I^his thing. gQ^ajQro 
hitherto, plur. 9301, also g^j^aOo (vu.) 

gQfgyg) itta (loo.) Slayer sorDo(aio». 
gpfgyptfOo ittaram (^a>o) This kind, thus — @ 

(8ioi(do ojofiia^ PT. QDosroiroo Qj9<0a TP. (often 

^i^(0o TU.) 

^OJroTl itti (Q(CrC)\<WOaii T. M. 1. Waved 
leaved fig-tree, Fiens Yenosa. ^cafS^9ixoiO(A 
0siai^o a med. moajr^ ggon^ (8X>fDaiK>ejo Qa-i(X)3 
a^o KB4. 2. a parasitical plant g2.;3RS^fiaAfiDi 
Loranthna ooriaceat (s oJ^oyiI). kinds : 

ojejlcB; 02. Lor. longiflorus. 
5>aj@..-ar9) qo. Lor. elasticus. 
AcneS^^zcA g^. Lor. globosut (Bh.); 

^nsrcnlfo ktira («>, (0^^0)80 much, mo 

Qg)a^a91^ cija6)a> ajocs^nm GnP. g^^ 
09Gan BO easily. 

SQL(ORi^<^ (vu. ©:a?<^) Tery little — 
<8cnrDo ^cnoo AojsfCB'OtlAS^mo Bhi 

^'GYSn6o ittU 1. Oyster shells, used 

2. Cpds. 

g9^micX)S)(08)9^ ft S^.'SRtioaad^ Epi 

tesseloid S2''0i0^c)0(^So, gD8|||d9i 

same or another parasite (comp. 3 

g2>^^<^i)Q-i^ (1) an armadillo MC. 

^(mDoittham S.= sgt^ Thus (po.) ^a 

S®; itya S.= (8ajOQaJl YetC* (©)• 

^g|0©lityaJi S. (aa-oH, er^), »« 

^({G) itra (QD.'mzSilfo) 80 mnoh, eo mai 

Q^lgyoo Qjoac(vem«0o ABs. or? flgsni 

01)^0 QjooD^ o^aeQaA YyM. only a 

QD(g) (4)omg^ innumerable. c^DCD8S>cn ( 

niTl^cB/osicvcmfSo do^osMn SiPus. — 

clined ^ym)«)n(>o §D(S)c»9aib doiD OS- a 

of one by so much. flD|5)9.'0iBi0Ao ui 

time gD^ai'OiaiosQjo TB. ^ 

repeated: AoS/oom^rob so.iSRftli© (jad«) 

^r^J(0| itvari 8. (93 to go) Unehaate 

^Go idam 8. This (po.) flDaxnlo son 

^(UJq iddham 8. (qo(ju) Kindled. 

000)308:30 Nal3. adv. with fiaming jo^ 

QO^o 8. small sticks for fuel (po.) 

^00 iiia No. ^OOl 80. Wing of baUc 

aiTimo^rD, dhlsPdAolcnloAab MB. (perh 

a formation syllable as in S).a)^or> e 

(fln^onc^^o oLJslenooooc;^ a o^ «i^ 

^OOo iiiam T, a M. 1. Class of animmla { 
(^ey Socno Yi. o^ealoncaacb BOss. 
mo BO 88. 2.=gi6nB Bwann, cu9\ 

^mob — soob 


^(ggkoJb— ©nrn 

iiail 8w <V^(0DabBtreniioaB)Lord — - •on 
arMkam>wpQjaao<b KB. 
LT. (in^iim) Gift, present, grant; also 
vSicm tfoisnel MB. 

T. M. (V^fio, Ta.rsgo'no) Henoeforth, 
>r, jet, still, more, (with fatare) t^tS) 
nolo-iDasoPTs. flDcn^eo^TB. there 
9re (to be giren). ©nnl «0«gj§ — 82 

iQ^ttcA once more. SDrnWoasiS) (sr^W. 
«k. — ficnlci^. 1. again, scocfiso okorb 
jDcnlcigo «fiaj3a?gj^tflBt>o TB. — goonl 
Kd OQ_i«b TB. tlie names of the others. 
c* cL^d99 OojooBfOinb £. Qjnrni§^ Bhr. 

iMya (5. ©nb sweet) gocT^ca; «5)a_j 
Dcn)cv6) jisofobmoiOQa) BC. gocn) oiQ»or) 
set BOD. flDCoW Qjs Bhr. fine army. ~ 
iDCid<in93n BC 117. 
B (= dtObojo) <9>99M9b d^<0i»Q^o §DCnl 

o BC 87. — also ©oS^a ((Bmooo);) cid5>s 

ildttjiWb Aifioi BC 126.) 

^ iniflsi} (At. rfWila^,e^aSlgg)Kind, 

to Tdbh.<cnS)(T\ij.) {mttojo.) 

roeksalt from Sinde (med.=AS)a\3 
>t»)<fl»9<b = Hindus. 
iD9cy>o OiOdaAA TB.sHlndoatani. 

isdrira 8. == aiagpi. — ©aaifoasTTxiio 

ilins (po.) 

^ indiTaram 8. Blue lotos (po.) © 

cTa 8. Moon. 

iiWiJij moOD*«ajB CC. 

&fi6 8k. 8UTa. 

j^fls^ CLC^^^T^ er^nnm0d<b CG. sdo^ 

b msQi-acfo Bhgs. ^^^^ 

lAjfOribShiTa. — No. Mai. 

iofzaaS. (r=9(r>nb) 1. The king 
Goda seSxiiQab; ©^osm^ his wife, 
toy ig|T)a.iao his BOTereigflty. — ©^ 
ediia oujoai PTi. C2iQ3<AaooQ east- 

wind Yi. 2. lord (0>»u«au(Q3ab the great 

derotee, d>9aaifQ9nB9ib PT. eto. 

g2-;^e9DfiJo Mndra's net." — soroery, saperior 
juggling. s^ngnd&iceno&idaBioronb oQ((g)<s^o 
HaU. BKoa^ Q0Oqo)<6bo aoaOfQgndejajo 
KB. (the grand deception of worldly lust.) 

©(ggcooagRg, ©(©CLnga '•iobow. [phlre. 
SD(^cn-e)Oolo<mai)(ci KumK. sky-blue, sap- 
@Di(i39eJ3d)o ((o^oojl^) the heaven of the 
GodB ft heroes. f«a\)oai«l. 

e<Q3ajifi) GisBUB pedata, used in Mai. for 

91;q3o£^(&>c)o, gD(Q30a)aeaj«d)c)o etc. KU. 

^(OglcJiJo S. (eo(Q3n6) 1. Male power, 
semen. aonDODeyipisniQi g2lQB^^C]^^^o ^^rio 
siioaiod Bhr i . = g9(^CB;o ojl^^ (tu. oCQosmo 
Qu^sna TP.) emissio seminls. 8. organ, sense. 
a.) «siB»3Srn(QglcB;o=:OQ^oi@) onJdBd Jiiaa^ tS\ 
qoj (oe)36rno, their objects (ancQ3(s;o)od6i:ggrv|cfc 
t[^a-i (Dcro oooiuo. b.) d)>Q20(Q9WoorganB of 
action cuo^ o-ioerni o-ioeo ^qQ^ ^so* ^eir 
objects QjjBicno eocno osacno «i^-na9o ojlcro 
^o. o.)in Yedinta 4 cBioaQKDi<Qp€BK> (exnt 

£<0B^CB^9ao eQain<0n AB 6. to subdue the whole 
of the senses and organs, ei.4Q^a2;ncsvo, cni 

fl2(QfkB;eiWi(>, ^\£Q^^:inA(jxlb aeaBual. 
goioJIowq^flreTl (1) carnality Vi. — 

^nruoooo indhanam 8.(inflaming)=:e^o. 

also met. £rbka>5nxQ;9an5)cD;orolcTU}cr)o CG. 

^nno iiAa T. M. (C. acw) firom aa) pron. This, 
such. £rm cndcb @Qom aocroo date ft month 
as may be the case. — It is chiefly used for 
the indefinite what : 9so^cqbc)o eDom e^(8snaA 
ganmoj c^cnoo (8100^(91) (^ogoecX) ^ctn e^ 
(dnVob 02^^^ oQcnoo qG)£^oo (BRXQ^ AjiI^ 
Bhr. gDom Ocnrosxmainrioo ©nrnxiSfDOS o^^onoo 
gDnmajjCDo Qoiemo s^^f^^^ ^^r* (b^® ^om 
not oaro when, wiihwhom, howi etc) 

^nnni inn^ T. M. C. Tu. (go) This day. fl2 
Qmnae o-Mqg^ elaiCTveocv) it*s just 10 d«yt MB. 

^nnnD»)o — ^6iajD/3 


^eaJtejl — ^cn;ei 

£3(m<0a Qnmoo eiajcroo Azsmo Bhg. QDono 
6yu)3^ gDorniQarab Bhr i. henceforth, for erer. — 
ei^crnQanat 6> jij&jajimo PT i. for today*8 meal. 
csTg Qtfiuo ddajbtiKob QDOomso org6Li06>gj Bhr 8. 
the present time. eDQomcB^AQCDfOQjo KU. till 
now. — Also = QDcrr)! henceforth Qg)$>6imi9(ob & 
if\wS a®@o oatcbtaaQcOgj^an^Qjnb COt, 
§Qary9QS (C. Te. cn\cm) yesterday enmsaiddn 

(emph.) TB. 
QgoDO "here** (calling cows to feed, etc.) 

^nnno893o iiiiiangam T. M. (T. eaTV3b=® 

onsfob) Vexation, troable. a^ocgjosnOcrn gDODoeObo 
d)CU(08)3S)(a) ^sns TB. without obstructing. 
QDrrr)oak03a£l£)^ce«mo Nal4. are with diffi- 
culty kept under control. fday. 
^nnnD6o innal (cnocte) l.=e<rn. 2. The past 
gQnnni iiLhi = l. ^cnl f.i.ajrD0§«(^nrS^nb 0OD 
g^rob gD nrn) c%'o ^aasmoOgy qcb; o KB 2 . 2.= qQ) 
ottI f.i. Qjo§0l(nTl«(» BC. 
^Orbo-Jo iiibam 6. (eooolca) Pleasure, delight 
(chiefly of 2 kinds uiiloolofijo short pleasures, 
OQ_ir£1aiio bliss, po.) 6).a)Qjl<da ecmoajoavYi. 

^no_id9><e)6o inyaTfa-jfal Tdbh. ©gjj^ s. 5 

stars in the head of Orion. 

^cL-jsl ippadi T. M. (ojsl) Thus aD^5l«6« 

(Oioo)c%o ooodBfia^ (doc.) also in letters s^ojs^ 
^9n K. K.=aQmv(a-)a)OrDo=I am yours etc. 

^Q-jl ippi So. (ji?aj^) ©^(sgo oDoAsmojo 
a med. 
gDg^^§l(Qb A pearl oyster Yi. 

^g-JOo ippuram T. M. (ajoo) 1. This side 
2. temporal QD(^^9rDo cufi^ gDie>^CD;^09CELi^ 
crcoajcjoocneocenloDxtniaabo s^g-ic^' ajsa«9no 
gja>cX} t^gloB^o gDgy TB. never since the 
last peace, ojajg^ oaasg^Oanoi flo^Oi^gg J110 
GD/cm^cnD MB. 

^(Sa^36)^ 9 jikmo axmorab TB. = g^® Qo-iOA^. 

^(8q-jo6o ippo} (Qojosp) Now, just, soon (yn. 
QD^o) g2%:)^vP0 oQcm 9j»io^jt^ CG. and 
. how are you nowP 

^eOJOt^asm Ar. 'ibadat. Serrioe (of Ood) q_i 

aS)(Qj20(Do Mpl. 

^SOJlajlofXD At. ibllS DeTil, rog 
GQ So ibham 8. Household. — elepk 

ODSiOb wealthy person (po.) 

^GJ ima T. M. a C. (& JiS^a) Eyeb 

CBKLid) a M. Qods go acB^Qjft oj acbojoI 

flD0(S;9^^ to wink Yi. 

gD0cnl^fi!nd> smartness B. 

QOS)0(fls to blink, twinkle jii^fol^o 4 
£\ip\^osim Bhr. ^QSiGi^^ei^ B( 
cd«(Tr) Q5>aii KB. e^^Og-jfta 
moment Yi. 

ggoyp imam Tdbh. (00)00) 92^ 
^Cb((^<Bi imaruifa (T. to sound, C. to 

Of acute pain, toothache, eto. (loo. 

YN. eai. 
gDQJOCu) Ar. see oroo0o(i6, Faith, he 
^COJO imba A hunting call <^ 

cTiiO (huntg.) 
gpml immi T.M. a fraction, =^*| 

«"°) ®' 494802 ^' Fis'oVo'b ^ 

aaaa'finii No. ever so littles: SQL<o<^ 
ajfo^o^tob Pay. 

^ca; iya aT. aM. (=T. ©S)© jii) 
meet. gDCB;6)09Spi0o^ BC 142. Q(O)0i 
BC. were defeated. flBS^osiBtgo g 
well beaten BC. 

eQ(v<a9<d> T. M. (C. oQcn^) to mo^ 
In grammatical usage f. i. AQ^oA 

fOOBicn^^ T. aM. sound o^nrrvn 

00006 BC 5. he said. 
^ca;e4<6>, (TYdT. aM. Toagre* 
be proper = ^§<d), 8jii(Qda>. — e 
famous CO. Qosodaio, aj^^bk) mDAn 

QB/mo PT. (81^30360 QDCB^^^SQJ KJ 
jx)68UfilO QDCD^aiSSlD YCh. OaO<fiMX 

aio^rm On P. scbk) sgt^^^^^ ^ 
who fear. 

ectwab 1 . = Qoatejom f • i. ojsobo ^ 
Acninb BC. the far famed N. 

fpcoKpyp^ — g)(DgawDl 


g>(0§— ^(DOOdl 

opir. eoBMi ADoloMo BC 7. Qja«x)o fl2 

•eias Cft^9M> Mpl. Bong. 

iQA to eaow, induce, ai^cdcbo figgliab 

h 9(019000 QDCBKX) QJgLlo BC 4. CUS0O 

flrnWrav figgditcB^KDOog^ BCso. do bat 
UKfcis UwfdL 

"O) iyftlt^ 8. So maoh (po.) 
SiJVnb (e+es3) Before this. 

liaT. H. C. Te. 1. Food of birds, snakeB, 
e, met. of arms. aBO^^XY) go roai>0(6si PT s. 
JL <iMTn>aA o^|^>]2^ ancvSliflalro (proy.) 

t^cocn^^aS e^ SD<^cB/3<a»i BCsi. 
»liliood. ^CQSnoin\ ansicm Qj<0.ejo Aif\ 
rir. Anj.) 8. bait, worms, Asoarides 
srDCEO^A to bait. Qjanai;S2^=Q-J9CQJnb. 
^iOt» helminthiasis (med.) 4. see £) 


8. (— fl2CU3 refreshment) also speech. — 
ind, whence gosirDaa. 

<fi>, (YTd ipakkuya T. M. To beg, e 

'sgiPay. fl^f^omcnscaiktoaskalms; with 
(DORjo cnl9(mD^nxTV6>ai03n9 Bhr.; also 
nrS)onm fiOdob axm1rD(0emo KB. sum^^ 
tflnmcib KB s. to beg hard, o^^uuo QDromo 
sUed OQt. 

D^dguj 1. begging, ei^ CaoaijRSlrDgLjigj. 
^frlj flD^AOQ^o. 2. bit of bridle 
e.) 8. see i36>ro<0». 

QsuvA 0Q09aK^ PT2. 

Og-iaiD^vz^ory), — aW-io mendicity, g^ro 

^aeicno Oojoaxszilg^ (Pfor.) 

Orob irangol and ^((^Qd^ydb Large 

as of beggars?), club, distinct from ^ 

>9iaL eA oOKMifeocabaj^ MB. 2. pole of 

ea. Wi09myA Aqj^A) (loc.) 

gb "W. of flgt«yode. 

fl inam X.0.Ta.sfl2&jfino) f.i. {cro 

■Mfii) a Bed. c(MBO^09fiej<b BOiie. 

g2*qjo ^CBcnojo Qoldaa TP. for burning a 

^^'P**' [em akA flg^o (proT.) 

^(D§<d> ira^QYa (sg2SQd9>)To stumble ens 

^(C^ irattft ^* M. (s^(D9«, cos) l. Double. 
WJ^ fi)QjQd9>, etros «i^a»c>a twins, egt^gg^ 
§y grinders MC. ggifOg qjocX) two edged Yi. 
<0o crDgoaiocBin GG. gi^sca^staa 2 betelnuts 
grown together. — ^(^(Oto^^ the paradise 
flycatcher MC. (=e>a)99«aiMSioil)-~fl2(Ogana 
fijcvob ojooii a certain Tiper. 2. odd (= csy 
C0o) 6^o«c»o ecogOcftO Ti. C^S^>8b)§ffi ^^' 
gQ(D§| double, twice as much, (with Dat.) 
(Biaoinar) cnofij^rDgi 4 times as much, (with 
Loc. ci^ (oooeioflrob S2^§^^^^ Oan.) — oj 

Qj^CQ.— adr. fiajslbjl^orsb s^^ogl^cno 
A amed. 

gDrD§1«a t. a. ft n. to double, multiply <09ng\ 
6KT) £rDg1jy (T)oe4 Ghui. ecno 6>a>9§(tna)9aA 
QDfogldBao ^dds^&io (po.) emodBt cnofob so^S* 
d^ (OKTiD TB. paid four times the amount 
(=a>«n|). [MB. 

fl2ro^ec^(0o Glycorrhiia glabra. [teal, 

^fosns iraij4* g^®'^g--J<393&Sl Wild duck, 
^(t^dSh iia5am Tdbh. focroo Mercury, ^(wmo 

^dMSPflOU amed. 

gQ/D(Ti4d9> irambnya (n. e^^) ^<> bluster, be 

loud (loc.) — [breathing Vi. 

fiQrDoiKDb the roar of the sea, difflcuUy of 

^rOQjroTl irayaSi Tdbh. (SiDOKon The 27th 

asterism. go. aj§ aaODo KU. a ceremony. 

I. ^(OCLJ iravij T.M.C.Te. (ero<e«>) A thing 
lent. fiiDOj ggirDd9A to borrow. s^(OQj ojom^ 
(loc.) of clothes, ornaments, etc. s^'^^^^^^'^^ 
(da loc. to endanger one*s head. 

S'oc^J^ob T. So. Palg. fl2* QJOOB^^ m^&^stno 
VyM. borrowed. 

II. ^(DOj T.M.Te. OfdTu. fl2<di> C. fifDcfo (fl2 
OS II.) Night = 92^9f ^0. In po. fl2^^<^^<^ = 
roo^ArtA PT6. [Pay, 

^(00OS\ iriSi Tdbh.(OOoe)f.i.«0sa)(O9ondoo. 

^(lyocij ce> — ^folcnj 


^tfiVsy — ^(a 

^(030^(6) irayti'ya T.M.(=(w>rt>DQj«»)Toflie, 
^t61d9ft<e>5 ^(wmra irikku'ifa (v^®(t8 T» 

M. C. Te.) 1 . To lit, rem^lo, be in a pUee. &a» 
mo siv^^t go ascnosr^ojab OS ^ (SiookBro, go 
(oloijo fivmosp^Gjo QDrfn<a» 6)at§o (proT.) being 
aoocoapied. — s£(0^<jE}sa7).ixX> maidserTaDt. 
e(O^aD(BiO2B0oa85>5 vXiooAiA 9(i-ios>aj(prov.) 
unsteady. — ^(^(^ma ooo^nrQo ^(tacm Qo-iocEin 
Q«no KR. are the 9 Shaitras abolished ? — Keg. 
gD(^caott(i» ft ero38(0) (po.) 2. Aux. Y. 
gD rtBorn^osaio was sitting ; often oontr. cniorn' 
ad=cn)(YnirsaiD,Oa_)0CBnd98<nD etc. dMnS\(S\ast 
ou croQ[jo aisr^ai (4)nm930 even -whilst look- 
ing at. — 

Inf. & YK. etrol^aa 1. being (ong|jl(Dld9fi etc.) 
SDroiddaanglrbb a coach. garDlddTlsonr QDfO^g^ 
So — QDro^daansratLraatj callosity of the posteri- 
ors, as of monkeys HC. 2. gDr^<6oSaj, — 
9<0a there being, whilst there is. 
YN.QDi^^ 1. sitting, residence, position. eoQJ 
fi)g_j§)a£lfak rmoQJo§\Bb 9D(S\qA9^ MB. gofol 
oj aje0iO^6>a)O9neW.'od)^(ob cr^ec^:^ KR. a 
seat in the boat. 2. balance =:cy9^, & 
(S^^ ^rtwab, ©fo^ftjeas. B. (kHj.) eoocro 
(O^ch §Q(S\^^xh flakes (B. Job 41.) 
^rolgjlso residence, lodging, (from 2nd rel. 
part. fat. cnlfiJBcfe flafDi«a-|S«S} TR. where 
yon are) jij^roccoScnD6)aD<ds» go^^^^ 
Qaj6)o KB. ^ro^g^so €)<d>^QcD; pror. (sn 
oioo (9ii^a-i.oi^rrnlroi^So Bhg. 
^(OteSOSldBftS, ^(61a^D6^(3<JBC^0S N. pP. 

A Brahman Gramam No. of Calicut TB. KU. 
gpfOley^o iri^am S. Desert, salt-soil e(ol«m 
§^0 KB. 

^roloQj, ^(©roji irimbn (gortfeii.)!. M. c. 

Tu. (Te. gDCid^) Iron. —obi. case to ja^s^ 
^St {^9ca}tKO^£^ BhgB. BC. iron olnb.— 
flD(^au9ei blaeksmith*B shop. -^ 
flB.(61cnja)o an iron — wood (flo^ea. Booh.) — 
et^^UDiCb^aOaD^o ^m^ TF« lunging the 

body of a criminal in chains ft lett 
rot therein without bnrial — a 
punishment .in former days. 
6QrDla3jm(Sdiay03CBnBG84. a pestlestgCTO 
g2^cnj0rDo a Sideroxyloo. — 
g^rolasjflio^g^ (anchor sajJicnl). 

^cota^dB), e^ftw^ iriyuifa T. M. i. To 

sation.— No. ojooil , Qok^, 4ji1<^, CQ 
= ea>csya). 2.(T. e(i)towTeoclioff,ti 

pluok (as fruits, branches) aoftl 92^^ 
a)0QBnr6)a)(a single plantain from the 

^moro CG. (the mother, her infant t\ 
breast). | 

etf^«9»9^o <0>si<fiaioc;yo fruit purloi 
YN. ^(S^^fA l.prieklingseasatieB. 8 

^(61«^5toDA DN. Tdbh. gca9. 

I. ^^j 6^ (S\ irn o(Obtb before Toweh 
C. Tu. (Te. ©Od) Two, whence e f^^j « 
fiiQKU^ two persons, ajfl8)1<QQJ«b t2. 
Compounds, ast 
(QR&dro both shores. 
fl^(Qi^§<aaonBo FT 8. botii parties. 
gl<V-Ai9^ ploughing twiee. 
f^fOdoiAJ ^Qjnbscro§(ffi^ei <!• ▼• 
£ascn3ej\(ak)g-)3go **two measures oul 
equal diyislon of the crop between 
tor ft tenant W. 
e^nO^ 200. — §D ftBQ^OQanoA fn i 
®«8Qja 20. lC**fc. deecendants c 
QDRSO-l^cdaQ^o, Q0(C8(S0COd8»9<b VB. 

gQaaajas<d)0(b both parties. 
@(ia<Ljoo both sides. 
@a330smis>a-iQ«Oa B. gleaning. 

i^rUi^cr) two-pointed, two-edged* 
^<»aj9ai Mycaehch Namidiaa 6ran«(B 
gD aBQjsfioDo^, fl^aa«M)a}0D9^ N. prk U 
BE. of Tellicherry once govttrnad 
byar under Colftttiri T& 
U. ^(a To be dark. 

gpH Xrf) — ^(Ql6o 


^6MDdB6^ — ^O 

OC^ 409 Bight. 
0-A9& «4)§y90 OJfDOlO CQ. 

f iru&i (fi[(o^ fl»)Iii the phrase m^t0«rr>3 

iiSls£\ fi>Q_j9C^inka>9dR) (oxoiatTK. allow 

reside oiiinolested. 

fCTRTo Sitting, staying. fl2(Qd.^sra!)032BO 

sttled there, also g2^'^n°i • 

i) 1. a seat, bench. 2. =92^'^^^^^ 

iid g^aB3nBil6>cB; Si:uj^ 9aj9oaj(proT.) 

Q^ju) (med.) 

.irrp^d^ CT. (of gorplcStt) 1. To seat, place, 

settle. 6iaaB5>fl. (donictSQi fO)5)nm gDfoaiOnliil 
joob TB. (=:gDrolg_j303c8nl) indace us to 
. rDOMOAoi QDOBfZS^ajdnb KB. coodo qj 
9n6^o SDfSOQajdab o-ism) ER. difficalt 
) riches acquired. 0i^or)^rDa.m^ EU. 
;ed, gare. 2. t. n. to sink or settle as 
(loc.) — to walk (hoo. loo.) 
Slcaa 2nd CY. to oaose to seat, present (Qv^ 
MKm fli^asm)^ 6)^9ga3o 8G. (as tow 
temple). Aoofi. ^ac£\a^ ^(^fOiS\j^TP, 
irzsb inumal T. M. C. (II ^oa) Char- 
' blacksmiths (=af)o)sajaLnd9enm axo^). 
)^9rdn6 collier y2. 

irappa T. M. (C. Te. £^) Bassia lati- 
rith an uilfruit's)^s>s o^L^obcnloo 
^fdlgyooftgr^ GP. see ®ej)g-). 
I irUfi ▲ drug (T. panionm). 
luo iniTi} Ta. fl2f9()o Dalbergia Sisa, 
1 a lar^ spider. 

-Wfl.— aJI iiaTSri T. M. (Tdbh. ,091 

) Andrupogon mnricatum, med* root and 
se; prh. ^'double rooted." SDOaSQjQj) 
0d^^ ji^CBcno Nid. GP76. 
>yAy ^(Skroonib (Ar. irsal) Remit- 

iro} 5. (n. c^) Darkness, blackness. 
icnkio brown (loo.) — ccacbixixB^sb no 
£f&)A«rTiWpfii9()oBC. black haired. — 
i dusk. — obL case ttOB^ (=s ^). 

flD(QQc^, 9^ to grow dark. crgBevOdioeoKB. 
ena^ olondy weather s atgeroL —r«»6nb 

gDas^(&, to darken, obscure (loc.) 

g^aaA^b '*the blaok" a caste of jangle dwellers; 

also agrestic slares. 
Caaftanb Vi. a sparrow-hawk, see sgt^&nl). 

L ^6^(0366^ irekka T. M. (II. g^^) To pant, 
snore, blaster, roar as sea QJ^rDlcJu)a^9.o s^$)rD 
^AfflAQOi ^Qiso%m Bhr5. (before a storm). 
fl2<D^^ 1. noise as of sea, bowels, hum, buzz, 
marmuringt also 8i5)rDg^ • 2. the appea- 
rance of cracked, uneven wood (loo.) 

H. 6pSi(0i}^ Si d>§^ No. 1 . To bind two cocoanuts 
together (loo. = g2^^^} SiMi6>cS\ ^(o^bI ^ 
6aafiO<ab >><d)sic»9<Qb eft g^rDdcmzMOBS. 2. co- 
ition of dogs. 

^O ihk T. M. (V^SDQ) 1. The eares of a 
hoase, also ^oAocil y2. etocKOOo Ti.— 
oJltTlihQi^sis (BIO Q^q^cm ^ocsvs^ .oUsno (jud.) 
dfeiu>3(dA g^OGB/flia gDoaan MB. g^o ojoo^ 
Qd)cbd9eaio an eaTcs-dropper, qdo a.iOC2i2 ^ 
onoA Mad. goo (moro^Q^d) (after thatching). 
2. §DO es <o)lo taxes, tribute (old). 3. a certain 
fee for land-tenure B. 
Cpds. flD049a§i^ , flDOBBbrgb entrance stair. 
g20(9«(KD9«nBs (d) fireehold B. lands held by a 
small acknowledgement of superiority to 
a higher lord. cotOsarDosnaOcBioai W. 
SOOjJ^guAQjian begin to thatch. 
e^OQUAo, QDOcvo veranda QAoaisait. 
flscxv OjxX^eA a low caste near Palakadn 
(allowed, to draw near houses up to their 

wyen\ [services 80. 

gDOcaoji (8) grant, as of gardens for certain 
g^oc^oiRKQo, g^^oo^spo the beam resting on 

the pillars of the. veranda. 
COOKoi 1. line of the eaves. 2. (8) royal 

taxes 80. W. 
GtoojMDo veranda Yi. 

1| MB. g^o«)cufiao oQQoaiW oro^eopror. 

^OdBb — QO.^ 


@cx^ — @Q<afi 

^OdB? ihiyu T. Te. H. 1. Wing, fln=^o 
^. 0^)6)060 c^<<^ Asiooi^ ttajdcan (fig. my 
protection is gone). 2. Trar. one flap of the 
bindings (tjnr^j^Aami^Anbo mog. 

^oes^dB) ihmna'ya t. h. (C. Te. to bow) 

YN. To descend, go down (a»SfiJ^(ok flDOca§ 
ojoob PTi.), disembark, be swallowed. Aojgs 
(OkoajoilangDOcast TB. ^Dgyfig^orTlono ajoandO 
oaS^ MR. left the house. (CY)^ai.i]Rinaib) gDOioa' 
cr)Sg-)3nb <0M9eQjaso fil^ani roionD MB. permitted 
to cultirate a rice-fleld. ciAnr^daetoaBlcDdfbb 
proT. when eaten. ajvA oj&Po orf)4> ^oobmi) 
cnocX) (po. when djing). mtMoS^ak soob^cb; 
(09^ Ckin.s^. 000^^0080^ reiuctanc7y2. 

TN. gy^Ocflgvo 1. Descending, slope, abate- 
ment, ebb (=:9ajeji gDotano). go. cusnsA to 
ebb. S^cno §Q,odS$^ aoj^^ he is gettin^^ better. 
0cng]^Vob S2<^^9*o shaking of a resolution. 8. a 
disease beginning with headache ft ending in 
boils etc. 

YN. £0<flt Ko. — dmo nen^ SDo<deQajego a 
■wallow of water. 

I. a. T. gpo<0ftd9>, ddSl ^o P^t down, unlade 
( .aMsi , (BT^cb), to expel (Qojg^ocn), to swal- 
low (Qjl^aao) cn^^ go Oddtai a med. fiajofijoeoo-jo 
flDOdanl^so (proT.) g^oo^asni croaoBK) as long 
as I Uto. 0<do qo):^ a,)span(bb g^Otaea), aoj 

flB^3A^ 5)0)5)6)01:^ ^(Oo QDOQcdasmo TR. 
(drire down), m^Sicn OiO^^ g^OcSfkl PT2. 
let it down. (T))ai60B^(Qb qj)({]Qo ojlftcqio floo 
dBailMB. planted. oioojooD ^Ods£\atAea^ dis- 
possessed the tenant. (Byoojoa §do^ (moavtos 
Anach. send out of the house, aioeejlaiaf^rok 
eocncroo flDOdaiftlcnoab Bhr s. became absorbed 
in. 6)5)8010 flgtO(d8i)QB)(3 GK>d*s gifts. is£^<s^(A 
fl20^a> TO. (a djing man. superst.) 
2nd. CT. g20<fiB)<ed» ti. oDa SiOiAin^ MB. 

n. ^o<eB<fi>, rrrb iiakknifa T. 1. To die — 

M. to become lean, cncmdo^onrio SojSQEui (loo.) 
2. to burst, as flower, cocoanut bunch, breaking 
forth out of the spatha.=Qj)sR8a>. 
@Oj^n ifalddi T. M. Te. (s)^), in Te also 

fl^o) Flesh, meat (£• (d§^)* fi^^ 

9cB;9n6, 82.0^ o^nax^v^ (pror.) 1 

gp 0(^^301) Ar. Bamazan, the faatini 

@0(nJ ihuilbl}=fl^vO Earesi brow 
edge. 6)ajesanzino)abo s^oosj^dik fiosr 
close to the tank. 

^ooi^dS) irambaya 1. To bluster 

c6aa> — g2''>c>^^J<^PAZLtingYi. 2. gaac 
<e» to suck, sip (loo. — also gDC^ooi) a. 

^CXOOod) ihiyal Port. Beal, a doUar. 
ocB;9(0b Spanish dollar, also AOiifil crooB 

^cxQ^cd) iraynya (TC. to sprinkle, V 

S)6)Od9A To bale out. ei^s^ taoicpn ^ne 

g2^^ (=g90(38ao) watershed. 

flDOojob, ^oojsA A hilltribe of basket-x 
eooican^ KU. (ssAooianfiP). 

S^OQ^igasanb a hawk (also oQolfiiai 
A ^egosob) Ttt. QDOftoC) MC. 

@O0ob, 000b iiail (T. flgtocBob king 

QDO 2.) Sire, used in answering prlnec 

^OyBb6^0Jg^o=^06>ajg^o proT. 

^Q<6>, oq iruya t. m. C Te. 1. T< 

drop. ®oc?loQ ojlipAomons <A>g[^<Y{)^ 
(BioojnrniooJoQ «jiiofO a»flScno Bhr. in 
2. of splitting pain. o^Qj^ qjo^o e 

Nidsi. -oj^ rDsngo fiDQornlg 5)cr)Dg^ 
Kid 34. 

6y)Oc5l£6> (1)«. ▼. To dribble. 
@CJ(Jfed9>, cflSl IhiyD'ya T.C. Te. »q«i 
^ M. To become tight, close. 
gDQOBASaJ suddcQ darkness. 
^CJ ddeo tightness (=^Qdft8o), coTetoo 
gpQcflft l.=gD o<fiBo2. crab's claws=fl 
gDQdSs^orbb, £QtBAa»0(ab 1. crab's claw 
2. a lobster. 

QDC^dnoSantKok a cleft stick for ooll 
the bones of a burnt corpse. — Io( 

a stick bent into the shape of I 
as fire-tongs. 

@qdBftd9>, dOeH 1. To tie tight, oaM 

crab, 6>A>o^<vb 6)A>04ne fl^Qd9a«». mi9\ 

n€M» 09ocn)o ^Qfinl a)«>0«n|«ajMA 

^qcoJ — @&198iiDl 



^qg^ KBs. «>s>a> flDQd^5)(an9cbd> to be close 
iitdd Vi . 2 . the rlrer to hare a narrow bed Y i . 
SQ^dsl^da denY. of cQdaaoso/DoooldM q. t. 

^Q OU ihimly^ M. C. T. An ant, see gQcnj, 
oQ — Q^cKlorrVQcnj (= esPQtHom) TP. 

Qqac^<B> ihiininii'jfa i. Q-}g^cv^d>To ^ash 

teeth, also ^rxmcA Yi. 2. to shirer B. 

gcx51«© see ^q<6). 

goc5l0ff^nr51= ^rTOyn:fiC>gnQ| (loc.) 
gOCJ ittn 1. Pastof SDQdiq.T. 2 a parti- 
cle (either from g^nA4-<3, ^^ fict^)f.l. ono 

OUnlOQa-lSI^ = 50X10. iil9(dVQrid9A9«TinoO0(tlb 

luMk) A^ TB. half of the assessed prodace. 

@£J ila T. K. G. Ta. <^ro (perhaps fr. g^ft) 
1. Leaf of trees, plants = ji^- the leaf that 
Mfves for a plate, (in Xalabar the plantain 
W). £ai3goQ-jetiQ{^aK0^ATP. preparation 
brmeal cQJsS^SgsciSS^ <(n)nnoanun6 (8. ouqIj) 
aAnrxtb who eate whererer he finds a meal, 
fithoat eftate somples). 8. the betel leaf 

king ehews betel. B. spoke of wheel jtu^ 
oBMnb ces (see fig^). 4.= (siq^a blade f. i. 
Aa^c^os aaei jud. Ko. [eating off. 

S&iAi9Bo a piece of a plantain leaf used for 
fie^aer^ carry of green Tegetables. [plant. 
gojj^flB^ So.rsimlasaeeai the milk-hedge 
Cajs^&isaoVab « hermitage. 
£&j^T) signet ring B. 
£fij^-i a sprig B. 
Qfii^^ the airplaot (loo.) 
eeixiMn)Wn6, — j^ green-grocer B. 
gake&<fi> ilaY^lY^ ^* *^- ^o sbfaie, twinkle. 

gai^^nob ilftkkai}ain Tdbh. fijd£tt5mo i. 

imed. 2. the higher grammatical dialect (toe.) 
^fii^VsOXti) ilakkiya^ N. pr. A low caste 
bring plaotain leares for plates Into the 

ijgftWml flatti T. M. @(D5nm»l 0. Ta. 

Mimasops elengi (S. aua^o). gDeJoaiPgJ, 
§D*tds<Ta GP. med. 

^aiprO) ilanSa T. M. C. Zizyphas jujuba (8. 
«o»(0^.nr\y) onfoljOeJoo) a plant Vi. 

^ajQJo, ^aioj ilavam t. m. c. The siik- 

cotton tree, Bombax pentaodra (= o^ft). — ^ 

gaiQjjLj, <flisnB^ai>j species of the same. — sgt 
QJuousfDO its cotton. 

^ajaj€S3o ilayannam (Tdbh. eiuocooP) 

Wild cinnamon, Lauras Cassia £»ejx>fiSBcnJ§, 
@QJ2«99S).Tn9)9^ (a med.) its bark GP. 
^6J3d8& ilaklra Tdbh. ojocds, OJfi&o Aim smo 

^aJDQ^ d9> ilavnya = aaiiojd^,, To take a walk 
«£))6>^roigj|OG@5)nrr)GJOQjnT)2 TP. 

^qI\ ili (T. nonexistence) * ■. &fb soejl 
«)a»05ng ^srn^^yob, goan^^a^^nili^Gan.— 
use^or a reis (^ J-g Rup.) or Qj)(r)0iP«9> (astr.) 

gO^o-J ilippa = @D asg_j. ©ejl^gjojlmosnioo 
0^o KR5. 

gp^J Ar. 'ilm 8cience @^o ^odo a>c^cDOgo a 

vTSiz&l^ ^'T^iji^''^ '^^^ ^B clever ft religious as 

gpfgu il 5. (V^= ^cX). to be in a place) 1. House, 

spot, in many Compounds as Q^ocai^^, ojd 

(OH^bb. 2. Loc. o(])nrn)n3binme, Cond. 6)^^^a& 

in case of doing. [(med. against poison). 

Cpds. @3gy§o roof, — §D^gd>»ro) T. M. C. soot 

^e^ 7 ^^aj ilia T. m. c. (Tu. ©sfep=» pj , 

Te. 901) neg. fut. of gorob. Does not exist, 
there isnot. — no, not. gpgLjOdSsnm QjVoofeRC. 
destroying hero. — past SDgjdsm^. adrl. @Dg^9 
Qxn without. @D§y3^3(08) to annihilate. — rel. 
part. gD^3(f. i. @^^35)^3rbb aspersion, denial 
6)ajeao£^3§)d9QPTi.=@g>j3ro)), @9g>j9«) (with 
QJ|mo, Qjipl etc.) CD^ 1. which is not. 
e§y9.isra» aj9(dsa>cb, (BTdaj.TUDd<>;>, SQg^o'OTS) § 
snoocaoscb (sro.olsiji^ TR. false insinuations. 
flDgjorma) .n£diQai8c)o gongocan) (rnidOnTR. created 
wantonly new dWisions. 2. In which there 
is not 6aj'gxj)^g»j9.'ar9)<8aiOo. 
Cg>)9QB)9, o(0o^3cs<3 (question) 1 . in conreylng 





^ojob — g>c^o 

blame etc. 2. in surprize: 0a>§)^3a2;3 s 
Qjoch Mad. oaght yoanot have heard Pt orf) 
(iioolajiai3ca;o PT. 
926^®gy9f o(0oai3gjo ((BiDgj+Ao) 1. BtroQg 
negation. 2. negation implying regret, 

blame, etc. or^ ojonlaiSg^sEU. what a pity 
you did not then come. 

fijg^ CG. Barely be cannot hare run a 
thorn into his foot. 

o^^o ojn&P^Q^ Mnd. oh, we haye done 
no wrong. 

VN. eftjDcg, aog^o®,efi»jjgg^o not existence, 

pOTerty, want (f.i. fl2<^^g^9%t OO[f^ciO0) 

gyo^ Mad). ®gjO(gfi)jiJ^=©ftj*modBfi. 

gp^ o illam T. M. (=5 §Qaii) Hoase, Oo-ig^gyo 
bride*s house. figjOjo AaiQjo Esp. 1 . Brahmin- 
ical hoase, coo^folayos flDgyo (Bioas^ o<d>gl 
^s TR. e^gyo ojinoiODodr) ojemlGB^^cdA FT 5. 

2. title of a Sudra distinction, the <fi^rD^GB>0(S2 I 
cnwsnib (944 in Kerala) or cnoQioo qj% (^eft* 

3. any of the 10 Palayar classes. 4. Makku- 
▼as are codaligycaoo^. 

Cpds. egja^o W. sig^a^oolSQi QJih TR. 

private property of a Raja (opp. cro j^oq-i^q), 

which on his promotion be assigns to his heir. 

gD§»jornio oQcrryQ Aoe^o atftojo B>sa:u<iian ■ 

Oojsng (proY.) a ceremony in the month 

of Cancer, to prepare for a rich harvest. 
g2gy9g-)& family-name. 
flDgtjOLi&planoib distant relations. 
e2£^^o& cLo. (8) croofiojcnuo egj Aoa gD^ 

dSAoA jad. not exactly a relation, only of 

the same lineage. Mpl. 

^^T iUi (T. a leaf, prh. from jiD^) 1 . Bam- 
boo, chiefly its small branches; the bamboos 
in shape of rays, which bear the roof of an 
ambrella; the spokes of wearer's wheel. SQL§^ 
•iajS oqlmdS^A Oojooai (BT^dan s= ^ejcnsc/so. 2. 
Sacchanun sara osro 8. 8. a €k>dde8t repre- 
sented in the play of Malayers. £^C({^ 0(da 
^o 6ia*£i<on (med. for c/aWuor)^). 

Cpds. (1) fl2^|^§instlrgb d(Q £g 

fl2^(0e^<£>in, £g^Cb9(dn(gb Tenetii 

^ojob hail m. 6o f. flgajib pi. (e 


eoj pi. n. (obi. case ggojoo ; of 
Floral is formed : s2^0Qd>c)o, 
So. o(Oooo)coBcX>, (Si^aflooicaE 
said of low castes ft cattle); i 

eojlso, eQ?«5 (©so, es) 1. 1 

aa hither, gg> ajlssorSloT) , fl^oj 

2. also temporal (sso 8) gaoj 

^ 01(090 TR. 

fiOtQJgJjo, eDg^oo ((SV^O), CQ^ 

^OJ iva S. As oro^eo CQJ seali] 

^Odd) iial aM. (T. C-Akbk) Resit 

S^Ac/SidD (s=S2QB/) T. Te. aM. 
planks Yi. ^^ 

§OC/bO(biS^ (Ar. isharat) Sign, qo 

a>iplcAoaj Bhr. (goja^dajo £^gq 
"he is but a low Brahmin ^c 
also emph.=many, mach (loc.) 
$OcQ:^ iflam S. Autumn oororab {^a 

^rh:^ iiu s. (V^ectti throw, o. 

fiocfli^cjul quiver. — 
QD:fijld> reed (po.) 
^c£^cd) istaya S. (v^ca/n) Brie 

. ^cQg iitam S. (part, of fi:m to wi 
ed, acceptable, dear. S2<3^<1^ n^- fl2< 
desire, love. £(^o fiOgySo c^< 
$)roQ;yo DN. — £(^0 <ljoa to apea 
please. — cc^ao^ai to flatter, be 
Qj((nS)a9«B flgd^^d^nmajob SiPu. 


en 0^(0)0^0 g2<^o fir^^nm q^ 
indulge, truckle. a^aftjOOg-jm i 



(^ oiayA to gftin one's affeotioas Vi. (ra. 

Cpdi. so<^«B3^rib ftgreeable friend. 
G:^8dteS dUpleAtnre. so* aja8(q||2^todiignBt. 
S^cL^nb who grants yoar wish. 
C:^3t0.-^o liked & disliked, gQ^orn^c^a^o 
o^^ 2^16 eqaal to good &bad fortane. 
S^^esojo merriment Vs. 
G^XBcrod'Do aoeordiog to wish. 
fir^XBoo the desired object. 

g'^ I liti 8. (cB>09 ). Saorifloe. mo^la&J a^^ 

frn)^o Soosai^o ^2.aj^.ib Bhg. r^ iron, 
gn^ (H. iatrl) Smoothing iron. gQ. 6)^^ 
grr>3^3o (Ar. islam) 1. Islam. Cff^aiOo 03 

iiff^Vi^ SOB dcgfsa TR. 2. the Mussulmans. 

*MnDo TB. oj^Sf flDg^azasib TB. oonf erts 
(shielly ffom the MakkuTas). 

■ f^pD iha 8. Hare. coOSeioAo, g^ao^o&j?, 
a^-acS) fitoy f2')Oo this world (opp. ojroo) fBioO 
ftj^uaafki in both worlds. 

^Q% il* 8. =92 CUD Earth. cacvoQ^ecn^Agao 
•kn6Bhri. jBhgs. 

Q&»^aio the oentral continent (see ai^o) 

' fl-^l Qa 5. (Te. o^ei* Aai,Ta. sa^)adj. v^ 
To be tender, jonng, weak. — also noon in gi^a. 

T5. g^dgj'sUghtness, worthlessness, disgrace. 
( fl2. ojoat to abase. meaalA^o {^^aido £ 
r| MB. (=s filQ4|«Jo, Oidjg) ajQS49»la^o 

aioB Bhr. cn^^a ojaafm fl2AgJ^ ^^^ 
Q^TB. m7rapotation.~fiA^«i9iVobbaael7. 
TV. fift0 1. joath, tender age. 2. junior Bija, 
ear ega n t . saavWknlmD Ae^^(aiC&0 
%J^ TBAW^ OVtMKT) fift0c»9(aa KB 2. 

ekcb TB. jasior oiBeer, assistant. 
dsaT. cA0)^ (UfD^a* to grow again as a half 
brokea braoeh Qoo,) — ^Qlgff S>.':^9qj»;{£^ 


a med. s (0>sno^ ojooi the me J. oil has lost 
its Tirtae No. A 80. 
adj. part. flDftcB/ajob young, younger. floftoBi 
^ n. 1. oiDXinb o^rnlan oQ&cBMm younger 
than I. £A(ii>93il Bhg. Bhr. 2. lower 
class of Brahmans, who act as Idogs'oooks, 
Purohitas for Sudrasetc. pi. et9fi.(Oi90B9ft 
y 1 • 8 . the 2od minister of state at Caliout. 
(cl)^mc(iQ5mjrD) flDAcB;^ KU. 

Cpds. flDa5)^3e^d» 1. to sprout. Q^nnofi)0 i^rib 
0.'Od98rDag^ (mnrnlrbb S2^A^3@@o A6)0«?)ejl 
BCi48. 2. = g2ft<S)^§^tobe worsted. C09 
QjfltordP&j flDa9)A>9^'j (Bn)'oajlvBnr>cB;m9, a 

9eJ9) BC. 
£0.899^^ young ears. fDAO)0:a! etc. 

etaflb^A qlj9.^ BC18. 

92aflk90Q zephyr. 

©aa^aiA ©AOB) BC. [goaca/ ro)a5j^Dab. 

£a$iQ0L)9^ the dignity of the 2nd prinoe, 

sacAflS^S lukewarm. 

Ca(T?)ejo bluish. 

©aJTO^ajA shipwnghts (Pay.) 

sanoGJ the thin end, as of timber, oa^jan 

(opp. ^-ORH (fro). 
®a9org)«iB9 OP 69. £. Ao)(0n9i>>9 pror. 
flDa^nfi^ unripe coooanut. 0D. As)<0a. S2a(TT?i4> 

A«fcnj, ca^n^A <oMrolool(ob A^<fli»amed. 

£tas)^^^ to be brought low, be worsted, 
disgraced, crocnjqj^ ojl^a'ol^onb fficiuA 
a<o>9nb eangj^o 8P. ea^ajf cr^-aicnd 

JB^^PTl. [Shira. Bhr. 

flDaatn) young moon floaSftnl ffiOSTPisnooiJA) 
92a0C^ fresh honey, Mud. 
ej^zyi) <d>saLxflcB;9 (pror.) 
flDacnJ<a» biralTe shell, Mytilus. eacnJtda 

«iora>9s\8b ons-a dhcaol (pro?.) 
aiftaua9)=CT^lr>rBb slight ferer , fererish feeling. 
flDa(nJ9«io 1. the upper part of something 

fried. 2. = S>0tf>aj9 ^o. 
e^cnjei eoorSlon Cd^o Nali. fresh grass. 




^gdfe — ^<^<B^ 


^ftg-Jo— ^^014 

gpfti^ocB^o tender age, also of trees, 
^^o6Qj^, SDi&0cng^ fickleness. 
g^0e^.^aO3croo imperceptible smile Nal. 
glfiLaV:&iv'i6, — g_]n6 £ather*8 yonnger brother, 

younger aunt*s husband. 
g2&(s;jci0 nb dh^osmoLoTirate marriage (loo.) 
g^CB;2a the wife of the above, younger aunt. 

oQAObo G^6')fi.006>rO edDiob (Mpl.) 
SDi2.CD;rD03 oo-regent. (SToaj6)cn ^a^caroc/socEtng 

(SIOS^^cBCi^o AjolA^ KR2. ^7P 

fiDfiLC^^ : QcOi'^o go. (sr^^sojdfiLo almost noon 
SDa.Qjn6fi)0c£ young fruit, chiefly pumpkin. 
gDaaj3g_]=@Q2.CB;g-)n{> Mpl. 
gofi.^'^'^ f>i' 03'O)a.'tnnrn)fl.aji(Z2|^ KB 3. 
S9fl.6)aj^aib opp. d>>§o6)ajg^rob. 
eD&QajcTQXib Laxmana RC 25. (gDa.0cqjo ojcnj -> 

gOQ§o goajdORsmib). [the monsoon. 

QO&QQJft 6)(U3^d> fresh roots shooting out in 

^^d&dd), <£\ Uayu-ya (T. to groir soft, gaa) 

n. T. To move, shake, fluctuate. £&<Oicmc^o 
gofi.^O's^^o QaKiib(doo.=^a>3^rDo). ojca^cSl 
SL^&i to have a motion (med.) c^aca^o §d!^aa 
to be touched, feel inclined, ojs ^^^finl eiv^ 
fled Mud. (^(SicA gDaAScaiocX) proY. to start 
Q-iorn) SDfi.<£i^ ^bls/orob (huntg.) be rouse 1. 
TS, QD&dteo 1. shaking, fluctuation, irreso- 
lution. s2&<dno y^gyoowa (^a>3(/ao Qo-jo 
oai SidD. SDia(0Aisrai>9an a necklace TR. 
2. flux Q j^ocQ £^(^00 TR. 3. infringement 
<d>g^s>moaia gOAcdAai^ Bhri. 
a. y. gp^dBftdB), dd£\ 1. To move, shake, stir. 
<sibocoaQ&i a.Tioo sDfl.<d9Xi3nb uQd^d^^Q^ NaU. 
dmoo £fl.d9st3ron^cda) Nal. to keep quiet, (btdxi 
SiSL S)6iA(s^o £jg.(0Bl TR. let go- momosif^ 
Q-jo«w^ 0cng^a^ Nal. touched her. (S®*^ 
oo:»o 5)a»Di>r^ ®^3^ ©S^*^ K^* persuaded. 
rDd^Si-Tnot qjosiisq) goatdn) TR. seduced him. 
Q(d)3§ gDatdsH forced the fort, qljott^o ^^joq^ 
to take out the purse. (Sioihaiislsacn^z^^ goa 
dteaB^3.o>aj6 TR. ^<the unshaken*', title of 
faithful yassals. qjsQcSo a^oatS 9Q3ii^(^mi 
^m ^snsaj(b, est) oos^fob stad)8>rD3^s)gjg.xj(b 

TB. chief inhabitants. 2. to disturb, 

fl»-ig;5 aaa«fi««> KR.(=ajia^j a 

(ST0^2) O.oionmTi) gDa<dafQ3@ Bhri. di 
6nr>o aorn^aas^o.TiR^ QQJdceo Nal 3. 1 
rupted by any gift. — also to cast 
S)Sl Q^aiD)a(fisi3Tn3)>sUmy. for caste 
3. Y. n. to stir. aio'<g) (gsoeWPad 
cms Mud. (ajdoii) sacdsSauocX) 
(proY.); cTen of plants fO)^nJkX> ^QjSH 
CY. QDatOsHdOs to get into motion, 1 
a dog QjCQiO eoa<d»^^ ordered a ( 

£CC^(b SDact3«l5)^3^(dao RG96. 

^^a^o Uappam yn. 1. Of e^ q. 

^a^^ turn (BiosUBiiag^o o-tosa^ 5 tii 
gO^QJ i}avi) YN. of SD5)aj9s) Remisf 

day B. aio^ob^fiasmo s^ftojlg^om^ 

gQ^ (T. C. = @Ba, SDi«/)) Contemptuoa 

SDa^^, soi^ to fret, as children foa 

asp.Tio ooi^omnb Bhg 4. (words of a 

in rage, No.; ^^^blrob (8ios^6)di9@ 
CB^o (po.) 

proY. No.=(ina)^3d9n9^.'ib a orost 
YN. SDal^rgb to be roused, as a lio 

^^£6^, .^ 1. To grin, as dogs, 

wannoiila^^ Bhr. (^"^ocrma^o)^ 

Q®q^ uanb asl oj^do YC. aoa^^fij «fl^3^ 

the teeth MC. 2.-=^£\^, 

£a^^aj332;nb(l) monkeylike, insole 

fiOj^iciJoayrr) (8T8q_|o dHgioi/ «<uos: 

YN. ^a'gj grinning, neighing, m 

^^6«wfl'0b i]itnil A certain lr« 

^^T3^ilibhyam=gDa^8i; in Vi. ? 

An affront, ojoroo fDfiOfii09AornW a 
Bhg 4. all will mook. sa1|SjO ^ oiicn^ 
was offended, ^a^s^o <d>cjmD aiWi 
one oj^^^;^ Bhg. a cross ohildsr^i 

^^is^nb a fool = ^a^^ uo^B^* 
^^CYlj ilnmba Fissure dt^^A^ibo g 
^oirdlonbo s^^ciiDfok oa^d^gj MC. 



^\PddGii — o(Oo<06^ 

g5^<eadB>, ^ ilekknya T. m. c. aaaO (v^aa 

a) 1. T. D. To slacken, sabside, abate 3 ihaxjo, 

to dwiadle. rn)oQj^g_}3vib cs>SLQ(6»^sni, 9^ch 
Qj3nb i>iii3§»jxi3(ib et5)a^«<x»(Tn Mad. be not 
rem iM, tired with. eDdOuro Qmroo SD^&:fiP=>3 

3. T. a. to remit, make to rest. eo^iO > fl34)&^ 
Madi. qaenched it, also: bore it. ^.->(fio)s)& 
(9t3t to keep down the sleep, as in rigils. 
C2<9r>> £Q^^3r6 slackened Bhr. diSo sdo)&:^ 
QAo^dBm Uy remit, aiooj ojoci^nmso gD5)fl.^ 
RC 13. forgaye. 8- o^ ^Aflaa to wind up 
thread (T. ao5>tf^<fla). [^^^ q v. 

T5. joa^j-A weariness, sa^oQd) to rest Yi. 

g9 ik T. M. G.(£^todraw) A single thread 
C%ej)sr, long hair a6 goif^:^ TP. — plat of 
frass or atraw, the line of a wound Yi. csp 
tAvA knitting needle, 
etf^^-jsnii trellis work. 
%lif^^f oo^ 1. to trail, creep, crawl a>s<^ 
ao^A oSM^i^QS^o «)d)3sl;^o Bhr. ^ipoo^ 

CO. InHants. mstOBs^nb croofgel^spao^ 

KB. he does not drawl. 2. to draw together, 

mb as two branches Yi. 
l^tfR^ reptiles (flD^<32{nnD). 
^e^dd&y ^ T. M. C. 1. Todrag, pnll <d>9QJ 

•a'^aaxiko £0^^^<3aa3^(proT.) make difAoult- 
iei aboat. 2. to patch, mend = so5)SP^ ^^ 



i«^l l.T.M.C.Te. = £This. oOoc»oc)q this per- 

I ma. o(do«3ft3acVo ^•'T)^^ KU. still. 2. T.= 

J tOo^ flj in ooocvomjarx^ moth. 8. interj. 

<0>, as clothes, plaaks. fi.S)SP.^ ^Qid» to braca. 


YN. gD»r^(7A creeping. 

YN. £VPgj' propelling force of current etc. 

CY. aC09Jdaa)&»:J.3i>r^ UllSS g^QSPg^^^ » OJ 

^iPjesv^ilakkam T. M. (^sPdOn to lose) Loss in 
6&gLj^&p<0ao inadrertance. 
gD&PfiA YI. remissness, defect. 

^iPlce>,5r8Yajili'yaT.M. C To descends ^ipl 
CS^d). AS QQ^.t)R^fl9l0agu)3cX> (jud.) g)ej^ 

ip^ao^saioiymrdl^ KU. 

a. T. ^ifl^, jy To lower, jaii-ocaS aa. 
Pay. to land, gosp^^ Aaj^ took down a pot 
from fire eto. 

^y<3B>, dsTl iluifa (T. ©y^=aa)^s) i. To 

daub, rub. «)5>2a^4i3eji^&n RCi45. Aiii0 
rO)l<-9b gD^aio AflBo^o Nal2. QtfhdQi^sOrob S2^d>*l 
§o a^&iSo Bhr. 2. to soil s £^fiOi§i^; oOl^ 
o^cbbI^^cb; aicromo uxoid^anno Nal. 8. = £ 
ip)d)> to fall, sink. a>|rBa^ft '^SR^ e&Pas^s 
obI CG. 
^^d9> Ua'ya the longer planks of a cot (loc.) 

^y j96>, OS^ Unkka T. M. C. oroora, oroo^ Te. 
£C£ — To draw, take off clothes, see SDifi flD 

^^6S^<j8> ilanna'ya c^ai 2. aj(a^o ^^oe^ 

00-133^1 (Q ^6in^) Be soiled. 
gpydSftdB), 496>1 1* T-a. of cy«> To solder B., 
make dirty No. e3^(fi«, tu. ^odSa dirty clothes. 
2. ;^cro&Jj gD^daslid^asa^ UR. aToided, warded 
off (?). 
SD^dSoo rubbing, polish B. 


CG. — met. of disgust. QT^5yD6>ij9fi39l| oroo <t^ 
cno Qjoan^gy tu. 

o(Dod6bS:^6«nOo — o(Dd§ 


o^§ A — MoOSfOi 

omoAa^enOo iMa^am 8.(or0(xflftj) Seeing, eye. 
o(Oo<flfti5rnl«>n6 seer, fortuneteller (AS)eaj 

orDotflfiaitAo seen (po.)part. 
omoQW iiifta T.M. (esBu So. jifloB) Mimosa 
Inga, Intsia, the bark of which is ased in 
bathing (also (OToa®) orooaBguju&fiAosng a-oi 
^ ®"- [§ TP. being soiled. 

oOJo^ l66a (T. 0(00, Te. 00003) Fly. a>D^^ gad- 
fly, cnaal^ No. = ^^gjj^jy. (gQ^QaaajDa^cwDcsfl 

orDo^9.^no)yab the fibres of a reed, brought 
baok from feasts in jungle temples. 

©(OojyarooNo. a jungle-tree (the capsules of 
which when bursting are said to discharge 
flies. — oroo. fiiQ_jD§ls5nBoanrol«9«o pror. 
accounting for swarms of flies). 

orOo§ 14^ 6.(V».of©§a,)Placing.henoeQjl(n?l 
§. 1 . stability, durability, strong, close texture* 
orOo§ea«(m QJ3«BX1J KU. (opp. 9A§^sg). 
2. pawn, equitalent. ofOo§««l§ ajnrn)Aii; a ^o 
^qQ So. barter. 8. what is equal, matches. 
4. So. bank, natural or artificial. 

Cpds. o(Do5§(do (8. 1) two parties to close, cna 
CBfoaoib Qjonfls^oQi TP. 

orooscx) (0smla>c)o KR.) incomparable. 

orDoS3ri8A(l)tobesolid, strong, fine. orDosoA 

Q-is«<ej>DQ^BC. Qjl§«.c)o orooSDcra /rflidj), 

orDosocm Ocyaocjucn po. oroosocno cn^;-no^ 
eflaj CO. capital story. ^^^ y^ 

ort)osl§fi) (3) to fight as with fists, elbows, 

o(Do§5>^9^<dn (2) to pawn, compensate. 

orDo§9(A>oaSie> (4) to throw up a bank. 

oroo^Aiij^onD (1) to be durable as ajsaj Vi. 

o(0o§(T?^ ( l)to be durable,(2) stand security B. 

o/Do^03^ (4) a bank B. 

o<Do^^^ (1.8) resistance, meeting of equal 

forces, encounter. (oa£^(A oroo^gosO Oojo 

qd5^ they fell out. orDo*§9a£)s ©au^aloaj^ 

(as last resource). ooo'go<0t^ to drire into 

a corner. /mffleDrbb a>9ie oroo^^gl TP. 
they closed. 

oito^ajgj treasury of state in Coob 
o(Do6)saQ|d)> (1) to last, 
orooos^o 1. = orDoSdOT) f.i. OAsax 
AQQj/OKob CQ. 2. comparable. 02c 
C<3osyo <»^3smo Kal. 
orDo9SQ^ 1. to last. 2. to be happy 
oroo9so->o (ererlasting bliss T.) 
ajo=n<0o^(de3nm9d98o oroo. U9^( 
C0QJ3 (or : for eter) Ram. 

o(Oo^<Ai, Sl idu-ya (T. ocoosr^ 0, to joi 

enb) aux V. l. v. n. To be flro^ellsi fi 

BC.=3s«r^3CBn, a^sn^. 0aT)ajaRl^s>aoD< 

CO. = £eg, ^nacDals^cT) Amo CQ. = x 

mo. 2. V. a. to act. ^msSLiSTzitlrgbcosia 

sob) CO. to do s>iij 1^1^5)00306=5)^111(1 

o(^§oT. M. collection (= ^vre) oroo. { 

heap up conically. 9gg{^o cuSLtS^j^ 

ccy (810 (n)«)rn m3,ilQq/Qs sssoroi 

ejas2<o)3nb oroogo ^^oauocb Nid. 1 


oOJoil itU 5. (Tdbh. ca/r^?) StaiT of s 

a pike. slsrT\u)aj9&KaBc)o ofOog)Ac)o 

(oomp. 82|1; ordo^il)- 
ofOsCoJlrOV) idibam S. (oa>ociD, omo<>))Prai 
orOoS^nOo 19am l.=82(Q3'<»0TU.— 2. 80. A 

noise, also oroosm<d5>o. 3. regularity 


o^oOnl l&i 8. Public calamity (6, 01&1 
(momdc^t^ Q fislato uaoiso ^a*o §^9 

o^j^ l&a =ajlu>o in c^r!^ etc. at t 
of 100. 

I. o^otOYOl itta 80. oroonrQK^b (ofDoQ^ T. 
jiicA C.Tn.) Phoenix dactilifera. 

o<Do0RRg_jjrodate GP. orDo.T3ioiaj$po oj^dBi 
ofOocnngj&po Yi. ^ orooonBtaJVo. 
oroooiDgLjcr) B. a species of date-palm. 

uaDoc^loQ) Boswellia thurifera (^ro 
o<DorreiKQb=orDo.ina», kinds: [a i niiflt^i 

jaDocflnro)^ Phoenix farloifera. ^*i 

«>9^(T0^ Elate syWestris Rh. 
0(^38 (Tu. ©03) a Cyoas (Todda 1 

Bh.)o^oaaxo890c^oGP, o/oocnp^ 

MotOnti — o(t)btDVo)o 


o(Do(b — ed^oOo 

ih or leaf* o(oo<n^abAa-i9si flour made 
it* fmit, food of the poor. 

k9S^> SfiJtstl^. [ofDooiBiiild^o Kid. 
» So. Spittle, also ^mk (=: a<d>&p(ab Yi.) 

fcn G. o/Doiij, fl^rocrg 8. ono^co? prh. 
The pole or shaft of a ploagh No. == 

[d|iam S. (ca+goo) Such (po.) 
rol Tnamani (ecnao P odW)?) Mean, 

aI93IA^) o<t>oOD9o o-itSnl, orDon^9d aj£p 
r)3j 9ajj4^ So. an evil spirit. 
3. see o^Ddnr^D). 

la S. (desid. of ST^oj) Desire, 
lo part, desired. [^jploa^ijajMin Mpl. 
imia Ar. Faith, credit voaionbo qd'o. 

imbuya (see eocnj'd> T. o^^ 

la C. oOiosn^ drink) To sack, lick, sip. 
aa^ Qfiiy ojloab etc.). ojajft gsocnjo sio 
^o^eflBbi-tA proT. anything very at- 


zOeiosl miser. 

rim T. M. (Tdbh. cnJlo^o) Lead s <o>9 
mmaa^nnn being pewter. A9<S\^o qoj 
^^nrnlfSiei<T»o KB. atQonai o(^ocb)o aifflSlms 

Sftd-gb lead pencil. 

J3CX) Ijampaft^a (oroo 2.) Moth, 
termite; also grasshopper, [^^o PT 2. 
> (T. ofDoiiyab) winged termite, or^ocB/fsib 

iyi4d (see es 3) Quite lately. 
. 8o.=:«)osl^aj90. 2. Cyperus IriaRh. 

T. M. 1 . Dirt, moisture, also oroooo. 
iriiwry passage orDorDg_]9^. 
Bi9gy), oAoro3s>flb9g^ T. M. washerman. 
IB to grow damp Vs. 
2j9b9iio T. Palg. (B. small red onions) A 
gl T. Palg. (B. onioD) = CT!)a8eai Ko. 
UB eepa. 

ral T. M. (Tdbh. av^) Liver. 
iriSaill 8. (orooA) Emitted, as word, po. 

I* o^Dorb IT T. M. C.Te. Twossfli^ra. o(Do/Ma|Qo 
Bhr. 1000, oiooroc^ by twos, oroorDoao^^rDo 
2000, ordorooQ 6, oroorDScX) 2 persons* depth, 
ooofplipg^f^ oalej double threaded etc. oroo^ 
^CBJOcwaoD Anj. [orooiiQjocte. 

II. o((Mb Splitting, sawing T. M. ofDodjscb saws 

# » 

orDoCQBi)! 1. to saw, split, p. ooocm f. i. o^Docrn 

0rDiiRQs>nbo «.9ie) CS. (SMo^aT^rSlcdanm 

fidOBPTi. half sawn« orDoRsnm qjoc)o 04>>8 

on^ A0g|£^ejiou)rnacnjxb CG. in hell. 2. p. 

o(bo(Si (C. orooiij to comb out nits) to ooipb 

hair Yi. Qj<fia to card MC. cnoA to oomb 

cocoanut fibres — GV. orooro^taa. 

YN. oa»o^ sawing o(^j^ QScm PT. r^^ 

ofOo^aeofDob sawyer, ofDo'asorQo e^caeoaso 

o(Do^6Kx^osi sawdust. 
o(^o^OLi9d9 saw. 

m. oTDsrb T. M. C. Te. (also ofDo^ C. Te. ft cAb 

C. )Nit orooft aot^si-mokOblcbbaa-iab ^ejlttsio prov. 

o(DoA<en9gp, orDo^xitii), aa-i(T^4>ajejl a small 

otOoti^e^M) irkil T. M. (T. o^o(8«, qj)(S« straw 

for picking teeth, Te. orDor£l«iej bits) also 

ordofinKab, o(i>od9»cX>, o(0oc)o No. orooA9d9s3c)o So. 

Stalk of cocoanut leaf, mid-rib of any palm 

leaf, used cno'X^ ajs)g-]on6. ^<Q)a JMD<oiBn(Qb ordo. 

(0>S(m2<^ ^ torture. orDo. ^^^^6)QCt; a>^ 
Oojool Sil. 

(XDoanlfiJ^ =3 09^n!<>, broom (loc.) 

0^^) irmam 1. S. (oio^g^) Wound. 

2. M. ft oroo20ab (o<0on>o) damp^oloth o(bolS^o 
09OO9S)an SiOjsrcs.Tie TP. without changing 
the cloth in which she bathed o^DoCsaooDos 
(SO^OQ 9aj9A (in 9c^r£u^lcB)) — also 0^0 

of^oc^ iriya S. (flgroci^ to be angry, L. ira) Enyy, 

malice. (moajoTS a^SaDd^tfi orooog^, sdOB^cis 

8(T)«><o (no:Li««tt oroo(^<u) MR. 
orDo^5)gj^4»i to enyy. 

ofDoOo liam (T. M. (XDoroo) 1. Moisture, damp- 
ness, 2. dirty as clothes o^ooaoae to soil 
(comp* o(0<k9a). wet cloth, oOio, 
09(^dk to change it after bathing. 

o(t)bQ — o(t)bOOo 


oTde^ — o(t)b08Lj(D 

orDoonb wet oloth cnoocnooJ^nfto 9i20oa9lg»j(2 
cnlaaoQLiad 9t&ioCig»jproY. (Yi. ordooonb) 

= o<bo(3ZcA), 

[Elate palad.) 

orD6oaiia^ CaryotaarenB (or marshy date tree, 
ofDooofUcnl a cold fit, oSWnjroo. 

o^Q l^a (T. ead, fr. cq) 1. So. orooo Anger, 
fary, from ^ijIq^ or oa>o<i^ (which in Yi. 
is written on>oo)^ aM.) orDoQa))3|^ to be 

spiteful, in rage Yi. 2. splitting pain (t. n. 
CQ01 2). 8. rain Yi. 

o<DoQA, off>ogSi^}jO£h to be angry. 

YK. o(OooaA f.i. snrpanakha 5)^rm^o9ai3 
6)S(IB0l^si^ KB 8. 

o(Dool(Bft 1. to rage, be in a haff Y2. 2. rioe, 
plantations etc. to grow weakly Yi. 

CY. orDool^<6A to proToke Yjr. 

oa)oS)Oc9n So. (fr. orooo) to be angry. 

(MDoOOo 1. No. displeasure. 2. So. womb of 

o(DoOO if^a 1. (£Q<M, C. oroooa to pull = 
S2y<^) Stinginess. 2. a miser. 

o<oooo9AorDn6 the ayarioious Koran, 
oroooonb, 0(00000032^06 miser, also o.jsrr') 
<aaoroo6 oiDoooovob aQons pror. 
8. So. a reed, o{dooO(&ro§ a jungle of snoh, 

also o<DooOQBi&^ — o(0oood9«sp(gb a reed ased 
as pipe. 
denY. orDooo)(0A to keep tenaciously, lay up. 
o^oooi^ QOD^o (jjcnn Anj. omo*^o goQ 
<Bn^^o {(^uncA) ^snit^tBa prov. 

o^OOo l^tftm (from oroood^ T. C. Te. to bring 
forth) The womb of animals. 
oiDooogjai So. = orooOQajfij B. 
o(Dooogj|ejl Oojooaj ojrcanrrMii oQ^ (Cochin, 

MC.) like a tiger with young (see foil.) 

o(r>oOQ T. K. 1. Bringing forth o(doO<^<no 

OQj«ngomfi>ajgscoBcX>Sa. 2. the inf^t, young 

of animals. [ilrfloo^mo (elephants). 

oroooolmo (2) RC. herd of young animals «> 

orDoo<Slg»jo (1) the hut built near the house 

for lying in fln5cnja>c)o 6)AosneQjnb cs. SL 

9nt9<aS\ SO. also oe^ciq/^^oDo djat. oroo 

OQoooeiaiAtab ojtea id. (60. o(DoOQd^(D). 

o(DoOQ adtd) So. nurse to a woman in • 
orDoOQOoooQj (1) pains of ohildbirt 

orDoOQOji^i orooOQOxtsro. 
ofDoOQojdcnj = i^sdnoib 6)Qjoasarn)^i 

cnj ; o(DoOQajejl = oajOQdns<fii 

(oomp. orDoooo)(to exemplify feroei 
orDoOQojai unoleannesB after ohildb 

(£\<A mbBiO fiDgy TP. (a Nayer la' 
o(DoOQ0(repo do^AQcusmo SG. 
orooOQQjDinlnjb os uteri (& o/oooo — ] 
ofDos)00§das 1. So. to be in labour B 

wifery, the work of sojool KU. 

§g-}onb fl2^§ syuOQ proT. (said 

sioians infected with the diseaae 

o(DoS)oo§d9anrnaxb No. = ofDoOQ«ksr£ 
o^DofiJ lla-=eDgy often in po. ft tu. 
6(DoOdOfD iSaii S. (oroouo to possess, 

Lord. 2. God ; Sira. 8. able «i^A 

©ooocDocty^ CCh. 

oQoc/aS(ds)06nb Qan. 1 .= orDoooocn(ge 

an angle (opp. cnlg((»)8(aA95n6) i 
try. Gan. 

orDoodOCOob (part.) ruleir — ordoc«xi 

NE. point, guarded by SiTa. 

orDoc/3)(D), o(T>oua)(D)Jo supremacy, f.i 
anAo the rule orer the Gods. 

ofDovysimoaj ruler (po.) 

o^C/3_jtDfYb 1. Potent, gD-ocOjej^ 

oacqQ^oab or&oc/djrDob Nali. (able 

2. Lord, God; often inter j. omooo-iro 

S) a33gya)gi CG. I can but say: it's Go 

<e)96m9a;f^6)g_j|@g ofDo'neoA the B 

Often of idols 0(^0^ czWifb ^ffmw^ I 

Yisiting temples. 8. esp. 8iTa = 

(^citi\ o(0oOd-irdra3S)rD (a^Tn^(£]^^ I 
and restored temples. [Qi}d 

hence: o(boudA(0AS9ABacaiat9ak m:£\s 

o(Ooc«J/DajrD)<fi£bQ ji)9Si6moPT 1. ge 
from God, ordeal. r, 

o(Doc/9jro;(i_)ro)^(^d'&pi(9» TR. oonsei 

o(oooe-i(D(a^98nD(r) prayer, c^nm < 

o(0o. ouxic^s>^9snBl(o)<fl«mo TR. 

WtWcQc^fSb— *g 


o(Dbt1 — gfl86b 

D^gl (Bo. oiDocAjro^ei)) Helicterei 

aoouoi diTine (or 8iya*B) worship 
AKiftcnlcno a>aiak1 oao^^^mo^ 0OQO 
I oAo*Q^ a»sf^(a» TB. 

«Ooco.jA9mMV9rabTB. b j Qod*B blessing 
dMT, proridMitially. 

>9^smo see «i^snr>o. 

>^ Goddess, Ki^i o(Doodj(o10o»93V Oa 

tfoaajdorocno worship of God. 

Hal 8. 1. Yery little. ooxxSMi o(^ 
little ik little, o(^£ii^ff^o lakewerm, 

|9£clO peOCftdillo. ~ aiD3QOMD3^Q)<QBc)0 

isao Bhg. days db nights nearly equal. 
^9006 Yi. stingy. 2. M. doabt, dis- 
tare (oomp. s^tfob) oiDo^fiygk o^Kni^fKB) 
y. o<Do. qj^ctmYItR. o^nrrvQilmi^^Qisab 
^^5. [Bhg. don't doubt. 

ft 8. Longing, in aSlr^aonb. 
oot^W> attempted, wished. 

8. l.sotfDoco) Praise. 8. T. 80 M. 
dojflao praised. 

o(0e^ lU 8. 1. A Torkish sword (C. a slokle) 
2. a ondgel ; bamisher (loo.) 
C9aOor)9rDa»GgaS)spor)tKOd>o KB 4. 

o(bo£ii^ (So^DdBs (o(Doc)o s. o(Do<d£^rbb) f.i. fiiioi 
<08 etc. To shoot np db be slender No. 

omoif(Sifi0k3rsb ^akkol So. (s8. oa>ocfi>) 8haft 
of plough Yi. also oroosfld) cartpole. 

ofOo^o aam T. M. (Tdbh. of Pali 8Ihala=8im- 

hala, .fljUoBAo) Ceylon. (XDoSPoat^^oj^ Slf^o 

dkxnodi fljgkj proT. 

oroospojcib, f. oa)o&pajasrfi(old orooa&PomO)K. pr. 
a caste immigrated from Ceylon, whence 
they are said to haye introduced the coooa- 
nut tree (ssojl^j^, 8uxia)aj&) KIT. 

orDosPdSsxolcnj a red sugarcane. 

orDo&p5).TSiO)fi]B a cocoanut tree with orange- 
coloured fruits. 

orD:.&P3^aG(j (Tu. SQ^&POGtj Yi.) a largo yam. 

o(DoiPQg_ja803c)o Yi. a sorereign said to hare 
come firom Ceylon. 

I. otO^^cd)^ 066^1 llkTlYa=ss|p(08«> 1. To put 
off clothes Qjl <^ai. 2. to soil clothes cx^dBt. 

II. o(0^d8»,^ s ^y d86^ C. M. To drag, moi 
Qslojlsl^ (uejl^{j ^ o o<0o^(B^9 ^'^i&B^^^ 
a£lainA Bhr. 


'dbh's before ro, ei, as ®ajo ^gOBajo, 

£AUk, also (^ai, AQel. Initial st, is some- 

st, as ftojsaj, ojdaj; £fiJ33j«>, fii93ji)>. 

)erebrals 4k Liquids, which are follow- 

n, it glides into e, as ajsai podaya, 

T«. A demonstratiTe V^, oorrelatiTe 
D ik Q (1. the Bidddle between two. 

Is abore. 8. that, yonder). Perhaps 
If !■ the adj. part. fnt. eM)»)f<u0, m^ 
^3S^ 4k in the poet, forms of the finite 
umi^ai oaae, Qj^i^cmnoA^ak BO. 


^(BiOiCOo uyamuram (DlUenla speoiosa) Careya 
arborea, oJlej. [ocana Bh. 

0£LJcq(As8. fii^dftiosoold diet. Aleurltesmolu- 

gddk) uyam aM. T. = (%ooo World Yi. 

g(d)0(Oa U'yaram 1. The letter ft. 2.s£<o,^ 
interj. A(aMK>i^rnodiiMDo {QOMiuo crying hu, 
(?«>▼•) [the nail Yi. 

gcfibU) nyir T. Te. C. To. Kail, the flesh near 

gdSOi nkkft H. Ar. hu kka. A pipe. 

geeeto Qkkam T. M. (V^&=(n^) 1. Xiddle, 
hip. fiaen.tRa^dOfiSG. to carry a child. ffidSnOQ 
ajmiB^JOO proT. 2. side (8r^9«Kibo i* laeOQ 
ojoaa sit under one*s jutting roof. 

^dd&^ — ^(^ 


^88) — £<^o 

Sl£A0^3oi (1) oarbande boil. [2. helpleM. 
£<aa)Ooajab 1. hip-shot (thro* debauobery)- 

g^oo^fDl <dA( loo. ) to sit rettin g on the haunohes 
(also £<d»i^ro)(0n). 

S>(0n95n9 Bhr. qjgjsuio), jQSQ.'Oia) g.. 2. gan 

^(A S)Q-J0^3i/® stalks springing up from 

&near the root of some kinds of rioe-plants 

ft forming a ashb. [night patrol Vi. 

g(d6>^o nkkalaxn T. Te. aH. Advanced guard, 

g<66^C(TO nkkalattl} is) Women's neok-orna- 

ment, gold collar Yi. also godsa^ SoM. Q,an 

<in90a\)o po. 

^c66^ak]n}(C. Te. steel, strength=£'9<fi«t &(S\d^) 
OLj§«mtwBllnjbrnl«)om ^(dacrooso^o ® cuejlov 
Qono^ ojnnoTR. (letter of Codagn ri^ a) Ammu- 

g<dft(d>, dds^l ukknifa (C. Tu. to boil up. T. 

£A to fall) 1. To start, lean to one side as 
one falling qjtst^ <iQ§ ql^ OojoceSI (loo.) 
2. Vi. to rot in water as irood T. C. To. 
gc66&S| Tlkkn4i (fi) Veranda or outside oomer 
of a house. q}z1!^<A o-joan to Uto homeless on 
the bounty of others. 

gflWdV) uktam 8. (part, oj jS ) Said, a saying. — 

SD'QiAo gc^ojicDyob a<flo>ODaaa> rooanb BrhmP, 

addressed, spoken to. — 

g(dfo»^ word. 6)3m«o<ajixia3(w«s q,iB<S^ Qjl«noKU. 
the B. were defeated in argument. 

eaoAJonb, fiOJif^ojoob po. baring said. 

^atoo a Yedio sentence. 
gdB^S^o uUam 6. & §i<B:QCiOOJ Bull. 

gdO^nnj sprinkled rd^d/aiisni^oDdrob ^io£^<moo(0 

^a^o KB. the 2nd day of AsTamedham. 
QjSU ukha 8. Pot, sauoepao. — also groob. 
g(t/> ngram S. (£«=aj«) 1. Vehement, 

passionate, as cu9<da. — £(^asia»i terrible. 

2. heat of sun or pepper. 

ODocrxT^ &<(£)o a complaint of the nose Vi. 

SLiDfOi !• Tehemence, 2. intensity of heat, etc. 

Q%lXi> 8if *• 

ftlg/Pfc^aj a certain colic. g^*fi>aidM eif 
aja^ ro)SQau3cb o^Qo «cY)a A a med. 

Sli^osmo 1. loftiness, pride Vi. ^%f)^ 

denV. (B. a^Dsmo crying from i 

2. T. C. Te. Tu. storehouse, granary. 

moo fi^dsmanoilnmo Qoij prov. fo 
in the matter of prorender. 

g89i ongn 8o. = gi3(0Q Strength (C.Te. 

^9936YY)o nflgai^ain S. s^robaismoBng, 
g€S^ TlILni)=ajsji9 Bauhinia rariegata, 

giljl^a Tl]|i5aill 8. (part. £ji), wont, s 
1. Proper, suitable fijt^fmojrDo (mroacuct 
oycBrJlrDcono aLs^g_]9n6 fijiTlfmnb deser 
get. (tMoscX) (oxoBcXxaa^tTDnasae oe^o^ 

fi^<tnc08§i fine, strong child. 2. X. 
feeling of honour. 

g^fO)o 6)A§ajnb a reprobate. 

fij^(m(0o9rDo6 a man of honour Vi. 

fijiTWo Skoxi^ to retaliate fi. or)5isn»9i 

giiTl^ea oooartb £(m eynoo sgy Tl 

ficdilano a>9§) (tu.) sl jS^fOi^aoiicrn^SiSi 

gjy Ti66a M. 1. (8. g^o) Top. fi^miV 
c^oKU. (=e^)s^au>fiJcrownof theh 
fi^fi^jjgrn see fitfip. 2. height of sui 
&5)^Qce8)aasTD)S^3Q 5)aj<0» TP. to 000k 
£S>^d9«d><q|^ forenoon iBiDd)(EQ2Q^fi.* 
at noon. ^jsj^tdnro^GiQ^ afternoon, 
height of age, g^ciuacBn ho is abore 5 

j^^eejm) Pentapetes phoenicea, its 
^^^ GP. 

fio^ejl a plant, alto ao^sj) fiA,aj 
QtoiicA £&p)6) TP. a home ransedy. 
&^03&nb (0aO9^9ftnb) a ParadeTsta 
^^ 11661) (C. purging, Te. &(C94j) 1. 
oJi&i^ also 202 o^sl<sOa to baeooM 
Of slippery as after rain B. 8. Pal| 

^t fi^^ak^* 3.,]^o.=0Qj^ai(o^- 

sl^ojcib, ft ^06 a oraek-braioad man 

^j^o n66am s. (ftrob+mfioti) High, 

g^firrujb — gsfloOo 


gcs^coTI— gsfls*^ 

AB. aenith or meridiAo. Esp. of ■oiuidt e^ 
ORftWi o^a^A, A<eai, mlfiJOjifiD^ 9a>^o CO. 
£. ^10^^ Bhr. ajycnoecBBcX) Brhm. 0^ 

Hal. npt 4: dovns. 

fi^9-io (opp. orfl.aioiJo) rising, saperiority. 

gj^GTOjOj nddai^dam 8. (^^^smuo) Rasii. 

I^COXo 1ld6ayam 8. (^) Colleotiog, knot of 
govn d^smsBb'i^. 
den T. oj^coe^o a^-aind^ CC. 

2^(61^6^ nd5arikka 8. (oXb) ^i^otDsnOo 

To vtter, pronoonce, as 0;Q^3 S^'^^vos)^ 

Blir. 80. SaiSeojijOfosm?, cnoseo, etc. 
2j}«oo exoremeato (po.) 

g^O(Dob, g^OfDubj g^O^BbFestiral 

Id hoBOor of BhudeTi*ft menstruation on Ma^ara 

Saokrinti (end of Jan.); similar to the februa- 

tiou of the Romans, fi. oirocn^ (t9^ to keep its 

Sdsjt of rest by abstinence ftom all work except 

ksatinf . s^mA 6V0)9§ Qjla|2Oaj03B^ superst. 

(eufe resting on work done daring these days) 

ft^ao ajV^oondcb aioadsojo oQ^<fia MR. c(D9 

MM.m 2^WD^ Qjsmo «D(T89aii9€)Q doc. (as 

00 Quarter days). [spirits. 

2^DSrOo1lMa4^am8. (^s) ExpeUing evil 

2^ ntti T. M. C. Te. = £^ 1. The crown 

of the head ^jS^tB^Si^ 1QL 06m<0e9OfU9c>a 

t^ CMnDdSto KR. s^ £6>o«B B. to poor oil 

•a the head of children. fiQ^jas to. oil poured 
en the head. 

S^W flowerlike ornament for the orown of 

the head, s^stilfbb flnosmlo^ <^£^o PftJ- 

fSiSli^t Ufiteil 8. (adr. instr. pi. s^o) Aload, 
alee £0»^jn|)'^o loader. 

jrs^'V^o nMliitftTn 8. (uS\:as) LeaTings of 

■<«1 S<A<9i^c>»^309C({{Qai<^ fi* KR. 
|aaB6ljaio Il6£h|tkhalun 8. Unfettered. 

{i|ftCQ;^ wbSxnpm 8. (^) Rising, height. 
ft^aeTtflto high. 

{^-xrorOo ntthvasanam, £a0_jDorv>o 

8. Breathing up, sigh SihsojOjo ft^Q^ 8aj 
•V3 DL (rage.) 

g€%^CQ31no] njjayini 8. (w1) Capital 
of Aranti, 0. OsSnS, Yicramaditya^s residence. 

g€%^-J^j66^ njjyalikka 8. (m-ubb) To flame 
ap, shine forth ^e^jaj.ijlcgjmdsn ojo^pono 
Mad. brilliant coarage. ^e^jejl^ A^iiogp 
Bbr. broke forth in rage. £'d2p§o aj^dCD;9C/)o 
otSI Nal. [break out. 

CY. (smsa%cm 84»)0ajo g>*g^(0n Knd. to let 

^^Bf¥0\jj\n5h HJjhi&am 8. (part. 38980)= ffi(bb+ 

ooo) Left, forsaken. e8»&a51(a)099priS5>efi3ro9or) 
mo CO. 

I. gS nda T. M. ($§) 1. Belonging to; hence 

&4S postpos. of GenitiTe. o(3)nnoas or o^mos 

CD; mine (see ^sco/). 2. (C. &^C(D) eloth, 

dancer*s pantaloons, esp. (oHaa'sjs royal or 

idol's garment. 

ffiSOLOS royal dress ojejlQrmoiO'ok ^'ai^-o 8iPu. 

idol KU. 
£SCU3cX> royal sword (prh. from ftS(sb). 
&S^ei09OD 9<0>ft BC 89. (^Qlo T. =:(BI^(Mrr)o) 

ornamented or ornamental? 

&sct!^o full height of a person, whole length 
of a house, beam, etc. 

n. gS 1. Groin, cunr^fa-j«B'J8o (C. Te. fiS^ lap= 
as)) &SiS<Q% Jii:ij)§ 5)a)9§en. S. B. testicle 
of oxen. 
HI. ^SaQSCL^ Breaking, eastration. 
QS65^ Tl4ail&^ (C. Te. T. to be compressed). 
fi5<fla 1. catch, latching, notch. mucoS^ch ft* 
incision in the arrow. 2. obstmction, dis- 
pute, dunning, qoarrel. (= sojUijIkQ^i cn\ 
si^rrvoc) £. «iO|A Yl. to insist on. &. 
5)d)i95n}£^soyou may wring it from him. fiS 
cSarmsirDo q iikig^ Q0<Aft9«@ KU. (in ordeals). 
No. ^s<Q%vidino Q_jod)i=fo>QinfiiQ-io^. 3. 
obstinacy, war. fisanioDosrirSlg ««>§ 0CY) 
<S8)xnjl3mo§ BC. with a mind intent upon 
rerenge. [mC. harpoon. 

fiSdSefi^ bearded dart. ft'.CB^cnj, &'. Acmo ^o£i 
eStiOaob troublesome, daring Y2. 
gSide^, an^ to catch hold of, resist, wrestle. 
fli^Agjnb o^fmsdotocuoft m^ RO. who 

gSSBo — gSt2 



will dare meP &<o s>^fflj3n6 £S<0s)cn(9 BC. 
tried to relate. SojoobscqII^^Bi o^^nmo^ 

(jcno5)s CO. [^^ ^^^ KB 

gSS^ Tl48Jftni 8. Hermitage, aji^x/eofij £. on) 

gSeomDDGnri) a4c^nnan (C. Te. odySfiam) Gold 

chain roand the loins (fr. gs or gsfob) = g2^<^* 

gsob u4aii 5.(&§) l. Togetiier with. 2. at 

once, forthwith cnoco^dgVm fisaiocoo fisob 

gsobonb CC. asnb rtncom Q?^ofo)j^ TE. (bt^ 

fiSQODMR. at that rery moment. (BiosloBKimtOo 

aisplaoosrob fisocn TR. immediately after.— 

with adT. part. 5)^(msnb, ft adj. part, q^cqj; 


fiSOdsnb again Sl again. 
Cpds. fiSCDS^ So. at onoe. 
&S6IB19QJ, £SaO)s) (or fiSflbg) i^f^A widow to 

be burned with her hasband. £saQ)b) ^s 

ojoob ()Ra6)aui9cX> YCh. 

&ss>ciii§(e> to agree SoK. T. 

£Sausl 5. agreement, oontraot fl|^(aa>^a^<eA9 
(Qo e. (Q^idiomo mscno Arb. 

fisna Yl. friendship; see £S0. 

gSg-^o udappam So.(gtsI) Relation, oonnexion, 
friendship fiS^o t^cflf o (Biooioseoaf^ Bhr. — > 
fiSg-j8>aoASl. properly =3 fiS09QVOOS. 2.(prh. 
fr. @s<ds<d>) strongly. a^Qcfinsmo <^^ gs 

g_|6)09$ ojosn^og^^ Bhri. contended that 
he most be killed. 

gSg-jbg-i n4appiiappi) (X. esribaM.&sa)b) 

Uterine brothers (fts^oomajnb) ft sisters. & 
s^ooTVUcXxdQ o_t§u(S)<tQi RO. also fiSg^ooj) 
B. brotherhood. [Moslems. 

QDg^fiido gj^Sg^Ogj TR. the brotherhood of 

^S(2Tl4aina5.(£Sl)l.Property,jewel8. 2. rela- 
tion, friendship (s^sna). 8. propriety, a 

SOJSl &S09cq;9S 00)^^ Mud. fiCD;i^5QQ;aj^ 
£*8O09§ Qa_i9asaj)at> Bhr. qait only I 4. simi- 
larity. Qj^fDScndS £. A0)§aj90b (8IOfl£l(a^9GB;o 

Mud. wish to be like a hero, 
hence: &S0«Bn9rDnb 1. proprietor, owner, «i€1 
fiS0ai9^n6 HR. 2. natural protector, next 
relation* a^ oajgm«afi>s fiS0<dfi9(b TR. 

fiSaofffBiocno (ouoocno) Yi. ralattons 

fisaoufiob owner, as of honae, etc. q_i( 

£., 4»>&o fi. MR. 

^SCYl^ n4ambl)T. M. (c=£Srsk) l. Bo 

Ajiso^ctvojnb Yl. of small statvre. 

0(0)(da MM. (m^m)aj5cnjscq{09(^ BC. 

ft. ojoqiQ Qjcne the rectum. 
escTUO B. closet. 

denY. &scnj)<0« (1oc.) = cn}j([3aj)4 

emo fe»^ laid up. [i«sa6 J" 

gSCQ^ a4aya 5. (£S I) Possessing ( 

&SCB;9nb Lord, in £5C3B;9AajeB) a 
creeper (a med.) = (Si^T)^(jBaftrD- 

&sct2;ajnb 1. owner. With Norn, ma 
(^o g. KB. who has acquired th 
crnSiS $aj(T8S9QB;9a9fi99dBn) Mud. 1 

6IMlB5>a(8Td^£S9CBI9^AB. whoil 

us, sinee father is dead? 2. elde 

(see eOoo9ft) with Gen. $>aja£ 

CBajrib=&S0cde9Oo6. <4Kir)ld9a 9 

jD*4> flDgj TB. no protector, e. 

CBOOoA 0^ (opp. fioxnf}). 8. G 

5ai>(0>cnj<D9n&. — sssovoA title of 
Codag^ kings TB. 

eiS^af^ 1. possessed of) tmetcm nrv 

9 TB. art mine. 2. posseeahi 

lord; with Aco. (Si^ oQ^icm e. 

SKtn et^ib ee^ oqusicm fi>scBMA9 

no father I cn^iOBcb fisov^ (OKngi 

I bare thee only, God, to lool 

DatiTe cnz^s ^<imm)cmo 9ao 

£SGB;^9Cmrola> TB. share my loi 

esai>d9e9mn6 Ko. owner iisro<eAWin6<' 
Sicho s. TR. 

&SCB;.7JiaK> (<ouo) Lordship Ys. 
gSOydS), gtTJYt^ 114*7^^* T.M.Tu.( 
comp. as)) 1. To break as pottery, 
£5$)snx99^ -oig) SiPu. 9(ftiib fiScniB 
6no AR.; to be breached, Oatog gsi 
be broken as enemy dh^cxn^fSL^i^ 14 
esoo^ ojs onlroiaDi^ 0^ KB. 2 
as sea. ^,S(A Q,seai\eaq ojoaomQ a 
SQjro^^oAKB. (QQ<9a£.tobMMae 

^seit— g9«eMiib 


g^dda — gerowj 

■^ Oojoo KB. broken mind. q^'S 

will ISrU to pieoM. 

SdB6^ 1 . To break in pieces. i^rD§ oQ 

SaaMTDo prOY. Q§ACB) S>^0§1 £S>S 

•a>9s ft. SitVy. to breach, ^roirak 
>aJS^ im^S)S:^ TR. chest was burst 
. met. 03or)cru.'8Rvo6 ^soioQio ^(O) 
no CQ. 8. So. to castrate. ^QS^gi 

iio (^DO^o (Bij^fo$m0O(ftelon9abRC. 
C. Te. (YN. i)§^) 1. body, also trunk. 

m the tortured body. fisrobaJS^ojo 
50^.^o fiscB> ^ib Bhr. ftSQfiis^ 
ift jajitncBiVbb Bhr. a Sati. 2. life. 
'>xeo Qjrossyo) Bhg. ^qoso £§^ gs 
•) Tu. neither influence nor security. 
ire of clothes. 4. es^bb o^onnoga 
ir. prh.=£sn6 (see es^o^. 

=&QV Star? a kind of fish, 
^'^to hare on, hence gs, fiSflA). 
tlothes £*d98o A^cdenm SKUflfixsran 
idOmo g2§»} has to Uyc. 
roman*s garment. £^(0(0) £§ajs TP. 
( Prp) T.X. C To dress (alsoasT. n. 
> OojdQai £§<d89aT>n6 CG.) put on, 
B lower garment (0>oQ^(fin in tho 

j^dBM in the looser way. (^d>)09o oj 

^ Q. 9qj<o>^o fi^qgKal4. gSdv-ora) 

. Ar9 Oojg^mo &§9-}3nb €)d)3§'or3) 

9^j3n6 o«>9§(denmcunb temporary 

(ftfinadob 6>A9§(9t(majnb theuncle\ 

iTMS 6i03n6 TP. may I marry you? 

dreaaing; clothes. 

i^a (old e^OQlA Yi.) 1. to dress 

'. 2. to marry 5)(£>>g) £§gj^:^ Si-&>9 

Da» Ho. 

lyftl aM. A time, torn (^s^ sudden- 

ly a fiVLj9§ae9or), prh. crash, oomp. &sqi{ja) 
cnarob ft. 4 times. ajaiaj^<o>(ok Yi.2.=3^oQs. 

^§966^ Tl4llkka T.K. (db g^<06^ O.Tn.) A tabor, 
resembling an hourglass =sqs^. 0§fto ^%<Q% 

g§^, g§3-J (gCUjo-j)ll4npiT.M.C.Tu. Temple & eoo in Canara. 

g^ori^ n4lunbT} 5. l. Iguana, Lacerta Monitor, 
used for wounds jiKom ft§cnj)6>nbo oj^nso 
MH. ft. QjMiKLjlcoiaiaarDo GP. AA«»iBa od§u§ 
cnjiscmooi 90.^ &ei£i KR. glores? ft^cnj coooj 
medicinal against scorbute. — Two kinds: «)0 
^ — (So. egfg, ^ efijq) — ) db «)aj9(TiD — (So. 
j^OQ — ). 2. the inner wooden bolt (ttn^s, 
denY. ft^oiHcan horripilation (loc.) 

g6^Sd80) Xl46kka Y. a. of ^S^S^tBi q. t. 
^§o n^^dBS) Xl\\fan. (Te. ft§ C. ftsn^ bubble, 

Beng. ftb to rise up) The water to come up, 

as in well watered fields. 

Sl^Sl ^tt^'^tt? ^^^ ^^® articles in a house 
(prh; ft| = ftS65, ftrtS^f). 

gCUjQ-Jo nfnbam S. Raft, crescent. 

ftcvjy star, ftoyoj^ moon AR. [giomerata. 

gcu^o6YU(0bTilTimBarams. (& &%...,) Fious 

gC^{l^OOo njjinam 8. (cuJl) Flying, soariog. 

g6nofi8*Jcfi> nqanfLUifa T. M. Tu. C. (Te. a|) 
To dry, fade, heal as wound; also metaph. 
flioorn c^orSlces (m£^fS) Qol oQ^^dcX) fismflsgo 
when shall I get OYer itt ftcmcoB^CB/, ft6maB9 
(O) (BioStiOe TR. betelnut dry & fresh. 
YK. 1. ftfimaerbb in ftfirrMOBfiifol rice not boiled 
in the husk (also ftfim«8a£urol=aj^rol opp. 

2. ft6m<0eo dryness m^ An^rA Aflntorab ft«m 
(0a0rDo 0XU9§I ojooA qjoso TP. dry wood 
would be mored to tears. 

8. fttfmcOB dryness ftsmdtelfiaiD^ttfea^ a med. 
4»>90o:oi9i stsmtoSim (LjoaaScnidOfti TP. — 
ftsniifleilfTb (opp. oj^alnb). f^jaj (jud.) 

CY. £srr)6a9)(0s to heal ^o) ftcmm^^onb Ojii 

gfirryw — gons 



a. V. a«nr)<6t(d), csfi T. M. to pat to dry, air, 
^ry (ai(n]|^o, aon^o, eooj eto.) 

genofOjdB,, nnr?) mjaruya t. m. (C. am^ to 

come forth) 1 . To awake fioano £6mcno3aj9o 
^aBQjioo Bhr. will be disturbed. c^SomS^o 
6)0} &€mcm QJOTilQSsrno Brhm. be resaecl- 
tated, c^ficjjo fiemcno broke forth. 2. to watoh, 
care rdoaaisoBjoonoo gfimornroldSA AR. to be 
ap for B. Qj^cmcndQ^smcnDsnb fi)jx]9£^or)oib 
KB. haring collecte'l himself. 8. to be 
oonaoious, percelTo. God is anrrn^oejsisionb eem 
Acm^oocSlmoo S\sum Bhr. 
YN. 1. ficmiLi watohfulneiis. 
2. g^smgjj intelligence, Bmartness ^smsiq^^o 
RG. liTely (monkey). scX^idAdcnjVob fi«m3Q|| 
ooo ftv^ Bhg. £ggo or)g»j«fTvy«ea9A » 

^9(030 AR, 

a. T. ^smog^ai 1. to awaken, roase coo^^ 
reoft Q_jggl £0nr)(OR^ KB. ^oano ^smosRO 
Bhg. oOKYios^m nr^e fifimag^oidnb ER. 
2. to inform 6^(T»«Tr>OTon§«(mab KB. oQcm 
eroi Qjoasb) ^cnrxoR^ CG. hinted that, o^ 
6>omcX>aj3nb (byoojQcdos fismtohil KB. ex- 
horted. ooi(nDla»ajsii6tt AnrDsn^cma^cm 
KB. with Dat. or Boo. 

GY. £6rn)(oini(de to inform a superior, with 
double Ace; also Dat. gDdanoogj'oi^cnr) £. 
92g>j TB. The heading of letters from sub- 
jects to ministers: K. eorrxmdls^^sn^o mo 
QjcroQ TB. 

g6Y^«Zfb Tl^il (see C. gfirr^ in preo.) Eruption, 
Tesiole as of itch. — also = a3«Ynl(9b. &, oooo 
§^v A(®<d> to squeeze it. 
denY. gsmlejl^ curDld> a resiole to form. 

(prob. eOD^) N. pr. A oaste of Ambalarasis 
(82 in Taliparambu). 

gens utii^k 5. (=e>a»«nif c. Te. Tn. also ^ 

ang) Ball, globe, clot, bullet. £. ^a»9^smo 

TP. make balls, c^gytnnb 8((nad0r« CG. globule of 

nectar, fiaitc^o eoannoo Q4»>§l^Kn. (for war). 

8taiM>«B9€)Q gunshot-wound. 

^L^fWC^A good thread. 

9L9n$^0j^ffk distance of gunshot 
ftsne ^o)<0a, ceicda to make h\ 

gisneoLiQj small fishing net. cnci: 

03 £. prOY. 

fi^von^ pellet bow. 
Q,9nst 6)3j(6«a) to coagulate. 
gSOSQ (7^ see under fiSS^* 

of exchange. 2. stamp. £. A9^< 

£5nel,»(fl«&jo (Cooh*) money I 
Collectors = c^sl^J. 

£ans)a><ds)QJoso So. treasure-bex 
gsne) c&ig_j«nDo 8o. money deposi 

g50|nn4ll 5. (old fut. of fic)o) 1. 1 
(opp . ^ gy). 2. is present OOJfino^ 

£sr^ CG. cm^^fipto^ &9i| it is 'V 
aaxYerb: a.) with YK. qj(£\a 
come. d>9Qsrnsn|a> gsn^ Bhr. 
001.-^06 (Si^dtQi^/^ a«T5 he is. — al 
Q_i06iDO(go 5)ji)Q(^^o fi^ig I oer 
did. 9ajc/39(bb ojasnrrxgsn^ SRion 
S)cn ^^QB;9(ob dso ojodtoooon 
cm^o fisn; TB. we shall. Qj^ 
shall fall. jiPo^^t^asneo CG 
member, ^ojoangsni dtOtfmdOQ 
hare not seen — a>&plQae9«@9 
YN. in (siDcob. (BioajAcn dtocrrvA ( 
yoQ in the habit of seeing him? 6i 
oQ§<0«OQo £9^. KB. b.) wit] 
often adrerbially inserted aj 
£^@8^<^ gsneoAme EM. Anra 
^sng aj(Ot)nnoMud. he comes all 
9ajsng KU. aa>9&pls>cB/ fisn; qj^s 
the fowls they seize. oQnnD Qax 
o^moa^nso Oononrn' CG. did yon 
9aO0.TJR>nonoasne9 (n)oad9i»5A»6)g 
past chiefly with ^^: eaftSo 
Bhr. 4. by a sort of ellipsis it 
phrases for the Copula; so in 1 
tances : colr^o^jAS doom^o ,oOC 
KB. ajoaoo(g 9 ^ ^ £0 3ne\(5) cs^o 
@5m etc. ffioajcib od^cvSiida (2<nrr 
^^sn^ floonb, o(DooDJ(onb cro^c 



gAna>^ — g(C) 

T. o. £9«9A A| cail to eome into exiftenoe, exist 
ers 6>0Lj6abg) £9«3CBu1 TR. was born. 
0{):ijab fi^sr^do Bhg. The other combinations 
M in £9n^ f.l. (RoajfiKT) Aosnodh (mfixn) fi 
9iiXB)a8mi^£»} MB. ojajejoj^oiD (m/^««o 
o^OBmo TR. oaed to grant an allowance. 
Qvno^/S A^aoq/o ^sniddn TB. has hap- 
pened (db is no more to be changed). 

▼. a. e9r«Ma«a>, aai to bring into existencCi 
create, make. 

CT. £999«etd9si to get made, bring aboat A 

oijsnfliflB eO)9ano§ 98 jc^so £9neoi)in^ TB. 

gVooob Anach. 

*• ft«[^ 9^ Qj)oo<s«o CG. s fidoondsi. 

2|p>5) H]^ 1. T. K. G. To. (egfg^ eater) 
Tfek oooo'ws, dogi(cn3Cq;j[]^. cLjfiJC^gjml large 
tS^ ojoejcs^ pimples on the face of infants. 
Obj^iMiWnBnb 9f^AS^j^'S prov. 2. snok- 
BagffoaBg, infant. ^, ^o. fli^«r^g|^pCB.9C[P§o 

Mtnsgnl aoii of one day's connexion (m.) 
•Dcnsfs^ noPWiBdo amiaal regetables (opp. 
cndcS Moassoio), for ererj day's consamp- 


ll^deMB Anaeh. [darlings. 

if^talilsdaBcX) ftoo^nm OorvoaQ CG. the 
tf^WeateoncnjWaib KU. the first mioister 

of Colikoda. [Parappanadu. 

tH^Wnianb (A i hHuy lqi. , . . ) a prince f.i. in 

ft|^.93i9^ = So. ftPalg.=QjaiP(9R9a]y No. ojo 
tfa^9iB^ So. 

l|DvA^i)u to assume the appearance of a 
babe. 0MaB ^gj^^rf^cn^ the blossom has 
derelopad a frnit. aj9^ ^S& ^^^"9 ™^ 
spoOad (sttQJ(QMa). 

MsteaoB yoang mango. 

(«^) ft|mkMiajoi9ej endearing call. 
* tf&W(b 1. Brahmaii boys. 2. a class of 
liyv ia Traraaeore or *AmbalaTasis" 
(Ceeh«) S. jolk of eggs. [Anj. infancy. 

8;t9jm<0aia6 (e gD^S) Jilfdeob) a weak slender man. 

gg5>gd9>, 60^ Tlljljnya T. M. C. Tu. (ficfe) 1. 
To eatojs^f^ej qsts^CQ. to sack, (sr^tsocaiei 
9S3COO £5i3bl(ob KeiN. enjoy. 2. chiefly to eat 
rice, fisne figfC^ Aosi^aa^dSao proY. gsne oj) 
gW etc. (see aton^oA^A). &flnB9ii)9Oo)(0b a> 
Sy^sos^ do not render eril for good. (ROOI 
SKibo O^aiM^er^OojOQ;^ I am once indebted 
to him. «iaaif)ajoas2asorn(2 prov. to make a 
meal on Canji. 100 9Q^i%2Z9cnv£\ Mnd. 

VK. s^qfirrf), 8!t'9§ (<^ld SD6n6 in gOT^AnidB^ 
Pay.) eating, meal. 

fisneQfm) "end of enjoyment" deed of acquit- 
tance. ^sneQ^oH (QT^coorooMB. a mortgage, 
in which the mortgagee occupies the estate 
at a fixed rent, out of which he pays the 
amount of the interest on his loan, ft such 
proportion of the principal, as shall liqui- 
date it in a specified number of years W. 
g9«Q(0)Wj9so or «)06rr>o a lease of grounds, 
paying the rent for all the years agreed 
to in adrance. 

&8nB(^^(u«nr>CB;o deed assigning a property 
for a certain time, to enable the lender of 
money to pay himself the principal ft inter- 
est from the usuCraot. 

g6nt2 Tll^ma T. M. (gcb) Reality, truth. oS^cno 
6)5 co^tmoilnbfier^SKs; AiosnaoonscdilCG. to try 
the reality of thy justice. S6ne9CBi9j)S cjOfD)(0s belicTe firmly. 6rD9^na9ft Q iii06>m§y9o ft 
ervKB^ooO otrmlsd CG. oQaa&) oaiartnlaenrrKO) 
ftflnBQB;9cm CC. be realised, fi. ajra»qB|e> Vi. 
to extract the truth. 

g(S60£2Drb UQjnor (part. fut.offig^d>)s'({rD(i9 

^° P^^^- [ful question). 

!• ^CU) aSa 8. (ft=£o) And, also; or? (donbt- 

II. QOS) T. M. C. A kick, rebound. 

fittna^A) Yi. £6vmaa to kick, rebound, offend, 

cheat Yi. 
YV. ft(0>^ Yi. striking against an offenoa. 

g(0)s — gnnVn 


^(t5i\(6 — gasvzn(2b 

^(6)0 uSam Tdbh. £80. Water tfjiioaiafVQk & 
rA<i9dc)o ^o^0g-}€l Qux&scoifiku^ BC. like 
springs. — GOiaaicidmo dkoaa^TlsloDaab Mad s. 
safi^cdt (or gCL^oP) 

grOd^dBs) dEbl abaYHya 5. 1. To serre, b« at 
hand dt of use, help, oondaoe o^rn^ceat Q,mA 
m^gy Vi. does not suit. (ns^cid<tsa«osRiMn 
oQ^QS^ Bhr. §i6uo rnl^onb oroe^dn &fla^^ & 
(Qi49n^9n| CriLfJ. ft<Q>«inc(ifajab protector. £<» 
<SblAQj;^ dkolcdao KU. 2. (C. Te. oa^^j) to 
prosper, tbrire 0ODcro)cTy(iUi^«dncn a)a(Q)oPT. 
YK. I. £<O)<0o»o help st«)4doanot)cTr) 0i9<B;9(dA«rr)o, 

II. fidAOjl id. (LjQSse^Qjnbfi^(a>aj)s> joicuMpl. ^m 

QjlaicX) 8)j:i1^ SidD. 

III. fliogfi £6yo)g^9^ mnrio GK>d helped (Mpl.) 

^(6)Cl<B>y 6\ uSahl'ya 5. 1. To be in harry 
or oonfttsion fi(0>o)ajr)A Yl. e=amQ)8:j9^. 2. 
to shake off <o»s^GB;fisi§<0)o)c({jo Qojgaio Ocljo 
qO KB. (a straggling 00 w dragged away). 

^riD^o Il5a)am Cerbera odollam, with roand 
poisonous frait av&j§ta)9e)a<)o s> 
S3§ firo)flLaBSaj9Qaj proT. (always taming). 
Sl<9»£^ (alsofiODA)^) bladder gofbH C3j^g!Jt|£^ Q, 

denY. £(0)fiO<fia to be inflated) poffed ap. 

^(d)\ u6i better ednl Odina pinnata, planted 
near pagodas. 

Qi£\ati So. (s &<9^P) to hiss, as snakes. 
YK. fi^oHtaargbs jSioaJk Y2. 

gro5VojdB>, mrz) u&iru'ya T. M. C. Ta. (Te. a-o 
jo^) To fall, drop as firaits, leares, moalt as 
feathers, drip throagh a sieye. ajgu<&>c)d q,(6^ 
(TiDOa-ioo YCh. 0airos)aO(tibcn^mMinrQBo «)aj9 
^«>cX> KeiK. 

YN. fitml^, (gon^za B.) 
g^roHmfirni grain dropped aSl(m.o £. oojQdte) 
«)^09r^ ^(ocin a>&p);^ Bhr. 

a. T. s^ra^an 1 . to oaase to drop dnooicbaa oj^ 
(jpoQ RC. 9aajQj9a(ufi]Bc>> a^0fiJ4> q,(^ 
caiS^ Bhg. fltOdi^ fi^^oo fi^gog^ 6>4»>09r^ 

a med. (of a boiled fowl), 
tears T. ^(^aa (iB&C0B)or)x)», ^ 
roojQ^ fi>jiinmai9rg)(aas8{|saB)cnoc 
OY. (digmoQBinrD.'ORalejo fi.Tn^^^ oj 

g^5)Vb a5ir (= AdH^ib Te. £§<Di low r 
heaps of ground for planting rioe i 

g^oTkOo uSiram Tdbh. ddoS^roo Bloc 
g_|3n6 TP. gcjulroo d>>t>ms>(0s ^£^<i 
^(BQOf etbcoi^cnn Si^^ssfS^ &uS^(^ ^ 
to bleed. [^i^h yoo^ 

£ainrDa>9ai a Maya worshipped 
£(D)lrDo QJ3^ bloody flux. 
gL(0)lrdd9aol9^5oKU. a certain incon 

gs^roa® 866 ^05) n. [_^ 

^(sb^ ^d Hi, nd 8. Up, oat (sees ^ 
firbb^o 8. longing for. 
fidibftso 8. exoessiTe, raging. £*0a 

— Qdioojo, fi^mocB; Sdcnounb C 
fi(bba>6g^ 8. regretting (with raised 

Qj^9m9eno9(oioo Mud. tomitigat 

of separation. 
£ai^(fiio8. exoellenoe £• ojOBfjQa) 

dize Yi. @9aj9,--^96nr>9 — H 

denY. g(bl<OK^ite to exoel Ya. 

gioi^e^o eminent cnDSqJidcob^ 
9cm QjocB;oQd KB 4. c/ii^d 
£'09<sns Qjijuoroldaa Arb. 

£(c(>^0o irregularity. 

gi(bb9dQfi)o-ifirr>o 8. throwing ap. 

^(obojomo 8. dag ap, eradicated. 

gfobcottno 8. come ap. 

@^fin<d8) 8. to drop forth, a^moj 

(OizProbcnlnno Brhmi. 
£(obco3<a)93j priest that sings the E 

grGYO^CTOo attamsam 8. Head 01 

aejd.-motocroab Mud. first of a tribt 
909ajniio<Scro AB. (Yoo. fern.) 

gfOTD)£2b Uttamam 8. (saperl. of £C 

best, chief (opp. aJDCU^o); Tirtooa 

£c9ioi2ajaa;fi^nb 1. excelUmt man. 1 

a\)(oano AB. 2. first parson ( 



^(OtlM — g<BbaJ 

ewei^ (8«no) creditor TyM. 

fionwiaflBieo beet of tlie best. 

grovmfOb nttanin 8. (oomp. of ^a) l. Hl^ber. 
2. left, Borihern. S. later, sabsequent. 4. 
•i»irer=|a^^coaKDo f.i. <4^ fi. oQ^^(mi 
TP. wrote back. fidJu&ifDQjo (d^^cq/o pror. 

5. oommAndy letter. (nDCBi|y3(TQ»(fieajj[j^o ^, 
QjnnD, also epj^ fitcaiirDo, a^cT) fi. ^PR. 

6. reeompenee, rerenge. (nmhkib £(Bi3»rDo ojlg 
Qjsnb PP. aleo adr. cnonadSetORMDo cnDQEicDoa 
cn^o Kaar. po. 7. preponderance ft(OR»0ood 

■DOO0O ei:ijO6m3(0iakdo Bhr. 8. additional 
ffMd^MmrDo OMAolTal. S108. 9. beam, chiefly 
ikat irliieh tnipporte the lower roof (see cq, 

Cfdt. ftomoae^ (9) the stones which bear 
the root (a^^WKibc)) fiOOi/DieaflB^av^rsb (9) 

iaBinf£pc» (8) obBeqaiee=:«oe(fi)^CBr. 

AaarDAMmuo (SI) the land from Oamba]am to 
CottSraia rim KM. [g^^, 

saeMdcocoo (8) opp. o^gEisocoo; (2) 8<fifia1sni 

toentSe) (8) Hortb ooontry, Tula etc. KM. 

tawDo^ (4. 6) 1. to answer for, make 
aBMDda fbr, pay penalty, giro satisfaction. 
•cj3A9e9:£amW» ft. Ojd^ PP. to atone 
for. 2. rerenge. OAomfMn^onn g. o^gqjo 

m^ojch 82aiVm fi. o.aiqj^6>9S9o KB. 
taoroo a.Ai9fiUfti id. ^^cm £(a_)4))orDo fiflnio 
anal AaSloft AOnm ft. 9^98^ooo4knno 
TE. aiedloflght it ^t aaMttg thems^Tos. 
ftffMcuaoo (4) responsibility, secorifcy. 
ftOKMnojaA 1. deftodant. 8. answerable 
fcr 4Mm«a»W {^ji9ii^e»o ft'«0«moab, 
wn M g o cotasBtnso m^Adilcdeo oo^moisb 
ft. tf^rucob Aifkq^nmoiy MB. 

li* cnsAjfe^ \tto0.) be re* 
ftOMQj C. 9. 44. 49 eonund, Iwre. 

ftoKMDocvfimo (8) son^s progress towards north ; 
the former half of the year fopp. eoiS\ 

ft(n^(aATi.s=ft(SxxD)<0sft ft(mo»(Do Ajii^TB. 
ft(ORM£Wo (1) upper garment ft'<BBc)» af\<si^ 

980«)or)o TOh. 
ftfli^ttrMflRKdo (1) more ft more. 

garrmfDenrx) nttara^am 8. («*) Passing oTer. 

part. ft(OR%o crossed. f^^ . „^, 

grOV^OD(d6yo Tdbh. aBe9<fl8ao f.i. ft'<oi!fWlbo 

^nsroiycno uttinam 8. («>r6), Liing «^ the 
back. 2. met. M. ft(oniocY)€Qj^aidM9e99«3 
QjWjaqjo PT. snphie, shallow*bralMd. 

^(UnriOBSo Uttalam 8. (mo&io) Eminent, qnlck. 

gawnaofe nttaram Tdbh. i. T.^rftcaBwooj Uif. 

2.s:ft(SJUMDo debt, chiefly without interest, oj 
smo ft. AQj^ <ma(MTno, ft, i^Ae^cfla TB. to 
adTanoe a sua. ft. o^^o^g^caA demand it back. 
8. 0. Tn. land giren by Oort. at a faTorable 

gnTO?V61 uttiri (fi)agi<ow?rDl Vi. 

g(^oCA> Uttnflj^ 8. High, tall. 

grmDonOo nthaxiam 8. (cn^o) Bising. ft. q^ii 

^ Nal. (from bed), to get np (for fight), to 

pay respect to superiors. 

ft<ia£,oaja)o raising* 

ftonDoauj AB. haTicg raised. 

ft(ZfiD)iOK> part, risea. ftcmnVne ^oDodcyojo AB, 

ft(8R0<^ (Imperative) arise I 

g((V)o atrami & ^cs^ttH)^ (Tdbh. ftojRMD oc 

gjor^) 12th asterism, taO of Leo. ftt^doo en 

dBAlQ^ 6)<d)09^SQJ<b QjloJOoOo O JiSQU ^^ 1 • ftCdnt^ 

Acna&i|^(oid»)(ob 4> jkic^<8B ojlajsooe KBi; fttg)9 
So (8. ftojRMDOAioaje) 21 st asterism, shoulder of 

8agittari«8. [^ead of Androtteda. 

ft<S)§d«^(8. ft(BrB»fdttoe<^jeo) 88th avtorism, 

^(riitLjaf\<BSi nlpaSikka s. (^ljoi) To fly up, 

leap up, as monkeys KB. oocr^o frnte^au^ 
OoHBtofto ft'^ AB. rose to the sky. 

gfOboLj^Onftl nlpatti 8. (n^a) l. Btrth, origittt 
2. history ftAfMftOftj'ORO. 8. M. rioelaads 

g^aio— gnjn>€^ 


^(onxUd— ^acQjio 

TP. (BlDOJAft'oyoajOCmo A(0O (nScflOOyo €ijil 

gyoHD TR. they oaltivate low db high grounds. 

&. 9aj9n|9aLi9fto ojlAoyo Bhr i. n^t^tmS ft. 

.(Y>S(8ai9^c(Doaib TR. there being no cnltiTation. 

fi. ftSCBOjnb landlord Yi. 

ftrobo-Kmo (part.) arisen from, produced oQ 
(m^rbb Si^ch ^cuch Bhr* my child, ft^om 
aesacnoatnjoyfal. fi<abQjaT>69909(MMVft^o 
CQ. tho* she was wide awake. 

denV. fifobojcrnlgj^ffl* to impregnate Yi. 

gg^eJeUlpalam S. Lotas=A^a»^or)lib 4Bbltf> 
CQi§; in oomp. fi^ej0<e>c)o Bhg«c=0ejib0d>c)o 
Lazmi, fi^airDlajdkfij^^annl Bhr.ssacrodsaio 
oeo fi^ai9caeS^ bine eyed AR. 

g^OOSVo olpaSam 8. (SLQ^ddm) Jump, prodigy, 
portent 6>tih£^9cm ft. A93(D9cno ojcno CQ. 

g^3^ nlpaf am 8. (ftrabojcoBin) Birth. 
£(9baj9acrx> procreating ojaigpog^oaaDo. 

ft(obQj9^<0s T.a. t. to engender caianoft ojro 
(rm)<d>fiO(gb ergbojoal^ocib Bhr. 2. t. n. to 
be boni <osajo g'^ Bhr. (of conception). 

CY. ftrobojoel^as) to engender oj^oro aa^roo 

grQi)Q-^g<d>3oCA> AR.sQ^gdBx) q. t. 
^d)(S^(d^ nlprdkia 8. A simile, 
gd)^ aSh ulplll6am S. Orerflowing fi*ad>9 

*^° ^^- [ Acfe CQ. 

gOr^Sot) iilbha4a& 8. Excellent fi'rc>93i/ a><fi^ 
^GSYgQJo nlbhavam S. (@) Coming into existence, 

birth. Q<d>fD^9<seaJo KU.sgrgbajcfifl 2. 

denY, ft(oe:u)«9* to be conceiyed or born. 

(part. stOQfmo born, ft(Sg(0)c»XBn SiPa.) 

CY. ease^J^gJ^tiOn to engender. a^(^(^ Bhr. 
cn)j90l(08 (luaabSo £. PT. 
^(K\(t5r6) albhittl} 8. (&\e) 8proiit. 
^(2300^ nlbhianbi 8.=:«i>aq)l Bhr. 

^C0Y\>oC/>o nlBan^am 8. Lap cr^Wkb; oioocao 
(Biuoaoo Ouikq^ KU. ft'onaiViA o.aMg| C^* 

(rs 0^C(l>1(ab). 

£(OA^0^d96^ nharlikka 8. To diunlss, aban- 

^(CnXLJo nlgavam 8. (beginning) i 

also (OKQj^oAnbo &, cnocbTP. ft. 8 

Bhr. to celebrate a feast, aon^ci 

(Bi^^ofinDo (by an innandation). mfi>z 

o^roo roKnilrsb ft. <si^aA) CQ.=rki] 

cns^acnocnuojo, a>9^oam)ajo etc. C 

£(Cn)3dOOo ulBacTaiiam 8. Clearing 

oc/o9(m\)9acno aiosasszi^ ^* ^^ ^^^^ 

g(gy03QObnlBaham8. l. Energy ft. ft 

fliOvtintaiPo ftgSdo pror. 2. strennoa 

(T)s<8t9A9n|o (diOQgji'mdtlaiD ft. ftsneoAc 

ft(0TO9Qol zealous, perscTering. 

denY. ft(OTV)9ao)<0A to endeavour; toe 

self ft(9n)9Q61d999au9cb a)9^gpjo c 


CY. ft(9n)9aD^g^<a8i to excite, encouri 

cro9u5^^§aj9nb (sioaioro ftorroc 

STDo (sic.) KR. 

^OTV^ dB>o nlsiL'yam S. (= ftrbba>o) Anxic 

gCSan^dBso olsdyam S. Flowing over, a 

g/BdBb ncTak {^S+csioem) Upwards, 

ftacOCB^Cno = ftC0ni>f09CB^6TT)O. 

^BddioTldL^zm 8. (V^fta to flow, wet) 
ftai)(0>cu9(b iiiscB>nb RC. 8iTa. 2. obseq 
rDcoHajb 00ncn<dvada^o s^oo^^^^^ Mo 
perform. 3.s=cnl(b freehold Ocafi}®. 
Qjiio^ cnlaio TR. mode over. 
ftad^aooDo 1. giving water to travelU 
SiQ^^^QSu obsequies. 3. nnaorfltb 

aa«fl>^ca;=ft*aocno. coocoafi(8bcr?orr 

fted)aj)6rTU)0=ft*83(Do. (BlOXi^a^tOJ 

a)&p)^ Bhr. f aneral ceremony for 

^^3(^0 ncTagram 8. (mv^oo) Promiu 

CB/dO^^ (a^flOnoi S)iii^ KR. 
^BUj\ ncTadhi 8. (ftao=ftedK>) 8ea. 
garrr^o ucTanSam 8. (to the end) Ri 

ano)9aa>o f.i. (nongdloflLaecniDoBhg. st 

ft. <(£)Q6)^9(gb CC. 

gaCQ^o 1lffayam8. (m.) Bise, aa of sU 
of recollections or thoughts; getting 
a£\^ ftSaMDBcb «>oo(fifiai^ Mod. i 

gd(Do— £dXY\5) 


^dooo— gi^xxSI 

tav^oeie aominf • 

fi8»Qjmab tbe first CoUHiri BQa. 

d«rT. £fi)Ai (P«H. ftsVoto) to riie. tntcm 
e^mo fi Ajy KB. ayoQaC), jiH^ignb ete. 0a> 
oobo i^oLio ^^>g]^V9k ee)j^ oAme ap. eoon 
oocneEki .aDao) fietoKi^ BO. oSlob irda 

CY. £e|gjl<a» f.i. fBigCTKBo £8^2^ BC. 

ereftte joy. ' ojoeojioeo aQmoeaVob fi^^jl 

9^ab Bhg. oalled up the image of. 

gdiOo nJTanoi 8. l. Belly. S. ntenis (henoe 

aosooseronb). 8. dropgy. ft'(BR0«)n6o £(se 

QJ» Hid. == e9a098/Do. 

taft«Dxoo dlMsae of the ■tomMh (ft £. 8). 

taro|^ej • med., • oolio. 

taftocm) digeettre powers ncxoocml. 

gaynob nfillAft 8. (oonb) One of the 3, 5or 
10 ein, Qjxi^. 

gag^mlinmS. Ezeellent(fi£+inDA); gene- 
leiB, liberal, fteatoob. ifigB^nA CMnsOoo^smrD 
^cuamo £eM0^9ai8i (prayer). — adr. ^(cnl 
•.9NQ|a9roo coil. 

te^oo 1. ezoelleney, etp. generoeity, manifl- 
eeaee. S. M. negligence (=:ft89cn!VYvm) 
-^Tn. &'9(fle^ fie9fD<Q»|^o«ia Ts. dili- 
gently. Qjej)c» eaMMAiteofoab most oare- 
ItM. Q.i«rnl &'GBn<flB ft eeo(D(oni9<fiemo Ta. 
■egleets hia work. 

iSyiMSYQIe BJTiTartaa 8. Obstmotion of 
laldi, a elaae of diaeaiei; alao fteoojmcno 


^3ct\5)mcrb nfisimdi 8. (m&crS.) Bitting 

■eoMemed, nentral oi|Q^A^<oa9(nf) 

egjBhri. (in God). 

909(pShnm neatrality, oarelesenete, inat- 

• ttnaVA^OG fi. «MMen| or)s<Bidosyin 

ikMQps^i XB. by the owner*B inditfer- 

g/^3aO(06noo nd^ahara^am 8. ninstration,. 


£630^0 mentioned. — 
deny. §t6Lio gaooorDij^ OCh. related. 
^/S\(t5)o ndl6am 8. l. part, of oje , 8poken. 

^fi].^ji> nfldyam 8. {&e,A) Northerly, 
e^^reoft KB. the Korthemers. 

^^(S\a^x> ndlri5am 8. (V^oroo^) 8poken. (ul 
AOD o^g^^rDemo Nal. why talk morel 
&i^o excited &il^a«>oOeLion CO. 

g§o6nJ(0o (old)=sgCUjo6OLJ(0o (mod.) 8. 
Fions glom. 

^gsnrujcrb ndda94&^ S* Whose stick is raised, 

tyrant ^'roocs^jeg fDonodOoKX). 
^^^aJCOa nddlbanam 8. Exciting. 
^(BgOdo ndddsam 8.1. Pointing ont, intention, 
aim. 2. £. AOBeJdafiao 8o.s=oO«»aa(Ao. 
denY. £0§c/Dld9ai to point or aim at, haTe in 
view. £*:^ ojooo^ hinted at, alluded to 
(part. ft§i<^o). 

^(tX^rOXtb uddhateh 8. (ooob) Arrogant, rnde 
FT. also of 0{shna &*(nocB^§ fs^f^iio ^saS\ 
monbCG.— [ejCC. 

grtXxSlaec^ nddharikka 8. (qoA) ^(Votoeroo 

li To take out, get ont oo9^o@JU^<mo tfijiic^ 
AB. palled the arrow out. 2. to resene, sare, 
extricate. e(3jj(osmo<noo Kal. in order to 
deliTor. re9cel«m^s>si «)jk)m»3juc()9aii«m9e 
COt, (from a fbroed marriage) — part. &(8ij «no. 
CY. et^aAjf^^tito to effect the reooTery, de- 

liTcrance etc. cL^sr^9<B6oilis^o ^^j^ Brhau 

get Parasn Bama to restore the inundated 

Gocarna. mDiuoA &*:^ Bhr. brought safely 

• fti^ixosmi a smaU ladle. 1. of «o(/iSl9a0o^. 

2. in Sakti worship. [fflwioroo. — 

fl^<8JL)o(Oo l.sgdjorMmo. 2. a loan, see ft 
&i^e(Mmo3=ft@jLXDfimo f.i. (gQ)9o£Mm^ &• 

4M>oiaB KUv failed to protect duly the 

Brahman ookmiea. 

QB^JOM"^ SfiJQp 



g(3XJQJo «ddha?am 8. (^ i. Feaa*. % ftVib a Tadftya£(on»0.'Ooc;{jS)efiO(BB(ajUQjA»ft*<b 
(0)9nmo^ <d^ cni^^ojl^ GQt. di inflnaatUl, 
rich mm Yi. 

gOU^rOV) nddknSua 8. (cy) SUkdn up, tenned 

UB. ft'^dofloi fi<^ AB. 
g^OSVo udTa&am 8. (cb£) Raised; nady, 

S^^ ndyal 8. (ee^on) The rising Ban.fia^rbb 
(Q^OIMoroo AR, risiitf with the sun. 

g^ooHo ndyanam 8. (cd;o) Going forth; 
park. £e|0or)8oCQoKR&. destroying the royal 
garden, fig^ooDOjltDl etc. 

^Q,\dM)(ni odynktail 8. (o^) EndtaToarlng 
ao\sK» au^o fi. AB. trying to adriee. cmo 
9tfino§iaflin0VDoa£^ KR. resolTed to die. 
eogoox) 1. 8. exertion, industry ODocB^aglcrn 
ft. fiscrnoob CO. a^cm e<b ft. aiacno 
Mad. £• £6neoc2>o^ enocoidospo SflfSoo pror. 
2. IL T. ottce, emplofmeiit oa» £. s>^^ 
TB. to hold an office, ft. 01^^ okd^ A to 
appoint to an office. cro^3aS^a>OQBf«n3A 
e^KY^tisii e'9 fi* tf)A09asa TB. 
ft«g|KOcn2onb (mod.) officer of Qoreminent. 
&«g|Oco^ also &9g|H^oMei^ Geaor. aotire, 

■••loa*- [deavonr. 

deaY. ftdgjOoS^dQa to be strennoos, to en- 

OY. fi^oco^idB to ronse, instigate. 

QQQjyaSh uifiiBm 8. (better ftMtMK)) 
Brightness. fiOgjOtmoor^roob AB. 

g|6» ndram 8. (etao) otter, crflcmocBn. 
gajcroVest ndrMikkA 8.(aKiu) Te ohange 


CY. eejcnS^g^idB see (o^crooao 8. — (neq^^s 
(OQ^ e.oK% fi'ifj •'^ dislodged, killed. 
^^.JQOCYb ndvahab 8. (ojoo) Carrying on 

(the faaily), desoendant CTu'cngejoocnoAo 

ciu)m|/9<aMmab Mud. 

denY. fisaooW to marry^ 

ftejoaoo marriages ^QUlO, 

^(St^jOV ttdYfl^;aa a. (Qati>BB 

perplexity, oare. — fts J^cmab part. 

^cay)\ nii6i T. a M. (see foil.) Batel a 
(^ap»6Ms§yoo (hantg.) 

gC^^ Un&aya T. M. To. (eenpava fiA 
To prokrade, aa proad 4aeh, rapiarai 
aig|, Qj§||j Yi. promineat. 2. t* a. 
thrast, shoTO &<nOa»cvookBoai& pror 
ftORnWjlsVfiB to press against. SimU 

OlOaiOQ CG. JIIOOS^ fif^MIBKlXlb g 

d9ao proT. 

YN. 1. anDQjAia»0^aAftaae4o(Qiai^( 
2. ftggQ a poshy shoTO eyAcm •Okaen 
gggi proT. g>q^ <9)d|o fieivocf) ' 
«»aM0i9a> B. to be muddy., 
CY. fiornidQai to oaose to pash. 
^n^(tB anfara 8. lfoase=aaiei). 
gmtvOo nnnaSaw s. (^tl-^cnS) 

high. £. 6)<urD^QBi||e^fiio BC. akhmi* 
KB. giants. ftongicro-taocoiBi ^iS 
anonocBilSiPa. ai<n}(n0OQ£\ 9a»flnoKI 


ftontf^ 1. height ft. 9aj8rDoaD9C€h. 
tall enough, ft. SMii^Siooocn^^cr 
ftmvm^e^nmoK) 8k. the Tory highesi 
Tanoement ft(TTMA)«9a3Ci£^ <g^c»o 
PT. (opp. oio^cjoocodil Hal.) 

ftom0)«9a to bow=OD<9<0a» 

I. gmno onnam (Te. ftcm), Tdbii 

Staffing, the cotton of fton Q(^d3a oi 

^chee^ (silk-cotton), 
n. Qcmo (T. thooght) 8o. Mack, bat 

ftcnoid) T. M. (C. ft<qBi, Ta ftSMas)) i- 
o^)(nDffliS^ BC. fl(Bai[il.ib ftorni^ak q 
^avo Bhg4. 2. to aim at, have 
ftcrniojoao to oenskder steadily. 

Freq. ftmi^cto l.cBftaio«i;ia<nMisc 
ornl^oatoeni ciQjocvi<fla6moa (X 
me for(sajlii)M£l|^ ftcm^OQ ^* 
ecmawKnBC. 2.topresuae»da« 
ft<n9)aem»GG. I foaey, I »ay • 
coel^aob ftcm^j^dBdncniOC. i 



^d^Jda^— goJjlUD 

oA fton^ €k.ma9g^ C&. •» -a^^orQ^fti to 
rise ijito axistaaoe 0cn«o»92^Vaib ficml^ 
0afD9ctf 8f Pb. (sfi^eW, &9«o«>). 

TvSiQo umiidnm S. Sleepiest. fl^<m^ecno 
CHvsdB 2naincib« CO. ftcrn^e^vnf^ «»aiaT) (o 


neMfOIki onmattom 8.(09 )l.]Cftd,deranged; 

■leo fiOB^jo Vi.secg<ti3)a»^<aeo. 2. (▼«. ^ 

saoeio) Dfttvrm. 

snefio, £00960 mftdseM, eztrsTAgftnee, pre- 
fUAptooBUMet. ftOBQo ojenieB (nociaospl 
e3db CS. ladiee in the height of pueion. 
^naaao oaoA Yi. talk madly, proudly. 

ieaT. ^c0B\dati99f9 eojoob Kal. 

!nann^;r^ nnmaaan^ 8. Ezoited. aojookoil 

oBOBang^OQ*) GO. (ss^tbiAo). 
jOtflajrHb uuniluiam 8. (^) The opening 
ifeyaa .akoa|(Qn^n^W4i>oeicqp cg^d^oSo AB. 

K%Ao lUUIlttiaU i 8. Firebrand. &. 6)jkia!!l 
Aftifll Aeamma 9aj90fij Bhr. g^stejandsao 
t. fi.aiaj^ o^«i«aT)0 00. 
IP^AJo nmilklliai 8. Looking up, ezpeetiBg. 
in^ejpOD HWBglinaTn 8. Eradioatioii. 
gr^aio muwHad. nnMroaoMMKoiBi acgaicno 
tea 0.AMJI KaOf. Afijo ficgfijcnooao ojob 
q^A AILBhr. 
{(SnSk&te mimsiaiii S. (AeS) 1. Opeaing of 
ifw, tviakUiif . ft«na«9(n)aftftM9ac)o» ojflb 
wffh mmoma &. CO. (opp. cno9ma.aio), 
1 rhawfalnaai sg|a^(rooeo li. of bright pro- 
B^W> £• aoftj the boaineio does 
^o»^*M£)A £• ^koeo^ Bhr. bad 
ODceaAAdaTt ftiaoBEQiab &. «)ajo«iB)^9 
(£00. gladdanad har. 

ftOB^fiol^Jl^oajju^ Bhg. to 
•hoot ap. 

wmim ^9ca^s» ti, oQfocno ocniWi oaani 

wmrn^j\JUr'M'"T*^'' CGi. are my feelings 

of old ftvathP £0|B, us ftojAiD aplaode. 

lJ «bft 8. (O.«p0|Ii.Mih) Towi^rdak under, 

^oJkBiMrOo 1ll»kara9am8. Implananta. &' 
asdb (oRiBi Bhr. all the aoeeeeoriee. ooaiei 
CBP99(/MQj*aB()o KB. materials, tools. (OdOno 
ojA^Dcmo royal insignia. 
ftajAi^«9a 1. to flsToar, benefit. flno(^-^»(Do 
«).Aia)i«A ti*j^ a^fn Qj^ja9(SidB%o TR. shall 
eonsider it as a fayoor. 6b<9<aaich ^{(aocbo 
£*,fij(Oi^ab(o^)'m^CB;tf>^cQ|o«MiiKB. not re- 
warding for obligations conferred. — With 
Dat. «>QjOQajA(onD^cD (nofi>md9n fi*g-)oab 
KB. to serye his mother (os^ojatoc^tf)^ 
^. 2. to be benefitted, t^j^nmonsb £*g^onb 
ffATDo Qxrnlg*) KB. coald draw no profit 
f^om me (^gtojAorDeoa)). 
CT. (c/D«mlrt»(BiojVm) ao-jArolgj^daa MC. to 

make to serre, use it for. — 
^QjAOfDo serrioe, benefit, fsyoar (opp. (BBcu 
a)9roo) 8^. flogjOi'mo) fi>ai<0A pro?, oseless. a 
(minmo g^. 93.^ of no use. (y9«iB5)a Aa>9 
9« a4i fi>. s^g^dfiyo OojogbH TB. was left 
without any assistance from you. 
l>a^a>9rDflEboab grateful. 
g)ajd>a(onf^^MnDo ingratitude. 
gajfiidTD' benefactor. 
gojatocBj royal tent, (LJSdSas) Yi. 

t£\(m PT. 

gQ-l^C2o nbakxamam 8. Taking in hand, 
settiag about. .n^^dfcoanB fit* 0)^3^^ ^*^* 
stratagem, plan. 

goUCOCZb nba^amam 8. Aooediog to. 
^Q-j(C/)3(2o nbagramam 8. Saburb. 

^(xMU^SVo ubajajam Accumulation-^ (part. 
&aj^(0)o collected). 

gaJ.aJ3a)a nbajftiam 8. (Tdbh. aooaaiDe) 1. 
Drawing nigh,oiYility, salutation. 9dBdOCiDao89 
cki^sfDOBOft QAsani a^sa^«iDJC. 16 modes 
of honoring db worshipping. — gajjiioiDOjOdOa 
eoaylimant,thaaks.-.c^Vxo>oaj ■aiofl)SBafte Acnso 
osnBgjW aooSCuod9arm)§yNal. 2.praolice, 
usage. — present, grant. 
danV.<D)ai to hoior, serTO «OQjfKn 

gojsSl— gaJB. 


£aJUJ3 — ^tUCb 

oo)^09A09Qaj AtfD^,^)sVn9c)o PT. treated 
ber guest well. «is^ainao4(oo§Qj.airDi^o(ob 
ChYr. have ooorteoiu interooorae. 

ga-)8JVurOo nbcgivaaam 8. (yu. eoodW>o) 

1. LiTeUhood,gab8Utenc6. ^.a^sp^cSA to rapport 

life. S. food &ajs{bjcr>aj(rr^ tfMM&Oio YyM. 

(olaims of aiDor)cR»^(DajA). c^oocnoojeilajcno 

cncrorDo Nal. after a bath A a meaL' fiojei^ 

(Do Qojsneo^, &Qj8iW>o mDrcMDMkm c2rD)(0n 

amed. no appetite. stSSL (Bi9ro^«»9«sni gsS^cno 

Qajg^oo6 Mpl. song. 
g.a-jeSlaji living upon. 

denY ■ ga_j8Jlaj^<0s 1 . ▼. n. to sabeist on. 2. ▼. a. 

to take food. aDOfixmsmoo g^^orsb flR>3g-|3 

Csp £Q-J8f)ajl<dnnB{2 amed. bare no appe- 
tite, or^aio £t'^ Bhr. ate. 

^Q-JSoOdo nbad^amlam S. Condiment. O9036U0 
o_jeoc/aQ09 ^afijo'oeo Kal. (=:ao^). ec^roo 
oj'o CCb. 

^a^C^OJClS) nbacTevata l. Subordinate Deity. 

£'03^ (ei^a>9c/o0o9^ ^^^^ ABe. 
gouJCSdOdo nbacTeSam s. i. AdTice,6>^<^oD 

gjojoaooo PT. {^Qjej^Aobo £. tml^j^ fi><&i9^ 

dug KU. cB;(Q[^.'ani)Anbo £.; (SKKtnisxibo g. o-j 

oen^ showed him the seoret db nse of the 

contriTance. ad>ogc(iil6>ej £.; ,oOCO it- ^miH 

9ej 0-ai9%)) proT. (BioonrTKOo £. geprtioain acoo 

Qj(a^d9t PT 1. she hit on a plan. 2. instmo- 

tion, dootrioe Mn99m9a_iOeooo etc. 

denY. eojOdoal^A 1. to adrise, AMnAomoos 

afonrn £. amed. to prescribe. 2. to inform, 

teaoh. ojQjQjo cmoj^cnvS fi*:^ Mnd. ; with 

Dat. oQcnidSt 09^ fl^. Nal. 

- fio^a^d^o part, (moojocnoojald^eoo a^r^ 
Si Pa. gomoojelt^o. 

fiaj9a<^9Qj teacher, also ficLjSeodl (mod. 

Christ. osageVo. ft<Lj«e<^9aLi=:8o.aj§(fl»9 

rdob ordained ministor; eo-jOsoel oateebist, 

g(M30Jollbadra?am 8. ((^ l. Calamity, op. 
preasion, AS^QD/9na9(6n &. Oiii^TB. e>ttc^9 
(»fi>s £. TR. naisanoe of robbers, e. 09CX)d> 
to remedy it. 2. (to. fioujeoi Aoeo Yi.)s 9saj 

4(Q>0QjeQJo possesBlon by otU splriti. 
089cfi3o a med. 

fio-je^^J^aao^nb, s^ojeo^ mjolester, 

denY. etajecul«9af "^^ — ts'^aato mol 

persecute — (part, ^ojigaio). 

gQ-JUJ300o ubadbanam S. PUiow 

KB. i&. 9^640 (OySiOiatiB^o (Dg^oj^CQE 
S^ojCJu) fraud (po.) [, 

^a.-imco(Do nbanagaram 8. Subi 
gaJOOCO'OOo nbanayanam S. (br 

the teacher) Inyestiture with the Bra 

(8th — 16th year); also gojcrKtvo 1 

AfinsP(08 Q.<d^ fifucncB^asRilcnD (aio. 

cniagua(n^fDid9ecriD TR. 

denY. fiajcnaTidao, tu. eojcrSldaa ( 
iuTcst spjcnl^is (oatucb «i09r 
fio-jcn^^(2 6Qj9aina9Q(D AB. 

(^QjorfVmab part.) 

CY. gojoSl^daaf.i. fiajcnWgakfig 
cn^^^A KIT. royal ouitom of ] 
the inyestiture of poor youths. 

gQ-)00)uu) nbanidhi 8. Deposit. 
^a.jrolc^ccYO)' nbaniiattf 8. (ova , 

the feet of another) 1. Esoterioal do 
^«k)o &*(nBb9«»c09(ob Bhr. leoret. 
nations of Yedas Q^jc^^dn^ojcn^du 

go^ajrc^ abapa6i 8. Paramour. 
ftObjouMOn) concubine. 

go-jQ-jtordn nbapatti 8. (oja ) Comi: 

oouTenienoe. ^ojisscOa fi. A^Aonn 
oa>9sn| q^fooio GLKoaq^^dnb o^9|^ 
Oan. mathem. demonstration. [i 

ga-)Q-iorsk8)o, — a-i)a-3o nbapU 
ga^^ OJo tLbaplaram 8. (g^ Attaii 

ty (as eclipse) — cnlcQBojg^pjnb God 
fiojg^c^o capital of Matiya 

gaJ(2 nbama S. (09) Besemblaoce, 
SOD, simile. — In Compounds «B| 

godlike, etc. fajimlaw YetO. 44 

£aje^9cr)o, fiajelfoH the same, ^oj 

denY. fiojai^oa to compare (part, m 
YatO. ineomparaUe). . 

gaJ(23 — ^aJOd 


gaJ(C3), — gQ_J0U51 

2aj92CBw eomparable. 

LJOOC^StTClJ ubBSDBlbiu^ 8. Wetnurse. 

i-iQcaocOo nbayogam 8. (ct^jm ) AdMbition, 

me. oa^ojlaeifda £*09cibl KB. serred for 

profing. Qjk)d.(0S o^fi>aJtto&<^®^o^^U§ 

VR. wms used for. 

dftuY. £aj9c»3C/?d9» 1. T. n. to be lerriceable 
QOEulsejajoLjIscmaiOoiflBb^iAfi'dQsoOftn. the 
former species are of use in the later, exo) 
lOaj^oejaa &*«ae(Tn(S MB. helped to sas- 
tain the plea. 2. ▼. a. = !8ioadsa!n<0A f.i. 
cne^eaejo ^'^ KB. (=Qcnx2jl:^ drank. 

tt-J(l)^ ubftra&i 8. (roa) Cessation (atso ^oj 
oaeo). £. Qj|Qja03n«)B9-6>s oeioojo KeiN. 

kJtD3933QJ nbaiiJlTI) 8. Tloeroy. 
^kJfDlubaa 8. (Chr. 7 per, L. Baper)Ofer,aboTe 

sttoi; cniom^ ajocnajA £<lj(^ crog^oao Bhr. 

OMaaoj^ o .010)1 oeauLDo AB. sworn by B. 

txjTD) ^«nB»d liitnritj (=sdaj^). 

iMD^^kuDMMino KM. modos eoenndi, also 
tcuf&kroo9«xoo Anaoh. 
{UMXaJo vbuodham 8. (a»co ) Obstrootion 

^an6 UB. forced the Tirgin. 

fufiJb abakm 8. 8tone. 

{o-iQXOo nbaTUiam 8. Orore, park. 
I^JOJCroWdfii QbaTESikka 8. To fast, also 
ftjlELj^rfiaUaa (V^Qjau). <i»3^or)o gojcucrui 

*an)nrB cv^ cm? &*s)<aBMmo KB. 
CT. (oaojQjQKnn^ jy KB. 
ftdjQjacroo foaiiagy of 2 kinds esttcrooajojo 
»*o— a)l9(m^0QjQj&9croor) oeooo 

B.JQJ), AOaJl nbafi Yi.S. Lotc fiajQjt«9a 
to ]•«• Ti. (see ftOkas). 

flujaJkow nba? items. (^TQ^ij^a^sma^tA, 

%jOdQCr^ tthttamanftin 8. PnUing to rest. 

1^ VaL eztfagnishcd the raoe. 
dO aUariatioii, MUidota. tBDoWn sloj 

oaoaco'<fi>aa(OBc)o (Qsae) TB. to couoteraot 
the n3i7»id)an£Jo. 

^Q.j(C/d)>r^ ubaSrn6i 8. A word accepted as 
omen . cn^ £* atOo O ^goe^o o^ooojo {^SSo KU. 

goJCro Wi ubasatti} 8. (a\)e ) A part of the 
jyotiitoma sacrifice gV-m^^cn Qjiioi Bhr is. 

go-JcrOoogroTI PT.=oruoar)rc7l. 

^Q-SCrocbo nbasar^am 8. Preposition, as (9^, 
£aj etc. (gram.) 

^o-tcn^rDenoo nbastara^am 8. Sprinkling, 

strewing; condiments as ghee. 

denT. jikbct>qjo «a>o§ajBj floaicdnrob aojcru 
fD^^ KU. gave onrry and ghee. 

go^rruDo nbastbam 8. (lap) Pndenda. £. A 

go^croolrs^ nbasthiSam 8. (cn^o) Standing 

near. a)oaio ^'eocsn. 
goJoDD^j nbaharam 8. Offering to superiors 

(s= Q^«o6:yjo) also go-jop^mo Vs. 
gQ-)0dB>ai2o nbakannam S. Preparation for 

Yedio study. £. QdtrtfiL corncob cg»). 

goJO^oc^Oo ubakhyanam 8. (sr^^onDo) 

Episode Bhr. 
^Q-J0COC2o nba^amam it — CbOOo S. Access. 
^oJDoCOo ubangaxn S. l. Appendix to (bioo 

«ok)o Bhri. 2. sectarial mark. 

goJO^DOOo nbad^am 8. l. Appropriating 
a handful of rice given In charity ;^9a06)mn() 
ft. ofl)§cilBB Arb. 2. cause <£>>06Tr>6)gLj5^n)^<fltom 
Q-jeoflnDOBcfedBt aongTg a. Adw. 8. (=a)Df05mo). 

goJDuJl nbadhi 8. (=aQjaSl)l. Fraud, con- 
dition, supposition. fficoBQcn &. ojosoai (0^00 
fimor^ejoacX) (BiD^ukaocsn^ atg^idBOo Gto. ac- 
cording to the case put. — Ace. to Yedantists 
a)99cgj9ajouSl (Bi^Acno sflajob, coqgj«>o<D«6nDo 
ojooS^ flD«DOS-iroo6 KeiN. 2. Maya, disguise 
of spirit, body axDjlAmoojouS^ Oo^xivoffA ^ 
QJOb <BTd(SBOQjl<ab a^OBo KeiN. 
Qod is cnlasQJXJo)a>abca cnsoglioajouS^ AB. 

deny. (goiD aj9<(g)iiiQiVti ffi'^^CKUdAl ec^o«>«)9 
orf a^ril«aa Bhg, 

gQ^9(^p — ^Ott-ldebOil 


gQa.J(l^l — 2^ 

gKUdf^OCoW) 1lbttdll7i7«& 8. TeMher qj 
Qjjcnoo £. KB. ( = a^9(^9QD\(mrh) (henoe Oio 
cBR»l (T) barber of HawBrs. traT.) 

go-i3rro^ nbanSam 8. Margin, near; alio & 
ojocniloa^nVrB PT. near. 

ftojoo^o last bat one ft* mDogjcORpcm AD§ 
(oni aHssp^ Gan. 

go-SDCQ^o nbayam S. By what one reaches his 
aim, expedient, means, artiiea. &aj90BMBBcX> «>9 
fimaroPrcdmo AB. found no plan. oSlq^eoRQtiano 
a£l eft £. (^^yc^^m^:^ KB. tried a shift to 
remedy his case. OJooaKfo e>aj9QVugaaj€m 
(BiDQ-jaordldae, fi,aj93GBKr> 6>a>a>cuo809«9»^ MB. 
canningly. eft ft. ajoa6B09«9ecmo TP. Chiefly 

. the 4 arts of dealing with enemies (osoeaooD 


ftoJooDiaBorDab, ftouooSl artful, schemer. 
fta_i9CB/cr)o coming near; gift cnocnooj^coo 

Q-lOQBKnCOBcb dhO^OQL)^ AB. 

ga-SOrroOO nbasana 8. SUtlng near, waUing 

on, service; chiefly aesajtajdcnxv) worship. 

ftojocnxDoid. sflg(OR»la>(AS ft. oajogi^o DM. 

denY. ftojocnSl^aasacnxuliM li. t^cn^o^o 

AB. ajroeoonaooDo fto-j9cnSla^c6 Bhg. cro 

m§)Q^o ft*:^ KB. engaged in dcTotional 

ftoLj9Ci^ab one to be senred etc. 

fto-j9cnS)a»ab part, attended apon,seryed, etc. 

QQo. \fBiXi nbdkia 5. (oc^odo^) Orerlooking, 
disregard, neglect. (£\<^^(^di60iSmmi\fB9(A ft 
aaja&i9fi9a)o NaL remissness. cn)«e9ft aiosj 
(ostWm ft. a>o€nrS)tiaa, 00^00% OA9^iaB9iB 
0^00 ft. Qja8(aio»Rsan og^ms TB^ not to delay 
satisfying Oot*s demands. «iDadcn)rD)d9»onKmi 
on ft. OLKD^^^Kivlgy shall not bestow in com- 
plying. «>9s|o 6Mn^Qj oa>9^g-)oab ft. Ojoic^ 
neglected to prove. — ftQajifi&i9Qe9;fi3QattSo 
KU. a certain soorce of royal income. 

denV. ft^ajdaBolcSe 1. to disregard mtm ft':^ 
olAu^^xA Kid. to spread, being neglected. 
8. to rtjeet, fbrsake, renonnoe <iioaLifi>ft oa> 
S^fiianWKn ft. MB. to diToroe her. 

part. ftOcudOfiaWib Mad. tbnnkMi. 

^^ Mad. made the ML i 

gcSo-smio nbtf am 8. (emo) 

nished with. u>^09aj(Oiab et 

^(SQ-^ngctt) nb8ndra&8.(saboi 

Yishnu, N. pr of Brahmans. 

^(Sa^orOo^erOo ubofau^am 8. 

denY. ftOajgcfialtae = 9cr)9^. 
^Q^o nptam 8. part. (Qjoj) So 
£a-jO npp& (Ar.abHf) Father Q 

o^^^o prOT. djl^^ £\cri\ 
gUgj'o ^^^ to treat each in his ^ 
GP. etc. 1. a>gu^rockBalt, also 
8209^8:4 Sindh salt. S. qj^< 
fel Titri. 8. {ftOJ^Ai ft. 4* 49ii 
4ttgj. 6. AMagj, tn9|gj. 7. s 
slccy^ or 6)aj9€Us{j^.(inTogi 

fijcq/^.) 9. saltnesS) one of 
croo. 8. condiment, food ^rocuc 

^ACQMnflAobo ft^snMl 9cna 
TB. be falthlU to the C.'s sail 
hence: ftgLjnb 80. enakebfrd (. 

onbo a>|m4a-Md>aj red. 
ftojfto saltmarsh. 
ftg_)9^ K. pr. of Kayer women. 

^9§l<d)^o TP. eerraatsf 
ft^oftnb saltmaker. e^ egys 
ft^dOn to be salty. 
ft^^6> to salt. (snajfiKT) fi^^ 

db eat; also ft^j^SBproT. 
ft^sn^dEMioabl 0. pickles flo^ 
ftg^o^ saltmeat. 

ft^A(0iei1, S^fii Afiosiinia i 
leaTes preserre salt Arom di 

ft^atoaunfe a TsMil thieving 
ai^cSkMlb, e>A9<#Weinb. 

ft^ Aoo) a salt BMasmre^ the ) 
00) Yum^S^mmk ft O M J . 

gjylftl— gal 



\Aooocb liTing upon wit manafaotnre, := 
u^onb; (Bo. wlt-merchADt); ftlso N. pr. of 
tnatnu low eaate sftge. 
Km B. ult-oat. 

41^ (e[g_jfijic(vab=fi. Qin^ca^nb) Boellia 
igcns, parifler of wit Bh. qqj, SKmsOoBinb 
VoVab • med. 

)9rMaB, — oong^idoo, — aocoB pickles, 
jsnm saltmarth, wltpan. 
oni), — 0(01^0, — ^nb wltfish. 

ij^cq|4i» wit to crystallize. Q.. aji&c(£^(0s 
manafactare salt. 

D^ a eurry of fruits fried in wit =: g^a>o). 
^}_| < fi:^_p sbl Capsioam grossom. 

1l^pi}i (fi^id) T. C. £6Qj to swell, V^fi 
tiele of anakes. £. d.vp^(OA to sloagh it off. 

obliayain 8. ( V^fis to connect) 1 . Both 
uoe^AcX) oom^iOamo MB. both parties 
— ASCvaozc^OK) B. coyenant. 2. So. (as 
Kattaiia4n towards the No.) ricefields= 
bS), eonaiating of several ^sn^o Yi. ^s 

AA CnSSKSi^dittSnBfm^aiD 6>iilQ0d9s)cX> TB. 

ei^ gscBr'o «oO a>9^ojo MB. 8. No. the 
it treea fiMMOg, a>Qj«s§, ojiaiocg, aiga) 
st the 5th)=5(nDadfiajo f.i. gsoi/aBcX) 
|, a_kOaii:ora( £. orSlrDosT^, cna^s s.sa2)o 
liWi cn^a^W TB. — Q0e^(3CBM>=eroa£t 

1 3nD3tfBa) akl9^4BkTB. froit trees excepted. 

Qma 8. Parrati; her representatlTC in 
i worship. — ^edajani Siva. 

iSo.s-ajCjCkmgh. [(T»)yi. 

%a> to breathe heaTily (fixmooni g^. = «>3q 
Vntri T. M. Saliooroia (prh.=r£aj/D)). 
I ir* mnftr Lifetime ^)Qn6o £. gDCfS^a^ 

tti 5. (what is spit oat?) Husk, chaff, 

i. 9. Aq9«> prof . [tooth-powder. 

■AMd) burnt boska used for ajsaioigq^o A 

^^ en^ T. Te. M« (Ta. &6QpsfiSP^ 

to spit out, fl^0^en^«)ft<d>. ojl^fcsgo ojl^nrr) 
0^0 £0l«nJl§o Bhg. [into water (superst.) 
QfiifOtt id. en^flMab aeldascs^o VCh. to spit 
fi^ old, fie^iP spittle; ealcr^U) id. 
fi^ali^, JU to spit, emit Q,£ig^9^9(S\ BC. o^ 
orvbb fi^Agx'^inS weeping eye. oQrolayelsp 
o-jd>ipl ^i&) BC. fiery darts.— Of the 8yaman- 
taka jewel, which daily produced gold. s)ojo 
moalg[jfl§aDa^nT)«nm6)iJ>osT| oaiosq^ CG. 
QCS)(t nmir (loc.) The hair of the body. 

g(2(2daj3rb p. ommedvar Expectant (of office), 
candidate, volunteer MB. 

go T. M. aC. (C. Tu. a«3, Te. ad) V^a Above; 
also, and (also 8. interrog. interj.) 0ioxK3do 
ajmo he also, he even, sioajcido oooodo he db 
I. nv^Sigmo both eyes, 0(0»cX> o-jaS2|o ^^^ ^^^ 
10 SODS. flB((g)cn3^o Nal. all these many days. 
SiiSR^^Qm^^Qjo TP. QjnmoQoc^o, oicmoejo, oi 
rolifihlejo thoagh- It marks also the finite Yerb 
of a sentence ajmDQaj3i9)CS^o S) ji1^, (dDoq^ 6> ^ 
^cq/o «aj6mo. Barely with Adj. participles: 

In set phrases the 2nd go is often loft oat 

QCna8o6II»3CQ;o Qaj35)ai, QJ^gJo jklfDQan095)STB. 

(from Qjlgtjo jiiroQjo). 

gcnJrb ninbar T. M. (T. place between, height 

V^ £) Ck>ds &CQJA 00)6^9080 ise)am:£i9d> Bbr. 
gcnjatDs^ Bhg. 

&aii(b8<a>9n6 Indra. g^^cno^sai Qojsa) CG. to 

die. £. 6>Q-i<9<(S>nb AB. Angada; also qou 

(S\(A ^cTunb Bhr. £cnj(ba^(09nb etc. gcEuA 
Q^cTt&ad rmcnj^ BC. 

etaii(b<a)bicT?l AB. Ganga. 

gcQj(UT)9§ cmd9e Bbr. went to heaven. 

fiOfUAo^fDo id. 0QSg-j9<d9) Si, Qjl6)rDOR&IS09 

<8ao 09(09(9^, £auA'mnbcY9)^o(iKT>o tm^o^ 
fi>dO>9cX) BC. 

L ^QCh Ar. mQina l. Mother aos gea 0<o>n6 
MB. son of the wme mother; also'Syr. PP. 
fizaoAobo em TB. grandmother. 2. a Mappi- 
l^aooi, generally gm^ Mpl. £m OojgcxSlcv 
CiA9!^prov. o^^nb(^^^i)»6)fii TP. fim9^d9icX) 
TB. (voc. stm^). 8. the Cay^aniLr Bibi. 

QQ/^ — gCClKO) 


£CQ?.fO)B — ^(b 

II. ^QCh nmma So. kim («sii4o«>j 8. ^a^ c.) 

geBtiBno o^§d) No. to kiu. 

^fif^'OYO^ A.r. TUDXnat People, coJOjiAnbo ^00 
ano)ldK>) MpL those of the prophet's religion. 

^QihCni timmaflsga'Danb (£0Broi<ab or)§^ Q(0>o 
oDOnb CG.) 


gfi^, gat^-QYo Qinmatt^ (Tdbh. ^namoio) 

1. DfttnrA metel. ^ez(afo!\ci)3>o^ thorn-apple 
(S. 03^fij whence Metel). Einde ^(S\ — Acn\ 
Qj ^manotoDat. fastaosa db tfxuomoza.'orato Dat. 
feroz. 3. golden fringe or tassel ojlsm^ 
(@)g_jSQjo gkQ(ina»Qjo Bhr. 

got^fOo, got^orOo nmmaram M.c. (aUoS. eto^sm 

00 from £+0^" threshold or oiarDo?) Fore- 
port; esp. doorway, eastside, verandah in front 
of the house. sD20oaggi €f!\s<o» MR. Qi^^aJ)rab 
ek^oTDoas CY>3^ TR. 
jgzarDg-js) threshold. 
£i20rog-jg|j foretooth (^i^augj ^2.) £• 6)a>9sn§ 

6)0gy9aj iiTi^dte Nals. also £i0(Z|gB ro9^ 

<^ejo (jud.) 
gmrog-i 9)90^ garden before the palaoo. ^Vijlcob 

Aib (ST^aino rdfla^ Bhr. a lodge in park. 

^QC^OOo TUniDal (loo.) Some days ago, =3 ^omocb 
(NTa pron.) 

^a£\^ ammittam (C. Ta.abbe — ) Difficult 
breathing, a^idno 5)(9>9^.'0Ta!l§ £m§oaj9«o§d> 
proT. — £[. ^sai also sobbing of children = £, 
oG)?<^i &0Ea)ig-)O9=oj^^*— see £0 2. 

goaletnol ummifli (V^a, ao) 1. No. Much, 

opp. 9,0zi6rni. 2. 80. little (B. has also (sio 
0096m) db amosm^ bit) compare a»6nB«rni. 

gca>c^ce> uyanSnya (loc) To belch (£ip-}. 


gcQWRdO), nrvz) nyaruya t.m. (v^ a high) 

1. To risOf as Icito, birds. 0nso anfao a^^^^ 
slcDonb jki(Q3rib Bhr.; to raise oneself Acnoo qJ) 
^q^CBKTnonb A.R. 2. to be high, eminent, ^cb; 
cm tall — Inf. aoB/ro, ficvrooaj also aloud, en) 90 
QjjeQi'Oisi aai;0(0 naj^aKcmo PrC. 8. to be 

k>st=r$)ajO(9s)o f.i. aQ_i3(D99 (^S OJoifiRI^ 

fwdm cnxTBiacnajo Bhgi. 

YN. I. fiicarDa (tu. oa^a^roo) height, 

pride Yi. 
II. ficd)^ elevation, ojoo]^ aia.aiRD 

i^9?ism o^d>^GB>9Ao MR. lev 

through irrigation, 
a. ▼. I. aoDan rare. (^Aio acafixm: 

RC. oQSi'ibo acBKi^ ojls^aeo a* 
TI. mod. gcd'OS^A to raise, lift up, c 
CY. Qonroi'db S)a>9si0rDo aovasiori^do 
acQ;ni?)aio (2) elevated ground (opp. 
gCOTlrO^o vu. = ^Jlj|tO\) Bravery. 
^QSS\dd6\ nyikka (T. gi^ to keep, SM 
Qjom acEt^gcooain RCss. 

gcoJVb nyir T. M. (aorol*, ovca^A < 
from a^ T. to live, subsist, eecap< 
tS\ib). Life, breath. aab)9^s^ ooiol 
killed, aaf^roooonb died, a^iotm (cmi 

CQjls>A99^ C(}. Qc£\ib ^e*9V%9Ch Al 

■nvinl^cib^ft tf)A95ne^ cn^AmKsgo B 
thee. — ac^<dn§^o a wiry oonttltnl 
fidilfdn to live, revive, survive. £< 

(Bi^c/aoETlgy RC. ffioajaS^ai^AA £^d 

(81^4) aodno(8R»94>, ojooRnmA ficft( 

Qj9n6 RC. fled for life. 
TK. aaTigj life, reanimation. 
CY. aciii^slj^tiBa to quicken, ridse to 1 
I. gro mra T. M. C. (Te. go) Rubbing 
MOigglcs^o OAjo.neo aro (mocSlttcunb I 
of metals. — e'0<^gu, aroQjAgi touch' 
n^zS^ Slf^iC^^ to resist, fight it oa 
V. n. s>c^(S^a>^mf^ T.M.C.Tu. torul 

against a tree, wear by friction, w 

gjo a^609 s>OLj9^a»0n| MR. 
firooj YN. rubbing; toueh (&*a^g^). 
fi5>.'D(0s V. a. -~ q. V. 
U. ^(0 T. M. C. (prh. firon prM. art! 
1. Expression, word. 09Qor>kl{{OS ft<Q 
RC. by his command. 2.proseeSj 
Yi. 3. fame, aro«>aj8afa»s<iiiA9S>|y 
celebrated. ft/D^BS'Qo tta^oit, ft,(iiQQ 




I to atter, tpatk, say; •lio &f»(D«o» 

T. M. 0. To* (afto^, fioids) 
on. a^paAoBTOo CA)MG. oj 
LMBimB Tl. svelli. ojlmMOo Vi. rear- 
iA8aai39 oj^fti^o.^ a^stcXs^to sload. 
s^ to itond flrm^ fight Yi. 
oei Me below. 
1th. gftX^ 8* Breaat. firDaiR»lfi>n6o a> 

8|B 0ZdQ MM. ^rMQtfilo QdQOB, firoo 

)^qQ BG. eroa.111810^ o^Mn^ omob 
r. ren flereely hreeit egainit breeet. 

— QajS4i9Q ^lAisHsovW 9cnoo a med. 
g nrakkaT. M« (£n>o I.) l. To be 
^AVmcBBcb &Q(qQ| YiItP. prevailed. 
iskaIgj ooane, etroosioiaDgu Bhr. strong. 
^^^BLc6 a eonftrmed rogue. gt^MJioi ojo 
1 erd-om ais^ pror. 
C&rdoaiajab) a strong man. 
^aa IL to speak (poj/in^scBfO^roanftonb 

> oQgyoo KB. fitro.'OiOiOcX) Bhr. 
VJ|Vn 8. (£(Do n.) Beptile, serpent 
joaadoa A0:DR)t 'sr^eaaD CC. Ananta. 

> nia&gol =4QrD... Pole of boatmen 


USQtm 8. (qjA) Ram, — gro sheep. 
imppaft Currjcomb (&$)fDd9»)=aj 

(gro I.) Rabblng. ^r^ea 
■B^ioi ODacBw • word that appears 
I, bat raba ft triea deeply. 

amnnivyft i. s £rDong^»> (gfo) to 

, roar, ogoji ecDci^ons MC. also ^q 
. q. T. 2. ^eaa^A to mb against, 
Iso ^mt^A Yi. 
166 ^ L 

I T. M. C. (Te. 6^3fii from &A) Wooden 
ir beating rioe,alaoA4iKn^(0(sb — £. ^ 
vnwA ^4BeAoe|o proT. ftroeStsoarok 
1> «fe)sqB^ MB. a drowned person, 
f) TP. 8ervant*s room, &rD6bgj|<o. 
xS) pivot, binge, ai»Q»ViA ft. €m».oo) 
TF. to uibinge tha elated door. 

g(DCY\J ca> UZMVyft T. M. C. Tn. (&ro> 1. TO mb, 
eoae in eontaot. ftfO(nS)6ajo«>asfnisflnD* jsioa 
cno ft/ocnS^ (=iM»o^) TP. 2. to oontend. & 
(DGTol 6a)3dadk) pressed against eaeh other, fi 
ciVajdi^6Gft;9S fifDOvasoj AR.; to Tie UXeg^l 
acno^oKnl^o a^^^io KB. d«Yn)oAo^«)c)d 
£foa\^ (T)«u09ej«'c)o OG. 8. T.a* to form 
into a pill. 

YN. ^rxrooA friction, oontest. oa^eom ftfocro 
ej3»l O.xjoa0 TR. disturbances. 

^(D0r\3 nraasi} 8. (eroo n. fr, ^aa) Breast ^(d 
cru^ fysicrojQjjocnS) CC. standing on the oon- 
quered foe. 
ftrD(mj9snno breastplate. 

^(S\ nri T. M. 1. Skin. 2. half a Naii, or8fiU> 
at f.i. AQfflai) A(oio2>o3au9c)o oiMnal MM. & 
(&)aD9V^ I KaJii. 8. (T. belonging to) word 

SBftrD II. 

£rDl;s9j«>, en^ 1. T.n. tobe stripped, sUnned, 

ohafM. 2. T. a. to strip off. 
fi(£)«a T. a. to flay, skin • Jaokfirnit, ooeoannt 

ajaaf3j6iA0(Qb &(D^^ ete. east off tha slongh. 

YM. tm)^'— Ayik flftyiag; stripping. 
£rD)c0O^ih to vtter, speaks: £1^4i», to give a 

•onnd. fi(o1c0oso6fli (Te. fi«rD)4h)scS)enio 

oo «^i#ajtsm fikvksyo <^flcnn9S firfkwo^BC. 

qqctcdIs ftii^OBfOSooQ TP. ^6rmps comi 

(Do £(01(31:0508(2 Bhf* &<olq»0S»S6S0 Oto. 

hunting eaUa to game. 

YN. I. &r^QB^9ao tolk. fi(^c»ogo n^^ not on 
speaking terms, oQ^cmos eowo «oaS)d9a 
(ikMfio inM[i(2 BC. flt^dicftogojo eWvog 
Qjo proT. — «n)SQj9 fifo^ogo^o (hantg.) 
hantora slang. 

II. ftrolovs^id. •enaacosaASXEQs ft. f^soTB. 

grolj^ k S^fiA nrippil Hopea deeandra, 
strong timber (£rDlj9s= g.a8d)9P)cafl;^rDlcQi 

(0)0 Cal. 

^rolca>ob oziyaii a H« T, o&oP 8,)=:««aajak 

f. i. cDsqQ^^ j^roiopy^ma ovarrt) BG. an } the 
proper person 9 
^(S\ on 8k.^6»ct(4^,, ^rMJ) Auent, 


S^ — S^BkBft 


grtB^ -— gtacnj 

I. g^Ura8-(aj^Or.*eyryB)Wlde,lar^;Comp. 
e» o&airDo, Buperl. £i'QaA0'naaao€Qjeio AR. g^rcd 

OcBdOs Mud. (=s ajej)(&). 

II. g^; ^tC)04 TdblL. f^ojo 1. Form (Bi^0CC{j 
(ms>daa09n| BC. Yishna. 2. rabitoiioe, arti- 
ele, piece as of cattle (sc^^gf^) taj^A £08 
aj(0))6)m^ Id all 18 numbers. 0(Q[^(OiBiU)nbo 
groB^o^MDo tenor. 8. time ajfiiogaa repeated- 
ly. (8ioso^(s^o({aol^ fi(0iai9aK> oaool Bhr. 
4. Tessets of any metal, chiefly oojeisitakLio^ 
OBcX). 5. yessel, ship ^(aKa(f»o arcd saaojiaib 
OojocszH TB. cna^s &R8(dftcX> cunmonib TR. 
hence: goQtian&p^cdo (8). B. to repeat 
£09(000(006 <5) sailor. 

era9^g^»> (2) to collect, amass cfidcXtojeo ec^ 

grea^g) Bhr. the bee gathered honey. 

croosorosaecbfiOB^g^PT. packed together. 
ecQiontrDo (S) component parts, 
Q^asiam^n^A (1) t. n. to form itself. «»rB:ftio 

c^oaS^aDocaH £(9<t)i^(0^ fiojldsao KB. sin 

shapes itself into disease. 
gif8B(8n»)a>cqja» (4 db 2) T. n. Tessels ft articles to 

be complete for sacrifice etc. 
gi((B(Oi^rD^ja> y. n. to be shaped, as child in 

womb, become distingnishable. t. a. ^ob 

ftOBgjs) (2) articles. 
Q^aaojif^sa^ 9q^v£\ disappeared. 
£(C»aiod9ta> (1) ▼. a. to form. 
^OBQjI^a) (8) y. a. to repeat, rehearse. 
CY. £(aaaj^^Qjl(0» to impress on the mind. 
£RdQj)ej(Tg^^fi<Q9ciiOd») f.i. oj^tf^sriinaan 

aio^l^cn oslojnb Anj. assumed a form. 
£(i8QQLia|9(d> to assume a shape eoog^cob £CQ 

AOKontl^ojocDl an impression fixed in the 

£a89cuo§o (5) sailing. 

g(D)d%<d)^ <j^ nrayaYa T. M. (C. Te. Tn. ^(S\ 

heat) To melt, dlssolye, be softened ^cn^ , 
«>rDcb £. KB. — impers. (^cr9 f^cSlcnoj oQCDcAs 
0cno«v)ab s^moo £(?a4BKrn)«(0) BO. 

YK. £as«a0io 1. melting o^My'^''*^®' 
Upaoio. 2. anguish ffifl^Ad^aao i 

a. ¥• e>(Q9d9a6>, am\ to melt fi^wBe 
j»lA0«te9^ AB. don't unman m< 

YIT. &(»d9a 1. what is melted, ^m 
liquified butter. 0&ptf>ai8Bo Oqjm 
SicrYaj\ Qj^Q.aii\ TP. 2. fused met 
Aojoorn bullion. £(Q)(Sae«m1«aao 
ring of cast gold. 8. T. M. G. Tu. 
d9arDl«as9oproy. &rold9e^§i steel to s 

g(?BCB^<d> nniii&n'ya (on) To rub, g 
fifoacaBl^oJOCBD^ the ball just touched ii 

^({B^nnittf T. M. C.(£(»c)o) l.What 

2. fraud £a8s>g9ip)6nolg^ e^aaojod Bh 

oj^rogo proT. 

£(TS§nb deceiver. 

Q_a»^^ y.a. 1 . to roll, aooh^qod Si<m£\ 
TP.£(Q§I qjIa1<0a to awaken by toi 
§^<Q^criD(6> toeatrice. gc^a^cfo gr 
(^<d<bnjaB§iQ^oYCh. so: ^MBfCB; 
0(tTni £. Mud. 6>aj8Bo ea8s<a» an ai 
ed by Bishis* wives, cn9^3a>rDQan 
a ceremony on Yishu. 2. to che 

^^enol nrUQi Pan of bone (£(9»(X»>. 
firnlcBilrgboolaiD skcnoo^ dislocated, sp 

^((»af\ urnd (Tdbh. (jloH) ojotdefOMi 
words Yi, 

g(a(2(^<jB>iiriimmQ'yar:r£(MQA 1.T61 

Nid. A09Qg|o§ Q0cQ|o e(oaa^ ojirno d 
s><o>osnenbajlnib^j^.TSRA)rab sosaA OO 
fal gazeU oeooMBBcb <me&(A ^au^ 
fiffvo^gnm odlfiurDaon) Bhr. 2.S 
a)S9(a&n<0s» f.i. a>saBen6fi)a>oen|<(B«z 

8. to vie ^iQ30smi>ej9(mBio§(tdaSV^ 

g^noJo nnivam Tdbh. ([^ojo (ss^roiQ 

(onejUAlaaojdsajoBC.Form. eaKUoa. 

wear off, diminish; crog| firoKnS^^x. 
off poorly. 2. to glide down, fall 

QOhbo — ^ 


gcxsy — ^eioMi 

S,(maccA 1. tuBiUt, qaaml. 2. UHwtt cn§^ 
£. aiSicm o^AmD TB. all in oonfoslon (see 

a6o nrnj T. M. C. To. (ertaP) l. CironUr e. 
(»>) es BC« ftdBOT^aio KB. e^Oddooisl log. 

A^o 03or)iflBch 9AcXx0«ooKB. 8. rolllAg wato. 

ftOBAob ^moAavv AoyAanilMB. bowlders, 

ero^ei, 9r^ n. T. to roll (M «ino«rril), toss, 
revolTe. Q.i«rni«9si<b QjWmsejo rosr^oB^o 
proT. ^sa«(Q9«3A CC, pUying bojg. £08 
«n| Oajaof^ rolled in the daet. &as9n| qJ^o) 
^ OojKa) aia«» Tt. to fly for life, tumble 
off sDybow. oi^orxascmcnoaf) qIWhoos 

9«3r6 AB. 


•4). part, fl^tnsrs roand, &cmsrmcnos[^aino 
lat fiflBA 1. BO as to reroWe. &<9Aq^£Ua ioter- 

ert from interest; also ^ascbojej^ YyM. 

S. a ball, morsel OiiiooQrQa Mud. cncQ^^ 

(nS^AcbdSt en. ft. ajki&Q FT. 
W. ft<n^ rolling, roundness a*ca;o^o«nomo 

looks insaenre (as promises). 
£i eaUron to boil 4-5 measures of rioe, 

pan ^ar«lAd> ftfoaO^ch Nal. ftroflOcBulfsk 

^ TP. (for ordeal) — Guaeaosal ladle for 

a. T. 

|A q. T. 

£M>ce6k uiekka 5. (£a>) l. To mb, grate, 
poliah, grind. 2. to try, assay metol. 
£5Mk86»sg(Dcd6^ 2. (firDlI.)To speak, say. 
tOos^Ao^r^CMOdaa say to oneself, oajsntojotot ojo 
iaAcb A93O3cnMM«0si; o<|nnoQ(o^ 8aor>o Bhr. 
a^ WTWa Fertile soil. [,,^^^ i,,u. 
1^1 vrri 8. (ftOi f.) Earth e^^aicoefiOaA 
> Wim T. M. C. To. (&Q that which holds) 
L Jhaatbi aaae of pillows, thimble. or>ocB;a« 
fVnecm^gi Anaeh. aiocb ftooyr^ Mud. drew 
— aonmo meaaara of 20 Paht. A€>«>Q^ 

llavaa. a.9e|0 stoeWng. [maker =<OsDron6. 
^oojsds lUjal sword Ti. ftcXkjOAOb seabbard- 

2. T. M. O.Te. power, sharpness; eurd, what 
curdles Ao^pcn ajoejl<ab fto Q^jguOcv) a 
smidBSOD YCh. 

n. T. ftOf^^«>, (oHcoid), aJHScSa milk to curdle. 

avoo GP. 
a. T. fio^sA, ftOQjW^^, ojatosa), etc. 

T. n. ^^^^ ^ ^' '^* '^^ ^® ^'^ ^°> ^ ^^'^y* 
ddiOQJCidoQQjso, (moontd^nb ojl^ooMnladga <^9 
aio BC. share death's abode, (^ooaecb eano^o 
(sn>ai(figfl(r)cmoan^ocnol^<denrB KB. 2. to 
be possessed 6)ajfi)^6)^^oa^(d), ^OfiRxoajft 
Demoniacs. 0ioaj4> goaoi^ they got into a 
strange spirit, behaved madly. 

YN. go^rob 1. oongelation. 2. deTil*8 dance, 
frantic behaTionr, inexplicable obstinacy. 
o^yoTlcdao £. (0)§) I was under the same 

▼•n. g6^0dd6t To be firm, fixed, settled, ocn 
fio^o jiprcBanoejo ^ou) e^Dornl^^ 9aaj^ KB. be 
of good cheer I aooJoOsai qjocbod «>9n|Od^ ^* 
understood the contents. a^96>o ft. oe9(rr^oe^ 
AtcX) ojOOo 6>^^o^(ft got by heart Bhr. (o^ 
an^QC{|Q5O0(9b dkooo ftS>o^ charge is proved 
against. OajDOJonb acng^rbb ftAO;^ Mud. it is 
decided. oQnbSfDsmo ftoo^^ CCh. o^owdXD 
dan KB. belieye me. c^aioi>o^9ft & ^^onajdoe 
oo^ CCh. 0O(T7T)ftj eajTlai^fflb orxmoaillgo^ 
(S\t9t(m KB. — dornlejo ftOOB/oan ncn«08cX> GP. 
— ftS)o^^rSl<0A to aspirate (as ai, .oo etc.) 

Inf. ft09an(=:ftO^) stroDgly, firmly, aloud 

ftOOdda oHfiOd^f (O^iP^ ftOa«9e^05^9^94»> 

KB. fto^A orflgg^aaiiod) swam boldly, mm 
Qjsicn $)d)g1cn9(b ftoanSaj flonly. 

"^^ fiOgj. 1. firmness 0(D<oniVrn ft. Cojotoo 
not strong enough. (n§y ftOg^iORiosis o^i 
gl (Mpl.) eoj^dBaog^gyosyn TB. too plia- 
ble. axQtisSt ft. Oojoroo I don't Ten tare, tn 
on 4nooOj0CB>ft0O39{0n)»(6n ft. MB. it speaks 
for the plaintiff. 2. stay, support ojttldOa 
o^jftTDo Qj)«iB«Bao^ 89Qrxn) ijg. 8. aa- 

QOddSi — ^069^ 


g0^96^ — SQ^ 

Buriuioe. oj^fo)^ Qj(Od<m ftOgj «>o«mo6>.m 
TB. withoat a tare prospect of realiiing 
the collectionB. (Oiooj^ f^s ^9r% ^)Qcmo(9 
Ogj Bhr. the comforting helief. ^tueiocn 
nao$)fD &.ogu| Qojfimo, croocoi ojocno s.ogj 
a>d>, iiilej &Og_j aQ^f>ron (0)010 TR. promises. 
CV. £OgLjl«e»=aoQjOda» I. to seize, hold 
firmly, make fast jiioojo ^<b(xmi(di £., 
o^oaoDo e.'^ aiooocBBcX) ^gl5)<fln§^ get 
ready Nal. @0l6>cB; fi*:^ EU. made firm. 
Qj&JiqQ, SBSiST^ £. KIT. army to form on 
the right. cryogyoojIoOsru oon^o ^*^ Bhg. 
fixed. 8ajeoD3((Tuae)cd)^o aj30oS)jii^oaj1 
;^Bhr.Q_i6^^0g^^ SiPu. orvmaaiJl £Og^ 
^§d) ChYr. to remain firmly seated. 2. to 
resolre floajiro crSloaji^OaJ^jaj Nal. j^qa 
9^0^ ojosn^o. Mad. 8. to assure, con- 
▼ince a(5nfToogjlgjon6, Aooo ao. MR. prove. 
crcO(afiai<o>s)fi, ao., ojoaa^ogjl^ croooocttH 
«o»eb MR. to persuade, seduce. 

gO(«6\, crtd uhAka (Te. aQ leak, see a«DQ«») 
To spring, oose out (a§o) «s>jml.3b aonm«)aj 
ii«0O9 Mud. with tears, ^iploi^ a. CY^<b 
Mpl. QjocEnnfio aj^6)^9ai8 Aaj^o aocSso a 
med. «>qli^o Q^one si aiogylslrA ocueao ao«>om 
V>oaj(K3£WinD<8yd(>>CO. mouth to water. 90I 
aoornlgk) not saturated by the rains. 
"Hf. aoQj 1. fountain, spring a<^^ 80. T. 

S. superfinons water, a* ~<i1oj^s<0> to remore 

it from ricefields. 8. originality m^s^ocro 

dgy a* (ffiSicm. 

aoQJob (8) genius. 

gO«^<e> nhiAnUTfa T. M. (Tu. C.Te.tofall, 
die) To sleep V^ aQ* — fiOcoe^OajooB^ fell 
asleep. Nal. 

TN. L a^oQe aleep ao«B»ior» ojadi^ Qcusn^ti 
proT. «>g|^adO<fla ojookD; oorvDo TP. fast 
aaleep a. Aspia)j6> to awake, watch, 
aoano bedroom TP. a* (fncnf!^eMaBS*CQ^^ 

II. aoAio sleep, aoaaconi in sleep, a* C^tt 
tiOet cruoo^^fti to keep awake. «Qlfikte<b a- 

ajaa OoocfiioBhr. (opp. MnfiP^ai). a 
to dose, 
a. Y. aodBe<d>, i0n) 1. to put to sleep 
Q^o a>3g1fsb aodsa^ ^Sifldil erf) Val 4 
rook asleep, turn as the capstan "^ 

^0<BS^15^ viakknttf Worm eaten, as fl 

Sg eroo Ys. from: 

aocak (^aodteP) what oosee out, dns 
eaying tree, also ac^^iyos^. 

aogjjp wood-worm (80. moth). 

aoqm^ Ya. s Aes2^^<^ ^ ^ ^^ 
^004 uiavi} 1. & gCXU see ao^ 

aM. Nearness, relationship, YN. of 

acBKuQcnos a^^^®^ ADAsmiBi RC 

aocDob 1. see under ao«9a. 2. (firoi 

a weeTil B. 

go6o Ilfa4 i=t&otAf) Spark, a- ^ 
to snuff a eandle, dear a toreh (loo.) 

gdl uH 6. (NTftQ) 1. Network ftw tui 
potsa|£dB«cS); a^<s£Vak Aeio SKU^a, 
^r£ld9ao proT. i^dadklorxng^cSVoMAJVi 
Ca. 2. a running knot, loop, nooas 
ai a kind of net Yi. [=fiO< 

gc51«mi <ej nHnjn'ja Bo. (T. ao^qd To 

gQ nhl At. rui', Bpiri^ life (Mpl ) 
gqdB>, Oq uhL^fa 5. l. To be firm 

<di). 2. to be joined. (noo^Q^o tnD(D. 

aQAfij) Yl. 2. Tenomous spider (0. ( 

YN. aQ'oTl firmness; a*«9xfo i^Sia 
enoooraged, comforted (acsao^). g 
Oax^o (Mpl. song), aQ<<'^<A*>^^ ^ 

aQ<de (what fortifies) 1. annlets(» 
hollow gold or silver ornament r 
waist, eontaining amulets. (BB<mb 
cm 5»ajaa^c%Qd9aTR. aQaig^cie, 

aogj (Qsxu bag) 1. large bag el 
cloihes. Qjm^vsraoob oUg^ c 
jScn^Q^Q^ccb^Bk SQJcmo proT. s 
6>tto ajae proT. 2. teaticlea i 
ooiacn. aOg^Al^- ^ YClufl 
6>aB0(t8Qfr4g>?^(Bb the womb* 

aO(H ^« ^^ breast with tha ahoil 

aQlJg— gOQ 


gai — gexcy 

iBo Miiiiig round the iboiiMen. 2. a 
7 limber more dorsble Uian teak. Hopea 

> nhlttllYa T.M.(G.&QAAl)Tochare, 
bj fleree look B, [gyj,3 p^. 

> uhippiyft H. rapT oojonrvogjlatocB; 
P. xamil, Handkerchief, head-oloth. 
I jL. nmuxuAt Pomegranate &Q09au 
09enuejl MC. tarantala. 

. innil 1. Byiantine £Qe) rosnojj 72. 
of Turkey. 2. damascene blade <th 

anej £. c^aaifij e^dOnsm (play). 

Illimbl2=<4l^a>j Ant &Qaij(Dlct3«i, ^ 
Bcno SrmsnnDai Kid. Prickly feeling. 

a»§ — , Anri^»nb; 5>cTXig — , crJ^rta (or?l 

•ornlaii — MC. also «jiio«mn6 red ant. 
^erii MC. eyes as of moles. 
Hno) flycatcher. 

b nhunbuTfa (r=erda^A i). 

k roar of tiger Yj. (aQi^ T. Te.) 
1. Me go. 2. So. to pour gently B. 
cfCal (teeprec.ftcQa)) A drop, ^ms 

> «»<aflO«ap or^ib £ o ol ddm^sa^ a med. 
I to dribble sfl^cxSldOa. 
fa paat of &Q A q. t. ccn^^eoatn ^ 
t fiooonb BC. Began to speak, emooloj 
aaajeoag) ChB. grew. 
ft. near, closely, e^) o^^oo^tmoTis) 
.flL- ttnr)9aB| 9aKX>^a; &OQ<oKnls>«9eav'SR)i 
BM»).'-'la Compds. ^HyoQ i^oQ 
Sonatto CO. eringe ft fawn aroand them. 
rt. ftoo 1. close, dear. Siooo^^^ct PT. 
\xh Bhg. fsYoorite. nab fiLOoajQ(D joio 
|0*a9^ CO. aasembled hla relations. 
oMCio ft^tfQ»9n»o oo^agji SO. &oo 
o ftSOBTOJUBo c§»j3fliBi Yi. orphan. «no 
ooQjdb TO. aoqnaintaocee. 2«s=£eB 
9- flftc^Vajoo 08(ir)caBcb| aKrgoo49>o0ab, 
'X) tie. 

gfij ola T. M. C. Ta. (V^ &e4 T. to agitate) 

1. Famace in forge. fiei:»Vgb joj^ (rfWKBro)Qyo 
cnsTDOoio KR. e)«»o§yAnbo e»«iak9t .oiqj^s^ 
QojaflP^ TB. 2. the bellows fiaiQcLjsacDl 
c^^A Yi. also iteiauiao.^. 8. broth, graTy 
Ko.; fifiidaagj earrybroth Yi. 

gej(£9 olayi} T. M.= £fijd>o, acjaaio l. World. 
(7 oeej. 7 (fi^y.) — orooS^^ftjfiQmDo oa>ooenb. 

2. earth £ai^ip)Q(^a> K\J.s=tn:ikm(S\at, gai 
<fihi3s on the earth. 

§>&lMi nlakka T. M. C. (Te. «MD9d3aei^ fr. firo 
^f S. &e>^fiufiJo) Pestle for pounding rice, mostly 
of Qj^§l, also c^cnj&i^»<9cn)fiJo(«n(dnr)«KX> 
e^*9QB.9$o ita^qBk Brhm.). e>. QAoenf oql (SI^ 
^0^ ^J^ '^' £^«aaOCB;aAo «>MMBk proy. 
measure of thickness, 
fifiias^ab MC. pike. 

gaJdBAdB), (386^ nlakknya (T. fteiaa to become 

reduced) To shrink up Yi. 

gajo^ ca>, dYWQQ nlayuYa t. m. c. Te. (tee & 

ej) 1. To be agitated, moTe, shake =sAfijaya> 
f.i. e^MQBcb 4k>aookT>9Rib ft. DN. ftcuAo aaj 
en^ais^o, So-toosniaij fiCJCBi BC. AOAi9ajO€>aj 
fi.aia)^tfxm9(a ajo^aocBn Mud. flexible* dkrDca§ 
jii3S^9(ab &fiis>ocoia)(2 KU. a palm old enough 
not to be shaken by a monkey, ftfifio ftaiovo 
oSlg^ai^oKeiN. 2. to become loose, slack, 
tired Qj)gjfii. CCh. «Kn»ao mosP^sa^aien^BaL 
es&p^fln^eiea^ «^sp)en^or))Qji)Gaiau)oBhr.her 
garment gave way. ^s^^^cnM* ojWnDeMBO 
spicsyo KB. 6>aia£l(aJb ^OQeiea^, atAcmoiaa^ 
CO. Q«q|ei«a9 OojM^ became crumpled cno 
s fi., tfM)^ ftfiJ.Yi. to be impoYerished, ruined. 

r. a, ftoaiBg^, :i^ 1. to agitate, bend, soften, 
crumple paper, clothes, etc. ao»9fml (Oton)^ 
oaiflnoswo) KB. without fail. 2. to destroy 

ftf»e^^aB.a BC. 

YK. I. ^aiji^ 1. flexibility ft. oojCM^koj) 
Qj^rDob BC. agile. 2. agitation, disooiitent, 
raio ft. fi§>) OD^oiBiUk DN. [miaiiAken. 

U. also ftfljaj — ftaioj^MMn eaojirDsmo BC. 



gCLkb— 2^0 

III. fifiJ^ (So. fi5>aj^ agitation) loftening. 

fi^aiOg^MQ) king*! bathing oil (Dsfaoaifi. iiioionii 

EU. ft. ajooB^ OtftS^o TP.To. Aej)Qg;jg[]|^. 

gfijrz9(d>, onrd Tilara'yaT.M.<Pfiai)n.T.Todry 

Qjoo^o ^olq/o ftOJOBo SMiTvm ax^o YyM. 

V>«> Hid. 

YN. Q,&iJi^ dryness. 

a.T. ftAk^ai <B. also fteiatdh) to dry, air= 
jaiid9«^, £6imd9t^; AaTA&o jiDtiasl ftaiq ^a 
cm® Bhr. to redace on the fire to proper 

ga^OClj<d> nlaYUTfa T. M. (T. ^aio process- 
ion) v. n. 1. To take a walk (^geaa ft. a hen 
to seek where to lay. 9iaJ6nDOQfii9QjorD oH^ 
a>cX> CG. majestic wave. o-jooBfiJdjjtnr) orfVoed 
ojeTi CG. clouds passing of er earth (No. also 
wrongly ftejo<q^td> f. i. Ai6 5Kij^<orO(iA, ft'coiBi 
nbOo-jocGp Tu. has taken a walk). 2. to attain 

QjlcT) jkiocwob BO. (sft^ia). [etc. 

y. a. ftfiJOCB^ to take for a walk f.i. children, 

gfi^OJ tdnva Ar. halba. Fenngreek, Trigo- 

nellafosnnm grno. fteju<[C^ox^ej a med. ojo 

eje4Qj= u)tw»«» 8. [^. o^oaxfla Mpl. 

gfijOJOob nlnyaii Ar. Inban Frankincense 

gfi^dBv) tdlilfaill 8. (L. alula) Owl PT. 

g^6uajo nllkhalam 8.=ftrD(A co. 
g6>fiLJ— Bee g^i<xy — 

S^ nl'ya 8. Meteor, firebrand. 

[for the other ft^— ft^ — ftftj see ft«A— ] 

g^o<^OOo nlltnghanam 8. (^(A) Orer- 
Btepping cro9i^9g»)oA^cno a^^ UR. 
g^ OrrOto 8. Eznltation, ft'oB^o 03^ co 
£i,^ CrArj. his spirits forsook him. ft^Mno 
OjiWb aomoiA EC. gay; so : [cheerful. — 
ftgyocnxeoeA SiPn. ftgydcnxsa^or)^ fern. Kal. 
denY. ftgj<nSl«as to be delighted, expand, 
part. ft(ycnS)(mo. 
Q(Sj^3eJo 8. 8arge, ware. 

gajd86i, (TTd QTlkka 5.(V^ft.) 1. To Jump 
up, azmlt OAg fta^ooku^ ftcug^ BO. 8. to 

loTC OMOBcX) ftOjtfymodA 9«»oeajc6 < 
aad9 ftajnmaKib, «Mkm ftajmsdii 
^ofOdo fiir)omro9is^) CG. his friends, tn 
fl2(n»i(Dab ftojoodob BO. helped; with 
lioo. CDajfi>(Qb ftOLKm 5>a)Dflb CG. t^ 

YN. ftajgj gladness, love B. 

a. mal. ftotoji (Yi. ftojoSl q. ▼.) : oQfii 

ornle^o ft. ^OBcaQd, ftojoj^ oQ^cnost 
RC. inclination. 

gcurb nvar (=ft^)Tu. aoa t. m. (C. 

ecoib) Salt taste, braokishness. 

ftajroi sea ftajrD)c(i>)e4eB t£^<^09ei BC 


ftaj4>(0>9ej^ buffalo-cows that prefer 
salt water — aocdnsfijlsiaxo^ A^ 

ftOjAcniaio brackish, barren soil, 

ftaj4>06n6 soil impregnated with sal 

ftai4>«>ajeao salt water Adiboaiii 

GQjoai (D)§1 MB. in ricefields, all 

eodi^a'aip'onsb cnsan9(iib MB. whei 

by brackish water. [cxjoqj fi 

gOJO nva T. Fullness, M. ftcupaj Yi 

^Oj avva So. (Te. fto umph, well ^ 

yea =7 No. iBi03a» f.i. aoojIas ftOff 

(opp. ao^). 

^OdOOO^ oSanaS 8. sukra, planet 
^C/S)(Oo nliram S.^rDoa^oCnscnsg 
(bo£\ OojojoDo YetC. 

gffb nia, ft goEbrfVD 8. (>/"ftj^;L.u 
ftcfis s <&)3ai:i;g^, ftcfiscnSI in the momi 

denY. ft6):fitndsa to dawn ft6><fiMBaa 
5).«3aQo qjIacoo Bhr. fttfup«aft Y 

gc£k£lanotiiidam8.(Qjau )Fixed=:CY)l 
^^d^ uifram 8. Camel (Yed. bull). 

gr^o ni^ain 8. (ftcsabum) 1. Heat. 
Sjnb aQfiS) ftg^fixocnocDioBomsejo Arl 
ftg^nr)9j^<e> see orxussdiaio. 

denY. ft||^d9Bi to be hot. ft'^ o^ 

mcvo ^so«vm Mud. ft^^^ criVn 




8. tarbttiiy diadem, ft. qoojoov fg^s 
». Blir. 

1 J^ £SQ^ -^ ohiaf gatfd, prime 
J03g|8(rooYi. warding off a blow, a 
iWeoo AS«>o QQjgl proT. 
lljayn (T. to toffer a drag^g pain 
") ojosp (^^anloj AflC0«y9S>s;9 BC. 
A 1. (aT. loanding, writhing) a»^A 
^ ft^%|ft<»^ AO. 8. to play at 
I Yi. 

)1 (h crtd) nlahiya T. m. Babble, 

; Bolte, ai in stomaoh. j^^^^ 

g l.=ftflA. 8. TH. of ftdo^fiAob, 

(V^ftcbP entering) Chisel, bnrin (see 
Aggtf) broad eh., (rnlcQAfip sooop, jS\ 
e.fiAk)«i99r^ Qj^i ^if\sB^& A9d^Yi, 
eng dcnoatAt Bo. to stoop, peepYi. 
ta^smu) etc. oa)9£jo (jor^^QjA &*aag 
ame <=:A6n60)sp)«6«); ojooinrib oojo 

S (T. ft^sK>=A(t>^) oaurDlcm^ajnb 
a famou low easte sage called Q£i 
lb KK. 

> l4llkka (T. to writhe, Te. to start)To 
umenred 2,^qQ|J(LjOi»»; ft^oiQ a»cB) 

ahamefMedness; £. s>ii»^aQdiacn9 

'^^f fi^fij^fi^^'^'^ impudent (i=£.arW 
t. feeling; £. QAtg^ajdCBH beoome 
■•— A'9«Ba^ lees of 1 ft 2. 
r. K. C. Tn. a sprain, 
flf) (T.) to be dislocated, fliD3Xbd9A 
• .aitajej|0 o^9n|9.aiD oonSlrDOjoYetC. 
l4MPae to aet a dislocated Joint. 
)*^iSMii. [m^jjij 

llbf (T. g^^ wood-worm) Vo. ▲ grain- 
(V^ft-) To be within, be there, exist, 
L^ q. T.; £69 Sod fut. f.i. oioxicX) 
ai>9g[|tt«Qeo6 Bhr. from her was 
Visa with ^. — aa»0O9c» qs^ ^^9n£\ 
It la bat a report. ^3cu«(m £69 I 

{^%ul OKQICBSA fi69KU. matt. omoaSi^^cm 

ffijfi^ I only looked. cn)abd9>aSloajcO(oi^ tt^Nal. 

adj. part, fl^ga (old g^ f. i. (tnejQS^aojQcqa BC.) 
1 . existing, tme, real. fiLSa^JgOSo according 
totmth. ftSBSxmoonDo &6a<o)0y — m^ (£\cm 
cn9(^£\gj^ " figarnloobo &6B^ &«>snB9a8 
6B«)POC0O(Q6BiS pbil* £6612 oJOflBOyBb 
pror.£6B<^e^9<a»o<6aoBhr. fioanriDo, £0^ 
S(S(0nt3Ao thro' life. 8. in which, to which 
there is. «^<aju)Q[{|66 sensible, ajrM0ooc]B| 
66 i^9aiMrUbt cLjV2)asdi»^66 ASo, somaj 
A» MDOjai 900^66 or>9^ noco; A Bhr. to giro 
it op to those, who have a claim on it. 
S.oftenanxiliary. cgogc^root^qQAchOAO 
0066 .ad^o KB. CTOooKm) CSyMB966 orv 
nQ»9Qjo, e>^9£^9(26B ^Mfi Bhr. QjiacoRSls 
6a<o»o'Dcmo,aja8aj9aa66<n>oo9K»1; ncnorn 
^ORMnA aeaojcn^ 6Qj9Aei M ttd. as when 
a mother has died. 

fiA9cu9ab Alt. part, as: (a^9€mcBk> flt6.6Qj9nb 
ChYr. those in whom lore arises. 

£66^(1^ I* relation, «»MMmajab. 8. rich &' 
oabo Qaj9ab«»gj9nb fls|^9(ma»aioabo ajwo 
aaismo proT. 

YK. fifiLQj 1. coming into existenoe. fltftaj9a> 
(also 6LAfn9«», £^(096) Bhr.) to be bom. 
aiDaj(noftQj9CB^I^ss«(Oi9crn)3^g^ aflQj9dae 
=A«ni0^9a; Qj^c^jiOBcX) a^)§y9o gaQj9dael 
'Qomo CC. 2. tier, turn, fit^ajaojloi then 
Y2. £6.0^ QLj9ajo (=3 £19^ woof) stones laid 
crossway abore each other. 

gflft nHf ftdo 5. 1. Inside (Tn. C. 6yX> Te. qqj9), 
whaterer is inside. A6a9ej66^3^Jgf)^66 (^wA 
QA99<g2TB. as much as they had. no^aa 
669Q[^§6a9 ^QO^dStt(9^ TB. inmost thought . 
£$>ea9Sp)d99nmADj. fascinating. &cX>9^(Qo A9 
Q«>nB»fbCG. dear to the heart. »o30J9Sicn & 
tt^ «nd<fla^ Bhg. made his heart God's abode, 
set it on him. 8 . it serres as Loo. ca^oi eo<a> 
Q^ ^aH BC. aai9Agtaa66^ dMBoi. oid 
601} £)Qxro(OiBiVob flL66i<Bk within (smdao) oid 





fiflfio (^ &tt^o) 1- inside e.'Q^ ajoojo (£\ 
(S^sB^ cn\cn TP. turned right A left. 2. 
miod, esp. "rnlaaojfifio king's heart, fi.* 
os(Ot\(A <4)Qe> or ojcx^^a thought to rise, 
think. fi^'(0R0(9b oQOQ'Oi to conTey a thought, 
Cpds. fi^QfinaooOo CC. deep-seated lust. 

fi^tt^K) see under rnoaio. 

fiii&aaA sole, &ga«>6)e> palm. 

fiLflfiO closet, dlTision in a box. 

fifigoiog inward knowledge. 

p^odBa Yi. roar of bear &* ^%s*. 

fiflfiosob a hunter tribe at the base of the 
Cochin Ghauts. £. o^KnAobo oiDajCTUO 
proT. hence fl^oojttdsob a bird Soolopax. 

fitttOflob 1. a caste of rice-measurers in Calicut, 

gg^osaAodeTouring grief. ^'omOmo ^^onu 
62 6^ proT. {=QSSiiP(f^ ficfod^^ Bhr.) 

fite^gfi fioojo Bhg. sincerity. 

&eg(0a s £(xO<bi»t^g_}o. 

figgf^l B. soft inner skin. 

fi.c)o«9s»6n6 eye of mind fitc^^9afiRBkO5nD0X^ EeiN. 

ficbcdAODo courage = fi.cX>d9A(Qiai|2. fi. qj)§ d> 
(Dflo^ Bhr. 

&c)odBaa>c)o Mud. £cX>«»96m, (ft Acfo«»oau ) £ 
c)od9A0eio, Bhr. mind. 

fic)otf»96nr)o Vi. g^c)oOaiiou> B. bribe. 

fi.cbd98(aonD, e.c>d.'m&)ft)A mind. 

&()o$>Q(dA help. £.. fi>^9§(EQ AtggAOD cniQ(ontl 
CB;9(gb TB. lent assistance. 

Ac)dSk9aoc)o<d> to put on, haie, aeoeo, fiQBK>,6MKJL) 

£c)0£i4£^ orSloonanG;^ Bhg. trick, feint. 

S>c)0:^r&i mischicTOus joy. 

&c)oaja» grudge, resentment. 

ficXxL^at to enter ojlg^oi Acbajat PT. 

l^cXn^ mind &c)DgjiQjVgb Qj^aa^ajob Bhr. 

ficX)fi)^9A 5. (ssfliDa»«)^^<0>) to get into, 
meddle with, partake in oidtnVbb &*§ ncn 
CBQcb TB. adherents. (8>QjiiQB>lai ft. was 
oonoemed iny oel<flfiia0^fli &. MB. became 

liable, aifto CYiloiOflniaadoooj^ 
f§£i cnss^s <d>e^Q<n^9a flt<3o6 
belongs to. aSl«^l{c£)q(Paiib fidtio 
subject to taxation. ffoojAobo 
Ada»<%o flQQjW>s flt'(oi949i<ne TB. 
fidog^jos indosirely (doc.) i^mt 
including a sum. 

SLdaSi^%9^^ to cause to be in 
ft*(0it»9abMB. ffioojfiXD oe^oafiatf 
(DR».ijrB(daa $xnsOajl§y jud. snbjec 
ment. flioaMKn ^£i mDOjaisu 
ezim\jS £<X>$)^^m)(ol(nD TB. 
the property with him. 

ftcbOg-)^ (i^sn^ CGt. alarmed. 

S.cX)0^9a8ch hidden meaning. 

ftcX>9^9A grudge =fiLc)oaja>. 

fi.c)o9iru3U>o consciousness; conTici 

fi.cX>6>aj§ deceit. 

gg^nlli 5. (V^ficX)) 1. Onion, o(Dof 
oa. Vi.) also ^oQeal, odd| — ; 
S^qb' Allium satirum. Other kind 
0«mg-)95ad=or!laatti onion; «»9| 
COB e.. Pancratium ceylanicum. 

^\P ida T. 1. Place esp. about a kin 
2. atf>Qj q. ▼. 

ft(fa>Qio Yi. insignia ft parapl 
g.spQjoxfTi'ob B. gate. 
e.vP09ab porcine deer^c^^cfiMno die 

g^d96^, crm olakka T. X. To be W( 
pair oQ<Q)cr)3(X> (BiD^e^os^ai oDtfr 
6>aM08cX>CG. atsneaeio aa)«nc)o ft*c 
etc. (see qjshp&h ft fttfe^^). 
YN. s.iPgasngo.d><xtng^ no trouble. 

glP(6& nlakk^ T. m. | Niii, or 2 

tf(d«=8 ft. In boiling fitsp^auiavdE 
ft&PtSeyono amed. prh. from: 

^\9GS^ Yi. 2. Bmpty coooanut, hi 
nut; box made from cocoannt she 
ftU>da»nbaja Yi. striped bracelet: 
g^(2) 868 ^. 

l^Ulbsyk gVg-Joai (hw.) TohMlan, 

"l^T^J* («ii>=«i»>ai Ubof T.?) To 
'^'at ai««<> QmlbwnaadsBCiM. 
!. 1. to work hard, labor. nB^ijIMenaj 

BC. 1. u roll OB tba fronod (= 
t. S. to be iaelinsd to Tomtt em 

SI nlidllVk (Ta.Bi«^)Tol>«lnhiirrT 
ftW(Sf Sn<ea SiPa. ngnsa gvoimlnb 

1 qnletl fttft^^na Bhr. Tl. evnl 
'nb BC. ewoliLjo* to attar rapidlj. 
j:ij1«>ch cO^xla BonVnMrqms Bbr. 

:>abaita, BgltaUoa = aajau^»^ aip 
J Igtts an^.iniKib AR. e^ijji^^v 
j^* T], to hurry. [oooMis Bbr. 

I. B. to orgs on. 2. T.= £veTI<ea. 
me 1llftlU']|» T.H. Ta. 1. (z3.ojVRt.) 

raatblc, uraboot. Bajsl^iptrnoigo 
uSm HaL ccmeM iKaiisml o^n^gl 

2 EB. gc/xiaa nflaimn^inanQ^iTia 
loMo AinmeiMf EelH. fiJOsg^AOiitt 
isaTCh. vMdmlng. t. to be fallpisd, 
■d (=fttf<M) mmftgeih oaomivs nf\ 
ff. nnraalndataHgablj. MntAKnganb 
iM^ns Hal. ■Bojdi as-Tyrua £V 
I 00. like a la«f in lbs brsne. <^cm^ 
tnmrm ^rnMnmsnbca. aikedhimelt 

HmsiOH Eei H. defloitloa of cruocacar 
raolar flaw In tlnber. [aoaxn. 

'^ M. c'«aMnb B. ragabond. 

T. rid«,C.«tata) I. ClNonutanoai, In 
i»* to tofaire tnm the at^lopr =i((i^ 
j^B. S. thin rallar of bamboo* 4 
1 batwMB the larger wtwd- A Tenna- 

KW^qo ojasaga SjiMl S. f^lo; 

■f IfM B.— ««Vf> P»1b- 

n efvejI^jAiBrhn. 

7 2vWsi-~£tpBai 

gvWmn nlliifift t. h.=> ecgtunl. trwd for 

Bona iMrtflvoa; Cliin* pedeCa, Cardioipemiiim 
hallaaoabnm or Baplndiu lasrifolla* (lee oj 
flAis) Bh. Bl««*as^, a'«aiib amad. 
gVlstnod) lUiii^ Ti.= £QCBMil.A iwin^; 
abOfttf^aoMt. S.*wln^ngb>d=>aio)aW; 
eonpared witb earrlap (MuunHp^aoBgnb axna 
tfo A^mueia, oiLjsaBvlaBgsarBja Aj^g^cm 


I. gtfViyAtaiyTiTf»T.¥.l.TotBb,atTOko,«oi- 
brooato. ojQi^Qif^ e> KIT. Timnri'i ahanpoolnf . 
t. to lorape; poliih rouiLd bodiea; oi^, oj^gjv' 
«> EU. Ifae work of Ambaoollaa. 3. to pati 
rloe t othor artlolaa orar the cheat A tbrow 
It with the ilDi tranaferred to It Into the 
Aioniil (mpent.) fiiploooa^As auHoD^ ^99 
omixlo «yLjQ««Bv« pro*, eajnia aJlej) esff 
009 u£lgj1«jxib Mad. aoowiJ^B ft. CQ- 
ae remedy. Thia eeremony la e<ii1^nib mat. 
msib AguifloD^I baTe foreaworn nerer to do 
ato. 4, to tooeh elightly, ai wind, repird' 
«ji'fTB)3CKBs(4aj<pl«H>»5ejo (BiB^ «.a«oooq 
Bhr. Sicm\i'\^iKArk rr^iTtB^iae^vlonanl n*a 

cv. ei^(^M=e»M tLjI^^ld).. 

II. ^^(Sil<d,=! ^(S\ZilA (ftanj^OB*), A«i<«« 
iflqtn To aptt out after rinatng the month an 
A£lK)sf^aD9 TF. 

^A, ^ nla-jfBT. M . (C.To. fiiti,s9) Toploogfa, 
A(tl3jW«>3^ «itfnn1a£lri ayg 00. SIPMl 
earns ftipMMi KB. eawann sMgjo eyomso 

«>MmM> pro*. nri^eiae^fioilfAiCmanaimt TB. 

(ul( syQAAMf KB. ploQgbednp the growing 
riee; metaph. e>«KU9o ».rto luVntaHajy 
IB AiJ- [ijjrflaeqjo TP. 

CV. eipaj^tSa (Tn. fiifl^«*} ai««D eiAaaoyo 
VF. L KIP In ewAgjg^ farrow, fiiPSigjotfVB^s 
<s> to plongh Ti.i, — ITo, alio atf^mka 

in. Kifoj !• tUUge, alM bim Tl. 

j|<Od8)9(QiB — £<9^BA 



av0«»orDo6 Ys. &rmer. Also fisPOKXiab 
YylLealtiTator (opp.ft6CB)QJob UndloTd). 
gtsPQJOAito be ploughed. 

fiipojoan, aip9(6a to prepare land for towing. 

2. a piece of groond aasigiied for temporary 
aie(ajocnj87ear8, «iflniolyear). The owner 
reierree to himself the right of planting the 
i £fiQB;o, leaTing the £iPQ4a>o/Dnb to make 

the best of it bj sowing gnias 4 « 
fiMOBcX). The owner's share .is eall 
oo 4 ooasists is -l^of theriee erop (i 
4 some seleot lraits(«((ft9S«0iaiX 

^nnrd olnnnn (T. ^^^ o. Te. To. 

seolns radiatas, Iddney bean« nsad 
So. fi^onD Qj^fiLoO^ MR. fi^ponojoa 
a»og|pmo Phas. maximns, Rh. mod. 

^6)(Pcd6^ see ^(Pcx^dB). 

^fO<BiO<Oo fiTfuram S. The sonnd ft letter £n) 
(a»(Q(ORi)(Tid^orDo ^as(0»-ioproT. see SL^'tNOo) 

inS.interj. [af>. see fi«p. 

gfv);d6i3a)Crb nkkarail Ko. ao^ OQjgj^ceacmaj 

gflotea okk^ t. m. (T. tu. o. height, fr. \r&) 

=:£A 1* Strength, exertion fiQfeeoloftMVgi (2 
^Qvodib proT. fio9«9eo§09n|aiD, fiQa<aaiQo (do 
afiocroob AR. ^odsett emxibBhr. cB/oeajnao 
(S^(A (max^tiSeWxn aiogl CG. used his force 
against the Y. godBa oojosAocnoocQ ojla^^ovo 
G0. CH^aelorv, ^cn^ddf^mD ^dsa jkioaono £ 
(Dor^ TP. 2. iron point of a top Yi. 
A9«Beo id. OOJ^Q^^S &««8tO«»09n9 9«iOS £ 

£«asob strong eoKn^^Qaaaocb £q. GG. 
Kama. £<DdaaA aj&p)cB;9(0iQJXi ^* so M 
not to be blamed by the brare. 

^fO<B6^y (^ Qkka (T. C. &<flN6a 8. fidBfti) 1. To 
spill, shedso«iB)a>fiOd2i<QDBhg. anele|>hant. 
Chiefly of blood in battle ajmc>^q2( K^* ^"'^^ 
QVOMBBdb ffioo^aecm 9^9(D doJ^^Hms Bhr. 
2. to perform the morning libation, tu. fiQ«a»tp) 
^ from Inf. £<Dt9A as (fif2j9aA«m6)n6o Aiflo^o &o 

(ng|(4^9(mo(BniQjab&fDgjoab suuo aa»o<£), eogj 
AWdfik^ssny 9«>MD).Bbr. — met. of the breeze 

8. to Tomit dot9A9cnl^si) l^oaeqQsm^vnoib 


HariDg said PT. [(Yfloyo «H9^9g 

^'Oj^ ndd^ Ko. = flQsm, ^fleoco!) • 

^^DfiCDliasb &^jal T. X. Te. fioaoodai ^ 
WQ9(A) A swing, fioflnioA atgVsbswi 
ffiQOQOoajSBl Aoaoia digitate Rh. 
&06BU(bb (Bi^^A to swing, old &«9Q» 
.nkob) (Br^oqjo ojoodo fiosfloqio i 
ciJSP^ caAcm ^OA RO. with 
^fto £<9*$o (neaxoKnob RC. 

grr)^ n4a T. M. (fi^sficb) 1. Insic 

96no eoaj oioa^ldaaoajYi. the drift, g 

oa>, 9or)9i6n, oa>cX)«e to communicate 

watch, listen curiously. a^ssoB!^* ftQ 

cB;9a^ haying a prertons undei 

2. plaoe between, through, mtbes^ by 

there; (9:A1^ all orer. 8. time, tu 

twice. [q 

Hence: £<os T. X. the woof, cross tl 

£q9S adr. 1. inside. flLo9S oe/oo 04 

oQonossQjjo ono<eotA ajCBisAxsioc 

obl Bhg. in my heart. aq3s (Oiln 

to seek closely (or all orerX 9ecm 

QOD uxno £9«s ojcSlas YCh. 

2. through. A^«iooea8(^^nBSiS Kl 

the air. £Q8saaLj9«i to paaa lb 

house. A0g9sa.i9Q»sopiov.Q. aa^ 

950^0 O jiiorDOJcm Hid. ftotSQjkB 

oyer, tiioroughly. 

s^ u 

' cnqa^fpa Bhr. w( WB paw thrw | 
lom our bodlw, or th* bodiM through 
I. S. tiiu iii*^(T««s Bhr. cuBX^ 
r*. CQ>5 t«3s Anl^a Bhr. b^Id t 
g rMl, thorOBgh kiunrl«dB«. [■S*'". 
k to pMt Ibroogh, M Dlod, vftTw ; be 
I, Ikbbj. «^B»^ «>3S>«>3 acrsal-ib 
(TMSaAa proT. Mounnbo ojl^Wsisi 
Kun6 aiiaoqa«lDt«d with him. 
i - ■ dFMght; to iM ftlcy. [ia,ight. 
■^t^a pauing through, fraquaDting, 
^\ B. looH nail. 

iite to piaroa, auMmoiack) BC. 

13 1. through a»9^BL> ^oj^sis (T)S3:u 

nfWsltflia. Ei^o.!)^ 0>3cm3o a nod. 

JI arar fli^m n^ii)in1^o^§Q_i»as] 

aUflf Bhg. (Tv^asc/}!! ^n. amaiuso^ 

oral; atoat. 8. knowledga, praeKoa. 

an Bo. APalg. e'l^ajwl H. [s^^aug 

eroia path, intriaata bypath. 

9 T. K. C. (AQsnb) 1. Oirlag rioe, eap. 

iBBoa £0. OAs oj^A pro*. eriglmD 

{S i6S°BiPn. ei^ &£^£i Ai£\,» 

high offioer'a dotj. g^^giitaa^ Ssixi'i 

fiOgleja i;ai| ojau^iM Bhr. lire OD 

S, weldiig irOD, dagrea of Ignition 

d for ataal; metaph. ((a:iirib mgj sq 

lav bom moit aDgplolanalj. 

s plaoe vhara Brahmana are fod Tor 
ff ate. djsrzs* s* oi^'ioi^ *'<0'fi°TP. 
aAnuJafond aet apart for tfaatcfaaritj. 
g1 T. K. 1. (o faed, haat Ooda t Brah< 
a;i>llbDat. ^<^c>a3(e»d>ic»i'ifi'3slTP, 
ilempar Iron Ti.^q«a£n; 9. No. to 
I toala MoqiUMBnft ao^oj^nb ChTr. 

igljarmawb thafoaat glrer; sq§^3ob 
)«■ hMl *l flrat aaoatraatiaii. 
«6 («(|*) food, boUad rioa, aaal. 
wo ftOAw aialtfa to laara oS; awt. 
kBhr. i'^K.a). 

9 gwufc— gwupf^ 

^^lystlb abaatotBrahmaDawhaaBloalng 

InTMtlgatlon intoa biaaahof oaata flai 

•«» eitl^AxlaajxA ^ KJI. 

S ji)3)«nsl<S>nn'Ba Irat maal of an infant (Jud.> 

BMHkMnb, toftri) graat aatar, aom^^diKea 

laams i^an OA^aiA Bhr. 

^OCUAt ^hMa B. (part, ojaci) I. Carriad. In 
adT. B'3n«9flMi>, awwotuaa JlB. jorfnllj, 
moanifallj. &«o«Ma ajMnn^o CO. ftgnv' 
(LjeKT>e)9a)i cu.aHn« Bhr. a raproaoh. 
S. marriad, 8«n« a wife. 

^"JfOVub fi&U (C. Ta. ii«ai=a«mB) Woodan 
poata In a hrdga tor Iha paaaaga ol man B'* 
rmil «iSiaa proT. 

giwriSl B&i8.{V^aau)EnJojmaat,«z«rtlon,CTU 

^").^A, nnl Unya 5. (To. Tn. alao S'S'S) 1> 
To blow ai «ra, windinalrumont KflB" ***«* 
flnl«,eQ9oeQ., BQ^^., «aJ^i^{l«>tohlo« 
away dlaaaaoi. hl«* (ojWmtknaa* ate.) 
(•nparit.)— fi9«^tfav)«ato nflna, •■ n» < >a1. 

«•); alao £iiiiies«:ij«s1aitD a.i.i*a[iifla« bV"* 
wl^TBOjDeiajTB.tomBltballioD. Alb a«SO< 
(with cn^AVnl by blawing pelleta ft amall 
arrowi). 1- to poS, be poffad np, awell. 
B'^a^a' T. = B»oQta najw^ ^var of the 

poreat kind (Ba. >o era Mid to eoutain 

Ba.» ao-) 
ftiannnbo altno a twalling of ohUdren'i bodlet. 
CT. BonilAo (e(]g1:^alM eta.) 
TS. &«<|B 1. blowing B>3iqBtAi^ I>ip*> *>■'>« 

(on^thtfol), blowplpoi b'*'^'^ ojKnl. 

i. hie^g. eo-vtiln* ait^^Wnb hnntlng 

nama of aaakaa. &■ iwelllng graatneia 

gq. fiiA^OiLjasf^ ha I* diahonirrad. bwq 

oxBionb potballf. 
eqam»aij)e«a bUddar &= ^(Q. [Bo.t.B|th. 
g<71I<Di fltU T.H.I. riahlngaeaaon(aeeB«nb) 

BoamA a amall Hah Ti. 
gi^QUJCVU fidbiuq B. (Q. 'oBthar) Dddar s« 
cuo^bwalg^raaaaiA KB. 

g*0fO© — ^^OCf^lbA 



g^DTOo tinam 8.1. Insafllctont ^aiss(6!i aq 
msooO OojoaO Anj. 8. want, defect fi<ooD 
coecb QjcmsoA fiajocBMOodd 9Qj<nr>o proT. £q 
ODo QaKrn)«>q0 okdoo PT. withoat fail, aiocgj 
(Bn»^(m fio. ^sosMA TR. without injury to 
the cause. o^caacXKda oA^q. ajroliOtcvlg^ shall 
not suffer by it. oaio§a>c)o fiocneMgmD AB. 
defences crumbling under the siege. 9cnxr)3 
6ajeJCBBc)o fiQnr)0»:Bn 6Qjl(6e Sk. destroyed. 
8. flaw as in timber, cloth, etc. 
fiioaDjai^ B. ofTensiTc language, 
fionrvm maim, hurt, blemish, also fiocnaocno. 

fio. (cAan No.sttai^toSlaA. 
ffiocnnb maimed, lame. 
&<9cr)6)g^a) to be hurt, a^och eSlejoojofloo 

(oHnrn £«ocntf)g_j^ SdEhSPo^eo CG. wounded 

by a joke. £TB. blinded her. 

fiocT)oQj(CB(qQa>to hurt, destroy. Agm £19. taaS^ 
ffioooojlocAicn) (L. undcTiginti) 19. (po.) 

gfOnoW anikka=ficrnl<8A8. To arise, shoot, 
appear u&ioem<^cido JtM^Q^oo^Odo (OMna^ai 
fi^xn^d^^ AOCurDo Mud. 

g<T>nb nil (T. Te. all kind of flesh) 1. Chims 
£90^ mo Q4oaQCfii tug^ proT. fionb dkqQ^ 
toothache. fto^naoA ^6>a^ A(n teJOOfijCG. 
like a gumboil. 8. proud flesh B., roots of 
nails T. M. 

g'OcTWdBj QidlaTfa Te. M. (T. a«on6Q Tu.C. fi«o 
<C9) V^fiQ. 1. To be flxed, firm sajf^cn? 
Crolcee well rooted. &<om^ 9nDM9ed), a«»c)tt««i 
ssfiOQ Ys. ^sp«9|(TnWKXJcae to plant bulbs, rbo 
da9i(A eon^cmo KB. lore him alone. 2. to 
lean, rest, rely upon fiionrn^AatxbA; e^^d^ocA 
fi<MTn) dBiqQa» (boatmen),QjilQ^0ocBn &onrnlajl 
^^, ADttOj^'Mib £Qorn^ Oqljo«> walk on tiptoe, 
enrnlni fionrn^OD QjoaoQcb CO. fioorn^ cnsas 
to walk with a stick, or carefully. -.Yishnu's 
«fna803g[^ fiooiDo cnl(DO0«>CB) BC. Sita. fiQ 
cm) cuysS^dBmf ojodaii fiQmD* to spell through, 
read laboriously, ^nxml nrS^ff^ajm Yl. contem- 
plation. iOMib aj98aa6)A ftcbaeojnj^oi ftwm) 
cn^me C0. meditated. 

Inf. fiocm AOQai, ojexd^Ba ete. to pi 
with a style etcss^oorn). ^ 

YN. fioomaA prop, stay. fto. AAo^^sa 

CY. fioon9i«6a f.i. (nMs^^oaok «)tMk 
nrn)^ CG. put firmly. 

fitome support, prop. AQCJ^oa ftoeneo 
Bhr. fioono 4M)fiJ<eaoBnfi^ prOT. ftek 
eeja>«0Bc)o ^nrn^oiDo &«xm9<i£VK 
BC. (Bama) csmaooido ftoomMBai 
AomDdi9(Dnb B. boatman. 
fiomoAiorob, — ago) a flxed post, 
^QmoOAioaib staif, stilts, orutchei 

g'Dg-J SppiJ (T. ao=a«3nb) Flesh, the 
into which sportsmen diride their gt 
Qmsgj huntg. 6>AdiQggj, a>oi|^., c^cnc 
foreleg, hindleg, etc. £<9gLjs«SB8 qlT^ 
by the chest, disarmed. ^p^\] 

£•08^^ a)0|a) Yi. to brighten, thi 
£qg_] B. a rery small fish; ft«|gj>tR! 

^q)(2orb lixnftiL T. X. C. l. Dumb, 

fi>aj9§n6. £Q0rAAA«»9eBoabcrug^n 
— also &I90, which is likewise fSnn 
ifi?- 2* (=^0o6,^a)n6) owl. 8. 
fiiib parched rice, fig. Qj)(^o(B^<iik < 

g^Doi^dB) Qmbayasfl2Q(DjA To i 

Bhr. — loj. coitus. 

fiQcauob a certain pollen or dust < 
flowers, £0. eosnol^ ^coP fiM» 
oiMib CG. (n^ouaej erf) ^(nS^cno 
g^scnal contract at daybreak? 

gff)CQ;^ lyal=3£Q6iBiflA BC. 

grOCoTl nyi interj. of pain QQJskiAi 
^nro ojoea^ KB. fioofl (nDOo^ei ' 
^•xt^ 6)90)0, &<9Qb;ikdo loud noiia, 
Toioes SB ^ooo(do. 

^(TKO on (8. e9(T8f) Hindar part 
buttocks, ham. fi«^o fto(Dcq|o «C^ 

QB;Oo proT. «Ka«.eii«ao«BOOcA ft«licm 

gfS^ — g'D^^^ 


g'Oft— g^<tJU^ 

I Qj)|p«» Ys. •nimAlf to Call on their 

Vi. joint of thighbone. 
jABo^s A2<daBJ<9n' lapwing. 
I gflD'Oob, ^^(Dc6>o (looBening? 
b) 1. Several MaWaceae, So. £<d 
rraasinuataBh. fi> jiiQq^rDoXelochia 
aids/Do Sida cordifolia, qjs^o Sida 
*; SKuSgrDob Sida popalifolia, a>3§ 
leoa Titif olios. 2. fi>aj@grDo y2. a 
••• [(fr. ftOrt»a>). 

K Loose rails, fiOTDOsm^ B. loose nail 
) orf^l^fDi. 2. &.=stmocA\ consent 

^* [jiisasojoeae^o Kal. 

8. Thigh, loins £<DAad>9srTvu(aB9.o. 
ftqasainb the Yaisja, bom of 

vocoo sodomy. 

lameness, fiooBi'DDtouo a med. 

mrd Iznya T. aM. To creep as 
ride. cn9U3aa£)(A £00100 ajromoo 

IC. Tithnn. &o(Qnm ngg^cbncX) Yednt. 

iVftiy (T. si*yLxcn) reptiles Vi. 

, (DI 1. T. X. To glide down, slip, 
dSldaavoo^QB/{KA fiorD^Sojoroao proT. 

2. (T. C. £08) to draw off or oat, 

t» aS^s^jjifS^ KU. to take the leaTCS 
» string. O0»ok)<oo cin/o^rD^»)§ TP. 
B. aatajcm ojSKDdaa £Q(Qcm atjp 
^yvoproT. 8.(=s&(0,er^)t0 8trip 
oliah, QJA fi.Qt^ o^as, oi^ gqcoaon 

1 Bhr. 

(?A — also friction (= gro). 
B. Palg. ft sort of rake drawn by 
fio^ ojisUoa to level the rioefleld. 
jfiiai a similar implement. 
fi narrow path through jangle. 
rfll (prh. fr. fioTDo) A med. leaf 

M^Vsk if imbbedf) 

^'Oib fir 5. (V^fiocno or £Q(Q9d)) 1. Yillftge, town, 
also=s^3fik> (in ^Jp))C^ jJ^o(^<b etc.) 
a. parish {=mo) fiooso i^90Q^ state Aohoroh. 
fiLOTDQ QsaBt»(bb (in title-deeds) of the parish X. 
£0^ «iocS)ciDioQjacY) eafij ojadHaaoaj prov. 

£«^9Aib patrons or founders of temples (oi 
|}^)i proprietors or managers of fanes (4 — 
8), representatiyes of Tillage oaoxro^o 

proT. fiorosfiib saojCTOJo a temple belonging 
to a Tillage (Ck>oh.) 


fiOTDOsno, £0^9 ]V their office, Am^fiJAOQ go. 
ajosB^QatocbajoobTB. duty of a Brahman 
Tanga), aaxiax)-i.inoi^aQJd9a £orDO(g(6a9roib 
qj cna^<finrD)096 (Si^Amo TB. ajfla^oq/QS 
fiis/Ddcw Yi. ownership of a church. 

£'9<^9A^, f. fiOTDSfiOijJ) TP. 1 . lower Sudra caste 
(o^aaasabi aiOgjrDlaDOs,^ Ko.) their work 
sjnjsrT^, a)g^6rn). fiorDOjptaa oisp^oinrD)^ 
^ 9aj95>fii proT. 2. a forest tribe W. 
3.=£9rDS^ predial slaves W. 

£«9ro)afii curol^^ lower class of Brahmans in 
(09aj6mon9§, who serTe Subrahmanya KU. 
(see ^g^a). 

fi.<9aBfo)<onRib sparrow. 

£<9^cm) tame pig. 

£9^^ pririleged building for the hunters 
of a parish (fiQ^oDrob o-icrniAajgaio XB.) 
to diride their game, fit's rtftoaogirbb £<9. 
CT\^9cn9:Ddi909o e.6n| hereditary guardian- 
ship of the same. or^OBsyft &<9AoLj^g_](Tn^ 
Qj)6m9(bb Qd>9cnD^ cnocD/aa 032^96 a^aQD9ab 
TP. in your hunting district. 

^fOt$^(6h &Z]i&am S. (&Q||)'sa. 'orgao) 
Yigorous fii9e^iOH(3QLjab CG. 

g<t)gnr>o Gr^am 8. (V^cuA) Wool. 

fi^<9j|^(D9So also £Q|^cr)9sl Bhg. spider. 

^f!)r^^ QrdhYam 8. (q^uS) 1. High, tending 
upwards, as aoauJOMs); fioSUJcroabSo Hal. 
eacr)9(uao fi9'0Oifia^jyQ0d9a Sil* too high 
(rTOcuQd»io)« 2. met. beyond raneh, toooeas- 



g«)OOo — gnX&aOQj 

1ms Aqau^09i£l esnelj^ocQio PT. &«a!b-i0o 

ftf3ajL)jaj (srm >o perpendicular mark on fore- 

fi'ttSO-iojoo^, ~ oa j9cn>o last breath, f. i. fiigtSx; j 
00 J9. Qj\q^sob fii9(9]uj9fii9Ao (/)^<fla KB. 
also fiotiiujo Qjej^«» PT. to expire. £q 
eibcno (sio.) Qjono ojlaso 9cnmo Stati. 

&<oftx;-i9eJ3»o heaven. £«9*^ (9:^9^ ®^* S»oing 
to heaven. 

« . &. 

g^^ nrpi} (fiQft or £«9gJ, &Q^?) Claim, right 
£•9. Adt9^9t9A5reQji7b the ohief person at a 
marriage, hunt. 

^fr)(i£\ Qrmi 8. <ajA to roll) Wave cn\ib (SaOfij 

£(00^6) fingerring. 

g^q<fi5, c51 uhl-ya l. T. M. C. Te. fiooj, To 
spring, ooze ojodf fiOQAi the month to water 
=£O(0ft. 2. (C. Te. Ta. fi^odj) to sink into, 
penetrate aoaaicD^ot^Qo 09Q, q^s^I^^oc^qo 
S)<o>9St> CG. 8. (V^fiQ) to sink to the bottom, 
subside, settle a^cug^tg^ ^loo) ^Scdemo, aoj 
tto &'9o) ero^ddAQs Yi. let it settle. 
£«90 tanning matter £<96>0(6el§d> (Ko. ^ao 
c6sl§^) &> £QO 93. to tan. 

&<30r9b sediment, lees, dregs, precipitate cLji^ 
cxab 10 oonsecutiTC starches, as of o-torob 
^^d9e etc. med. 

ea'oroi)oej£oO(7ib=a)9s)l. q.T.(«)9^^<p 
6a9rdn(0ft9A As^cdao). 2. 8o.=Od>9sSo., 
ji^On P*lg*t -^(fiadcno Ko. 
fiiQQi &QOQ sediment etc. 

&0O9CQje!n tarantula B. [tressed. 

£«9Q «)49>§ OaJ9QBn he is unsettled, dis- 

T. a. AQOQA to pour out oarefnllj, strain, 
Alter. OiiS9(^. to take the water firom the 
cooked rice. 

fiQOotfi«ni9<fla to make starch, arrowroot, etc.; 

fiooo) a^«s) to take butter out of buttermilk, 
oil IhMB the water in which <^]aeeds were 

boiled. 09ocn>o oj^ffle^ fiocxfli 
6>5>cnajcn3 Nid. 

gfDOOo airtfam T.M. (fi<9(ibQ»Ai9(nD) 
power aidooiAobo &«. Ys. gust < 
0932; Oooid^Qo KB. loud, — alUr 
struggle, ~ Acnsouaio SGI., — uSlmo 
arD9coo Aig*. fi'9*^6>ea9<Q oqj^ 

£•9000900)1 aj^OO^bl YCh. &<9*(0RsV 

also adr. eoooo ocua»)d9a Ai^. U 
ffi<900oQj)s);^o^^j^oBhr. fiooc 
(09 Q()f'iuad>9fii9QO&io SiPn. fti90o< 
boast, threaten, dhcxat tmsUi^ooa 
they feel themselyes stronger, firm 
fikLjasma, £19. oojoo, fiQ*fi>0yo B 
Hence: £ooooo9o Qoaa09o6 KB 5. 

e<9OO(fln9rD0b id. £000«e9rD9o 4\a 
Arj. &<900d9A9A PT. the noble 
oodSfidrOvml a dcTer lady. 

ffiooOiO) JO (loc. eoooofimo) great p( 
flo attribute of a Paradevata. 

g")Qj cb aval & jg'Otf fcb c%a> To w 

^^OdOrb oSail (prb.AQiJlsoyjai)) 
has a sparing beard. 2. simpleto 

SiOUd^oaS^ssiAA So.=ar9mj9<ocn9 

&QoeoaQ9s1 short beard, as 94h9m 
fiQi«oaaD9s1da»oibloc. theFrenoh. 

£Qfi3fD0a\)^«m cu9(ijld9a AnJ.sfl3 
Qj)6V(Dd9n a foolish attempt. 

&Qrfi3a>(8<aftKS)o YiWP. a kind of 
which higher efficacy Is ascribi 


^")cQCia5)^ 866 ^")\PCA>. 

&'9S)(^d9e crflddsio Qjaa$>.'0i0)9gj9 Bh; 
(^9<aAcX> tbe sibilants (gram.) oe, <£ 

Hence: fi^SAnbo jaD.'Oino flLOeftiaocttri 

&O<^tM><0>9V^ CG. 

&odj^ab ardent onaob gt^ Hal* 

2<ga£)B — QjSiTio 



)qD» fLbun 8. (V^l. to path. 2. toobMnre) 

3mm, ooDJaoture. dA ^a Oo^dOfii o-jooymo 

KR. I merely eaggeet. 

ft9^xn OfAOcnDat Yi. to sospect. 

ieaV. ftoad^daa to gaees, infer. [able. 

ftOe^SVoio part, gaened ; &.qq2^o Had. guess- 

that sign the indicated, led to infer. 

)t filft 1. T. M. C. (6^A -34a) To ^owl fioa 
sl$^ 8. T. 80. rottenness, maeoa. 3. bristle 

sfitQuDob. [wind. 

^•aaab T. 80. jaekal, ffi.'a&SbOOQ cold blowing 

f9srxn^ se^s fiL'^s>fl^o ^idis. to bend? 

ft^ oQ^daa Yl. = <&3fi0 howl of dog, jack- 
al, ehAtter of monkey. ^^(OiQsO qG)^^ 
oaj^ ^nnnQj)Al«afi(liantg.)~ oj^POLlrA (Oi^ 
cm flt^tiD^S ^1* ^0. swam under water 

'jf 61 (T.sfiyojrbb destiny, old usage; C. Tu. 
Te jerTiee)£«xf> tfaorDob Undertaker of a lottery. 
— ftofip q.jooij9CbI^ ^s<^a^'no MB. (=sm(S^^), 
t«Pol.ezperi6DeecQQ.i«m)d9n floojnn ^^mpo 

£9n| Yi. 2. tarn of daty, gospalg ojtdoo PT. 

by tama. 8. term. oeo»(OinWo^oajmD FT. 

his tarn oame. aio)5>ajgLji<flarm £<mpo. g<aspo 
0OQdito change turns. £<3 ^oiPasroiW cno 
ornleo ojlroiea^ ojasorr^^TB. (=03cu;). e 
@&p<oratlnib fi>diog^3o Mad. once, o^^dg) £<d^o 
how often, non^iPo Yi. (=:aj§o, aicSl). 

fiLOSPo dMiQdi, £<9SP(8ro)rSl No. see ^u>o. 

£Q&pn6 in 80. M. chiefly servant of kings 
(doomed slave? foolP) ^oy^rDOCEtil Aiiinno 00 
(nooHnb co@3iiO))fol> o^5>u>9gj3 cnoo CG. 

&q:fi:Miuo (=£<3&p<tnjo) folly, shame. af)aj)5)CD; 

fi.otf>(ok Yi. dirt as of a plate (T. filth). 

£i9tf>en^a>=:£oaj/ob to whistle. 

fitOiP^ (T. lifetime; g&T) place) T. M. 1. earth 
(ST^vpli^yo &':tiP\<a^9b(A EU. egrnlcmooyt^ 
A&pi^ acnrDo (T?)cju^ aislj^ AR. ^ovp^dMij 
aSi ai^sp\ AQiOB^ Bhr. ^osA/dceoflBt) 8i Pa 8. 
thoa moonlike manl=@0l(6a jiMq^^o^s 
cB^ob. 2. world £<3s^ oQSplejo cy9 aooq RC. 
3.= s;^2 rafters of qa ^ ^^^ placed 
between the stronger ones (loo.) ^iD&plc^/o 

£«kp1cb;o T. 80 M. Ta . C. (Te. 0><DaD)GB»o) serrioe. 
fiosplcWiSfiOfoabT. So M. Palg.=oajej(fti9(^nb. 

i la 8. Tdbh. replaced by £08, fird) as QjI(S 
mSif AlfSivofo (qjfont^, (pooo); or dropped g^s 
ojB, jjgpoi (g:fi:t«o, (^oAJfii). InM. 0^a|2, 
fpffltt) for eq^qQ, oo^qtsrO; aiD0^oasi= 

Qtcojeo the 1st Yeda. 

JkBt^ jUam 8. (O. ^rktos) 1. Bear, Ursa 
*BiBor. 2. eouteUation in general noadoiBaa) 
^ meBhg. 

|]t 8. 8traiglit, whence «id6te^^Jo« 8S2 

, QJ KB. ■prighftMM. [Q«mo .ojso proT. 

HpnOb f^aai 8. (L.rMt)Debt ojWmo .ojsoeio 


QfimeMnoai creditor. 
g«mO09ji)mo payment of debtsi^ 

gC^ f5am 8. (L. ratas) Right, tratfa. n^Oggj 
emo Qo^ojocoi^ SKU^oinb @ia>o YyM.= crug^o 
to swear. 
09 8. 1. season, esp. of 2 months g^ rDo 

nob spring, aog^o^ in all seasons AB. 

2. menstruation, g^ojocsi; ^>o-]gne a girl of 

age. fliDoick) g^coeao (o^oojil^ Bhr. 
g^Qja)^ influence of the different seasons 

on one*s health. 
g9(m besides, except. «ovgSru) Bhg. without him. 
g(mJD(8b (V^C6)) pi. hon. g.tnj)(0s>cX) KB. A 

g<o>jl(0s6>cX> Bhg. family-priest. 




a^<fi©ftl— o^DTO 

gOXJl fddhi 8. (tmuj) Pmperity, wMlth. 
^ fbhu 8. (olever) 8 deified artiBis. 
gc^/3o fiabham 8. sqjAiso l. Bidl, Tauras. 
2. med. root •{)aiA<fiMsaBc}o GP. (s c5ajd>o). 

^r^ pa 8. (QjiJ?) 8inger, sage. In 4 ciasBes 
oaojcfia) as Narada, (aojo^kflal, rooAdS^, 0ao^. 

Ursa major is croo^^cfiQ^^cb Bhg7. d 


8£3l®;a^9(d/abo an old sajing. 

8dg|O^0o AB. hermitage. 



are no Mai. letters. In alphabetical songs: 
gOfiOcasab HITK. contemptible fool. 

Sid LI & Si^ 

eioa^oei HKK. mantras such as lisn 
6i^<0)9roo HKK. a mantram. 


B (YE) 

Is found in Tdbh*s for cb; (o^ob), changes with 
initial e ft £(<^qcdj, CQcnj« fiQcnj), rarely 
with Ad (agfn, oiDScn). 

cx^ ye 5. Interr. pron. <^aA9eio Yi. When? og) 
gjs) how? <^ag_j(Qo, ^Bg^MtDo etc. 

aq)<B>(Oo yeyaram=£QB;(Oo Height (m.) C. Te. 

ag)<fiblq yeyihi T. H. (o^a^Q). i. Tooth, 

fang s>a>9§Qjo§^^Q BC. ^OSK ^^(ORdooo 

GMB/^QcnoGj KB. Qjcnjlj^cnlaio QjflLAaoo<£b)Q 
CG. hence oj^rDoaj^onb BC. 2. B. wing. 

o^cdSb ekkam T. Te. (to ascend) 1. Best time 
for baying, hitting =(O)(0so;ooaDC^fiinr)o§irob 
o^ano Sojooei TB. ao«n(a^o(oos=(nDommo 
SB Qj)aj(a^<d)(MOo. <^<aA(8ioSViA ajoagai in the 
▼ery nick of time. ^ SODtMael oojs^axI:^; 
qQ. skli j^ Yi . last stage of disease. 2. turnin g 
for fight. ci4)<aso fl2§d> to turn to charge again, 
as cooks Yi. 

o^ddfi!^, <i^<386!l6o see folL 

o^dX^Sif <bS\ eklnfya l. T. 8o. To oome up, 
stand on tiptoe. 2. T.M. to contract the stomach. 
QjcvQo <^^ (0>9§1 TP. showed an empty sto- 
mach, oj^^ oQ^^^rn^ will not give milk. 
3. M. C. Te. T. to card cotton ojrQv-mstl Qg)(t)e 
cm Qj)§u bow for cleaning oottoD, also <^d9a 

Qjlgj MB. 4. (C. Te. o^) fl^o^ 
^OojocBti^ begin to smell. 
YH. QQdMA (sand cast ashore by rivei 
ci4)<ea irregularly globular; sai 

o^ddti^damo ft — dsa T. M. e 
a^<j8G^dd6t To hiccough. 
(^I^ifialch, «a)(dA^§ 1. hiccough (M. 1 
S.) o^fiSg<d>C^o O0OoD)aj)C(yn <^^aei 
C%o MM. Qg)d9nig 9L)S ^.ri>«D09 
sobbing. 2.=o^(eAo last breat 
(^^o (oiext^emo oQi^^fS^o YCh. 

o^gSbVoi) engil Cond. of <^^. 

a^GS^bo ennal T.M.=a908c)d,Our,w( 
io obi. cases a^nms9ecb<fi« Odftdonocn 
cnlaj3«>snecBBcX> cn>e>so (oHaA CG.; a 
oQiGsa&i gD6)cTTM08fiKn croat>so cSi^aeor 

(10)65^ enxLl} T. M. (V^oo^ oorrel. i 
6099) Where? 

aq^Goqo anywhere, eTorywhere. a 
(^((o^o or)) ojon^gj TP. on none of th 

oQaeoodo anywhere (AOCBHaA c^^mbi 
(Tuoaio 6&!ilg^(6e TB. cnos^ol « 
€MJi oeoso Mud. or)a$ a»san 
491010 TP. — mod. adj. 

(4908000 ((sio«cn) how? also raL 




r, at all eTenti. 
1^ i^fia^icm whenoe? 
^lOOBO^ whither P 

liere at home ? 

m (T. remaiftder, V^Q^I|6a4)8o. Ex- 
f lisardt, AIm. s^^fORi^&JgJUf Vs. 
anas Yi. 

. X. (G. (^ismrab Te. o^tnUA) re- 
b relue of ▼ictnals. t^^ t^^QQ (O 
restore parity after meals. oQ. qQ^ 
^ {^fgjui ajasmiBbr. oQ^&jo j9e^ 
te by eontaot with the month, as hand 
lyifflb tfjiioQ ajMa§a> EU. duty of 
«flio6 ad4M)iTr)^&j3<3{|tt <mg^o CG. 
isa of bees serres for idol worship, 
p Ag^ja^ fl2$ ^'^ g*^^ ^^ meanest 
)oabo Qjl§ki e^.a^a)|0oc[^ we are 
I to greatest poverty, 
^^aeon q.j^TP. thecow with whose 
daub the floor after meals, 
nmsa med. plant. qQ. soroVijns^MH. 
eat eater of refuse (abaae). 
IS a song after meals. 

(C. sioOd^sOQLjag^ in e^d^^ej) 
awa s e d pay. 

lb jejmkmBh Tdbh. ov — in cJi^s 


, o^)SOJo, (C. Tn.Te.)— see ^. 

;. ^eid, T. C10SO & o^sa friend!) 
'sssing male inferiors (also <^os>5) 
sdeome, fellow 1 f. o^s^, (<ft^» vn. 
tas^0 — <|9S9 hon. for both genders 
») po. ^Qobooso TP. my friend I 
. *an|«Asc)DoaiOS9 a^aecb Kal. 

2 i4akka T.M.(G.Te.<ia)8]ffi)i.To 

take np. CKUigo ^^«Q aiOj^ajQ 
*&^^ TP. to take, o^^ 

U)o ^S9Mi KU. not taking arms, ^n^ton 
9cuo6\€Kai aoAceeog^s pro?* the midwife, qjo , 
o»l(ok(T)W oDcimQai <^^«bqss eannot be re- 
traeted. oioaQrab ^ to mention; Tomit. cnodKU 
$<fle to speak. Often to raise, bnild a hoose. 
QjWis^ad TR. in pittoresk phrases nearly 
saperflaoos ^j^oinil^ai to pat down. ciOgl]^ 
ocBB^oKO^ab Bhr. oq^oq SiOj^AwA 0Scas) 
QjMBBMMi KB. not stepping baek an inch. <^ 
^OJQ fi>4i»o§«s S^. to hand orer arms with a 
blessing (work of aiacb SiA^gifh), ojojq ojcmo 
^^<fla5>aso§^9e pro?. «>oaia)|o a>0Qjo e^^cQ 
cooalas to work with hands A feet. 

2. to assame, andertake, bear. (0)OsnB^«aS| ^0 
^ etc. (LA€m\ (^ to do work. ojodBifimjSl 
&fho Q^tORft^^ttcnob TCb. held heretical 
Tiews. rDdafisicSn cn1«a9cX) (Afiaot@ou0afi»(Oiai oq 
§qiQ KB. according to Cshatria flMhion. 

3. to take oat, choose, bay. ojooaj ^ to ao- 
qaire a garden, ojocdj qjoo^ o^^sromo^ 
Afi(^ e).ai^ TB. resomed. (n^^afldn a^§ 
9asi8io«n| (=fi>«>09r^) QoLjoonD to collect taxes. 
s^mcA apoouoocnacaniias qO^CBSI TB. con- 

4. T.n. to become raised, risible, prominent; 
often impers.c/8/i$lrD(0iBnonaaA ag^ eO^. looks 
bony, mos^coroo^o aQ§t9A9aj KB. a^ooio 
<^§d9emo (:s a>9ib SKUcflecno). (mai oQ^s%cro 
to come to a head. oajcnj<bb e^. it is very hot.!l ^. to become like gills, barst, etc. 
(Bioajn^tXDo, aKOroOTib, aj<d>^(<A, ^^gjo^^oi 
og). to saifer firom. 

YS. I. old. a^§ in <^^aj§A to be taken. 

n. Qa>$gJ|l. raising, taking up. ^^o^gjlaad) cn^ 
orn^ocaa^ BC. litter. 0iociifi>n6o qq, o^oq 
Oojoa^ all that is portable of him =3 he is 
dead. 2. harvest, prodaee. cro«»o(DWi(0e 
t^^dSttv^cm (9<a)6>&J^gj| TB. rerenae. £0 
^MDAobo tiQ, gain. 8. time, torn zi^ 
<xSo d4b o^* or{) (noojocn (ndoo^t^j^^s 
smo FT. once more. 

CV. oQ^g^cae 1. io get to taka ap. ^§^,fi| 

ofl)§fl@— afl)| 


a0)6nl) — tkq^ 

av^orbk MB. if you send me by palankin. 
ag)*:^6>§9b^e!^o Qjoso TB. eToo if not able 
to walk. aj(29daa «A*d^ QA09^ aaj06)di 
«mo let yourself be borne slowly, oioch og). 

2. to make to floiBh, get bailt, set to work. 

firno oQ^'j^Mad. got up decorations. 8. to 
ooUectreTenue, asOoTt. ajsmoog). TB. q.^ 
CBBcbS)d)§^ <^*anC(^o ^aiib YCh. princes. 

a0)§fl^raJSl TO. Nayer-honse, see ©So, o(BSo. 

c^§iCQ^Ctb ettiyaii=:s)ji)§)(B;onb*, Qs>.Tn9)§)ca;9 

0^^ ett^ T.M.(C. Q^sng from 00^=5) Eight. 

aQ§3S)SJ3v'T10 ^. rO)§9nb 5VO)3§0(bb oQ). prOT. 

oQ§s)03ab a fabulous animal of the Himalaya 
(Qa)i€^3C/>6BecX> Kal.) oQ. aa)§>j3o Qj§(srat)(zfc 
orSloTovPnno CO. 

Qg)§9o, aQ§30nb eighth. a^gooc^^tfQ.'DiQ) noJil 
(fin Anj. (doomssooDorDO^BwrnocB^). 

oQg^/obsyuOo 5>Qj3§nb bom in the 7th month, 
supposed to be perfect in body (oQ^iQai 
(£\^mi\^o YCh.)) but deficient in mind. 

Qg)|<&>9fija6 spider. Qg)*Aa6o 0S, oiai Ys. also 

oQSS)(fla3(no^^o rate of tax IcTiedinTraTan- 
core (3 in 10 out of riceland & 1 in 8 upon 
produce of gardonland) W. 

oa)|Q^cfl« = (TO(^e)<9«. [fi)a>D§a® KU. 

oQ^ajrofnoDOQo offerings to Gods aaajddn <^. 

QQ5n6d>c(£^(tib 8 spoonsful, amed. 

<^Q5i^a»05rr6 octangular. 

oQSTTUploo (a^c/!)) the 8 points. Bhg. oQsr^^ 

0^0 QcnodSsn BC. looked everywhere for 


c^MDDoaab 8 X ^* <4|)«n^nr» 8X8* 
Qfl)firna3Lif0o 8000. 

aQODOSPi 8 Nali. QG)g[^Q ^^' 
ogjgnolfOsnBacEbirDo 16000 (Axg.) 

Qg)6m^ eighty oQ^m^Q^^dSaMib aj<0 proT. 
c^Mmfiio 8 palam (a med.) 

og)6neib 8 persons. e^snaMovoc/ao 
council inColanadu, 7 persons wi 

a^6n() 61^ H. T. Number; thoogl 
SKUoos QjrD09nrxBo BS. very higl 

a^$no 699a T. M. C. Tu. (a^cX). 
Sesam oil, gen. (Y)«)§»j||[|^; aa>@a^ej 

2. oil. (^. <d>9^a), 9(0^986). 

o^MTOdBAfD K. pr. a tree. (No.) 
aQflD'^s^ a cake Yi. 
oa)gjJjai§l frying pan. 
QQ)«rT)g_|3.isn3») Tcssel for anointing 
aa)QfDg^3c^^ (qjoooI) BotaU rert 

(ig)gnr>o ei^am YK. of foil. i.Nu 
ting. qq. Qonodsea) to count, oq 
settle an account. (^.©g^oS^Oflo, 
innumerable, oj^si qQ. Oojodici 
fruits are not counted. 
article, even of persons, ero^oji 
cnxacaolb TP. goddn^ga <0- ^ 
TB. proffered calumnies. cnVocn] 

6)QQjaio TB. as if I had commiti 
to displease you. S)ji)QQg]sne <^jig^ 
o^fimojoXYo particular account. 

o^gnrjjdBj BQ^aya 5.(Te. oOKno/ 
count, number <4)ffl^<4Sn[p ^^^ 
GnP. 2. to esteem. oOg]^^^§Q 
persons. oOlgfJ^^^S (ei^«>c>d TB 
f0s)cX)). ogMmojA enemies (po.) 
relate agygrniojodi to speak diffns 
(2 ^ajfijo SDcno aat^Mob CCh. tl 
QQfimid9» 1. CY. to get counted. 
6rD^d8»5)d)3§(On to accoont foi 
<o> to take a list Yi. (T. C.) 

00^6026^01 e9xnaqisag)6o(2^ 
o^eoarb, o^yert^nrrd see a^^ 

(^C^ e5a (C. Te. o^ to lie oror a 
for) 1. Boundary, limit a^sohd^s 
OjS^ QQ<0)9CaQaQjo MB. 2. < 

oQ)rBW — A0)^ 


ony y^ ^ — <^4XS) 

n Ho. * 8o.=s<4^2. 8, (Bl^<agH> 2. 8. 

I' <V^«M *M <4^) 1* Opposite, 
S. BiAtohf compArable t^^oSlcSnoA 

inrv 9 jil9S^^ KB. £S(9b 9aa8Qj^«>rm 

]^ RC. like Hera. Ads/oojlob eaiA 

»sai^4b «(u^oa>ocB;o Biig. to Tie with. 

)iih)(D3iO opponent, liTsI; alto <4^roi. 

oqaiTftlent, eopy. 

» to oppose, resist. 

,<d) id. aifOMftfiJ^roos c4)<n^aroQo RC. 

^ to adTanoe to meet, oppose. 

kA s^e B. 

k^ to oorae against cnDcnj <xncn\si^n 

o^VdOB aorvDo B8. 

1 enemy. 

tcS\^ to meet in battle Q^^toH^b (0>rD 

o, c<]K2)<n3o:iinb ^<^d9e, c^)^ib(m3 

^•T^JiaMKlxnD RC. ry^^ 

j^A to meet, oppose ; to be opposed 
J9(i8a> to fight fliDaj^ooos o^^trnlib 

^ breastbone. 
9Sp1 = fl4K(^<baJoa) Yl. 
^BaQj06>a»9§^ ^io!^A9(u5>oeo^ Anj. 
hS>j CCtd (old) 9Qjo<D3or9l6mA(fis>^ 
> a<ynxSl ER. — Inf. <4)<onrD9aj, og) 
Lgainst. aMn$>cr>m)9iD ojctsojnb aid 

Bhr. (=s CCYXTD) 2. early o^K^'i^^^ 

•ery morning (=rcx^ej<b<0>9«ai Yl.) 
^ 1. to attack oQiaiiajgt srdocoo 
KK. a^^oRgilsxsujpcgasnb Mud. 2. to 
wist o^imlq^Qcnsdaal^so. — adv. oq 

1 straight, entirely. <^^9am oj^ 
It qoito green. 

^ opposition; what crosses one*s 
haatom, bad omen Yi. 

[see o^im) Umitf or end? et^ ojspl 
•^ odS irfW^tf>«t05n9 qjW (Jad.) 
wTlwutcd to reaeh home. 

o^l^dB) etto^ (T. 01OCEQ, C. T. Qd|, Te. 
o(WBf V^«d)9) 1- To stretoh as far as, reach, 
arrive oJl^Qataa aQono)^, with Dat. (no^a£i^ 
9&k8a or mosldte 9^(StS^ MR. dived to the 
bottom. 0tR)eilona(abcY)Vm aQonablQcndavn TR. 
peeped over. ^dRBoosiai ersmo prov. not to be 
found. ^QjQrD ojijiio^^ Q^ciiab e^Qg(d>a£^^ 
TR. will not be accomplished. (SiMiilar) <^(mc»3 

(^qH^QSo cT\^^)(ona»^39(m KR. only a virtaous 
man can rule such a land (= ^§^). c^oqai 
flD5>§>|(TiD0^34b Bhg. we shall not conquer. oQ 
cnidati mibxOKn Sia>99rS o^ajOBatCEOgy no profit. 

{= <fl^§a>). Qg)(0R&)s3 QuofijeroemoSG. (= ojrO 
a), 2. V. a. to reach, obtain. 0iDaj6)ft c^-tsrO 
o^gkj CBKSVofonaeo Bhri. could not oome up 
with her. on)s)nm £5>6oe.TJRn)cBMAV/o_irD9a3<(^ 
oOo Bhg. providentially I met thee. (nru^»6)fl. 
Qg)(aRSl <Lj)^6>Q-js Mad. (generally with 8oc.) 
QQ9nr)3s QQ4Qd»)a£lg) Bhr. shall not overtoke 

YN. I. og^asttho reach, length, 
n. q^ijrmA, <^fl]|^ 1 . reaohio g. oQ<qQ5)Qj^Ckyii3 
cbSah. when within reach. <^<Q((jnrD9^ 
AAiosn^ Qjlsno jud. fell beforel could reach. 
aoB a^oQ^o^o flDgySo. there is no getting 
at hfan. 2. halting. 
CY. L Q^dRoEldSa 1. to make to reach. (8idS)fiL<sQ 
g^tKok ca)m9lco3(Y)(aiQnflaa(Bl Qg)Asiei)d9so TR. 
shall send up. a«KSl«a^Qjnrn3mk<^.m)t9A3o 
report, o^s oQ. to gather a host, (nec^^oroo 
9cnJ^ oQ, to perform, ojflmo <^, to spend. 
2. freq. ^ydb a^.vnil«a to walk with diffi- 
culty, halt, qqcorO:^ or>5<fla| ci^'oni^<a»(ab 

n. aQOJioil^caa id. <tQt*9<0tt9sngSJS& <^*an3o 
TR. xMos% cncot^coBfiflcob oQ. to transport to. 

afl)((5) etra, old ag)ajroJVo (o^^(£ini) What 
quantity P how much, how many? oON^^, <^ 
0(00^(3) (distributive) how much to eaoh? cqfig^ 
y^ «QjOfQo what measure? oMG9<^ for bow 

oflJfO — n^jjmnl 



jnaoh? Qg)^iflQ)3So, (4)((g)Q,indafl.o how far? a^ 
0^0^ Qj(Q3nr« MB. how far do yoa Tenture! 

00)^0^0 how muohsoeTor, retj mach o^M^oq^o 
oQOOo na)»ml$)^3na aji^Kib CG. long de- 
sired. (^^^ocb;3 cn3akS9(0i0j85>s a>rD«Rio9fi4o 

o^OO 8ee n. aq^crrb, 

ag)Oo| often =^onl 

a0}Ob e& T. M. Tu. aC. (=cs)nb) Obi. ease of 
Gt&onb, 50906 T. aQ)om36m I swear by myself 
(Dat. a<Dor^<d8 ft <^(Dd9«). 

Qg)nbaj^onb 1 . my Lord. 2. (^^(QQjonb a class 
of saorifloing Brahmans at NTleswaram etc. 
Q^^<^95>n6o Qji&i9$^({]S^ Qjoro)ca/5>n6o flno jstoio 
&Po proT. 0CBB&J-sig| a(])<snjoaiolr£l TB. 

oQch svuosaonb B. a low Brahman class. 

o4)C^ en&a T. M. Te. C. (o<9o+s) ^hat? 
alsosoQCRs^mo why? <^S)aQ>a59 ononb ®6oe 
9cn ojoaeono PT. qq^xtqctio, a^noS^^ why? 
5>ii)cgj3gg3nb Q0QCTO) Bbr. why not do? (^00)9 
CG^ Qjcro TP. why did yoa come? (SiosKaQoaa) 
what for? Yi. cnloal^ooil^ o^Ocro) ooaio Bhr. 
<eio^g-)oA o^Do^^^rio ajoa^mo better leave it 
undesoribed. — 

c^^g^OLJoab fl2<0)®cBB9(a3 nggQ PT. 

o^CR&)n>o, oQCRDOOy a(irRftCY>o, aQOTMyiDo j o^CTQI 
/Do ft <^CTQ>mo 09^ YQ. No. QQaO&aJfDjyBl 

Cott. — used for the name of something 
unknown, onremembered etc. et^ c^onlrDo 
€iA09n^ ojo that *thing" there — <^acQ(o 
(Biftosrn loo. = what hare you come for? 

n^nnnl enni, a^nnrJtocQ;, a^Qng^ (fr. 

01030^, or QDnrnl) 1. Without. ^ooAcs^ 
9cn^ KR. (=£^93<T»). gea^iK^omoo ca)<d^ 
c^^orr?! Bhg. §tajfi>0rml9ca) Bhr. 2. exoept 

nothing required but one's tongue. afltH^ 
ovfdlrbb t^^tm^ eoQeaaKoVob eSsj ^^'' — -^^ 
oonjunotion with Inf. aocoBcfo <^cRoolaa^ cri\ 
(QBcX) Sioixm^ 90i&i(Q9tSnstfCPn\ Bhr« or with 

finite Verb. eornl^f^dBaocnxm^aa 
cdi^gy fiidonb KB. odouskD aiu3)o,2y' 
cneo CT\}ai0^§y KB. Absolute: <4|(m)c 
(Aoca^ Qotdooo/gk KU. on the other 

rossaoasxiBOQroo^o TB. (=9oDcai^flfi). 
c^)or7i1acB;o e^cTiD SAtoa)^ any thing 

I. n^icrtb eiAn (C. T. oQchci sT <>< 

day? when? sooob etf^^QJ90 ^mo ^ 
Q^D<^or9l (d>96noor» Bhr. i^^mD AiiJoaA « 

(4)nnDn, oQ)6)om(A8o always. oQfiicmcn 

Onmaao orvnoTB. for ever and «▼« 

II. ii^nnrd T. M. C. (C. Te. Ta. aocb 
9cn) past tense of def.Y. oqf» 1. 1 
say, think, jt^ oQfm^i^ they called 11 
Oojo a^)orn9<)o etc. the present obeo 
a^DOg. 2. auxY.sOf^^, tosoondtlni 
thus, be such. 

adT. part, o^cno 1 .=r® roH, ^<sum^ e^^ 
djl^o on) cnl cni oQcm 00*091411 Bh 
him, saying : thou I; so : f^fm ojoei 
dD(i2^, OmomDono ft other Yerba off 
showing ((»o oQfm jq^^v) Kud.) 01 
tion ft resolution. — also before 
co^ro^A o^nno w^evn Oojib MDax) 
crS^ oQfiiCtxmiSiS oDsao KB. ong 
c^oriD or))||^;p»o, <^onD cn>l(ajoo, cnx 
(4)fi>nbo 0(OK>, ojdQfibo eto. jiiqQ * 
ore cn)a9)So SG. qi<Si^m ^cm \ 
$>uii9g^or)9rQb gD(Qmo KB. 

Often with ^cobOod, eto. ^ornWK 
Ckmauo, aQornl.Tnx}o. Also a{((^i3(0BiV 
Q^mo (tnonb osfintiOaiQfi, d^^a o^ 


2. = QQomo(gb or f.i. Qjlfti^oaA <^|rnB 
rol^soib ad^idxfiaflm© groo jad. 

Gomp. with Yerbs OBfy f. i. ^Qgam «M 
moreover; tsf^^ f.i. cS6y OouM^ 




M bslBg no hope of pardon, cn^ajo 
» MO^^tOHUboexmy^ MB. declared 
ii. o^fiKm 0BtQS>ajnm9<ds) PT. sio^ 
»<fliQjonb oiKaft AR. who can alter 
«BBcb afiivucnbo ^^i^'mo «i^d9«(m 
b fliPo. thoa makest worlds & des- 

Ci. mcmi^ ooniidering that, in 
loe thereof «»9Sj0om(m)gO<udafia^:^ 
ig ita oae l eian eM , he dropped it. oq 

t f.i. <<M9 (^^miWDiaii^eio in whateyer 
c^cn))<d)^«cni9ck> when it happens, 

I oBder auoh ciroamttances. 
^91^ f.i. ciorQMMMm)g) Bhr. I can- 

Bk) o^nrn^ oeogQcroaxno 6>.a)q)ii9(9b 
BMttera not of what caste yon are. 
»iiMS^9QJ a^nrnl^otiR»ajn6 BiPn. 
led aboat any law. 

• li. AdMBaWKT) |RDCD;daafi>^0«« (BID 

|nB9ib ^me Oicm KR. their sending 
r proToa that — a^^tn^^ fijgy <^mo 

t not tnm ont rain labonr. osKJUogj 
:m GLUQcnRhk^cuonb ^Qdno ongj Nal. 
le way toprore yoar coarageP aqj 
I ^hisstSBcn Qjnamai) fi>5)euo Bhr. 
ight it about, that we most. 

f.L 9^06 (4|K^ siOJ:^ SiAocm (= 
cnG^9ib o^cne sn^oCcno s)a]aiiaii)gj 
U BO BOre dub yon N. orxy^oA oQcno 

oneQos d(Q (^^snilda»o(Dor>oAmD 
irtheV. he is bnt my servant (^qq 

da»q^ AjisggooTB. Often with rela- 

iicb^ufgfi 9A^ cnsasdo TB. 

o f.L Cfa o gOQjaooKnB «aj6nr>e6)^3 
wish to hear, why. 

— 9aLierff.i. arD^^dob oQ^cm aoiyi^ Bhr. 
it most be said at last : he died. §<%^n6 ua^Anm 
9aj9^ tmly a bad man I <^rno Soj^nio "io 

With Nonas : (4)«om ojIsoscfiaOfl (nan^otmisss 
cro9aj Bhr. indeed well done! a^mr) crgaj 
00, o^Orm atd^aa etc. that's a joy! what 
a grief! ^oan ^sr7)o ojig) Mod. thus only can 
you be saved. <^Ckm <^^^ fifl^ PT. 
Cond. c^DO^iob, Qg)Tnorob 1. if so, then = 01^ 

QD^MOb, (Sq^^fOb f. i. aSlm(T))o§»j8Bb)r9b6RI9nb QA9 

§>i(mQ«r^ KB. if yon are for fighting, oec/so 
flQgj ^Oblfsb (pa0Q0 Oq^oobo Bbr. Qg)8ab)a)b 
cuflih well then come! o^DomtKob (Boajsxn oi 
rcBojQaiYetC. — jiaoe)^ o^aklsajo what if you 
did ask f perhaps you should ask» — Amplified 

Bhr. «<6<atl fi5>9r«(TT)9C(£lsV9b A!R, eQCm OIOIO 

OQj9CB^9(ob Mud. if unfortuDately. — 2. c^^cmvA 
& (^ab)(d stand often in the beginning of 
treatises «<D8bW9a)^$><d>9^d), o^saiilQaio 9<q> 
gaajo Bhr. hear theo ! (D9n3ajaj<o><X>tiQ« ou 
^ao oQcmofcb TB. what I have to say is as 
follows (heading of letters). Also at the close 
before the date oQar^oaib od>o§^o a6^ etc. 
**so done in the year etc." 8. oQcmodft is often 
connected with Interrog. pronouns (619^ oaqp) 
A<d>M)snBcma(9^ MB. the reason for this is as 
follows, f^fig) 06mlcd«cufD9ab cd>g^on o^omo^ob 
curooj TR. at the hour you wish. 4. in that 
case, but. q^(^^lcruD^(ift)ca>oQOorD8e)jK}o $>ii)9 

YiWP. I might attempt to praise, but it could 
hardly be called praising. 5. tIz. that is 
to say or (£\^ nQomdcob (a>)6mO0rgb, cnoo iBidaj 
aao^ OLjgtft A^3^(fia9o, Aqm^e^i^ 0)sl32;{Sg 

Qj^^t^ jnd. 5o. 

Concessionals : c^^omaejo, c^aab^^o even if so, 
although. ^6n^ Q^ymoe^o <&^s>a»s^ 9a-i3 
axsOgj PT. though I should find something. 
<^:ijU>s o^obifiio wlieresoeTer. n^xniaable^o 



o^g-jOo— o^ 

this time at least. ist^^(A oQcmxi^o ^go 
KeiN. even at night, aojevno <4)8ab^ejo 
01(03)2 however maoh wanted. Amplified 
oQcmo^ejo, oQcro ojomoejo etc. doable: et^ 

oroogo croz0(on£fW>S9g»jo aiosnoajoob KB. 
pennit neither men nor women. t^D^xm o^ 
rmo^hiejo oQcnoos ocrooerDob (0)6Km i^cmo 
^ble^o AossBSn^^ orf) DN. eat either me or 
my brother. 

adj. part. oQcno^ oQfCo^ (fat. oq^) saoh, that 
6idoab o^nm eoajo the thonght of I, of self. 

the joy of having a son. og^onD^oJOAej in 
like manner as, o^Km ocnroo, o^)(mOgj9cX> 
aQomojoAO whereapon. oQOnaso, aQmo«)0 
So RC. when he said, a^onaofto cu^ronb CG. 
so bold as to say. 
part. Koons a., osoB a^cmajob Bhr.=: rtars 
cn903aj the person called Rara. (B1D2 oQ 
cma ojmob Tatw. the word «it" signifies 
GK>d. Qj(nOrD(0fi(majA og^onDOJArDdyo s)a>9g»j 
003 KR. does one also kill sappliants? S)<d)9 
gicm 89@d9AS>fii s)<d)9gk|S)a)rm9(in ojfS Bhr. 
dangerons beasts are of coarse killed, b., qq 

ab Kal. consequently I drank. aQomt^ Oouo 
rDo YCh. and what is more. oQcrrMnieKibo 
Oos<fiao after that etc. 
adv. part. fat. o^naonb (rare) (BiDfC^tm, oQ^czo 
cnmdn 5) iim Bhr. (= o^mo). 5)<d) og^o oQcao 
Odo sgy KR. nor does it follow that, (sr^ 
jiiorDaogyreonb o^g^aio CO. rosn^ Qafis 

dMmgg Gan. the reason why both figures 
are equal. 
Inf. QQcr) = (BiDQcn 1. forms many Adverbs jSi 
Qffiacn, QjgODi Sijiif^SiOBCO etc. 2. it 
serves for hypothetical affirmation, imcuch 
flDS^xX) £6>9niaan(ab (ot&iOojoOQB/QoD it 
would have cost him his head. (va. ojo 

with past part, a kiod of Is 
S^osxrrxr) TP. opeo ! 
(i^g-iOo eppniam What side? (. 

(i^C8a-J^o eppSnun (oQ) Every o 
g(20| od^g-j^^ 5>aj§®o of wha 
tion, all included (doc.) .aioacneo 
QgjnsQ0 Mad. 

Ag)(8a_j36o eppol (Oojosp) Whal 
also Q^D^dOspdOa, oO^a^oy® ; wi 

a^(2al) email Tdbh. 00^006 f. i. s 

SK^^Sicn^Q^o&ai KB* 

ft^t^oob embrah see oq^cba^tt 

Q^j(cnj3gQyb Port.Emperador,e] 
a^Ca2O0c€b|S3Qj (aQ2BcX>=or>2e 
nister of Colattiri. 

<^^<^y ^ ey5uya T. aM. T 

(= ag)^a) 2.) aQcs^i^eido s&iab 
A%o aa)CS2p (performed) RC. 

a^q^(6>, c^ eyynya t.m. (C. i 

a^)^jaj) To shoot an arrow, oi 

with doable Aoc. c^Ods^fOo um 
(Oiocmshcn UR. fig. ^siTQcnAfiRiej 
af^cmocXj SiPu — 

CV. oog^as. [to practise 

YN. aQfiof shooting, also oq 

aa)^n6 (C. Te. oQq) porcupine, fa 
a^ogjaunrni — its quills oqq^ 
u^^cnjg^ see Q®fD«>o. 

ag)(O|(0^ erOkkq T. M. (Tdbh. (SIC 
foil.) Calotropis gigantea. SiDJSH 
fiowered swallow wort, 8iva*8fiov 
dOfHoj a mod. aQrO<a^n6a^ OP. 
wreath of Siva. 

o^rol eri dc eigyrorSl t. m. Te. (C. 1 

burning, pungency. aj(do <^ 
Bhr. oQrD)j]j)(m6)or)0^sf) RC. 
oQ(il(8fttsp(09 green ginger ^cb 
oaK^A<fi*8ia^ firebrand. 

afi)'^)^ — Qft'CI^ 


o^yo^ — »a)OQ 

bvraiBf flame. 
iMt eurry with bnttermilk. 
€\ cortreme heat of body o^ i^^snedo 
|. avcouyoo aJtlslan med. 
3^yok>jtti9fi^, also wood which 
a flth Vi. 

\dh ▼. n. To burn aQroiccydc/nl KB. 
t i^^Q^ao PT. oArd)aD99aLJXB(n it 
led; too pungent, fig. (T\^«>3jlrDaO 
fDlo^.Tv sxno KR. 
o^(o^)(CdTii.) 1. pnngeocy. ^Cbl 

oai^ ripe fSor picklee. 3. seal, o^ 
ocKh Tehement, zealous Yi. 

id. of eyes, month burning from 
'. aQtil^ao) (Tu. ^(£\9y^(S^) a Tery 

!^ T. a. 1. To kindle fire, as smith; 
n. 8. to bum Qgjroo a^oSl^aiab 
9(3Sa a>9iB)^ (tS\-S)\(dii o^roi^^ etdH 
8. to hiss at rocket, snake, o^rf)^ 
> go off like wet gunpowder. 
^ Yi. flame; torch, 
^ite Yi. 

o (c^jK^Qj) smell as of pepper, ob- 
in some soils, unfavourable to cocoa- 

mft ag)raU2 T. M. C. Te. (To. oQ^m 
fern.) Buffalo, chiefly the cow=d»)Oej^ 

rooc2jo GP. 

1. jungle buffalo. 2. med. moon- 
oa Himalaya (oj^OMftl 8.) 

etl a milkplant Erioyne Yi. also <^ 


yacb buffalo driver or keeper. 

1 (prh. eQ(m bullock?) a caste 
loss (t988 in the Taliparambu Taluk 
jOMb Aaid9t(majib) = s^o&ia^snb. 

Btf T. M. C. Te. (Tu. qqos like preo.) 
^k, ox=(V)§^«)9a, ^(S\y chiefly as 

beast of burden cro90omo aQOiM^eicho a^ 
6jg| a>s>oo) TB. Aoj^ea^^s^^ ^aa>o) AB. 
flg. aQ(Tsg2 (SorD<oec)o ^cxmlso ojisnrr) d^tiTSsm 
^S36Ms (nosi(88S)omaQ^nnD KB. aQ(Q<mO(0e to 
geld; to unman. So. 2. red? (aT. Te. 0^08= 
oQtSi) aQoa^m So. early in the morning. 
oQnaiS^^ococb bullock driver. 
(^osasRiitab bullook house (from obi. or compos, 
case o^^oq). 

t^d^CQf emnSl} T. M. & a^^oV^ shellfish in 
riyers ^. (Ot^scojocb a9lai oadoo) MB. 

<i0)(8(D3 /vi Port. Europe in N. pr. of plants oO)' 
AAaxm, od'aQoni, oQf^^\ also o®. n^wA 
weaver's reed TB. 
a^O see gpO. 

o^ol di T. H. A throw=o©Q f. i. oacSldH^A; 

aa)61<8»ggn6 frowning, coquetting. 

a^)O^C(^a» to throw, fling aio(S\ o^^sdoooA 

^00 4kOd9d» prov. Qjocb S)^05nB AAcmoi 

609 Bhr. with Aoc. of the person hit o-ioo 

Si^osTfl <4). CY?1(D)aaj oi^fibcX) (inOom C0. en 

CO. abandon. Qa)oi6B9a_ioa» Yi. to talk as 

if throwing stones at once. es(0e5>g)^aa9 

9cn9d^ Bhg. an angry Baxasa. — 

YN. qq() q. V. [hawk. 

aa)cS)awab, Ys. oQo1fi>ajgBOsn6=flDOQ,)ttoaob 

CY. i^oloBn^, as ^aiD^s)^ol(]£^:fi]onb Mud. 

o^cSlddfi^ eUkka T. M. 1. (No.) To protrude. 
2. B. to shine as son (= oq(S\ ?). 8. to remove 
the bark from timber, rough hew for sawing 
Yi. QoldMmo 0fDo <^6\<e^(m ^oiib KB. 

o^qcYlj ehunbuT.M. (C. SDOj, seeflD— &£ 
-) Ant. 
Q^)QS)Ofiio)pan<bb line of hair on the belly (loc.) 

o^OQ efff T.M. (from oqoI, oo^q; C. Te. o^^) 

1. A blow, chiefly beating clothes = (BiOfiJ<fln. 

2. sprinkling of water (Aajgao (0)ai<^) a cere- 
mony performed by QuflDorrb 8rd day after birth, 
7th day after death; A followed by change of 
raiment o^oc^o 000(^0 KU. 8. trap, snare 
oQiCQjSilid^ Yft, (see qQOQ 4). 


Qfl)oq<e>— (ifflgj 


afi]QCJ<B> 1. To throw, u with ■liDK.aillp, 

proptl, ipirt (=AS3f(^) cos Osia-ndiiii^ i^ 

A^^Si KR. a. to bwt irnri B. 
a^&JSnm^cfi] alaoJllYa lob* agiUIgd m wtter 

a$)£l^ ell 5. (C.a2ej1) Rat, maate; »3i>^i<jl = 

svursljy)^, jij$i7«ej) amall moaw. 

na^taaimaliB^, ii(De]^,£B«r)>l nl-tr&p (of IroDf. 

aQjoTliDim^ gDavEng of mouu. 

oaeTliOaasa (ag^o) uwd mod, MH. 

°a^4J3J§ a pettame, r^3^:T>aji-. 

glaalna or SaWinia ouODllaria Bh. 
i^^ejl.innsl PdIIim perlSM Bh. Iroof, 

t4)£jlcT>5«t>>, i^^9ia>3<4, ^)ajl Jj95 part* of 
o»<ulaj£l Taotr. a plant. (arwnic. 

^Bil^SAiMiDs, — am-rn, — ^1 ii .oralibane, 
ag^aau, ag|L^^iTi93:iin rat-trap (of wood). 
^Qjles rat-hole, alio aSGJ^sJis'Sa''- 
i^jBjI^ag Bplultsi •qaamagiia Sh. 

fig)ej1aJlaDa_l08 ■» 5ueijyi.ibQjui mad. 

a€}ej(2^^ elolniUa T.Pa1g,Lemaii(rs«,inod. 

ng^ejmj elnmbf t. u. c. (C. it. oona '>-) Bons. 

m^n:ueTliT]j ipine. 

aOaiaiJlt >ni»ll bone. [ajjano Bhr. 

ag,gj Tn.H. bone rnlAnb.'i '4ls>Ey£>|3D aaqj)!^ 

ofllguftwig,— = i»»-"nj^,n;»iBo. 

ogilijiaso tkolatOD T». [whitw. 

i^ieiRBiesr, <4)§jin8^U3 ^1 gODorrhiBa, Iho 
nfll^ dll <8o. oQ^T, U. C. To. Liniit = 4S'. 

c4t)fyi0a()Mls-j$lffli>' to ciroumiorlba (diet.) 

■aa'"- "Ofa^J" ("'B- o'affle)) nnboanded, all, 
adj. noun, adT. no^snll obi. alio aoSi^ 
Cftlfijo JBBOI TP. youngoit = ogjiasoolejn, — 

aigft ooify'o who alir aaocmgj^o «>9£a^ 
^ KU. i4gfy3os>ei97f o anyhow, 
pen. n. oa&t^iKTa", — ffioo. 

aduartj^jtfo fold ■mei'ifidV" ^i) •'"■>«. 

u^ioa T. aU. jou all (Pay.) 
'HJ)<S^3 dlo^OBS^: Ii it DotF A 
, (laajoOTejlSOWOtb Bjr. Ootpsl 
ngjOjlsi^, na)ajliis e)i4« (^ 

I Dat. nai^'diM, — SttocMa whii 

oft.lj^asava anjwbore. 

aaiijl&asia3'A(Yii aji.ijl^a-omifA 
I nO^^" what place, paaugel' iMi 
a^J^^a AUi onju KU. 

I aOfU^ CQ. whith«rP ig 

n^SCOaa eiod'a Tdbb. na^aia 
n€)£rm) e]an!«, ofD&nTi a piai 
I' <^^ e|i So.Loiiu=eAe5aj 

back Ti. (=thin part). 
II. a^£\ T. M. (oomp, sa) To be : 
adj. odiiniMiJ'ib Id proT. opp. la 

IP. high ft Ion oama to woo ma 
gQ^fSi^Q AAlj^aa proT. what Ui 
■s^lr.a^■=:^l^ir^>^L^i KB. not a mat 
Ssotcr ooiSS 1' mean, alight m 

no unall luok, ansranA, 9a: 

So often with DM. s^i^aa 
agj^raigj aai/m-Tntilfiw. 

TH. oQia^e lowliDsia. r^ 

I ngi'ogj^^ to hnmblo oonelf Ti. 

<ia^ei«i3/anb humble. 

VS. oaSgJO (bIm aoihiVi.) 
broTit;-, exj. a^^v£M 

"Bl o_imlgj*rB[. i>a®cq|<> a 

2. »1io = «]|^a t.l. A^*d 

o«»ajo oillal^ TP. jokad at 

agj^ el 5. (what iiitllght) Seasni 

rio oQi'ilir. to sow, «i.ijsft> torei 

ag)^T123^ MR. ofi)^-!^ IPfTTltf.? 

sia.iOB a^o ru'^sj^aisii Prahl. 

««|p— Q^A 


og^dBa — ft^cp^ 

e fi^ not • bit. o^cb is proT. for 
thing Blight qqhs^ OAioasnn®, o^ 
Lo aWimA, nflHiQn (S^o proT. 
l^^^9<sto (= 1 of «KnnB«ml) smalleBt 

sOSQaan (also (4K^a_^038mo). 

> offering of Sesftm to the dead. 
|=rm€)§tj|^ Sesam oil. 
J^ooocX), the oil used for the body. 
Kb for common oil. 

lUXKB^ white Tariety. 

^ wild Sesam. 

eicJb ft tree yielding no oil. 

1 (VK. of foil.) T. M. 1. Height 

jk ooytmlrD 9a^yA RC. rising wave. 

inence Q^nrio mgy o^t^^i^sn^ Vi. 

e. (^tyiQjeo^Dnb well made. 8. by- 

. prodaoe B. 4. = qq^a club (yQ^rk 

f0S>ae§a|2 Bhg. aooio gprD^s^gj^^fiH 


i^\p Seren. c^^aift 7 persons, qq^ 

:t see murn^. ooiy Qos 7X3. o^ 

pgy3;aR]i^» ^^pajfORMBi^oQatSo proT. 

095o honte of 7 stories. 

ve9<b BonL Catholies from Vayer 


tb do'ya T. M. C. (Ta. aQTo, aj<d9i 
!, oei) 1. To rise ^9sm ^.or^nsvsiVTA 
j^a, o^rm 3>'3^mo ^gglcsDorbb proT. 

emxiib SoaO'olrQb oQ^cm cii(S\£!^(A 
i>0 (^^frm^roldSto a med. (in leprosy). 
(arn^oysoD oQtf>ags)Sfioel CG. syo>fiO 
r>aj) RC. asked clearly. 2. to come. 
forest Are, spontaneous, ojonturaisrab 
T)93^ ftmed. (s^e) ^. Q.)@B)<ds Q-)«mo 

> £^ ^1- (hon.) 8. to be high qq^ 
u»oau 9a-i9S>ej RC. tall big bird. As 
1. in o ayost^^o celebrated Qj95)$myo, 
9|prm aJlajD CO. -a i Q5>gj3(TRawfc^ 
t;i;.ib Til. ^rrvnt A^€)«iaovpo oosrodCBJ 


aO^cnjiTi) (8) Urge grass B. Qa)^a>jg^ &£\ 

YN. (T. Q^y>^) aj(0l^Qg-j9fio aCTVDo oQtfi^ 
S)e9ej^ KR. = rising, also oQ^a RC. 
o^jpdte elnyu=a^ 4. q. v. 

a^^c6> elaSnya T. M. (fr. preo.sjjJOGVo 
<d:02/0(^ih) 1. To paint sS^ffg^tsod^ c<mf><mW 
'^.m:Q TCb. QflS)0>)^o> a torture, aispauacain 

tf^flp)^ qQ. mm. A£n^'CQ;3cS«l ;^QJIg_}30jVbb o^. 

H med. (into the eyes). 

2. to write; a native book is to be written 
according to the rule (4}@g^s, Acngjis, s>aj§»jo, 
6)mg>jl leaving a sosam width between the 
letters, a rice grain's distance between the 
Hues, making the left hole of the leaves square, 
the right round. With Dat. Oo-josr cii(meiocn 
:5i£^c\u oG^toH wrote to me about his having 
gone. Double Dat. et^ aiDOiSKruodSt sodooa 
a^^tn) TR. wrote to me about it. Aonos^za 
o)A oy^ 9Q§y9-^'i^ iBio^croDdxX) croooroDom.'nioti 
Q&jd9n oQ^^fd^ mb<W:£X reported falsely about 
me. (01^ <f>.9^o S)(0)9§ oQ, 

oQtf^ (Siocs;(0a, an§a> to write to one. 9oe 

TR. in the letter sent. 

oO^'onAceAO^anto give on lower tenures TR. 
eau-oranmB oa)*<St '^^ obtained money 
by mortgaging, so cns^om o^ 

oQ^^^ajMOf A) (= t^n^dS^d^) to take land on 
lower tenures AspltdftOtfrnanai^rm o^'cbb^ 
MR. but also o^somo^ qQ^(9^ dJMoelJnd. 
took down my deposition. 

oQ^^^rD^a* to be written. (4)<n?9aeoi <^* 
mo TR. they wrote to me that. (Sioaj^^nnn 
oQ^cm (o^dtofDo as I hear firom thence. 

oQ^<ai\6icud^ to write deliberately, sign tn 

(o!\cn cnes^s a>fi)9Qd^ idosv o^'a^ TR* 

8. to learn. oQ^^ta^d^zi^ oscmvdk coming home 

firom school. 
CY. oQ^to^d^l, to cause to paint or write, teach 

onr^loii)^ oQ. first lesson. 2. to obtain a 



o^nnn— 0^014 

document. dOvo1cD;3<d) <^'j^ oaiosnioab TB. 
purohased the house on 0^ tenure, ojoai 
ja cni&jo qq. tortured him till he gaye up 
the field. aiozaoajfiKn 6)«>osni gfioacoe^o 

ai3p(9b qO)*;^ TR. made him to sign away 
my property etc. o^D{p<onfi>(e»o§(Dr9) 5)0^o 
oOy>(0));^ 6)<d>09riB Q0^o (Sioola^o Cr03<fi&) 

a^((Sg) 1. picture, painting. (d}S)as^(q|2 po. 
2. writ, letter. (=(8T0£e)fDo, oajojcno) o^^ 
c@o Aog^^ 6)<^3^a3i9tca;d99i proT. ajosi.inD)^ 
(Z@ the address. 3. learning, aisiooAOD 
0^^(01^010 ^|«d) to take as pupil. oQ^qn^o 
coo(nrQQjo Qjoi<a« (pro?.) 

Hence: og^^iatOi^ch schoolmaster, teacher =0^ 
oQ^ciaoich 1. writer = o^qB^aiOCbct, doai a^a 

Qsmdonb o^ycoiainb proT. 2. adj. painted, 

AojotfKm^asTOinbs^Qj, s>SiSiSi^. etc. C0. 
Q^aJTB^ofim^ style, iron pen. o^. A(0)O§tfl« to 

raise to the dignity of Menon. 

oQ*QaLin6 poisonous fnake in houses, with 
white rings (= 5>ajeBi$><0n§ >)• 

oQ*aj9ajnb the 9jii(b snake (hnntg.) 

a(a)6)y>.an ornamental style. 
c^^ycqQAo), oO). c^ol letter =: jiilg. 
a^({jg(ajefi), Tu. oQ^OAJefi) school. 
Q^^GjQ^ajliP, oQ* ^^£ writing fault. 

afl)y>nrflgjj^, elunilka (old) '>wnnr?1§;|j^ 

prob. =00)^0100^1^, past og^jponloQ (RC. oq 
yaSlmo) oq^^9cnci(i Mud. A So.; vu. oa{6n^|, 
^6nr?l^cro0ct2;o MR. To stand up, rise, ^sm 
oam^pcmloQ Bhr. return to life. — ^cbPsxoio)^ 
nr!l^ to rise from the dead — Christ. 
TN. Q(mf>or?lgi. rising. ecanAiab^^lgi resur- 
rection — Christ. 
CV. QO)y'cn)§L^(dfi to raise; also with short 93; 
Qjis^5>,fijy>orllg^^a8(ORi1(r)9ibKR.0ro)^cu \ 

<S^akvn\(m oO. to raise up from t] 

Q^fY>n(a^d9> dunnarulnya t. i 

gen. oO)^>fi>aT)e9a>(alreadyRC.)To| 

proceed (hon. of Qods & kings). 

ODocX) CG. in Bhr. ajgalQajASdaiii c 

cnoch & o^cmco^ (oQ^fAnmcbxisi 
(fAODg^co; Qcnj96><d) Si a^cm TP. o 

the king. 

QO)^nmeglQcB;so the presence of tfa 
king, His Majesty = aiPrad^(nj. 
TR. property of your Majesty, c 
a3Rn)s<0nisngo (BIO ojctoo letter to U 

aO)'(ZS2(^oio id^g^;^ (doc.) the 
manded. QQ)*8JB(mD03QC2^@g a^sg 
concerns with the Raja, onlsig 
o^VthoTIoio ^rD)(e«9caJ9c)o TR. i 
of the late Raja ! Other forms • 
§8nrr)sa]S^rnioio, a®y5xmgB^<3p 
QrmsajBfiOoloiD TR. (hon. ampli; 

Q0)yAmr>@e^QcB;&(mo)na9<b, tu. t^ 
naotb Brahman class at Talipaii 

a0)^nmrc9fi.as2> o^Hpskmgass^ 1. 
ajrDOJoauinmo qq. Oa>^ Bhr. 
5)0T)efiqg( UR. whither do yo 

king. d9^SPQ<0nS5)(Oia^p6KTr)ggSQ 
OSo ^s) TR. oQ^SiCmSSL^OtQi O', 

SfiRmofinnb TP. come with me. 
^S)S TR. with the king, c^, a 
^ TR. the Raja will not set ov 

CV. Qa)iponea^d9o,— ©miee^rfte te 

procession, as an idol (oHscnj, 
a sword. &(^£^ oQ* jt^oSi^osn^ Oo. 
(Sf^nr)gjoaJi9> o^. also on car or 
shoulder. [g^<A oa'c^oft' 

A^^(2 eioma t. m. (YN. of oq^^) 
o^^cYijdB) elnmba'ya T. SoM.s: oq^ 


». ApATtlale, wUah I . rams lae*l tdnrba 
, ojlanm; MMnsKOSeeijyme Hal. — 
rml adT. qvou ato. otbera tftgse, m 
•cna.'D tralj, o^cuaa. t- Mrrct for 
dtion qoijlsai njiyo Sn( chapter, *e 

i|ili«iWill»li1i Bbr.; beniw the Oea. ag) 
te. S. naphatlfl. a^ieiejSe njiesBb^. 1 
w wbatorer. i4|9j_jnH3a Hud. auiei | 
laacqaaSQ. and fi^tatu^o KB, a)«i9 
Bax4i Bhr. Intarj. ajsajiD-dD m^tuaa 
*a Bhr. Agltaa c4}n9)9iCBi KB. 4. ret- 
a njM_i3e AxMmoCO. lio la ihe only 

e®«3i njiiifygaKB. 
aloej alreadj Id iDtauoj. a.g^rn part 

tutxa TB. Eap. with ind fatntei raa<^ 

.QS^aflsei a=i.9cLio<tblf;3CO. G. oom- 
tg maiV^jOnva (alto prayer) aju^l'n 

ijUg^y, «|gWDl^|ln^9gU94s Kal. 6. 

ifatfTe attar Kif. aiMSj 1> it not? ai 
IS eauoulf onWniSa <T)K>T>a ^Ogj Bbr. 
. interreg. proa. (=aa) Whatf i^oj 
P. lio*f{=aa:i!gjjD) o<t9 q.T. 
yun e. Oiu; ilnglc, anic, united, i^ 
■a'ajA'taSa* (d™ ) all & e>rh pro- 
■SeaaaOiolatljriiiiiglj. — fem. 4S> r.i. 
aM>iun^«aM)a, (alto ^a^iss ett^ta 

^■- lanlmoug. 

Haaob Ihinhlng adlj one thing; nn- 

3Qs a(o. (M -siOi^o.elo. 

, ^.^jaJa ooaoeai = A^iSj -. 

xncA, ^o-nHiBQii harlng tha miad | 

id «■ oiieobJ«l. 

I is oaa place, lad-.e] unoc, 

ILM OM aida of a tiling, about, alnoii. ! 

'S ^'a3s)aA>^tiidlillDetlT. i^'oyaB] 

Os TB. aafBateotlj aoourate. ^'ojo i 



ma KB. n^Sdxqiauni^-innlnn •ti'fiwm 

sijiiffryitllvi. daaomathlnf Mrrtaponding 

to the friendahip ibown. [in baiar (med.) 

^Aicn9a)>Anb moaareh. i^t'a medio, root «old 

^^■ajaiffl odIj one wire; bitbfiil irlfs. •^"na 

oarniiflsea'Wii*"ijjj3T(i as^^ao kb. 

^e«3aM) uut-niiadedniMie i^. sajl^gA oA 
orms^ AB' ^. njf SiPn. 

B»mcroma3tl Bhr. [aurb Hal, 

i^Ainaigta One da; dQ. 6)Ai3*f A«i0*1(3n-i3 
^Aiaj.aimo the aingolar (gram.) 
aQAoHDici of one oolonr or oatta — °(|'j||^^ 

rBl<a> denT. 
^«>ajnus haring odI; one clotb. oAAOj^ 

Qjanb Mid of Ha|a, hie wife i««KU(aj^) 

<a^ Hal s. [ AxjuWxn'. 

^«>ce>crO(T> sole rut*, iw>Darahj a* of a aa 
agASo a oertaia eonfeotionarj fMiB forrlgn 

matariale i^. ojliBa^iSi Ti. 
aQ«io*l alone, hemit lORl^ aais'ai^ TO 

oOm i^nn ^fijib KeiH. — fern, oa^-iu^ 
(4|oiuS.L(mB93^HR, inpo. iiQ»9dncTllUR. 

i^AOfOo aiming at one point, eieloaiTel; de- 
Toted) limpUeltj, eingleDeai of heart j>i^ 
ima 4'09iaf1 Bhg. — i^»9«jis«fal eto. 

cia«<saq aatin, lilk Yi. (S. ^aiooiao one 
member F) (Mp. bf women. 

i^tfsBue) lllh lunar day, oa'acnaoijobierTed 

i^AiXTOc 1. nolitude. 1. eiolaaiTeneaa a^AS 

itn iii£a.3[^>%^mn->«:i2iiQi(, AB. ule aim, 
3. independent poaitian a^it acmo-ili^ Ti, 

aSOMOfcno dlrecUon lowarda one, 
age<MB>(rKomnb = ^a^aanb, 

oQAgj^o *ee (TVumtiaM. 

a(!i(e)6<~Y51 — o^teffo 

a^^Ax^liaii to unite, ituiSM 119'^ baoMne 

aiB»>8Qjldii to beaons odb. ag'4ycTu^aao to 
be abMrbad cnMvacaiimrnlnib c«',ej n^aea 
Bhr. — CT. aeulaiinb (Disxrriijjo ajral^ 
^^o-'laiilgjl^ Bhr. 

aQMi*<£i.g <4», agAo) eaohaftiglj = eadns 
art» f.l. ^SKl^a^^kOsiotiDo AB. ■ 100000 
Id each dtreolion. ai.eaafla. 4'ea^ >lj 
Ad|g Bhr. (= oj»cuotitl<c1du). 

gQIsosAvo (MS gsjo) 1. ^TlDg ths wkter 

odIj onoe, not Ibriee (> fbrai af tenoro 

belov sireaflib). t. freehold i^nted to ft 

oompftUf. Vd.feeo !■ oA- "f t^B M Qri- 

mftmit KV. IndlTlitble propsrt;. 

<^»gn^«B T, H. to be nnited, tgne 

atglAXLio K compromiM, 

n^dSserrJl tn/Kqi Pleaiing but Jeoeltfiil word*. 

iiQ.a_>na,a(i|S>«ri1gj Vi.(ft'. nQA^iaSAiEn^). 

fte^AsS), cBil SyaYft (^,BOcoitipll<h) 

1. To ^Ts, beitow s^eiciTU c^fhl^ms PT. 

jlelds food. annboa-iirTM i^ib ecTxnSI BBS. 

(=<ij3^anor) 2. (T. a^aj oanimBDd)(o 

■aj, eommand ojnis msifiaeiiQ ig if|9nn sTI RC. 

le^ aiMerAQjinb oiijmua cuo Til. «e«»^ 

amstSA^ Hgd. inlen aa^oj^A to "H 

oat, (o M to ihow the petition otcHh banter 

(bDntg.>-^lo reproTe Ti. 8. (C.) to get a 

(tsaivmK^ e<t8ajnb ttreo MB'" flcnodiM T jK, 

when one bofs a freehold. 

TN. ^AiiBt 1. eominaad «»3> OJattS^inb eg. 

Cil|9° RismiSao^cllist CO. do penniwien. 

1. blening. sDsfinbicijjo s>r^>:Lili^n*)~J'v,cl 

qoyejloirt! -.ojo (^nnfljl) 14. «ia.3?^ TE. — 

henee dattlaj, leak. c4)rrai«5 a^^Mbi ji19<» 

lOrm^SHTi ^mvta s'rHjjtcriajA CO. 

a«> Kfa'm'"'** aa^atlgj proT, (=«) 

im^cBffio akkam T. JI. (oompere a^ai'M Hard 
breathing, aitbma, d jipnoe ; eg. ao.egiiKtl^ 
KOago oiMtf^ proT. 

Aleo ^ifisoi r.i. i4«*seK«j»uni^ 
a med. ggifiBOOa In ggaaer>o<ai»V 
WIS prOT. — TS, of: 

i^aga, to breathe with ditBonllj, 
aadiblf (ai tiger); elgh, growl ( 

■^(g^nn oisffl pror. 

VS ^graBiaii — «a'ejo djeoU' Sid. a 

uafTO^J BBthmatio Ti. 
nglcea ekkq l.(aa«>«>S.)Bbftrpvordi 

(ia])iaia> S.) oardlag cotton og^3?| 
n^fS&iA, ^ ekkayt (T. <mgk», 1 

1. To join ao Bi to lit, to patch. 

deoeWe T. 

TK. ^gj a joiet, jiiactare,patah. a 
joined bandg i^jyWn aO^jlua* 

CT. aSgjl<ae to get flited together. - 

U. MS'^iA^iBe To plaee different a 
«■ to offer loanj aDglee. <tt'^«ns 
with haod* and festdrawn in. ^(£l« 
r61,ai Ti. not lu pall together.o^ i 

«g_|3in — B§<i mmiiol^ angle*, wa 
n^ee^i&i tat (iflidWig. 

rtff;jij<ft ^ii;f» aii.=«aaft. 

^^' i4l:^ I. Tie, eonneethm. 4^ 
cnt> n gl>. aa^oaoj^e ■} Bj»ao2jn 
lenaical. t. bail. og. *>sp1«>, o^^ 
to terminate the bait. 

MtiU''^ (i^disii) a med, leaf robbt 
eat epatha of palmi to proTont t 
from oloaiDg (alio anacra). 
o^S e4ft Btnnled or maimed (^nod 

^(.o aaXi^iOta JiJAa dy pro*. 

where, a^gso Bhr. lome part. «isj 
glovso lui^ fljilfua proT. «I>er«v> 
SQjo Ajilnv CC. t. time Ktold 
whitit. (Tilonb.'iSa MBljliiS Mplaa 

ci^S3^ — ofljeinol 


o^6r^ — O^TS^DdOe^ 

■aid 10 mnoh. 3. breadth o^S'oraoft 
ii Laxmi CQ. 4. mansioa, palace m 

i. fixed pa'.aoe-expendUure. qQsp o^ qQ. 

th story, Harem {=QQ^cr?eiz^So) or 

Mtrologically 7th sign (see qQ^3o). 

Z <4k^3>aT)^Ss^So, also tusp^oblnno 

R. wrote to the Raja of Pjchi, then at 

1^ KIT. (=Raja). 

» fi4^Y^^U°^ ^- 'I** (^- '^0- QQS93d>9 
osition, parTersenesB (no(^!i-Jcn)aib sioqg^o 

D c^^poLjiH^^flA ^SdSdioSo pro?. qQ. ^ 

I raise a mutiny, qq. dk9|aj9nb SdxH;^ 

1 a rebellious spirit. (^ot^qQ -^^ oQ' 

"ns^xidib TR. to organize resistance 

^SfitearDob promoter of strife, rebel. 

} T. M. (C. qqs plantain leaf) 1. Palm- 
iy<Qi9TSC6 (4^. 2. leaf of books, book 
k Aongyd 9Qj9rD9 dt3^ .d>93smsmo proT. 
*actice to theory, o^^ soi,^ 8rn3(dA tarn 
STes. S. flowerleaf ^^eitbooronb Bhg. 
[to strengthen (ss^£%&^?), 
5)64^'y& Vi. To join by sewing in order 
a 1. Tdbh. 9^^ Goddess of distress, 
=«^:£^gn6. 2. ((^sno) a kind of sheat 
ritk dangerous spines, ^gfiisoi^. 
ho SdEyam 8. (Tu. qQ^=s'ST^§) Ram. 
lb dda& S. (see pree. & C. Te. oo^^block- 

ft^am 8. 1. I>eer, fawn.oQsnil f. hind. 
SnrWb^^Aach VCh. o^fmgaea^, ^sm 
ojkKn, ^4nl%«8(i=09nba>^. — 

39»nb mooD. AnJ. ^sm93b6Qj)oeQ3(^aji 


. T. steadfastness o^smo £nrni ajroBnmsym 

iaJHgjRr. 3. beauty, Pal g. So. see ^cno. 

I ftp 5. <Tdbb. O^smlP) 1. Ladder, 

M used as ladder. oQ. fi>ajjy ^CB;oi, o®. 

d»snnD MB. AO«»^om (^. iii9ArD9gy 

proT. 2. (T. boundary) .uspl^tMaaiao &ib ^. 
j£3(o)<an3a may he meet with opposition. 

(i^^oro 6qi} (T. firmness) C. M. Edge, ohiefly 
the 3 edges of the cocoanut (T. Q^&rnl). ^ 

Q^ifo oj^.-srs) O^OB a ooooanut of 8 months* 
growth . 

a^rO>i?Ad(alS. (neuter of qq fi3)This. ^Tn^99aj 

now,aQ'mnB9?xjj meanwhile, qQtdo^ now(po.) 

ci^foTlub rtil a T. Neighbourhood (aQTi>);heoee 
^xnaift (T. ^tfn&J3<b) enemies o^^ajAro cuodo 
dii£\(waf9^ RC. 

I. ^^ Tdbh, = (jQD^. 

n. fi^^ rtt) T. M. 0. (11 o^.) What, which? 

^^uSfD ^(TBmo how long? oQTm^ (^^3 

Bhr. Qg)aao>g>aj3nb o^(nr» c/osbo^^ 8iPa. o^sya 

5)00)950 im^-^aoo CC. — adj. o^g OJ^tfrOo 

what town? ^%n\Q (msio^ (BT^dhoia Osmo 

cu)s/»iAO TR. name the several parishes that 

are disoontented. — also for o^Uvib f.i. mr£i 

9'SL^ Ocaoeoiji} airoDrm <dis)cB;9n6 a^xnodBinno 

MR. which of the parties. — ^ifoHoootib in 
what proportion. 

qq 9)9000 some, any o^rmocido t^osnifi^^ oi^ 

^0090 Sl^ proy. oQirOGdo jaTiaKb some 

few. 49isi3borka9A oQ^ooao, o^^srib aj9iftcB;o 

TR. some troops. (no<^cn}ado ^[^9ab m^^ 

cjUdQndO&o etc. — mod. adj. aQ'Q9«r^ ; ffBnn.9 

QB/d9a9^nb ^U)0xi5niib (loo.) what sort of 

Q^go any. ag|tnisaii^o rij^^s^o prov. anywhere. 
Q(B'^'i'^CT9o some, any qq. g)3npTJ3 •;)jij3gu:uDn() 

e9 1j^c£)8'T>9 CO. 

n^(l5fO>o ftttam M. Te. (=^ooo) 1. A machine 
to draw water ag|. itn^di, — ajeS^^^fia> MR. 
in order to preTcnt irrigation. aQTn9)S>(069§ 
wooden bucket of the same. = @ai95)d9aos 
2. painful mode of getting up ft down, a school- 
punishment o^Q G^SO.'OOto t2^Q^9^9A <4) 
6XT1D Anj. 
a^-aatxiOiP B.=:«cniQ[^aj3&p. 

(i^/orD^otdG^^o ftttakkal (f^omT. qokosi'^n. of 

o^ino) to praise, worship & T. plur. of csr^cb^ 
(S(^s a^ TU. M. (cn^dfcX)) Praisors, singsrsB. 

Q^asYOvbg-i — <^i(S\ 


rt^A — <^Q^ 

Q^aJY?y)3^ dttappi} (80.) Breast-cloth of women. 

ci^uJlrOV) ddhiSam 8.(0900) Grown, thriyiog. 

n^OOo 6nam SoM. Readinesfl, fitness (o^'bb) 

qQ. (SV^dv to be neat, fit ; ^. (ST^dte to prepare B. 

o^POCf^ finas 8. (gofTb V^) Sin (po.) 

I* n^ob 6n=cB;on6, af»on6 T. M. C. in (ms\ 

9cQ,n&, fi)^o§<6eQaT>n6. etc. 
n> o^^obssoQ^nb a Cond. of d^nb f.i. ^3ai> 

cido, oQ^aQOdo (=(8)@'t6). [mch ©cy^ Pay. 
ni.a^ol) T. aM.C. What? (=aQgSD) oQTb «)ni 

o^C^dB) enSuTfa T. M. (C. (sr^^) 1. To take 
up, wield. a)&io a3aQ)^6)<d)09^ took from fire. 
Jk)2a^ 6)Qd9>QEri(9b oQ. KR. Aom^BGcfo o^nrcDi 
oJHs^:^ ^vid. SiCUGnB^^ojcnS^oai (bo^ch Parasu 
Rama, also called (^Ggjfl^pQojgg) QO)) RC. ^roo 
0^00)^00 Qjlsm RC. 2. to rise (gaj^QB;Qgl|an^ 
Qcnoroo'oono CG. sweetly perspiring. aQcv£\ 
«)QDuyA<m3roo903ao, o^cnDlcn Qj)^<d:cX> CG. 
«<d)9aj9cm) oQcttSi njeDan ChYr. so^qht). 
8. (aQOSS'^) ^ reach, stretch arms or legs 
a^cv£\ ^^as2 ^ook ^ith diffionlty, o^n^ ^ 
cm^oaftos^ (nS(0a with evident pain. 
YK. ^(Ta>fa(, a>9S)^oA ^® lameness. 

<^)C^ dntram Tdbh. cdhC^ !• Machine ojrD 
0osKB>9a(O(]^ (n)ja)GBK> KR. ^<Q^g_j9ejo draw- 
bridge. 2. Q®((TC!)(aBc)o bulwarks KR. 8. de- 
ceit. a9(Q^g^}6Tn)dao3roab canning. 
Q9iTQ>rDo, QQrRi>rod9«5f rob M. necklace, amulet. 

o^jj_J epp^, Bee a^<6adB>. 

a^(2io£\ dmaU coll. T., 80. Palg. (prh. of T.o^ 
03O to be puzzled, bewildered) Beggar, silly 

Q^oliiTlb dmbftl (T. f^^o) Belch. oQ. s^a) 
also (^cnjaio go^a) amed. (symptom in cnofi^ 
(^ei) SoM. o^^ouasio fl2^<o>Yi.2. Nid. eruct- 

Q^(DdB)o draya^ S. a grass of the seashore 
used for arrows (aQSjcnjgj), said to be grown 
out of iron dust. oQ^Otdx^smo Bhr. ^foa>gjgj 
CC. CG. 

(^(DG^^OjOb dra^dam S.Ricinusc (St^lismdM. 

0^rD)dri (T. tank. C. bank of tank) 1. Stakes 

to support banking work; bank. 
B. 8. No. a kind of fish. 4. Ko. = 

o^rb A T. M. C. Te. (Tu. t^aa^ <^(m^ 
1. A yoke of oxen. 2. plough witi 
oxen, o^rol^ a^sa)(8o* ^^l^ o^.) t 
the plough. Qj9r«i(s^5)S ^<ba)0(«i pol 

.oO,naQftd)3eji Si^£\ o^g) TP. ploug 
&ib oQO ^rolcx^'o ei^£i TR. a^9§A 

cut off the team to prcTent plough! 
oa ploughing apparatus. 

^* ^Q 6l^ =oQ(b T. Ta. BuUook; he 

0^09^, aQocn3§ the province of Call 

the original chief place Acn^CBHa 

Syr. doc.)a309ga>9/D, o^ocnsgaxi 

oor)9ga>Qn>Q{jea 09gJ)eB^9<b TR. . 

^095^09^ (in 8. Ker. Mah. called 9i 
cowherds) the family of the Calici 
their palace called cBld^B^caiOsl 
5th ft 6th prince of the dynasty t 

oQ.'^s^SSQa^oab Samuri*s secretary 

Kayers KU. 
^rogfldb (T. hero) in ^. axsnQ a i 
also (^09sn6 a* -moil & o^odgoka 
(B(^<xycuo) inhabitant of the ^|Oflfl 
09c)og-)9§ rD9n9Cij TR.oaeof Samui 
(0^0900 i^e:)9f the junior Rija Yj 
II. o^q T. M. (VN. oQola^a)) A thr 
Q(m95n|6)a)99nB aQQoa)9§(i|2 (mark 
tempt). oQQo QoUQjo aoonscsi oj 
hit most inopportunely. «»aai>Q m\ 
superst. (s3 g(^Q39<£Oo). OrcftOcoBQ < 
day. «.u>99fiK) rustling of leaves (boi 
9aiQ oa>(>atiOa, Aosst, 
aQoi§a> B. to cast up. 

(i^q(6>, ol ehiya t. m. c. (O. ai«> o 

Q^) 1. To rise, increase, be mueh. 
o®-^ ximo, ^9(qgi 090)^^9(8912 TR. 




qg^^^iai cMgo^ 9(uo4kcm CGt. eso 
ymcb FT. m^M^^aK^oQBVJbAd^ YetC. 

kr. wbieli partj hat more oharioteeri? 
as£e) Aiehieflj in the hon. expratsionB 
akA, AQ^jVabo^^mo to know,leftra. 
(mod. a»9(0Qas «>CB'-Qd»i) csvocno 
}. (n)W>ocnxno Bhr. (Sdndsml KB.;. 
nnKMUit ooooMiat treei. o^B^vn^c^J^ 
MB o^iQiem ojocQjf oQ^c^cm (ro3(soor>o 

1, ^9o 1. muoh, more, too maoh. ^ 

Mi3ei09») fw a long iime. a^omo Ojai 

SQ. to doitonee more, a^ajcroo ^)o 

wA Qjtm 9ckjiv£\ TB. 8 days more. ^ 

uei^^aoib, ^o «nsp««8aog ^OLjocBtKob 

r. too far< 8. beyond laruosmo aioOrcn 
j^qgi BC. 

o 1. diflerenoe, more or leu. ocm^cnoo 

)a)|o tfioQ^o oj/DMMD onsdJisi)^ TB. so 

t all got their due. aQO<daoca^ «»91B 

|e>ch many people. ^ocOso Asngt qoa 

»9Jn| Oojx^ took nearly all the pro- 

ty- omm QjOdOaW) ^|0(8ao Qjosaiga) go 

K^s o^ioaeo OjiAuo «> jiifm fonght several 

w with T*s. troops. S.assaolt. (Si^Qao 

^*«i^c^ TB.(=inMftl^^^) cu^oao 

« OKQjiDxn ^. o^ggo will attack 

Biga; alio with Aoo. fiX^isnbaj'aB^o 
<|. OaICBL ill-treated. 

toaj id. 1. flidJilcKmsfa ^. ajomorbb in 
mra thereof. Ojaiggorrvniorn aoD oQ. ato 
k*Q|o fl2gj nothing shall be wanting. 
S^ fl^Gulgi S^oOlBDauKDeMaoo TB. no 
ifgcratkma or erasions. 2. ojg^ oQO 
ooj ouiiQiiMiTB. aasanlt. QLjg9a<0»39'^9 
€^f9 ^. Aom^^aA to offer resistance. 
•90 8o.,a(|oaioc0 Ko. id. ^. ^ «R^ 
sal 10 BML [dgl «tc. 

» adj. part, mneh, many. o^. e^ajcroeo 
9cx)o l.ffiaa, Inoreaae; adT. mnch. o^oo 

Qjo (BID^),^ (opp. AOQJ). 2. rising, ascent. 
9ajej)9C0OOo high water (opp. goocafto). 
oQ. 6>a»sa> to fasten a string to creepers. . 
8.=aQOQ climbing palm trees. There are 2 
ways of drawing the toddy: cnsicn^j^ooo 
(ft — oq) firom KodakkadaTn northwards 
ft firom ChaTakkadu southwards — the 49iai 
being washed, oislQ^fijooo (ft — OQ) bet- 
ween KldakkadaTn ft GhaTakkadn, the 
A&i being scraped. 4. puiliog np=oiQ.TSiOK> 

f.i. oQOOOd9S3§.(8IOCn?SKr)6VO)9§g_)3ab (81^ 
SCUOAo <4^ 6)^^ KB. 5. <fllQg^(Ob ^*^ 

flfiOJ^ oQOOo ^siiodte to be intimate with 
a prince ((^IQA s). 6. what is too much. 
^ooeooO 3ron did too mach. ojoSdOBOOo 
ezoess in words. 010(01^^01000 YyM.abnsire 
language. — 7. assault o^^OBcb ^osr^^wA 
TB. (Bi&9a^9^ , onogViA ^. «>^^ devastated 
theoountry. i^iooAoooMB. o$>«>8c»ooo 
Vy]C.=(nMQ^0o: ^. s)ji)^(m (Si^QS^o 
offenslre weapon Y 1 . (^gj^Qjas o^^OBcb (a^ 
qj.TRBi)«aA TB. to act on the ofifensive against 
T. qq, s)a>3e^(0) to be offended, attacked. 
8. embarkation=sa>afDooo f- i. ^vOOSma^ Yi. 
dues for embarking (So. ^OQe^). 
oQOQl.ssc^^ooS. mounting palm trees. oQOQ 
A9fb those whoclimbup.^OQa>(Oiotl(8o.Qjii 
oc^axQiatl; also A&kSniaiiBl, (ma>a»(oran) toddy 
drawer's knife. t^^OQSidviApalm tree tapped 
several times. 2. (=0^000 2.) aQo6\o 
dBAo ebb ft flow of tide; up ft down spot. 

8. (a ^OOo 8) ^OolOdBn Xi^SasO QJOCOQ^ TB. 

4.=aQOQ4. snare aQOQOiMinaib Y9. trap- 
door. 6. adv. part, of o^^ai. 

oQOQ^ a. ▼. T. M. 1. to raise ojOio qqo(S1q{|o 
d^ojsxo to increase ft lower. 2. to put 
on, AOQDo oQ. to fix the blade into the spear. 
iBiOQjdKY) mm:m^QnexA aQO(9Aanosn| KB. 
8. £6mQ!| oQ. (0)l(«aj(|aimzOrab, aq^^ oQ. 
a. to inform, suggest, b. to talk, speak 
(hon.) 4. to embark g^^ a^^c^ojonb 
6a!D, ^(Di0» ^o(^d>cs{|o 020^9*0^ TB. 

Q^aJs Q^ej<d> 


^Sjfe— ^^"^ 

5. to multiply oo^jQajdoa. oJlflBaiilaib o^cxS^ 
(oeaoBiorob an&fltanCS.rale of tliree. d»ioaiajo 

a>«Ao6l32;9(ab YyM. 
h o^^fiJo dam 5. S. Cardamoms (bi^ eaicdHrgb 

(omb (4|fii0oaias Qojss) aicmkc^^ a^oo^o 
fififi ^. <(Aoj^^ TP. jjjldooaio a mod. 
aom^(Dd9a the prodaoe (dtUA^Udknicm ^^nm 
oQ. TB. 

fl^^aiancB^ Card, seed (hence the name Elet- 
(^ej^grob, — ^s^<ab Card. pods, 
^aiojoej S. bark of Feronia, mod. 
oQ^ocLSQ^o a Naga ^. 6>iao^p(2 Bhr. 

U. a^£Jos3(S£LlfiJo Port. Leilam; aaetion. 

Q^aim^ das, Q^aiT^ (=4A0<P) ▲ waist 
ornament, containing silTcr ooins(aQ^)also 
ttfiiaig^ f. i. s>ajealizs|Og^ o^.— ^eiguasf ^ 
ydSRiVbb oa>^nm ^. (MpDoajsg^aQsr^^narbb 
0*04^101. Kinds: {SSttroei^, o iii«5r«Qjg]^ . 

Q^fiiO da 5. (=3 0^0?) Cry to enooarage one 
another in hard work. 

Q^ajbdT.M. 1. Possibility, reach a4^e|fi>9«a»VQb 
oojst fi>aj«aA=<uo«oe. 2. preparation, re- 
sponsibility. oQeiOQtn nicely done, ^fijo ojo^o 
ouAO(D «)aj^ flOOJACn QjAoidn to. 3. comfort 

04^ o^glfoW to be nncomfortable. 
<4^e=)9<^ (T. C. Te. Ta. SoM. oQiSt^<§^) en- 
gage in, be responsible for. YN. aagja^. 

Q^ajd8>, mrd T. M. 1. To suit, fit ^(S\(S\ 
®S^o egj»oi9fi.o CG. Qaiaai^Qn ^fijom m^ 
Qjqgi, Qai9a>aa ^fijo ^vA CG. (=aLjoQa>). 
2. po. = gtsne9d) to haTc flnoocmsQifijo o^ejo 
(^fDob RC. a^^cne^o Ag^, — SiplasA; jdo 

c^&kb;9c)q Bhr. etc. 

^e^o old Conoess. (=3^ejlejo) 6)s><d)^b^9 

ooxsifdSroejo 6) A>g|i9aiixX> CG. any one = 


•^SJb)*^ l.TdhU, take I 
a^Q has worked. N eg. ^|Aio oja 

Mud. — (Qolaic)^, ^B^Jffit ocsajo ^ 
Bhr. «Bslfi>Qj§(e^ <4M^ ^> 
«oooQ Qajdo^ CG. espQ^een^ 
c»^ejo ^OQ Bhr. orxaaaocuatoMai 
2. to meet in battle. m^sSki ^ 
QcnjloA •ojocEtil ^^9^ aj^9cm 
^g»l to engage, attack. QDajOrOi 

09oooa9lgy KU. i^oQe^daa,a< 
6>d»ioe^ Mud. 8. to receive, ta 
cro^eocfto o^oQ aj9cai§a», esp. stsi 
og^o6cro^o<i>o oQ^onb accept my 
co^d^cn) aimatab asoq TB. 
adTance it, t^^oQauocnr^so selling 
petty merchandise. a^OQojo^a) 
or after. 4. to admit, confess. C 
Q-jOd») to acknowledge the fault. < 
saying yes, a\)9Bfia) oQ. to attest. 

5>aJQaJ9aMlb QLj)gfi6>CB; ^OQ C8. 

the second term with the first (s 

VN. o^gj f.i. jiD^liWKOTUdBa ^. 
(rsoAfiJo) — aQ^S>aj^ a TOU 

CY. o^s^caa in all signiflcationa 
to wound. (}Qj96mo aj9a^a,)|^ 
2. cn9i;n«)cn ^s^:^^ Qjlfl'tiai 
dog to attack or seise. 8. 
QOKQ^SKD aQ*d^ KU. commiti 
cn^QJo Qajtf>o (9r^s>ft ^*d^ < 
MR. So esp. erD^ag^dSa, fi>5>« 
oyer to, entrust with. 4. £Mjd 
story, deliTer a speech. 5. ^ 
a. = Acraoo OAo^^tQ 4b>tiiciitfa p 
to grief thro' one*s own fault, < 
etc. b. =(0)oab dai4p)^(Qilaib aii9( 

o^^QJ fiya S. Thus; indeed, 
o^oio thus (po.)=<^nno. 

o^^QJol) ^YBh T. M. {oQ IL) f. (M 
(i^dXti (^OJ Who? cn>ak|edQi 

Q^Qj — o^cQckGnrSl 


Q^od)— O^ 

I aOiajcibCO. which of these two is my 
Iff Qjg9caeo<3^^Qj<b oQOjtb CG. — 
» orerj one, oQCiKno all. 
fl| better o^mj Shooting. 

A (At. jkia) First nightwetoh, prayer 

fiioya (old aQ^a> q. T. T. 0^^ To 
lit, iseet, take effeot (sojoq^ ^%^ 

n ooQtaet. Moounb QernlooBro^sooloDonb 
unb BOitMQjoosop Oojaoei fight, (moe 
OAceog) no intercoarse, O^^uMOBcb ^ 
(^^QO^dob CO. (^i^o&W^g^ 
DiWno^ ^^9 helps nothing. 6qj 
ok o^osMMi InoonoeiTable. (^todonoDo 
dtoVnlrA KB. (=:Qjao). 
g^ q. T. also ^^ in roonoaeoaooroos 
^fiojs 6)6)999491 KU. to meet in war, 

BOen KU. (aONBiAjVA ^ 0^(0^0^ Or QO 


ft 8. (m. of ^(oiaA) Thisone aQ:fi3 tiidoob po . 
ry, figa^am S.(V^e'^)8eeking,wUh- 
l^csem ojdOdcoBdo efii^9aj fiDsmu)^ Bhr . 
ucmc KeilT. aQcft}5nDqs)(]Mae^o Bhg. oyo 
XK^eoBiW OMOR^Icdeo eDajnb 6)^g^o (o^ 

)e) KeUr . 

"ol iiaqi (Yi. ^ipcml, a^Oisn^; T. 
rail, Te. t^St defame, C. To. o^cnSla) 
4) Baekbiting, talebearing oq, ^§(9>9 
xo^^a PT. oQ. 9«>^ Nal. heard his 
erating tale. o^'dOa AdSSKoig ^ei^QirBOib 

[as Karada. 
rn^^aadCDob ealomniator ; set on mischief, 

den Y. ^*ce:i6m)<0n Y2. to breed discord. 

(I^qOI dhi S. (flid+£ imp.) Come. ^to£9«0 
Bhg. come to me. 

Q^^^nV) 6li6ain T. SoM. (Tdbh. Qooai, «a> 
ai) Contempt, mockery; also o^amjo qjoa 
to sneer. (Calic.) 

A^^d8>, £[ dlaya C. M. (oQya>) To rise, used 
hoo. of Raja's moTingsoQyoome^Ai, but 
applied to lower dignities. <^^9(^a to 
meet Yi. 2. 

(4^9cais<0RirB0ib a class of Brahmans at Ta)i- 
pahimbn; o^^^soiK 8a>oc0lQja»o, <et^ 
coBOgoiD (t»l5>^§ ^^0 (oxnjrDoab TR. (o^ 
^9=a(^Qj) H. pr. of Cottea^attn rulers. 

9(m3»9amo KU. 
(4^ in ^9«rDA q. ▼. 
c4^(0e Ya. to walk with arms akimbo. 
(1^^ da (<4^) Fine, penalty, exacting presents, 

o^SPOyo «^9SP<S^0 KU. Yi. 

n^^ $ (o®y) K. pr. Mount eli (Heili of Marco 
polo, d'Eli) ovaj^OQODeJo in KM. rather Hhe 
aQ<p)tf)^aa03c)o N. pr. a Colattiri king KU. 

(1^ dll} T. M. (C. Tu. a^ Te. oQ^; Y5. of 
c<mf>a) height, growth) Seven; the 7th day 
after death (oODiflono Qo-ioa) a ceremony) ^y 
ojcB^g^^axXxda TP. entering her teens. 

oQipoo 7th, ^. 0ofiOa> Yi.s=og)|^cn^ei0oa)a> 
a tower, fort. ^. o^so the 7th sign of the 
Zodiac from that of one's natiTity; one's 
wife (astrol.) 

aO^^ejaiioaj the 7 leaved milkplant Bkshitea 
scholaris, & Jatropha maoihot KB. ^* 
«aiia)9(ob MM. 




EI (Ai) 

A^ cluuiges often with (bidoO f.i. QD4jg)a2il9&jo^o 

KR. = 6>5HS). 6>5XO)<b CG.& (0)C»^^, 6M)A & ^ 

c^; passes into oq as (nei^gj^, (tM>eJd98 (from 
T. termination in 5>oq, in M. palatinal aid), 
or into tab as, oaa)au(g — oioaus^; (Bt^cb^ouosI, 

I. 6)a^ eif ai 8. etc. inter j. Aye, hey I 

II. e)aq) 5.=«iD«D|& (T. fi>oQg2 Til* ®o(BCid C. Te. 
s>o^) in o<^aj<b, also Aog^o in (Bio«iiigQ &00 etc. 
fli^aOrOQAonoicaoo 1005th (doc.) 
Aa^OdftOK) district of 5 Ck>s. A Sk^d^ooho Qcdao 

5)oAA^ the 5 tribes of Cammalar, also called 
$>aa)5>aE>9gyna9<b loc. 

s>Q^QOE>9snb 5 cornered. 

eiogfnosa. 5X4- 

s>a®aa>^ cnocoo YCh. 5 headed serpent mj^ 

oO S)aQ'Q(ORDO§ ^s[i(6ficno proT. KR. 

Sit^fOJQ 50 (=(8iDcnj^) 5)c4Daii@o emoo ojo^ 
an Axg. learn the letters. 

s>aQ6>ofiionno 5 chief metals. ^|^ i^jg^ aaa&i). 

5)(4DZgfiJ cow with 5 teats (claimed by Bajas, 

6>^)cd;s( 5 feet. ^^ ^0^^0)600 s>«4^ croecofo 
about 8 P.M. 

Qo^CB^osr^, oiocQosr^ 5 years. 

tf>Qg)QBnrD9«9orKnn6=saoo^aiab Bam. 
«)QQ3j)<0(ob Ricinus c.ssqjgbuoo^qjo. 

?6>a^dB>3r0b ei'yal An ant that makes a nest 
Yi. (fiiooaabWBbP) 

€)aqyBiCb(^ d'yamatyam S. (oQaieyon) Una- 
nimity, (vu. s>QQQ0oa)) o Yi.) o^. 0oaTil«>so 
gj Kal. oar friendship. 
s>^a>0(mjAg_]§ KU. of one accord. 

6)a^<d6^ai eikkala or (®r2)caJl(d6'£J (Syr.?) 
Nave of church Yi. 

6)a^Sjji eSkjBJn. 8. (aQ<d>o) Unity, union, fig 
roff^ Oouft m»9cn^xn^o oc^^ »«»9999ft KB. 

felt particularly drawn together, o^ 

gaged spirit. 

CkiQ^o id. (om^aA Qod^ 82€y do 

OQo ChB. remains perfectly oni 

6)o^r^^jo ei5ihyam 8. (caaIoo) i 

or Parana lore. 
6yi^rfD^06aJDOOD(Dl 8k. 8iva. see « 

6)a^onr)9go einSolain Tdbh. mm^c 

riage litter QaO). ^oVnocb Nal. 

6)0^(030 aincTram 8. Belonging to 
(Q30OC(l^ on§») qOqj^ KB. 6>a< 
Indra's place & dignity. («d®qj 
5)aQ<g3n9GJ^a>n6 juggler. SktQ^* aoo; 

6)ag)oaJ3Sls^8y9CQ;CY2j3S| CC. GG 

6yi^6)aur{^o6o eim-peniiDa|(0(4 
sstsmm lord) in old dicts^eaiaxib 

6)a^cab eyyam (SinQ^ I. crying 01 
1. Alms ek^. eroomajft Anj. 2. d 
S)Qg)QB;0ooQjnb Ood (Anj.) Qc0> m 

6^a^CQ;ab eLfail=r<Bioc2in6God. Q<^ 
Brahma (8idD.) s><^ oQnnD^ a. 

fliodnaOBcX) $)s>QJC(b<d>(mo9(i8o (£\(t 

SiaQfUib T. M. Gods, Brahmans. 
6>a^rDo eiram =s>5>ajrDo (loc.) Noisi 
6Vag)(0D6tnol eiia^i (T. C. Tu. fipon 
oisml = gD(^9sml) A plant, axotftl 
s<dirQ9moTriohilia spinosa; alio=ai9< 
d)Q^rD06rn^i^§,— <e»s,— «<fl»9§N. pi 

once representing one of the 4 B 
divisions (see a>tf a>o) KU. 

6yi^)(03ajrQ>o eiiaya6am b.(c<09q 

ing) Indra*8 elephant. 
OoOK^oQJift) of riTer, lightnj 

6ta0)(D) — 6kB6kB> 


€)aqfi/i\fB)o — 6)a^2Qjl 

eiri Hftyriok, (^)6M>§yr^ No. ((Bcnooij 
traw stack. 

nr = nralib Iron ore* 

ala=a»snai A fish. 

)) eiTar T.]C.C.Tu.( 

9<4|QjA AnJ. (5 sins). 

> Quam 8. (otfOooo) Lordly, belonging 
a. Oo^^eoo 9<mm^ Bhg. 
idcno (oOoc«0Gr>o) adj. N. eastern. 
i_ig2^ l.sorDoodjfMnjo. 2. glory, super- 
toral power. (4^s)«)§oojsjQjo (mbsm^^j 

0O6I0, CO(O)0, &J^0, OfDoOdVm Jo, QJOeidAJO 

(O^oaJ^, (o^o^agjo or (^9a>o(2|0 KB. (no 

6Yn)09gl A^c^oo JQ2J cnSVau^ KeLN. 8. gran- 
deur, wealth. 
S)aQO0JQ2J3Li9ab cUefly wealthy. 

6^a^Oo1dB>o eiii'yam s. (S3:fi3l<d>) ciaQ, (bid((tuo 

Reed-arrow AR. Bhr. 

gyi^od^ddx) eihiyam 8. (£qo) Of this world, 

of this life (opp. ojo^D^ato) OoQ. Q03ao)^ 

evi^aJljbl eUayiU 8. (soa) Cubera AQa)ft9 

oiDo co^aaWeoQB^a^rDo 6>c4)flOajW.anDo (sio.) 

siiinet changed into £ (as 6X0)9^, (gsof, 
ft) and Tice rersa ; now & then = qj, as 

terj. Oh! 

kkn B. Palg. ffip, loins; =:&aao. 

} < 0S) okkisya 5. (whence Amo, er09) 
be the same, one; be like, tally, ng^ 
odgjdo A(flao a(T»o oa>ogy(T8{3 Bhr. ctx>o 
y^Bixan^ Oojooai ojo^ Nal. in keeping 
the cirenmstances. 2. to be together, 
b eoomoqBi ^^ CG. cnoo &q^ ^^^ 
ready finr help, eofi cro«aQ)9<fi3)^ Mnd. 
please (n)smfi><afl»9O(0i0)saS3i Bhg. where 
ke. ajocoDo <4)noldae eosraSlgy did not 
seeeptable* 4. to agree. (tMosaW oj 
»M[|Beame to an agreement, covenanted. 
3{fo ajailQg09a£^ £«)^9am Mud. 5. to 
ttUad. cAOcLje eogoog^ ajcm Bhr. Ojtio 
cmbc^o 0(10)1^ aog^ KR. came to pass. 
• to compare, promise 6>ajg|S6)CB;6>nm9.inail 
nVom Qj9C»lei90«»9gj CO. mistaking it 
itter.-.<aMi8cu9ab^s^^^ AQiTsroiobPay.I 
it at last. eq|^a)oe|A to admit, oj 
MB promised money. Siojer/b o<ea to 
IS of adaaghter th marriage Yi. 
espousals Yt. 

Inf. Ckas (Te. one) 1. together ; c^fiicho A9<fie 
gflgojfb, ogfiicho dd9sia^^(onoo9<Qb often 
a^aaj^os, d«8sgjo9s, adaeosiadae afOdtsn) 
ab TB. one of my people. e^^^leKSjjOS e 

e<6a«ai, d<09ioaicxgo the whole, ca^ e<0d» 
^sreoaflaamD MR. eoSfDosKmocdact^o Sijii^ 
applied every imaginable means. — Often 
adv* ad9Ba}jo {^cnDesaing (c^e^anoo he 
would do all for me. sor^ a(daQ{|o TR. 
moreover in every thing etc. — Sometimes 
rather meaningless, ^fii oj^cdncX) ed9n 
TR. certain property. ^gmS a<oacs{|o (= 
(80^0 aos). 

aanoo^, — eg; No.s ca^oov discord. 
e(0ao«mo Yi. promised gift, also d^aaofto, a 

(fieoftl^aa (old). [right. 

0(00) adj. part, equal, consistent, agreeable, 
a(onMi>fimd9t a closed, oorreot account. 
aasiBiSMia) a practised hand for measuring 

aanaKLJM)) equal share. 
ocmoKLjo common measure (doc*) 
e<BMgj9fi>ai, e(mo)Qjgso according to. ^gyoo 

cn^fimdte eroiQiQjaaDo curoo Mud. according 

to your wish. 



ftco66dp> — — 6^j^i 

A(0iqka1^ a oorreaponding paper, reoeipt, writ 

of oomplianoe. 
aondood C.T. help Vi. 
6&miz^ro)dao to be in one line, consistent, correct. 
€^ci^9cno<Q^^ to compare, examine, contrast, 

e^xmoiaoBS union, 
fat. part. 6&^aLtft, dg_]ft equals Yi. aog_j9as 

snDo CG. (see A(oiai»A$)!d>). 

^a_lo ^^' 1* Equality, harmony Og-jo okdo^ 
Prahl. to remain behind, unlike A. gs^^, (Sr^ 
(08<d> to equalize, smooth. 0tfrn) croj^688fip^ 
nLj^:fi:)&.<S(da9gj| A<d)36ne A. aja8(Z82<8oD9 Kal — 
ady. alike esmomaiocnos dg-jo (^aoi(6fi, (Bio 
QjQroos O^o S3rol(6fi(m@ QcB;9C£^0gj Bhr. 
AnrT^S)cm9(m A. o^^ot^^oob AR. met each arrow 
with one. d. Qjoaaoofob oj^si^ fiOJOVDl^ 
Qo-ioo SiPa. if yon speak again thus. — 
doable Og-jo dgijo Q<d>9§cq2 av0)5H(3)<fi8 AR. 
d5>g-j9yo distributing alike oA§>)9aj«8o dgu) 
g_|o (sic.) ooroioin^ MR. 2. being together 
Ag_|o <4)(iQ{mo MC. to OTcrtake, keep up with — 
sojiBiodcLjos Og-]o 5i^onb ^si 9ajO(Qo Bhr. m 
cnj^0OdB8o(ina^^o(moaj9S Ag-]o(doc.) — adv. 
(8iDaj5>r6o Ag_]o see (Si^a^cX), ^Qjorios a. 
ooi^ TR. 

eg_]rDo id. 1. 0cn«>g^9Q^po gDfyodnai nottn^ dis- 
united. 2.agfiicho egjrDo aidcd;^ TR. 
with me. — Even with Instr. siMDBftOfbb d. 
<O)0gW i^^exw^ TR. 
6&g-j9rDl comparison. A. ojo^ to flatter, defend, 

praise and lament the dead Yi. 
VN. sSqj. (5.) 1. conformity, dgjsjiioroo con- 
federacy Yi. 6S^g90v'OiO) incomparable, & 
g^tf<afl»oinad¥ertance(=(a_)03ao). 2. signa- 
ture, agreement. &. Aog^a), £^<d> to sign. 
d9&idil(gb ORSicm si^Tsr^ Ogjl^oj^^ MR. 
made to sign. 
A^^o«mo fee given to Janmi on signature 

of documents (4 fanam). 
6agj^ol agreement, 6K)gj^ grant Yi. cna^ 

6iS OAa)5>CB;a^S9an9iQ q^&iou 
(Sg i^ofbsmo TR. the R^ja don 
in mourning time. 
GY. 6&g^ti98> 1. to equalise. o^§y9 & 

Qaj96)eJ Og^:j^ iil9(qQ|49B TR. 

equally* a>sn»ift a. Ya. to mimic 
compare. 2. to adjust a>§^ q§eJ 
(in building). i0>aaj AjjJOJRftl 9A 
Q^^^ Arb. fitted the handle \ 

please, persuade 0ong^ d. to 

^atD9(O)09(0AS>flL6&g^g-}9(Y)OCEbl AI 

simpletons. 4. to prove o^^ 
<e>o^ 6&., <e>90oa9(a\^cQBS>a a>9 
ojnb Nal. to prove by praxis. 
§) e. to demoostrato from th 
b, to settle Og^^ <t»1^oo6 ai&pl 
come to a settled agreement. 
(BiOtiulfiJo (bidQq09 a>tf)fino ski 
closed the sum of past joys. A 
:j^aao KU. deliver over, fisnm 
OQjl^5)<d)9^ 022 Mnd.gave over i 
exactly, ^aoooajsmo o. KT] 
tribute of. a>roo, ^9)g^, Qod^ e 
full, fulfill 6&^:^aiarD6n9om cr 
Neg. Y. 6^9 1. is not like, m^ 

not. 6&gy3.'m9>=8iiir09(0iB(. 
0^90^ discord. 

U.6)<6ftd8>, dd6>l ok]ni-ya(Ttt.todig 
out) To indent mocail a»s)^ €^ 
ocoocajo ^^g)a^3tiOal. 

6).^ 0d6a ss eaoo 1. Soundf noise, 

^a> to be loud, audible 0£AQ^S9< 
onlono CO. Qoi jj e^Qgy§^(%o Ml 
wound. fi^(Ovdi^fob (4)g^9a»o A^«m9 
aa>6no, ai9andaay>asR0tfaj cnaasnr 

««)CX>^9CELn CG. €^ 6>a>^A (h« 
a bell ( ^£LJa]^ to dog^o nook, 
hoarseness, a^OBStfao MM. froi 



©§— 6a§o 

throat, €^jif£^4>i to make DOiM. Sajsiajrod^s 
Q e^ Aogl GenoT. (in hontg.) d^Q o oggl 
jji R8. made a fine noise. 2. name, flame o-i 

Bhr. e^dg-}§ajab famoas Yi. €S^SiQ^.m\ 

ASl o4i (=fiLS ILC.Te.) 1. Groin 0x0^06^^060 
as^sOiejl tlie 3 lines or folds on the abdo- 
men. (BS^QidicX) dSlcO^^o (BlOsi^fiJOSo Nal. 
t, tide n^^Sicto esl, (B»3;6)QJOs) q. T., (a)cmrD3 
oaboss^camonm qjov^ TP. to be farourite. 
Chiefly piece of groaDd, = ^spaj; ^snsoB^o 
oacxq^a^o a)dfi>§3s)<^o TR. diTision or 
raafe of rioefieldi. qjs^«i9(»3«o AS^CEtiVbb 90 
Ofij ^ar%o MR. (= (lasso) — what is d^ltdao 
MOOOKO^^ KU. (lifetime P). 8. sorcery, to 
krcak the enemy (in Madagascar **odi" witch- 
craft) esWuae to use & AsXinl<flo to coanter- 
tel enchantment. 4. a hiinter^s hut (also dsD) 
a. ea>sd>| ^Q0dae. 

^Istac^'ib (^ the comrade ai03.'fi)fiJ9si(dA3 
Oct & QjW>gj9s)A»3/Dab (hontg.). 


I 06^^(18, — 0^080 (1) babo, rapture. 
as^iOB^ B. (4) draught of privy. 
ASi^^tt (4) priTyv (S) charms buried to maim 
^ him that parses over them Yi. 
asieaso (4) hut. 

A5^n6 (3) sorcerer, esp. of low castes as Na- 
jftdi, Parayan. — a)33)QJ9^CB;n6 lame (loc.) 
06ixla| (3) witohoraft. 
esVoj <d» T. M. C. (= £say<d>) To break. (Si^ 
ejVibAdkacni Asioa^sp^cBntgb olWe KB. a 
s^namc broken back. gg^«bl(Qb <d»9S)QJ9s' 
01^30^30 MM. a'^ej (Dtf^^o e€^«foo ^stn 
ts» m^ ft med. 
■sWrdOBi^ a bracelet of one piece. 
^. Ab^ou . a breach, brake. 
As\a66kY.a. l.To break, as oar,shaft a?^S)cn 

0^ cn§ e. Yi. QjGB^o A. beggars to exhibit 
sa empty stoiaaeh. aSl«Ka>^ A. to plough 
tftsrfowiBf. S. to ue witchcraft KU.— 

CY. AS^gJ) da to cause 1. dt 2. ▼. a. 

^^ O^a T. C. Tu. po. M. (=abi 2. side) 1. With 
CLnroajis)cn9^, short o=gsab, aa^. 2. place 
0ia6xaB3bioMOB3^<i>cno Bhr. AR. 

^^d8> O^nifa (obs. V^of Asl, a^oq) To come 
to an end. YN. «)^cg end. a^(flkYi.=As^ 

1. groin. 2. a timber tree; a^dr>lcBBQj. 

6)§G5^d8> (^afLfLaTfa T. M. Te. Tu. (see prec.) 

1. To come to an end smosmo A^coBdmai o^cmi 
UR. flnocnj A'smai <BT^3jor)9&p)a> KR. qjo 
eoocoib &^aq9Sio Bhr. too long to relate. 
Oiiiso ti)§«o§sa;)«Knj Mud. «dq. crooaj(an)rDo 
Q<d)9^ €^€oqcnn ctvscoo Bhr. fii9rDro>o a^OBS 
«KD)onmO(sOGB/ Ain interminable. 2. to die, 
esp. of smallpox. 

YN. d^aao 1. ends:d§Qj; oiogyrbb tmAcm 
QLiosnflsoo a*aggi Prahl. at last. 2. adT. 
finally^ 8 iiirooo d^ano of^sm 
^aasso Prahl. 
n. V. 6)§(dft<d), die] 1. To finish, destroy. «» 
(oioo d. Anj. to spend. Adtoonmo^caai, oio 
(T\^rD0e6).'ORD ai0S(San &%<bS\ CG. didscs^o 
6><»9airgi) a. TP. 2. B. to pay taxes. 

A§dB)o Ottay^un T. M. (G. Te. Tu. 6M)5ne) Camel 

^@@@@ ^ ofi:>69ach d\m)nrn)(^o Nal. 
agai^da&i ostrich. 
a^(d)^gg^29ib giraffe MG. 

^§cb 0(tar, ^^IcO'rb 5. Orissa people, ficuTt 
GO/ii, acuSlcsi'o, chiefly of the tank-digger's caste. 

6)go Offam T. M. 1. What holds together (as 
pioture-frAme Yi.), stops a leak. 2. wager, 
stake at play. &. 5)3>S(d>, fi^OJdaa, ajOd> to bet. 
6^QsiO)Sfto 0^012 dicdHg^ he will not reaeh 
tbe lists, the natural term of life. 
a§a> T. M. Tu. C. 1. to adhere, stick, 
a^ adhesion. 

a§fiJ9& (T. d§o&) enemies RC. — 
GY. agl<ds) to paste, glue ojooaJjirog) a. 

2. to giTC in, be lean (ag) opp. cro^eji^ MC.) 

a§)cB> Qjli^iOo a,)(^CE{jo fi>6>(d>«)(aa9«^ PT. 
oosrruMQBcb ag^^s^ YetC. my cheeks haye 
become hollow^ so d9»ajlc}o(Saio, s> ^log (see 

figWO— 0^«8«e 



— .©TTO 

6kG«A n.); to be mrinkled (Uke as^) <d>o 
csz^, Qfij eg^ ^09^- 

AgoA flaw in wood Yi. 

asajociua* Ottalia or DamMoniom Ind. Rh. 

6Ȥ1 a kind of cake. 

as 1. glue Vi. 2. braise, impress «»rti>^«A 
A& d. <fli§ae^ Q-»oc51. 8. C. T. Te. union, 
the whole (=000) egodte, O|<e«o«a», e§^ 
^ai to sum up. egcea in all si^caa^o ^i^cb; 
QjCQo ^ A§<6a a<S) isr^^o (jnd.), also 
6&sd9ao. — dgo««)f e|(i8ftA >iun total. 
4. Heg. aso g26^not at all, not the least, not 
for a moment; hence pos. e§ a littld some 
&s a»o— o§ «oryoo, d^cnocX) a>iplOT© 
«a_jocb CG. ae§So a Uttle way. ©«)S0| 
cnSdBaooxB/ofbbTB. as soon as I can walk 
a little. oofl)o o§ a^<e|p0oo Gan. the rersed 
sine will be pretty accurate (math.) 6is§<eeo 
V2. about so much. OgasoB^, eǤo(8ajo 
cno oJilocSaKSVOrob CG. dgoii^aj^ Qq-j9cd;oA 
0§i>DajAail^^siloDoAMud. 4. No. clamp 
of a door etc. ojotot^ejlcno d§ (0>ood9a. 

6i§l6t©06nrb, e§1cQ;Denrb ottiya^ (Tu. c. Te. 

from as«i©D6n6) Cutaneous eruption on the 
loins, d. e&picqjo med. 

e^en^ 0^4^ No.=ii4ro<a«§(a» Filled with water 
for cr)6>(D«^ooo— avBoyo AocJloyo oQ^ajffi 
dnofD^qjaionb «ajOAnno (loo.), see SiAiOsng, 

6^erQi OQina T. aM. (VK. of ach) Beauty, 
splendour osnb^Srti, 6MnbiiJ(0o, oasbi(06m 
fflbcfe, ©sraaefoo, oenbojoryob 5>4>iorDlao)oA RC. 

6)fcT| o5i=£(mi Odina. 

e^G8«<6> oSniiUTfa T. M. (Te. 0. ©«©=© 
OQ^) 1. To giTe way, step aside, shrink, yield. 
(BTDflS^dnrA ©s«8^ oflnno KR. stood humbly 
before his father, ana 9<d>o<m^(bb 6&. 5)<&>o9ig 
PT. hid himself. QSiOicm 6)0«S)95 d. RC 
2. to be contained, adjusted. (8ioaj6)abo oio^ 
cuA (mor>^<a» es^aesnBjg he ought to succeed 
to the deceased's property (jud.) 
VN. e^tfleV) 1. Being settled ft compressed, 
^^ooolnnso aoov a. aiorffllsaB^ matters 

are somewhat smoothed down. ^ 
g2§^ no elasticity, yielding quality, s 
(s^iadcroo, oj.'tno). 2. subjeotion, 
6&@d96 shelter; stairs Vi. 
a. T. 6i^<6ace>, dBc!! To oomproM, 
((8»3>oo6>cq;), subdue (=(B»s<eaa> V2.) 
d. to humbleVl. a>c(^ e. to enolote. 
^5)0ga^ ©2<fl^ TP. to soften by bathix 
d^dSo^ a»Qjo (mrooo TR. giro up th 
Tlppu. a>ocao <^6y9o ®» -^^^^ *® ••* 

6i(nYD^ ftdj. part, of e<00 I. q. ▼. 

6i(0^ce> Ottuya To Jump, skip, dan© 
earoo HNK. frog, a.^i£WnS(flii MC. 
iQ& <fliej«n§09O a-Tnak^ qjV^^^^ 
^srnlnno Sia9^ ObrJ^ »nr» j&iQJ^i) ] 
asnSIrt* a., ai?^d>«>a oAo«r^ oag 
aoocaocoK? auia^ CG. whiUt pUyi 
flute indicate the tact by morlng tlie • 
a.cta»oc»o, aa3To>o:g a play with oudgi 
ling. a. o_j61a«, ojIsldBn, ojc»o 

6ircYO>oftb ottaii, ^^^^ ^^^' ^ 

Mappilla barber (& circumoisor) 4»)9i 

G^crrd oMia (T. anfeQ C. Te. Tu. v^ a 
neutr. of area, also for masc. suska 
onoo a>9$nooni9gj,. swoBcfe Bcm^m 
long as one of us is ali?e. 2. adT. 
aoms^d^, o^cm aono ocno^dansm^c 
3. something (emph.) (BioajQor) cl?s1 

tho* it may cost us something (our U 

oflos^o (0)0(0)030 aifla»Q^o annD^§y36Mi 

will be destroyed. Emphatically repei 

ar» (no(SbSi(ti ^sn^, aormaroi ojodS 

ansmo TP. 4. a part. moQaiamD 

amo forms also participial nouns f. 

aio=cr)Sgj3, as a4)5)CTa)0cnD= q^^skiq 

aonvDOjosob, aorryooso erery othei 
QjCY^i tertian ferer. 

aomaai to be united. Joined^ am 

gether, aomoo first, Ckmoecib v 

€Uns^ — ^g^< 

— 6)04^ 


— &a% 

Anm3i»^ SS^nrvTP. jumped down at onoe. 

enmaof) Q?y«f rm MC. &roo Acmoivlg 

flona^i)^^ 9d)do<fl»3^«)A>39q| TR. as 

they got no deeiiire answer from the king. 

anrn^sc^^ a\^<^039(O3$ a^O^ Anj. quite 
one with them. 

OtrnVm €bemx£\ ojoa toleare no point un- 
answered. cymW>cmocTn)g^ tm^S^tfk An}. & 
rm^cm donl^oflBi osoeo disoordant. oor^ 
fin €iemMS%A to make more weight (by 
taking from one ft adding to the other.) 
enrnVne oo-iaA to make water (opp. rD^v^mD.) 
ttmViA in one case. a. — iBiog|QBr9^(^ RC. & 
(vf^^eii •— ffOtag) c^afVok TB. — also enrnl 

ro^fbMb OJOOQJ OOzarm)^ S)(d)0^<fla9o TB. 

mod. eond. A.'nDdTlai a^j/^oo (^s^o^a 9qj9 

anOBfiMiaftSfiio nrvTr>9ggfim<a§4B> UB. also: 
anrn^cOsVek — 0Mi§y9bVzA TP. 
tt-ns o«v99nf o (•Qj3a»QBn§y) on no account. 
MnnAMil^. [i^ocjuloj^o) VCh. 

MkiDoq^ajA^A to come together (as (Bi^uS^ct^o 
imT. eon) Ai to Join, unite, agree emi^onb 

flBOHDoOdoA Bhg. e<yTiDQS ^M^o^ (no«n§ 

tt Oia^eooO oonl^ olkidmA Mud. come 
ia oootaet. — 

aif . part. Aorn^^ together (=s etTBe^^) f. i. 

erm^^S e^jroo Oojo^Dlai TP. with 800. 

4 Gen. «M»WKlbo e. A(» A(9IB) aiOCB^d9s, 

amiMnbo a. ila-jooBn TB. ^ant^A ggo a> 
^ Ijcn a. mmatj^ MB. along with. 

3- CT. eflfi))g^jlfla=en8elgj1(6i> Yi. 

PBBJ^cUni&^T. M. C. Tu. (Te. Qti>9o fr.symocb) 
Km, eae before teo.anrnVm e. ouioaoi^, dnm 
'||tt.»ji>m TP. not one offence only but many. 

OpptBA Mpl. (T. oys)5)m adorning) 
:\fr> ^1*, Q^id^fl) in ©yonyD|, sung by 

^Iipfiekis at (oilrD§».^Mmo etc. 
QgJ see Beds*. 

> Oppvym To touch softly Yi., sponge, wipe 
(•«oud)',e]eaa rice by taking up the grains 

^vtts*Vfl etc.; a^oa>seJ3g^ ft Agjdae. 



YN. o^jrob. sponging. 
^(o^^Cb opnubma, 6)ql^C2^(2) Yi.(8yr.) 
Blessing. ^oijIfiJKmo A. confirmation; e§d9a 
Osm e. extreme unction. Nasr. Bom. Cat. 

ShXf^ on 5. (V^a) 1* One, the same eos (Bioffl 
QajOOOjA. 2. No. Indef. Num.rsAOO some 
eoa t^dk ojo^dMOOdeni tu. 8. Indef. Article. 
aj9ie dA fly^QLjoeooOajoAQjproT. 4. (in po.) 
Def. Art. (8io<aB5)co £rDls)g_j9r;a oon>rDOjiiocBjab 
KU. aOTjocua^fiyoft-oraDafofiflm Yil.— Etcu with 
pi. 0S)oo9;TaQ_ir£l:aia)cX>Bhr. [n^ €^:ab. 

m. dfQOjob. efQ.'Oiainb, f. doafmdi^, acnajcX), 
eaatdeooiib, TU. d^dOeoib once. [rim). 

era96)£|nrnl<deaS3l headache on one side (meg- 
efQ6)^aj^cB;n6 a med. plant. 
dCQ.'OnA) 1. f. one woman. 2. one ft the same 
place eraoQdo flmxtodo d'caHfob oiog^ ojoat 
crn(2 MB. 8. any place tfigjoD* a*a^(9b toi 

6)Od^, 0AOO9(Q TudtlcBHtab CTOObSO OJOOJOOdo 

QDg^TB. 4»>flgn09(6e eaa(oroil(T«o(abl.)AaDcP 
Qugfio tf>aj^ fiXho^ai^ — also acQfORMVi 
eio <d>96nDnn^gyTP. aioatoasBisaBtoRftailVQb cy)^ 
cno Qajocan KU. 
em or)99.o £gy ncTer. 

er<B9(Ljos>fiJ 1. alike (po.a(TiDOajos>fii)cnxm^ 
cuoootnonaB^QQJdBa (^oaikcb 0^)^00 easflojo 
Qfij er^aime MB. 2. as sure as possible 

dCQecoeoiOroian 1. to be of one mind. 2. to 
be determined, fully resoWed. 

YN. d(TB0 1. union (BtoojOoDOS e'Ocoo^ oio 
yme Mud. 2. harmony ara90 fi5>«niflbl(ab 
proT. (9i»n)dk a'Soio^ <o>6n9 Mud. saw it tally 
with. A. «>fijcn-} fiSfbb Anj. well proportioned. 

Aro)0^9^ l.saasaiio§f.i.9aj9ajonbajog-}9 
S e. TP. got ready for starting. 2. agreeing. 

denY. Aoad^tflaT. M*Te. 1. to join dean axm 
ettt^l^oA AB. ^(aiW^aB<Bb erQeidaaan 
9qj05)^ HH K. 
— adT. part. e(Di^^=«&(Tnl^ together jS^ 
oko) QoLjociumQcoBortB^^ <ds^ KB. with 



6^(S£li3m1— AOQid» 

Gen. (mcnj^3«>nbn a* OajscB^TR. 
2. to be reooaoiled <8io(T^(Qa)aa.os aaaa^cOi 

Qjsob (Bioxiaurdo oaaaBcno Mad. 8. to be re- 
solved, prepared &(Qi cdiocgymlnmas^ d^^ojob 
KR. Sojofis) d. Bhr. 

CY. £0^0(^0 (8T^<d>o'jaQjo efsal^^ Bhr. 
mixed earth and sky. cm:usia> Oojoan A* 
gjl^go Bhr. persuaded to join. QjcR^concob 
d*gJ)^CT^CQ;6ogs;(ORi^3ioib Bhg. Yishna as 
tortoise lifted it altogether. 

dfQ96)afXJ§(d) 1. to join, agree, be confederate. 

2. to resoWe, prepare. 5>a_i5rT6 &*^wA 9i^a0 

CT90 (Ch^as2 ^s proY. ^amxumlnrn d. Mad. 
Qaj^ScdaYilT. to go hunting. 

GY. drn5)axi§(d» Yi. — ^ag{|a> to get ready. 

TS, dfoacTUss 1. concord. <)*so<fla to appease. 
2. preparation, starting 9a\30D a. ^£\ aj 
os)g-)§ KB. (rrcrooDOoOo). (0>anm «orofn 

6>S)COcEyajo KR. gave a fresh impulse. 

d^B cU(d)Q(L'OXul/£^(Sa» to be something indescrib- 

A.^sojob, — cb, — A (hon.) one person. 

oS(OSQjo, — og^o anywhere. 

6in»66*j(e> orunnnTfa T. M. (Te. C. a^ i. To 
be ready* ojsmo anacae^OBlgy etc. 2. to 
yield, be settled (=&^a^4^) a>o^o etodo^o 
irill right itself, get ordered, 
a. ▼•' €^(^<BGKBi 1. To prepare, get ready. 
OfionoDo ^^ajgjo.ib e^ojlnb Nal. Od-.ogiJd&^.cX) 
e. KB. Q^f'Suajralmo, <cnVib a. 2. to settle. 

a^tc^o 6)<0.9(mDn aoaaa^ TP. finished them 
off (s=a^<6ai1). 

YN. amaao l. preparation; or>l(D0§QjeB)<6ai 

a. |^§i TP. prepared the ba^. OLMmo 

a*(S)§yo^c»9(?)b MB. cash not being ready. 

2. order. 01090 a(5)«8a(^ (BI5OQJ0§») RC. 

it is not right, o^ orTiooojcvSlAcnobSlcD^g-) 

(01 a(Q«a»909 BC. Qj^oDoooodiW 6&. a 

OBtfla^ TP. arrange the rooni. 

aroMt id. ai^dSo «A9 44P<Vi BC. dissension? 
a^OdBasocno B. articles. 

acosgj (ssaoBfiS Arai«eo) i. (a>o| 
ttojsr^ana. aaao^ ojAfo^moTE 
2. a. Qjaa^oR^ reooaoiled (=(n) 

A(B£Li089)dB> Port. idoglO. Watoh, < 
6)00 ot^a T. M. (anw, aobq) 1. C 
a*g_)snio a single fanam. (osne < 
oneoaA (huntg.) two boars. 2. Ta. 1 
oake as)oodaa fi.ejdte <d;oaa9n6 
proT. 8. odd. aoocBi^A§c%o AfiOdS 
a:^os)gj|QB8^(ir>o ojm fi3(^03s;94 
aoArooc^l opp. Q^roojs^. 4. fene 
QLKfn6>oo§o aooG^oQjQvoo^cBajnb] 
cBao aifOB 0onr>dBoocns9(m9^oKU. 1 
a'^OtiBaflsnb one-eyed. 
aooanDfiiVtib cn\%^ a tapaa. 
a')oaA9^;9 a ooooa-palm in Its 
a0O6)«>dBnain<Qb fl2§8aij9cfo OO006 

I Ods^V'o CO. [of b 

a.oo€)i3M3CTun6((8idnr)) MR. single i 
ar)Og_]sajnb one-hooded snake. 
a'>o9^9da»nb last scion of a fami 
aoo0rD(CiO)l(bb Ac^sa^ proT. 
aoo^sn^o £^(q|2 KB. for battle. 
ar}0^&i^ (song) said of a Para 

6)OOrob Oftfal 1. Net of paok-threac 
holding pots; weel. 2. fishing 
(T. agudh braid net), 
aooob Yi. spy; PP. traitor. Froi 
6^0Q Private Intelligence; treac 
information, jxioftcEt^^ ojatctOoj 
a. &snB3c^ (jud.) a. (Bioola» to 
Q^cXxdsi to overhear. (bioojA 92 
proofs against them. 
(aooocX)) aoQi>3orDn6 spy, secrei 
<d>eajiki9mo ojis^^snb 6^ M 
6iCXJd8> (to be single?) 1. to 
retire, oring^. 

ar>ol<deQ a hide^-seek play. 
aocS^g4<8ftftl(d» No. to act the 
aooi cu&PcagA Yi. to oonspirc 
aocSl QjiPCQB^ lOn Yi . to draw into 
— as V. a. oqfiicm €k^o\Q» csf 

aeictm— AfiS) 


6iaj <nj — 6Jpf^DoaDrb 

r»j«r. 2. to Bake room for another, e 
CkOMBe to mortgage T. M . (C. Ta. 

!• a pawo. 

mo a taonre in whieh the Janmi 

bo the tenant all the prodnoe of the 

i lien of Interest for hit adTanoes 

BawokeMMmo, ttoolai/»a» e^^aSi 
UBioab doc.) 

iKXKib a mortgagee. 
i dool a higher tenure which leaTCS 
Tanmi merely nominal rights. 
ojooaoQIiB Aocmo a stiU higher 
bf which tlie dk^oftoob aoqaires eTcn 
le Jaami rights, also eoolaeomrDo. 
'^•ofimo a mortgage in which either 
apanthastorelinqaishor the owner 
in the estate W. [mortgage W. 
|e money adranced on usnfrnotoary 
^ to eaoee to spy Vi. ^g^^ 

» single elephant, leader of the herd 
lte| aiorO) Holland, Dutch. KU. Yi . 
knili (POH. almadU) A kind of 

6)gj|CQAllb q.T. ~f.i.<oKnjrD9on A. 

M. (C. Tu. ^eTi) Sound. Aej^s)CD;iP 

. AaoA^AMKiijaaDfiXLjMBBSQj CCh. 

*c9e KB. noise of wheels, eoKismo 

^ 1. to sound, as running water. 
ball Yi. 2. (Te. de^dk^dya)) 
ran as water, blood of wounds (0> 
dejVfla«3j or a^»«aj KB. A0|f 
o^oqH •ouM^ Mud. oe^pg) oejl 

Bhg. amfVok i^s\ cW)db o^ 8. to 

•^"^ ^^ [looseness of bowels. 
ring aeA^id Ainfo^iai <oiol prov.; 

d. flOQjnb ^.oiarD a^^eo^^ididsn^ 


MMUiio running water; lipnntain 

Yi. AAjkijtt nr{)oo)crn «iB(g^(i>ul s^ 
CY. eej)gLJ)cQB as ro<M^ e. B. to bleed, oojgs 

oBcX) <»2|pfl<b d&HgJi^ Qj3(Do sa. FT. 

KB. shed tears. 
^^ CYlj Olomb^ (Port, plumbo) Plummet. 

^^cYi^(d> olnmbnya (T. e^ c. oiya4a, see 

fiejoy^) To move from side to side. Qj(riru<OB 
Qfi. 6&. to wash clothes by shaking them in 
the water. ttej(nj)<8eaA to rub, shake off, as 
rice sticking to the hand, m^ «o»^(aifU a 
eilCQjl TP. cleansed the head. 

^^ d8> oUnya T. M. C. Te. To consent, love — 
to be fit, possible. — Only In Veg. dgyosojgyo 
must not, ought not (in prayers, rules, pro?.) 

croo o.ai5)^9gj, Qaj3$)<O)0gy qjsIqcb; Bhr. — 
past Oojo^g OojsQA&gyoaoi^ CG. ought not 
to haTc separated. — adj. part. e&^OTnoi un- 
becoming. (OKntfSs) d*(on(Tri ^o ^s^Atdsog^j 
Apj. indecent, bad. egyom a>C0(OBe)o UB. 6&gyo 
(OKonoBQar) ©Aiogy3«*ti» fnlgu CO. — [(mantr.) 
YN. d§yo(g=(eBa8(in3<g, also Ag^^o^ d^go 
€^ Te. C. Tu. M. sheet, cotct 5 yds. by 8,=(ij 
oDgLj f«i. 6&§>j)a£Vob 9(0)300^ 9<d>otfmlccOaA 
oQ^<flo proY. soonb aj5)«)^ggg &, 6)a>o 
on^ 00)5)07) 6)a>s) TB. &^ oQcm o^cuegl 
Qj(ajjo (▼u.)cT)D3D Oejnno(ftgyla£lfA(TSlmo) 
0OQJ «>^6)^^aa2 TP. 
ogyicBwA Boyal cloth, = £SCB/33Yi. <u«)§ogyl 
GBKob silk gown. d. Aoidas Bajas to marry 
Sudra women, take concubines; 0a)9sp)9<te3 
§ fj^eiAxoiat ^ «)aLj«af)«mo KT7. (Tu.dfij 


6iQJ0roro> At. awat. 8orrow,= aojeojo (Mpl.) 

6i<yO OT?i l.Neg.of edOed), q.v.2.=fl)gj Yi. 

e^CrS)rr)o ofoiam Tdbh. ^ajsnojcno q.r. 

dctt)ma<flo9aA iron crow-bar, ojoiq, In thieres* 


denY. dojlcnlan to live on, ea^ 

6)0^(b Ar. YailTi Yisiar. 

€^Cl^nsfl^Ax. TaBiyat. TesUment, q^ojicS^* 

6)^30a3(b Oaiail see A azftoob (Mpl.) 


d^dte — 6^ 



6^d8d "^i* Me fiftA Back stroke (fencing). 
I. 6^ oUt. M . (C. Ta. Te. AcX>=ftcX>) 1 . Conceal- 
ment; secret dealings. 8. ambash, hunter's 
hat. a. Q*§», also e^gjtti, — eo, — d9e 
£UA\ AA^g^SS^ (09Qjco9CB;o§A3«t (hontg.) 
Henoe: da^<6aa£VQb o^jkydSojoaci aoj^ 9qj9 
o6) KU. (Ck>l.) like a bird in a cage. 
6a^OQ-i^<d> to hide itself. 0(D<ma)aAg^n6 e 
ikH afipooj^o <mlaaoA0«oe96 Bhr.=oon- 
cede snperiority. [mour. 

Q^o^OB^inb No. (aftVi^cB/ab tu.) a para- 

6a^fiQJ@oo amonr. a^fiojoouxuaao^oab a para- 
ca^QBKQj arrowshot from ambush. e'Aciuc^ 

OAOCriMft e(D06nB«GB>0 KB. a ParadeTata. 

atfloecBKDo forbidden coitos, also efiOttcnxu 
adoltery etc. 

a£iA T.M. to be hidden Yi. 0RamoQa>99« 
afiOco^ Sqjocqo TP. come off unscathed 
firom ordeal (=s S^snqf), 

YN. eflOoj 1. ambush Yi. 2. hiding. afiOoj 
(SBfi Qji^oDrbb SiPn. 

eflO<fla (C. ACQj Te. ti&QJo) 1. T.n. to hide one- 
self. Q^oaf^cR? c^coRslfB AoeojcoRpeioBC. 
f ugitiTCs. OTioab e^^ QajoAcmoKD^ TB. 
abscond. c&fiO^ ja)d^«Qj9CBn escaped, d' 

4ko fiKUal|fi)a]Q fikUQo prOT. 6^d^ c/si^ 

oftjo SiPa. disappeared. n^oUioadQ oiooco 

oJt^ocfo KB. 2. y. a. €b£^:Sfi(lAS» to 

eonceal, suppress. 
CY. afiOg^ae to conceal. (Q»ajiQsVx£)(ti t^'^ 

TP. covered him with her hair. 
n. &£[ (ac)o = d6n6 T. C. beautiful, good. Te. 
eejloj =oaucX)) Splendid, bright; the light. oH 
adBaWxmoftl oojooei cn}0(oui«»o KeiK. 
e^esb^oA beauties (Mpl.) 
eflp0(Do (loo.)&3 cQi&^no, 
AflOaloTMib and e^nmo&iaA^ KB. 
YK. eflOoj 1. brightness, also eflOa-— oi^ 

«aiolor)jMm)Ac)o (Mpl.) «inaof09^oaiu> 

shining brightly. Mi^rbOJOcnoAb 
nod^Qicnob BO. efiOsaia^ i^os 
Bhr. 2. ambush (AflO I.) 

^(P(d6^ olakkfsfitffda (a. siJkiotoAfl 

6^i^lcQ^(d> oUyrtya i. i^t^A) To r 

water. aj«>(09«ya» a9«>o^9rA q^mds 

0^ proT. 2. T. M. (C. Te. fi^, Tn. fi 

oif, leave off, be free firom, empty, auo 

eoo^(£l<dscTiD vaeant, unoccupied. «Dj 

Qjg^ asp^o^o MM. win heal. 4Mnbc 
^plo^o a med. 

Inf. av^a» ezeept. 909rb Qif\A (p 

Qj^oj^ mosato TB. as they dli 

others. — With Aee. 0^O(O A&pVb 
n (StoMBdo KB. — 

adv. part, besides, exoept cXi a&pUa»f 

gjKal. 9(r>Aasp)«flBOfl|o ttS^Mnd. 

but truth. 0<^rBOAi mUboobq 

none but men. •— With Aee. O0a« 

ip^en^tt^tn aa)§^»oHY. all gifts thi 

With Inf. Q.iso CMkf A a. uSinai 

ub£^ai*c£\g^ Mad. adv. part. a« 

sp^oDQi a. 9Qjo^(QaBlir. 8. T. 

up. (Odonftoob e6>8a&^eBol^ mx. 

cn>«aQM9o)g^«s a)9Sjo ai^^^n 

with some sacrifices; hence dAg 

without any exception, altogethi 

Atflooi^ fi>d))9^d9eo TB. eraooate A 

to the French. simobcXmsii A^o fi 

(DMMD TB. making no allowanci 

ductlon. cn\Qio eonS^dte ds^Uog 
«>Ao§«82 MB. 

YK. I. AiS\^(A vaeaney, freedom, ■ 

cuse. (OKvSldae e. ftoi^^o^ Arb. i 
engaged, in leisure boors. 

II. a&plcgi.water-oourteoLjsaieQoUi 

Qjl^ei proT.$)^|nk.^tAi« 

Qj«xb siii)cx)«0 AocmoQ^KB. m 

6^ QjOA subterfuge. 8. (frei 
giving up. A^cvoob nnaoi^ 
o^Qp TB. 

tfwVeoi— A9 



ft 1. Vo poor. *||pVA AdBon a.; to 
qiOo ttb S. to giro up. cmf^ fi^nb 
n%p KS. let him pass. «no.iJ6>ft a. 
d, Ibnook. asf):^9Qjoa>, d)>^A, q«>3 
rotvrn grounds held under A99mo ; 
aiAj^ oAoo TB. to Tftoato. 8. to 
l^o Ai to omigTAto. ^M^oajroao roo^o 
i_iao»)y d^TDQ^ «i€)a^ e. <iQ-joat!% a. 
jae^ TB. in war. 4. to esoepe. oio 
gMuscnTR, got away fh>m them. <£\ 
KSWa^ottP^^oobKB. aToided arrowe. 
la aip)aK0«e3 Bhr. SKUg e. to parry 
90cm 0<P«^|8M>9chAB. defend thyself. 
ide aaaj^e^W) 6^ Bhr. cd<^0ocbI^ 
' Ab Bhr. to prerent min. 6. to make 
t driTe away. ajMastxiib otdooso a. FP. 
|o QOom QSP a. amed. a»$o a. CS. 
bMs. 7. to free oBaifiKn aiD(/n)(^^)JQj 
n? a. Mud. prerented his suicide. 09 
i«A^aa^* Bhr. to preTont. 8. t. n. 
ray (Ihim 8.) inoajA cup^:^ cuacoe^, (Bi5 
a>) 6^ Bhr. to retreat. udf^dSmdn Ooui 
f^j^ SIPa. ojs Atfl^ Oojomo KU. 
wm9AQe»99nS A5>soapl<e»(%o Mod. 

ig^dte 1. chiefly to dispossess oqlJOO 
oWkbi Aip|gy)yoab KU. e6M)0^g^ 
« TB. most not be racated. 2. to 
to retire. aj9ftQBN>0&p^gj^:jyKn. drore 

l«>9fD<8Ri)A(Tn O. Mod. (eren merely 

€bsf\j^) dismissed the minister. 8. to get 

back tse^Acv a':^ ^Tl^dob MB. 

TN. fti^a^ discharge eto. [remedy. 

Henoe: av)a»splQj expedient, escape, excuse, 

avi^oi deed of giTing back oS^eMBcfo AS^ 

QjoaSi MB. [a«nBO<fle TB. 

AspVnxiaio unoccupied land 0*(oibi ^ficiMSBcb 

^d%(d>, dEbl olu'yaYaT. M. C. (Te. 6&ej to flow, 

C. Te &6\(S^ to leak) To flow, run down or off 

(=eejidae) of blood, water ^ttncb a*omajO(0s; 

of ships d^^Aom 9<0)3«m^flafi aib fl>gs2 proT. 

QJiSeegg S^^Si^^^n^ cumono TB. drives by 

stress of weather. €S\sij^Si^9^d£\ o^asgio. 

0)^a)(Qb TK. flowing, being adrift, 

€b^A 80. side of wall, boundary. 

a)pajo(Oo 80. side-room. 

a)p<6a 1. current, stream. ASttftJOAo e(&o6\ 
Sicho 6&. ffig^; a*ACiJtto running water, to 
be drunk by all castes* 8. (T. d^^co^ order) 
natural, smooth, plain e^otich oj«m^, a)p 
<a»ab QLI& eto. a^cno^dae. 

ayaao 1. running, floating. a9§Qjo a^paeojo 
A^^ KU. regulated all about shippiog 
ft timber floating. 8. plainness (a^dSe 2). 

aytio^^dk T. to keep within bounds. ajpoBMsai 
e^o unbounded wealth (or a^ABdcmot?). 

a. T. ajf (6sa» 1. to pour ^^gs^ <^^ <^§o ^ 
MM. 8. to inundate. 8. to set afloat, float 
siQ^£^ozu a^Q£\<A ajf aano^oio TP. am 
Q((»asnS)Q[^<Bb SKUA^ayaeioDanb Bhg. 


. C. Te. Chiefly InterrogatiTc particle 
pie question, eoaob inoajOODo am I he? 
Ih negaliTe power m»wm9m curodom 
. that Is bapossible. Imperatire oq^ 
lake it at once. 2. in disjunctive 

> HBK. mnomt nniy^ fi^no cng^. 

aiQ«(0i8)0 OQj^^flmo cro Jisojtfcno Nal. 8. in 
disj. afflrmation a^cmo (099«o one or two. a 
ft(ORQ9eJo ifi?l6nr>o(Sl9AJ9 ouWrio jiioao; with 
Condit. Q^ajoo )2saB»^«aJo 0<m. cniOBioiio a)| 
(SJUoigaSlaBoo^saiogfrniOroocACBfoFT. 4. with 
adrersatiTe power 0QO9a0<«i — iiMitsKibo agd 
rD«0o«Q»9t9(n Q^OQ»VDeBhg. as ftvito height* 

©Do — eD»j<e> 


^^^QLi— msaoQ^ 

QrfSK)o«dd»oo c4^(TnWia*)aai9 «)4i>oc»^ KB. but if. 
oQomoaeio 0O39cno s>a>9§y3o Bhr. «aO(S^oato 
flooob ajo«GB;6nr>o ^(anU>g^^o AB. 5. em- 
phutioal 0o(VTM^§^ 4»ka»a^3roQ€0.; often with 
iDterrog. o^flrgio o^^cmd^.tno jsocgyo c4|9ii»3 
KeiN. what a wonderful lack! Quite ioterj. 
io ono^tmo, (BAS^o, aQ;(3)9cQ:9 etc. 

667o Om 8. (s»(BIOo) 1. 6&90 «4xn)9A (BI53J<fi>^oKB. 

Yes I hence doskoroo the syllable om, greeting 
ft oonoludiDg Amen! 2.= e3 f.i. ofl Kffl ggjao 
o^yar^s (po) whatever it be, yet. 

W(B> oya, 6d3d86\ (0. doxiv,(^^^ Awn, beard 
of some grains =(^d>o. 

^3d8)CaD dyaa 8. C^O.^^) Home, house (po.) 
S^Od^ 0^1 ^004 (T.ttd, prh. from A^ 1 . Flood- 
gate, sluice, drain PT, fi.acAOA f.i. ti»94B^ 
gyoTJiO) 6)cr)g^, AOAsa A(n^ C8. 

d3aB6V0OOo okkanam T. M . 0. Te. Beng. (0909 
id») Retching, nausea, qualm. Ao'Qjo jKdgio^yo 
med. ao. ojoaunb msKvn amed. — fig. AOtdso 
cnoftAsrBObitgb aj9«a9aj«nDo CO. if indifferent 
or squeamish about it. 
denY. A9«i>»cnldaR I . to retoh, feel nausea 00*^ 

cnsfbCG. 2. to Tomit A9'<fiaaciii95>ej 8il. 

6)9<mtk» ogham 8.(QjQ^)Fiood; mass(n}Jfi)g^<9 
oQko etc. CO. 

d33d>3<Oo ongaram S. (aoo q. t.) The syllia>Ie 
&0O — Yi. egcoeo^o songs or cries to driTe out 
demons (prh. from foil.) 

^3GS^<d> onnoya T. M. (V^&QJ high) 1. To 
lift up, as hand, ois', ajsmDig^ttfticnD Qj9cX)Bhg. 
s>a)Oggt uxol^.'sraiocaB) BC. cuo^aaVsb axAoggi 
6>S)a) dMOB^ Qaj9<b)W Anj. 2. to threaten 
with finger, prepare to strike, aim at. aqfiicm 
Amdb) <oiai^S^i^; «>a»o§^Qj9ab do«99mrvDo 
Bhr. to attack. {^^^Q^ Ao«)C»)(U93f^ ^^"^OilSR? 
6KT) eocBB^ CO. -— to appear resoWed to 015 jdocd 
QLntiDg-)9nb a9., «a>)pQjoab eooi^scnjgcX) GO. 
being about to weep. dn|;^«> <^9Cob^ o^gaosni^nA 
mms^^csf^ 8k. aimed at. 
YH. eMmk threat at^. 

^3iU dja mod. e9'Jd YS. BO.. 

6^3.^rb od6ar (T. a Kali wprshippei 
aiireinb Beng. . aoou snake-eatoher) 
Maran 8udras, who beat the dmm 
(03&O Q^9s<iis <flk^rai Qji^ A») fir. 
€bo^(A to drive away. 

6^0^0000 odttnam (Ko.) BeTan 
humble answer A9 giTsn to Qum 
proper gestures. 

denY. e3^9onl^ ^^* Palg. tost 
before seniors ft superiors. 

6^38^0 ojam 8. Unequal, odd aioa^cn 
or d9MCTU090Do Oan. aooo^jg<ii^r 
me «ajA> (opp. o^jcao), ^ons Qsm^ 
croo^4»<X> Oan* 

6^8«crN^ ojaa a. (am) Yigow, Ytti 

(mo don^adsH Hal. 

ei09S\cij\dde^y eren 6^vs3]db6ixs ^a^ 

dDS 54a 1. T. aM. Watar-couna (c 

2. a large reed mu^ a>9«o(Bk Atsi^ 

fiKugfio ojdso TP. even a bamboo 

touched to tears, d. sea ciosatiad 

d95aasRok 1. flute of oawhefda e 

CC. 2. pipe of goldsmiths aoo 

to fuse. od^cm^ODSAib §2<<Mmofi 

oai^^cno, ea. oojdaattaadQo 

<^ol«9n96nDO li(asr. pO. [tf6M 

A9SCn9$ = A3^0O9^ f . i. A9S0r>0§ii) 

6^So d4am 5. (Ao^a>) 1. Boat, ferr, 

(oioiW (m)aab^eio a>^ei)aA qqi9^b^ ' 
&9^ Qaua9«ieaii9cX> pror. ojig^^can 
wearer's shuttle ji)9ej)GB;oobo ea 
proY. d9. jk)9§a> to weave. 2.=fi 

eDQ(Q)95o, £(^91-010995080 far. 8.(P' 

garden dgsosiai^cob TB. also ojoMij 
a^o TB. vegetable gardens* • 

^35d> o4al (80. 09S) Med. mot (9tto( 
nalia cat.) ti^asoaig}} 4kO€)aP09<ns * 

d9S3<nJ(db o4ambal (tt99A)BoU^ b 

6^dS0CQ7) o4&C^ (T. aM.'-Qj)) ▲ 
carpenters, ship builders (A9So) < 



ftOg — =6i06rno 

1. (ma^^) A larg« ieikboftl, long ft 
Uflflj from the LaoMidiTM ALjlmf) 

lOiDs) tlM Iftrgett kind, brigp(0»im.) 
1^1^ f.i. flOO^Ao^ OQj'de, (OtcnjrDO 

» (oskig A) Potsherd, tile, oa)03<sn9§ 
> tOe. 4in^^9§ id. withoat a point; 
ojmmi)(Bq»9$ hollow tile. imaiOQBio^ 
t fi9 A« tt0:%A to tile. a9§ «'Spid9e No. 
A^ASifVBbooW ffOS(^4i. 2. shell 
9; tind of fruits eLji^ma^ ds^ <9>sp^d^ 
nod. 8. M. bellnetel (S^ parts sine, 
')A9§ajoiii etc. 5)ajaeB9§t ai99^o§. 
lctt^oe3(oU)» «QJ3oai proT. 4. T.M. 
ag alongside, with @9«m9^ Qo>§) 
AS f.L A60U 0o^&zni9«s (81012;^ 
igk the rioeftelds. «»s9aj3§ SojooTi ; 

boundaries: X eofr Y do§ Z oos 
■ <na^ KU.; in oomp. oQcmojSrDo^ 

^ibStfaias eoa i^ po. ~a Loo. 
son fli^sflL «no»^ to the N. «q^9fto 
»^9sr croaatiSo o^^^(m\st:uj^ TR. — 
5aaavaia09«6, — 9.90»99S happily, 
fta^cns^, eosoDd^ N. pr. the 9th or 
na^ Ho. of Qoismo^ with the oapital 
kAot lotted to the djoiooi^ ctoj^^ 
ft. doo. KU. 
9fj^o (1) pancalie. 
, — aj9Q|>o <8) Tessel of bellmetal. 
ndBnaroob (3)=^ood/D). 
;i) tiled roof (opp. dofij^ro). 

d4<nf* 6- (Bong, to fljr) 1. To run 

animals, roots, etc.; ships to sail. 

w easily, meet with no impediment 

Ija 1. to driTo, ehase AdsWno^ oQ) 
^jli^sah oa^^n^o Bhr. who fled, who 
id.— M^isiyoqB 9»6i aos)(0ft)aib 

S. to alMr, BSTigate a^^ ex 

8d OY. e9€^<ae id. QUMStom. 9m9(bSiA9 

vi es^^^aiiist ns. aiP^^>J^cn 

dos^tflooyo Q.a)guo TB. we shall beat 

OY. esf «) rare, osf^costftft eos^dasfleo^, roo 
noftVudafiai (Q^oojWn eos^OdOraeni Arb. 
ehased. mourns d9§1anaeno(2 KB. 

YN. A9§o T. M . G. To. 1. a eoarse, nm, «Mn^ 

(MQVOgo race, <0)gj9ai9so nayigation; oj 

smidae e9. «3J6mo Yi. haste. 2. qtUck 

apprehension eaj^sjol^i) ao. ftonf Anj. 

eogdBBiorMTb shipowner Ao'cnf) aj9go9iisraDi>4 
oOfy proT. 

e^SQ3Ma<o»6^ a kind of ballet. 

OagaAnb mnner, messenger, spy; certain 

hnntsmen e3gOA«(dn dkcORA^^^ (hnntg.) 

^33, ADO otta T. M. C. Tn. (Te. to split, 
e^Qi^ih) l.Graek, leak, hole. 2. B. dnllness* 
Aogatt&io leaky vessels, pror. 
eftfeiPOSKtb (2.) half witted. 
eo§s»A«e empty handed, sqaanderlng. 

A9iODiaMrn1ci^<ti A^dBodi to try A get rid 
of one. 

A9S^)gj|9A to be perforated oQOg^oo eog 
e)gy^(0» a mod. aQOiJ)^^ ea'^o proy. — 
AQfaH e3S6>g;j9.iSRin a. T. 

A33@e^ porous soil; Malayalam ooontry. 
6a3§l Otti {tt9go, e9§4to) Ship's eaptain Yi. 

d3§W ottikka ( A3^. 2.) Shell. 

doft^So-iSdi to feel empty, naoseous, con- 
oeive aversion. 
^D6>§rD)(2 O^t^rima (oQOae) A kind of bng. 
6^06nOo 09am T. M. (Tdbh. ^sncmo) 1. The 
22nd eonstellafcion, Aquila, see «i]^x»«rrO. 2. 
the national feast on new moon of Sej^t. 
lasting 10 days, when Paraenrama is still 
said to visit Kerala, oosma^^oai .A)oejlGB;n6, 
Ao«mo qjVx^o e3. £M)«mo pror. 
e9cnr>ieeo£ Yi. some old fses and taxes nna 
dBB09(ooS tt3«mo cijl(fi)«iojg «jaoe\«aacBngy; 
eocmmlnnso Qj1(fl)Qjl<mo mcmoaj ajsmo 

^90^ •Meji^t; 

o QjVfijojloneo 

.wmcSi o9Afmo ^^ctm tanaMf) Add ^:i^ TB. 

aocno3§— ©oajnjTI 



AMmon^ =s a>si98at»a^. a mstio game of 

aDfimaujjg a eong. [bridegroomi. 

eacmgjsoj feast-oloth, giTen to inferiors, to 
OMm^ Impatiens ojejIcB; — I. Utifolia, S)^ 

olcB^ ~ I. Bheedii, <£im -— I. Balsamina. 
d3cmj!n§>| f.i. e3(2o aji€>fla<AA €bh ao. (Pay.) 
eoenod^ bi^jk T. M. ft essmmo^aeo^ 

^^ ^' "' [flicny(ooa6. 

Aosma]Q6>xja80ocb a Samantas^.os^akftojl^ 

WClSh o5amT. M. Beog. 1. Dampness in rainy 
season Ao^c^eg cruofiio MC. 2. B. hernia (T.) 

6^0(15)\ o5i Share, part (loo.) = OLKflMnl? 

6)3rb^lrC)o o&iram (Tdbh. of ^ojexio) l. Prime 

(pass in fencing— 8. e)afik>; see<Bi^Q^U)9A|0a\:*o 

18) plain cat, eo. tf)aigicB/3Ao &AA«>aj§) proy. 

Yl. da. 6)d>§)0oldi) IP. (in a^(Si). 2. B. play 
atsommerset. 8. eH5>o~&aje^<) in ^9SiH(3)o. 

6^0^ O&n 8. (inojLi?) Cat. (po.) 

€^0^<B> otnya T. M. C. Tu. l. To recite, read 
as Qoiao, 0Qjfijd eMA^tdAOSil M pi., whisper 
aa Mantrams. oeojo &y£\ ea6\^j^ TP. Oojo 
o.maio^ 9ajeo darm^s^ooib pror. e9<bt)g_|6^^ 
5)a»ocfoa» Anj. to learn. d9(nieo<agi to expel 
poison by formulas, eMftVoiftltfie etc. ad(Tnlaj 
jiicnoBcX) ea^oSlnmaA CCh. 2. to say (po.) 
sound «>3aOfio eMiPcnoA CG. 
CT. eodatdae to teach, s inoa^oojODo oDCQcni 

— part. fat. dotmloattonb teacher, chiefly of 
Kambutiris eogo ^sof^nmoob eM»i9(0s3 

▼N. i^oqg^ 1 . reading, chiefly of Scriptures. A9 
e^ Q^floo® CO. Qg^Qq{6)s A^CD^rbb doqQi 
ojO^^ooblCB. (Mpl.) 2. using formulas 
eooiSartlib consecrated water (esoj):^ s>d»>o 
^.13101(2). See also ji>)aoo9(is2 ^^<flac)o. 

aomBkOaddb 1. Yeda Brahmans, the instructors 

of their oaste. 2. students at TirunaTai, 
T|siTaperur, etc. 

Adoron otti (see eoA) Open gutter, dram ds 
cDRikAiik aSWio (jod.) eoasdi^oam FT. 

eoaroo of aaam s. (aia) Pap, fbo 

diOCDDCoTl onay T. SoM. Wolf Vi. 
6)X^ on(9 {T. C. &xt£i) i. Chanel 

bloodsucker, laeerta cristata MC. 

9^1)9(0 Qj)iP(QQ TP. (during fBi^o 

cn^ocA ^jiioTD dks^cfiao supertt. — c 

^n^ooblrDi (diet.) — 

dOoJl obif A3Qj|s fiojoj) (see §iCkJ4 

AdoJo oppam, A3g4 M. C. Ta 

Smoothing. e9^aR§ys£rDaft§S fij 

(ftogjl^d) to polish. — 
5)0(2 oma B. Base of pillar. 

6^^Qk> omam 5.(=«oDoeo)8ieon«iB 

d90.URMQ9i TU. Omum-water. 

6)3(200 omana (^cudaeoreocixi*) i 

tenderness with ohildreii; darling. 
(Difio«Km«wtib Stuti; often aoenm OG 
beauty eoaorKB^ocv ^(MBBds DN. 
mzcDd^^cwh playful with ehUdrt 
eo0nrM)anos^ci»ab hunting name 

AoecnojoaiBiAcX) &9i9i\ CG. [| 
d30cn oj^QVOidioc^eidko If. pr. 
eo0(Y)c)g_gg (ojfrnlAtoA) pror. 
denY. d30a9<ae (Yf. &aj0cn)«8a 

to fondle, caress «AoeacKn a 

e90or)1^§Qjon6 MtomeaoQ) C 
6)3(2'0b 1. Fondnesss030(n, darl 
0(gQjo mtoSiSi^iwA CG. 2. naatnfl 
nicely, gently (whence et^tt^^mA) 
(S^Af «»LAC0 e909^ Bhr. 
AoexA eskB;n6 hunting name of 9s 
d30§)^^ a dimple in the loina € 

o^dsmWae^^s MO^qgi MM. 
&o(S\ddei omikka Yi.astojA^B. 

^9aK)CQJb Fioe speeohes 
aoovo Oixkqgi ^Mmo •«»&) 
to explain moat pUmsiMy, 

eyn^A— 6)3dBh 


A9(XJd9> — 6)9ai 

BlmY» T.]f.(Te. e^, C. OTO, opu) 
k«,atin embracing, blessing Aonn 

A3, to earess. <AejQsi AxnjlQdkgdi 
•n. 2. to cheiish, take oare of. 
. ▲ tree in marsbes (I. daA). 
T JC. C. Te. Beng. Margin, brim, side 

-i9^ to rnn against each otber as 

1 . = ^v^ (loo.) 2. imperceptible 
; of 2 boards, stones, etc. eMOOS/S)^ 
0<fi»§,— g-|flrn). (commissure, rabbet.) 
re.=Ax>a) . l.T. Howler, jackal, ono 
sob a3rD)QB;9«;g3£inr« GnP. (io Vs. 
L.Ae!n ^aenr», ^xoo^jmo) 2. howl, 
i 0D^d>). do^olcailgonA arosmo soperst. 
. small biyalre shell. 
8a1tneBs(=gaj(b q.T.) d3(D9tt cn^QJ 
vS^ OQjggcm Qojooai PT. 

lOb, dd'MJiBts^svnb etc. loo. kinds of 
grown in braokUh soil. [,0331^^00. 
I.C. = da8, bef. Towels d3roo9n^,do 
9» the first annirersary of a death, 

. ajiAfibaj|^) Uemionites oordifolia. 
isaioa/DYiolasaffratioosa, med. root 

I ^lOMBa ConyolTuloB palmata Rh. 

Mttoino each one, doorDonriD, AoQrDO 

b etc. A79rb9fS\^om(A AMfb^(bo ojlcuo 

I TR. MDOJOfD AcgVtib &79rQ Qjsi £ 

H. s isioaMb; also a title. Lord (loo.) 
orkl (C.T. 0308 ik) To think, remem- 
^ 42o Aixo>B^ ^aW^i^ Bhr. not 
Jl J. g>ajcmga-»ao (4)9nm95)(miioroi Sm\ 
sg^ms cr^'i don't hope, fioaao do 
oCrDMMDo cgJVn^anogafis Mnd. oj 
i9ajAMic»Oik)9g«cnj9doiaoajcido ao 
> 00. tot hfan ponder. aoMotiA (po. 

explet.) well oonsideredl eorOdOonS.'asnrno oio 

(olomcaSoo Anj. will explain itself. 

YN. I. eo^ rare ; d4> Ao ij fi^ff ogfto^ Bhg. one 

thoaght. ecn^ d4> A9 £t^ ^enf hope. CT)i60BcV> 

<^:neSL99 aQmoeamBilaib (^asnio^CG. re- 
gard fSur yon. 

IL ASiZa 1. thought. 2. recollection, memory oQ 
orS^tfla A32a 9o>9.TiDnrn)g^ MB. I don*t re- 
member. 9«>g(n ed^caHmflcad? ei^ oooco 

(tni o^)cnid9ai do ^ fion^. 8. interj. attention, 
take care! 

eozaoaa^ inattention, forgetfulness. <^m oj 
oenro eo*sodkcnD MB. slip of the tongue. 

092BQgy§(qi2A) to put in mind. 

Aoia Qj^gOojosvl forgot. 

denV. eoiiaitfla to remember cn^90 fittonb 
ojWn eoesal^TB. 

d30q<d» of^'Jfa The act of the ciret cat in 
yielding civet Siffim dor^qrnD. 

I. 6)3^ olftssdgjo, (2S9ae3ej CC. etc. 

n. 6)3^ T.M.C.Tu. (Port, olla) l.A leaf of palms 
or grasses doCKqi^^Qjo asoqjo. s)ar)g^Qabo 
A9. Yl. eooJAODsi MB. from trees. Stages of 
growth: tfin^9cB)9fij, ArQa«.TnAoaj, oj^^ofti, oj 
^.^naioej. — ojonoi.ibdoaj .xtOBimatlAtdisl^ TR. 
for thatching. 2. writing leaf (5)aj9eB0BJ un- 
written), writ. dO(b dooJ <^^.^naioai, doajdiaat'O 
O.TnoiO(Tb mo§ atao^o pror. cr)a)jl3;0a)rD aiggio.'^ 
doQJ TR. heading of letters. Q^QouoGi, oj 
QgoQJ etc. 8. steel spring, oo-ioSnmoaj gold 
leaf as earomament etc. 
Hence: dOfiJdaajro) single palm leaf. 
doej(flegro)gjocnj(6)A>9sq| «ajs^3up<fle) proT. 
dOGJAkrosmo a document. 
dOQJS>d9ss thatch to cover boats (prov.) 

doai9<fla^ OftW partial reparation of thatch 
(=fl2S9cB;ofij ajejl(dai>)). 

doeJS>^aj)c»fib huntg. name of hare. 
eoQJ^fD thatched house. do'(fiao do^-m^^o^ato 
cnjoocno errv prov. [sideways B. 

doaigjoo eolcs^d^ to tumble heels over head 

AoatS)g_)^ box to keep documents Ao. qjo 
<S)iiy^o Mnd. 


6^3ai(> — AdOdOfDi 


d3c&Qu51— 6)9t« 

Oo^eSfsb palm branch. 
ao&JSrsT^o swordflsh MC. — Aoaia^nb Yi. 
A9fiJ09S^ = ^o3rDa. weayer-bird. (Cooh.) 
AOfijQcSlcxvab a bird, kind of jiismainb. 
doejSKs;|fTna^ Yi. secretary. 

6)3fiJo olam 1. aT. aM. (aan)Ory for help. 5)cn 

^6ytrig Aoajsl^nms (8 d>| RC. 2. (&ye^9>) a 

kind of seasoning broth; dofiJib £«g_jr61 (ad 

Oaiaejob 6. No.) curry strongly salted. 3.= 
9ajoaio, tso^o (loo.) 

6^0^^6eo olakkam (T.C.Te.Ta.dorbar, assem- 
bly of kings ft states, &rtk 0. to meet. comp. 
6&cb) Splendour, majesty. d9. aiosm^g cn9'D9 
cB;6m Stuti. d9. (ST3)sn$ea Q-jigBOBeos^, — eoio 

«rnl0oA CO. Anj. 

^3^38)0 olangam (eoeja)))0ilmea8nre in shape 
of a spoon made of O.'oitiOBAainboor^, holding 
from ^ — J Aooi. 

6)oai(2orD| see olftmari. 

6)3^(d3,£jl dlnifa (=sAfi!naB)Toflow, oose. jh 
mo do. Nid. cT^lo(09ejo ^oQrabCO. (after ba- 
thing), dae^mr) ^>flS<^^ ^^'* ^^p. QinabAd 
040, ojosojoejo, esgoejo Q^atficB^ocX) Bhr. oi 
Couoe^o cjjosrnlaoA CG. — 
Inf. oofiJ Id drops A9SfiJ3ejQji^aDa>gsro)A. 
doaH 1. collection of oozing water, temporary 
well. 2. see €S9(S\. 

€^OQ^(S\ oldri Place for flying a kite? KU. A3 
«ejro^QjDjyob races of Nayers KU. 

^3(3^3(386^0 olokkam (£&i) Blacksmith's forge 
A9. 000(^0 ui).xn§) AojosOd^ TR. 

^3QJ3 0?a ( = d9oF) Sire! e9:u9 ojlooj ag)S>r6o 

rtncnjmoS'O TP. 
6^^C/d oSa T. M. (T. alsod^'O), dd^; Te. Arol) 

Sound, noise, —&s^9 hence (Si^^ooa (.isf^h III.) 

d]»lfimoQjl6nod309(^o6>a>§proT. A9oodngj9 mo) 

co9STt9cb;o counterfeit coin. 

a309(fl»o^"ib, — fi)g^§.xin6 famous Yi. 

Ayjotdaip^gb large pipe Yi. [coronation. 

A90M)at€^ayo oaj^d^ KU. guns fired at a 
S^OOdOCOo diaram Tdbh. g^oj Aiaroo Mark of atten- 

tion, complimentary gift. i8l|^rni>£ 
a>9^o or ai^smtSe). £flsoaii9c)o i 

prOT. 61^^113(^0^0 A9(A0(DQ^ KU 

6)Oo^u51 diadhi 8. Annual plant. 
03^fi3uJbdnb moon. 

6)3c^o oifham S. Lip (upper — fiv 
(Bidcjo^o) d3<^g<aecX> SO:^^ cn\cm 
CG. do'ojo <d)/MaB^o c9oiaB9 ojWt 
leprosy), aat^ggrgi^or^apemo, 6 
Q.tn9)9§ Bhr. lips opening. 
A9r^ o labial, (gram.) 

6)0qO(61 ohari (P. bahrl, Y2. has 1 
d9dirDi) Share, part, portion- ^t 
nO(o)<d)C)o 5>aj:^ (robbers dlTidiu] 
o-iooijltgb ^iP9(fia d3. MR. o^vTim 
ao'cB/oaO ojlaoajl Bhr. — 
O9aoroi<d»9ronb partner. 

©DCSqDD 5ho interj. Oh! 

6)0^ O^am (aC. ec)o=»AyA)l. W 
fi.«9Bc)o (Oflalci^gJ^cDawBiVafc CC. 1 

(8)3^031 CG. — d9. S>aJ9<a§CT», Q( 

(BiOo>s^ ®3-j9a;bi rough, boisterou 

QS)<d>9Si^ a3a.a]BC>a $)a-j960B^ SI Pn 

^o (Q-)&CB;3o6a4Cju^ Matsy. — fig. 
Oaii3c)o A3. <^^d9«(ro<a) aO-Tnge 
cnjnm aocnaro.Tjre^oA CG. 
2.=:d9Sothe term until (also e: 
fi.Qin9)(d8) a., with Nouns oj^sms 
as. (sa)9aia6rn8^9fto 0aO<o>-io ggg 
as great as they. c^SoDafto u 
a_i^®ro9ei(9a329Ao aj(A»croaaQ)< 
QgJ^d>acB;3£.o QojT^ljjaao TB. 
<^sa>QcsD9fl.o o-joe^o 6>A0c)ddft> a i 
<ro«(0iBi9aa9c»^ MR. — with Loo. 
an90<Tn)oeJ3Ao QauguS^g^^ TB 
the 971st year. OKBKnos^^ob A9ac 
b., with adj. part. d>«9r«0Ao as fi 
the more one looks. inoxKib AdC 
(s^o Qa»n6, tfcroojls^oAo ojau 
^ Bhr. 9<fi>OS8A.<> 9«ic>Ma9Clb C 
ll^aaf{)aji<8^oAo Qcnoo a med. a 

6^369)0— 6d<D(Drr\) 


©360 — 6a") 


fto, OKCMaiOflo etc. (esmi)l,£^Qcn3 
I £S\^o Ti.) — with the Addition of QCD 

00 ojcorxxDo (m)a>9aj9fto «>oqjo Bhr. 
» d^«a», Aafto flB§(9> to lire in plea- 
gnnd style (see dsaitSno, AoftOBio). 

fi|angaTn B. (aoflo 8., dofij^sAo) Vo- 
tneM, haaghtineu. So. 

1. = A9rDi, Adej), £0A Howl. do^lcE^i^ 
2. 5o. of PAjjanada tenu of respect, 

at the end of oonyersation with princes, as 
daojs at the beginning. &o£\ (ncnjrooocr) IP. 
(BioseyosO soonb OojMkmo. 8. 80., yn.T.a 
(OU^Osocoi salacioos man. 

6)0Oo, 6)Dg ol = (snxKk) She, wife. oioajfiKibo 
dad, e(Q.'mQ)Qabo fi)Atgic0 A3a TB. ecuab ao 
s>ft i^^m^gi^ Tu. he is still unmarried. 

^^D^dB) dlnifa (dae4fdipai<d))Toflow. nrflaroo^o 
ra>o a^d96sab Adj. ea^o Qjiidro) RC. 
A3|f:unb y2. foot of a mountain. 

^ snUaYam S.(£(fift«.n6) Herd of oxen. 
ho anjityam S.C^jijVtii) Propriety, fit- 
kV«95r^ee ajjaidKb CO. A'o'eocB'Orm 

^§ Mud. [«aQOd_iio aa KB. 

}f3 anj?al7ani S. (fie^j&i) Splendour 

Kp anlsakyam 8.(fi(0T^di))Zeai, anxi- 

Ijjkg-jttVm Nal. MnKYxoniW dnMsr^ 

aims KeiN. 

aad'aYam 8. (sieaio) 6»qP0os>c»o(Q ojl 

AOTQ^ CO. [liberality. 

1 aafaryim S. (^eo^) Munificence, 
ii liberal. 

Mo HVK. = g§o€rU(Do. 

)« auddhatyam 8. (^f^xym) Arrogance. 

L aannatyam 8. (^mMn) Height. 

Uinyam 8. (&<9or)o) Disaster Yi. 

I aubamyam s. (^oje) Equality, oio 
tT|dB)o aabayryam 8. (^ajocw) Fit, just. 

KO anrasail S. (gro^) Ijegitimate 
iwfnlly begotten dQ'n23f03o o^^riao 

m^ AcLJdA^ DM. 


ei'D^^a^ anl5&^ («W.Ln«Jb) a kind of rice- 
An)9(D0fl;Q^'sne a cake Yi. 

6h^CH anvi; aM. Swelling? nr^^ynb maoS^A 
tOiOio d^QmxDob <9[^iP^«>CD;0fyia^ RC. 
aou swelling of the stomach, disease of jungle- 
dwellers (loo.)=Qja2;oo^ai a^A<eȤi. 

6i<!)OJflnr>p anya^Qam, e^xuooo, ©flOOJif) 

ete.ssffiOQj — in alphabetical songs. 

6^^ajrold96^S aa?anikka4a Brahman 
family KR. 

efDOdmcY\>o anSanasam S. (^oacnonS ) Belong- 
ing to Snkra. Ao*0oC({^ cuooo KR. 

6)^o^f0o antiram s. (Qui\(^)=noz^o etc. 

^nr)f3QQ6nOo ania^am S. (£<&3«m pepper) Pun- 

6)<Dc&auJb aaiadham s. {ao^^^uS^) tu. mooS^ 

(^rmo, (SioajiiPano Medicine, drug ooo^oo^ 
^fl)efi.oa)b rooQ&^cX) a^^ Bhr. 
OQfiDuJl id. @DQ <s)iiio(m (Bioojlspttnl QcroQj^^fij 
jaj)^W.TSTSp(0a a med. 

^^f^io ang^yam 8. (^^) Heat. 


follows in alph. songs on Sanscrit models, f.i. ffiOoOfisn — HIifK. 



In alph. songs after Sansorit fashion as well as 
in those, which follow Tamil precedents ; the 
18th Towel, an aspiration represented by doable 

(T. ;. ) AH 

consonants, f.i. 4iDdMMii)foajClb» «iM 
gjoA etc. 

<&> ka represents in Tdbh. the other g^ttarals 
(^8k tt» c/sofiUo, ^(S\wo fr. (paOo, ^mo fr. 
oaicno; oai^o, ojano fir. 9da&i0o, ojafiio; oi 
rooatob aM. fr. airoooonb). a in the middle of 
words slides into cb) ((0iOf£la>(ZQ2»<B^^^(i8d)i 
oj ((Bio^f (810CU), qO ((8)i^s>qO| qjqO TB.) or dis- 
appears (aja8:fi3<d>0rDo — aJ(G9(£tl9CDo, IBT^AO — 

(630 kam S. Well, wonderfally. — water (po.) 
(dsoCrOo kamsam S. (C. Te. Ta. ^ea^) BellmeUl, 

do^. — a>ocronb N. pr. Crshna's uncle ft mortal 

enemy *, proT. tyrant, Herod, also a>6atinb CO. 
S>% kaSS. (qais) Who? in a^Q&Drbb etc. 
<B>d^<dby d^ddiSo kaYadam8.(L.calmen)Bairs 

hump, o^oo© . [Terminalia. 

(d)Aso caoumeo, top; = ei(d8. ^^t&^eio CCh. 

<B>d^ kakka (ai^scafPTa. da»ja)(8s) Shell, ooc- 

kle=g2(^^* <^'<^ cudrol QjloQAnj. — 
aiceAOjea^ (see ^0d9o). 
dB>dB6yo kakkam=<d)Q)^o T. M. Sediment of oil 

(Bid^S kakka4a (loc.) A dagger atcdftS aood 

€08^0 po. 

dB>dB6^3S aiorosmgujo^ ((d>rB&-«ae9§) The 
Panatur Baja, of Nambidi caste, by whom 
GhaTakada was ceded to the Tamuri. 

dBxdft kakkl} 1. Gizzard, a»(fiao ^o^^o vu. 
2.=4»)(ol(da what is young. 8. the fruit of 
dtdaaaigBi, seed used in med. and for play. 
4. see axeaA I. Tomit ; stammer. No. 
ai4aa(£) T. SoX. axflalrSl No. (8. Aia^) Cooumis 


sati?a=Qea^l^>«>C3Ligs'^Rb.; the I 
(S\sstO GP. 

I. d8)<dftd8>, ddS] kakkvjfa 5. 1. To ▼« 

animals oofimi ^tsalcr) Qj^.«:io KR 
men rD<dfZbajo aianlcnonb KB. £rDi( 
S)ajtifio <o>d9a909 proT. 2. No. to 

^(SAob stammerer. 
<d)(0aajO3D cackling mouth. 
a>cs»ld9a l.T. n* to vomit. S.s3fiM»>g 
freq. 8. CY. to make to regOT] 

n. ddsdBfidB), dB>6o(6^<d), ^ T. CTb 

(fr* a)cX>)fat. <0«^9ab ft a>d9aQioo6. « 

«>go(ob, <d>d99ajoab ojo^^ooA pror. a 

Qo^xbH was stolen, (eiome «»g a 

(SioajcTUDTR. theft committed. a»ifl 

refraining from theft. a>«8aO(BiBt (oH 

a>^9or)0d9«oCG. look stealthily, wi 

fig. oa^^TSAs aiocnS^ocv 4M9ao CO. d 

d9>Cc6jg)rro Dutch kakhuis. A privy. 

(d>CScd6^3aj<d>o kakkolaYam s. a pi 

dd:cd:^o kakiam S. Hiding place, an 
(di<6^ M. 1. opposite side or partj 
<&t. oJIfimsR}!^ was endangered ^ 

oH = (BWSOJ.'SjUo. 

axfl&i (SsiOfDnb 1 . party — ©sou^ o j 

MoA(jad. ).9D ra9<9>(fifiQ^dB»0(ado][B 

the opponent. 2. a cunning, dang 

<9><0^ 1. girdle, endoeure. 2.= 
(^^0 AMBi^cttUsb a>soriD KB. 


ddu^^ — d6»(8^3 

8. wan ft the ooart enclosed (2)QJ(pQO 
60 sJUdIcb^ Si\wSUA KB. e'i^ ai. 
«*^4 ^*- [fficuflA, arrow, 

{am 8. Heron, *8Bb<MS)o=4fcy>«blab 
ra n g a^ftin 8. Bing, bracelet Amsmo 
nacb Mod. aitDcrJl0CYO<o>ab6maBc)o 

DgaSam 8. Comb ^ArDo ODomodaao 

*• ^^- [®(LjlPay. a^obtAnbSWa. 
agi)am8. Skeleton aiaB»oft9ak£oo, — 
OQa>aae9§ Hoe. 

n=^)><^^9(oni^ Stonecutter. 

pi 8. Panioam, (oPoD. 

I kaniiftiji (a>6n6, a>96rn)) A present, 

I of the harvest giTen to fanes ^a^ogjo 

[quarrel B. 
6m 1. to entrusts akSiSb. Yi. 2. to 

A&U'yaTo be singed, burn in cooking ; 
done £0 t^iionb d9>«aB^aaj93^. 

vaedk 1. being burned. 2. darkness Yi. 
^fS net Yi. i^^^i Yj 

ojlsDas rice to adhere to the cooking 

Vi. cooking pan. [^^ qq^ 

im 8. Hair of the head anojai jk)«>9cn 
• Tdbh. avfi^ (C. Te. Tu. ^j^^^ to 
Sam of the garment tucked into the 
d 9^9(q^d»>Qg6mo d>. pro^. — Oihs 
21 A. unwillingness to giye — ^^ 
^^B8. 2. girdle, waist-belt. A^cs^o 
i>d»^oa>slKn. got ready for fight- 
aa^aicfo Kal. «>. jijoq«> Ys. 8. long 
raa cloth— AojgB ^* *be finer sort — 
o*. also eeoocdft^ of Maplichis, SiV) 
|from 0«mgj3^). 4.= Qji^osmo loc. 
B A. &^gtd^<dao jnd. 
lia»8m<fia bill of sale of cloth (3). 
^ girth of elephant (2) = ^:^^^. 
^sf\dSm to begin the art of fencing in 
cnafiifiKD a>^ fi)a>§)(dsnno Yi. (the 

vders 4 Kajers to devote themseWes 
k (old) ; to teach the use of weapons 

a»^^oo (2) royal girdle or aone. 
a>^ajSo (8) commerce in clothes T., trade in 

general a>9^oso Qiii^; «>^ais«Bfl9^n6 

merchant; a)^ai5gj9§ oommercial con- 

4B>^fii war-girdle (O)0ai(ob SKuglAdanog^lgjoab 
^, aj95)fiJ9'fi»o <d). TP. (see a>^), 

(B>j^<Oo kaddaram 8. (M-.a)(oo) Dirty. j»in\ 

QS^o a>^o<syo proT. No. sweepings, offal. 
(BiJ^ (0^= 6^6)<d>^ rO^ KB. 
(d>j^ ODCOTlasb MB. 53. A row of shops (f.i. e 

dBj^Oob kaddah <&>. a>DOQ (T. the 8W. wind) 
The long-shore. wind blowing in Jan. ftFebr. 
from NNW. (Yi. Ao^tjanb the hot N. wind). 

<fi>^1 kadfi (C. Te. ^axi, cb^.) 1. Straw, 

stubble, rubbish, d^^cc^/o (^psmoe^o PT. for 

kindling fire (also <d)^ej^(bb 5)a>9ea) fi)u^ 

PT. ) 2. preserTcd mango-juice (better otAja 
bitter q. T') 

(d)^<dsfProb a neck-ornament. 

I. <d>^n'0l) kaMil 8. (dhe -jJlrbb) InterrogatiTe 
particle (L. num). 

n. (d>j^l(BfiJd9^(PGS^ a med.=a)9^9fijo. 

<0i^(ob Q_t§«mo N. pr. former emporium to the 

N. of <^sp)0&j; d)na3Rfel0)$)<d>Q^|^o <d>^(gb 
Qj§Vob Pay. (Caray?) 

dB).^ kaMf po. M. 1. Tape, bodice to confine 
the breast. «>^6YT))«)a>9gB», qejaed^<o>D.a)rBb (oro 
if^dae CG. — ^4^040 ^a)QB;o<>)Bhr. ^9^rob^aj 
6>«)caia»CB;fob Bhg. woman with well girded breast. 
2. a., past tense of SiSi^ost to be bitter.; b., 
in 0ofioed9e^ sun-dried mango- juice; a>^ 
6>4»)§1cvQLiab a BloTen=:9ji)Q«)«>§1ovQjab. 

<B>(Sj^ (51 kadahri H. a public office — <0>. crvnin 
a class of palace-officers in Calicut, the lowest 
dignity in Curumbanadu TB. 
^. mocBf^ oil-merchants, Qj9«rnlQB.'A. 

<Bi(S^O kaMo (or <o>^f) The figs of Arayal? 


dJad^Ma — dBtflnrntl 


<i)>6nM3JJKVS| — dB>So 

d8)(S^3(Do kadddram op. (8. ^(^roo)«nd id) 
O^oaio Ouroama ZArombet or Kcsmpferift 
galanga. (d>^(0«6Altf6a§AiP6Bi^amed.— Tarioos 
kinds: a»o|d>., «)ii)Qa>., o_j^<e»., ©ajsraai). 

<BiQS^ kafiham 8. shore, ~ (d>.ardcuot urtle PT. 

c6)r^ kadhfl B. Itoh, eoab. 

^€%^^ kajja^am S.Lamp-blaok, asodas ooUy- 
rium. «fl). (8)®5>5nB3rtS «d«|mcTflA. CG. 

(ddfiisurn) kaDJail=<doaunb, also a)6iaiv'mo)Dnb 

^^•— [rambu. 

<d>€Bii3ronb A olats of silTersmiths, at Talipa- 

d9)6tnuoa^ kanjavij T. M. (8. oxm^^) Hemp 

Cannabis satiya; the bang prepared from it_«d>. 
(5aj^d9« cncm GP. a*, ojaDan to smoke hemp. 
<d)6mi39(ds>oro a med. Ooimnm, Rh. 

dB>6t&j dB)o kanjnyam S. Armonr, tight garment, 
slongh. ^ea^^aa^o Aomo^, fig. ^aazossti 
03sxs^3aa <d*. CG. 
d»>6»a|j<dn attendant on women, eunach. po. 

(B>ef^o kanjam S. Lotus (waterbom). 

amsoidhOf a>aood>o an Ooimnm ((^osiOiaaj); 
fiKusrrb <d). and 0«m) a>. kinds. 
dB>6<rcYQ)asb ka^al (loc.) Badly cooked rice, from 

foil, (or <&«0B(9bP) 

(d>6<VV?^ kai^ (C. Te. Ttt. Dakh. ganji) 1. Canji, 
rice-grnel a). <d)§0aOr9b (m^«io TP. — a>. «)ai 
«9n to prepare it, a>. Asid9» to breakfast, at'o^o 
® jiioQo ojcxajass^mo TP. his meals, <d>. « ipl 
sn^haTing eaten, ^»sai\iS» sg^MMn ojgWn) 
fblstflscno TB. are starrmg. — qjmiici a>ani»), 
d9>9CB»ai>., a»Ga3acB>d9a. GP. ajspsab., <i»Qjlg a>. 
etc. Yi. A9&l(daaao) or ojlrodaa. half fer- 
mented rice-water, food in scarcity. 
2. starch. «». CS^^n^Oi ^* ojlsplo^a* etc. 
Hence : a)>oDiftoooi a sort of brass dish on whieh 
Happillas put their plates. 
<d>6n}id)«9A&io 1. pot to keep canji. 2. a girl at 

her first menstruation (a>cn^?); ^. ffirot^BB to 

serTe her daring that time. 
a>6Riol^ai»bb sage, Salyia. 
Ama£\^Md glue from starch. 

atSBol^oqi^ polype (of gelatine oei 
or a>3fln^ q. t. ^^f ^ 

Asa£\^^ (and ifi)nrnlq§) aSoitamiiM 

d^9m\siCu^o «)<d>9^<dai TB. to gire 

cd)6<7SVQ^g^^^ ^6i€iifc>fpf^j better di>aB 

cgjnrnl (T. cS^rD^aia^oT?)) Eolipta 

(a med. 6)5)ai^nboi, $>Ad>ooa;rrni). 

d8)S kada 5. (V^<d>§) l.WhatlsiiItlD 
cnDob <d>sc(yo (otejcs^o ^sis 9Bt&^9c 
(= ^rD§ foot of tree f. i. 6yQMa9)«)abo tf 
^ScOns Q-jo<&>, (di€l<fln alternately, coi 

2. way tno^jsgeloii AS a£^qs^o 9@^< 

00^5, <fl^ SPS transaotfons of this 
the last. 8. T. marketf Aseu jrooj^nn 
QjloToo a>s<d)cb'dQs) KS., — 9< 
arrack shop, jiioo) d^cb a>sa»^o KB 

Hence: a^ScAAflS 5. a., outer comer o 
ats^98>96)i9»3crni<8ejo (^^afttarx^attB 
snTlsaio Kid. (&.5c6i»ffiD ^iS>oo1 KB. 
03 fiijosOQ^ojcno Bhr. (in anger), b. 
glanoe = <a>53dafiao. 

a>s<6»aiP (*^^9^ 3) last fruit-stalk o 
a>s<as)sneo = ^aooo^ thinner end. 
d}>S(Ss9fonb So. shop-man. 

(0>Sc6e§l (opp. Qnb-) the chicken n 

chips the shelL 
a>ss>^§ajab B. (2) worthiest (or a 

a)S,2pgJt a>Sj2iVab last comb of a 

bunch (opp. (^obAH^). 

i>)S^aj beginning and end. ai. 0: 

d»>5gywx> T. (Palg. to Cal.) crowbar 

OJtKO No. 

«)5QJQB;(i lower stomach (opp. 90ai 
d»)SQJSpi = ^soccn q. ▼. 
ASQjggo a boat*B partition at the 
<d>sa)9CB^ corner of the mouth coojasS) 
ajacBHajb evmo^^ YyH. mark of ( 

I. c6)So ka4am S. Elephants temple 
n. (d)So 5' (<o.5dK)l. Debt, obligation; 

TB. ^. AiiJfg^ to make debts, «»• 

borrow, $>d)D^d9ai to lend, c^OA^aa, 

dobodoo-^— dD>Sc86) 


dQ>S(8d860 — <d>SOb 

atfl«9>, Qj^gite to pay debt CS. <d). 
u>rno proY. 2. a>so ojodt to tell 
j)§a» to BolTe them. 
a»yoo6 1 . debtor «oO o-ism .-ordT) i)nbo 
)9QEf^. 2. creditor, also (ftSdOasro); 
uoBQujeaj^daa to dun. 
pital ^. s;2ro§)(fl8o YyM. 
^ Ts. to bind oneself, 
k to fall into debt. a>'fi)gj^ro)(dA (oS^ 
I co^[>at) to owe. 
fia to borrow, croajsooo^ o^o^cb/qui 

^. 93^^ TB, 80 atSo QJM»1 e9So 

y proT. 

[ borrowing, a. ei^cJUO^Do bond for 
▼en beyond the amount advanced for 
Mg a lease ai. ojmsIcb) quisitio MR. 
lyunS. 1. Bracelet, ring a).aiaTa.; 
ill, encampment ^. (BX>^^cnlnno co 
ad. to leaTC the army, ai. (d^oajQi 5)ato 
id it. 2. a feint in fencing (striking be- 
iiat?) a»ia)(Oo a)5id>Qjo (BidOaed^o £ 

iiiW>3U ooj^Adaasmo TP. gt^Ssreo co 
3hr.; also (&5a>n6(8iDsWTP. a feint 
3.= a»o£o astr. ^S'O* cq^uS^zs^cAKR, 

& lLa4ftlgtft 6.(Te.09CU)) l.To pass 
So rtjtg'ft'^o jiiosi ^. Nal. 0(0) Vob 
»jaan9(b BC. SQdaionnimo atsona^ 
>f game. (meitaasan^rdfTio BC. begged 
itratehed head. 8. to enter rDo.^^^oi'ok 
Bk ASOB ^tcxjcno TB. broke into — 
o ASan^j3cX> KB. 8. to pass oat mo 
S^_i3i0, al.^o simply daislatcX) oOiOcdAS 
i£\ TB. deserted the ooantry. a>s 
^l^ibo ajjiicno Bhr. aj^(jpjo^«)''OTa 
^KB. transgrets— fig. 6id9or)9C(i!l| 
> (n)c3^<^9*^o ©iugyn)® TB. act 
9 any thing by myself. 4. to surpass 
T> •a.*o3j«t^99ng dkSg-)ain6 BC. a^)g^9 
BMi^ ^s^Bao etc. 

Qfi»T. M. 1. to make to pasa •tmoenSl 
fern oAACuawib Bhr. crooauoroojl 

n^TStAlaiTio, xU^Lii>iD)cX) A99Z0 aldQalrbb 

a>sandilTB. transported, removed; mo§ «>. 

to banish; d»>s.Tsron ojoai to insult. 2. to in- 
sert, introduce. 

2nd CY. a>smalaA f.i. tm(S\^s d>s.'OTzil^ cu 

(Oivno TB. to get transported — oJl^axdAOib 
<d)SasRh^;^ <i»9rm<0s MB. 

YN. I. a>S(i82 transporting, conveying. <»sasS( 
A o/orrb boatman, d»>s<ziS2^ej) flight (=<d> 

II. ^Sqj 1. passage, tnaqz^o ^s^g^jotfo^ 
8k. no passage or opening in the opposed 
army. 9. passing the boands of propriety, 
transgression ^ofm^onbo «ds.sgja>cX> a 
So 6XLjOQ(fl8<8e9 Mad. — <^S8dl ^^®§^§y ^ 
\f\Q^lsngod^(xsch Bhr. don't despair. dS). ouo 

aa harsh, insulting words. 8. a>SgL44ho(Dab 
Yi. debtor (aiso). 

IIL <SiS(onMab=(8ioin)(^0o f.i. Qj)gj^09ivfi)co» a>. 
roldMi Bhg. encroachment. 

<jd>S(Bj66^3S| ka4akko4i B. Fishermen (T. «>5 
CB;.i6 lowest class, or <d)S^ Aasi). 
d>)S3d9»9S^ aogjoe Ko. custom of fishers (Law). 

(B>SG&336nolkadaiLnaQi(a)s2.+ a)9srnl)M. A 

large-meshed rope-net set between 2 boats to 
drive fish into a twine-net attached to it. 

(B>s.^a9b ka4ft66al YN.ofaisaydi. 

dB>S.^l ka4addi (f. of ^S3) Uelfer, young cow, 
calf. <d>. ^r61fi):32; Aancs^o (BiO(^aS2 TB. ^s^ 

prov. — dCh. oooA B. s fi)6>a)(D) Asaici^AS cnsA. 
d9)S GYiz^,rn3§, <d>5.TSRD9§ old. <d)S(ZS2^i <a>sa2l^ 
Qjsp) ODO^ TP. The district of the Qja^^omoA 
from Mahe to Wadagara, given by Colattiri 
to the s>Q_ioofl,9<onroi of the A.diyodi caste, or 
taken from him by the Utter A. D. 1564 (8 
Cadam, 8000 Nayer, capital <fto6)gLjoo) KTJ. 
a>'§^aib CQ.0OO 00932^080 (& Q<d)Oa^aii>.oB2eB 
cT)9CB;rB9(C8o (V cnc/yoags^ga ^dtQ^g^asaadOOBo m 

OOJOSdtdfDraao ASlcB)9na3<b aQg^OOlOSo TB. 

dB>SCtb ka4ft2L=a>so q. V. <d). o^fiS ^* S<^or^ 

«8»soro) — (d>S(gb 


<B>S(Vy) ka4an6a ((0>5) Thorny branch m of 

<6>Snnni7* ka4aimal C. M. So. A^mwh Wasp, 
hornet. «>. (^slnno aj^^^.-mai a^olai. prov. 
a wasp's nest. ^^^^ 

(d>Sa^6no ka4appa4a ( <0>S^) Post of weaver's 

d8)St2Dob ka4ainail M.C.Te.T.(a>s-0oab)Elk, 
fallow deer MC. Sambre, Rasa aristotelis? 

^SCYii ka4unba (<d>sau3QBtnSo.=a>5ajsp)) stile, 
gate barfOKTUonb <d)S5)aii QQ).T)R^QE^rDi(danrv» TB. 
a>S6>aiiida cndc/do proT. 

<d>Sauob ka4ambaii (ats^j) Unraiy T. Ti. 

d8>Saij ka^ambl} l. =8. «>eo6aio, Naudea 
Cadamba, ai)d9aSoati| QQ. (neajlosogy a)Scnj 
on^nargbCCh. 2. Eugenia racemosa (S)<^scnj 
gs^^ oJ&pifioo a^<b amed. (jpaascm <o>scnj 
«>cX) KR. CT$lajd9». Phyllanthus Maderasp. oai 
&&, a Tariety. 8. (= a>5) ends and bits of olas 
cat fbr writing, of pounded rice etc. (see Ao&Jl.) 

<BiS^<B> ka4a7a'ya T. H. Ta. C. l. To cham 
6)003^, (0)CEti^<b ^.; ojoaSlASAsRso^cqi^ Sk. 
produced fire for sacrifice. 2. to tarn, lathe, 
polish, (sv^ccycjoo fBtsam^ s>ajf g-j)<do KU. ^q 
mia).TP. to whet; di>s^ xassm MB. (taxed) — 
to masturbate V2. 8. acute pain. <dt^<0). to 
smart. ^^((22 ^sam^ Qjksi HH. <d)S6ni^ qj^ 
aqcm^ a disease ; a>9<gb aism^trom walking. 
CV. <fli§o(Oo «»scs£^^ TP. 
YN. I. ais churoing in a)saAi9aA churning 
stick CCh. and (d)Sa>cfi;<b KR. f^^^^ 2. 
n. <d>s^(f.i. 9ei(A a>SA^(da amed.)=a)S 
in. (dtS^rcb 1. turning. AS^e^ turning chisel; 
a>Si2)%]gi9^ab TR. a>S:fi)^Q^nb Vs. tfhs^ 
d9a(o1<0nc)o, a)S:2j6>an9gynb KU. furbisher, who 
has togiTethe arms with his blessing ((Sr^c^ 
coo Qg^qg2fi)a>9^(da). -^ a>s,2jrQ(g_j«m) turner's 
work. 2. pains, as oeVo>:ii9(0)(ea. rheumatism, 
d^o^ etc. 

d8>Sasb ka4al 5. (<d>sc0») 1. Sea — 90^. outer 
sea. co^s®eJ9§ 9aj9(a;9<b Pay. by sea. 2. in 
comp. what comes from foreign parts. 8. what 
is spread out, reaches far. ^scAsiSnaa^, ^s 

(AsKii,£lj2 atage in the growth 
and palms. [^^ ^ r^ 

Hence: d>sfii M.T.Bengal gram, Ciee 
a>sfii9§a> to bathe in the sea (prt 
atseiosl Achyranthes aspera, mac 

(the latter Ach. prostrata Bh.) 
0id9» a ceremony to counteract 

a>sai9^ <d>sfiJ9aj«mida see eq^ — 

4^SiSi9(ncoo B. Arlstolochla Indi 

a>sej^ sea salt OP. 

a)Ss>aj^^ boisterous aeaaQo-Kol 

<d>SOfiis) Mapl. = <d>Ssjaii). 

a>s9fiJ9§o navigation. 

a)S%]g^a7?) CG. Lazmi, Ai^vp^aog. 

*^^%)n^ seashore, =a>5^oo, asc 

<d>s%jg^O(0si sea-gall. 

ifi)5%]g^90Q, a>Sc9n30Q sca breexe. 

^S(^ro) sturgeon, MC. Silurus. 

aiScbbQidnos) = <d)5Q<dA9S^ q. ▼. 

a>s^J.^(0a goods imported by sea. 

«fl»s(aA)'ora)aja polype (loc.) [^(^ 

(9>s(fa^)9>'ST9)«ae3 the Seychelles cc 

a>s»i oddsGP. ^SPidOJ amed. &isa 
en nr> ^ 

fishbone, os sepiae (8. (SiDfiQ^A 
As^ocsv^ seal MC. 

<d»5e:)aT9 porpoise, Platanista gan 
ai9on, atS^'sHrD etc. whales, < 

a)S(r9b)g-)9a3j a sea-snake, — < aerpe 

d))Sej90di, — o-i9s;aib sea weed. 

a^s^oo coast atsra^oajiaii mTC^* 
along the coast. 

AS((ob)gJ ^ No. a smAll flth. 

a)Sei ^st MC. cod. 

a)SatoaK)o sea-maid or Laxmi 4 
firnlQjjmoDoiD Bhr le. 

d^iSoAajg^ob C|slufia CG. 

Asei-isp^ by sea. 

<d>saj>^ ka4ala8 (Tt. s^^va^T 
L. charta) Paper, latter. 

d&tSCUoro^Vsb ka^atiW (dhsAf) i 


kl4«T9 TH. («>5«>) t.BMtb, iMid- 
n, «kwrr (= d>5, H. oflis). «Bi»nl^ «> 
«*a1 TK. — ooiMrnWnk «>. Ats.tiin^ 
KB. tofarrjoTar — AAAisaj TP. ilcpi 
)■( to > tank or river, hanee ers^jlrol 
aPofloni to fO to itool Bod wuh Bftsr It. 
t, liwik of wild beHtt. cieafi as 

(kastg.) — antatAiSib Asaj^nKns g 

^ojo rnl'ol«i«£^ TP. I don't know the 
■d III wsjt. 

A>saj0iMKA ferrj-man. ASOjaoDslTil 

»swhaff A'oV^lld BBsAiSIOClAlIC. 

I fat. ofdebotiTe Verb: T.kK.q«a9rak 
>t n^Mo^dBiflBSajA TE. (huorlptum, 
ISO) aA3^«»cijo aASfiajo dhs^ibUB. 
lUlJ tliojl 

3 lu4>i>mi> (Vl. ASalMo) Impedi- 
rooblcaone buineu. «i. e«e rnltSsl. 
* T. (fti^jjnb= A«r«nb) mo *Is3. 
I nam KB. Soand of bsBart. 
« lajiJ^iMP B, (=e>&«sgg) 1. Bide- 
^£1^ A'ds.ftKPa. otagTOwlDgglil; 
lith kindnew. ASJAta'jjlaeasmo aaj 
uan mKaman^^i KB. i. r>Tor, 
in, oftea sm«>S3flftia (doe.) 
AsifiCD^Ai 1. to look kindlj. Aiflljasl 
]^ A. Hal. ooqnettUhlj. S. lo kior 

^ S;!iJA»iOD oigai^ niKetang TS. 
emmant h^g pleaaed lo plaoe me la 
poulkm. aaximjanfa dhs^afiilOidMino 
1. fr«Bt that I naj hear, 
ka4i7i <<s.saj!^)=:«>5ca] q.v. St^te, 
« of riee Scldi, inMaeaelble to cattle. 

*" PiWT, [oooapaHon. 

IJMMn = JiStflamo. ai^WDcKxoeaalTe 
i Bo. llMdiMM, ITo.a*)smflb. 
» ka4ini(»T.AJl.c.=*lsnj«.- 

13 aBtSSOJ— (e>slA 

cntonns^ SojMb c>>5>^ sum, cnl|u(n)«ig)nM 

RieSgjiib jijleia«s^ajOe*>S9ajlBC.PunainK. 
ASyUSrn ka4&Ta9» (C. Tu. co — pomp) 

Wholaaale aoooantaf Ri^jaa, nod. syvia^Dtua 

n (fr. <AS !.) 
<fi>53aOa ka4&lum S. Large boiler or pu, a) 

S33J, AlstTDD. ~na>mu«>so3flo cngna^Bbg. 

the iholl of tEe mundane egg. 
I- AS\ kl4i S. (I. Aise) Lolni. «>^|a^««AD, 

«.sloiSo (po.) — 

AislfT^^a and dh^n^jt^o MaL girdle. 
U. oBiSl T, H. C. Te. (=0>^) Extreme, iharp. 
Aal «isf i4|.i« uo* to ipeak banhlj. 
*t>kn adj, hard, teTere, big. AiS^ Oojonl 

a mlg:htj BhagaTatl. 
OisWA n., «i£)^ t. So. H. a oertala OMte. 
lU. <ftSl T. H. C. Te. (To. blow) A Ut«, MOag; 
(loo.) a oheat. eoco&inra^aB Aisltigo A^oyea 
of) a piod feed, am ai& ojai a monthfal. 
Hence: 0is1ge»»aO ftroll plokad b; birde. 
A^ltg^ to bite. »9| ojxiulsKT) mwmml 

AdtqiMl ^^*^' iSiS^qjo ChTr. 
■Ot^lenMnbblt, bridle, a. tegjMm AimlioprOT. 

alio a,sl»«mo, fi-sltniKiTil Vi.S. 
oi^SKu^ei 1. teeth lo be set. a^gt iSivssSan 

«isWlj| SojicdriTCh. (in death). 3. b>^ 

ojlcnMiAslsKLj^ QF. ingaroane tonohed 

b; antnale, bilten. 
o^WjgcSi Bhr. to bile. 
Ai^^dunb adog, that bltee.<He nnderOi^IL) 
«i5I:u3BbI a^s^iSa lu set the dog at. 
iaaiaiva\ plwM of a bile. 
Aslcuoao bit, fU. «>f JJOfto. 
a>£[dae> T.M. (Te. e.o.yC. Tu.«.^.)». a. 
1. to bite, ohew, Ai^a^iQAi to be mor< 
daoioiu(dop or ig. mto).a>&g^i(ii oOOBf *° 
eat. — aiS^tfeqja AsWojln cij^4Sm SQ«Ja 
a gInttoD. 2. to (mart, pain, oheal. 
CT. Ablate f.l. ^sy, juim^aj^juim^. 

AS\A ka^iya <T. boltl Pe; tied to tb* well- 
tope to preTent ite •lipping from the boeket. 

Asi5*wia — ^&>§ 



bom of num and beasts, (see at^cnji^) ^, aj 
tSKi6; d9>b)<a0id coeo oaj9o«n| proT. 

<d>sk^id8) ka4i7Vya l. T. t. n. To be pained, 
broken. 4^^sn^ ^ci^o<£\ was wearied. a.s) 
fB9 a»spl^Bhr. got throagk with difflealty. 
2. T. a. B. to clear bamboos from thorns (q-KQoj 
A.Palg.)i to separate the good fh>m the bad. 

I- dd>^ ka4n 5. Extreme, exoessiTe(heDoe«>s). 
fierce, impetaous. — Inf. A^OtS A^oomonb ( o> 
§.'Oioiaj3^o)KB. — adJ.a)«n3i>(^s)Il.),oeatr. 

Bhr. swore a fearful oath, ggf^ <&.§9>m3 fl^o 

9^ TP. formidable (dSD ai^anxvaa^^^fla). 

«.§aD3^ajnm YCh. painfnlly red. 

11. d8>§ 8. pangeot <g^«a»§, ^aB9=3<cf>)g_|ejl, ^tt, 

.aj<da OP. 

a»$a)o 8. id. <m^gjejVag|o«mo a>^a)0Da£l KR. 
tfh^diOjd^o harsh KR. 

a>^A mustard, also a>^ Q^oaaoD^o <d>96noo, 
«»§^ioi <dioqgjo proT. d9>$«l>lnatfmi eiv^^ 
g)flflOfiagBDeQao Bhr. <0>^fi><d>aD ^diocoojooo 
6P. — Kinds: aifoleB&^A Sinapis nigra. A ni 
Q«t.MM., «>aj6;». 

a>94MfD0QO«m) MM. (da^orDsoolfiml 8. (tq. 

^anro06Tni) Helleboras niger. 

a.§A«>, ^rD T. M. T. n. to hasten. — Inf. a.^^ 
quickly <d*. ag_j95>9g^ocX>a) Bhr. 

a>^«9A a large shellfish in the sea. 

6>§(Ss, 002 T. n. ^ grow hard, sharp, worse (as 
pain). — Inf. a>^d9s» QoldOao aaS^cA AR. 
sharply, quickly. a>§«9A9cn Sa_ioa£>CQ. 4h§ 
omQOD ^sreooNid. — <»§tjio) strong, tight as 
cloth,paper. B)^ TSiadda.TjratrDoKR. sharp. A 
^.moi f^^dH^cX) di.os&i to lead an awful life. 

a>^i6»nb ear-ring of men. 

4»>§<aii9QcO, d^.§<0a the inknut, Terminalia Che- 
bula; ^§«de^9cB/o its die. Kinds A(ad3j)gyo 

^* or 0d9o>«BiA* or QLj3(rgb)d9n* ft A' 
«i§a>oryob 9aj95>ei ^sjojcm «>g[g KR. 
*^3e>dajo great anger, and a)>^S<d>9Qjo, a>§ 

•«.Da^ ChVr. ^^^ CliVr. 

a»99«woro AS^d9» PT. much blood ^. .aXd 


a>9(0i)9<ft.$4iilsl(T> Ptoy. with a 
(see (£\^), 

«i§0nei T. Ys. d>§.inilAi (mod.) 

winding edge aAam^ ajam»4 

(Opp. .r^rO^A), 49».Q|^ Q-jejlueQ} 

at^oolfo) quickly a a>§dB»9%T). 
<d>. dBetK^ a speedy person Yi. 

«)§g|Bs) a kind of drum, attribute < 

A^gSB^aiio precipice; steep. 

«»^anrQb MC: = atsonob wasp. 

^^8:j<> pungency, harshness, braTer 

of toddy, Tinegar, etc. «* 9ao( 

Bhr. resolutely. a>*iQtf| OQ 

steel. <d>. ^'dslcsMA^aio^ 9:u9r 

cruelty. <d>. ^ai to become ei 

ojocBia^^ KumK. don*t scold, a 
Mud* to brook. 

d))^^ id. <d^<d>^gj aosterity. 

a)§g_|§<b a caste of embalers and c 

dat^ouA), below Yapiyar; ah 
masters (loo.) 

<&.§0 (=<^§9jo) ji)9sm^s>rtbo « 

QLlJ»KT)o fSldrmi ^^0301995 Mud. 

flD§^9>'fn^ Avtlro YyM. spiritless. 
«)<d>9§iJT9)Cfi;(0s TR. to send sharj 
a>^06n9<^n6 resolute, seyere. 

<d>^09nb a kind of deer. 

(d>^(Tiid>3i9^ KR. decided enemy. 

(di^cnia)rob broad-day. 

d)§cn?ro1a>ca(b ((8iOQd99o) prov. 

<d)§cnjleB the strongest child, flrsfl 

a>§a)j (loo.) stump of a broom. 

6>^aLjnb Yi. male of cats, pigs, etc 

a>%QjQg_| B. perfuming (to take 

ai^oio^o insolent, cruel word. 

at^ajdoO "fierce mouth** tiger « 
«)' ^(A joJottojob Anj, 

4h%o&:i]aij\(A powerful sun. 

«»grDo Yl. =r ^(Oo. 

^^ (bef. Yowels) as a^aQncg bla 

A§<-^ dnSi 


dBiO3(0»— <ds6no 

I T. IE. <C. Te. (D^ tt, €/KHj itoat, 
I. Luip, MMSy s^oiOdftis ooagalAtad 
»6Aakfl»y Qj^ A» to oonerete M (naOib 
ii6*lp^cftMib ^uS^dot^ proT. 2. = 
d, sod. ftm^ *.| Oojg^an. (for baild- 

•§«syD • thorny pUmt. 
nrio 1. tho right of broAking the 
■i =^(^a»o«rno, n^o^ (noaj<8>rjdo. 
fceaaro of rioefiolds lufayorftbto to the 
rator, henee called d9>(^<ei)oemo. 
93^ newborn infant (tnnb d»). aoiH ^(^ 
VmaeX) CO. norDOB/nma*. a(U9tf>fij RS. 


'Q^ inetmment for breaking the elods 
■•wing, consisting of the handle, oj 

ad the block, 4»>s<os^ aiOgoso. 

Bo. tie on the neck of oxen. 
• wooden spade. 

i^Ao) rast, «». ojli^an to mst. 

lla4tiklltU(A§~o<o>§l^eg.) 1 . Loose 
Bsoreables, chattels, hoasehold-stnif. 

aocroo89(0o. S. loTc intrigue OMvafiO^ 

^1 . aodo of proceeding. 

(§9(61 H- kltir I>ftgger a*, fiorol 


T.M.( l.What 
naed, solid, ingot scuaio. 2. syrup, 

8. lump used as weight, ^saAg). 
saquireaents. (nounb a>gl<0R3/Dnb. 
s^ S. pastof «>«n(aidQi). 8. T.Te. 
.=»a»f Tie, bundle; sediment, dreg^ 

— Inf. a»MQ^>» ^1* to ^^^ t>?^** 
dfv ff<A) bedstead, cot. (d)sior0«^ 
hi Vid. A. fi> AiQQOSblfiio a>3<Qfc f» 
no proT. — a»sVBknttDnr)o8o. property 
by a Kayer to wife and children. 
>raed like a>^ej, atMiAej), So. <d>gi(d 
Ai^ T.) door-frame. a^(D0on6 (&>^ 
. • g«te fai tba Ta^rpa^vam fort. a> 

^eidBoMi side-post of door. at^lAJcroeoii 
the bag worn by licmmanis on the shoulder. 

^^89 8o. heel of cock. 

«>AS0(n C. public office a>9^^CBn«ft ^Mi^ 

Oidaoso, Qjasoio) TB. 
(d)9g^sa>§Aaj^, 1. ooagulation. 2. seed- 
ing aa bamboo. 
a>Ososo 1. see a>g««as07A. 2. trough a>. aro 
dkasos •moem^o^o Bhr. — <o>«so5o ^s^oibi 
nb, also <s>§ fiSgjdob a bird (Oneulus?) 
dd%O0(0o katharam see a>sorDo, d»)§9(^ Dagger. 

d8)6\nOokftthinain 8. (<d>^nn:a ais^cu; and «»«)) 

Hard, solid, BeTere,difaoult. 4^6\cn Qj^ai high 
price, oo^onbn ScnAro «>* 003^ Ocnaaaow keeps 
me at a distance. — ^>&m (^)o:s;o,-crojaoxio 
hardheartedness abstr.N. «>6W>T»,a>ooknyo* 

d8>(2oyi>o kalhdram 8. i.=d><Skno, a>|(oo. 
2. = a>9ooaj^^ Glare.— Q{|(iA)a>9oore(D)Jo 
DM.a>fla<0»^9^M» JO PT.(opp. ojcx^exj^^o). 

I. <d>6nO ka^a T. M. O. Tu. (Asm T. C. Te. 
knot, joint) 1. H. Tu. 8mall bamboo braach; 
bamboo; ArDiokflm an almost solid bamboo; 
Si iissiem (6ij»MBBsm), emofsosm different reeds 
2.(0. Te. 00— ) small stick (f. i. Qjosp^smsae 
Qjotf^), shaft, hilt, handle (ai9^«im)a>smQcf) 
ooo aKiOrab proT. aiemQ^ ^cncQjo KU. old 
institutions, perhaps a>. the redhot iron of 
ordeals. 8. M. T. 0. arrow eo^MXlbo ojob 
6m aooloi ono^ CO. Asmaicb skudsplaoom, 
oaio^SGjW 0(d)9^nsm BO. 4. roller of 
mills, the cylindrical wood of an oilpress jt} 
<0sa>«m Yi. 6.(8a>«no knuckle) in a»«m 
cB9&pi etc. 

Hence : a«m<aii9(8k 80. and atsmcbaflA 1. ancle, 
fetlock (T. (ftsnoceMomk) 2. calf of leg, shin- 
bone (T. atAAsmAio^). 
<£iismAif(A Nid. AsmcoBtfdib CG. id. eceuxh 
^cm) compared to a«jg^ ^HttnoBifcA CG. 
<o>6nDtt«||| (Bo. ^ismd^q^) the end of the 
ck»th tucked in so, as to hold the whole 
together (so^Vu) 8.) ^MtSi ^«9 ^» 


<)a>6ro— «a>ero<ee 


d9)6rOaJo — dB>Grol 

<S}6m5>5)6Bi 1. wriat(T. a>6no6)«>(Ss). 2. fore-arm 
(T. Afi>Affms)$><0o) AsmsisaBd^ ds^s^so 
AQ:i^A0(n?5>ar)9a8 eiao &9q| HM. 

^snDgjfbb (loo.) moBhroom. 

atfimerDo (loc.)=sBoaa). 

atsmcB^ob a kind of millet. 

d)>tfnrxB>oipi a foot ornament (CMDlaifl. a^o <nD<dA* 

edBMmoB^o&pl KB. 
II* d9)6roS.Long pepper a)6rntfK0flD^0la^o0P. 

<d>6rOo ka^am 8. 1. Grain (&smaj(S;o GP.=: 
«Alg_|ejl & aio^ (ongjeji (see a>6m); atom. 
Qjoc)dd9ai«mo point of sword Yi. naid»6nDo 

^ KB. anything minute (oomp. a>rrflcB;g;§ ). 
2. T. Tdbh.= cosmo a body of persons, ass- 
embly, circle ; also s <fifia«mo 2. — a>. c) ro^caa 
the armed Brahmans to assemble in a Brahma- 
nioal temple with worship of Oanapati to con- 
salt on GoTt. affairs aos ouoooio a>sm^rDl (68>, 
a)fim(sn»)anuS^AofD)«>c)o KU. «t«rngjoo the 
place of sitting for snch purpose KU. 

dB)6rOdB6^ a med. = d))Or)<da (roocdaias a^sm.inai 
(fSi&n amnriD). 

dMro<66^ ka^akkij T. M. (oxmo, 03«rn^'oio) 
1. Ck>mputationi account. «>. «idas<0«, ^^8:j^:^ 
(8a>c)oaj^t9a Nasr. po. a>. $m» e<Tio (Q^aAsmo 
TP. to settle accounts. 6>. ojo^, dsojoco^gj) 
t9aTB. to glTc account. d9>. 4Bi^«») oa>o^ai>, a>. 
^^A to add up. (fl?1^6m<0a fractions, aismcaa 
o ficucibaflniaib BC. unmeasurably high, ^em 
<Sm\(A SD^<d) to charge an account. 2. es- 
timation, manner, way,(8iooocn5KrrvnD <d>6m(d« 
ASHB^rDig-jSi BC. Qj§y d))fim(0a^ejo on any ac- 
count, anyhow. oioaMcmide thus. <n§>) d^6m 
d8»i(bb (ftos):^ Anj. soundly. — <d)6rr><0o^(bb qljo 
(d> 1. to speak exhaustingly on. 2. to abuse. — 
A(ta a)6m(afi)(ab, — dte^Ocn perhaps. mQo& 

GC. like the sky seoo in water. — With Aoc. 

(nl«)an«Ba6m««aa Bhr. eA^^amm < 
AB. like M. — adj. pari, ^^cm Acrrx 
as. 8. right way. dy^sm^^^ak f^^ 
moch TB. to make the proper exer 

unusually, aicmaaioa^ Oojo^ — «aii)c 

settled, cleared ; to die ooaioor) <d«n< 

Arb. killed. a>osfo Afmaalejadaal 1 

ordered, on^^ejo «)«)md«nor)) Qom 

6md9»lcY)1 Bhr. both the same to mt 

09<8t aismdsagy CG. does not plea 

«d>9ie^ <fi»6mA»§k) PT. don*t go by m 

Qa)(T?d9» oQ^s^oo <d>. Bhr. content wi< 

Hence: d>>6Tr)<0acula>3roo work on Arit 

(d)«m<es)a5^a)d(0^ aocountant. 

a>dm(OftQ(io, a>6mifl«l90D (2) like, as. 

smiflsacT) 0(m9(mlideo, o^^SMm «>« 

cumn A, KB. uiA(Q3o ^a^daao 49e. 

d)>6m<donb 1. accountant Asmcdiig^ 

<8fi^eB^nb TB. cnoguS^Aoc^ 

g^eeKTI. Pudushery Bambi in I 

— an Ea8t-Indian(mod .) 2. a clan 

d)aT>«BA6>nbo Asai\ dks)«Ba96kiftpi 

«a»5>n6o asscfiaob; also a>snr>a»A, 

<d>sm(0ao aiospjo (or)S«aaiOg^ TB.) 

of public business, also wftojci 

«&>5mce8o aisneoAo on inspeoting 

^6Tr>d9«croarDo a mathemaUeal ti 

Nllacantha. r<oi*«» 

(d>6m6)ti88>y(qg^ office of aoooiintani 

a>)«rr)3(OR9ai accounts. 

c6)6W)Q_k} ka^abam 8. Spear. Bhr i( 

d8)6rr>^ ka9appi} So. Bight angle, 

go square ((dafirrkfia). 

(d)6noca4 ka^ambi} A fish, mullet 

de>6nr>OJCYb ka^aTail T. M. Hoaban 

aisnenb) <d>*o09(Cdos Qslo^ RC. a^i 

(d>6nooj1^ ka^aviram T. m. c. t 

Qjlroo) Kerium odorum. 
<d>6rrSl ka^i (a^aih) l* Sight, speota 
<8t oo^croVs/dOEOme OG. Eap. omin* 
what is seen at the birth of a ohild 

dBbOnrSlOds — dMorb 


kMTen ete.) or fint sight on peoaliar days 

(aAfQdBMrn^); or tigniflofttiTO preMnU, a>finr)i 

o Aia%l^ to explain tnoh. 2.(T. C. Tu. «>g^) 

■triag in form of an eyo, tnaro, gin, Saisob 

AcmWKUi^ .akaaojoMo PT. 8.= <8»«m^iv3nb. 

Inee : a^cm) Assno a aoapieioas tighti to appear, 

iDieemeh. oKo^onborSl^g^ A'snoooj^^TP. 

*«rn)dB»T.a. l.tolayauare.f^ej^esDindKas). 

Ti. 2. to make the framework of an 

▼H. A«rn^ («ksm 5) artioalation of limbs. 

be difjointed. 

*«n).aio Ti. aeoount taken at a gness. 

ftonVi^ro (S) astrologer's hoose, <d>«yT9)gjrD 

(1) theatre erected on YUhu (ajl^fi^). 
*«nks§ (2) a kind of leeoh. 

Mmlodnb (T. actor) 1. low tribe of astrolo- 

f«t it umbrella makers, banished to 24 

■leps d ist a n ce from Brahmans. A. c&ofii 

ttnMBa)^ •cii«mo ojoojoob KU. — also «> 

«dW)» (hon.) as Qj9Q|(b A«rn^Adi» 

ef a low easte sage. —Ko. ai«rnkAab,f. ~ 

MmWdTDAQ^ or 0Licrn)<9s<b a rank among 

Es^ijir, their barber, etc. 
MrnWKuas (2) oj^a&p^^ Asroio^o skd^ 

ojaqn Hal. laid the cloth as snare. 

» hUTltm 8. Barofcom((0/«mo),^ 

^^4p(i kft9T.M.G.Tn.(Te. Anr»;Chin. 
baa) 1. The eje <o>j[})9«ei Asng TP. «oaj 
tOMjoWk Assnaaodoi^cyTB. not to be fbnnd. 

b it. Aer^BMk Asnb A^paa»«mo Bhr. supersti- 
tisB IB ease of bad omens. ^>4fG^ QjkidrDsi^ 
Afjnb TP. pitiless, ^fpp ec^aju^o^o 
S. what is eyelike, nipple of breast, 
eeeosant, starinpeaoock*s tail, head of 
tel (flMysmlons a>«i6 fiv^Ao amed.) 
of needy b«d (Mweki^jAS A6n6, hence 
»>; mesh of net (hnntg. name for net) ; 
or kaoi ia oaae ( astid, Asm ), arch of 

bridge, opening of cnlrert. 8. rank in state. 

OA9^(q[2 KU* different offiooB similar to the 

members of the body. [dojosmo CG. 

Hence: AsiAfiO ogling A*GB;M):B;oa8 o^ajos; 

Afii9»3SA to nod, beckon. AfiiAOfiroldM Vi. to 

superintend (see Aaedsm^tse). 

AersB^a^ eyesight. 
AeiSBiaa boil on eyelid, AsiSitfl socket eye. (a 

qtsibq) AeT!Bi&plQD;ab,a bad sort of small-pox. 
A<5n6^G!n Yi. reward for floding. 
A«>Gra3>s blindfolding, hoodwinking. A. (^ 

Somaioao pror. A'aHai legerdemain. 
AQfinSk^ Yl. bad sight. 
Ae)6ia>o^i6tt to look on. 9ij3au)ajOd3^ejo A* 

S99).tn cno6Tni:^ CG. 
AS>6n8k3 otia) grccn whipsnake* 
at^erAa^^A B. to dazzle, grow dim. 
A6n6iii9§o intense look. 
AfiDS spectacles. A*^ggl a mark in cattle. 
AODnb 1. distinguished by eyes, cnde^dtgi^ab 

a dog with 2 excrescences abore the eye. 

2. Crshna, N. pr. m. AaT)S).'Tbo Agpi^ A 

«ne$vtngk^9o AOfimoAO) Oojao im^^6moCCh. 

8. aflsh. A*a9o Ar^^coo PT. (=ajrD9(sb). 
A*QJ9(P a kind of plantain. 

a»|m«(aj)oaQj hammer-beaded shark. 

Asmq^A N. pr. also <&>c^<9St Aas^foofiio TB. 

(Bias^eo) the adi Raja or BTbi of Arakkal. 

A*aA3§ Q_iosb)d3ce@ proT. [ft red. 

Asmg^rtoff) see <d)QCDS —cattle speckled white 
ASDOsi C. Tn.H.T. mirror, glass. A. s>xi 

nm AQjIcb.TiTBiSo CG. — A'ajraso So. the 

hipbone, A*gjoo Palg. buttock of cattle. 
Aaso^ouoas^^fl^ blind-manVbofT, a play. 

AernsQiuo thinness. A*09Ci)^3 T2. Tery fine 
cloth. [Yi^ 

Ajmo'Do a certain snake (called blind by Port.) 
^SfR^ B. (cnoTD?) stork. 
AflfDdft^ coquetting, lecher. 
^SS^ 1. haying fine eyes as ^09)fp^ etc. 
Afi^cacEf^ei. 2. link of chain, mesh of net 


(<d>«m^). 0>. ailJli^eJiftiiitolNreak, to die; lines 
of the hand marking the joints (Asm) ojlrD 
^g}^. 8. shoot of betel Tinee. a>as^<aft9.'0i0) 
(Si ^fp^ Qjoo^CB»(2 stages in the growth of 
betel, also «>. d9i.'OROQ2ig>So. — also palm leares. 
aoaiJBfigjj) single leaf, ©oejo^s <0>. «ajo^ 
goriA angO^CBrOfii QuDol; i»>|m1cn9 A its <»ro. Q<Tn 
<999(di>gq^ fruit-stalk; (^Sbjm^, a^SfiSagro) first 
ft last fruit-stalks on a bunch of eocoanuts. d»> 
ff^tiMoa young mango. 4. salt pan b dtga), 
plot of land for salt manufacture, about 10* by 
6» W. 

Ma>>6n) both eyes. 

«)||^0 eyelid. ^. ^^oDgtjoould not sleep. 

oOKTioAS id). rmcBBsO^ ^t?)«m9 CG. 

showed sleepiness? 

^g^ib tears. a>. A^dTl KB. also >^aid>, 

AfijIcdA, Aaj9«il<di, Qjodjoi UR. — often (d>as 

(moob KB. with tears. <d>aTflA<0ao^9CB;^«g2@fi 
omb Anj. near death-beds. [enyioas. 

4Mra«)sl«f» l.=stf>ii)9(S)^^ o^^as). 2. to be 
MQDQatg (Aa)§(0>) not to be taken in by 

the eye. d^, Sicnf^ mocxiS^ £0ng TP. 
a^grnflrrp pupil of eye. 
a>aMts«t ogling, =<d>9ssQf also a>siD<n<d)0 

ctocfh ((o^OQBM) c^o)cB;ajnnbo «>. o<d)3Ci^o 

superst.) [pleasure. 

a^fflfifOBga) KU. to roll the eyes, manifest dis- 
a>fls«KU<0s TR. to covet. 
4hflS6>i)aja|nb, — jaSl^lfQT\)(0»o6 oculist. 
ihoaDOQa) the eye to take in. a>QaD-oi9kO<B8 

fto proT. unbounded lake. atAflDmoiOD) cno 

§ proT. far away. 
^^ff^'^^WL SiPu. anointing the eyes with 

ooUyrium. [csj^a.; a>«j[pQ. 

a>ggp ^ = Q(^(8a3ii3o cTil eye. so. a)S>aso) 
a»iOg^9d9ao, — go glance, gasiog at. 
<6>9£n9 jBs first Tisit to a mourning house, Palg. 

Vi. a>. <d>96nod>. also ^spt<a% Aa>^a> to 

bring presents to the surTiTors(f. i. 1000 

plantains, 500 ooooanuts, etc.) 

4i>2i^sPQj(oi* Yt. to be blinded. 
a^^jnpft rhenm of tha aye. 
^iSi^^mnoch CG. fell aalaep. 

a»enB«rn) (a>6na\sf1) eyebalL fig. r 
a>. a»(^a.Mn) KB. 

a>6rB:uil Taluation from gneaa. A\ 

aiawa)ot,i.^*^9(aK^9wb KB. aa d 

as the eye. 
aiSPBaaaao drowsiness. [throai 

a>6naol^rgb rolling of the eyes in a 
Aend9(s>o joggling, fascination, a* 

9ZZ9^ A.R. <a>*^«ea9acr) CG. faai 

<d>firB9cs;ajlg Stnti(s:fl2C3*>^^ 
<d>en^ar>=a>s<d»ffiB outer comer of 

its look «ioaj(b a>'c»9Qv saiMmf 

6)0g^(bb^os) CG. disn:9<T>s>rgi8i| 
<fiftw>). [ 

aisnbc^ouji eye-disease 90 iM«i)a^ 

<0>9niska94* M. Tu. (C. cn^. 8. Acao) 
root as of lotus, plantain, ^oi, 9j 
q/o oj^oi^ proT. (a>«r«c£Ukn)ma 

«|||o £«nBOd»i ))• ^* ^^ P<^^ where 
ft bunches grow out of tlie stem o 

AfOcb. — ' a*. a>(T)o AOOBOi^t ^* &O1 

a>«nB(d)3aaoajnb steady, ttiibborn, 

m^Anbo a>sr«0»9o61«Baac(8o I al 
your neek. 

atsrvov^oo, a»«ii^;jWdat aooir ol 

d9>6inSoka|^4^^ Tdbh.Qismuol. Pleei 
a>sir«Qjo (S«neajo pror. /»oo A.fiaia 
leaTcs for platea (s^^ai^lgB). A 
roo-siag a>. aaQ«aagy pror. eat np. 
of cloth o^rf^ov ojWi Aj^ddmsmo TI 
piece of fine cloth. «d»6nw>99i aqis 
smumci^nnoo CG. the piece tnken b 
from the wrappinga of a eorpao. 
land, the 4 dlTisioiia of aaoiant Kan 
eap. ricefield<sajc(iKab), Mi^MBa. 
(OdSm. (higher), Q^«il<fla.| 0*/Dai., 4 
eoQAsnaooatosoRft^ (doo.)y «». atfOi 
sneojo ^:^c()jo. —fig. see 9>|p*. ' 
sroo neck, a»9r«An09«l TB» 

fttfoiatt— a>ans^ 


<0>9ntDA — <d>(S9ni>:Qgo 

■t^jn aio^ tt^ q^o brolmi sIoiim. 
ll» vtotfiekL A'AB^ob cxjWD6Kr)§y 
dittanea of a rioedeld a<o». g^^ 
1 qjWii a£\j^ TR. [Calteut. 

ik cnxBiA KU. a renowned officer in 
I eloth to sleep on «i. oj^/ol^ TP. 
o raw Boger in lompi (lee ^dnfi). 
sfiusmD^dte) T.a.1. todiYide,cutin 
«»*tt^jUSAi (<|$ V TP. A*:B^ 09%) 
. defeated. 2. to hate Yi. 

2Ul4*Yam 8. 1. A thorn. a9')Oi>.. 
Do ^a^bVob eoQ a>*90 mIcq/oo^ 
dangeroQi. 9eLi9^»s^iOiViso>ch\JB„ 
Iflo ealled aAua>5nB<o>nb AR. the 
^tteOodt. di>9r««>AeioR0. theBAxa- 
% most inanspioioos time d.^^oRSl-no 
<Ljis93i€mo (aUo ^9r^^>(/acol (also- 
)OeJ3«0So, aQ(i?O90So, ajvOias^flSo). 
9Cno (8) wMhing in saoh seasons. 
\j»isng or ei. Qj^pmloD Solanum Jac- 
one of the o ikSQQ.jeati^^o QP. >>. 
QgVjde diet. 

So. the thorny Webera tetrandra. 
iftio the jeckfrolt tree^ajloiooj. 
iQa^d9>6o Hal. A kind of cloth, 
!tb^ (T. «>993aGQ) chequered clothes, 

i94*^ T. M. Ta. (C. (osr«ab, see <e 
rhe male, etp. of oat Asnga^^^ £ 

r. pr. of men. 

a^jalam aM. (dsnb, (mexo) Orb of 

K> ^im» a»'QQjiB9nb RC. pitying. 
1^4^ 1. (:=ai9«) What is bulb-Uke, 
lekfmit it other green fraits a^^e^o 
u»o^^ TP. young frnit. — 2. Rhizo- 
delsAaiQAi^iMkRh. Kinds: n(^:a^ 
.y «^Ab Rh. Lanras glancescens?, 
Uiis. eyiiadrioa), jj\?nddst. Jatropba 
i^an. Rhiaoph. mangle or Aegioeras 
BUa. oaadalaria, ooivpo 4i>.=: 

•:>jspcpjibL OenerallyoDdf «ioqMb(alto «i;Rg)) 
ft ajip AarMb. 

<B>er%o<Biemc^ see <^— . 

<d>6n^ Inu^^i 1.0.Ta.M.(C.Te.aliocxMi«lfrom 
a>9Vo) Gap in a hedge or fenoe, breach in a 
wall. 4Mi(0 <bar«ki^o Qmlt^o {^M^Mntt over 
ditch ft wall. ^sn£i s^ro^Ckse Mliii {Utt^^s® 
proT. ocnxu ^rn^og a . c2o«aa\^50. — a* 
^ «i^<oe*to open a way for the water into 
riceiieldi. a. ^ait^ tkn%t^ proT. — a ^eoe 
of Ugh grooDd «oa Atsn£\^omjo TR. — a 
mountain pass ^sneljst ^.gmiob ajovcno^ TP. 
2. a lamp, eonoretion; d^q^9n£\ sugareaody. 
8. a weight of 600 Ibe. (660 at Bombay) Oeiidy 
(Port. Candil d»>«rAsb Yi.)a80--28 Tulam. 
cn>-ig^[)a0c)o a»^(ak«mdtti)ra4 ori^^ Mod. in 
immense masses. 4. a stick of 4 yards length, 
measure of ground; also cubio measure of 1 
Col crJlfto, 1 Col fiSo, 1 Col 4hmo; oi^ocvm 
rMsalonbo ^MnB^aKQagst^CS. to find theonbie 
measure of timber (2* 4" square, W.). 6. one 
or more plants, aisnelaajtb is one of the efti 
<BK»«aMaKfo. — In po. = juar«l Yallisneria, 
the green coreriog of standing waters, often 

«)(DlflMnB^d9eU>ej) Bhg. «>(o)aBbar«)aU0A^£9 

(Oo KR. a$Wi^rDiflab«vicB>9Oii;0(0) ^on^CG. 
of fine dark hair, ^t^nii <^mD Aaidor^ss^i CG. 
so 4h9n£\&sti99n9(A RS. black oloud. 
Henoe: A4nsl(eeoA«up<d, ^^oi^aioibdkspejiAcb 
Bhr. Mod. (5) s cTV^aioelon). 
Asn£\4£\ifi€9^ (6) a long yam, Diosoorea. 
a>9r^aj04p(ab (1) a pass, 18 in Kerala KU. joj 

^'^ ^^ [Egypt). 

<o>9«lA:ug^ (2) myrrh GP. (8. elf^cBi from 

<0>flni)aj9A4krDcX> (6) long braided hair. 

<d>6nf)ja6)at> kaq4ikkBii {ast^ 6) Cloth of 

a darkgreeo colour. a)«nB)daan(>9aiai A^cgSf 
«>(i^r^(3as6nB^d9»n6 CG. 

<d>€ng l^aQ4V '* P**^ ^' <d>9finD^ q. T. — 2. 

Kandu K. pr. of men. 
d8>(S9nsoo^o (or 6uP) Harelip. Hid 84. 

dBiOnna — «B>Rn)(b 


(d){o7|«ek — dft^toRJi) 

S»erf^o kantham 8. Neok, throat «». oJlr^^ 
a)^ jyoob CQ. killing • child. ^t6ff>a»)^ os 
OTUjiddn etc. 

4^6gy9jiSdeo Nsl. oatting the throat. 
^t9QiUCumo (^oosKibo) PT. s3i^(a£)o, (8ioej£). 
a>«99or)oftothro/it dh^^wS^ak (0>9vor)oAasBnAnbo 
(^sn^cLynqS^o MM. <d>*aoaxjui o^ong^^SiPa. 
^scoeiOQi 1. neoklaoe. 8. sorofala round the 


neck; ooramon carte ft abate. 

aifigrxT^^QS)o the naptial neoklaoe (Tali). 

ai«gD(Ti^9cr)o & (0>0rs(ij^ — bathing without im- 
merting the head. 

6>flgr)98rD6rno 8iPa. women't neck-ornament. 

«>og^(OCiio PT. lion (rDCUo toand). 

a>€^ o guttural (gram.) 
Aerru^ ka^^fl 8. Itchiog = 6>jisoo^. 
<0>gnQlj <6>g^ we <6>6tnr|). 
c6)6«^jri^ Oa^vail 8. N. pr. a Bithi, fotter- 

fother of 8akuntala (Bhr.) 
dd>(U)o kadam T. aM. (Tdbh. cotmo whatoeatet 

toon) Wrath a>. 6)a)0sV»ainb RC. 

dhCiruBio ka5a'yam8. = «(o>oooaiiruab med. 
<6>fOVfi3 ka6a^ T. M. C. a flSjrOXlJ (perh. = 
4»>s) Door, doorleayet, comer of a door <&>(0) 

aMmajocBH (8o. aisaj03»^) corner of the mouth. 
SjiiorD s>iii9r^6n9 a». &ej)(eaQ^ KB. fh>m 
a Bazasa*B mouth. a>. ^emi^ tallTa flowing 
daring night out of an infantas month. 

d6>rO)Q d9>, 61 katehiya T. a M. To roar, lament 
a»QUB»l<n a>ag[|^osaid9>oflc9aino)QB)0§l BC. 

(B>cu\£\ ka(a}i i. Tdbh. d^esO. 2.=«)aQ^o 

sm) or (Sioscnj (loc.) 3. Melattoma Malaba- 
thricum, <d»o§a>. Mel. atperom, Aj!iSQd»>. Ot- 
beokia Tirgata. 

dd>rdn ka(i 8. (aii) L. qaot; How many? d»> 
(O»0t L. quotat; who, axtMOl which of two? 
aMoHiinAib, aMonajQD;o tome (po.) 

dd>r2rilrO kabina (Vi. iOxokt)) a kind of gan 
uted in templet, at. Aai€^. 

<d>r^^ ka(ir T. M. C. Tu. (^ C. To. to thake) 

1. An ear, tpike of com ^MtaWflf^f 
(^a>aD9cn|o; axm^diM^ awn, beard < 

2. ray A6aaMnl«d>cX> iS(^:£\(oo g^fnn 
O^onb BC. 8. tpindle (5). 

Hence : <d>fcniroo 1. beaaty, radiance « 
ami Tis. flnod9a<(^rDfiaacX> r2)(flditf 
ais6>jki(TT?i^.U9Ci6 Anj. prayan 
tottlt? 8. M^(^^9d^ &«nr>dat* 
meat open for talting. 

a)^rDajn6 tun. ai'od crogoeab Bhg 

Sicrnostsn^ «)«)a>^^9cnjoeb TP. 

axnl^^ao) (BiO(rnjo fi)(o>9^6SQ BC, 

glitter; hence awot^ftcu^gu BC. 

a>(bn^al (T. at^^fiO) iron intt 

burn the breatt of atrophic child 
(alto ii^^oa>oaib). 

d9>rnT|d6i5> !• to thoot into cart (t 

CCh. 2. to thoot rayt or lookt, to 

axdHajb) (raoSQ^axDo VCh. Q^nnrMii^ 
axmiagj^ CG. looked more fierce. 8 
dhr^aao Bhr. =ano(mt^^<fl8o attack 

to fight. a>90iib Qjmo atr^ajgi^SfiiG 
e^rnlocdo^ CG. 

y N. I. axxnim tharpnett ai^ojd cua 
6)ai (Mpl. tong); beaming. 

II. axo^gj 1. retittaoce, fight Yi. 
of the blottom of palm traet. 
<B>S\(l5)ddei kaSekka Vi. To be wear] 
SiClTfG) katta Yl. Drinking cap. A^ 


d9><G^Cn) katta^ Tdbh. a>aJBi3. 1. { 

§6miJ@ a>v'ORA(b flDfOldOQCm MKDOCn 

2. a)(ino)CT)3A(hon.) headman of Mapl 

priett,alto''CaBtanar*'; the pi. a^WM 

(their wiyet were called ^Minioai 
Croze & axoQio.'ORSlcBoib Kaar.) 

dB>ttrrrir) katti 5. (S. aimcno) i. Kv 

^ — ; raior, tword Aoi)eMteqB(n)(r 
9g^d9aTB. (for o(Dooej(MCre>Qi). flq 

4bMnS}(Sl — <ULDo 


SAM — dBsTOo 

db a*li9^d^ TB. a Bija for praeents 
Uawwa. 8. what ii like a knijfe, 
»ganM (Ko. Qjac)o), painting of face. 
tiBi)<fla»Dn6 1. toddy-drawer (of 2 kinds 
I. ft OA tf»gg| Ai.). 2. (hunting) he, that 
game ap with prayer etc. 
smo tax on toddy knlTes (a*. nnliflbVijn : 
^Aod^ 9 fun. for toddy-drawing, 
ttdaenni) 6 Cm. for sugar-making. 
^S^ (Amt^^^ So.) the case, which 
tlie toddy knife. [^\^ Hal. 

m douhla-edged sword at. oa>99q| 
feynaiMrn) knife with iron pen. 
xfo warknife <d»'9fto^ Q^oel^SSO 
ojCBuaaA proT. ASxSkuw)9SiAZ9n^ A 
«0MB9 fi(£)^ MB. bill-hook. 
^Vuat MB. tax on artificers* imple- 
I. — aMORQoegldftiOtb persons subject 

[Scissors, shears. 

kattiziy <0>((^1<A> 5. (S. A(m(S\) 

itieks tied in form of shears. di*caa!\(S\ 
iOOooojoaiD^TP. Jumped to the eross- 
• of the roof. [q^. 

HSJ^an to shear, elip = a». oaov^ en 
Xatt A letter, order «i. Sio-josO^^TP. 
S. loo. No. cards, a>a|2^^ playing 


kattoya M. C. (O. Te. Tn. aic^ fr. 
To kindle, bum, Amti€Ka)(S\sao (paOo 
MBado «t.isBi)t9e0tfBi^ scorched by the 
obe pungent, aionj^o eorrT^scB^^fd 
..; fig. 4»9fiMlRn a»{0iBil3ai|saBl CO. 
wmk burning, heat, appetite a>. ffos 
> braekfsstsa^^owafc. 
mH^m to set ou fire, bum. 

b katriaiam (Ar. qatran Port.) Tar. 

atriytasAoAD) f.i. ^m^» jiioj^sm 


kkoB 8. <a>t) How? AUMBiW, «>iD 

lyhow, with difllealty. 

Mdl«0a to tell tlw how, to narrate. 

dB>LD Story, relation. aiLDovgy Bhr. reality. 
dim^caaScn «>m CCh. that's my story ; talk. 
Qjki^^aiLOabBhr. telling fine stories. (Sioaj 

on6o AID a>&p^^ killed him. fl2<)9>»LOor^%)B|9§ 
KB. enough of this! a>iD<B>c)D sSKoionm^sa ®iii 
(QdQajocmgy ChVr. these doings. 
ajLoaiftl drama; a>ma>fiOidAoA actors. 
aiLorrfkvo worthy of relating. 
a>LGCB) dhinov imp. oh tell I 
atifioaDKDo Yi. stories; course of talk. 
«)iD9(a^croocx>o topic of conyersation, its tenor 

ft aecidental allasions. 
SiUiTQmo Bhr. pleasant story. 
Aiao^udceoo l.surriTing only in story AQOiro) 

(a^njSBUo d»>*09(dsQJ9ab ChVr. to destroy. 

8. the remainder of the story. Bhr. 
(diLOOcroofDo a choice story; gist or purport. 
atuTWo (part.) told; <d)i^o fit to be told. 

d9>dkajrs. (atiL. quid ?)=«&, in tftfisjo Miserly; 
aiS-ianb speaking ill. 

d9)/3o6Q-b S.rsdSjScoj. [KB. of Causslya. 
dB>/3(D|kftJrari8. aiScgjCsee a^8). 6ift9ab ai. ai/9c£) 
<6>/3>'g][g) kaffart^ C. NoM. Shaking (see <d>faPA) 

ens a). flD^ not easily frightened. 
d9)d^kafa|iB. Musa sapientam a>. cu9y>®0®ei 

^6P. <0)rol8abaa^aj9si>(fl»og_)&po GP. A^ai) 

(inoitfni compared to (^s, Anj. kinds Ojiiai)., 

(Dcroa). etc. 
(B>SO kadii S. When? (L. quando) aieoiiior), <d» 

aojiDrgb sometimes, perhaps. [(Mpl.) 

dd>SOam!\yrd (Sa-)3dd) Ar. qa»yTo go to stool 
(6>^ kadni S. Tawny. 
dB>rOo kanam Tdbh. oacno l. Compact, hard, 

weight. QjaBaOOo a^6no0<fl«g^CG. ed9aKY)o o^ 

sv Qjloojo Aug. this whole world. 2. strength, 

solidity d9>cr>o (0)fi.(Qdo cuoDo a>cno qj^odqj* BC. 

strongly, acfeaecoo Bhr. aooajcno fliosPaLjab 

BC. shall humble him. 

denY. atCOdSa, (IQI to become solid, hard, heaTy, 
feelheary. cmai iO>cnd9a<TTWi»^oa<fl«o a med. 
4Mn(qBI$S|S^^^' ifwwheaTier. oaȤ<0> 
OMBtone ai(V)^^^>^<'<^"^^ cumbrous. tfKnom 

(d)00<A)o — <e)roajb 


<6>rooo — <0>mrb 

Acnc^ Qcnsfi) amed. ^cmsot Q&ieoib with 
solid breasts. anoo&Do <9>cr).T)RSl^.U9nb Mad. 
grow rich. — Inf. aicntoo much, very. (d>. 
(Doan^ai Tery early, a^. (Sfboxjl^ TE. a>. 
Qjl«a§o amed. ^. ^'Oi^j^ AB. loudly, oio 
gjo a*. (moaoAjij. richly. (T))cnd3e axnae 
«^Qa_jo cnDa^rabTP, when you were Tery 
young. ^cnt&s>90J cAosa^KR, densely. 
<&cO(df>ab^a«iV2. fall pepper grain, also ^ 

cnojch. [ChVr. 

a>mQtieA§ degradation Sil., colsrorfia ^. (o^ 
(d)Or)<dfioaj lightness, want of solidity =rfiiQq| 


YN. f.i. ai)aiihnDg4y2. heaviness of the head. 
CV.a)nDgjl<fl«Vi. aaonjo acngglrtib axT>aJl^ 

Qjofimocb SiPa. noarished. 
StCOiBio kanayam 8. Gold; seyeral plants. 
4^cn^(B»^(S\ B. a kind of small-pox. 
Afn<ft>i^^flT|o, — aqljosI gold dust KU. also <d) 

nn«&)(Y?l<boruD&aj)^ KU. (in Kerala), 
a^cnai^oai Baphanus satlTus. 
^cr)a>0&JCi2/o(^0o of a sanotaary above 

the abate TB. 
a>cT)<d>i^sl golden diadem. 
a»cr)i)>jjosp (Q_ic9lA^cf)flRxiioab) a plant KB. 
a>cnd>3s1(S:fi3«d>o to pour gold on a person, as 

kings do to persons, whom they wish to 

honor Vi . [instruments f 

(d>OOdd»r^Qji(d)6o KB. (with 0^0 «>.) Musical 

AOydb kanal T. M. (a»a&^o», iBiDory9b) l. Lire 
coals, fire-, (m^aeorxob (of^rDsn^ YetC. ^cncA 
£^(xno £^i£\ Bhg. SiJiifOiCnai ^^88 ^^ ^^* 
2.=sHars s> xdocy ; ^cncA qjd^ oDsm^ said of 
coooanuts hurt by the fall; Acrxob ajoa\|Yi. 
waste land (prh. dhoorxobP). 3. (astr.)^^^^, 
standing in the zenith rj^dMis axrvob idilco^Q^ 
9ann>o. (astr.) 
^9>cn^S ((g^OBiaA) Bhr. live coals gd^cfVob 

cn\cno a>*49)c)o oS\^o cugj^o AB . elspiatftlaA 

cr>\rm a>. a13^o ajj|^o Bhg. 
aKTvobaisiBrAs {^(SiiQ^vygiu^ (see <0)sr«<ak). 

4a>m£i» laya stream? Aoeo^eMB 

(6>r03o kanam Yi. Bamboo Ikstenec 
for drawing water. 

<d>OrS) kani T. H. l. Bipe fmit j^: 
A^o BC. aicn^o/oo frait*tree. 

0MiB(aaCY)) extraordinary mango. 
(Hpl. song) darlings. 

denY. (d)orSlc%^ T. M. 1. to glow, 1: 

become mellow, liquid, oompass 

orflib QjO(^ aicolfiia^ Nal. melt 

dteCTileni^ ojoem^ kindly. 8. ^ 
SajacEfi oozed through. 

YN. I. aicni^rob oozing, poroaity. 

n. d^tooloj 1. sweetness, tendemei 

fWQjo, a>aS)Qjo KU. 2. T. II 

OdO^ C. Tu. a>nnla>rD) pity, ki 
Qjirob, a>nn)9aj3Cis po* 

d9>oi)cQmD kaniya88.(m. a»cT?k»3 
(d>6rn):^go superl. of a>6nr>o, least. 

a>a9a^ little finger, youngest sis 

<B)e\cn£G\ kanekka So. l. T. To sc 
oxen Yi . 2. to burn as charcoal 

8. rancidity (C. Te.) 4. ojlgu <d»SK 

«a Yi. 

YN. <a>«>(T)gj| lowing Yi.= ^ailo 

dB>Cg> kan&l} Yi. Hembrum muliel 

<d>cQji kantka s. (T. Astsicm rags] 

cloth $>ajO(dA6mo. 2. priry. 

<d>nBQ kancTam 8. Bulb (a>«r^ 4h<n 
tB>CQ(Oo kancTaram 8. Glen, eaTe 

6)(dt>9^ aicsfDaioAfDsn^ CO. 

<6>cB^ab kancTarpaifc s. Cama 
SiCQo^SDo kandayam 5. (^coov) 

4 months, term for paying tazc 

onoi^nm <^s>n6o atgyoaa^ CHhs^^: 
<d>CX^ kanf a 8. Pan. — Acq^ho bal 

de>(TUja) kandhara 8. Neek {^^ 
dB>nmo kannam i. Tdbh. #>gp;)o Ei 

M. perforation of a wall by tkien 
3. T. H. (C. a>acnj, Te. ^^) ohei 
Qa>gl ojooo^ Ti. spoke plausibly 

4»>mYbb in <d>. OaJ9<ao €^6HBbaib I 

6Y?XDfo e)tflca.9c)o (or eye eompan 

Armso — dO>rfT2) 



h }mrbBTiun (high cheeked?) 

b (S) deeeitful (MpU) 

k <S) iron-erow of thieyes. 

ACTn809^(fl»9^Dnbloe.olaiiiB7, rado. 

a^socX) PT. Aomfixn^OigDl RC. 

i eyei (4.1). 

k». (8. <a»^pyij0ino) ear-ornament. 

8o. bar barons language. 

3Ul4>niTdbh. <&>^3saK>. — ^nrr>s 
Kb, <9»omsna9SrD eoje uoTB. Cana- 
CWi9») ojosn^ in Canarese TB. 
mitttm B. Place for drjing fmit 

inal T.X.Te. (a>«no) 1. Sugarcane 
angar. po. ^mrryrib i»i|^09<b A.R. ^ 
i^ipWocb Bhr. 

2> — oj9^ a play performed by 
womenyCap. in ea«e of pregnancy. 

[(Tdbb. Aocnyo), 
aanaft T. SoM. Brazier, f. — jm\ 

nninm (T.aXa. Arobcno^b itono- 
iealu8,med. influxea,«)ajtt(eo.MM. 

1 Tdbh. dhcQjd 1. Virgin airrnlso 

S^ZUb AB. 2. the sign Virgo, ^ 

8. the month September, ^ornisD 

So. to bear frait the first time, 
ob a hot September. 
> ft a)cmWo9ori6 4^sngo fields which 
r yield one crop, in Sept. (^^ihrn) jji^ 
ioaasr«j — 

•aj»s>ej ck^SiA^ to thriTe like cattlA 
, to be OTorfed. 

a small Aaiai^^<b. 

So. the first calf. 

fW. cna^AObo ^on^^asaj TP. 

®^-) [crop of Sept. 

^eio TB. (i». si^oonb) cardamom 

I M. Te. Tn. (T. aiobQC. &.c^ ft ^ 
I. tfiod to bring forth, see d9>oQ) 
If of cattle. So. esp. bnffa!o-calf. 

«»aiD^a^ to go to plough, also a), o^g) ajt 
fivm^MB. (Bidcn(0a<rn)®n9^ BC. ot&niBtKrn^ 
SKT) Oojoej cnsme KB. d9>8cmooaj^ loo. a 
cow with calf. 2. yonng plantain trees around 
the mother plant, ojo^dBams. 
Henoe: d»(ms^ So. tending cattle. [^ xr, 
<dinnod>oeS), akcmoej^ cattle. ^o>mDo j9>9ej)c[yo ser^ 
^cnibd^S9ati&i cn^osfK^ CO. cattle multiplied. 
d»)nrBQj9ni^ Vi. buffa1oe*s milk. 

dB>6^nnr>oc51 kanneftfi («)3>«.6')cnoTl) n. pr. of 

town ft riTer, No. of Ad>9^o, the southern 
boundary of middle Kerala. «d)5>nmoo)(dn5:2j 
KU. dEhOnmoo' aj@a_is6mo j^^mrA Anach. 

SyCfZ^(l5)\nJb kailina&il T.M. stone wall. <f>9ajl 
cb ^cȣ\(dit9&A TP. {s>(tk^ as in lO.nmot^o). 
^naao *stone juice*' Bitumen, or granulated 
gypsum from Arabia (=suS^Qiota^ S.). 

S)<u»9%],^ria/mj Styraz Benzoin ((nocgaJ^oS.). 
^naoso stone building. 

<B)ClhrQ^ kaninaiam (S. d^a^fiso) Dirt, foulness, 
dross; sin. ^na:fi3d9»9^c)o, Qji6nB(s;0O6)ai;orQ 
cijift CO. — adj. <d)n0(fi3CB^932; Ook^ OP. 
denV. OGJo^x) o^gjoo a>r'e.'fia):fip§o g2^gJ9c)o 
Bhg. be corrupted. 

<6>P0i kanya S)(^j<B> S, (a>nr^3i^, see «B» 
nr») 1. Virgin, g^rl; pi. aton^eoib, dtrnj9<e»rB3<b. 
<d>mj9^9acX) also = <d)OQid)cSaeio gir) at her first 
menstruation. — Tdbh. axrni q. v. 2. a Vene- 
tian gold coin W. [Durga temple KU. 
<d>cnj9<ft09rD) Cape (^omorin, named from a 
<d>ngj9A60io N. pr. Canoje. Bhr. 
ainoj^otjo, Sicni^sodio yirginity, also (0>nn.a) 

008(01019^ ^s) oeciJcrooq[g9rD0(iBS Anach. 
^cni^ocno, a>mj<d)9— giying a daughter in 

marriage, chiefly without the customary 

d)0Qj9<Lj(T>o girls* imnn. A\TjT^rob ^(Q nsfDnb 

i8ia^(iS2 a^<fle9nb CCh. 
«d>mj9(oic^ca9CQj<no Brhmd. as wooer. 
dB>a^So kaba4ain S. («>»i Te. T. to corer) De- 
ceit, trick, sham, gdt^ a>fijm9c^§ 4it, ^hP*^ 
fSf^^j^ TB. lie. — 

Tdbh. axLj^ ai atojAss^^a a>os9«ni VCh. 

dB^aJfiJO — d9>g-j(gb 


<Bi^ysS\— <A>€OJnnjUb 

axLJSdtesfoab deceiTer, rogue (loo. axLJScrb, a> 

ojs^) a>ajsajOd9tt etc. 
aiojs^e = <d>tt^e counterfeit. 

^ Mud. traTolled ia diegnise. 

(d>Q-jaJD(6W kabalarikka (No.) To ohaoam 
the floor, a flat roofs 5)rDfiiBD§d). 

<d>aJ3aJo kabalam 8. Shell, dish; skull, as with 

holy begg^S Aa(DCB/0 a>*(m9)^(Qb o^OQo 6)<8iO 

ea^o Pay. [ejo ft med. 

<d>aj06J^(^o V2. scurf fotaigj^; axuo&JcidCTU 

a^QuioQj) wearing skulls; SiTa;adissoluto fellow, 
vagabond, (tu.) 

(d>aull kabi S. Monkey. 

<d)aji 3IL0 =3 ajlfi,3<b0fOo. 

axijtajo (& aql^uoo) monkey-coloured, tawny 
= (mQjl§noloo GP. [philosophy. 

aioj^ejnb N. pr. the founder of the Sankhya 
<6>aJlrOo «ee 6^dB>n)Q_?)OOo. [SiPu.AR. 

(B>(SQ-iO(t^ kab5&am 8. Dove, pigeon; f. — ^ 
d8)(Sa-J3a^ kabolam 8. («>an(>>)Cheek(Bio<P<d>oA 

<d>' coBcb BC. 
c6)Q_Jo kappam T. M. C. Te. (also Aftjo, whence 

Tdbh.) 1. Tribute in token of Tassalage, a>. 

a>95a) to declare oneself Tassal Vi. a>, s>a>^ 

(0) to giye tribute. «eiau(T)l crod9ao<8t cnoo Qsojo 

uSlaj)<8<fis>5n|o ^)g_}oaj6rr>>'ORVAnbo (Bioajoroo 

TR. (Raja of Coorg 24,000 Rs. per annum). 

2. taxes ai. ajiro^g_)3nb TR. to collect taxes. 

8. a). fi)QJd9n to bribe. 

<6>Q_js, dSjo-jeno kappa^a («>«*) Pi»oe for 

cutting stones. loc.=<d>daasp). 

^Q^rob kappal T.M. (Malay: kapal; £r. a>^a)?) 

1 . 8hip a>.fi)ajg^<0oKn. to build & start yessels, 
Si, a-i6m^ dSkm TP. built, aQQ<d> to embark, 
^Ofe& to launch, onl(d9a> to start, Ao^a» to sail. 

2. what is imported, Amerioan ( = <d>S(ab, tuo 
t£\) As: 

<d>ajei9iBi cashew-nut. 
a)g_}QQJ9So navigation. 
ai^^ofDob shipowner; sailor. 
a)gj((bb)<do)LPai9(2)sweet potato, ConvolTttlus 
batatas Rh. a>af <d». Sansenora lanoginosa. 

a>g-|((Qb) ad9a9^=:nMs1«aaas»^. 
s*Q^i(A) ^Ott Ananas =6Mi4Mn^«a. 
a>g_|rbkjaUDdaa cargo, imported goods. 
^^(<^) ^^ track of ship a>'^^c» 

Matsy. — channel. 
a>g_)rgb®ji](mo shipwreck. 
a>gjfQbgjS Vs. battle at sea. 
a^g.] (rgb) QujOQEti^ ship*s sail. 

<d>^rob)09QJ Rh. &«kU9aQ|d9»l09aLJ 

dinm oocidentale. 
akg_j((QL)QAa) chilly, Capsioum a&Di 
Ag-j&o(loo.)papaw Carioa pappaya, d 

<d>a^DCQ7| kappayi (SiSi^) Rude glov 
down horses A cattle. 

<d>a^0(D|(d6^ kapparikka(Port. eapar] 
also (9>gj3.m (^^dtti, aigj^ni^ai Ys 

de>Gujl kappi T. M. 1. (Ar. qabb) Pull 
ajldBM to draw water. 2. ooarse part < 

ddiO-TldSS^ ▼• C. of axfln q. T. 
<0>(i_r|(GYG)3CYb Port. CapitaS; Captain 

(B>^cQ;orb kappiyar Sextcm Yt. fr. 8 

flS)^ kappn l.=fi)fi>(d>^ Bitterness, 1 
mals. 2. a die used to blaokan g 
Yi . 8. T. M. ( = <d>aaA) bifurcated b 

cdi^dB) kappaifa l. T. Te. C. To oi 
cover (also aa^A), 2. (T. Aq^Si, C. 
to g^lp) to snap at, eat as a dog or ma« 
a)gJ)cD;o ajoa> Yi . to lie, AgJ^dSaaA 

dB><Sa^O^ Engl. Cupboard. 

d^>{a^ kapra T. <d>gjrd Beggar's pon 

(d>Q.A> kapham 8. Phlegm (2 (nsspl i 
man body. Tatw.) «>. 4k^ddm\ ojel^dB 
a sore throat. a>. SiA^A phlegm toac 
a>Qoi, <d>anQrD9c/>) subject to colds, 
<d)ac:^9(JU^ pulmonary di s eas e . 

(d>(SQ.096Y^ kapboqi S. Elbow. 

d9>6iGLJnruJb kaBandham 8. Headiei 

said to dance on battle-flelds A 

cni)Qp(mtio Bhr. a»«Qxvu)^8|9 RS. 

atoixTUXib AR. a Baxasa, whoae 
lopped off. 

BMU(6)— <fi>(%<«d 


dBMHi — d8»ail| 

ilri better SiCU(S\ 8. Bndd of 
(Wdo cLjI^^a&p^ ChYr. 

Silam 8. i.Moathfol, morsel (=£ 
»<)aii£)a»oa)6ajAoai£^ EB.phjsio 

sataufiO t u A«DJA0nB6M»oaaai 
1. deceit, fraud. 

< GO. (Oh Cphna,) rendered eatable. 

(part. — tflmo) to make into balls, 

iceiTe. a)6Qi^<LjOd»> to hint slyly, 

le real meaning is suppressed; a) 

a»aa)=ojijo§lfl9>. [nbSo. 

:^, dB>QjfejlcQXV\? A gun for 

.^bam 8. Turtle (Ao). 

1. water-pot of doTotees (=7^snel) 

tT) d»). KB. 

laaam 8. (^0=L.amo) Lustfal 
S8. a)0cnldi>c)oCC.), desirable, d»)0 
<Do lustful, (po.) 

I kunttrka 8oM. (C.Te. a)0A=a> 


«0a) T. n. To have astringent taste. 

alain 8. (=4»t0^Do) Lotus =6>jiJai>. 
ro. — 4»ieai Laxmi. 

aunin (bow) also (0>t2X^Oo Aroh, 
uQft<flft=aifla^a»§id> to yanlt. — 
1 guard of sword's hilt, [gpread. 
miyil]^ see atojlajja) y. n* Toorer- 

'^^&* ^^^'Aoi^ ^' *' ^^ upset, 
a»0^«aii a med. a»ajoak> s>£\sij^6\ 

krwA onooeo ojobo ffiooon^o Pay. 
holy beggar. 

. ooiocml aiQ(monc0 aajoeJoajKR ; 

iSo a^^lO fi>cxieBo aja>cno proy. 

*^»)- [axaliP RC. 

|s AQj^iP, T. n. to be upset ^srob 

tatS\cro Port. Camiso, Ar. qamls, 
10 AiSkm-^ 

ryy T. IL 4kQ6B9 KB. aiQj«Ql9, dB> 
^■«i9)8. |^a»o. The betelnut-tree, 
dra, one of the 4 Q.aato. cn)^^ 
ft KB. ^ Kinds: Oi3JQa)^s»9=:Q|| 
idioftP aeMb. 8ymploe. raoemosa. 

d8»aU kambft (T. what holds together) 1. No. 
Cable, strong rope; (So. atonjoGg, T. dfccojo^o) 
^gl^gioB/orob (d>caiQi^o o jij§ao proy. 2. So. T. 
the wooden peg, which goes through a natiye 
book; the boards which hold it(Ko. d»»cnj)Yi. 
c9>* ^^^ to finish reading a book. 

L dB)CnJo kambftm 8. l. Trembling, tremulous 
motion of the head, jS^^ mind. a«aii^g|OUMm 
eo(OiAoaib8iPu. his intrepidity. (g<o>oiio, oe^rot 
d^. etc. ^nb ajOAjcntt^cTB ^. a<SAd> Anj. 
shake the dominion of sin. acqi^k£\ qpeoBo 
ChYr. trembles. 2. doubt. a>. <d>a«> po. 
Stcnxno id. — denY. a»cDJ^<ai (part. a)a3jVoK>: 
a>cQjWoer£lrocB;ocE0lMud. awoman)f.i. 40o 

n. dBXYUo T. M. (C. 4»>o«o Tdbh. of a);^SoP) 
1. A pillar, mast, post dMUcoizOnnDflalttai A^ 
CG. the child, seeing its image in a polished 
pillar. The OajoSbCiuo in Cama*s house is 
compared to thighs C0. 2. pole used by 
tumblers aaiSlrA A^^g oo^^flb. A(ont^d9a<oiO)i 
fl>Og^<0a KeiN. dhoumVab aqbkSI ^aOOO Qj^gy 
a)Ofirn)^oe|o proy. 8. a grain ooiiaaSlon 

(T. AOQJ). 

Hence: ^. 5)(e>sa)Yi. to make afire-tree. a>. 
6i^^ constructing fireworks; wrestling, jump- 
ing of a dog. 4ii)ro^^ a), o^gict^jo ^(DorTHaado 
rtiwfil^ Bhr. [anafflb «»fip. 

atcnjanfiP rope dancing, diiferent from Ottosm) 
<d>aU(0ai&)«OaoA Arb. tumblers Y9. 
ataxitiBeooib ar>o§W>^g) Arb. fixed their pole. 

a>axiQQJs) KU. costly fireworks on a high 
pole (called aioudlaorsk). 

(0>(nJDOL^ kambav^ 80. = okqi 1. 

dBdCYljl kambi 5. (f^. «>cnj^«0ft I) 1. Wire of lute 
<d>. ojifivrxoe) got out of tune. 2. 80. T. bar of 
iron. 8. stripe in the border of a cloth (i)<oa 
CDJ^gjsaj etc. three-striped. 4. infistuatioo a>o 
Sjo a). fBy^oTi = fflOoTuftoo. [deoeiyed. 

Hence: ^coj^aifiO^ o^flmoga) to be ensnared, 
a>oaj^(OiQ»oc»o 80. playing at dicessajaHs. 
axnjlg-jsej med. plant, Cassia esoulenta. 
4ba3j)cBi;^ plate for drawing wire, eloth stamp. 

(ftraj)oBsi — Adi^ 


dd>oajldB6ikaiabikkai.8M(d>aiioi. 2.(a>aiion. 

or (8>cnj)sn>;)odDaD To be inflated, as the 
abdomen from indigestion ojcoiq a>cQjl^9QLjo 
^sqjViqi e(^a3j<d>; Ai^cnooo^ Y2. 8. 80. 
to remain on hand from want of eate. 

<^OQj|£l kambili T. M. C. Tn. (B. Aofimso^ 
mWjso) Woollen oloth, blanket. Port. Cam- 
bolim. Acnj^fticaiasnio <d>o proT. 
dkaiH^oeas^ — aooogj traveller's bundle. 
4»icnjtft)g_jiPo (loc.) mulberry. 
<a>ainalgj^ 80. oaterpillar. (T. a>nii^^^) . 

<BiCt^ kambl} T.M. 1. (r=A«m, eomp. ^sm) 
Knot, joint of reeds, bamboo aicnjlgyatn <d>ocBKbb 
YyM. d»)oWlmo a). Qeo^bo proT. ^. (O^gidte 
fl.<o> to plane the outside of a bamboo or 
perforate its oells. St, 6)q_ioso goft^flocB^Q^o 
6>Qj EnmE. 8. (T. a>^,=:Mm?) grain half 
gpround, residue of pounded rice, Od^^i, ad(^ 
(0a^. 8. rod, stick =s <ai€iu 2. 
Hence: SKai(S\ Holcas spioatus. 

dB)Cnjd8>o kamba'yam (loc.) Breastplate (d>2^ 
ai or a>oenj). [oajaao) Bazar. (80.) 

<d)(SoQJD^ kambolam (Yi. <d)aii<fiifto, Y2. ^ 
dd)o60J^ kamBalam 8. (see a)cnj)^.) eos <d)' 

(m9)1(7ib s)aj^ 5)<d>§) Mud. jiri<(g)<d). $>a)Osn$ coa 

dBsoGQj kamBn 8. Conoh = c/9oQj f.i. ^o&i^ 
aj3$ig) 6)ajo $>d>05nesl9t^a)o SiPu. aiosoj 
CDoso etc. 
4»to6aja)0^ Bhr. aiocoji^ajab one whose neck 

is marked with spiral lines, like a shell 

a)6n^3ano)9QSO<S)s 9rm9c>Q0aj3dn9<a> aioeoj 
ids)cX) <4|^oo CO. 

tBiOC^ kaimni} 1. 8. = a)o. 3.Tdbh. = 6ijaQBC. 
8. T.Tdbh.^aizao; hence: 
a>;?'^§o Ko. a»z^§o B. (T. aerugo) coinage, 

mint a). (SAS^ao Ys. a>eg<dn. (Sioslaa YyM. 
a»{S§l (see atzaodA) a tree growing near 

the waterside, med. for procuring abortion, 

Kxofeoaria camettia, Bh. ^jiIQ d»). Ptero- 

oarpus relig. 
aifflg^ajflB^ Eehites earyophyll. 

d^QthftSQS) kainmat(T. akuraiar >fi6akag< 

place in digging a well.|§aamDa 
of water bursto forth, aizaqj^ ft a san 
¥1. bowl out the water. Prob. tm 
Qamote, wooden bowl in boats, leaka 
<BiaC^a5flf\, <B>QCS\(t5^ Te. C. A oasU 
mors? aicn&ogjfOo ^ooxuamZ^taiSi T 

dB)atd(irbkammailti. (a^a^ s.) Workef, 
a>00roaos 0oq^S(OiQ»1(Bb mjj^ B8. (in 
6iO(dsZ06>nbo eflajcido OcljosbI^ CO. 
an Asura. (sr^noaaZBnaosrd (Doafiacrc 
(call of Hanuman) you men of eUtj^hant s 
2. loo. = Q^cmcib a reddish poor sc 
here & there under the sand of the < 

(BiOQi^oj d8)at2naorb kammal (So. < 

8trong, heroic persons (=a>aa^). 
Lords, as of Pnlaway, Keriottu egy( 
^ooloA a)Z0cX>cTUDdcr)o TB. S. oa 
castes to Kayers, applying a.» to all 
branadu) b., to lower Kayer-eastei o 

<d)(2C20%rb kammalar T. M. The artifi 

aaisla). goldsmiths, brasiers, carpentei 
smiths (in Te. C. Tu. a>2B9rD=fi»e5 
& especially coppersmiths Ko. (or 
(No. (S(&JdO(i)\ ^odor^, ongsnby OoLi(D)( 
s)jijQau9§') f. a>20ogl. 
atzaoroib (8. a>Z20(onb smith) N. pr. 
a)ZZ9ro) sailors of the lowest caste 1 
S>q£\ P* H. kami Defloieney(opp. 1 

03^0)00^ ^snesd)^ MB. 
<BiQ£\^>f <B>Qc£\o6 E. To commit Ml 

dB)£2t^(B> kammnya T. i.^at^ai To 

to be hoarse Yi. 
a>^c&sc ostentation Yi. 

<Ai{Q9 kamiam 8.=:a>^nr)o Lovtiy. ai 
orJ^a> Bhr. a>(09cnmc!b eto* 
6>a>'o>j^a)o6)a)oa<^ a>(0o>^o cnaouM 

dB>CQ;o kayam T. M. Tu. (Te. paddj 
Depth a^ififSfUA ia&^9Bk ^^^ *- 

dMk»dd& ^ SiXDjq 


<0>c(Mb— .dB>a) 

0^ cuatfioBrOAfl) CftthomleM (Me a>u>j|. 
iov oooditioa, hanoe Aoaxs;^. 3. «>. 
to apU maoh, discharge matter Yi. 

^ J^ kftjakka l.Ko.=d»)O^Tothrite, 

^^QiVo F^^< aooa>!P^orgb (doo.) 
kha tTMs bMT the first time. 2.8o. to 
}1» abuM (fee aKaan). 
MVyeyok Yi., AQBKiuo B. contention. 
l.=:A)SP0 q.T. 2. Ar. X«imii, Tent. 

kBJSrka (Te. a»croA anger, C. nnripe 
litfa 8. A^a). 1. To start ap in anger, 
, quarrel, snmo^tiuo «or)o<oa) ajo<0e)(ob 
I AOAft AMi§)^^9aiV(Qb Anj. aj9d9n)rob 
•caOidgi^va cnrnVab why talk, better flghtl 
KASQjoete. 2.(=AQB^a>)togrowhigh. 
3itfUBkOfiBeasp)«A KU. 3. t. a. to reproye, 
I o0nBa»ab iaiocm a)CB;(^ crSlnrn^^ enoch 
xrii 0A)Qor) AcB'disOnrrKDgk) sioonb oqtio 

kajah} T. Ta. M. (Te. 9 jiiQ)Coir, rope, 
Ji po. a>aft<b, aiQBio<Minejl| Mud. bound 
ifMtor. nsng9SiQi oJl^l^aT A^ <d>caool 
oaig) TB. a). o^(^<fl8>, ^g<a> Yi. a>9 
]»09QBn settled (±3 sQxnu)^, Qjiicno). (svg 

kens KB. proT. 

)tf»^9^ betel plant, trained on a rope. 
%ni^ AcaKX^fU9:£\ rope-net,-mat. 
^otacrnleo KU. prh.=: fi>oQajoirr)^s -. 

lerease, rise. auDOcnqai axnkoicn^msTB. 
hi»salf to royal rank. a<iyW^ aiOBK^TP. 
I done with writing. a.ism\ a>cB^a> 
> iitHB labour. 2. to aseend, climb np, 
k. anftt^aft., 9^^ a>a^ a»c3^9cnj35>^ 
3ul^^ai3o) (3sa>snnD,opp. dhl&plflni^, 
^m^9na(ak(T)W aCW^a^a) to gire in). q_j 
I aiso^ «>aig) (8id5d9n^TB. took pOB- 
u (also (g«M aicBol of demoniacal pos- 
i). ^cBoUat aKBoWtfasdoab to go home. 
h 9. pr. a ParadaTata. 

aiQB/ooo increase, steop ascent; attack, assault. 

(a^Doa>CDOoo KU. climbing palm trees. 
a>cB;OQ ss oO^oQ f. i. «a>OQ9(iAMrn) loaded boat. 
aK&OQdi T.a. 1. to incresse, raise. q^cxSlcno 
en. Quismo ^»9n§ cn^jthl'sricBbbb a»CB;oo\, oj 
mWaaxsvooiffouSlaMo^^g^^. 2. to 
pat up, put on, ship. Q^aio 6^0D§yo anat 
oo) «ioca«9joo6TB. to send by boat. «iacnaj 
oast axooo) TP. sMnaaianafob onlaz^cr) a<. 
TB. (BKxmiro6daaa^a)QB/oo)MB. erected. 
— to fold up sleeves, a woman to marry or 
admit a lover, etc. uxiooa;©, ajocnxn etc. «a> 
OQa> YyM. to impart. 
ACQ^Ojb kayal l. T. M. string, as of axmobQ 
fing, a>(B|sng (=«a»i3Qjlcr)o); umbilical cord, 
intestines = a)a2;Q. 2. shoot or branch growing 
from the root. 3. a fish, Cyprinus ; hence : 
a>cB)^^jy^ Bhr. a>cs;ej^ BC. fine-eyed woman, 
«OKB;< ^ gpa<b Qo g|saal BC. 

axB/ei what remains unbroken, clumsy, f.i. in 
powdering (=a>rDa). 

6^6><6>cg^'DY2yf see 6)ei<BiaSi(SV0(yfli! . 

<6>Cg;<nb<eft(?B OPes. A medio, seed. 

(d>qyl=6)6)(d) Hand q. t. as a>q^9snio, ai^s), 

Asi€l etc.=s>Qa><dai., o«>a>g^ etc. 
<d)(^nrn|Bee Asa^cni^ (OP 64. ^^cm^oBo, 

<d>S)g^T. 5>Od3>cB^909a)fD) Eclipta prostrate ; 

oojooTi^Oo a), also 9<xj^. the gold coloured 

Yerbesina calendularia. 
<d>C^ld> H. Tu. «Hsndfurs space** ladle, 

spoon a(sya). rolcofto a med. dShg^ai^.TB oimsa 

a>6ni proT. 

fBUO kara 5. (a>R8 T.Te.C. irregular surface, 
hillock) 1. Shore, riverside (in aj5a>/D, 0ai» 
(D etc.) anas., scas., aQaxo a>96m9an9 KB. 
(also metaph. of ^ i fijcroocoroo etc.) any margin 
fl^^Q^^oacrooojamo t206n§xi3nbKB. aiaoo^Kn 
a)rdQ(a^ a)QB;oQnr« TP. out of a well, ahs^ct^j 
S)5 4Mi MB. a»6)/D(dsfim3{^ proT. £(q a>5K0 
ae ab^basnno TB. ships lying unused. 2. land 
(opp. sea), east, lee (opp. ojoo) Qjsa)(0 N£., 
also Q^aAaaro in fisher language; SMMKMaas 



dMh — Sitb^ 

OQ or QjosaBTD SB. 8. a pariBh (Tr»T.), leotion 
of Q^^^pKil (sQol). a>/dc£^§a»Yi. to diride 
lands. 4. coloured border of a cloth xyaton 
<d>rDQq{ea oIVaisofiQKOo KB.; the skin of a jaok- 
froit kernel (loc.) etc. 5. general term for 
place, side, hence form of Looatiye ^aeo(<i 
«Be(DCBnonD QJCTB, rg)«aorQb a>SKDd9e Quixm Onap. 
6. see Q^)g}^(a»o=:a»rDCBfo No. ^ . 

Hence : ai)0<d)sniaLinb(l ) thoroughly Torsed = ojo 
a)(Dd9noA (8) headmen of parish. r|^| ^^ 

a>r&(0sooQ (2) landwind, eastwind. a. ^%^ 
^(QAf^A (4) to embroider, axocatflioi do^a> 

(1) to sail or row to the shore. 
a>rM)<0n^ (4) tassel Yi. 

A^^flBbo (2) land-castoms. 

A(DQ-is, dMDOcBfOS towards the land, upwards. 

Si, 4ii£)d3»f A. qjWio etc. 
a)rDajOQa>, fiQxnu^daa to land Yi. 
^(Dg-jooaj (l)low fruitful garden. ^o< atsnB^ 

d»). TP. ^000 a»ST?<Oi)rDgjD§o prov. 
d»)rDgjo§ inland, a)^Dg-]0^rol in the interior. 
a>rDaj)s)«a» 1. <o>'Q^o§a) to sail close to the 

shore. 2. So. soil to form on shore. 
«>rDCB;{ORS^sm a bank at the western side of 

the house for secluded females, 
axocvnb striped cloth (4). 
dM09cBK^d>= is>c(VQ<o> f. i. cn3a>saj8B}Erob(0)nb at 

QrDOavQCU9n6Bhg. dkiplcBnoAaSlnm d>fD3cB/ 

QQjoab ca. 

a>(D93VOOo = <diCBfOOo Yl. 

a>rDOcBKX) A =: <d)CB;OQa) f.i. <^)Qan ojoogft ^^ 

OQOJonb YilT. (OQcnQjpqi^ ojlrdQCD ^(^ 
•cwooi Mud. [aJl^ajej. 

aKDOjfiJ a casting-net, for fishing on shores 

A^DOiein^ SKu^^TB. brought the ship on 

A^DQjspl by land a>. ^xxjoosq m^^. 

a>rM>aj^ plantation on high ground Y. (opp. 


AiDcrooxno (8) the dignity of a>(Dass»ib. 

<Bi(Oo karam S. l. (doing) The hand 
trunk. 2. (pouring, see 4hi<Mmo, 
tribute ^.co^; ^ft^^ft) «»iD«KDioie| 
Hence: axM>4S»oosaio skill in handii 
^(woicoo household-stuir Yi. 
axMnaio palm of the hand (aKUfa 

(0(0)0 Mud.=s AdKTUQO. 

atrMnflDib, — > ro)0<b id. ffioajfiKD «kd< 

a>^g(^o practically known. 

a>a>Q^so the hands joined for sala 

^rDo CMploj 8o. freedom from tax 

axoajg»)So language by signs. 

d»)rD099Qj finger. 

dMOCTUOo in hand, secured; possetsb 

(8|^(eii) etc. gained, took MB. 

da>(D9gl|smoYi. giving of hands to 

(d>a>(6>o karayam s. i. Goggiet = a 

(QCDoejAojoornlnb <o>. KB. 2. pc 
a)\-mz^s)aa)9e!n (DS^^rnlA MM. (c 

I. d8)rD(6fib<d)^nnrdkarakknYa5.(« 

dissolve. £ea)robas)rocT9>0orab, gcXxdA^ 
BO. spread. a^oo9^ro6ajai3).isit)09 

QJO(DrD<b BC. 

n. dB>fDcd6^(0> No. = aim^^ To mint 
mice; make incisions, as in meat 1 

dB)(D8Qo karajam S. (fioger nail>=(m 

dBsrDSdBsOt) kara4a'2faii 8. («>foso 

cheek) Name of a sly fox (PT.), pre 
dS>(DS| kara4i T. M. 0. Tu. Bear, also 
(D6B9B.; (ij(n9)<fle/&s) D. Melortaa 
d»)rDslgjOQwhite anis* hill,8taiidiBg 

dMO^ karadi} T. M. 0. Te. ( ^m) 1 .Whi 

uneven, hard knot in wood (sai^ 
enoo «>rDS8g»)(po.) hardhearted, 
impertinent matter, mote mmcn^mrt^ 
tfh. Qor)9(Os(C8<3 prov. a>^o ^u^i^ \ 
stones (doc. ) 8. the original of a oop 
cannot be got over, grudge. 
«xosnb fikLjo^ a note* 



<d)(tKQJb— c6bay3fo 

^ottgkly plaasing ^aasKn «>. aid 

M(b aCX»0o«XT) KB. 
• roaf^h sarfooe. 

(^ T. Bo M. Knot of sagftrewie Yi. 
9am8.(«>A) 1. Acting. 2. organ, 
ilaotheinitnim.oAM). <BR><nx>ta>ro 
4 iKoaltiei of the mind 0a>g^, 
no, «0QOflBb9<Do, and 20 €aja6)qg^ 
I. aKMVTMBcX) ottono Bhg. 8. the 
ions of thelnnar fortnight as, aj 
— , ot^m^ncwmo f.i. oDi^^oyo 
U9A6ma>rMrnajoBhr. 4. deed, 
MmoiBi^me ajoicrnQ os) a^o^ proy. 
>.aMtt <i&«<Mmo, Aoa axD6m6)^S^ 
•eferring to the 6 tenures: Aspl 
^ 6Qjajo>, tftaemo (|^ eojfiio), 6&oo^ 
s&oo^iflactgoo (| ecufiio), naay 

i^Mmo head (po.) 

line on nnstamped deeds. 

lQ|(4k, ji)3^4i> to turn heels oyer 

DcQjeolcE^jA Ti. 

roper to be done. o^ncmvA A* o^ 

rhat must I do? 

m94*^fam T. if. Chunam box of 

»X2j Carissa oarandas, an acid 

oitVl. [Vl.2.= a»cft35r|?. 

>M. Te. a spoon. airDsnB^.-oioiaKBKib 

99n£\ c4^«a» No. to scrape the inside 

Teiaela (with a grating noise). — 
l^gi,^, [(AaK|<ft) q.v.) 

libfttram 8. (a>roo) a saw. 
•word (po.) 

rappa^ T. M. («>rOdto) Eruptions, 
B ehi[dren*s head; (oHan^Og^inb er j- 
AirDg_|r6 inflamed gums; Q^&anOi 
pdBa<Og-job B. different kinds. 
kinpokkf B. A kind of coloured 

ham 8. The middle of the hand. 

<d>(DCQ;okura7am NoM. a tree. =a Am6.-khids oQ 

(d)(DCQ;d<n^ kanyambn 8o. = «>cx»oq^. 

dB>(OCp^ dB> karayUYa (T. C. to call, Tu. to lament) 
1. To cry, lament. a^«(mo§ a»(D6ni^ 8aj3C(£) I 
could not help weepin g. 2. noises of animals, 
to neigh, eaw, eater- waul, a>0AaxMD9Qa O^^o^ 
cn^cnoeo Mud. a)(Dlc[{)S>s ^ipeiajo cn^cno a>ro 
cq|cm aj^^c»9a)a>cb KB. 

VK. 49>(0^(bb f.i. AOBOOb ^SXTXIgo ^(Djiygfc 4h 

9n^ TP. oiMa^ejUxibo a>. creaking of a door. 
CY. AraHiOa f. i. s)«)0(mlej)s)Q» 6>qlk^«> a>rD 
of^Q} BC. Qjiio^ a>(oc»)^ KB. 
(d>(D(SCQX2<d> see <d>^. 

<d)(Di^ karals axo 4. (Port, cairel) Border otno 
gjics^s aMMib Ys. 

d%(DOJ3^ karaYllam & (dsiroojooio) also a>ro 

Qjocb Sword BO. da^aQK^jo dSiroojo^o YCh. axD 

Qj3^09CBui, ^^(flafocuoftosm Mud. 

A(DQji(Do 8.=sa)smQjl(0o Nerium odorum. 
<d)fDCroOo 8. see <Bi(bo, 
<Bi(b^ kara|a=3a)rD§, ^^oi l. Knotty pieces 

A(0Q.iai2izwato (opp. aorvDlc^) gross. 2, dried 

fruit Yi. 

<d>rD^<d), sn^ karalaTfaclI. a>rod9«) l. To gnaw 
pick, nibble, bore ^rfi^aiob 4Bxd9^ ^s)<atonD 
Bhr. a)a>9iiOA»ttQj {2^>a(0a<TiDPT. a>rD9i|oaj^ 
bit half through. 2. 8o. to mumble. 
YN. a>(d<^ gnawing, mumbling. 

(6)fD6o kara| i^ass, A<9^d^) l. Lungs and 
heart, lifer (C. Tu. bowels) axDfiOsaf^.'sb d(n 
cujocu^ FT. also bowels a>(Dcb ojooQi qjctb 
jud.=3 asaA. 2. heart, mind A/D^(2fc «>a8<oi9 
Qdi) Bhr. gcXxSflKDfififob o^^ a^asfimMud. o^^oid 
a>a>fiO^ cY^cfflJoa/o asnj KB. [orooc^jfo^jgj. 
a>(D9fta)o, id>fDfiQaj<fto Aristolochia Indica= 

<d)(D9rb Ar. qar&Tf Agreement, engagement a) 

(Dooo^pajH MB. d9)(09r>ocjU3<Do etc. 

axoocmoao P. written agreement ^^(mSiak ttSSL 

(cL^a>ofOo, cuDlgj|Qjbnbo a». TB. terms of 

peace. [formidable. 

dB>(D3^ kaTalam 8. Gaping, as a Baxaaa*s mouth; 


d0>(6) — da»(Dl6d» 



I. Si(S\ kari 8. (a»fDo) Elephant. a»(D^Qj093£^ 
OLj)o(mOanap«ti..*-pl,hon. airDloird^ f. «^(S\ 

<mnb CftrtY.A. 
U. <d>(Dl^ (d>rD)Qjl9 old dB>r{BQjl T. M. (Te. 
«»Q pkmghshare) 1. Tool, plough skuaonlnb 
4)»(&lQj)s>«)99r^|y(2CG. 8. tenure of rioeflelda 
(a=oa>o^) 6)aLiQ8B}rD^ rent of luoh, payable in 
kind. SQSiSsro^ aj^^an to sublet. ^(S\ Qgo 
6B9a> to enter on ricefieldt. ft. waste land, 
long grass in rioefields (So. T. «>asa?aio 
barren soil). 4. =3 ^oob eleft or rlTulet in the 
same: 0iUflab(9, asPflbOB MC. 6. a weapon 

onaiW CrArJ. 
m. S>(6\=z<B>(0iy <d)3rb 5. (S. «»Qft,Tark. kara) 
1. Black, dark. 2. oharooal, also s*(S\atts 
f. i. A. Qaj4^(ds5>09 prov.; soot. 
Heooe: Aon^oG^o A{SkafVSu\ KBL, she is burnt. 

<d>(D|dB>aj36aul kariyalaDji B. A bird (Yi. (0> 

(D^^Orob a black bird). 
(d>(Dl(S<d>3£Lyo karikolain(I.)Trea8ureof Traran- 
eore Raja (also axsoajfiio q. t.) 

dS)(Dld8& karikka (IIL) To scoroh, singe £k/d 

jck^sii)<S\jji{toTtuxe) — to bum cuem^^ axol:^ 

proY. d9»/oi^2lS<* Qj6)(0£)(9o aaomovo 5)01^ all 

jangle lands & all ploughing ground. 

atrolodason hurriedly i^qo^j^^^ dOiro^daAom 

cunb AB. [fikmo^a. KU. (II, 1. 6.) 

cd^roWfiJo karikkalam sM»o^ai3n6 a M. = ojocb 

d8>(Dldd6^ kazikkal (T. axtSdaiKsb) Dusk. <d>. cro 

&aio twilight. [dBaoroob. 

d8>(61d86^^3(^ob karikkawull (II, 2) So. = aioenD 

<6)(0l<d6^ karikkl} l. (airdeasP, Tu. <d>ro<9a soft) 

An unripe oocoanut. a>. goQcm the nut begins 

to form. fiKU^^OB ^(D^daDSsD, o-ioaiianot^nno 

«!• ojqI^ TB. ajcne>.,$>ii)omi)caa^89). a med. 

of other palm fruits. 2. (= «>aS(8s)edge of teeth, 

akD^dlao^ mastication, a>(D)(flfi9si p. t.ate(hon.) 

<fi>(DV8dO6)3(0b karikkdl (ii,i.)=o(OoGYnV. 

dB)(D)8d}6^no (M., «>5m.) No =d9>r0|68*33^. 
dBb(5l89)QQ^ karingU^^ (m.)Outtaserena «i. 

tt^orDeolflo^ TP. (in theexoitesM 

AMD^flBbgmnb one with an otU eye. 

d9>(Dl3&)£Jo (III.)s:06n^eio opp. « 

(d^rolsB)^ karingalln (m.) Oran 

om) built of granite. a»rDla>c«^(Ti 

dB>(6l9B>0^ (in.) dh(6\etmo(orG ct 
rOY^DCvb N. pr. A Parademta, •( 
Siya. — (see a>(Q00inb). 

dB)fDl8B3D^rrb karingilah (HI.) A 
de>m|8eir5)deb|ub karinguri'yil (ino 

<e>(Dl(2»50iPl karingoli (in.) Black 

<e)fDlG8*306no| kariAfiaiji M. — e 
<e>r61e8*3D^ karitoaH T. M. c. (n 

wood. Mimosa catechu GP. sualroo 
fi}., QOjfiiA Mimosa alba. 
Arolasdejl^ft a kind of bamboo Y i 
black root) = a>rDlabsm. 

<e>f6l6^e8*3D§ B.& — 6>6)r©0§8o.-] 
A tree with medic, oil fruit, 8ami 

dB^rol.^D'ob karidKl (ii.) Pioughe 
c6)(d16i&uq_|§ kanijappatta (lu 

small-pox B. 

dB^rolevOul N. pr. of Tiyattis etc. 
d8>r0l6tmJ)r0dB5o (in.) see S^ay^Sj©. 

caroleis^ro karinjora (in.) a kiuc 

Bastard airoliiar^.iJSQ;^ (8ic.)basti 
(6>rDl6nol kari^i 8. (a>ro) L) Feme 
d8>C0l 0^^J^l = '>)-<3tK^ 99)a«, (Too 

dB9(0lnnjcdffCYb karinakkaik (ni.)< 

an evil tongue, (similar ^.'olfl^gm 

d8)(DloOD(/>o karinagam {m.)^stt 

buob A hooded mountain-anake I4 

dB>(D)P03§l karinatti (in.) in a^ a 

planted paddy taking root, as it ass 

green colour. — oomp. d»f£)ajo^ 

<e>rD|OO0(0d96^ (Ul.) A kind of li 

(38>(D)o^ajb karinnl (in.)Garpttntai 

dB>rDloro^<d)3^ karin5a'ya|i an.)A 

Psyohotria herbaoea (a mad. *. 

<Mk|^— <fi>(DkviJ3 


<0>(Dl(tU3 — <d>(CncaQo 

*•***•• [pUntains. 

)9^ kaiioiol (m.)Tbe8kiBof anripe 

rysiJo karipiivayam (n, s) ailejoian 

n^ > A'Qjo aj)«nm ojoaabsojo en. et^ 


I kuippatti (T. «>a8g^«)gi fr. e>(S\ 

wre palmyrartagar. 

^<S<d)90j|akB)o KM. A palaoo of 
( «>colay ajl§ q. t.) near Paysnar, also 

jo karippftttun(n.)Bentofrioefield8. 
il ktrippi^i MC. A earp. 
»ripp9 (Vir. <ftr61<s») l. JnngU culti- 
[i«e aJCDo) by barning. 2. dusk (= 
i) fl»nnP AiDl^mD owno Vi . 8. tbe 
of tandal-wood, knotty pieoet nsed for 

lima (in.) Blackness Yi. 

karima4al (in. or «>aaP; Bind of Jack- 
ritli a>roX;^.q.T. 

fni.) see a^^. 

» karimiii (m.) Blaok deer. 

kaiimiiL (ni.=a>rDl^slP)Aflsb,tbe 

Ot» KB. 

kanmatti (UI.) Hair bamed stick; 
^laekguard; f. da>rD\^gi^. 

kari]ni4 l . Hard tbom ( sh (m), 2 . pro- 
^arti of the skin of onstard-apples, 
tta, etc. (ii3«a(S9QS <Q^i^ oontr.). 

j kuimbaMa (in.) Dark green; <9>. 
a uaripe frnit. 

• kaz]mba4am (Ui.}=»i>,au\i), Dark 

also «wo)cni5>sas, — cnjosdOa loo.; 

^ *^"^- [black ox. 

D karimbali Mildew; grey ooloared; 
) (IIL)BorasBOS flabelliforniis.(oj(r)). 

> karimbaH (in.) Black rook. 

karimbata (in.) Tbe green Spatha 
vca-palm steeped in silt water & used 
ealtla. loe. Bo. 

cfi>(DlaxJ3£jft Caste of jangle dwellers d 
slaves (1112 in Taliparambu) KU. 

tid>(6|ai^ kazimb^ 6. l. Dark ooloar, grey, coloor 

of ripeness, wn^ 4MSkoio:aii is ripe, ^(Sicm^ 

an not quite ripe. 2. sugarcane, Saoobarum 

offloinarum Kinds : (XDo&peaA., «)0S^., crflaidQA., 

cnse^aa., cr>o^., o^smDrDlaxsa., 9aj«a». Sao- 

cbar. spontan., i^«9a., eoaacXidB*., fiKUfladte. 

QP. a med. etc. cna^^. fl^&l^ oJli^aoo crfl^ 

a mod. ^(DloQjlnb ooj^ MM. aflaitanro^cninQabo 

^OQ Bbr. Mud. — aj>7na»nb airDlcnjajVob CG. 

Cama^B bow. ^. 0[d§d> to express tbe juice. 

a>(Dlcnjeofijl So. ground on wbiob sugarcane 
is planted. 

ai(D)a3jajl§ KM. tbe palace of Colatiri^s queen 

at Ta^parambu. see cd^rolg^jqj^. [0,010. 

<d>f61oaj Oo kazimbohun (in.) Buffalo; also a*<S\ 

Si(S\6\caASQdd6^0^ TP. = <d8)fDl(S883Dtfl. 
d8)(Dl(SmJ0^ So. Caladium oyatum. 
d9>fDtoDajym(Yb KU.= dB)fZRCBd9>ab. 
dB^rolcoTlai kariyila So. Dry leaf (fallen). 

dd^rolcscoioai kariydla (in.) Old sooty writ. 

<6)(61ca^ <Bi kariynya y . n. To be scorcbed, singed, 

cnib d»)rD)ciQ)QgsQai3^ BC. — fig. flioajOd jS^ 
osiQto, soQjo ^nSiflOi^ Bbr. 

YN. «)rD^Qj also drying, as of wound ^-eai^ 
cX>d9s ^'foioj Qjiitno ojTio YyM. 
d9>(0lcU3^ kariya4l} in a>. (4^a> Transplanted 
paddy to be past drying up (or)§)g S)(m^a>). 
Comp. «i(o)cr)0§). 

de)(0l(lj)aiDrrO)) So. Smllax aspera. 

cBjrOlQjlOJg^ (II.) or d^ltf^eS*! Bryonia um- 

bellata; the frnit is caHed ^d9a(a>. aiHiPcaB 

^d^ <4)|R<<3^^ Ab^iKt a med.) 

<d>9§B>(S)Qji a Justioia, Bb. 
<d)(D|61(Ujd6) (U, 2.) d iBi(6\ ^OddQxBi So. To 

put a mortgagee in possession of rioeftelds< 
<6>(DVydOOo kariiaaaxa 1 .= ^<kcn . 2. Ardour, 

efficacy of medicines, words. [9cunb BO. 

dd>(61c^= dO>(ZR6o Heart ^(S^Oq ma(S\^^ib «>a 

<Bi(S\rQOo kaniam S. Dried cowdnng. a». OiftOi^rf 
(Oilsk9ao«i»n PT. 

SM — SM^ 


dMhC(C^ — dMUh 

I. (B/O^ kanissa)<D^ m. l. Blaok. 2. stout, 

II» dB)(Q 1. Figure, mould a>. oj^^as to be formed. 
cuMUPtBu a>. (T^^ta«a> to mark the places for 
planting plantains. .A)®rDoco4b(saecX)oheBsmen. 
2. embryo, yolk (see 4hcm) 4b. fl^g cnodo con- 
ception. a>. <^^» atfsaupkg abortion, sku 
oo^ey (Si^astaasKuoaioo Pay. a. aa)^<ai, cy!1 
(Baa> to geld, take out the OTariee. 8. the 
best, inmost (henoe a»(Dc)o) a>R8(U3CEnseB((n 

Qjl tool (a>(Dl II.) QojOlb OajRSo a>CQd5>QLj§»j0^o 

ffloocKiKlB) RC. weapon. (g«rnlda»aa Vi. gun- 
worm (to unload). 

<6)(©<e5(?Bd96^, (^ karaifarnkka (i, 2.) To be 

harsh, sharp, rough, irritating Yi. a)(Dl^d9n. 
— of grating sensation in the eyes ecrrxob ojl 
0m@ Qojos)^ d9)(a3a)(T8(OR?i§o Vid. 

<d)(ZBod6iajb karnkkal i. id. ^tSD^cno 4h(S\<BaKA 


2.= a>rold9ftn)b dusk Bo. (from axs^a)). 

<B>((^<B6i> karukkn T. M. C. Te. irregular surface, 
teeth of a saw or file, thorns of a palmyra branch. 
a>a8d9aajfirn^ embossed work y2. 

dB>(9)6^no kanu^a 8. (airocas)?) Tenderness, pity, 
mercy a>a86nD9<33(ae9<0nc)o Bhr. 
— ady. (Biodn «>aasmo ojooiyo, a)rea«mo ojlej 

oj^^Bhg. piteously, (noauidSiCQacrno aJHs^:^ 

(OgB^ Mud. mercilessly. 
— ' adj* & pers. V. dSiooBfinSldMib, db(Q86tr)04brDob 

(, a)6mo(oab tu.) tftaasmo'jdo&n 

Bhr. a>asfimoor))uS), «>aMmoo«Qju51 eto. 

most merciful. 
atnBsmo^jgfil town in Travanoore. 
dB)tQ)6^nrSl kani^ T. aM. = airfilsn?) Female ele- 
phant 0ex)orD6rn6OB^o c^aodrodsm^aooBo RC. 
aifCBsrnlAT.aM. germen okqo Qj^sekLjaabn 

Aa80rriU>«>as3«ieio RC. 


d9>(^g) kani5^ Yl,= ^m^ib Eared corn ((ueja> 

dMB^<d) karaSttTfa t. m. (a>cQa n, 8) i. To 

conceiTe, think, meditate ojcoBcnofistobo a^orsk 
4i>asa»l«S0mo TCh. ^osmo^psjonr) AroM^^ 
8G. often axofipcab a)(aMn1. 2. to aim at, eio 

daa«».; o^onD <fl»a9di)oc»C|| BC. amt 
ODjB TR. my aim. .aka) «>. planaii 
8. to attend to. iMM£\ CKU<fla to keep 
A(CM3DW>(e»o be on your guard I osf^ 
as) oa»9cX)«> to guard against. 4. t 
for, prepare aatogjatcfo a>n8(^4i> M( 
cmo 49ks6><Ma»4Br&1049e TU. dkfiJ A(Q 
prepared for execution; ^oOj ojocrn 
(Bi^Q^jCJOo VCh. holding, ffiosoi *<v 

a)as<meiA not honoring, enemiea (po 

CY. <d>n8(nl<fla to animate Yi. 

YN. I. SiOSm/kA care, regard, proTid 

II. atOBcia^ ^* M. l.=«>a8(DMib. 2. higl 

ness, courage, a). 6>a>^ a>fDea9 KB 

wept like children. aiOBtfaiao^s 

diligently, a»(CK){on^^ (DoaescnStC 

(OTOtoci^ieB ^ono«BMc}o KB. bold, t 

@g aSlaio («>a8 II, 8?) fat soil. 

a)as(oi9iab (II, 2) resolute, =r(c^<Do6; 

oDoo «<d)oro(o) PT. ibOMOoiado a 

support) proT. 

smc(^^ kanm5ala (a»AB n. s) G 

(Y2. «»(Dlanei clan) cnoeioo a>. otm 

(TDCXliO^ CD. a)'9CB'0flO dBfiKfOasOf^ — ! 

say of conyerte o^SPdo a>. QJORftfiUCBrocd 

dd)(ZBt2 kamma T. m. (l «k») i. Biac 

2. hardness, sharpness of iwofd, atn 
man=a»^e; c^ s> jdqc^ axQeaicbBkr, 

<d>(0)(2kd>ab kammaya^ Kn.«ijtts4 

A hunting Par adeyata with blue beard 
feather and bow. (see AfolflBbOfii)). 


d9)aa06>(T)<deo onsoono^o KU. oeVua 
R8<anor) dh^a^cX) flij^ nosaao Cart 
Si^(Sfl a>a80CT) i^gjoo Bhr. £Qjc0S 

{BTD<qg'0)o Nal. (s d»)(Od0 2.) 2. 4M 

a»o§a> oyerbearing manners. 8. 

lamity, peril. ij 

<B><aU2^ {^(^ I«) Shorea roboitai aS 

MBMtt— <fi>(Sa)^ 


kuwauik i^A£\a9cb. 2.(80. A 

low oatte; f. — 3m); his honte <d>(Q9 

^* [erimsmt KIT. 

|SP Miitliero boandary of the first 10 


kwimrili (a»(9 1.) Ejeball «a>o0fl(as 
■dqUfj^ YCh. YUhna. 


s dB»(DV^ ^; (AOSQaiab person pitted 

Ulpox Yi.) ACQCUob (loo.) MeMles. 

J karavakla A large jangle-snake 
sjea, black oomb (T. king of serpents). 

UcimYft]]iNo.The best kind of pepper- 

^y- [Port. Va. 

ktniTi4n T. BoM. Salt-fish, crayado 
b alsoTB.s=<d>(0)£2D(^ 2. 

kaniTizA also dB>r{ftOJ3oq (loo.) 

wk raised spots on the bodj. 

dd^ kftrOYilikka To be black, as 
f fire, blood Teasels from pressure; to be 
rith passion. ^ig]^A*^(^3si Aaht. = 
y&ot^ 9A8b ^Di^oo 4i>*^^(^«dao a mod. 
MM. (from rD<e/anJ^>tRao). 
BoiacOgJ turning black. 

XrUfi i^uS^ II.) Tu. C. asQ^ iron. 
1 1, 2.) Tool, plough. 
Jo (AtQ L) 1. Aoaoia arabica = ^gGQ^ 
L a>«B<iajPH^jS mod. 2.=sArDl9^9 


dBb(D5o, dd>(Dl6o f.i* «>aa^o od^ggi) 

UA4ii 8* Crane. 
B.= «e>(Dtenot 

) Sii9twSkoi9(A Mud. 
DoooCL jlorx) a)*e9QiO grows worse. 
fli T. ft. to raise, ship = d)CVOQa> 3. 
(MKKO^ i^M) Upwards. 

(BidisiSo karka4ftinf <B>dis^sddio (ft aKSsHsAo 

AB.) 8. (atoa I, 2). 1. Crab. 2. ^. cdoc^ 
Canoer. 8. the 4th month, proy. as the worst 
season through famine, disease & demoniao 
influenoes a>d9nsa99oooVdb ojglfinSldDsnms 
proT. d^fSnstfhfhggnb AajcgQ)^ sudden swell 
of waters in July. [a>(aa»f»). 

<d)dBb(Do karkaram 8. Hard; limestone (see 
a>(dsK>9o 8. rough, hard, harsh (<d>as I. 2). a) 

<0noo<fifia09inQej, (stQ^ccm^* Qjl/D5)nbo eo 

oiso Kal. a)*0O33; ojo^^o KB. 
dxBnoerBsA CG'=<d>^g_j(0oo<b. 
(dxeooddtoorDnb Yi. ayaricious. 
a)(dnoocr>3croia>n6 Yi. big nosed. 
dO)^ Ar. xarj, P. Xarc, Expense =6) ^aioj. 

c6)§rnokar9am8. 1. Ear f. i. of an elephant a>g^ 
coBcfo Ojiicno a>ajk)o(OiQiso (OKml^fij (tnlgj^es^ 
^ CG. sQJOQooo^ ^^n ^^"-^^ U^* ^* 'ttd^of • 
8. diagonal line, drs a>g^(DfiU Qj6>(Dgj Oan. 
also hypotenuse,cn)0a)g^0ocB; 9<a£b<@)o a square. 
Hence: atfffjmcuch whisperer, calumniator d 
d»)agq;)6aaj^ ChYr. whisperers, sycophants. a»* 
naotdt ^(ovBio oato^Qdaaoai 8iPn. a)*naoAfl>fiKo 
d9anm ojo^cno ^>^ff^ 6)6>9§«0aaP§y Hal. 
a>m:^o(Dab (2) helmsman, 
digj^ob N. pr. prince of Anga, half-brother 

of the Pandayas, proyerbial for munificence 

ft loreof praise a), fixugooib ajsctv)g>) proy. 
Agmaaio = a .niajlatacfQo ear-wax. 
a)^803S^ = ^D:^sm^ N. pr. 
(&>mo^oc/3o Nid. ear-disease. 
a>g^aje^ Nid. = o^otrg;^ cochlea. 
a>amoaxjco perforation of the ears, one of the 

sufferings of childhood YCh. 
di)j|^f)(^ei 1. earache a)^^;^^fiJ3So ^08 aijairoo 

Qa)S AR. 2. pain at hearing bad news, etc. 
ai^ogioio a feast to the ears. 

<6)finQDSo kar9a4am <fi)gnQ0Sd9» 8. (a.(®+ 

mo§ blaek soil) The table-land of the Canarese. 
a). 0)00 a>ttOK> Qj^pcm (doob;^ KU. (= a>omso). 
a)j|^os^ Canarese. dA (Si^ct^roo (0>. Q^o TB. 
Caaareae troops. 




«0»6aj(tb— Ai 

<^^$^<^ kaifliya S. («^) i. Bar-ring. 
2. pericarp of the lotus (= «u)««a>oo»o) <d> 
g^a»M»n6 ^yo ollflai^o afiKoecX) CG. a)0 
^MKOMrab <d>. 0000^008 Bhg. 
«o>g|^a>oroo Ptero«permam aoerifoUam; «»g^ 

cBjroymoOo kartanam 8. i. Cutting. 2. spin- 

axmarol sciBSors, knife (= AajraJlfol). 

cB>((5ru)<^ kartayyam s. (a>*, ^) 1. what 

can or ought to be done = a^og^o. <&>. qQ)^ 
«0OcQfti.'3rancno Bhr. (tou* dloH^ oaoOouo 
n6 colnmDfA droa a. (8raQ;^sn§ KR. 2. strength, 
ability, authority=d»)(mo»xj^/m f.i. (mo!\mi>m 

<0>^OTrO)DOj karta?^ S. 1. Agent; Nominative, 
subject (gram.) ; author, f. a^^. -, (BRxurooco 

anfBoA MR. began the quarrel. 2. owner, 
lord, possessor. a»spl<eB06ma)(m»DQj MR. etc. 
«0)<og)a)ajiaoaj Lord of lords. 8. (also Atmotdb, 
^<a(OKno^) a rank, chiefly of ®s(ajs. 
<e)r0g)r0XJo kartftyam S. The state of a a> 
(offtDOj, rule, authority, lordship. «co^<n; 
^)<og)<m_io UR. (BiO(TO)6^or)(DR05)ri6o qirejlmD 

(TXT^fuJlfDlcBs (Q_)0O«m0DC3Q; A. a«n|, SiSi^Qi^O 

Qg^a). flp^oaiRA (a^di>c)o MR. unfit to manage 
property. cnldn/on<sS »«»«»». ©^aruRftMR. who 
have nothing to do with the payment of taxes. 

(6>aj^o karlBnyam 8. (^(^) The whole oa 

oooei a). aj)6m6ni^ cuaisia^ FT. 
<^gQJo kardamam 8. Mire a>.(8id6ml6iai^^ <i<^o 

(i]|^a>c)o Nal. 

«^g|;jSo karpa4am 8. («»aB+ajso) Rags. 

<B3^r^} karparam 8. Skull, shield of turtle. 

c6)gIjrt>o karpuram 8. (a»o^+a'30fljb) Camphor 
from Laurus oamphora (^^rml aj09ri£3raao a> 
gj rD^lojo Oojo^iai Bhg. ojjy A, crude C. GP. 
/^snba). camphor from cinnamom. 


^ a SalTla? 

[atcn^A 8i Pu. 

ai^roojig) Lavandula oamosa 4i>*d9afi^(B;do 

a^g^rOQjMm^ fine tpeaUag 1 
(n^rSlscusTT^Q^o CO. 

<0>6ajmo karbnram 8. (^ 

speckled. <0)a^rDoalaK)o, Bhr. 
AR. Raxasaa. 

(Bid^ karmam 8. (anb, whei 

l.Aot, action. The Acousative; 

the passive oonstruotion (gn 

a>. fliooQ«o_iOQcn y. he is dead 

ligious act. onW|a». daily sen 

Aanfs^o eoiow^^ ooxocno a»; 

of this ft former lives (of 8 1 

OLjdcLjai., 0)^a>.); chiefly bai 

consequences. 4. fate, destin 

oioCG. (exclamation). a).sgk); 

orSlcds £3(^0 (Bioodfioj^cflocmra 

Arb. his luck (as determined b 

past lives). soasKn a«. cr>^ 

Hence: a>;p.a)a}R))oaj 1. agent ft i 
object of the action (as one 
self) gram. — (Sif5Qi<m|n6£^<ea< 

a>;iia)Dsnru>o (2) system of esl 

ai^Aooainb practical person. 
a>2eQja£H(^o (8); sorotmo a).B] 

land of the migration of thi 
St2etrm\ (8); 9cm^cm a)'6>«a»: 

according to their deserts oi 
a)2iz9e»:fi3o sin ft its fruit, a^^fon 

so a)00QC(Uo, — ssocoo; a>0 

|p:pA eejian Bhr. to repent o 

fate. a>00m9oeo (i}ns(qB|a> < 

final emancipation. 
a>2KQj&ooo the chain of actions i 

a>e0«D(3jL)n03^ opp. to wnx 

(S\ ncno GnP. 
a>Z2fiaj)0ao ^tf)ftan — aio§i«Bi^ 
(M2<50l KU. Malayalam (opp. 

as well as «BDi3(niS0l) wh» 

ditOaaxro — Ao 


dB>Od9© — 


k eaate distinetioiu are to be obserTed rigid- 
ly (lee A2caaa&xQ)o). 

Azaoiscroor) (3) oonieqaencet of sio. a>. m\ 
a^ KumK. retribution. [diseaseB. 

AiiaajWjaAo (3) a treatiae on the causes of 

Azaskoai^i^o, — aji<^o whatever hinders or 
impain the merits of a sacrifice KR. 

AfficaWirib practical; laborious, addicted to 
»»eriAcm^ etc. [(holy) acts. 

aiZESou^tJul, ^2Z9adcBQ9cno performance of 

aizaxiiDo business; atzeaaoSlatnb labourer aa)3 
gjAcb a)*<b Aaasai ^^ KR. 

AZZsoj doer; in comp. ^oa>0C)3Qj KB. etc. 

^e£^ 1. working CY)lqg)30a>2Sl Bhr. 2. a 
Bakti worshipper. 8. (loo.) = a>Z0c>) f. i. in 
Corombranadu a_KoilsKn§^ <d>a^a>c)o KU. 

*2a^^a (1. 3) to aotydeserre. s*z£^^OJgDo oj 
Gio, ai2i^^6>3Ȥ^oo ojfQo Bhr. ( = according 

^ ^^)' [Toice, genitals, anus. 

Sr^Z2j^:a>o the 5 organs of action, hand, foot, 

*fi6i.ia^orc»fifii%tnnb the Omniscient. Bhr. 

fSkihyrryS Ar. xazmoi (P. xarbuza melon) = 
Qjgjrso, Carica papaya. 

icionoo kananam i. 8. (^) What makes 

lean. 2.M. (=«>rDloocr)oq.T.,<d)(»=a)^)what 
is TioUnt, harsh; energy; flVOdtefijo atc^cnojo 
eaeii)g (t^ '°L' 9(it> Ti.; {^«^^tio a)'0)g>j has lost 
ids pangeaey. a>'4ega)g^ strong toddy =<d)^g_jo. 
de&V. «kce)«8a 1. to grow lean, <d>c^n<0)3oconb a 

sfeader body (po.) 2. to be impetuous, 


fedilGnOokmziaQtin 8. l. Pulling, dragging. 
a»dia)Ai to draw, attract, influence. 
2. ploughing (^^t^). 

1. a weight of goldorsilyer,=Q(aBiP6a^ 

. or 4 Q-i^^ CB. (180 — 280 grains troy). 

2. also pulling A(^aoaa>9Qjo PT. 3. A, 

WS^*^^"^ Ch. anger? 

*d9Ai6 pkmghman a»*n03(b airfia-OTDnrob ao 

cft» ^^ CO. 
Iplolktrki 8.(At)When;a><^jJVob sometimes. 
pkaH T. M. C. I'e. («iQ) 1. Blackness. 2. spot, 

blot, rust. a>oa_iOQa), ajislanag-j^a) to be 

stained, 0ioxia)ro AtiOato^o AaiS.'matoQs ao o-i 

OQEj^ort aQ)aQ^mo KR. why call the whole sex 

a stain (rather let her be a stain on her sex, 

a AfiJ<0eo). 8. blood, esp. menstrual <d>o ojl 

iPoa(0)Q(^o jjOBo Nid. 4. sap issuing from 

trees, gum. 5. <0)O 6)(d>a§l^fi^(0eYi. a play 
of bowls. 

a)O<0n6nsn6 (<&>6nr)o) 8i?a with the throat 

blakened by poison, <d)Oasisni^ & a>o<d9fD 
eun6 RC. 
a>o(iS2$nD defiled cloth. 

d))O3D§y3'0)QJcX)RC. spotless, also <d>ocB.-Q 5>0Li3 

d)>oaj9 4l (^) exudation from trees, (3) bloody 

(^)Od66^, (TTd ki^akka (<d)0 4) T. M. 1. Milk 
to flow out. 2. to milk, giye milk o^as^AOB; 
a)0(6s)as@ (law). (SiS)^(i>nbo a-i3ro{> d)>onno 8il. 
a^ejls)!^)^ <d>onno (Ayappan). cr>3m9sp) <OsO 
(Ssmr) ACTU^ TP. a cow giying 4 Nali milk. 
(Si^aioDrob pgfl <d)0(dQ(Tn o-i^ rosngo S)<fi)9fDnQl 
TR. Q* SDsaaoiP^ dOfiolrDo o. omrDQjo <d)Onrn) 
§nm «cood98KX) TR. Aoom i^3So«s «iS^<aB» 
fresh from the cow. •— With Ace. of object cro 
cj^a^o (mGae(hJ3^ Qxtsn^nms ^ocm Bhg. (from 
Kamadhenu). 3. to blow the nose Qd99 a>o 

CY. d)>ogJI(ds said of men & of cows a>. qd 
§»j oQnnDa)mD9'obPT. if it will not be milked. 

YN. (0ioaj milking, aiv-rno (d>oQjoproY. a^oQ^gg 
a_jj^YyM. <d>oc^gas> a^Gi) ojool roI^moTP. 
a)OC3ijo co@iii)Q£najo ^f^aano-i^ PT. (&>o 
Qj(d>3$rr)o interest of pawned milch cows. 

(BiOGS^Si ka^annn'ya T. SoM. (C Te. Tu. 

co/o) To turn round, whirl. 

d8>O6Yno|'06) kaira^^kka (denY. of a>rD«m, «> 
(D^?) <d>ocgjo Q-j06R)9 <d)*^Qa-i3C{^ Yi. The trans- 
action ended in a dispute. 

(65050^ karaij4^ = c6)(05O^ (a>rDcb)PT. 

d9>Og_Jl karappi} & <6)Q gJl («>o 4; Opium a) 

<6>0^, dB^qo-J, dBjQOJ (Ar. qarfah, Hero- 
dot's karphea, whence a>^rdo, fr. a>o 4F) 

c8>OQ^ — d9>Q<d> 


<«>o w>— w>00 

LaaraB Cinnamomam. aixiSBiO.TSiaodib, So. a>Q 
cu9g-)§. — a>r>g_js)S).inBiejo oil of Cinnamoii. 
a»(XQ/OCi^, a»ooa2j (So. a>ro — > ) cIotob, Euge- 
nia oar jophyl lata ; a>9^ <d>. JaBsieea yillosa; 
crfiiba). JuBBina repens, Rh. (enoojuA). 

<d>oaj kahk?^ i. t.m. boo dho^. 2. aM. (T. 

a)QQj from a>Q n.) Rage @,j^(Ta> <d>o4ajos 
oOifono, «>oQ^Q cnscno, QQ^cnatoQajo^ 
jii3§o <8ajflA RC. [d»)Qa>osl. 

dB)03S| kaHl4^ 80. AclaBBofBrahmanB, prh.= 
(BiO0Cb(t5r6! Ar. karamati GeneroBlty. 
c6)0| kcdi T. M. C. (<d)(^ n.) Hot oondimentB; 
meats, vegetabloB. KindB chiefly 4: oQ(S\^s*., 
gfl_i<o>., oj&iea)., 0CJ^(O(0s)oij then aLj£]<d). of 
TegetabloB, Q-iCB)OQ<d). palse-curry. — (Sidrol(06o 
(d>61<d8o $>a>o^.^r9)orob KU. to Brahmnns; <Qi. 9cu 
Qjldte to cook it, ^^^ to eat it (with riee). 
«)61(dsaio <d>y<fi^^@a Ojuoq Si Pa. 
a>c9<fi»0QE£^ plantaioB for oari. [tray Yi. 

atoldSnooA brasB support for plates to eat from, 
a>olafla»ogj iDgredientB= a>o^croocc(r>o, So. 

a>o^Qv'OiO)«08, — CQBL^ " -oy^si annual contri- 
butions from the tenant to the Janmi^s 

a>o)QQJaJ a tree with aromatic leaves ( ^'gj^ai) 

used for cari, as of d)>o^A(dnos) etc. — 
a)61(^^ a disease <fl!niPC(voo1(ab Qj9tf>(aA0 Oojo 
5)Qj Qjsneoo a med. 

L (d):^ ^^^ T. M.= a>as 1. Black dhoanQ orDo 

oSTziWRC. cloud-black a>Qa>QO a>Q(ds (sky) 

turning pitch-black. [hard. 

n. (6)Q T. M. Te. 0.=I. a)(Q2. ft a>9, Rough, 

(BiC^tBi kahfya M. C. (T. (moQ<oi) a>Qa>n4)gj 

Agrostis lineariB S. gg^, a grass osed for the 
funeral ceremonies & ooiej^ of Sudras a), oj 
olgijonb ©.sng TP. (for ojl-imuo). 

s>aj«ia»Qa) (9o8 j.i»gQy) with a ^<^aq, 
a>Qa><ncnjls) lower Brahmans, who eat a 

Sudra*s sraddham KU. KM. 

a)Qa)a^ a river between AoolgjOo & qj§9 

cnS^. a)gy^d(as3sn6 a^QfOioorbL «>q«> o^ 
cn^Oflo^ (proT.) 

d8)Q<e>(So kf^-yaid i. («>q n.) Fi« 

tensely; imlt. of gnashing ft biti 

a>. Qold9aom|3 9^b>§» a>QQQo as 

ete. (2. a^^Q I. q. y. very black). 

denY. a>Qa>Q(ds, og^ to rage, be be 

self «>. (Oia^cq^ Kid. resileMnf 

QQdBaono 6)S)AoLjfirn)ag)gKD'TW>OTb 

YN. a>Qa)Qg_] o(g(m9ab AflOo^sbV 

you do not moderate yourself. 

<d)qd86^, r^ ki^akka i. (a>Q I.) Ti 

to be black. cB;^a_kml ^fiuo Anno ai 
CrArj. from anger; ^ei CG. in p 
<8a>oajo ^ygffll 06iiCXjo <0>QCjtt DM. C 
aHsn^ <fi)Q(i]Q2Som. from grief. a»Qn 
dark lunar fortnight. 2. (a>Q n.) tc 
(1S2 s>^9anonbRC. a>Q7ireifi9ajQ03 

^, a>Q:OI0) S9Xl8.'m9lOS>S(nla80 (01901 

CY. d9)QgJiaa to blacken, lie groasl 
YN. a>Qgj (C. Te. a>ga) 1. blaekn 
mood gegloA a>. a^flaidab, *. 01 
(CBOJOab a®s& ^^* 2.= d9»o d 
8.r= a>ogj| opianu 4. (a>Q II.) 1 
aj9oa>coRftiaj Oaj9«>ej a>. Nid. 5. 
ing perch (=aj(n9cB;oi). 
a>Q(ds3m, <d)Qcm3or) adv. very bl* 
a>Q(0Aab5Kijee^ gf^j^ inferior silvei 
a)Q(0s)cnjfiO An *oid fmit (Qareinia, 
c6)Qa^orb kahippaii, <d>qaunb 

man, person, animal, f. a>Qcnj^. 

(d)qnrijd9> kai-ambaYa B. To eat as 

the low teeth. 

d9>qajD ki^ya So.=dB>OoL-j. 

I. dB^OO katt'a (a>Q I.) Black, in 4 
06rnla2;3cX>, ^oo^jolbAifi(n\ woman 
black hair (or = sheaf P). a^o^s< 
Qjoa-BRftDsm CG. by Sira, 

U. (6)00 (= 4h^ 3.) 1. Bundle as of gi 
dm <d). a>6QU93j a handful. 2. sh 
aMij)l<ba)00^ a)9ejlem *• ^^L tl 
in threshing. 8. (=sa>S(einsdaS) 
aioodsnlsoaj see a>0Q. 

diKXXvb— daifij 


dBbfiJo — <d>aion^ 

Lo m floor, where slieftTee are laid by 


Ni^fij) kaMlipilli (AOQ) A small 
») B. riee not raffieiently boiled, 
arni B. a wed^. 

^itVL l.Obl. ease of «>raD T.M.q.T. 
iQ^SdaKb CC. calTes. i^ 5,^,. 

)Qtd^ ^- ploaghiBf^ hire. 
N^aiMrnlso trade in cattle. 
<^ past of «>^ T. C. Ta. to learn (Te. 
' teaob). esMmocmoQBtl^afeOQ qoqo «»a8 

wt a story, study a part, make oat 
it a teacher. Aooo^anoi Qjl^«odo«^<ai 

^•~*- [«caa|. 

)QiOAS Ho. an inTcnted story, r=a»aj)«) 

>t>SQj, 4i»oQqris, aioQang) 80. deceit, 

xxxjA the learned crrumal^o 9cuoh a> 
•cx^a* <4|cte^«i^o BC. 

cx>9ip=4tegb<n9SP) Aloe Vera oompoyo 
jatfofkofto f^8)5 a med. 

klla (V^^HiA to mix) 1. C. Ta. M. A 
u of imall-poz ; scar 6)Gjana)ej; mole 
lAA9rA 0o,^)§om «>ai^o CrArJ. «>ei 
lO^as to wear scars of woonds. Si&i 00 
cars to disappear. 2. T. M. stag, back 

Aaiago o^ejWao KB. 
h9aa4 antler oBrottoo «>*oqjo o^onni KB. 
ly«>(l)toliBrmina scab; the cheeks of 
people taming black ; (met.) to lose one*s 

B. 1. A particle (ssl. aiai 1.?), esp ^ 

moon's diameter 0(dna»iua>€)o ojinrdn 

umo^dBB BC. — a dirision of time=8 

isaea mxnMbAJAcfo (0:^:1^ Bhr. aqs 
iaaKSUao$aaBKeiB.esp.64. 0oo)xinb 
*ai9aj^«i#o KB. 

<0>aJo kalam X. M. Te. (Ta. aia>) 1. A pot, 
▼cseel, (06n6 — , oojarib — , o^cpj — ) 001 

<M»99 Aa>99r|i d»). <^o)q»^ prOV. QjO((g>QJo 

^leiojo, jd§)<s{{o d»)., A. dk§(6eayo etc. 8. ship 
erOiOseio Pay. 8. a measure (in T. 12 maracal) 
9000 aieio oj^ KU. 

Hence: <d>ej.Tsnig_}o pancake. 

**^ **• =*"'^- [.0000 «.. cnleio TB. 

Afij^a^ measore of riceflelds ^o. a>. gscD^o, 

a)ei5>auofiOoDnb disorderly person oojcoBOft 
<»^a>ej5>auo£1cs; (abuse). 

<e>aJW}<e> kalannnYa t. m. c. Tc. (v^Atab) 

To be mixed, agitated, tarbid as water, em- 
barrassed. o3So a). abortioD, orflft a>. eaph. to 
piss, ticyijula). confusion. Afls (Dongo dSiei 
call Bhr. from fear, anger, fixot^ooo ^>Sfg^^>c)o 

proT. a good fight makes better friends. 

VH. «»&J60BaAtorbidity; or^(b a)&j«aBcX).(eaph.) 
ddiBl<BG^<B)y ddS\ a. t. To mix, esp. with water 
cr})ooVbb qjAo a>. KU. fi)ajrD)d9)^9fimd9)o a> 
akan^cs; 6)ajeBo KB. (BioajcX) earDo ateitSA) 
cnadoBhr. prooared abortion, ojoroba). Yi.s 
Asoya); (BKK1J6)CT) d9)ajcon)a)fi.6R)9 confounded 

YN. atfiidaao turbidness, confusion, quarrel (Bio 

5)§taa a). cn§yl(^o prey. 
«>ej(6a muddy water. [q^^^ ^^ea^ TB. 
CY. (Si03j«>ft Asoiii)A§1a>c)o (0)6)om (coso) a» 
dB>a3iLjd9> kalajnya aM. To be disturbed Yi. 

(6)^0^ kalaU (T. confusion =^?a^ Cere- 
mony on the 4th day after marriage. 

<6)fiJg_j kalappa T. Te. SoM. (a)ejo) Plough 
& what belongs to it, see a»ro)«e&io, a>rQ»aj^. 

dB>^^ kalappi} (T. mixture or aiaio 3) The 
whole, sum. a>aj^(ok aQ^(e» to take withoat 
distinction. — a>fiiC0(ni id. 

dB>fij(n4d8» kalambii'ya (V^ 4^(A) 1. Td get 

confused, dtocojo a>eicni) ftscidsnb nz>ctv)om uii 
oiMKb 9a»9ainm Bilei »fh CG. of forked Ught- 
ning. 2«(|narrel Aaicnisob asolio ftonf, o aictb 

<B>&^ ^ SiBJObo 


dhB}Ob — ifi>aJ3tt^ 

oj^s^^ dkaicnj)QB«33o TR. onzz^rsik ^ejcoD Qojo 
cd) eto. 3. Q0(ob atajcnjai (T. <d)ajgj mixtare 
of perfumes) to anoint the body with perfumes 
Ti. see a>flso. 4. «>£ia3jA a>aiaGja6 09ai;s^o 
KU. two old taxes (from «>. 2. or 3). 

YN. I. a>aicnirab uproar, quarrel (m^airob tfKXJsl 
(S{/o a>*e409CGp) a>. fisnio^ TR. created a 
disturbance. <d). d9)9«rT)^<aio look refract- 
ory, ma^ a). Qjmo 9<Ljo^SiA9sn^ TR. thro* 
the confusion of war-times. 

n. a)fiKnj id. (maalrob a>&icmo ajlslcqj093^); 
tDo^qi^Sa «>&ia>J<d>c)o TR. reroUs. 

freqT. a)ejcnj)(0s); a>Qicnji^ (uo«ih eto. 

dB>aica^<6) kalayuya T. aM. y. n. To disperse 

as a mob Ti. 

a>aiaO(0A to drive away birds, 
(d>aJt{B<6>^ mrd kalaraya (O. Tu. a>aej, Te. 

atej^C. <aa(b) 1. ▼. n. To be mixed, united crxia 
a>&jaio ajcrolafi, oojaoD, asoao, mddaso, ^cmo 
eto. d»).,=a^9r^, Qjxicttd; (Sioainb (sio^m^ooo^ 
a>Qjaio CG.s=^^; qjSt) ajcnS^g-j9nb 0cdo (d> 
fiJarT?)^o KR.=:g9qi9a>o; o-ieiotrDaci&oo aqs 
cm QJ9c0a<d>c)o KR.=3g(£. 2. ▼. a. to mix, 
mingle, esp. what is dry (for fluids «>&i(d«a>}. 
gDSd)eja8a) to blend (see gss)^ 
AQAi%Af 0^ Ti. & a>aiagaa), (ohft) id. 

W. a)£j^ mixture; also aiajgli QuiJcds) to 

(d>ejeJo kalalam S. (n. a>aj l.) Embryo cotsojo 
a)Gj&j03o YCh. (=(0«9/a»^^rai{ilAabo 9jai^)* 

(BiB^CUO kalavidu (<d>ejo, csno) storehouse, 
a>&iajOcas)9(Oob storekeeper, butler, treasurer. 

<d>aiaj)dd>o kalayingam 8. Sparrow ataiiJils) 

odr^roonosbl (sic.) AR 5. 

<B>B^C/do kalaSam S. (a>ai3) l. Pot, censer j»io 
QenB^dSa a>. fiKuan to taorifloe for injuring 
enemies, tfh. a)spl^(e» KU. to purify temples, 
ajsngjat., ^^(e». purification by pouring 
water. 2. coyer of breast «iiiiA>fiioe0n^(7A 
t2)f *o Nal . 8. s flto^ Odina pinnata, Rh. 6)9 

^^, Earinga pinnata, ooiiab B. oojc 
serrata. r 

a>fiJ09 large vessel (noorrMaafiije^ 
Hence: (S>QJU9d9aso waterpot in tern] 
a>£K;9g_}9cnl a pitcher. 
a>eLK;oe9§<d> to anoint, with Aoc 
a>*^6l(r)9& KR. at coronation: 

(SiosTTVcni^ KR 
a>aic;a9a^<d>ch noi^^onb Bhr. in 

fosterohild (see preced.). 
a>ejodOfig^, «d)ej3(/o98a51 ocean (po 
d8>aiOd<^ kalaial M. C. («.ej^«>) i. 

2. quarrel (d>a]oe^ SdOjl^ MR. a 
CEtH quarrelled, o^ J^^cndCB^^o acq 
§0 <d>. £«r^ TR. war. o-isP^^Wiv^ 
oooloyeiaa^g (SiocrodAo d»)exn>9b s 
^002 «). 0[^a>s>a>99r^ TR. disturli 

disturbed, alarmed the whole ooont] 
oessiyeness, danger CTOi^coedd 8i 
oQO (Diai'j3r9bs>aj§ KU. ^Icno a> 
grew alarming, critical. 

d9>aior\jd9> kalasaya, tdiairroTib 

Qo-jodn Quarrelled, eto. 

<d)£jQOo kalaham S. (see ^oi^mo • 

Uproar, quarrel. a>QJd»o ^OQ a> 
TP. in fight. 

(OifiJaOcBstorDab turbulent person. 
aiaiaO!aJ)cB;n6 Narada, also a>fii: 

Qcnlojrdnb uaHfoit^^nno CrAr. 

denV. a)aiaol(dn to make a distarb( 
CY. <d>ajao)gj)<0a to spur to. 

d9>aioetBLn kalaigii <B>a^oenst£\ 
<6>aiXY51u3) kalanidld (acj n.) 

dB>^ kalabam 8.(a>ailL-Hn^ 

le ; 2one ; peacook^s tail, qoiyer. 8. a 
totality crod9)Qi09<%ai a»ctA9«»ai»L 

8. M.sAakaoo qvArr^lf ooafwkM 

dBifiJraiJI— dd>fiSW 


(0>eSloCA>— <e>^o 

iVA oaS^tti. ajm», Tippn't oonqueit 

•eioaJ (to.) HMrly omnisoieDt. 

kr. qoalai, Port. CaUim, tinning of 
aUo a»gawBp§A. 

rodb tin-man. [TrP. 

. kalal Arraek farm d)>aiybb ou^njcn) 
nlifaun (AaJgU|, Ar. xala«a) Conola- 
». in mnaio=sa)3ftisiai^5)nbo (d!V). ai. 
to, aifiJOL^daa to bring to concla8ion,-= 
dOa; alio Afijog^sceil 9aj9cs0 is lost, 

dB^aJD^Ar. H. xalw Sailor. as\ 
nm «^«ies>ejQ(^ a)aj3cnp6)cr)C[yo TR. 
)i9»90Qo atCJd^o expenses of a vessel, 
lawdnb a lasear. 

. 8. 1. (Afij n, 1.) A die, personified 
»o 4i>ej1 Hal. 2. the 4t1i or iron age 
yo; Its oharaoter a>ej)co0ao; o^coo 
) cT)§|ia>ei)cs^^coo GnP. cq ^eS\zQio 
unoaggxtb Bhr. 8. the spirit of this 
fe(=: a^eiaoo). 4. a year of the Cali- 
hich began on the 18th Febmary 1302 
ift; a date. 

^A, soQiBa> to be possessed. 
Hfla*=cM)eaj9rm3ajQ3jo cr)l(Ba«). 
>=a)9fm) Terminalia. 
mo (Tray.) ^ Bnpee, orsi Chaoram. 
B^fisnb demon; quarreller. 
i 1. something monstrous, as high 
u t.:=3«»ejVLJsroo. 8. evil day d»t. 
^ocioi) the 1st day of Canoer month, 
j^crD(9« 300^ the 1st of the following 
;h (aatrol.) 

ifiyaS.ssAiejII, l;Flowerbud=:6)e9^. 
nlikka l. 8. To driTe, hold <d>ejl^o= 
as tftenok^SoMnd. joyfully. — obserf e 
!i3rOMn(lbChTr. (Imp.) 8. (C.Te. to 
to liaTe a distaste, heart-bam omsn^ 
s^pgyoaroo Asht. to be ranoid, stale 
xn^ mD^SojoiSI Vi. (s«>cKr)(a»3) 
ilqf* 8. to OOM through. 

YN. I. AGjl^rA, <d>GJ^^ porosity, 
n. aglH^ distaste, coppertaste. 

(0>fiI|oC/>o kali&^am 8. Telinga, Telngn oonntry 
(Caliogs proximi mari, Plin.) 

(0>fil|roio kaliSanii par tic. of ^^eSi<B9 i. 

dB>£jVlj7 <^^^ Ar.qalb, Miod ^^cn m 
9cm Sojo.'Do d9:ej'iij^(Bb cnlcDQjo Qojfimo pror.; 
also meroy = Acri^ij (Hpl.) 

<0>anj^Oa3(b Ar.xsllff Caliphs; a clsss of 
Mappilla jugglers. 

(Bi^rOdo kaltliam 8. TarbidneM(d».ai«09), im- 
parity, sin (sniiSicho a*, 6&<flsiC(2jo ^oomiilflMik 

(BldQaSQjlaa KB. 

[sin on thee. 

oolfiBejo Aei(fi3(oi 4^gl)3c6 8iPo. to bring 
ddi(A kal 1. V^of «^aica§, abi^^ a>Qjciaj, «>ej 

(09, «>ejaoo eto. 2. see «»gj. 8*=^0(ii in 

Loo. dfo^doaai, scoajoflab(bb. 

dB>^j^, dB>OQ kalka defV. To learn (see a> 
OQ 2.) a>fii II, 2. 

<d)^j^o kalkani 8. l. (=6)01010, <a)Aa>o)8edi- 
ment, dregs; medicinal paste oCB^^'oni^ ^ifiSBM^ 
eto. Quoj ^^^§ ofl)g][js>ajqn) MM. 2. =s6) 
64^30 sin. 8. turkey MC. (formerly called 
Caliout fowl) »q^ D. 

6)^ the 10th Avatara of Tishou, ezpeoted to 
put an end to Call. 

(0>^o kalpam S.l. Proper; order, rite, precept, 
QaCQ|<ft.6&tflaa9«0o 0ad<^ar)o^KB.; prescrip- 
tion, panacea as of Togis 9^9coisco!\cm ^. ttoro 
Qjl^. 2. a day of Brahma, period of 4 (or 
OTon 1 00) Yagas,= 420,000,000 years (astr.) uiS 

mo ^e^o (4)ano aojft £9^ C8. (Biog:)0Oo (DO^ 

6iia5)ftane:^o Q^onmoaggt ^y^ ^ ^^^* ^* * ^^^7 
high number, = 10 millions of millions C8. (sr^ 
csflroo a)gjfiaec)o AR. 09A>gjo 100 millions of 
millions CS. 4. aM. Tigoar (=6)<d>^P) 6>fij 
£1^(08, opp. a>gjQ(dn^, — (dfiiaiK) Yi. 
Hence: a>gj«»o, ^hg-ymtCB, a>ft4|(y«afiao (1 ) a hearen- 
ly tree, that yields OTcry wish. <noaKi6 o^cr^ 
aa d)^ciii3fia09gj; A^^Ki^asmo oaiSKmstQ, 

da>^ro — ia>g^roo 


a>^o(TQ>o (2) end of the world, (^^cdk>; A'a>o 
aim)a)(Qk oajguan atfOojaoai Bhr. «)'Q0 
aaiaBc>>aj(nD^s)CG. a>£joaQDXnfiJ9fi2|0 oo 
(Do Brhm. — «)£:)9cnDrdo(2)a Calp* period. 
(6)^00 kalpana S. l. Plan, fabrioatlon. 2. M. 
oommand, order j£\qx ^^cn^i^Q ^^g^jtaal^o 
cno£^(A cnscontl TR. introdnced a new order 
of things. a(D«)abo a>. my fiate! Ti. — dkcoKfool 
Si, fo£\if\(A collar) «isi(a;8na9(b TR. fiiUth- 
ful subjects. — (S>gj5)(r)cd« aooording to order. 
(daOQgjanorDob A^cds by order of the minister, 
daMTuanoi a^'cds ttnsicnvat^o coao (ds^o qj) 
uii3rDi<d«aTymoAcno TR. I govern under the 
Company, (tnabfob Aoa ai'o^ &er«QXi9 ojosna 
GhYr. he has always been a self-willed boy. 
8. leave, permission ooa 09cn)Q.israi <d). Qajsmo ; 
a*. A&ploQ^ leave has expired. 4. Govern- 
ment =0(fi)9C|^ f.i. oos coogVbb (gone cnoej^. 
(SJ^cBjyob; (09^082 ^SKnisnol a». oob a>. cvo 
cbH^ oosgj9nb TR. sole GKnremment. 

Henoe: Si^cne>qsji letter of a superior, also 
Si^crKa)9(S)\ Qjom axijg} TR. 
a>^or)a)9sjo duties no^daega ^^^oRilonD TR. 
a>^cn ooscta TR. to be obeyed. 
a)^nr)g-j«mo an old tax. N. ojlgVob qaoqb>)qj 

AC^ 6)d>9^Qas0r)|o a). rD0r)|o (doO.). (00699 

Qjiono ojoaiiaji^noimo 6>a)9^a|[2 a^9^cii 
cm Si*<a(&sidbo (0)fOAO>c)o TR. 
atg:^orKB^9i)) to be granted, sent a>*CD/ eaBcno 
TR. Qcu9qg(ma£^iTio a>*cB;9(bb if an allowanoe 
be made. 0QJcs^92LS>^'nM9e aj9fl.(ivo A'cp^SiD 

6n^ TR. if troops be not sent. 
a)^or)S)9(0fi to grant, sascm a>^(r)ai;9(0an dn 

(S\s» TR. to give gunpowder. 
a)g:^(ncG^g^9v'0i0) unauthorized, unlawful ojgy 

a>. atocgjo 6>jiicqii9<Qb TR. 

de>^nOo kalpanam S. The ordering; al80=s 

preo. ao9g^aja>9.6>5 a^'cmotocbb TR. 

d6>§il(396^ 1* 8. To get In order, fix, make, 

devise mom^nb oq/crn agfiicm ai'^Bhr. suppos- 

od. Q.idjn<6o«»ajl«Kr> .oMQg^oaj^CKncno *fip 

.i^l^knaiblCad. took iDr. 8.M.tOM 
instruot, superiors to say or determi 
ODooMXd 49»'^ «a>o$a|B KU. aaw 
im\ deigned to write. flg9«B9^ a 
sent here. — With Dat. of the obj 
cn)orn)co9cn(DR»Vbba))cnD a*^9<iA 
oonoeming it. Si!j^ ^§a> to fix 
to be pursued. di>'^ (^glAasMr^ < 
intentionally or in spite of one. 8 
put, draw Qa)(^asROeBtoonD (» c^: 
<^ft?ft4 Gan. ft let there be 4 rw 

a>£JVno (part.) devised; command 
(0K> destiny; a*. aQarT^an^So RS. 

de>^jio kaljam 8. Healthy, ready (t 
ai^o KR. ability to kill. 
a>^(m health, readinett, fig^o^ 
o<d)9ejono CG. qj^JUasnt^aMifc a». 
KR. power. 
a>^96nDo 1. fine, laeky. 2. hap 
Qa>g9(bb a>. Qjflso, a>^ofim^ 
prosperity Bhr. 8. marriage 
before engagements, when a B 
the nuptial string to Sudra girls 
<&>^9<mfi>y6n6 bride. 
<d)^95mc9ajnb handsome. 
<&>^96iT)o^exib goodnatnred. 
Si^osrri\ exoeUent; fern. ai^M 
QBfOQo^ oQom 9a^h ITal. 
<d>^ kallf , d8>asb T. M. C. Tn. 1. 
^g^^ GS ^^ prov. disappoint! 
on das a)guo ^fi^o isao^ va. m 
Q,t£h\9xajo is he craiy? aig^ooMtti 
hard. (roajSKn a»gyoaj^ tto-jMbOf 
2. precious stone; weights sMifl 
CO. dgaido TR. Afii6i0Qej^ar)oa»a>i 
gem of I 
Henoe : at^Bstf^, dM>d9BS , aim>9(0O| 4 
dk^one^ sugaroandy, ai^Wo G 
(8>Q^oanoi^, St€i»»9ea& sloii«-<mti( 
a>i^o, aioofto ttOM 



dft^ya^— dBbQjrOo 

§) • stoiid-lroagh. 

o^jjS flight of ttooe-Bttpi in tanks. 

l^BBOTDob mftton, alio «»gun6, s» ai ^ab 
I • slate. 

^ H. pr. chief island of the Laccadiyes. 
^M^Qjcm (see dit^jsm) qaaxrj, 
lea AceBo, 

glass beads 49Ȥ^^a8, ooonterfeit gems. 
iflMBB^abo es^ ttslooo (rosoioao 

grarel «ocg^. 
aaosob a peak of the Weitern Qhauts 

Mnndnr, see ^)»Qa>a,}tf . 
1. mason. 2. strong man. 3. hard- 
ted <0>|yabaja|p TP. — A^ch^ a 
ig bamboo. 

pood rioe Q(mMp)a).«^99o 901919 ^* 
kTehewninaroek, tomb a, t£\cn m^ 
8«aa9Qj| TP. Tanlt, magaiine. 
booe-waU s», 9011960 XB. (see «oy). 
T. M . Damaaoninm. 

(S^ mason. 

ii§>^taa to beeome like stone. 

as§^lgj| (med.)an indoration as in ulcus ; 

Iso in bread (opp. ojtoio). [^db. 

tfaoooob (dooab?)hnntg. name of q 

u Ti. (B. a>gj^S9aa^) cave. 

s((i&)as9c») shrimps (tu. «)^ee)dasoaO.) 

E^ pig-iron a>'a3jlcn9ejtt Aajg<e)oKR. 

^ (iBDCASSfi)) Baohnera Asiatioa. 

lalt in lumps; also rocksalt=Q2Q@^* 

p(Wayaaidn>=:0aiajitf awild plantain. 

i te ae e o tter's chisel. 

IT. pr. a riTor a».asSQj Bhr. 

ABo) a reedt med. against gravel, 00I 

Im («»'«) OP.) 

OTiTCth KU. 9. pr. of a prince. 

itsae's throw, 4^9gij^ gfdo. 

t£^» tf^^A^Ofi) B« tiver-flahes. 

<B>^ysS\ kallii Tinker, tinning ;iee «>ej9d^. 

de>(S^3a\) kallolain 8. («>^+9aia^) Wstc. 
^glji^^ 9QStt ^* oofW «iftl<aaa2;yob atgD^ 
em ^VncoeOo oQcne CG-. 

deny. «)am9fij)iOM0Ba9o oMtoaiOiisaxoBcXiKal. 
ddiBX^ tee (d>a7|aj. 

<d>QL3 kava (C. Te. couple) T. SoM. Tn« Forked 
branch, space between the legs. 
a^QjaiOfiJob bandy-legged. So. 
denV. a>«)aiidn to stand astride. a>am «>smD 
Oojocf) as over a child lying on the ground. 


(6)OJ.aJo kftvajam 8. ((d)gj<d>P) 1. JLrmoar, 
mail, given at king's coronation A, o^^ 
Bhg. 6)a>gl(a; a, et^odb (nd^tdsorn^g^ Bhr. go 
(306 O03<o9ca'evn<d)*(oi9ncn9(sb rDdQfialoAcnocBisnb 
Bhg. —met. c/Oaja>ajjiio SiPu. putting on 
8iYa. q. y. 2. fig. an amulet, mantram 
m9rdocD«m«>'fi)(0(Bt qcu^^^jj^ Bhg. 

de>ajs| ka7a4i T. IC. C. Tu. aqjI^ No. 1. A 
cowry, small shell used for counting ft for 
coin, Cyprea moneta (Beng. a&) anoonflesnvDo 
ai.^nnrbbcnDqJ^crojQOrDsmoQjardYylC. 2. Jump- 
ing play of children a, qjo^A), a, aj9Q){a>, 
B. 8. pitch-fork (=(8>ajrDo) Yi. 
a>ajl^an6n^(de calcalation with cowries on 

the decimal system. 
<9»aj)sig-jrD(bb MM. cowries. 

dBjQjeno kavai^a t. C. M. a <6)Qjl6no (axu) 
81ing; bow to throw stones a>guo atojlsma^o 
Bhr. KR. <&>a)6nDcn^o Q-J0d:39smo BrbmP. 

dBjCUenrS) kaya^ T. 80M., <6)aj1enr51 NoM., 
6)dd><!)€rfS1 T1.2. Muslin, fine cloth to oorer 
the head. (Si^o t^^ f^vvig-JOQ^ a)^ax>> AoSi 
ec^A&i Nal. cv^ejanojienSloyo jsT^oooso^o 
Onap. [Mpl. song. 

dBbCUOOo kayaaam T. M. Oare a, egyaiat 

a>ainr?t<ee to be diligent Yi. (ss AOiib 4.) 
de>OJ(Do kayaram 8. 1. Hairplait, A(xmS\. 2. aci- 
dity (rr jiKUib). 8. M. (T. a>aiib, see «>Qu) 
bifurcated branch or shoot o«>0(njk>n6o 4M 
(Do MO. prong of a pitoh-fork Yi. 



(0>QJ{^^ (d)QjkC^ 

^MiKD(n^ woiBAB in her fink pregnaaoy. 
. aiQj(Ogj|S|j Bo. a gran. 
a)Qj(D) 8. woman with fine hair. 

<d>ayb kavai l . = <d>aKDo 8. 2. So. (C. Te. Ta. 
a>ai9, oX3g) OffeniiTo emell of the bod j, also 
6>«>o^. 8. Ar. qabr, Syr. a>Qjoo grave, tomb. 
4. At. xabr — attention, reooUeotion ^<& aQCoe 
OCT) Qjoio o^onmcnlas <d>. cg^ TR. (scus^ 
em). ms^<eS ooa a*. flDg^os^.tn qojosH stood 
aghast. a>'oibl=s0(ng^gyoQ(Q. 

dd>Qj(^dd> kayaraifa T. M. (C. a>6mft to pounce 

upon, overwhelm, see a»dj)ayA) To plunder, 
rob (<e)So asojcnoo), esp. in war aja^(9aiyejd>cb 
Oceao^o ^iOxm&Ao^ qqjoa TR. onoajoBAs 
Qcnoudjo (tM)om a)aMa)39^ Stojcm CG. In 
oomparisons Qj^tg0(a^83 a>ajasom (Siioa)a)oKR. 
OQjS0onb^sp^fi)CB>d9aajCTio RO. carried STta off. 
TS, «>Qj^ robbery, plunder ajrooOaA a>. (jud.) 

CT. dhajfoidBn f.i. anoanoo AunOdBncurDi^j^fiiAo 
en|OQjDnnD Hud. 

<d>OJO kavala T. M. (C coju^SIod) a tribe 
trading with glass bracelets, baskets, eto. 

dd>QJQ kavah} T. BoM. 1. Die a)QJOQja^(S, 
aiQJOQ ^gm Vs. 2. spindle of weaver^s wheel. 

de>aja^ kavala T. C. M. l. (a>aj) Place where 
two roads meet cno^Qjai qj&pI; also QQano 
ai$>g-j(T8Qj2pl, cnoQ^oaiA^aBOisp^ KR. also 
a>0^ 2. perplexity a)Qjai ajocni^ SouJocBn 
stunned as before a serpent. oQ^qB^ a>0aK(vo 
cbHs 9<oi9orn1 looked all confused, perplexing. 

<d>QJ^ kayalam i.r=a>sajao (see dKij\x>) «> 

Qjflqgt Nid 84. 2. in sakti worship, a ball of 
boiled rice (fismcDBairDl) given by the Yogini 
to each worshipper; a>. %ooo\d^ to eat it. 
«)ai^a), £\ to gargle, swallow. Stosii ®gJl^ 

to rinse the mouth, cMjd fixug^ dkoj^* 

a mod. gargarism. 

aiOjfiO aJO«> see «>6Qjal. 
denY. akajfiO^Ba see a>siDfiO^« 
dkQjftflbOflO MG. a starling. 
AQjft^oo • petty prinoipality, once 

famous for learned men. — A. 

Baron of K. (near Wa^fyanku 
<d>CL}£l kayali NoM. saKuroo 8. (eon 
cd>QJDSo kaYa48Qi &• (»iio 4tejo< 

aiojp) Folding door. 

<d>OJ3(^ Ar. qaTa'id Drill, milii 
a>. ojl^fis) to drill. 

<B>0J\ ka?i 8. 1. Wise; a poet a>a 

excellent sage or poet. 2. M. T 

«kX> Ofle 9(T)0(8a^; G^ftooS^ Q^: 

an old story. 8. a>Qj) tm(W)j < 

Tulu king of Calyinapuram. 

Hence: axxjlncnooi Nal. Saraswat 

a>Qji<m 1. poetry s 6)0^ o. a>ajVoi 

QjirtiMACib Nal. ansa*, o* o^oe 

proT. Ti. 2. fiction ai. <LjOi 

poetical composition, fabricati 

a>QjVo)jo poetry gQOioa a>. &en| 

atoHcBiSfaao tradition ecoa^cn £ 

eicn^ a>*Qjo qj^ccuo BJT. 
a>Qjiaia)^rQb Yi. poetioal eompc 
«iQLncroiooO8(0Q N. pr. a Tain ki 
CheramanPerumal gave the ooc 
Gocarna ft Perumpfdc^i ft thi 
crooocno over the 6 (a^«oa<)o o 
a)(b or aj(0mj^ (Naadavara), 
(Mulki), 8. croai)§^(Hadabi 
^, ^9eaa)&(Karkala), 5 Cavi( 

<6>0Jil6a&i1 kayiiiji SoM. A whip. 
ddsOJlcQXtb kaTiyail SoM. (aioSIc 

per, pillowcase. 

a>Q?c(0§<d> So. to wrap, cover -< 

(6>Qj|cQ^<6> kaTiyn'ya T.M.O.Te. 

oj to cover) also a>^Q;{{a) Vo. i. v, 
flown. ^gtKob a>ajlcio[9 OajocBn. 1 
flow. QLjt)ilS)o a>. to mn over, tstb 
aiQjloi^ Qja3iorT?9imoNal. ffiO|^ 
§o(bb a>^«9(P{3 8k. ( sic.) ini 
^moaiAa^cago orSloea^ akoS^an^ 
surpass, exceed, utorp. aO A 

dMu)5o— (AiOa 


d9iMOd03\Jo ■—' (OxJtuO 

or at the utmost 80. AMnlrolrob a>. to 

^' [BientfSzsioo^ao. — 

iS^^fd^ €k&j^ inundation, enoroaoh- 

kftfil Choek (8. ^lauao? or T. aoj 

aioxwao it, «»cu). QjWb ji^ a>. g|5>a 

proT. aiQjlAcoiais^ Ys. buffet, oioscy 

l^os (T>^9ai |9asB9 (2AaB99iB3o a med. 

Aiategi^ gUU of fiah (=s«j&)a). 

n6 Yi. blubber-cheeked. 

ro^ (9. ADein)) oaneer a oosmuofiqjeo. 

sa^afto maiie. 

MOBiso (ft aiQj^jA^So) cheek. 4»g)^9sl 
Km a), (ncm^^ej <0)Wix> Qj^cD;g!jda»cX> qcljo 
9 CO. ai. ooja^eoosl:^ BS. 
)ajo^ Nid. ft «jiS3(daj3g!j cancer. 

^, g^ kafilirya T. M. ft <Bi(£)if<di 

aMajlogdi) To be orertumed, upset, 
ed. aojlra ojWno fell on the fsce ; at. 
I to lie with the Csee to the ground, \qv\ 
niWbb ai^lji^ osaeVnaA CG. (infanta). 
> 8o. the projecting stones on the top 
a wall. 

iQjlj£j^ai ft ^^Si^idi (also a>^aa) to 
Ml, over throw, lay flat (opp. caejoQ^a)) 
So ^^^{p O3JQB0 aja>aio proT. ai^firD 
[bb oOtiVb *^;^ KIT. 

kaml ▲r.qabol Engagement, "cowl.*' 
ii3^arnir£latcno TB. accepted terms, 

idered. {port etc. (mod. ®A«3c)o). 

^daalao, atoj^q^'^* a charter, pass- 
to see <0>aj. 

^o karoi^un 8. (a>aj=a}) Slight 

th, lukewarm. 

ATYE So. (T. a»aj) Concern, needful. 

V\ klYYii (also a>ggKEO, 6>a>Qaj9csb)) 
of a TUlage with an English factory 1749, 

h tori 1750. TB. 

lift 8. 1. Whipf A9CUxna>oe Ys. 2. Ko. 

a part of a fowl (coccyx, aJ)aj)aa(Oom). 8. So. 
quarrel. a>oa^^a). 

<B>C/d<BiOd kaiakaia i. (C. Tu. a>cn3d>cn3 P. 

XasXas) Poppy, PapaTor somnifernm. 2. imita- 
tiTc sound of sour astringent tastes, elastic 
feeling (= ojl^'^aio). 

aioofde, dta) 1. T. SoM. to crumble, squeeie 
in hand. 2.=s 6>S)a>d99i. [Arb. 

ce>Od0g_Jcd)3(§ab Butchers a^g^^ooH 

fiuos9gja)3fDo6 butcher-bird MC. 
(B>ai\Od Syr. qaSlia pi. — oonaa^, Presbyter. 

ce>^<^^ kaSayoia (=ai^) Imitativesound. 
a>. agyw ajoa> to whisper. 

ce>^C2)0Q4 kataina?1| (Port, ft BraiU. Csjo) 
Gassuvium or Anaoardium occideotale. 
a.cA0O<oe cashew-nut. 
a>^03ae an arrack made from it. 

<d>OSUm kaida&a, ce>C/Sl!Vob S. (a)^ Someone. 
a>cgQio S. foulness, wickedness. 
a.cgfiKlb nasty, villain. 

dBtOSHfOc N. pr. Cashmere (see aioc^roo.) 

A'coocsyea ojqgjroDaflanb Mud. [=sa»oeD<i>n6. 
dd>03|0 kaayain S. (a>oo iDeeerrlng to be whipped 

dStcQl^nOo kaia^am 1.8.Bubbing(a»(d3o touch- 
stone). 2. M. a bit, piece, fragment (So. also 

^^o), [to toil = ax^an. 

denY. aKfiofirn^an 1. to cut in pieces. 2. So. 
a>ca39^ (atsponel Ys.) baldness. a»*(ds3^Dab, 
ai'anaaicBiob bald. 

c6>Ga[^3Ca)b kaiajam S. l. Astringent juice. 
2. decoction, infusion, extract; chiefly of 6 
kinds: 1. rDcn3a).s=Q25^^ ojliplso^aaorflib, 
2. a^a>.=: (QOA)^ a>ekaa^cB»aD^ 8. ^(0)a>. 

sff£)90(Ob AOJj^iJ aiO(0AlcB;(2, 4. <A\.mei,r=iji 

sls^ 4)ajO(c»^cqB^5nioaiilcB)gi, 5. e9snru)a».s: qj 
Qos^s);^ «)ajttasR»iab aaaiaaTioDQ med. 
a»<fiisc»aai§|j red orpiment, o^aabooj)* 
a><aa3CBKU((mo a Sanyasi's cloth, dyed reddish 
yellow. [CC. 

a)d9a3CBna)o reddened s^oocfiiaidaadQfkotoafiiab 
dd)(£go kaifam S. l. Hard, bad, painful. 2.hard- 

Acro— de>OfV(Dl 



ship, troable, toil. a^q^@ At^ao® A^J. it*i 
a shame; often iaterj. <d). a>. 0nP. what a 
pity! (8i09cQo<fl>. Adj. alast fiet woet od^oQO 
(09 a>. Bhr. a>. oojcOai So. to lay the fore- 
finger upon the nose in expression of surprise 
or sorrow. 

Henoe: Ac^Aoeio misfortana. oqfitcibo a>. (iS\ 
(Qcm crO0ca;o ajOBmo TB. a better time is 

d^K^toi labour, tronble^ ealamity. oiAO/D A>. g 
6ntx£\ TB. was Ter J miserable. 

«»(^nb daageroos, troablesome. ax^moc;^ 

saa YCh. d))(^«jQft9C0 08gS{<0Bic)o KB. d^i 
(^(0000 0a:{lajoajA KnmK. 

a>d^S)g_j^(fi) 1. to Boffer. 2. to toil. 
CY. a)d^6>^^(dearyQ) oQ^oo QojoQdda Anj. 
all his soTority. — mod. a)(^S)g-j§aQa>. 

a>(^cu9ij9a improper language. 

denY. Ac^aa 1. to be straitened, scanty 
burdened, ax^^^ a>sp^d9a (opp. cruo^cn 
aiipiae) to hare a hard life, ax^^^ ^^o 
atsp)cc2^nm3jn6 CC. hardly, with diffioulty. 
a)§l^ Qjom9(^ at the utmost, tu. 2. to 
toil hard. 

ax^ouHc^ So. scantily, s= a>(^:^. 
ce>cro Ar. qiia? =zALn A tale (MpL) 
<d>crOfb Ar. qasar Defect, customary detraction 

in delivering certain measures (as of toddy). 

<BiCr060J Ar. qa|aba Metropolis, town. 

dB)rrOQJ (Syr. luisaf? silver) Silver thread; 
silver & g^ld lace, as in the border of native 
eloths. a>croaja»rD, — ai^i, a^ODQjajsrni em- 
broidery* — a>a\}aj^$a> Y2. to lace, oojonbai 
iPQj (sic.) Yi. gold-thread. [Chair. 

<d>(2cro(D So., <d>(Scroaj No. Port, oadeira; 

<e>croro| (G. castor?) S.Musk, GP. proverb, as 
the most costly drug a), (sr^als/ocifi etc. also 
a>^rD^ai S. 
ai^iD^gjtef — 0COO muikdeer; also oivetoat. 

a>(a^rDi06iBocb Cnrooma sadowb 

Hibisous Abelmoschus, Bh. 

(0>cr^O(ob kasmil S.(abl.ofa>i9abl 

(di^icai) Ar. qaaii Batcher sa» 

dBiOO^ kahYam 8. Orane=:«>a>sai 

(6)^ kala T.M. C.Te. Tares, weed. 4 
QLj$>oan to weed. 

a)fl0oooo So. ploughing the 8rd 
AiOcdefiog^ ^(o&Qjnm cnvurt AnJ. 
Siva temple. 

dB>2<d>% kala^fala 6.(a>ej)Oonfaiedi 
din. a>ftai AQafiiocfiio oatem <^6m 
KB. (eiosMDBdos iOi. oooc/MDaooP P 
cpj BS.) sjI^a>a scDftroo cg€BB^(%o « 

I. dB)^ ka}aill S. (hoarse, sobbfaig 
low sound, a>ft(ajO-icn), atftrooio f. 
a4lOQj6nDaujcno CC. 
a>AA0up\ aiftojosml woman with i 

also aiftQaob^jiioeyoch BC.(fr 

AQJjii)(T)C)ca»Q(BBOc)o BS. 

II. (6)^0 T.M.CTe. Beng. Hind. 1. 
floor, place levelled to spread grai 
drying; bam (in oo^dSafto, AAO^ 
(BBflLo, etc.). at&o 6)ji)(zs2^ prov. ^ 
a)fl(aRft)rob 6>ajgLjon6 TB. atam^eju 
Y8. atfttORft^nriD a^f o^S^ ^^' ^ 
oa>oejoc(0 TB. (of a barn). 2. 
Oojoanflo, so 4k(QiaeAo=aiaMi 
3. painting a human figure with c 
for ^(Qg^ajoao, so a>. a(iyg|^ S^$ 
a^, aioiaa. 

Hence: a>fiLg-)0§ 1. No.sqjWs^- 
niro granary; a kind of dwelling t 
atAAonioail (loc.) dismissing reapei 

<6>^99>o kalaxLgam S. Spot, staln^s 
blemish oiocoRioajos^flMab a>. ggft) < 
coo Qj(Q.tnQ»^ KIT. QjiiOBaajocmgy or 
QjaaicaacX) Nal. a>. AQg^d^isiai innoee 

dB>gGvQ9o kala^am S. Tobaooo GP. 


dBM^nm)— <d>&^ 


daiftoj — . dBjgl 

lllli A plant, Ojftl». B. 

tarn B. («ieJo) Wife. s^id^^OQ^ 

house of a Ha7er*B mittrees a>. (0> 
proT. alBOs=a4SQcS1a>^o 

ikam 8. 1. Toang elephant, a, 
BIcnsonDKR. A^suio&c^ ChYr. 
a» S.) mixtare of perfamet, as jtXB 
(; the mod of holy waters for markin g 
ad oaajnaoat a». a^a) KU. «>. es 

also (T)§y aiacoao a>^rDlayo TP. 
= aiAso )!. 

niim S. A kind of riee growing in 

OodaTari (po.) 

ftlamfiam 8. stalk (a>srcnu), arrow 
iflaosr^ 6>«)9niD KB. 

alaynifa T. M. C. Tu. («>& to weed 
put off, lose, get rid of, abolish en 
00 a>ftSB9 OojooP ▼. n. Kal. er^& 

ai. Nal. (Oi&k'noib <d). to shaye. ooo 
9tA losing no time, Ao&^o <d>fl.cfi;a8 
9i3S a>.Kn. (=AiP^g^<£)s>)to take a 
A»cBf03o G^mesa 6Q|)iJU^ (snxiae a* 
M«D09<?A TR. if that idea be not 

driTen out of their heads. 2. to 
!8. S. aozT. QAomo a»aa), eroi 
oflunit snioide; ooo?eying the sense 
f, foroiblj, awaj, off. Si:n£iio», cut 
(fiMaa Ars oi^i 6>«>o«n9o a>ftsn^Bhr. 
»f ooarse, knooked on the head. — 

i ia<^^«>"W KB. 

0^<aa Li, MKUoro (o^osmnb a>l(dnl 

*B. had them execnted. QjaH;^ or^ 

l»)j{j KU. 

keg4 asoOo a>acEr^^sfkj BB. 

i T. M. (T. Te.C. OD(t(XjS\) l.=sa> 
ikv OquimhAa) cgtasoob BC. so and 
tC f. teeiag school of 42' length 

cnoc^taRilrdSoraoocno, 108 in Kerala KU. ss 
cidoA (ndci^coogyoaoo Qiijcynm a>arDl KB. they 
are presided by a a^fd^g^saans), worship- 
ped in the If W. corner. — fig. a>30Aabo a^fl 
rolcB/odn oSIqjo^ooo KB. a). C2>95m TP. oath 
of Pa^ikkar. 

(d>g(lj ka|ftT^ TN. of a>^a>,a><flaa). l. Theft 
OdSnoyo a>ftQj Oojocan TB. was stolen. a>. 
QojocBf c^fTDoAllB. sgj a).$)iii^jad. smuggled. 
2. lie, cheat. a>. a^o^a^ Yi. of idle labourers. 
a>gqgCY^ft a>3§)or) oSlob a>ftQj CG. thy hypo- 
crisy in weeping, 
aiftojdb (1) thief a>*col(ab otos^OBjin YetC. 

dBs^Odj kal&Y^ T. M. (ft a>ao32;o=a)9CB;oQ^ 
oojro^flb. Oarissa oarandas. 

I. dB>^ kali T.M.(seea>ejifta)aQj)Play, game* 
jest(a)if)ci^ ^rolcs^o) ~ cyvt^o& aos a>^ & 

g^(dscT» TB. a drama. aBflDos^o ao(S\^^o oj 

oo^^nm^g TP. (=a>33Jo) joke or seriously meant? 

d3)fi[lc(U0cdaa) to ridicule. Hence: 

a»fl[^(0ai0f0o6 player, idler. [shas. 

a)^^go KU. an old privilege of Baxapnru- 

d9)fii6)(edi9§^cnS^d9ii KU. beating music. 

a)fiLW>anosl(?ib BiPu. a booth for playing. 

a>i^8<flBio^ playthings, stage-dresses, etc. 

at^anai^BiPu. stage, aiflL^fqgi^ld'iMft'teiDplM- 

at^gjn BiPu. children's imitation of holy 
ceremonies. . 

a>fincB;^nb play master Y2. 

aifipoarogo religious play, a>fiOairog f. 1. ofku 
(D3<[^elajcn)^fiB a>fiOc0o§s)c(iKnArDo MB. 
Can^GB;Os) «0O^ CC. 

a»Alc(0smd9aa> to rehearse a play Yj. 

a^a^ajoioaa to make certain figures with rice 
etc. Yi. 

atfiOciiMSa joke. 

deuY. atflOdOa 1. to jplay, sport (a^as^^). 
Mud. aififl^ajocioi^ Yi. jestingly, fiflgon 
aimo^g^daaSoiiocX) Mud. where these 8 
qualitieaare equally developping themselyes 
(aQjlftixiuo). cn2^a»., .^o aw ate. CO. 

wH^l— « d9>0o 


8. easy action, as of Oods croQ£|9ai3 a»qjo gtd 

^^cb 0(ng^(Qb Ajfi^o0iiP.fillithe mind. 
YK. a>fllgj f. i. eaiQ^o ^hfiOo^s^ ojIs^o.tjio) 

0:0)0 KB. to amuse herself by my search 
after her. 

n. c6>^ T. M. C. Tu. (Te. Beog. ^^ from 6>ej) 

1. Thick pap or paste, water in which Arecas 
haye been boiled, water boiled with lime & 
turmeric flidsrnta^o 036)eLJCD;i89>sngj«r^ BG. 

2. a lasting cement whence ooifiiSb^eoso. 
<&>fi) (09203 310 fine chunam. 

a>2^cnloo dark colour Ti. 

<d>fiO8^9<0«f ^fi[lcB3(d8) boiled Arecas d»)fiOcBS 

(SAd^o QJQa|[2 *™^* 

^^^Sffi P^^^®''*i> ^^J '^^ earth. 
(6>^j^ajb kaUddal (^tOa) So. A line tied 

across a riyer to which are suspended bits 

of plantain-stalk to entice fish. 
ce>jblaij kalimbn T. SoM. (II. aififl) TerdlgrU. 
d8>^q ka)ihl aT. aM. Hale of the elephant ^ 

ce>^c6>^ kaln^fala Imit. sound (= «)fiL<&) QaiQ^o 
Qd98o d»>^^fiLc(kroiQS{BO. cut off rashly, entirely. 

dd>^o86)(SnO kftlakkaild see prec, Descriptiye 
of bursting as. on-ioso. 

<B>^<se><B>y (Be!\ kalnkkoTfa 8o.=&^(d8 To 

sprain. [fiLsabo. 

<Bi%S&>o kftla&gam (loc.) Turbid, see <d>ai, ai 

dd>(!>^6aj^ kaldBaram s. (a>ejo?) Body. 
dB>6oo OP v> kalphalam 8.=a0^&p , Acnilcb. 

c6>6o ka} ft dB>g^ T. M. C. (Tu. a>eg1, Te. «)g|j 
V^«)cb<0««)?)— Palm-wine, toddy St^atsns 
oroo^ proy. <d)g^o AajdgQjo aiS^dQA (merely 
double sound) — different kinds: c&» — , 
q^^> (or ^ds»(0iin,\ 0)6>a>^ — , (gv'oniai. 
«K)o<oa^CBKib l.a drunkard, rascal ^(Doaxda 
i^cvnb TU. aig^Asloi^ab A(a cnocs;^ TP. 

a rogue of Niyer. 2 . «>^ A^ovnb, aie^toH 

<d<c)o)g-)9A yesael to take down toddy, 

a>flg|^o Ys. bread of rioeflour ft todc 

atflgotTi a claM of mountaineers 4 

conjurors ft low caste priests (who 

Qa)gi3^9§o KU.); (d>fiB9S^iOBir6 i 

conjured for es^ q.T. — o 
men, etc. 

(ftg^o kaUam t. u. c. Tn« (Te. a^gj) 

sa)AQj; untruth a». Q.ioa» to lie. 
ep^ CG. without coquetry. 8. falas 
smuggled. a>tta8Aoc%flB eos^a^o^ 
thieyish cats. 8. (= e»^cb 2?) brai 
arm QspQSMOBida oe^fijso Ys. 
Hence: <d>eaaa9^9So smuggling. 
a)tt(d0»^snr>o forged document. 
<aeg(aoaj^ sycophant fi).a)Qj)cB(^<sb fia 
(ai\ad <d>'a>cX> csiocroo^o ChYr. 

a>eB^^ impracticable jungle a), cl. 

roguishness Yi. 
<d)eSd9eool 1. a false ago). 2. bi 
<d>tt(devp) a hole coyered up slightly 

<d>ea8d9A^ (aiggft) plague of thieyes, 

<d>eB8cdnordb false balances a*. St^t 

^oscreoat^ejo Bhr. DN. 

aiggjyrDdae contraband. 

a>@B(OiaMDo deceit, artifice a»« AcdkSe 
Qo coxH;^ FT. feigned to be d« 

a>eB(sm9aj^ string tied by certain c 

the neck of a female relatire, to 

her being married without consei 

<Q«fla>'qift^ f. of a^gfiob f.i. aitt^>B^ 

atffiOi'orBioipVob false, cunning boaiae 

0>^cn96Tnlso conateffeit coin (s— 

ai^nb (f. a»fia^'oi»l ft po. atoH) i. tl 

rogue. AfiBanaci^rDo 1000 for ihiv 

ACQtOiO mniDAS atttiobCQ. who: 

with her. (8io:iJ«>co a». at^caA^ 

shall represent him as rofua. «i 

CB/Obi yu. (8>flB(oaKqB o> j(i i t a G > 

former souroe of reytnaa. aigMaar: 



)• Aflitfl6ojo)Q^«afmoTP. oook 
»tr»p-boMrd, slider Q.iejd>a£(ii 

>dBtmD TP. ai. fiKQIOo)3^9CC^ TP. 

ftU. — lAtoh of look o^gWxibo tso 

•gimo proT. (Bi^dO>a>6mo at* c^mo 


> (A — Q9 — ) a>ps4h to diBslma- 
trioks, pUy Ihe truant. 

. war by stratagems. 

-Qjeou) Yi. piratical Tessel. 

loanterfeit moneyC^ — cnD6iT?so). 

indolent work; knarish work. 

^^tedfonb an idle man ; a cheat. 

M . G. arttiloial teeth. 2. swelling 

ii teething. No. 

)ret look. 

®o secret drawer. jone's self. 

perjary. a>. sijii^. to perjare 

fialse witness, 
rged signatare. 

. f. of ^^ih, <d)ap9g_ja^s)cnPT. 
lare space, square holes for plant- 
bed. a>. £fia®<^S^(>^>« 1^^ '^^^^ 
(TB a>.ajo<Dj^MB.openedacolamn 
entries, ^. 6>(D.oml oo) 6)002^ 
liessboard. », ^g) to have no more 
and on, to be beaten. oQSicho a 
ny side or party. — (loo.) a stable ; 

» the ribs of a boat. 8. T. M . C. 
ilklMdge plant. 

la. Euphorbia nerlefol., oq^q<o». 

^•, .oiQ^^Bi. Enph. antlqnomm, 

Enph. tortnis Timeallif aj&j(d>) 

OM Ind., eejcBi. Cotyledon nmbilio. 

> cnsq^^KH. *ii)(onien| ojogl 

iyyBio CO. (in hell). 

8o. • Uai of hedgehog, worst 

|1^9fijHo. a shmby when oat, the face A 
e?en the body of some persons will swell (lasting 
for 1 — 2 days). 
doMKb ^^ o9>OoI <p>o) yft 3QLj BOS dobSAo* 
<Bi\P kala T. SoX. l. Bamboo, pole for carrying 
burthens, (see d9>tfOQ£1, stile Yi.) 2. shak- 
ing, aching* AoejcsoBoA anpoflf sM^daei 
Q[)|oUB. description of hell-torment, sea 4h 

dB>tf^ kalam (A «)C»o) l. Depth Qj(Bi8i9cb ogoo €h, 
fien|Tu. 0^190^0 a»tf>^M ^GLioPT. 2. body 

of water, tank i\ch ^^ A. doc. floait. ioicrnVob 
ar)^mo FT. on^flkiPo deep spot in a riTsr. 
Ai»crw£\ sa A\p(n^ otter. 

de>(P(d)o kala-ytm (T.^Aflro)) l. A temple, 
chiefly considered in its poUtieal bearings «»' 
«iBdO«j8a (OQioaflsmaso (Oioojof a)9(?Bo TR. a> 
ip«)(ORisA]ij KU. expense of a temple-ceremony, 
ordeal, ete. 2. a temple service. «oajW)S 
ai. aytficm^ MB. offering of flowers etc. 8. 
title of 4 chief temples of the ancient aristo- 
cracy, Parapplr, Perinchellur, Panniur, Chen- 
ganyur, which afterwards had the right of 
electing the king KU. 4. administration, au- 
thority. ^^<0« K. 9SBbiB^(mQ<A «>*eoa) 
oa>09r^HB. — So. prosperity; a^ifi^mu^^ to 

«>(pa>«ae93|o= a)&P49»o 4. administration of tem- 
ple property, generally confided to 4 aoA3 
fl^ or a>!P«>«aeoA f.i. 9^ta^'9Si9Qi a>SP 
a>aes(oab ojofD^ca^ MB. ^ also a»iP0. 
a)U)^ (huntg.) N. pr. a Bhagavati. 

<Bi\9J^ kilaMi VoM. better StiPoSi Bh. (T. 
aitPnA C. cnn^^D) Chiilandina bonducella «isp 
.AiVskdBeaacnD 9^9(SUA o^^mS^ amed. — (u«»sp 
ocS^ Bh. Guilandina axillaris. 
aiipsttD So. S3 4hsp^ f. i. a>iMa(D<0e(Q^a^osm 

imSUAHO, dh, Q^s AMKHD OP. — ASPflbP 

•«aoAiksee fbll. 
«>|psm T. X. a draohm, weight of 18 •ojsdb 

ajsmo or 8 sUTor fsnam (atiOgold Csnaa 

C8. «B ^ojejeYi. ; as Apotheeariea' weight 



(d^ifOCQ^— dB»(Pk^i 

YQ. a>spflB49a>3(ob scales. 

<e>tf>6«^=<6>caaengl Vi. 

<6>(Prol kalani T. M. Te. («»spo) mire T. — Good 
rioefleld oo§y ai. ciPa^ci^ogy(Di§90 8ah. qj^ 
KDO^o <a>!P(n)oQjo(iA Bhg. a>. 9<o»9Qo BC. flga- 
ratiyely : (nooaoudeocBt a. co^rab RC. 

dBbiPg^ kalapp^ 1. YK. of a)«)SP<8i>, Spasm <&> 
sPO^Qrm eltiSA^ Nid. 2. = crooi)} limb, joint 
a)6ma»o(Bb Q0(ab (^sail^ ^^ftjges a»u^^k3o 
£(Q96ngas«ng oaxfl^o Nid. in cholera s^nb 
ojOjLjojb; ^'^Qj cnxn^^d^ (nflOBo Nid. 

<B>\P(2i kalama l. (S. a>a0o) An excellent rice 
reaped in Canni after 6 months* growth <d)ip0 
a)00 TyH. 2. = <d)ipa}(dn3Q2jo. 

(Bi\9cn^ ksdaxnbl} B. <d>£oeruo, No. a)Ocnj 1. 
Stalk of vegetables, potherbs in floaicoao). 
2. Bo. pulp of fhiit, pith, essence Ti. 03(ok)o 

003fOCBBC%«>S ^. 0C^(do OP. A, oO§.'OlO)0(bb SMDd 

fir^proY. 8. B. importance (=<a>2P0, Ay>d>)o4.). 

dd>(Pasb kalal T. M. l. Foot mch A, ct^Sicn^g^, 
(^^. evmo^f^ (po.) a>. ^gJA Tl. to reverence 
kings; a>!P(abajaab6So, d»>sp(bbanotorDl(9b (Siosmcs^ 
Qajoft Anj. of the presence of Gods. ^sP^ 
Acnjl^ CC. 2. 9^d9n&P(Qb ojocilcEf^ 6>d>^a> 
Nal. shaft, pole. aMnBlQcyfi)s ai. axis, ajsisyo 
(or^onbo a>(pe!nsa>fi$)s Mud. between the 
sticks of the cage. 8. Bo. = (9>ip, also sliding 
door of oow-honsei piece of sugarcane, tmsfi 
dnsPfobYi. steps of a stile, 
aiipejd), cm 1. T. Bo. to slip. 2. a)vmDQQjo 

as to swell, get stent. No. 
a)U>OQ<d> a. T. 1. to slip off, pat off. g^em^at 
9.0 a^sprbb QiiJ^RCiss. (asinT.) took off. 
2. to protrude? aiSoejQOVfiOQ aispoo^, <^«blQ 
d9>spocf)§ rDOdOfboro^aio KR. 
aivai 1. T. M. a swelling, chiefly in the groin, 
atipfi^^jcn) Yi* erysipelas. 2. (C.Te. coo^ei) 
groin a)spej(d8)a)b, a>spai^9gl(Bb Qor)9«> Nid. 
d)«tf>eioruo9cno oSkiBt, aispfikfiaoB ^osn^ 
8QJ3AO a med. «>spei OA^daa a rupture, a 
iPftJoAAM Yi«. 8. aM. BeleotioB. «i»ai 

Qg^A to be ohosen; anpe^ay 
a>.Qg^]%aQA=ciiA^(ea Y1.9. 

<6>lP3cail kalay fBiiPOjyw\ Yi. (*i 
breach in fenoes, banks or mud-walli 
in embankments of fields to drain off 
(8(d>o§4i>. channel cut in tha corn 
stile, gateway = a^soii. 
c6>(P0Ca^ amed. = dd>c&lDCQ;o; ma^h 
<Bi\f\ kdi T. If. 1. Sea-arm, ebbing b 
dMsnso, Aoa>d9»snBopaddyfields insal 
<&>sp)(d8spl Y] . muddy hole. <9»tf^cnx 
yooocdil. 2. T. 80. staff of hoe, p 
(No. O0a)5>5)<df)), bamboo tube. Aifiec 
rocket with a stick. 3. = <d>2plQj — 
&J9S0 asiflajfDo Nal. €S(S\a^e^o ^if 

(=$)fi)0>ajrD9) — (SlOOdt^^oOo O«)099 

® Yil. 
<B>\f\(Sii<B> kaliyiiYa T. M. 1. (C. Tu 

become loose, undone = a>spei- '• 
Tu. A(S\, Te. a>ej, coci^) to pass, 
be over. 6)jii)aji a>&pic0aaj ojej^j^ 
the bowstring beyond the ear (s 
omMsb); a>&p)6Bi99aLj9C(£) is past; di 
battle TR. (e>iplaao atOQJo past tense. 
eng TB. last year. ^^ aioojo <9»&fl( 
after 8 years. «»9ejo moooDa^o a>tf 
GQjoaia^naoQro io^faDcnsab AB. la 
long ago. oa>ofi)g-)9aa a^^flo^i^s) 
ed (yu.) 8. (C. QSia>Qi9^ Tu. «M>a», 
to be possible, able emoo a»sp^9 
§g^ TP. not as if they were too ] 
^onb oQcnldM, o^poon oa>09r^f «^ 
a>cEtl^gy; cns^vA 96ai9uS)g^^ a 
morok emoo cnsajnt^ ati^atofl^i; oT 
a>&p)c(^o ^8Eb^ TB. crooaBo^aiflyQ 
a>tflaQoi§ig|, aTlg) a^plcKd^ MB. 1 
CB;9(aiBiaj& those, who cannot do it. — 
also s= must (with ^ or n§y) cm 
iplc^o TB. must give rice. ffMM 
ai^r^ a>sp^aia»lg^ must be ooBplk 
rD9ean»ab ai&p^AciD§^ TB. he 
to live mosVA fl^racnD 

ft IM tun 


A{p— AyfiB^ 

mndi As»)<9o GLi«i 020 ^* f^^^HB^ vl^^ ▼e 

livii As^cni^ AtfUiCQo fl2g) ouinot sabiist. 

(§s^^ o^«r!>kB;OQ»l§ «>tfict{jmD TB. 

W. *ip)aj 1. flfeape, remedy, sooooos a. 
BAl ao other way. Aouaoolom oonnr) ojl 
.oiy^^^Ckp amWi ens a. g^ervoAo TR. 
Gort. muat derite a remedy. A^tf^oj ojoih 
Ts. to ezeaie oaeeelf. oh^ «>vU>aiM^a4 
TyX. A. Qja)^sfi>04»»a»9§A Yl. to pay 
a Ido. S. poeiibility, ability, = a>&f)ajrD) 
tfb. 8. paet ^fc^aj ajsmo depreciated 
bate eoin TB. 

dB»^B6k a. T. 1. C. To. to anlooee, unties 
flD<fttfle f.i. AgjxBio aa. MB. (AOtf a>. to 
open a look Yi. 2. to remove (C. a»d), Ta. 
a>a = ^'ACi^' a), figjo ci^C()jo a>. a med. 
aToid in diet, aaocqj a»tf)^ e'Oo OojoS&j 
KB. with the braoohee lopped off— a><m 
«aAgk Atf^^ ntS^dh to remit, abate, ojioo 
9 Av^^MB. dedaeting what Is sold, cqoj 
•cn^M^s^ ttSfS^vB* a)SP^^(^')(doc.) 
dedactiona. 8. to make to past ojlgu ojaD:^ 
a»&^^ KB. (beyond the ear) — to bring 
Id paas, perCorm, as ovscoo, 6>ifi>|, tno^loi 

€bu»o, «oacnjifi3smo. etc. (0>cno^a^o Sjiio 
Qo akV^dob «MO(»<6»o. MB. (from sick- 
neae). em) A&pl^ <maabo purified. 4. to 
paae time, live fl^aKKDo qj^^ rDo^^ogo 
Aift^avn^o KB. e^oxTOo a, to sup- 
port life. — nrSWoA ^qjqaost^ fl^coe^cn 
Asfl^ f^cns manage to subsist. A(tb (o.) 

TB. Asp^^ya^aisab oaloan oos oiiplaflgj 
ete. 5. to die fiO^aQ&p a»&p^gjnb Bhr. — 
to kill flusemadS^A ojdo^CMib ang^aeipi:^, 
*«l^ ojVaVi^ a>ip)ab3o CO. 
TV. L A.tfi^|aK4) livelihood Aaool A£iA&i<09 

Oil o*xbaiXBo a^§y TB. 

n. Aip^ (S) iriiat is subtraoted, rejected. «ym 
flAsk flS8o ^« SfU no .useless part. m»m 

(2 onfii'OROAnbo dk. orfl«ae) nreo^ qjo§o 

^91^ TB. the usual deductions from each 

CY. (»&pl^(t3s (esp. of 8.) rDo^Qobo (8i0fi^9<fi3 
ASiWk A\f^^j^\^ojcb KB. Ooj^nioQJffDo 
^(p)g^^ 6) Aia^Sgemo TB. help to celebrate 
the feast. 

d8){p kala 1. Eagle, vulture 9nO ^^&»9A KU. 

d»>^ prov. 2. stake for empaling malefactors 

a>|f>QjInb Qd)c)o (^ool YyM. <d.eaoaos)rD a<o>o 

(mQil5)ao9gy^:^ ^^<80(ab QQOQ(i)>C(^o SiJii(^ TB. 

a)y90aib /m^iO) TP. 

Hence: <o>yai l.=<o>y 1. also d>(f>An6; 2.s 

a)^ 2. a)ydQ<8r0rob (^OQOLnobMud. (the stake 

seems to have been named from the likeness 
of an eagle). 

e*^da8tvA rafter of roof («>. to^ojILr^ Aoii SiA 
£\ etc. kinds: ^cucde. or Oa^osldQe., Agl 
d9s. or ojOQat., QCDiBe. <0«|^9(dn9a)^ (mosl.) 
stick or plank resting on 2 pillars; long 
pole of boatmen, (hence : measure of about 
8 Csthoms). i^in the lock. 

a>y(m30d9s9(7A Qd>Qa) So. key to become fast 

a>yoo9cfi, (0)SPJ9ain otter MC. Yi. (& a>4p)). 

a)y5XY)oo) bald head Yi. 

ai^g^odo^ (abuse =a>^uc9l). 

dk^cX) T. M. & 6><d)'9QcX) (C. SiA'OQ^ a tree, 
whose fibres serve as strings A^^isSisicibo 


at^^jlro^ob middle finger. 

a^fQOJoi (9l A^9Bi6^) one, who deserves 

empaling or is empaled a)0srEi3nb cunmcunb 

^' P'<>^' [calling dJ»y«ajo^. 

a»^a)OQa> to empale Mud.; to abuse by 

d8)(pd%ce>, <fib| kalnifuifa T. M. (Te. sku^) 
1. To wash, cleanse as ooa>, ^fiiio; rarely of 
clothes £^(denm aiavcno ^\p^^9(A Nal. 2. to 
wash off 9^9(0 a^yaH a»flaBi^ TB. AB. 
CY. Qjl(^;^«>o a>9(ob ai^aTl^ geo)^;^ BiPn. 

d8){p0S«J=c6>O^0S*g, <B>C^GS%'^ d8){pfl5^(tb A 
boa of the thicluiess of an JLreca tree, yielding 
an inferior fat. 

«B){pnn — «a>)c8n 


w> JdBP — cBli9cDua<ft 

d^aS) kft)a(a T. M . O. To. (Te. cnocuSVn) An 

a<0> VyM. (a wioked Brahman). «>. aia>z^^ 
to bray. «>^pra)gjan MC. hyena. ^>y(ng-jgj MM. 
medicinal, aio^ ^^m wild ass, word of abase. 
a>)f(m(0n9fii4o (ijls'an proT. 

de>tf>.^ kalnttl^ T. M. (C. <8><zai|) Neck of men, 
animals {w^cnie»^:a(6i\(A curranfiD AB.), plants 
(see a)efil), Tessels etc. — fig. aiyosisi^aideoo 
a>«)g_j^ Bhg. in extreme peril. 
^^asanofoo or — Q.tstflWDo occiput Yi. also collar, 

necklace Ys. 
^^(OtSi&i neck-ornament; explained by forms 

like Aoa^ Agla^^AS a^^oH^ai a>yanQi)«ej 

^ ojolj^ Qjlo(^ TR. 
A^am^Q^ 1. a long neck. 2. determination; 

proud bearing. 
a>yaio (T. extremity of pestle) in oji^^pmo 

Bhg. notched extremity of a bow=:cJoad 

A<^0^ Y2. 

Si€\\P(Be\ kalekka l.No.=:<d>CB;d9aq. t. 2. So. 
(a)SP) to shake, shiyer Yi.2; to ache, pain 
9^cA Acaa A. Yi. pain all OTor. a>9^ a)6)SPaJ 
weariness. a>sp^a8«r^ a>QQ;Q<d), Q^aH^ ean 
a>5)SPd5)a^o Nid. of spasms (see ^sp^. 

dB>0 ka l.=:a)032; q. Y. 2. <d>»Qj in a)90>9%o 

= <&>3ajs). .3. S. ( d9> I) = qqojcX). 

a>9aj) some woman CC. 
dd>3cd)ru) ka'yaii 8. Crow (fem. ato^ ft a>o<d) 


a)9a>Qjeefiio the sidelocks suffered to grow in 

Cshatriya children S)^Qd9i^0. 
a>oa>aafiQ)cn|03io singleness of purpose, the 

crow being supposed to see only with one eye. 

<6>3d9iarrUDob 8. <d>Dd9)a5YO)CYb T. Descendant 
of Kakatstha,=:Bama RC. 

dd>3(Sd8>9^ ka'yo}aiII 8. (raren) A black poison. 
,ct^§fi\€nS)^cm «>o. <Bi^ (a!)c»Vsb qd§ aiQaQ 
4K^<S2 «»9n6 5al. 

L d9>D<fi6i k&kka T. M. Grow, Corvus splendens 
sAOAkob, f, a>D<aa^. kinds: <if)«ns«os ft ai 

s^oaa Oomoran, shag (orftAeoAabX 
blue jay, Ooraoiai. 0eifbo«a «»<D«aooal 
QjoBo proT. meoniflbMs Corrma ooUata 
AOdBaangg seeing with one eye; B.i( 
«ioa»<6tOQjab (f. — 0!m&) m low oatt 

crows. ^ak^QS 810809 tf^MM 

(Oizfl^gk (()ar. pattn). 
a>9d9a«>d9»osl (Aaj^(ORi) Eohitot maei 

Bh.; QJSd>9d9a«k8aos9) Aaoleplaa y 
a>Od9a(on)CQj/Don6 Yi. «io*sl B. the kii 

Diorarus, called also theCutwal of tl 
a)9(0a.m)nrn^cn)^ ft tfio^asgijrnlj 

pyros tomentosa. 
A>o<fla(iBS(0^ 8oopolia aonlaata. 
dkoanfl^B^iKS^ (Aa>3ra ado^aasIw 

crow's feather. 
aodBngJ Torenia aaiatioa. 
a)0«aa5)^9mD talk, gold leaf.=«iDe4 
a>9d9a^gy Pedalium murez, Bh. 
a>9<fln^c)oC8Malpiniaor Ga i lan d inapai 
• atOiflaQJtt' (ft A<a») Hogretia gigant 

(090 " Entada seandenai Bh. 
a>9caaaj1ftd9a an iron lamp. 
II. d9»0dd6^, ce>Ddd6^9n(> (P. kaki patara 
kako mat. uncle) Moth«r*a bfoihors 
Qjob (Mpl*) c4t6>abo AOdia TB. tfiMi 
6>^ono OOttiSo ojocioi^ TB. oomplaim 
chief MappiUas. 

SiO<BSi(6\dd6* kakkarikka i. To olmsk 

Yi. 2.= dioanrDlas*. 

<6>3cd6i3aiorb kakkala^ (f. — wmS^y a 

gipsy caste Ys.; Jugglers D. 

(6>3<dA<d> kakkn^fa 5.1.Tokeep,defem 
Sicrygi^ a)9d9anm fli^ TB. smi^ereoAi 
ajg^rolg^ MB. preserYe. d9»o<i|2 ea»8d 
Bhr. (0i^rDWn)6)«>2jiM)&i ^99^jpn^ 
(= roafioicaa). a>ftG^(ORi oa»09^ m% 
smsicn^^q^SiA^Ti^ Mud. (d^Mmo 
Nasr. po. obserre the law. 9(/)9\^(Kkj» 
(OrS^o nolc/90^(D^PatB. gnardiag. t 
expect. «>9m^(D)«fts AoqQcnl^,-* 
«io«]B|a<i[) (loo.) a eerialB pla|-. 

Aj 90i |— ^ d8>3^y c6> 


da»9.^\sb — (0>36afnfkDo 

4lD8tpiB(. 1. enclosure, gArden. njQj 
tib 4M^jliUAo ojifle, Qjomruib o aoos 
4||jp:EC^d9a9crxr)o CO. (= «>9m). 2. No. 
ffoiir for eatching fiflh. ^Vibdato^, a^o. 
<ae,a»3)^skvoso; A9gj 49»eJdOiii £^ch 
lAeChir.aso^kgka; o^; the beet fish 
lit is presented to the Jsnini es a)Ogj 
kenoe ^Oqa the right of fishing in 
I etc. 8. amalet, oharm, esp. of bride 
idegroom. a>a^Aa{VD9S^<flBio^o<e)i^ 
ffiege. 4Mg|A9gj| Pay. (en ornement). 
4M>a>daea^, «kM4A9^ silver bengles. 
OLic^ldae to gather herbs with prejers 

to. 1. to give • calf into one's keeping 
paid for by the first prodooe. 
^dsa to canse to watch, protect, etc. 

igi (T. Aoik) Bine or dark cloth as 
women ft Hawattis ^q^dds d))O.MC. 

Caftkia 8.(deeid.ofM)Desire,wish. 
idodMoldBe to desire (part. ^.oocafiaW 
} ^9oaiS^mo g^^cn Bhr. what is year 
t3Mi»o<afia^aK)oKB. wishing for viotory. 

kijanam B. Enclosure, string to tie 
o>9. 0^000 aOK^g^aQQcaiCG. painting 

round the other eye. 
^rhaps the same? tie, string. Qaidto 
».oUk flwldaeo CG. (see ihj^. 

jam 8. 1. Glass, crystal. 2. eye-dis- 
tta serenai of 6 or IS kinds. Nid. 
^ ft «i9oe) — retort or other glass- 
used in chemistry (T. «»ocbi«^). 

^ tea iiSVo^ 
UyQ 8. fern, of ^<g£i(dk Some one. 
litta'ya (T. «»« Te. C aiocrv f^m 
1. To warm, boiL eiojoao a>9^9ab 
|is cvftflnb •ouQj^^Be a med. a>9^cr) 
1^ tf^^VOh. «>d04»)3. to distil, qq 
^9«e etc. flMiW ooDov) a>9^aLi3ob 
M. «ft34|)AqD«> (see tfb)tf)). — a>3 

^QSrO Q^omiOtftd rip^ningor ripe?(Bo. ao^ 
green paddy B.) 2. to cauterise. 9a>b)afio 
<Did9ecuaQ4»»9. (in cancer). oojtt^dOeorsbodOtOjr^ 
aid. a med. £(^cn^«>oen| S>oj^ (a snake-bite). 

— (loo.) to flog. 

TN. «i9^^ 1. heat. a>o. OAosii ^cSlov qj8b) 
fitfmcas^ TB. draught. 2. a still, 4a»9^ 

d9>D.^lsb kaMil A small yam, Diosoorea alata. 

— kinds: «>9ga>o. Diosc. bulbifera, ojcmidSao. 
a large yam, o^a>9i a large kind, auMPano., 

<6>D^ k&66f l.s3<d)9,Q|(A2. 2. Dyeing, beating 

Bo. 8. T. C.s a>90g2 Catechu. 4. adv. part, of 


a>9^aflbffis B. a certain sore on legs. 

aio^a^SQJi «»o. Qen| painted cloth. 
ce>389l A. qiii ft dd)Dd) Judge, a»of9)c»a& TB. 
<d>D6QIUnOo kftojUUUn 8. Oold (ft yellow flowers) 

a>MBior)eoai Mud. 

atdfittKDgji Bauhinia tomentosa. 

<d>DeilDll k^]i 8. 1. Woman's girdle. qau9ed^ 
€>ojos)^jfiLcn» a>ofBu) Qolcm^CG. ^obd^^oao. 
0^0 QQael CG. 2.=3A9€au)cmrDo, N. pr. the 
capital of the Cho|iyan, one of the 7 holy cities. 
3. So. trigger=sa.fiinb. 4. Trewia nudifloraBh. 
a>MiiDa) i. i. a minister's gold chain. a>ooa> 
^mojiefij-oirDaio. Mud. 

(6)06)0011X51 kiojoli Yi. A nettle. 

<BiO€(^(B>o kiDJiYUn i^^tiail) Soar gruel. 

(d>39riJVQd)^ hniiirain (T. ^osaSicooj C. ao(vS\ 

(D) Stryohnos nux Tomioa. S. «»o(D(Q2(Do, pro- 

▼erbial for bitterness; the fruit — acq, — d9e9 

aO med, 

GP. kinds: o^Q«>3. (yooculus radiatus, OuiiQ 
Qjtt1<flBi9. Daphne monostachya, 6>3§ajeBi 
aeo. or oeMal^dBeo. Stryohnos colubrina, 
oDcnoo^fdeo. or ^abcnaolfseo. a SterculiaP 

a>3fln|p(09tt)39, a>9aDp^9rD99N. pr. Cisiragudi. 
4»^oaoo)9r09ggLjnb Shiya, — g^ the river 
Payee? ini, northern boundary of Colaaa4u 

KU. «k8«Do)QrD0^«)SQJ. 

<e>9M«iSVs^9 — (e>09 



MC. Jelly fish, polyp. 

<d>OS ka4a T.K. Qaail, TetrM Gotnrnix. S. ai 

(n8i^a>, also a>05^cBK>n6ajdaBa^. 

a>05aS2^VT)i a coarse olotb. 
d9>DS^ E. guard en. <d>9Saooig_)9CBD TB. 

<BiOS\ ka4i 1. T. M. 0. (Te. «>&n fr. e*^) Water 
in which rice has been washed, kept till it 
ferments. — soar gmel, Tinegar (loo.) 8. coo 

■ ^9&o, f.i. fi^ifimo fioiid^ai a>o. Qji(gns)d9so 
cXmm mm. AosVrfVAtA IBIMXD^ a mod. Ooa 
<fiji^ ajSPeBboniP a)os)c^o BiPn. «>0<9^d9saDO^ 
Q^ ^€) daisidon proT. a>o^a^ aJl(DQ(yo t£\(m 

A, 6)ajg[2«ie^09 ^Q OJOCIOi^ «I0^ AS^^ 

aiognb proT. =s gocdtds^. — fig. a>o^6ajo(!b — 
00 aioooKngdnaoo KB. 2. (No.)=ajoai§. 

<e>D§ bi4? T.M.C.Ta. (Te. «»oq) VK. of <&§ 
1. Wilderness, wood, Jangle (in Q-ioeid99i9§, 
9^9<8B9§ etc. — opp. 009$)— - ato^oojsejo; a»9 
sodil^iB /Do^o £>9§ ^iflcioi^ cndSOdOfln TR. 
(after wars). a>050^S(an to lie waste — fig. 
d^ia^o eejoyo a>c»Q«> to work hard. — aio^ a> 
CBiQa) to retire into the jangle, flee firom ene- 
mies, betake oneself to aosterities or to re- 
bellion ft robbery a>9. a)C0Qdt o^ono cn)(3aLjl 

so also QLivplcBi^gj06ka) ^o. ^jiicvo o^s^:^ qjo) 
jj^ elajCTOo <d>tfl(Ss, co^qSjooOo flDgy^^ oaiosni 
«>9. Qj^oo jcroldOa TR. a$l «»9^aib (Si^if^o 
YetC. will be dethroned (so coi sm<0a ujodo ^ 
sm). (0>9§)ej9(flo to expatriate, banish. 2. waste 
groand for bnrning corpses = daj5fikas9$ f. i. 

<d>9§ QLJ9 aj9 Qjl^ QOJO QaJ9 c^Ono OJOCl}^ 

a>9ejo death time. 3. number of faults a>9§ ^ 
S9«Mn OK^eo^Anj. £q ^(/XTiODiBiVbb ajftsxo 
a>9., si^cndBa co^^oob a»9., c^cBfejlnno^ a>9. 
TO. ^^tmodo a)9S9Qft^ A^9§uaLto6 CGh. relate 
somewhat confusedly. — sin is called Qa)9$e)9 
9; a>^(0a9s <^(m (nifOaJH;^ Bhr. what 
a crime! (^onB^cmib A9sl(Qb oJils^g^^ a.q^ 
cm rDoaocm) R8. 4. of men*, a way 
of calling dogs. 

Hence: «»9snb l.juog]6 4well6r (opi 

K. pr. of a jongle-caate tfiosRBo c 

8iB. a)9S^ dSfeol^oib TP. 2. wiU 

00930 black dog; a>9. a^^ eifiMM 

A^j. tom-oat; male tiger Yi. (=** 

Aosobajgi Soleria Lithotpermia 

a>9$aj9fDo a tax on lands bordering 

in lieu of any assessment on trael 

be cultiTated within it W. 

a>99S95l jungle-roamer, sarage, al 

f. a>9S9UR») B. <8>os(So Qjei o 

A9§!OroilM. an a»9o^ (in Wiail.s 

tomentosa; B. Bauh. parriflora). 

dkogg.} 1. Ceanothas osBrolou. 2.= 

a>9§99 see (Si^;— di^xn wild el 

a)9S9ao6 forester ssa>9snb, alio a 

14 castes, of whom ojiernkvib 1 

the highest, to which Ao^ojojgi 

— (d>9§9aab ojtf) (hnntg.) kill 

from ambush AsW ojorri) « 

(£>,9§i (T. «>9§9 jungle-oow) Boa 
bison. <d)9gi Ado a>ms^a>()oYCh.; 

«»9§)d99i9v ft— (OiEi9r« m fragrant 
<0>o|Od>9&pld9a«9«a MOO^QSgo cro^ 

a>9^^dBe Bh.ssAsoiau. 
a>9^flQgSj} wild animal (Ao^nodi^B. 
a)9§ain forest fire ojocojAflO^iA «» 

a>{0R»)^9avi TB. ^q 

A9^8)d9a jungle land, o^sMuaoSl 
Ao§a)93ir^ a rebel TB. 
a)9Sijosp Canna Indiea* 
a)9SfiBi Erythroninm Indicma ggam 

against luemorrhoida 4M» aajattl 

a)9Oga80 l.=a)0^. 2. Baphorb 

ttl, the milk of whioh la eompai 

buffalo milk. 
a>9§ 095012 oooc^(^)^jO^ (B.Qxn^ 

a0(mob) IIm fSaallj ol 

idBb9§0 — aOGTOo 


<e>3enoab — <e>D6nr51 

eimof Ho. Kerala, who bj Oaaapati- 
HB haM to defend the ooantrj against 

^ ^^- [beak, 

vb A *0WKi6 Yl. a bird with doable 

for €n9g|,0(^fli8i)aio 90^950 fiAsne 
or. (Tallies Aocmo). 

ttoyft T. v. (=a>96n6affi A) t. a. 1 . To 
lee, show, point out; with doable Ace. 

L oajaaoisp^ 4a»o9g6mo AB. alio Dat. of 
a^Ui Ai9§ Ai to ehow how to do a thing, 
SKuaio *o. to water cattle, cycuo «>9. 
fneeme, aj49> «i9. to nnoke froite to 
em. 8. to exhibit, eommit, perform a 
ftaj^oaiAo «i3^ AB. was gollty of 
I7. Aojso «io. Mod. plajed fUse. 03^0 
tk «i9CBo «io. TB. aeted openly against 
fiC9B9(n Ao§) o^ObVob KU. behaye. 
i^36rn)daaC(8o okiij oaodMsyo a>9§ono 

«»o^^ Cond. (=a)9c)Qi) T. H. even if 
bow, s oompared with, rather than eo 
ajo a aakOaasW cng^s gfint Nal. 
•howing; a bird «>9. fSl^cSlo^ prov. 
cfia9§) LobiTanellas goensis J. 2 . see 


ilae to make to show. 


kathinyun 8.=:a>61(nio> Hardness, 

i^tm T.M.C. (d>9sno<8)2.) 1. Pos- 
:ooda«»9. o«>9dild99i, a>9. g^Qjob rich, 
add cn^ouab A^Mmeoocb oj) jomocs^o 
mcBBcb QjWnD OojatcB/o^ CG. bank- 
osmo %i^Aio take possession of. mb 

B. porehasing a Janmam ; so S)aJ9ab 
^A9^<q2 p«id the price. <£\(a(Oi Aosmo 
sal raloa of some piece of workman- 
. mortgage, loan of money as eqoi- 
r a mortgage, yalaable consideration; 
arkma tennrea A fees, as e^oolesnao, 
a^ — 9 4kiF\ — , (T)§«R9smo etc. n 

«iS. jtfMOlO QjMdAoBI M^CJUOfOo MB. 

6mo (81^009^0 a kind of deed : the tenant pays 
a oert^n rent (q-J9so) after deducting the in- 
terest on the adyance. (SV^ QjkOcti}:aS a^nrS^dQe 
«oOOO Q-xmo a>9srr>cijo gog 000^02)9 d> a^.n)l 
(then TB. 42>9smo o&plcioi^ 80^94^0 the lease 
will be taken from him. ^jp^smo submort- 
gage. 8. the weight of 8 a>sp6Si{^ or = 1-| oj 
6iT>o GB. 4a>fllj(^ d(C9 Aosmo a med. 4. 80. 
T. horsegram. sxi^OBaabafimoGlycinedebUis or 
Gomphrma globosa. 

Hence: d^osm^»9w6 the mortgagee. 

a>9«nr>Ada»9S So. mortg^age tenare, amoont of 
mortgage money sKo. qj9§o. 

a>9«m8)na0c2j9e cBiooio^omajib umpires, as- 
sessors of rent. [Qjcjloa. 

a>96ynQj9§o l.=:^9sms)«ae95; 2. = dk9«m 

Aostno 6)a>99nBajnb tenant. 

a>96mo ajenrxB;g-)93o deed of mortgage. 

a>96imoaj9so leasehold tenare on payment 
of a rent equal to | of the prodace. 

dto9«m90ja>9CfOO (jud.) ft AOSmOJ^TUdO ICB. 

a mortgage claim (sr^ ojocnjlonarab 9ajej 
QjVnC ^9. g>^, d>)9*09Qs£^ o^^frGoi Qj9«n9^etc. 
dk9Sm9CJ09rDo MB. 

a)96m9f£^=A95md9t)9rDab TB. MB. 

cd)06noabkZ9ail 8.(=d»9«m9?) One-eyed, blind. 

d8>36no| k&oi T. M. 1. Spectator, eyewitness, 
guest at a feast <d)9«rnia>cX> ojoo^cno, d<9. a)cX> 
<<Dgy9ajato (Bia(@TiK> KB. 2. something to 
be seen, gift (=r a.9crn)(ds) 4)-96rni 6)Qj^9aA 
(0fi)6rni6n9o VyM. — mark as on gnn^s barrel; 
back stitch a)96rnid9aaffi; water-mark ;=: land- 
mark in cn9§<d)96mi near Malaparanu 8. a 
fraction of time or space -g^ C3., -^^ (Ta.C.),'^^^ 

(Ko.); rfl^9«rnl=|; «h*^sgoaj,=^YiTFo ^^' " 
dk95irnWasmo, a>9firniocnrDo (n^nm9(ab; ^190^ 
^6)(fn§>)9®0 <&>9«rnl Acxu9«Mn 00^ CG. aq 
6nSl9ajo<Bb cu4f>(m99;o» KB. a>9. oqvsao (BiA 
«>9«ym Mpl. 4. aM. -^ of an estate; 4^0 
firnkofaaab, <d>9cn^48a9(Dab Vi. one who has 
some olalm on an eitate. 





see aiflcnd^ai d)«r^. aio^sreo^o till you see, 
a>osnB(nlorn'g^ cannot be found. cn^aocXxda 
esioch dOBajxB^o a>«nel(S|| KB. found a way for 
yen. A3rDS(q|2 ^snsso oa^g^o (yu.) stories. 
Qjla\;^9^sa82 ^^"^ TB. the result of the 
inyestigation.^ tomeet((nlcaB^0ocBil a^oeriBonb, 
€iJi^cPo Aon^ 80^90801006 to Yisit TB.) to look, 
9«)c)odteQBng^ oQnm3(gb orf) a)S)sni9 if you do 
not obey, look to yourself. — (d(S\d^ ttojOAcm 
Qo ^6n^ AST^ Mud. (repeatedly). 2. y. n. 
a., to be seen, seem, appear <d>Qas2 a>«r^ 
looked black. «>gmmo a)9iB<0) Oddscs^o, a)aO| 
siaidds d>>l(r)9Qja)c)o a>96noo DN. o^aa'ajab 
QQj93£^9a-i9(sb QQtiaalajnb (diossmsmo CO. co) jo 
^s<aB^6i:a(at ^gD^fA <d>9oTr>8jj ^ogi KeiN. a> 
^ne^^S^i oQcm soajo a>9snocno co)6m(aui(Sg_j9c)o 
Bhr. you look, as if you had never seen me. — > 
"Seg, (a^e9a>c}ocd« <d>9srr)93(D) (sr^ffljmo cne£^(A 
(roodroaopo Mud. disappeared. a^osmoMnotO) Aei 
(au)=<d)«r^^S9(a) Mud. — b., to appear the 
Yery thing, be sufficient a)96r»o ecoi^siacX) 
«^so PP. enough. (ST^ Qo-ig) <4{<&9eooo (d* 
QOiso a)96nooTB. may amount to. (Bidso^ 09fDl 
onbo Q0<ob a>9finoo oJlb^AaKd^o arocm^oioo 
(jud.) the distance may be. 0cng^(deaj9ab ai 
sf^oj <d)9srr)96in9KB.(=QQj9rD9#Eii9). 3. aux. 
V. oQcm^o a9(q^ a)9€rri) of) CO. consider, 
also (BiOfiJBOm Si Jii(m ^ oQfimsmo KU. do stated- 
ly, regularly. (Soroojl^ AOsraoabancflsajaDoa) 
g^^^KXJ. Q-iooDoajgDo a moo mscno ^srs^o 
C§^TB. none of the promises have been kept. 

Hence: a>9ni ac^. part. (2) any aiore sacnoecX) 
ssQjftjqLwb; a>qnicu<b; l. = a>a5rn)49)cX} eyewit- 
nesses. Asneajib Asn^oj^ qj^ci^^® siSi&&d^9 
tfr^l TetC. as many as saw it. 2. A9rmoji% 
Qai9^4a> Mud. to giYc to the next best. — aisne 
a^aaHrob o^cno £^<asa 9^&<a» SiPu. = (0>osne 
SQjo anywhere. Asm 8<a(gj«»cX> whatever 
of Tiotuals can be got. s^v^ a»9sria9ib 8aj95>ai 
KB. 4a»««^nb «»oidBe9a>9 proY. not sYery. «> 
6rm ^OMib TB. all the property. 

d8)6n^ adY. part. (2) 1. At the ] 
oolcno en. ouismo ^^sn^ cAa^AA 
TB. raised the taxes by 8 pot. oji 
Q A9^ (m9A«(no six in ten. aonf 
^^ W A (OkOoDO^cmo TB. 4 tiflu 
pepper (s=drrvM9s cnoAi^^og)^ «a« 
^o a)9i| jii9(0Rft) asiessei aomewh 
anoca)9(Do ^, a>ejoe<ob &«r«9CBu^, qj 

ajotoH a>. ajdiag^TB. qqj mmo « 

2. so as, esp. with neg. adY. a^o e 
a>9r^ KB. oi^Mni O(O^<0sGsjo eioQflflo 
DM. a>9«m94an a>9n|, 0^9399.111 ^ 
o^S|99q|, S[g|99^Qjom9aibTB.if tl 
the case (also Mad. ^tq^ oayo^. 

fll^RBo <(^QO)Q6»«r)B9 SiPu. 

a>9r^«»ra^«>§^)crnl(fid9a(maLin6 00 
a)9r^a>9^ a present to superiora. 

a>97| «kOC2|o heading of lettera, or 
deeds, f.i. eoctvnb dk. a>o. ^^om 
QLj(2)M.,at seeing this, isrequir 
follows TB. 

«>9r)|4^^(d, to be (bund, so ^>9n6^4 

a>9'^^:fi^ OoYcmment agriculture 

a>^^S9ag (^9BS9;g) 1. dimnei 

2. = <D)9smro9^. 
a>sn§6)^s sequestration. W. 
A9n^SiA^Sl to survey, make a I 

Q_j9go TB. the produce sorYeyei 

§li^ (&)*§a»^proY.=conilaoate, 


a>9a|$)d)9c^to obserYC a rule thro 
caeOoD ». always at this rate, 
QQg^9 erOimlmDo a>. CS. the i 
good of all timber accounts. 

a>9i|ajol(0>jo Vi. imitation, axaaii] 
(d)«r^ajoa) to accost, addreaa. 
AtfngQj)sl(0ai to discoYer; aeise, 
a>9^iS9ajl^ to imitate Ta., alao« 



dSO^'^D^ — d8>D(ZJVBb 

to mmt, fall In with oro^iABcfis 

AMmOjy^A to be imii, TidbU oeQja>ft9eio 

«»9cmQgj59 TMitr. 
^Mcvn^o^ {mM» sx tn<mQ) not enduring one's 

iigkt, maliee qoomQ ajoo^ ^aih a>o. 

a96m9» to be leen, appeer. toKiMcn ^9r£\^ 

A9*AaaiiadoTP. haTing seen ft reoognized 

bia. AMmnjf ao§y990 eTery thing TiBlble ; 

4 with Aae. fiDoejAtQcn Aocmogmo C0. 

■ew the child. ai«)9^GB>)(A a^osmsoti^ (oH 

AMmoOdteyA So. deeeit. 
*9wm^xx> learning by roto ( AosmosMn 6)^0 

g|A to repeat from memory). 
m warh Imp. 4 a»oaeab behold! oajm} «>osn6 

S|^ cnWvda CG. Ou>iqng cncrn eoc^ 

*Mn6 AB. (s=e9m9e^). 
*Mrn)^aa 1. T. M. C. Te. To. an offering, 

preeentas A^ f.l. a)Mrni<6a ooj^^nb cro 
' Afij uxnoB^o KB. FP. 2. Cy.=<0)9ga> 

toihow, make to appear, display. ftOajdOfis 

Aa. TB. to exhibit. aooBcXMdt aiofiirnl^ 4 

▲ee.cnM^0MMD ^iiMin^dOeosMiTB. withoat 

iatfodaelng himso^me A96no0dO9dto>99(Q). 

A9ern^j^A99«i (^oe.) to betray; <Dat.) 

to take roTonge (tu.) 
^*odft<Cood.s=: A9erriVBb)4 «»a^o, also •ekog^oib 

**iB eomparieon with'* akOnmcOedcb ^cnji^ai 

Oqu^a CO. to go oTeo tooner. With Loc. aio 

m^^a^o Q^o AB. oeW'OiDdafiii Qon^^ai 

A9^o cnsa<fle«T>o YetC. better than 

hitherto — alio ibasOrob: eajfiJoflOJOQanQo 
' A^ajaj^QorxaasAirab Mad., 4 eren a)9c»l(ob 

Med. — In Mpl. neage the Inf. a>o90m f.i. 

cA fl^ifiorMOed^em ojspa «bgy Ti. 

TV. L «9£ (T. a>9§P) 1. eyesight, percep- 
lioo, penetrattoo. S. offering so. «>aj«e» to 
praeeat a gift (dJncMQcfoasojg) to Ctods 4 
kiaga; alao maraly ^ai^ Aer^ KU. ciolj 

:i^4i»09« AvTDospsoj; to a new king cno^ojo 
&pi<di^o ^6^:(\^cao<f»o a>9£ 6)^pi<6a TB. 
8. show, speotacle. AQ^^m iadostrial 
exhibition; a^dJgg^S sham fight, A^«m 
oj^s^^es a>9'gjsa>^o Bhr.; 6)9 .9ajai an 
exhibition, a>9. d9)96iab also of yisions. 
n. «)9«g Vi .= a»ojg*, — a>9«g9n6 = «)9snB9n6. 

(B>OSn%yQ COo ka94c^gft01 Hind. ; Beog.co9 
onru)9fDo, Bhinooeroe MO. Yt. 
«-.95ni9aroo timber foond under wator. 

(d>35nru)oka9d[amS. (rr«>9(nj) l. Stem, stalk 
fiOOB a>o*(Bec>) CG. 2. knot, joint; ohaptor, 
book, f.i. 8 in Amara 8imha, 6 in Bamaya- 
nam ^viot(b9(Oiot9^ ^sl ^ ato'egca;^ ER,; all 
soienoe is diTided into f%o9cr)^9. 4AeBa>9.the- 
oretical 4 practical knowledge. Tatw. 

<e>06^ see <e>oai^ 2. 

(d>DrS\o kaSam (C. Te. Tu. codojSo) a Oos8,=4 
a)9ifi^ or 4 ^oj^^CS. about 5 English miles. 
Some take it to be = Qoa;963nn, OS. others =4 
Oavoncn. The distance from Gooarna to Kanya- 
kumari q^oo(^a-j@ (ftyno m9^ EU. a>9«fto 
cnsrm 0031^ rn^cno TP. haTing walked a 
good bit. (8T^ii^rO(0a9(mo (m9ir(qffi a)96m9CBil 

<d>0(^^ ka5aram 8. (<&t(maio) Not knowing 
which of two, perplexed 6)9iArDa3j'SJu1=^ 

a^Mamnb oormoo^ieio YCh. coward. 
denY. a>ftO)roi^s^(n9nb PT. was troubled. 
abstrN. a>9f0)^5>$)d>Qj^ CQ. 9m^a>90MB|o 
Asr^ Bhr. 

dB>orn^.'Bb ka5al (fr. <0>9^aA, T. a>9^ , C. T. «i9CB 
indurated) 1. Core, heart of tree, opp. 5>a>tt. — 
In palms the <d>9. is the outer part, in exogens 
the inner part. £ej<8A9cB;9flo a>9. dSblso pror. 
2. essence, pith, substance ^oosiotSQfliQiofiae 
a>9. £5ni9AoproT. dnooiod tfh9. fl26^=^fn)^ 
(tcb. iSt^io^^wwA Bhr.= aaj8ao9rDo. dy^ocB 
cmi«9a9m9fii CG. O gracious God! 9cnx»«9a9 
loiAipqi^^o jaj Bhr. Ao<9)Gi9a2j5>ea9a8 6M>4Ma 
Qjo CG. a happy triok. 

d9>0^ — «8>3r088i9 


<e>DroawS — dB»xYQl)l 

<B>0^ kai) i^i^A) 1. The ear, more u member, 
than M orgMi of hearing (Q.ataj)). ^e^o^, 
^a&^' ®0^^ 909O^/Do upper earring. 

TB. a)0^ ai|pa]B|o o-io^^ o^iiosni Oojonne, 

aUo 4ii9(2o akyajB^nmo ojo^dSa TB. (robbers). 

4htMi)l9fiJ CkuocnDo a)!i^^ SiA^9m»ch Anj. 

epent the last penny for it. a>9anoo eucrfSi 

proT. ~ (Bi^aOfDo fioj^aoeo «>Mft^a&i o^onmo 

ejo KB. 8. handle of Tessel firMm^q(os *o.; 

aj§(0R0(Dloasd9t Q. a»o.; eye of needle, a>»iiioo 

oi^iiilayo ^5^ aj(D3(2 (in death). 

a>9(Qi^fij '*what is worn in the ear", women's 

earring (similar a»y>(OR0fii) (inAQjfiL^iMn^^ 

aj&iaa)cx>o Nal. 06rn)daaoc£^fij eD§A ^i. 

(TOcrxBcTOOS^ AiWR^ai. [tnted for earring. 

€>i7<£\(dii ddaj, a^dOfooej a oadjan leaf substi- 

a»3QA(q|2 boring the ears, in Kerala only 

^&?' in the 5-7th year; 90^3. custom 

of other countries, also of Mappil|as (hence 

aofmnb a convert to Islam), ao^^ac^s* 

PjiOtfmo (BIOSlcD/CRD^o MB. 

d9)3.OTD kattn i.No. a)90Q, a^j^^ T. aojh^ 
The dried Areca juice. Catechu (=a)MDaA, 
a\}8rDo?). 2. = a»3^<6a yam bulbs, growing 
above ground, alsoa^ooj^m (=a>9>Bl<aaltPm^ 
onbo AQ's!\), — past of ^hodsa q. ▼. 
<0>9.'mo)nb Yi. doubled beaked bird = 4h9S)S3Spa(>* 

SiOS^ kaf alam S. (aq£\) Plantain A9. O0o 
a^ CO. [Bpirits. 

ddsDeoGOJ^ol kaf amBaii 8. (dvao6aio)=:eg)0, 

(d>0^ Ar. qadir, The Almighty. 

(d)3al Ar. qui ddsDml, (d>3ro)kQ;3rb G<^> 

judge. a>3*erD ojeg) a mosk under a Cazy TB. 

(B>ocns>o kaaa^fam s. (AcnA) i. Golden. 

2.= a»9cnoT. a>ocv)Acnoo^ BS.=:os)a)(a^ or 
rD93jgji (4ho. efimamotmooo €{0.). 

(d>300o kanam (sdsaoorxno) l. aT. aM. Jungle, 
a>3§. 2. 1000 mUliont of milUoni C8. 
094ii9or)o 10000 millions of millions C8. 

dB>X069>3§ Near Palaoida (Docuib fitter) 
0aj «)CBk9 <d>3or)(0iBiVBb tfPtf^M^ KU. 

<A>300(imn kanat (Ar. nikah?) Xai 
^(meJ9C0 a)0B«acfo TB. 

<A>30onOo kananam 8. Jangle (s»a 

A9dti hard, see AMhfdL), 
Aocncna^A^Adu exiles. Bhr. 
<e>DOOo(3CnDajl & «6>3nO(8CODQLjl 
go-i (atSQ^ab) ACanongo, aAainiati 
oer, formerly sTahsUdar TB. 

<d>300asb kanal T. v. l. Heat, gUr 
onbo 4hoonci>^os o^hoer^iaKno TP. 
also a>oma)ejo, godt^pg^*, alto taa 
land Aocn^9^ Ti. Tory dry jungl 
ocnj V2. desert. 8. r=a»3cno aV 
cnejlfob 0^cn)rD QcS^aooscno BC. 

<d>0O^Orb Ar. qanan,G. kaaon, * 
Canon, regulation AX%A A^cns 

fBi06)mfSt^(2yi(S\ it 6LI9— P. khil 
Computation of inhabitants, oeMQ 

(Jd€Oa£^ A9, {^A9(bO «oqjCOO qO^ 

^cro^9C»o fion^ TB. aS\ lymVm < 
population; also— aMA^rol MB. 

(d>arrc^ kandam 8. part. {aS} d 

traoted;s«ocBiqg29a«»o loadttooa 1 
el^ob ffiocB;tai5rm>aBOAajy9iiai K< 
a^ooinnb husband , bridegroom ^oM 
atooo) wife, mistress. 

<e>0rr9)6o kanda) T. M. Gloriosa n 
^o o^)«Q§o crS^Ofln^oii^ CO. In 
(now a09(ORi9nrni). 

atoaoQjocoj, a)0aa>9OCQj KU. a i 

<A>3nro^9(T)o kandaram 8. Thfck «m 

ODo, A9Cno. r, 

<d>DC^(d> kandirya T.8o.Tiobalwi, 

YN. aooomA. heat, pnafeaoy. 
d8»3rYci)l kandi («>oaa»o) LovtaltDMi, 




(flftXdCrO) ^ ddiXQJb 

B kiUtjun 8. (Aojso) Deoftitfdlnen 
fas dba. VaL «»3.,fii^ FT. 

h tehitliaTn 8. («>t) Bad road «>3*«R»1 
Ukit) QjUkBBMd KB. 
■:fi3nb wretch, coward (po.) 

S2Ab k&bfijun 8. (a»aJl) aa 4Iio«qjc» 
d>Aai9 JLB. Monkey nature. 

Jippft Sjr. Ontward Tcstment of a Haa- 

k ^Q^O-It ^- qthrehf Coffee ep^cno. 

1 Ar. kifir Fegro; alM> Ayiaih infidel, 

•os^ A heathen (Near.) 

XUo 1. S.seiaaajcvo. 2. So. aooj. 
*/OBfeaaion; A9a^A3(Do6 penitent (KaBr.) 

imun 8. («i£) Desire, d^lgosRMinnA 
^ujlifia ^ejo GhYr. Iotc; perfeonifled: 
▲mor, or «»309aajn6. ojskA ^s) a»9 
BAOj^ae KB. to spend even the day in 
re. In oomp. (pseAaanb, GLicna^oeabeto. 
dnf to ataj at home, torore in the forest. 

k90«MB»(loc.) eonedonee. 
7 goinf whereone likes «>3*09Q0 nun KB. 
MDo walking according to one's own 
u *90iiiMfUrniAdo f. pi. Bhr. from 

> nriaiag fram Inat 

granting what is desired. 

9^ AO09UXB n cow from which all 

leacaa he milked. 

fMcnct AB. SiTa. 

>4j{j^aj9ejn6 CC. Cjsh^a. 

uo tx^ff^ AB. in any shape he chooses. 

i|g(ij) 1 • handsome. 2. assamio g any form 

;t pleaanre a»9*AA9o Qj3orvDnB9ib KB. 

jaapdic e , also ^oi^OL 

■o obtaining the wish aio*«soo OiiinnD 

want gratified. 

rmo ojo^^aJ^oai) 8iPn. ars amandi. 
34j) id. «i3«nSla^(nDo AB. that his 

«>D0a(n»o as f nr as wished A9. aoonoado SiJti 

a^*' [ciTiOttS. 

Aoe), f.-CY9 lorer aaodBAMBiaalAcX) AB.; las- 
denY. «ioal<6a to wish, lore. AfiJo ^o&^ Bhr. 

desiring progeny. ftCBiuajo {ssagojonb aq 

£ij^ Mod. s «)9oaeaUas. 
«>90ifij Tdbh. a)9esej 1. jaondice cu^aieM»9., 

Aocaio., 0flBDd9ao.Nid. 2. No. pnrblindneu, 

white film OTer the eye. [fions. 

«>9^aiab lorer. (coocomd). 8iTa) f.-i9^ lasci- 
«>9g|0 desirable, loTcly tfio'aoo^ieB tt^ Q^^^^ 

C^« [leader. 

(d>3C&prb?y ddsOC&pron (S* oommandP) Master, 
<BiO(Mo hLmaraTn (ai^fobe.) Frame fbr sawing 

timber m^^'toizzoDo^aiQ a>o. acu^ FT. 4ho. 

a»ai;OQA MC. also 6X0)9r«1«i, ms. 

(d>3C&0§l kamatti C. Te. Bricklayer, pioneer oj 
sp^ cn<m9(deQj9ab ,dOO ao. TB. (in Maiiar). 

S>0(S\i(A Ar. kamil Perfection A:^&i9CSuu^otaS\(Oi 
Ti. a real martyr. 

? <jft)0cnjaiQJ<e>3O8o MB. p. 192 what.? 

<d>DCY24 kamb) l. T. M. (So. dMi^coj) Te. StOG^ 
C. Ta.«>3aj Stem, stalk; stick of umbrella Yi. 
(prob. aiooboj fr. «>9(Bk, «»&Mi). rni^tyamo 
CQjo QJBSPdSaocnijo oc^9gb)9 proT. 2. *9«m^ 
(T. «>9SPgji, see «iMnr9&) pith, palp, inner sab« 
stance (opp. Jojaa) tfioay^oot^tt 9«mbb9> Cft 
orn^flafij 4h9. ^-oiBiatob; aj^QJMP<%fi)S fif^daaa. 
eatable part; (RM^daao. well cleaned rice grain; 
tfxn§y)tfKl6o «>o. ftsmcDtDg^gy rice not yet qaite 
ripe.— ecokOaosm .(e»A«9a9., ^(OR>d9»9. inmost 
mind. 9«Bftg)}A gjooaocb ftc)oaaognj^nik «i]|(0ii^ 
«)(£iBi3c)o CO. meditation. 8. E. camp. csjS^ 
Qjloob:) a)3. TB. 

(d>Dc(S6aJ38?e kamfiojam 8. A land A people 
in the NW., its language and produce. 

L <d>acaib kajam S. (V^uiD) Body a»39s»cn 
OJOiiio dcncroo fisa^<6a AB. —what coneema 
the royal person (sftsoi). 
«i9C»(aasogri ffbMocQ aisploo^ KU. king's 
meal (also = «>xa^sop^. [TraTancore. 
M«o«^(vn(09N9Qj KM. the aeoond Bi^ah of 

AMUb— <«>X^i<0i 


dBaOW— dB»M 

aiOQKTOoabof the writer OMie in Beogal. Mad. 
II« d8»3CQA> T. M. («)0<sya)) l. Whet ie pangent, 
obiefly atiftfoBtidA, oajRBObOCtto, the better 
sort or)§yA9c»oy also ao^«o»ocbk> amed. ooj 
BMoaro q. T., QoruascnoaltfiocDo. So. — fi>«KA(oi8io 
AnbosoBHaA aiD. SjiKnaycBilgy, a>sejVgb ao. a>&i 
ifleproT. . • ^^to^ 

AOQBTgJAl • ooadimeat of assafoBtida, pepper, 

1II«<A>DCQ;o l.Tdbh.4iidoeo(aM. aT.=r (8i^a»xBK>) 
Sky. a>i03>.'BnPs^9cB>9§ AS(A 6>ajOS^CB; Pay. 
8. Tdbh. Ao jiio f. i. ojQ^ ooiflB^Qiyo a^ocftojo 
OoLiOo amed. 8. T. SoM . a wound. (C. Te. 
Tn. Qflios/o). s^ aj^pjolnriDo d»>ocBfm^mDo (none 
MM. Yi. 

dB>3CQ^89i^ 0aye&0t4Bm a^oos/akaeqi^ ^^^^ ^ 
osj^onb TP. (also a)3aD6)a>9^o). 

<e>DCQ;d)kayalT.M.c.(VN.of«)DQ^fli) i.What 

is warm* <0>9s;^top) warm caoji. a)9QQ;&i9q^ 
Sdte to haTe feTer,=3A9^iai. 2. («>c0o) T. 
SoM. backwater, lagoon. Asnggg a»!KS»ejo Sens 
§0 (mMcr)j(fiQ)ji| 0(01^0 FT. — «»oc»d9ailsp6o§ 
bnlbooi root of water-soldier; a^ocn^j^rDdSa 
petty merchandise; 4Ii9QV§l)9So wet land. B. 
S. bamboo; a>ocB;^eni stalk & roots of bamboo 
remaining in the ground. ^ocDi^so olnster 
of bamboos, a>XB>£ir£^ bamboo seed (med. in 
o^^ob) — ads<6a9oaNgba.eos^§o, a9S<6ao§. 

<d>OCQ;DGLj kajav) (T.a>9iD9Qj)Theblae flower- 
ed Memecylon tiootorinm (also a>A9Qj, ^9oeo, 
ft a^oosoQj), o^jQa^d* ™^« ^>^ ophtbalmia,air5^ 
«)9Q09QJ another kind. «>oii>9Ct^(T))o«>09ano) 
Anj. dB)9co;9au^nb a^6>cu9<oni ai96aijq[^ CQ. 
a»939a^Qj|q[)n6 GC. Crshna. 

<d>DCQ!l<d)o kayiyam S. (a»9aBol.) Bodily. «>9;sn 
dStcrcssojo 09cncro3ajaaje Bhr. 

dB>0CQ7Vino P. H.kaghai, Paper, also a>9^.'3i9i; 
(mod. 4M|^ ^i)pain$)d9e9^'0iBi CM>a>aa93iWo 

letter, .ooOOOajsnrHoiBi^crn oa^aomst^seosrf fi)«>a) 

<8A0. oo^^ptn!^ aj9«oe) TR. writ. [4)99.0. 

<d>yS^ Mad.« No., dB>9CQ^o MB.=:«>9cX>, 

dB)9Cq|{d8> kayUYa T.M.G.Te.Ta. T.n.l.To be 

hoi, heated, ripe, feferish ; Aaioio a»9en^«aj9. 


a)lei9Qj 4ii9cq{4aii9c)d Arb. 8. tc 
0(00 4h9en^9(LJ9Q»i. to be atmled f 

to grow up nnder want ft hardship, 
q^ to warm oneself. 

YN. a»9<s;fA ft a>ojm heat, dryaesa - 
j^, q. V. ft AD^Ji,). 

d8)3CQ$ kay 5. (often shortened as o 
«b) pi. a)9^cb 1. Unripe or rlp4 
chiefly plantain. «i99CDr99 quivcbg 
aims Bhr. 2. what is fraitliki 
certain entrail (reios?) d9»d9ao 4 
8. a piece, Kro. =b aecn^ ; pieoe of < 
ooDo^anlcBMinnA ^ a)9CBi^ oQai^ejo 
aOs ojoan^ ^av^ TB. ten more 
a>9^CT)i froit, rare froit. oixnrca 

A9. oiinnD A»agi(ob KB. 
a)9^oi Tegetables. ononsAs ^a 

(d>3(j^, j^ kaykka T. M. c. («> 

bear fraSt, ripen. d9»9^e(Oo opp. 
barren. aaj9n|A^aib .AkaaaajroVor 
proT. a»9^(TT)ajlei9QjTB.^9j|K| 
12 years old. «>9^«o»9s!^ ripe fr 
^9^0 aJ8S2^ a^roldBa KU. (OKIC 

ai QQ)$)nm9(09cecB;9o ojUm QjWno 

6)&^ 9aj9CEp i89((^03o ((ijrtjai' 

a»9^^ a>20aoAio SidD. 2« a 
f.i. Q-i9n)b «>9^ Aoitf^nb CC. 
C0. 8. to be calloas (den. firom 
a>9(aO)ool^ hot water, med. 
YN. a>9mi bearing fimit (80. infi 
CY. a>9^(da to bring to matnrit 
cb; oHAjgdn a>n0ifiM9a9^oa 

CG. (=: she snoceeded). 
(d>3Cj^6nr>o kaypai^am (see ax 

settled by a MappiUa on hia 
(d>3a> kara T.M.(C.Te.099(» ftensi 

d&3n»— da>9MrOD 


dB»3<?K^ — <B>My^(b 

f prieklj ilirab. «»orD^f jS^ qqa<0s 

«T.(io 1mii>. Kinds: a>«r«nb ^3. Canthiam 
lor«B«o.aiQd>9.Bh. Canth. ammram, <d> 
. witk loog thorns, ifikro^aebo^ Calophjilum 
MBs(enet.), oftitito^ Bb., SKma^tdno. or (g 
IB9. UTftria?, acni(AaiO— A esnS^aidio. 
LBO[»di8tectft(from ManilU), 0aia>3. Van- 
ia^inoaa, oajoAo. Grif&thia fragrans, 
iftOTD q.T. 2. ft sharp eruption on the skin 
9wm)ssm^m^' S.aishYi. 4. a dish 
taking bread, also aotd^iO), A9«(D3(ab. aio 

: AyD<fla a dried date fruit. Ao. «aj9^ 

man a med. (G. a)9(Dl<6a). 

dtod^ a thorny jangle; K. pr. of a place 4i>9 

i«i9sm, 4ii9(O«ae(8to03 a certain low- 
iste poetess. 

QATf a kind of cricket, plajed with a 

byKus^ a orooked staff, also e.d(O0sm^ 
i«i9^ Ts. (see CKUg]^). 

^d> thorn. 

oaj§^o B. M omordloa ajdOikTib. 

Db kmnm 8. (V^ a^) Making, as(SiDd9}9 
rhat eounde a; A98fe9(Do etc. 
Do Tdhb. <flfiA9<^, 6ii9^o Caustic ', different 
>; pungency, as of pepper (:3 oQfolaj). 

Is kiraiyam B. (se>9fDo I) Doing, agent, 
*■ ; onS^oaOAsroAo making one a lion. 

^^ ^PfT^^^™ 8. (cans, of 4hh) Cause, 

i?e, origin. fl^AaAOOB ax Qjoroo^oob Bhr. 

!Wi^ AdTMmo KU, tbe reason whereof 

I frilowe, fbr. yishna is oalled Aocoem 

l«a£i^ — a^cma&xh AB. CO. 

Mmim, a»3(Mm(aiJo caosali:y. 

Mmab 1. ftvtkor, originator, Tishnu CG. 

vj^oWib «iWMmo6 AB.; f. cndooaio^D 
mi AB. S. man of authority, title of 

■roaa. A9«snry09QQOflB9^9(0cmft ooejooBo 

9Qw— ASTDem^oiQ Ts. ft disinterested teaoh- 

r, opp. A9^2(2^ *^ interested one. — 

•MvaUy ^srMmajrib U head of family, 

hereditary predecessor. a)9.^Qsm9rB3ft ct)9 
flPfob (gsoB^ TR. since the time of my ances- 
tors. 2. the maternal uncle. (nDZZ9ajrib. 
8. a title a>9fD«maiCT\^9cno f.i. 390 dhoo 
emojh KU., in Curumbranadu : m) goscu 
aisHcA .oQ. d>9fMnr) uA KU. o^spcnosaig 
(dQsm9nB9ArD dnocTxnfl^jj^ TB. tbe next 

in dignity after the chief administrators 
of a temple. 

(0 9rD6)rn)a>n6 Vi. investigating closely. 

a 9^finfl<ganab who is the cause ( = di)9(0«m 

A3rD8fim3a_j9cju^ Kei5. see gojocul. 
(d>DtDCtb karail 8. (<o>9rDo I.) Doer, who has to 
do with, as 9^93<dn9fdab, (Bi^"n^.9rDi6, or)9s 
d^ 9.i>nb. — fem. — c>,o(^:^SfM & — ^grol* 

d8>Drorr^a>o karaskaram 8.8tryohnoB(a>96iool 
(Do) <o>3V-onPri6Aa8 Qj96j)ej1§9'Qb <d>oaj9(iQ)9ro 

«>S>a«gJ OO0^g_^99«9 CC. 

dB>DtDD kara 8. Prison (fl^Sdn Q^smo d»«9(09(p 
oOxnaSlfob (0>9rm eomb Bhr. «io:iM)cn ^9rD9(p 
oDrmoil*!* oj^s^^ o«>§^CY)9A 8iPa. 
«»9r095)g_|§l cartridge box (loc.) rRu. 

A9fD93(d>9«)r> N. pr. Niyer in Curumbranadu 

dd>0<O0^(t kaialar (T. ploughmen. <£h9ft=: a>3cg^o) 
Workers, agents. 1. temple-seryants, gener- 
ally 4, placed by Uralar managers of temple- 
lands for the endower oe.ucn^J'ordn'ab ^9fD9a 
00931; 6>aj9^aj96)ft £<9rD9ftnb QQ)orn oQ^pfon MR. 
2. tenants, who hold the land for a long seri- 
es of years W. 3. 8o. possessors of a free- 
hold. 8yr. doc. 

a}9(D0g, ^iio.'Odig. 1, tbe office of a ^9ro9An6. 
2. freehold Vi. dS)9rd9!garo>go (or 00)30) 
80. purchased private property. akO<^9^ 
6>d»>9jn| ^s<dannD he has the title to the 
estate. 3. yerbal agreement between Jan- 
mi A Cudiyan about their respective rights 
to inhabit mortgaged grounds. a>9<D9C|^9 
Q[^fD)<0snm or^ oorjlroo (B1oct)^<^o KU. (opp. 

(S(^(aai:u which is compared to fi(9rd0(|g 
sacred ft full property). 

aoios^iM) a lease under which the tenant 

4MSi — «a>3fb 


d9>3dBQk |do9 ^^ whOoM 

it not to b« dispoMewed m loof^ •• he 
payt the rent (loo.) 

dd)0(Dl kin 1. 8. («»ofDnb) Doing, at Qj9a.i«>o<^. 
8. 'M.,=A9<MX& f. of 4ti0iwb. 8. a wood- 
peoker (No. aiMDosob^otnatnb). 4. a fish 
Silorat D. 5. (>&pi) brackith groond. 
6. T.]f.(dB)(Q, 4^9h) 0eM9)O. a hunting deity; 
QjownQA a^ofo^cB/oA etc. SiTamortis, a>9(Dl92|<b. 

<d>DtDlo^ kaniam («>o(^cvo) Office of heredi- 
tary magistrate in Colanida. C0I.KU. 

(6)3(n kftTO 8. Artificer, poet (po.) 

d8>3(2B(d>,rnrdkani'ya 1. T.M.C.Te. To hawk, 
spit out as chewed betel, force np phlegm, 
Tomit. — freq. ^oan1d9ti No., a>0d9s)^dMi, A0d9n 
fijIcOA, 4^0^^ Ys. (Port, oaroaregar). «>oan^ 
:^®a4e4o proT.— 
2. to gnaw, bite by degrees (nocTUO^ a>^:^ 

dhxm PT. (hence AocSi 8.) ~ met. to fssci- 

nate scng^ocn a>o. 

S30<f^G(^ja kam^yam 8.aa>(0Mm. Com- 
passion, pity Aomsv^diocaoiti QjiuS^ajk^orDCB 
t(9o03flA Nal. 

(d>yb kar T.V.C.Te. (aC. also aovpsAiOAo) 
YN. of Sim 1. Darkness, black. 2. cloads 
a)OQ. 8. roagh=sa>(Q, a)^. 
Hence: a»o(D497^ black Agallochom. 
a»9;D^ clab, stick (or=a)O^DQjs^). 
a»3(D9sab^osia)ab l.=a)9(D)8. (prh. from 

aioaa<d> 2). 2. aTillain ao. cd^ ojoan^ proT . 
ai9(DO0 land tortoise MC. 
a>9rDXiii^ B. black cow. 
«>9rD^(Dlcpj (8) steel, or simply iron. Bhg. 
aaOffW Rh. Yitex lencozylon. 
a»9(ik»o lead. 
aio^OB^ black salt CFPts. 
a>0CKde9 Besamnm Indionm. 
a>99roa Plooens baya, the weaTer-bird which 

hangs its nest on oocoannt branches (cro9 

ai99(ooej common Ola. 
ai99a>9(ab earthen pot or dish =s AOiO 4. 
aloaMcrn) place of mnoh trade or interooorse. 

dB)tMtaoaio (2) the rainy •eatonO 

aiMBttfoA, — (B^oDt^ blaek hair. 

aioAaeaeirol Serratnla anthelmii 

cfiol 8.) also «)9Aa0is«bkBb C 

a)09glj9ArDioelT.PsoraIea coi 

4li9ib^9«0a»eir£^ MM. 

a>9(ig|aLj§^ a medic. 8ida. 

dB)0^4]^, a)3A90Qaio blaek c1 

«>odien| blaek beetle CG« 

«>odjg|^ab Cj^shna, also «>9SMD9fi 
ta^d^^s^^l^Qkijfffb Bhg. ei 

«>9Sdi«n)) black hair. 
dB>3d^:6S) see dB>Dr{B<d>. 

dB>3<fii5^^9 karkaiyam 8. Harshi 

(0), dJ)0Olfl2l**» """ 

<d>o(S<^3Sd8)CYb karko4A'y>& (B. 1 

1. A serpent, Tn.stf^rD. 2. ai 

also (0>3ftQaj3sn6, a)9Q09Sinb=< 

dBjOrtrfe^QjlcgjCtb B.C^^ajloHob) 

of Mabishmati, son of CrtayTrys 

against the Brahmans & was si 

Hurama, a>9;moiaj)sjO0^(r)n6 Kl 

a)9;0T0ycroj^o (fine sounding) go) 
rD(a^8s Nal. 

(d>D^nY^de> kartiTfa 8. (^-sRQih) i 

lation, the Pleiades; the 8rd daj 

a>9(oiBna>o=(yQgtt^6>o Oet. — N01 

sflsioioorab 0!paii)gj pror. 

^0(0i8na>g-jea1 N. pr. of a towi 

a)9(mBi)8A>cD)nb 8abramanya KR. 

cause nursed by the 6 ^.-oni^d 
wars begin in the aboTO moi 

dB)9(in^9CEf^or9 Ka|i A9. (nWKm 
(Somnb CO. 

<d>3as^.o karlsnjam (^oji^^o) £ 
(BiO^Gt^ karpMuam (^q^« 

ness, one of the 7 ce(^ AR. 

<d>32L)9rrU(» k a i piBam 8.=r«i^ 
d8>o^ jB6k k&rpikka 1. = «>9^ 

4li9aBdb f.i. A9^:i^ iS^^* 

<a>9^ kirpf (T. sharpnoM) Fter! 

^bOOOlfinOo — <d>3qyo 


dhy^jt — <^3Q 

>B kinnuiain 8. i^mcb) lUgic. 
■ kinniiYUi &- (^^<&^) Bow. 

iljam 8.(AA}alwda>3(DlcQJb l.What 
I donasz^^o, expedient, right, gioaj 
n)<m^ ^2^0 d9)9. s^gy AE. thou 
Btking more to do with him. a»(0«ao 
^ 4h9jffo Mod. what it the nie of tean, 
<OSt A9. of further talk. A^^ZiZ^gst^ 
ICO. good adTice. «>3. <4^eM^ ^• 
t it reaaonable* ^o.(m9cm it is a fact, 
ing momentout. Ao*03itt9nm CLiaiiom3.^3 
10 If od. will it torn oat real ? ( = ooeio) 
>y3b 4)3^03180 aj(03 Bhr. a)33ja5)§>jnrn^ 
i^jj^ 5al. at naelets. aioogoi arflornis) 

S^Jgy^o CQ. no use to watch. Qpoj 
>99q| A9. CQginrSlsaa^o UR. I don*t 
r a crown. 2. boainew, work, duty 
>oi«aoxi4> O^3^6><fie3^ad9a5mo Mud. 
m o^OflDOSioi AQ| only bnBineas, matters 
a)3. msd9»TR. business to be dooe. — 
chiefly teonlar (the <o>^o in temples 

to Brahmans, the atd^gjo to armed 
Of KM.) (11) a>9(0Qsm3nB9(b Qafi):(Q[)d>3 

DO cr)3§A3Sjiiionnn»o ^S^ aD5g-]303 
;. have the administration of the temple 
f A the clfil Government of the country. 
r. ^e?Q]|S)s ^^TsdHinD <d>e^(0n TR. 
orders about. ^'i^didogjatoid^zA eroldan 
» die on acooont of a friend. — bob <6i 
-anilrsl MB. murder ease. 

9^ N. pr. the place (in CholaP) from 
h VeUa(ar officers were introduced KU. 
<Mm9cao KomK. distinetion between 
or & oreatarea. 

yonb agant, officer, minister ; of such 
aman P. had 12, Perimpadappu 72, 
iri 4 (flD^c6, fiftcB^iBi a.Mn^,fl»(b, 

■%, ^3SI^*^^ fault, disappointment. 
ioSaaa$4».cX> o^anmg CQ. recital of 

a>33jaja8:Banb minister A9*ocn £99^3 Qjo&qi^ 
mo Mud. = 0Q^. 

^3:3y3jai3<jUo discernment, cleverness in 
settling affairs A9, ^^o:stot 63na<0s3rD(D)[Bt^ 
MR., so dhosi'jS^^o {Cg»|3(mQ) (cn^ MR. 

a)3SjC)3(daft to execute (SiD.Linb Sij^iomn^ si^och 

A3*9d9A5moCG.(8i0O)^5)CT) <d)3*^y3t. ratified. 

A33joa_ioci^rTr) Li^ agent. AC^Q^oaos a>3*(b 
TE. Cnmngottu*s guardian. 

A3gHcro3.3^o, — mJl^ij) success. There are 3 

g^nb a-jrD36332K>, (Biorn)^e3 ER. 4. ^of^i 

cro^tju) {69^ VyM. he has gained the oase. 

AaoBl^roonb officer, employer ; attorney, advo- 

a>9g|3a>3qBfo fact 4 fiction; good A bad. 

4toMBj9^ duties moaiieiTX^OfiJ «>33j3e^a>«)flL 
ooDMQal ainanm «k3CHcruon6 MR. croacruos 
(nmVob ojfij A9«gj3alo>9-o ^•A)3r61d9a TR. 

a^oogpcBDo adr. for buaioess* sake. 

^iio^Moio^ai^oaOjLjnii nvDnb TyM. petitioner. 

A9^Ku So. prop, support, butt. 

d8>DC^jo kiliyam 8. = ^«.id, Leanness <0>9. oj 

<"• J^^ [crojoajfib Kal. 

d9)3^jo kiri^yam S. {^/gf(^ Blackness, <d>9c(b 

ddiJO kaht T. M. Collar of gold or silrer worn by 

Map]iohis A fisher women ; in Palg. a kind of 

silver or gold neck-ring worn by boys of higher 

castes. 6)30d9»nfin, ^^^fhza^im^ Pay. os)^ 
«9aoo bracelet Vs. 

fBiOCl kih) Te. C. M.=«>3(b 1. DarkneM e^s 
ao3^ «ajoo3 esrn^AcX) OojdSfij CG. lose their 
splendour like gema taken out of dariuiess. 
2. cloud SiO, 0^3cb^, aQ§«9a, 0&Pc8aoib A uasetc. 
eVvneio e^ianoQo Nal. «)3Qo a^Q^o, a)9(iaQj 
o99neKix£^ prov. d9)3009 oia>ajgq;)n6 C^ishna 

CC. (^aio a>3. e>«i§Wji&^^ ajaoloBiliak cloud 
on the face. 

a>3Q<d>3(8b Yi. a certain bird, also d^ksqajoib, 

dstooaob MC 40. l.edoliuB malabaricus. Jerd. 
fi^gjaacflaa. pagoda storting. D. 

A3S>03sa) (loc.) to bandy. 

«)03O3S06s= ^3Jdan3S4^nb 2. 




AOQcft, c51 iiittft T. M. 1. To prow italo, | 
raDClrl (=Aib, tt-oi) «i»QriYij| ftainnj.]* sifD 

nei «i»4o> a kind of a^^^iA. 1. to htTs 
a dlitute, to r«toh, ■pit.^^isflSiei. amTI g 
UA VjU. to h&wk phUgm, to ipit at one. 
Sknasv iO>D. Hthmfttio reiplratlon. 

c)B>]Q aJ3q H. P. k&rlmi (= 0.asicnw} Ba^iww, 
aa<nl«ii g^^ 013, how mncli troublst alto 
•"^»* Ti. (ton, ^^^ 

dSiKIO^eei kitteka 8a. Uorlpe fruit, = Anl<e* 

<B>3CX2 iiSta. T.ll.(=sa«>ei froin«<M]bT.Te. 
C. wind) 1. Air, wind oa. e>A)»y cns««, 
A3, bq^ to take an ^ring. aj»a3n>su>l as. 
■4tt>^'°^<^ ^'^- <^^ nnsltsa, Qjl^A (cy 
(«a Vi.) wind to blow, (»&sm, <aa.aa», mas 
aqA to abate. ADooaalf a to idr, winnow 
(=IB.octA). 0>arM^<U»Qt|sb«dwealtMr, AKX^o 
aiftajs a beaTf aea. — mat. ugliiej Knliaa 
»sooii^mDCQ.laaaniedilillmanherfrUf. — 
faTocable lime At. (TXKm&W Agja tLjn««o 
proT, 1. breath, life 0.Mooq|o qs A^^jgj 
Ca, oat of Patana'i breatt. — a ipirlt tm^ 
tnW AB. igs^ I« poaneMd, onoioa «>d, £*f 
lieraij. 8. = A>gatD, Aa^Cataoha. [^ite. 
Henoe; Asooa^whatmOTealnlhe wind, pap«r- 
A»ooWia«>nb Bhr. BfiiaiBaana. 
AanQmcSBo fair wind. 
^Kl^aiaai, AMi.-insvloj aomnt of wind. 
AMnoiei 1. fire-tan, wluaowknf fan. i, oo- 
OQaoDt branebea laid orer a grau roof to 
■eoore It apalnil tlie wind. 

A3&J kila Ti, Ussklafor draeeln; flax. 

<e>3&b kklun 8. (T. Aftnll.) 1. Time, aeaton 
(aiai«i»iitopp.3^cnkibAouj) — fiisei.Draasej 
ooKAo pro*. isproetMof time. Asatqji earlj. 

pniT. Aoejqs n:ijsl ciaJ3|«mj3cta aojaaiga 
TB. morning' gun. Aseidgg Qj}isi)^«iei3i>^ 
aisWsMf ITal. not in Una. 9ioi^t^o m (S^ 
A^a AMJ.^ o-uQi Bhr. at tbe right time. 
— ad*. fliB A9&M than. MBjAaej', cs*' 

A.nbn AwoaemanMrbAMM iw 

Toane. q«aaaja, n^f ^n» *»wi 
mm doc. 0>3. AoiKja ami mbsIs 
TB. Aaej.mMl Tearljr. S. ten 
uo, oumesm., sa^. 4.= am 
aoniaed aa fate & death. 
Henoe : aiseiiAe^ anteaeoDablenaet 
A>o. awn ouavo !FR.;=(f):^]^ 
^sei^as coorie of time (alao 4) 

eji^aasm amrmo pror. 
AaeiaBi^D waste of time Ti. 
A9eiaaaia_ia ependlng tima, del 
nOanbo as. msdio thall itaj 
EJ3ifiaia-io being wall ooenpi 
OBacn Avl An» Jad. llTtlihoi 

AaoiaxnljAD. RAgvf iiaaj«><))< 

teen Bhg-conrta of time. 
AaeiexriD offering to ward off d 
A3eilB3.too miibrtnne.cnzqasf 
TB. <4-nesi5 a». NsI. (esola 

AtetUXZo <a^3a.j1iSa Bhr. to iU 
AaexA I. death pereoDifled, Ta 
ae ^snuitrmfl AtoaAOjIotsi 
ai^^cnaifl AS,. Aaea am 
sK^/3 (a£\^ KR. e>»ejra>jrD 
died. Asajoa cn%i[1 CG-. killed. 

onbo »3Kinbdeadlf enemy, n 

A9. CQ. who killed him r (ft 11 

A9Bkne9(b, g%)m*3eLih Bhr, 

AgiUuKino the nooM of death; > 

*ge^ejlM TjlC. jaarif int•^ 
AM^VaMo lapte of tima, ftatiq 
*gei3«aa change of >ea«o»a, ftiw 
•eaaOD, At. OAssr^ iij^a^ 
Agai0ia> to be readj, alao am 

dB>3eJ3(SU> — dB»0e4 de> 


<e>Dfi^ r^j9 — d^D'Bb 

tfiaeioAffvajab experienoed Yi. 

*seio«»ipl«» to Aie. tcrD^ajrao aio'oooftB^ VyM. 

«»airDaj«rDak3*aB9TB. when both had died. 

Aaejoo^^ to die (f.i. bi«hops Yi.) 

A9eiajuDcr>3d>i to die. Brhm. AOfiJxiososthab 
Bhr. dead. 

A^>ai3j) Ai30o <£>.ipl«ae arbitration among Brah- 
mant in eaie of adultery etc. 

«i9exn>o^ date. ^9. oucOesoiD MR. 

»3ej3«>9eMaacb good A bad times. 

AseiyDfii a-^oKR. blaiing like Kala*8 (4) fire. 

a^dejs.'mdtnbsdidainb 1. (O>9aj9rTQi)<s<d>9(u0ab 
Mad. inexorable. 

«3ej:<T»>'do lapee of a period, another time. 

aisejdiXAS^ term, ioBtalment oQ^ji!\ (ff.cnn dho. 

*9>ei(Loo.), A9Q17Z in time, early (=«>3aj 

QB) A93ej Qjl^9r£l^<iA YetC. if one 
eoniider betinee. 

*9^odaybreak,=:2da:3g^ po. 
lft:£JXQJl9 kUijun (6)9^) l. Swiftness of foot. 

L «!X i^q<m 4ii9ej9c}QgjSA.^o Bhr. 2. exact 

F asuaro of height or depth. ^9. a»9iiajnb an 
P'anwate, eahtle obserrer. 

^ *Mi3»k 1. plaee of stnbbles. aio*c»)eJ9za9Q 

m^ktm doLjQdae^s ocmysm) Bbr. d>9aj9 

c»)^ a_io^^aa to glean after reaping or 

eronnng. «>9Ai90^c)dBn (So. also cljI^TI 

93i3dQ ski-K^aft) gleaning after reaping. — 

aj«Pd9»9. place where plantaina stood. 2. se- 

eottd eolthratioo of a rice-fleld. Aoei9mioo, 

«i9*^ei3 opp. dio^^cn^eio Arb. 

AseSl kiU T.M.(C.«>oejfr. <9,9Tib) l.Cow, 
sMIe. abn(»A9fli) — ajeiA9GS^«K)o 90^ CC. 
iki tt»g^ aiOcnD Brhm. «>9eDA^g^ MB.plough- 

oaaoii^yQio saj^'sUiaj^ ^981)^9.0 BC. 

she hoiTalo «i9Qi)iMMB^^ — OKn^, — cs/O 

lieie. (see ft^jA.) [raeant, as office. 

i| Ar. khili Empty; without employ, 

Sij rrtd kilobit T. SoM.Tovomit (=d>9 
*x)«i) Qj^ipai^AQSo «»9fijaiq|o MC. — 
n. «i9«i iroaUiBf 9 also ooslag out* 

^O^f^jo katosyftm 8. Tarbidnessse^:fii 
^9010, esp. irritation. 4li9C2|o ajoc%«aii9c)D 4^9. 

QJOQB/9^ prOT. 6)9*i^S)efl9t7Sgaaj09CBn| anfiJ 

Oii)9/>laD[^ cTS)flm9n6 CQ, 

dB>^'sb kal 5. (Aif(A) 1. Foot, leg. (0>9ej rMni9 
Q{^9iB9(b Bhr. bipeds. d)i9ei93ai oiomajab «<9 
rDcrnojnb proT. on foot, ^nrnloai <i»i9^9-o oj) 
crn^^fij ^9%),^o Nal. (of a horse). 0omajne9tfKD 
40)rnM>s A9ai)&i9(0ai Bhr. subjected. ct^csbS)^ 
4l>9^^ 0X09000® TB. wait on yon. 4ii9aiooo 
nnsdte Ys. on tiptoe. ^9ejo Q6uqjo a^a* 
enphemist. s Siudojiio, 2. stem (<0)9nr>j) pillar, 
aT^sOrDaiignb 0tfn9l23;0srru)OLjo KnmK. «oCOC 
^9^0)88^00^5 (in planting pepper) prop — 
cause. — cro8s*beams, ribs of ship — water- 
ohannel aj90^yBk. «o>9<9ftiA.ibo ^iPvA Si^.o 
9^ Aia(Oii TR. buttend. 8. quarter, hence 
cacoeysb ^, (iiorD(Oe9a* i ; afltp orab — ^ — C&, — 

^ * 8'tfi» 1280 

place in general, hence Loo. (iiotnlB>«b, «iooj 
m/A, — esp. site atfisno oooejo Avdk <ai9cm 
No. «>9ejo a>8Qjo 6)aj^gj9i9») in harrest. a)9 
fijo 9(m9fi4o KU. two old Royal prerogati?es 
(^orab a temple-tax?). 4. time (s=e>9QJo) esp. 
BOBdteytA, d'O^idMBbonce; cft9A<0)9f9)<6aO(Bb AR. 
whercTer; ArDBdMi9ejo citl Bhr. noTor. 

Hence : 4ii9ej«P sole of foot (^egsborbb), footstep 

cnoeioa^ a»9. a^j^^ <n iaKTmrnan^ C0. ^ «i9. 

(^80^9^ fi>.akT» SiPu. 

«»9ejQda« to castrate, =:^9aib o^a>. 

a)saj9«nS) ankle; corn on a toe. 

«)0eJ9cX) foot soldier (also (0>9ai9nb, «)0ej9al Yi.) 
Aiofijocbojnno^ Bhr. infantry. ak9*g^ Mud. 

a)9e?crn both feet. 

4ii9c^rml the demarcation of a parambu, includ- 
ing beyond its limits half of the surround- 
ing paths or lanes Qj8B^^ocni8coitt A9^ 
cm)8CBi9Ao TR. doe. 

4li9^g-j9CD;o, a>9(0bjL)§ trousers. 

d9)9^iDioiai ^StOetolie with the feet drawn up. 

^yAsiJ^Q ajis^dBoi to trip one up. A9(9bA«>gi 
av ^(S\ Ys. gelded (No. oontr. «ka6><aaglc»). 

4»9^iAft>grr)o the fraction of a moment KB. 


<BiOOJ%— (QiOOJ^A 


(a>9Qj^ — ^8^904 

Ao^ei«a(ii80» 00. tinkling of fooi-trinketf. 
a)a(nik):i^aj9 footstep ^^gj^c^nbo ao. m&nom^ 


<0>O(obs>^oo webfoot; core MC. 
a>ofi^ foot-fetter or ornament. 
AOfi^A^fb, a)0fis^9(b foot (hon.) 
ACH^S 1. a)d. cBiOQBn going on foot. aio. Oi^^ 
nr>s«e GGK QgQx)o o jiic^jom ojs^ «>p. cvac^ 

QB<2<* KK« 2* £@> ^^^ *^ mvoh enttle 
(henee (OioeTl). 8. diarrhoea a aMHcroo 
roo V«. 

a^cxobajaon the step of a olimber (as in wells). 

a)9aibajls^(0e a olient to prostrate himself at 
a snperior^s feet, a)9CBj.URQmD a>^p«nd9e9.ijb 
Qjl.proT. (BT^osQS a»9'9d9esn| eMDM&oeoco^ 
BiPn. oQSicho a>a*9(fi«fimo TB. beg pardon. 

humble greeting to yon (= a>o^rob Qj\^a). 
i9»oatoaja80oooo walking as. 9^^, 
OiocAesomo to ease nature, a sojoag^o. 
^yobijl^Mi toe. 

(6>0OJ§ kavafta T. M. A fragrant grass, Andro- 
pogon Schoenanthas, also atdajigg^rob Yi. 

(d>3ajru7| see dB>3Qjla^ under d8>Daj. 

ddsDQJO^ (loe.)=a>o(qB 2. a large yam. (BI^ 
ojoi^o id>9aj<q|^o AQcxs^ entS^ prov. 

(d>aaJ(n)P. kabin; Marriage 8ettlement,(regis- 
tration of a M appilla marriage ^iiooKib qq 

dB>0OJ(b Ar. qifiTf see «>3gJ)(o^ Infidel. 
d8>9CU'0i>kaYil 5. (W. of «>0(flt«>) Custody, 
guard, prison ^iioojfiiVak 0r^«o»i (or cni^^) oji 

n);)^<an TB. criminals — fl»aj4> «»0Qjej9CBn TP. 
watched, eoouofo Axuo^^QOm^ CG. set to 
watoh.oDfDorD «>9. SKD:i^, (noojA 4^0, &efl(S 
KB. ^OAkab a)9. dblsono MB. guarded the 
tank, so a)9. <n^^ tu.; a^axi^cngaj cmoogio 
(ei^9d9sa> Mud. [mun^ 

Aoxiejs^, ai9aj^9(Dab guard. Tillage watch- 
AOOJftjg^ temple of Kali, Ayappan, «to. (=s 

a>9aj||i(D watoh«boute, «ioqj^oa proT. 

«)9aj ej £10 1. remnneraAlon foi 


land, claimed by the chief 

9. share of watchman (in grs 

a)9akato9ft)^ watch-tower Yn. 

dB>3aj^ kftTalam Bterculia Bala! 

dB>3ajt kayi 5. (a»9Qj 3.) Bed oc 

QJ^^SQB^P* esOBioojl Indian reddl 

a)9Cin<0n§»i Armenian bolus .aXBO 

also aJ8Bt>9QJ^. 

a)9ajlc^rTUo a mendicant's red i 

<B>0O^ k&Y^ (T. «>9. fr. «>O(0eA) 
garden. Qja>9Qj, groTc o^arodBc 
AdQjaKb 0<m9Qo Bhr. 8. infer 
enclosure (BTO^^ig^jab ojfij a»9aja) 
cnSlj^ ^ huntg.), (Bioska9$>rD ^§i 
Qj s>a)^d9e TP. temporary fian< 
Gradob Qo^goEt!^ TP. «>9or)(QQft 4 
cg<0di9(b TB. 3. T. C. black spo 
C^what preserTcs") oo0«>oQjof 
4. a Brahman girl of 8 yeara 
bamboo with ropes suspended i 
for carrying burthens. ajq|2^^ 
as measure. 

Hence: a^gajs^ 5.(T.also«>9Q^'W 
esp. a more or less adorned pole 
description with offerings dedioal 
manya f. i. 9^o»\ — , ojoofc — , 
also religious mendicant's pole 
house to house. 

a)9ais^^aBio(Ofib Gowri oooly; sie 
contributions to temple feai 
eneo loo.) 
«i9QjdB>, Qji T. M. to canryon a 
Qj^dSdi, a»9aj^d^ «>A99n|9coo4 
Qjcm ^s^s3«io:iis^c6a94b. 
a)9aijl<oil (T. seryant s qjIuS^ ^bim 
«»9aj(fa), a>dcg(ai)c»abbarber, 
f. «)9aM»^^ TB.>-(^^e*9aj« 
(40 in Ta)iparambu), cufiOei 
Talip.), (m^«i>9aiian (ISl In 
«9e9Q^ (13 in Ta|ip.), cnoQ^ 

AOOQJifil— Ajifiao 


dB»9<!^ — d^0%o 

A*9dta oarrlon erow M C. 

^ kiTftd 8. (T. Alao «i93j^r^, from 

6 ^r6) or c<^) ^* pv* i^ rWor. 
i99ajiD) (4 <BifikQ»93jl(^) its sacred soiiroo 

5* 0QO9ScQttQ»o 401. «»9'Jd^d9eCn>0o TB. 

j(D)g-jSAmo an old emporlam at 
» riTer*a mouth. Paj. 

kaiyam 8. (ai^S)) l. Poetry; » shorter 
ai ^ tfis'oflBi ojcMo^^ssmo PT. utter 

lele. 9. So. heathenism; also a^d^-mai; 

«b (f. dbo^fonf)) the heathens a^aojib. 

kiiuil (T. «>3^S= AOCKdOj <!•▼•) <^9 
i^om 9aj90fij 0^0:1^ oaj^(qBI«ajoo KR. 

« ca. 

kiii 8. (a»9oe to shine) N. pr. of a tribe 
F its city, Benares a>9oelrD990Odj<oajcBj 
>d«|0 AcnttopifiogdteOgys (Si^AnnD TR. 

kiia T. M. (Te. C. <0)9cru ) l. Qold (a>9 
. to shine =rA90Q 8.) ei^cfied^ Syr. 
s coin, Yenetian Yi.s. oH^oid, Qj^g^ 
> a ducat Ys. 2. the smallest copper 
d.AxnjA9^t <^1bo o/doc(V(0a9^ Yi. arta 

bl§3 CC. AfOd AOy^OjlooOjo tf><d)9§G0s36yO) 

single cash, ojemo a>9^ oj^rDldBeni^o 

TB. money is oolleoted by driblets. a)3 
.3^ mq^ SIPu. 

odmqjVi^ (see a^oainb, a»9jg^6Tr>o) money 

tied by a Mappil^a on his wife. 

nsej) necklace, esp. of Brahm. women 
SJlgo OQ/B^^VMOiSiQS^o SiPu. 

ssej neeklaee of gold coins. 

jp kiimiljAni S. Wickedness, fioisod 
9Cgej|d>3ak) ^splan^ Ifal. misfortune. 

0» (Kfalinun 8. (a>cglmo) ir. pr. The 

7 of shawls; «»9CgWr>3Loab Mnd. 

job (KSyabaii S. K. pr. One of the 
lis. BrhmP. 
ij) earth. Bhg. 

Wo kiiiTBin 8. («><fi39C»o) A Sanyasl's 
sd cloth «>3. uxD^i^ PT.sstfioaj^. 

(B>0*G^ k&i(!ia 8. Orbit, station, measure of time 
(^ftj& S^sU^asorts «»o<^Q^o Bhgi.)*, region 

<d)Oc&go kaithom S. l. Wood, stick (=a>gP). 

«»9<£Q:iJoao obstinacy Yi. 2. M . also 4Ii'jOo 

dung, excrements; ^o.-Bffi^o ^n^^o proT. 

sweepings, see dStogo, hence: 

denY. <8'0:£9^<8a to go to stool ono^ ao(Bq^ 
aJ306 ^§0 proT. 
(d>orrOo kaaam S. Cough. «>9croo ao«cn| ajiso 

m^oob YetC. without hesitation. [^ cough. 

^hoony^ ft a>3aocDX/acno OP. what remoTcs 

(d>orroo^ kasaram 8. Pond aiooroo^ftajefio BS. 

(d>Drr\f|orOo kaiisam 8. Sulphate of iron Ao 
cru^j\)A06iaacnt[S<^mo^(oe9-o AB. (prh.=: 

<d>3Q02o kahalam S. Trumpet aio. B9<tn^ao3^ 
— Tu. a>3fl.o Tdbh. Cama a<d>9^ai<T)98a9o 
a)9fto QjlflPgJ^^ CO.; Cama*s AajgB^cQ»9eJo 
gZBcoiAo, otS)3^<^ A:^fl.(0i9)lnb m9aQau36)ej CO. 
(cock's crow). Q^9§o msa]S|<> Asrgpal<o>9ftQjo 
YiWP. — met. (Sioiunme «>d. ooj^rolcflaonD he is 
quite prepared for, bent upon. 

(d>3g ka}a T. M. (A9^«> 2) Bull, bullock a>9. 

^S^ to plough, aigfl. £ASneSJB9CldO 6>ajOQ 

CO. jS^&i ^sflgjoqQ au909cr)CQBc)oS)A9en| 
aaj9G(ri TB. 

<0>9fl.<fiaftso bull calf <&>9'<9Bcb ^sneoo PT. 
<&.9fi<eai^ 1. bullfight Yi. 8. (ai9& a>^gj)d9e) 

2. idling about a>9fld»>tf)(efi9^nb B. 
<d»3ft(0iils9Qj bull calf. 

a)9d.QS»)9cnj$)a>99igefl aqjooo KB. buirshorn. 
d»>9fl^^ (perhaps <0>9fl.o q. t.) «)a)9^nms 

6>9%9(« <o>9fig-]^ajis)ao PT. cow, 

I. <B>0%o kalam S. Black (=^9ft, C.a>9sr) d>9 
ftO^aoio, hence: 

a>9fi.4>>9goab the black-necked Sira. 
aioflob 1. a demon 0aO9A'9aLrib. 2. a kind 

of curry (A9^a» 1.), 909ceA9. 
A9fl.9(m9d9s heayy gun KU., mortar Yi. 
A9fl.^So a poison 9^90oW 4ii9. oA9^(q|| Yil. 
«>9arD9|gj^ last night, the end of tima. 



<ebW^— <£l»ls 

0>9AaiD»l T. So. atoTs, furoMt; (foe.) brlek- 
A lima-klln, srah of bridge. 

Ai3&^ B fomi of Dargk Aag) -u^rDl^ Asara 
*nBAB,b»d omen. — pl.(Jtaojii»al«.)al 
•BKb laa'wsma Bthms. — AsaHqio @al 

toik, fomidabia loolb V». („ cq 

«>3&)2 blaoknoM aeao Aeiafmsia «i3. oj 
«>%lc»;t black lerpeat CC. 

n. oSiS^ 1. Me Aisaoao. i. flgUog hook to 
MtchalII;atoraTi. aHoV. »o.«2i«l«1aj 
baita for •Illgftlora. 

«0>3£5l (loo.) aoop, broth m of fowU. 

«S>:S3eiIIu1 kftlUJi l.T.».0.Te.(*92D tram- 
pet) A. large apltloon, oJi)^^ a). KB. »:. 
dQ^ai 8k. AiiSKia Aiu3nzKa^:a{jes Ag. crfla 
iijl^^ SojHiU CO. (oomp. to ojos^o flower) 
najMb«>}.,aajn'<ai)-EU. 2. ^Idor ailTor 
taiael in tmmpel ronn. 

A^3£$9'~<B(i kk|inin94<UD B. PiBDtain gtam. 

<B>3^03l kilinfi 9. Tamnna, tpringing from 
Calinda mooBtalD. 

«S>3^<fr,|1kBlaVft 1. (T.Ajif.Te. «.9ej to be 
■harp) To born, flame »99.[>axicn1 CC. ei-nrnl 

hanger. tfij^fTii eJaOaji^TumjaTl PT. ). Ko. 
tobftvl,or7 = etg}0. AMantramlapraaorlbed 
mKBir>l^a,3^rmi£\rm ii|]|)p!tn1n^SEDi(m«ntr.) 
TH.«>9anAl.h[e;hB»iiie,laTe-reTar. t.bawlJDg 

CT. rrflgjlbln^sJaaaj e.oal^ R8. 
A360 kil 1, (fr. prsB.) A9(>i ad-™ ^ma* 
aii3ei9'rvoA oried CO. t. s Aifliifi^j 0<3{a 
aee a-t^m», 

<D>3tp' kU T. Bee ce>3nnDt, <&:raj. 

4bBkim e. (neatr. or«>i}WbatF f.i.<0e«Mln3 
ge iA. That ahall I do. 

^BtAtib (doiog taj Ihtitf) aerrui. 

AB. people, who make llfbt oTi 
meat*, unall thinga, Qod. 0%^ 

dtloOjacTsI "what do th»f t».jt" 
= |j|«1 f. 1. aao.ib soon^'O *^ 
aftiSs'^ Bbr. 

((bjjea>^ kikklttV (aC. ^(fjf fr. <a 

«>a) N. pr. dlatriot aoutb of Codaj 

ifbl^ftl kikklU TiekUng, tltilUUoa 

A., «iqBA>, alao den V. d«ii^is 

I <&)Bi(CiM) kiag&ra^ B. (aaa a)d) 81 

, tfel^Eblsrin) ki^gi^t B. A i&la<3l6< 

o&lnnlfrom isnsi'zM9)Litllebella, 
I made of auah. A(nA A^nian^ Oi 

j rMrn) *1. M. «^. AOnnMJ^ «e 
{ from Infanta playing. a1. A^ejoij' 
I <&1m klnj^ (oi]OBatop.)InfanU'bal 
i prated aa demand tor Canjl; a pa| 
j of floe A auKar. 

eEhlxMiftl.^ kii6akiUll T. Bang. 
j (C. To. T. fire). 

^^s^ • kind of onrrj (Bang. eSi, 
»l8qi«>C. Ta. K, to aqoeak, beg <*ei 
I c£bl«mi kifja B. (^Ig+aj) VoreoTai 
I 0n«BKn, AlsaTot aomawhat (pi 
' Esuini ato n.10 opp. ougliMnv- 

; ^swlrob bj little ft Uttla. Brb 

I f&Wfle^B kiigklkun S. FUaman 
I {=«»i(i^) (uOMhWa&arues A.B. 
I (&ls ki4R T. H. 1. (ftls - «n|> 
niatcti, equality kind, olMB. MK 

oxla al&ava«M»l{(i: tna <^s«W 
ena o-<£^$i none Uka him, o.a)4*ls 
the jonng. o alQAla daa^jaSa pal 
diae. i. (T. eeoeh) layer, bank, 
c£iA »)ss>«a^ Palg. a taMporarj 
a riier daring tha hot moatha. 
liu, remain*. ^Jlj^Hstha halfoai 

d£\Sd» — dh[SGS% 


deJlscry — dBblsl^D 

dBblSdO^ orvd T. M. 1. To lie, rest, dwell 

A^sato proT. oajeB.tiiBn(?A (flQs<dtcnDXiA Bhg. 
IbIl s>^jxSi(A A^scm cxiLjonaocj Mad. axo 
OBi^ob «r^. dStnemoSiPa. worn. dD!))s(de9§ let 
It be, nerer miad. ojsoroaoi'flQi jkPoi d>>9vo 
A^TvOcxjSQBisTR. were left miealtiTated. a) 
crvaniVA aHs^SM MB. 2. aiixY. to be eare, 
to be left Q^ytk^dBe^dStnn Btandi written. miba£i 
mi ^lOBflfl. 40ld^ d»ns4flennD Bhr. we are 

«-'• eberg ed to. ioktb ^. ie giteo OTor. ^q &a_i 

' e^JOBcto MMdSOj^^ ^SoneOajDQKd.tib TB. if 
neb ezeeeeee be left nnredreeeed. ^gldBe^s 

*- *im(ai Qrocoftoni rMtt^sob I.R. iotermpted; 
Tiyf.=sjg(oldBemD f.i. ^ojd^g^&flemD eto. 

. A^sai bed, bedding ^, o^ ggias.'Oioil TP. 

"^ A^stfegjvsfl, — ^m; «b^<fle^o<DdatflBi4aj 

CT.L A^sq^ft to ley down, pat to eleep, Q 

trete. a>^eio AlsanPdBe&an^ TB. forbid 
enltiTfttton. mM^h CMii9^ajk««bi a)^&w>.7»9i 
Ais^mSi TyM. 

0. *)saR»Uae f.i. aJ)sio«)(8e oAto^cume ^ 
sm^^Cjnd.) hnd the wonnded penon Uid 
down. aj3m)a£Vak flH. TP. 

TI.L «k^.Ti»o plaee A time of lying Odftio 
•?));»\ai «^. KB. 

A^s^ 1. lying, eitaation. aHsg^osO con- 
ined to b«d. au9cq|3jWib:> dVotirailrob ^s 
^j^ejxA MB. e^TMi^Aftbo i»99» ooiosp^ 
m^ dsDs^ig eifVakLjlej^ akX) Arb. 2. re- 
■nindery on h»ad, HBorosroe ojsmo ^gyo 
mo6k£kA ^^^9^ TB. is etill dae. /^OOO 
•engy^odbo ^^^sj 4Mn^ the remaining 
iMWda (or folL). 8. left nncaltivated 
dSloto (ns4|y9 ^soyd MB. ^isnBoaDsgj 
«0je3ffl|ft»3jM6 ouooecBfo TB. ajsorr)<0>cb 
*)s^a() TB. dianaed, neglected. 

lci4lftA9 T.M. 1. Trench, ditch 00)3 

^rO^^^gH BitTiJMBhr. aTi. d9>cX>cnl 

tttTl Brbm, — rnapart, atonewaU ; court ( ^ 

(Q^SAoroo), '.?ajd9«%«a9 barial groand. 2. (C. 
Te. c/)\q^oc6\) prison, outhouse, '^Godown" 
(Port, gudam). S. Coronilla aculeata Bh. 

daDscC^dB) ki4&ya'ya X. M. (a\s) l.To knock 
against, quarrel (C. s>cos)crg); to be found 
or obtained (sros^ ^S)SaQ)ro<afiaj^rDd> BC. 
2. sound of water, falling into a dying man's 
throat. No. 

TK. 49h)s^'^ meeting, quarrelling. 
(oT^AStiOe T. So M. to be obtained ; engage in 
dnosrbb «fn;)5isrA9nb (snad^dab fi>ii)cnja3en 
«ca;o§ BC — og^onUa (d^s^y Palg. = ^ 
^ — (loc.)^53in<a» to get. 

dGblS3(Dd ki4arain (T. a>S9fDo, 8. dd^saoOo) Cal- 
dron, boiler Aiiicnj<firns3foai9Ai(t(b dsfDs.mdOs 
(oTln>^) cnl^mDOib CG. (in hell). «bls9to:nift^^ 
C^ ojQdOeo Stuti. 

d^SOOXtb ki4ara& 5oM. Workman in leather 
(64 in Talip.) = OntoA^agyob. 

d^S3Clj ki4aY^ T. M. (better «iso T. C. fr. 
d9)^) 1. Male of cattle, young & Tigorous(fem. 
^S:^) (eT^sloDb^socBB^o ataAtiOelsoaB^o PT. 
— an nnbom gazel cosnruomos; ^sooj Bhg. 
2. child, young person, pi. ^S9d9sK3o A — osdo. 
f. ^S9.or:^, hon. maso. dHsd'onitab. (Si^dnso 
«aB3>d. 5)i^^-n^ CG. Siajsraa^SdOj Bhr. soobcX) 
<qT)s9<ob^o^ 5) ih3:pr^TB. minors of Brahman 
caste. 3. (hon.) title of families & castes, con- 
sidered as children of the king. aHsocoBcbs 
fflo^riacsecbwe, your children. 

d]^5»U)Jo boyhood. dhlVuiaH^ ajo)9d9s)STT>o. 

dBblsDOjed) A — d^<B> ki4ayaYa (X. c. <d>s9, 

Tu. (olcw^o) 1. To drire in) as a nail. 2. to 
driye on, as a carriage 9im6 d>^S9Acn)aja6 9(0ih 
AntAi^i^oodab KB. 9(a)(bdn59aj)Qd)39ri| Bhr. 
(see ^S9Q^). 
dBblsl ki4i ^ ^<^ 8* ^Ud ^^IS (=<Gb^soP) ^ 

de^396n see ddi%dde!l 

dBblslaJo ki4ilam (= ^§<flao) Tremor el. <m 
^ssHrD W, «0. ffio usicn (9i£^ (po.) 

carafallf m«tl«d for (oreaiit, tmat, thaUliai 
^. eSAD^TP. 
Alslooonb So. (A — F) d««p buket. 

t^jjoChls ki4llVi4<^ (onamftlop.) ShiTsriag *1. 
Qj)s>o^ Arb., SiPu. 

isCl^ian^ite T. H. to iblirar, trembla Sikj^^ 

ajarBa djntnal Al§iEhl§iigBBbB.([nagoDj}. 

«igB^ib aeiliaiqja oKTrxnl oTI^cqja s 

m^iA ^'.SBaiio Bbr. 

£\^fa^oi, i£i^^oi I. id. 2. Booiid of TeusU 

knoaklng ftgtiluit ewb other. 
<nl§a(9m VC. taddsnl;. 
«1fa (tee »)sVgl) floodgkts Vi. 
^g^iml^OEi AKlaplu nxa* (ft aV) — ). 

(AlgoJIsI ki4nb^i T. ■. (C. To. (o^nulRiDcw)) 
Tabor; aee dnl5(%». 

<flf<njAi=A;i$agAf.l.aJE^ 4£1fnu^ Kid ii. 
A^Anb 80. B bolt. _ ^las» 80. K MTk. 

d)l6>S:efii aea cblSOljcai. 

dan§e kittun T. X. C. (ft ftlaaso ^m *1yF) 
B. 1. DroM, MorU «aHao<klao=^5o; m<S\ 
(i]j*lgs m*d. alK> ajiDntin^ga. i. exorc- 
MMota, ttl&3ao«o Nld. th« part of food, vbioh 
ia acoretad [UBi^m^xul aa-i3AiTi^)app. ciV3 
rD»eMa abjla. 3. met. ^genqaa si;Mir)D 
KB. (of Ctuiia)=aA50(]. 

cEh^A kittnyk T. U. Xi. C. (c/ll|) 1. To oome 
to hand, bo obtaioad, reaob t. d. 9c act. q^ 
ctOm «^^ A naajsim Ala'ouO'gl TR. i( ve 
sanoatob Ub; sTan imp«n. cnlcTKiiteiinn ol 
s<Miii^fy AB, AMTBLib ftl^tiiilgy CC. vaa not 
to In mod. iimo »\H HC. (=<uls1=^). aa) 
ojl aiaolatiaa) ^sb proT. fsnunibi f^-T^gii 
£\£i (ODDd blm oat. A)§9i»go,7l:iOiii}M to 
bMtair monair, from whanoa It will not ratnto. 
OJl^ifia «<'^a^ai «gda Jnd. net on the way. 
i. MxV. sajs>fl3j^ Alison aM\\ KB. eig 

^gl (Jad.) are Tonlttad. Aisf aI^ a«nT)l 
lOtawm a^nb Hal. » aaa 700 naTai a«w. 
VH. telgnkf.l. u«TnoA\B1toh*T«kgraat 

8 £)isrnt~£}flrm 

AH T. C. Son. toTtate bj 

haad betweaa 1 itioka, A't 

«0^ pieoa, olaai (=«>^S) »m^ 

(H9 ttlga^^iaa oiM leaded. 

iBtttarrto H^aa S. Beai(B«>ai> 1 

<b1m>^a>3RM CC. 
<&W~ocajdS> U^aysy* Bo. (T>. 

To. *b^ anger) To qurrol^i 

d^lfiroQ ki^k^ T. H. WaU (aa< 

nAiB^ TP. ^ernqo aaojo; a1' 

Bft|» TB. to bnlU It. ^tmao 
^vt •ajKoil, rnlotm sAovalo 
^999 TB. ^iWrv-xf^ Q.jon^ 1 

«>W)ocviJ« bona* or ihad u* 
oEbWi^tEblsrY) kiqtt'^^ nnklla 
4^taeliinil), = «i1e4; hence dkl«W 
<Ma>, la^ to tinkle. 

dSismttBei, as^ ki^nkki SoH. To 

thick, Mff. 

Ttr. <h1gnea» * ^Ti^i Bleo 

cftlGT^cei kivfiiYft T. SoM. To a 

dig (aIa). {« 

Ararat pampiag a peraos, ab 

«)«r«nb T. H. (C. colfff) atont 

threaded atoC. | 

*l*vgj^ Bo. atoot, cebnat (C. '. 

ia^»v> H. muohieT, mlttako, dia 

din).«r)cigft to be IsTOlted L 

mleia^ broBght ne inW m S 

Aifas ai^y8«ado the arte of 

<ftl*^ ki»4i (T. Aljfll, C. Ta, 

OTwl*) 1. Qoblet, nater-TiMil ' 

oaad alae to ootlest moiMj oateii 

blAde Vi. (T, oDTer of awoid-ka 
^Iggo T. M. (80. *%)}nb) 1. 

Aojxrn'nb fi^j[)jiin)ajt^ Had 
tQ«a al'ojo lOi^AQye ngft 
all lbs boanebold atoff, aleo a 

dBbkSKU— <£bV2kiJ) 



Md. S. gong, a\, Q§a to proolium. 

Do B. = fl»l9«9go. 

) ki&aTt^ S. Gambler, rogae A\<at 
dd AB. 

kiteUub No. (better «»^u>das) To pant, 
msufli, ^6>ii)^ panting. 

>Ar.katiui(Heb.keton) Linen, canyas 
MionrxQsrnletc., cfiTloEiocnguiOQf^ Bail. 

U Ar. JQIM. Book, Coran. 
kittaTfa KoM. (T. €^^a>) i. aD 
RBi) cn5«9B To stand or walk on the 
2. to hop about on one leg, aa 
play, alto dSklosn);!^ msdOa. 8.=(S 

*^ [lobster. 

<6a96Bio6 Ko.; TO. ^smsQcOaoflDunb a 

Idnayn (T. a>cr)9, C. Atcna\QtTa, 6>$nD, 

I fr. 4b6n6? axno?) Dream 09^0 ^<d») 

V9, 03So a»lcr)0ifle9snoo pror. dream 

M. aaj9Aom(2 ^cn9ajiflB)(sb a>Qsr«ab 

-iSo gog^j Almaojlfijo PT. i^^o. — 

ndn 8. («blo) Bat. — ^^IHoaaaiab Bee 
b (iSblocnrDob) a demigod, heayenly 

;ian, f. ^(TT)fD)a»oflL 9o-jofi)ai coxno 
I Bal. «»lnmronB33rD9$ cro003CEin ojo 
faotr. Hence: 

T.M. Te. a lute or fiddle. ^nmAAg^ 
Btic box, piano, etc. ^omrf^ aDorDlfiajo 
bVnvDaocmd^ KB. ^. fi)m>ol«eo Yi. 
aj it. aau9.«ai)on6o oxiiojlglfob <fibi. 
^daa proT. (Heb. kinnor). 
C. H. M. a lute made from gourds Yi. 

dmabi 8. («blo)=:^68iD(ab f.i. «^. 

»Q AB. Ko fear whaterer. Alio aH^ 


tocb 8. a* 4bknvD(i6i. 

{^9 how? «0o(§mo being whatP 

9 fruitless aj(ki9§|0 «^. m^':£^ a)ip^ 


irf or. 

> (pftrrotlike)— red flowered Butea 

frondosa. ajgB^(m£blo^a>|2^(>e(oWn9Qfi) 
UB.wounded all over. dii\ee»^aio a^.urataneio 
oSlooyo BC. 

dsft^OMsai , «»1cBKifc how much? L. qaot? 

^CB/rao^o Terj little. 

de^GTOb kirai^am 8. (^ to scatter) Bay. 
d^rDsmesej) suo. cruoo^aD/Mmnaotb AB. 
suns. [TB. 

dEbVOrnyj OOhyb Port. OhrifltaS. Boman Catholics 
dBbltODfTnOlb kira5aiL N. pr. Tribe of mountain- 
eers. o9d9)dib)(D9(mnaoib Bhr. 

de^tOorcTl Port, grade; Lattice, harrow. 

(fibVo^rob Idial (T. a/DO(A q. v.) Brown, a^. CY>) 
oo, ^. oj^ ft aHrooGjl — (•>aj(^). aHrooej^g-) 
ga'sKn «)a>§l TP. 

d6b|tO)cQA>kiliyBin (Tdbh. CQ-iOo) 1 . House, prog- 
eny. 2. d9inrDicBKaiei)(ob odos/^ the higher class 
of Sudras. moe^ €h\<S\:aj<B5iiib at Oalieut=ia> a»3 
^<0g»oA.— <LjiiilAor>onnDan(D)!SK>KU. 11 families 
of Nayers below the (moajO|a»9A. 

de^rokO^il^ Oriyat T. M. Justida panlculata. 

dS\(S\^j dEbVolnj) Malay. iflB, Creese, dagger. 

dBbV^So ldn4cun S. Crown, diadem, qgc) a\. 
6)aj^ QjoSfimo^at KU. rule for 100 gener- 
ations (=6)a)3QJo). esrn^d»>cb e^nrr^o esm^ 
(0skr^so Bhr. 

anlrolsajiin independent prinoe. 
<flOr^s) crowned (Indra) ^(^cnocDl eosoj^^o 
ds^. (KumK.) 

dBblrQ^debVo Idraldra (Onomatop.) 1. Bustling, 
rattling noise. 8. ^(»(fl^^ (^^ sensation 
of parched throat. 
denY. anas^(a}<ds), qg|. to rustle, rattle. 

dBbloenol^ dEbV^Oenol a med.=: (C/JoDenrJl. 

d&r|0C{i;<d> kihtynya (Tu. to gnash the teeth) To 
creak as a door Yi. 2. to insist on, resist. aHo 
coi^ oioogat to force it from one. [ingr. 

YN. «Oo^fbb also a^oQj ooTctlng, importun- 

deblol UH Comer of the mouth Yi. (alsoobso.) 
iHolfim) B. tickling. 



dSilor^^onFf — dii^A 

see dOEl^dBbl — • 
I. dGblQddet^ (^ kirakka T.M. To ba insolent, 
(=a^o) generally Qd)<^d9»; &.mirD ^qoq TP. 
a^QS So. (fiblqoj No. insolence. 

IL <£b)qdB&, (d£l T. C. Ta. M. (ka&oe ^)q) Xb 
erase, strike oat. 

«blQ^q(Sai 1. creaking, noise of writing on 
Olas. ^QA»^cf) oQTv «iii9(0 Qims (tu.) 
2. to become embroiled. 
(fiblfiJ kila 8., L.qaid6m; probably =9ajo-9b. 
(£^aJ3CrOo kUasam 8. Scab, leprosy. 
dBblfij(fi^eikilTiyla5. (also 8.) Tinkling, ratt- 
ling, load laughter, monkuy^s babble. o^rDoi 
udOcA 43b). osficyo 5).a3^ AB. (in despair). 
«^e4fhlei<0a, qfSi to rattle, ring. ^g^gAxfO <^* 

(OkSIs^o^ KR. (monkeys) — 
aiojlai^os aT^ej^^fiiWo 9at^ SiPa. 
4B»^e4^ei3J a shmb=(iftaQaimgjl Yi. 
«blej<fl« a rattle, ^ejasocivis^fab T.M. Orota- 

laria labarnifolia, with rattling pod. 
(sTIejiJea), (q£\ to wear foot-trinkets (=sa>lsno). 
^Q^GS^A ringing of bells. 

dQb|.7}b kil (Loc. of YS. oQ&Vii» (8i9e^9^i^p<ob) 
transferred to one Koan: e^noA'cA q. y. 

(d>l^ca^ kUBisam 8. Goilt, sin. ds^^'l^so 
coi9(Q ajfot^idficdn^ Nal. 

<£\QA Ar. qilih H. Fort. aTi^astb, P. dh)a||e3<b 
TL, anoaieoonb TB. commandant of a fort. 

dBblaj killlj (T. C. (S\eS\ = d^s^eio) Doubt. aTl 

sS^SA ®<^9g^o ^» doabtldss. «b^g^(m)gy syo 
§uoBhr. «!n^o<) O(d>^s^&ioo TB. hear & learn 
for sure. S)d>3gjxi9nb ifiNl^§^o.;notajab SiPa. 

dGblCSOddfOCtb kudraii S. Colt; lad, minor — a 
coooanat tree with 10 branches, 2 years old. 

(d>]c^nrUJ kiakindha 6. Bali's residenee in 

cfi!)cl^ kiflka 8. Forearm, cubit. 

dObV^roajciUo kisalayam 8. Sproat, shooting 

leaf. ^cruaia).aicsicn^eDcrKT)33bl AB. 

^6b|rn^ Ar. qiBt Instalment, term, ^omoo «») 
O^Wbo ojsmo ajl(%J:^j TB. (=oxig) — 

O" 03cn)tt.'oaianTOaaS)aa«TH6a TB, 
Meat of one term of rannanae (kiafti 
dSi!\cr^ (6^ Ar. khidmafti Serriee. 

(£)i^ kUa 1. (T.= «;itfT|) Digging, di 

mudwall. Mink aiaai&d^MR. clm 

fi.a)Oq|(ofahog). 2.(see«bi^)bad 

denY. ^oftAi to dig up, vork i 

raise mad or earth. ajs<n>A<)o 

cmoifla) TB. ojooqj €S\» to fenea 

«n. to dig oat. A&p\|^aLfiig| 

figjl (treasore bariad), «inni aW 
TB. fortified it. 

CY. «»lfi^d9a f.i. «»(mlak> aH^ 

anl Mad. had it dag about. a_io 

have the madwall repaired (al 

^). [bear a i 

dBbl^ai^cd) kilambiiYa T. M. (aTif 

a^fl.^ T. splendour. a»la<bcr)d§ B( 
aHarQa) T. M. (aC. s><d>9.a8 Te. C. 
D. 1. to rise, grow high. ^stA • 
Oaj3S)aiBC. «nacnDS)ajMaQls)r 
da^ (Shift (TO) ajfi.6 i^&io BC. aC 
roo qQb\ atogDSnmooo CC. g^c 

(dI^O 5>(£h99Te(>)6YT>(22BC. 2. 1 

a floor not smeared with oowdn 

YN. aDa.^ rising, as of aoljOS^. 

aHfto^a) T. a. to raise, make high 
to break ap by first ploaghing. 

aHftQai, o) T. n. to rise as dust (T. 

<asroft1(sb <£biaQS>nT>9^'Cd 9a>99a^ 

<Bi\^d^y (gjg) kilarka l.Tobeeorrc 
<dn6jcnj). 2. T. to shine (see ^ft^ 
(fi^&glli ^ascx) yerdigris. 
denY. (0rifl.oajlBs); (fihlfigj cnoQcns 
d3bkfto^a)b Yi. corrosion, abtorpt 

fto^ejea cr^oio ya. 

a>lA9glj No. slight appea ra aea, t 
ing. QjiiorDdaa^fi^ narka of 
hunting, In spitting (mod.) 9o. 

ds^aoQ^NoM. a\, ocn3<6al ojaiUnili 
oyer long waves or a long aea, 
aoQjo short Along tea (fiahor-1 

H^^ 1 ■*^' <fib IcMBd^ 


dBblM8<9 — dBb)(pkc^ 

T. M. (C. Ta. Te. ootf, o5\9m\.) 
g^ C 1. PftiTOl, Palaorpis. ^£i oj 
Jf9 pnw. 4S^e^onio^969£ao^o OP. 
p^aflAiaoBOfSlak. S. other birds «xm9 
) Tfl.; eoj^aflsO looQgt. 
pfttiteaBn teiMort to oot b^lnat Ti., 

flDSiB»9a»CDK)n Ho. 

% m, OAge 8fPa. 

9f m, mmg m told by a fNunrot. 

It p«rrol*i be»k, Boman nose, » OU 

soilaA a wtndow. 

MUOMMoni or ^blftl £S(3f tkS^tS\ttJQi^ 

stage of tbe eoooanat-palm, spreading 

ranobaa like wings, also «»)£bab3fij 

^)«OMb) CO. flMMI MB. ^bldpooo^ Q 

-)9 Srd atage, when the branches rise 

e the pit (see dhiif\), 

i UliMal flo. A bod, fir. an«. 
D (T. — taSitdk) a ahellfisb. Arb. 
fiak Bo. a tree (see fiflO«>0^aA)* 

^ killlkk» So. (henoe 4h>a<b) To 

I, Qj)'ei*.dft ^BN)f qiBi YyM.; to sproat — 

T. «rA)aBheot A^f rmocv jiJ^/i>gOP69. 

^ to ahoot, bod again Ti. S(Oioi0o 


|^<ea to make to sproat, help a tree 
boot by laying open its roots (= jeS\ 


kQlliya T. M. (O. Te. (/Slcy;oomp. j£i 

'o nip, pineh, plsek 4BOef^A^o^d0ai 

little * little, dos d^^g^, ^^g^ak as 

1 ia taken np between S fingers, a 

'»iD- [temple. 

io^^03Dd8a:ij 811. K. pr. of a SiTa 

illkky T. M. (0. <l««{D below fr. 
be lowland of the Tamil country, east 
^}; front, face (= qcqj) «n). ^aj^dss 
kvna Yi.; 4i^ȣ9Aji^<m^ AR. 
6 1. a man from the eaat «^u><8a& 
K&. 2. in eomp. eaatem ^sp 

«p^O(S)o&i roMOoxi Ti. the king of Anga- 
mili — ^spcflnnb ^(D<ee«>do TR. (f.l. ^ 
iPAnnb oj^O)^ MR.) waree from TamQ or 
Mys^r country, aTi. a*9cxi eto. 

«inu»d»jklm ( — casM 8o.) east wing of a 

(cOspadBs, a>)sP4daa9g eastward. 

(£bkP0S*| IdlanA^ (V^^)f) T. M. (Tn. SiOiOioro 
C. Te. co»^ 1. Bolb as ^g-J^!P09 eto. 
t. Yam Diosoorea aenleato; d^5n£\si!\, a Dioso. 
that olimbe np Jack trees; (9(cX>)<8iil. Dioso. 
satiTa; «)9^«^. Diosc. bnlblfera, also ConTol- 
Talus' Malab.; crf^sntldBin. one deeply rooted, 
taken np in the 8rd year; cn^tbdSai^. ficirpus 
kysoou; ^cn(9»l. & 0m<0ii1. ConToWnlns Bat- 
atas; A.aSQ«n. eto. 

^i^a^Aowi) 1. a baker, ^XTdoj^Sit, 2. who 
hides a matter within his heart sa A^PtaB'h, 

dSbVPtS kOama T.(^;^)=(Bid£Dayoftheweek. 
<biy>3jab *going down*' old man, m. ^aOftajob. 
f. aHtpojl ft — .ijnO Arb. 

dSbllPCQ^ a med. Tdbh. (B^ZOo. 

dB^ kiU M. T. (T. scratob, torn piece) 1. A 
piece of cloth, oontainlog a prise or present 
^ipi^fij, a^i£\sl4at^sA, Often = sealed money 
Yi. .oQj «nipVB;9^ oj^ioift KIT. different pre- 
sento to Brahmans in cloth knots, dS\!f\d^o 
(Dob Yi. oashkeeper. ^spIaojom present of 
rice ftmoney, (bOtp^ogo aujij nr)0qj2rD^«e ChYr. 
2. a ponlUoe wherewith diseaaed memberb 
are gently beaton «h)if)d)9^ AUdSs^, AqEi^i 
(£\(mcn^^. Hence 11. ^i£^<a», 

<£b1(Ph^<6) kiUyaYa (T. M. ^^tr, «bl;^) l.To 
descend, 4S\ to. come down!; to leaTe house or 
ship ajoq|2 ^s^cq^nrrMJ^fne Ooj^l^j^TR.ojrD 
gjjoa^a^^cno ^splen^ dajooD fh>m roof. sqojI 
^nriD i£h)spla>a£lgj shall not leave (= A&flas) ; 
CT^aiuejfDci^nriD ^if\€eq nr>srmdtib Jad. 
aetting oat,Btarting; also to risk ooeself mKDo 
djlcjurnloQ ^^en^ TB. joined the insurrec- 
tion. 2. to be subtracted, low, degraded. cuvS^ 
CB;<b (SQ^soiMrTVoWnlmi ^i^mt9^uii^iye£kA 




dS\iso — ^(oimroB 

Had. humbly. £Qtficioi9QJOd9«a>c)od9(B^ChYr. 

to sue for peace. 8. B. (=sa\p^) a «ore to 

form into a hole. 

I*a.T. (£^(^d66^ l.To make to descend, take 
down &ib oQib ^(S\ aa^sp)^ Q(0>o9n|8a_ioc(^ 
TB. ojoooajifg^cnlrnD coOip)^ dismiBsed. tdTI 

&pi(09(TDQqjo Q^OQOnQCyo jxSrD(6S«K)o TB. 

being landed. ^tmyA ^if\^ <8iAaa^ (a 
snake). 2. to divide coa@)OCY)(a>gBCB<9«iom 
oQg^rob <flb)&p)^9(al 15| CS. 10 in Arithm.; 
in common use to snbtraot «oOOO Qdnsoa 

«>vn^. 3. to humble 9Ssul(0)d>(T) a)sp);^ 

ojoa) Aig. to jeer, 

TN. aTl&plgi refuse, leaTings, subtraction a> 

6m<da)(ab aH. discount Ya. [rend. 

II. cfi^ifldeC) ((&lifla«nlQ) T. SolL To lacerate, 

dSbl^p kUa = ^£ (C. T. Te. 4h\cm) Below, ^y 
(fins HB.£=<fi^i2 <as)S. Chiefly Dat. (ftl^pdOs down- 
wards, in <dn^(Saio<]@(dno precipice, ancpesso 
aii3§ headlong. — ^^a)M>CT>g{p & daDspoacn^ 
Phyllanthus niruri (AiilQ^n. Ph. urinaria) — 
aH^dSnlai leaf put under others when used as 
plates (for Bajas, etc.) 

<£)ff<BGiKBijddS\ kilakkuya So.s=(8e^<0>No.(C. 

49^ to humble) To knock on the head — 

aDyas a cuif. 
<£)Hf^75^ kilatt^ So.(<dnipld6a)II.)Ahole, leak. 
dObls^Sj^dSS^ ki|ekka (^&p old age?) To pant Oojo 

(S^(A cn§(as5)09S ooaicdsi&PcSncs^o, a>a8csTa)(b 

€ii\iPj^(b^(Q^cm Bbr. (yu. aHsKmcSa Ko.) also 

ansp<^^d>f.i. 9(fi)€na an&psioo&paa^ Bhr. women 


YS. ^Si^^ panting, palpitation. 

an5)ipd9n9C(n (aD^) yam growing on the stem 
of another B. 
c6?)(6>CY\>o kiyasam S. (ribs) Bone. 

t£S\xiJ<Bio kljayun 8. Hollow bamboo whistling 
in the wind. 

(0)$i^ a»l.aia>nb GhYr. K. pr. of a prince, the 
son of Kekaya. 

^uii2b KoH. (T. 4^ukM>AOOontr.* 
obi^Qo Winsl. Cr. a^ niAcb 8.) 
an to behave or aot shMseleas 

<fi^^aaa«9roab tsq^^^a^sB^s 

d8»lSo ki4am S. l. Worm, cn^ch a>s: 
f£^(A ai9mro£^lsaocQjmo^^0aOo Pa 

of a monkey (as 0^g-lV>), words of 
aflsQuOgoOo AB. wormlike. 8.= 

ments of oil, dross of iron, tartai 

also (fl^snb So. 

afl^sonb B. a kind of yam. 

(dn@(6(> klcTrk A dB?l30do8.(an= 
like? aDgooo ^00)^(0)0 Hud. 
^nknooonb poor; ploughman. 

d6nC2Ar.kimiya, Alchymy (Or. ohSi 
srn) The art of making gold. 

de?l(Oo kiram S. Parrot saiDfiO- 
€h\(Qd) 1. id. d^>i>5>n09&p)c9oo ficxicb'' 

of pleasant speech. a»)rDei^)A (1<k 
g^oam .0^. 2. a small ilsh. 

tf^(D9eB»l(^ cricket = jifWk. 

<eS\(S\ km T. M. Mongoose, YlTerra 
tss Ind. (C. dS\<m to sqaMk)aj9cnj^ 
cSl(d«9ciuM)ej TP. ^(dWm0 ^^m 

Kinds 5>ukiaab^'£^(see aDrolafiSrrb) w1 

applied to 6)xa9cnjof|Q, eoiaBSVok li 

^(Dl(0a6n6 the red eye of the mu 

oQcm Qdjoo&j iijojons Nid. axi 
eyes as of an opium smoker. 

4Si(S^daSiiP€9^ the ichneumon plant, 
orrhisa Mungusa (naiQGi:^ 8. 

aaWgujai a small tooth G^^*) 
aS^toig^oosj B. worm bred in the b 
dB»WV>« kir^am 8. (ana>6nio) 8tre 
QrD«no ^h\ipf^zoo CDZEd^gyfiOAo 8iPa. 

d^roWno kirtaaam 8. <Yed. a»A v 

cing, praise 6>5)C«Qja^»sm8)(0i8i < 
ojonb 8iPu. 

(fiSVabTi 8. praise, ranown. aSl a: 

caHnb aygijfS^ wi^dsm KumK.; aH. 

AB., cu(M»il Bhr. spread Ua 

iRq— «e?)v 



»e Bhr. ignominy — to. ^(S\ 
P. dishonour, liiAmo. 

kac{VnQ009sil Bhr. 

att to pmise ^vjofijSKn ^MSi 

.—(part. «?laiB»W>) — 
fS^iBm €S\m\^dm KR. 

C. (C, To. To. o51q fr. a^Q) A 

smieh, draw linea (C. Te. co^^) 
»AOor^ ^cTI Ttt. ^9iAa>jfi)a>9^ 
Iq«» TrP. 2, V, n. to be »lit, torn 
Heio iflb)QoKR. £h\o\ c^6\wi\^ 
ir. (oomp. «Ospl); aisrab «?). 3. 

OKIIQ dS\c^4^ to dlMOOt. 

ncsigji^ PT. 

Bar ^ej)i-T» sqsp A9Sd> to darn 
rn), — g^dof^ torn clothes, mat. 
, whioh will not ip1it;a hard job. 
>. Te. (A^) fragment, piece. aH 
huntg.) of hog, n>9^^>loo)mDo 
r. of a lialf oloTen tree. 
iji&i (opp. cnocainfij). 

rhm.)= aaoja^j^nnyo. 

half of an Ola, also aofiJanloQ 

eanloQ, o^'moeanloQ). 

Wedge, bolt, nail(=a^cX> PT.) 
nad, pallisaded. 0«}3ejAcn (^ 
Oi&M^ SiPn. transExed. 

(▲r. qlr) 1. Pitch. «»W>0rDo fir 
•kkirSlcno ^Shk ojoog^g (loo.) 

am 8. Sweet fluid, water ^oio 

I. Uuiii A pocket. 

> T. M. 0. Ta. (Te. ^sa^^ 
r. ariflOa^fob mm ^^y£^ ^<b£^ 
«0aI tnm 4^9^ Qj)^ Bhg. 

g|iDe^«cnd<bC€i. (amiS\^9cas9Sva^ headlong 
(Dat.) 2. adr. under, beneath, down, ojz&aji 
cs^o caiKlb «Sl&p^ KB. ittbjeot to ma. sro^m 
Qobo «bli^^ c(£l(fiaQBng^9n8o KB. none likes 
to be under Bh. (pojoaMMD cnlmseks ^i»9 
a»l oam Xod.tubdnad. ig»o»jioi9i^<lC)»9bonl 
one ^l&floaelcnoob Brhm. S. what is old, 
past, former (aTltfiaiab). a^VflfiOJib Y8.=a^ 
g^naoib, ^sAok oGi^vooi t^nA TB. former 
collections. a!)spW ^iplflBO^^^ oafijW ojoa 
OT^o Tu. cnjikik ^SlspVok AB. heretofore. — 

A oQjfP^ ^^* oounted the hours until the 
promised tomorrow. 
Hence: <fl?Wsa9«» to submit, 4ibWs^«>, ^ 

iPOdBaai to subdue. 
(sfWa inferioritj Vi. 
tfbl&pQan to undermine. a^<flaQft a»90^:jy ojl 

Aoncs^o dApoQ 6)jii%]^dil^ CIO; (of bees). 
^nWdo^i (8) last year. 
d^HspouJOfMOBcb MB. former documents. 
«fi^tf>9S)mg^ A ariiPOfbocng^ Phjllanthas (see 

^V— ). TP. 

(fifli^s^ or ^ipif^ a name of Kadattuwanadu 

a^iPOcX) a subordinate. 

«?Wa(mLQ the 8d part of the rent under Aspl 

d9aosmo,the tenant*s share; whilst the Janmi 

has I or O0ej9(gLQ. 
a»)tf oct^fiOOBo the right to the lower kinds of 

parambu produce, when the higher {(» e 

sovo) belong to another (loo.), 
a^tplg below. dib)&p)g)rol(8e to sit on the ground. 

ang><bN. pr. of the temple near the ford of (^o 
O^ro); a»ly(bajsp old boundary of N. & 8. 
Malabar 1, Putupatna river ; 2, Chandragiri 
riTcr KU. Anach. 

a^3sp under, below. ^Stfgi Gan. the lower. 

«^ yps the old way; ^^ML^ ODSg^cno ojloroo 
cusoaO msan (doc.) to manage dilTerently 
from old custom. — rest of old accounts. 
«^J^SQC2(tt 9<iM4d>€)d (IMD90 MB. arrears. 




arf o fiQg^<fr TR. the mm ttill doe on 
aooonnt of the 969th yew. r- ^^s (o-) 
«>orDo, «^^s Atflfino (noaxTUoatcb TB. 
former trMiaotions — ^^sansmdOs last 
jeMr'e acooimt. 

afl^6mcOe fraotioos (^ jS^^smda^), erm^ 
on6o aflyea cnioi^«.da ^H. C8. ^'ailrob 
in&O3(0ihg| balance in fractions which eannot 
be reiolTed CS. 

<flSl^roc>a soft heart, ^fH^p rooA tender TOioe Vi . 

rfl^jwno a labmor^age title. jof a gun. 

tfSl^jwA -^l— C8.; ®inacfl»l«Kibo a1 bntt end 

«ww 12 8 

*^i8?^ftJ® Vi. balance. 

^^o6\ id. .aOOO aOgj^A ODZ^S OJdBMb 

a?l. fitfri^ TB. a balance of 1000 Be. is still 

dae from me. 
^bH^^o an nnder-offiee, held bj ^!poc)o. 
rf)^Q lower Baja «^^A ojoycm ^ADif) 

mo(b KU. 
«^iP8Q0TA^ lower caste. «?). Am ocuqd^aco 

«KiJ^ TB. lived with a woman of I. e. 
^IHsp (Oift(Do iafSsrior sort, 
^^otfloi in time past. d^. a>&pl(99aa€nj3«)ai, 

^. «)g^:j^ (nsomi^cB; ((x^dii3rt>o TB. 
dA/lej one of the 6 (Bi^cooroo f. i. ^. tmcm\ 

fltojiKTiD oeoeiinlaib ^ajdroio ojWm. 
«^sr <0)eJ03n (T9^nrn^(2Bf)ajo(OB9Qj81dD. (<fi?l 

^ai see under 1.) ^Vi. 

«?l(p ojs^ obedience, ^ip ajs^anofoob a factor 

^spojoo oQcm &<0i 0200 (^9r||nrn)aQB;o^o 
AQjosaj^roo&Jo^o cn^OKDaDrBb) MM. 

^^£f (& ^3&r9§). downwards. (snnsrn^Qa 
9ob dS\, ®O60b1 98aj} UR. ^9>^£§ ttojo 
Scvoroi mvS^ «05)gj§ «)aj8«»1 CO. des- 
cription of a humpbacked. 9. adr* p. of 
«^$)^^«) to submit. 

^^ 0<O)lcBK> Palg.^so ii)oQQj:al, a wood fasten- 
ed to the door-sill to reoel-?e the piTOts of 

^Sgcgoe former custom. 

«^2go5aijl a title of lords. 

«n9«gfA 1. upside down, dl Q^a* to upset. 

<^. 0oleR9 ajABon Ai(DActe 81 

8. ^f\^9aA or)^sKn<ae KB. w 

& future. 

^^ 8ejoa>o hell, ojotoiado. 
d^ip ojovib abdomen aH'ooW ft< 
^&p oaaool office of lower Brahm 
etc. (opp. 9&AodocaSi), 

I* da& ka 8. (=a>t, a)o) l.interro 
(D)S whence? 2. earth (in a«)o > 
a^^Qjo what a shape I ugly. 

ACTOjajliLinb roguish minister, Ki 

daiaiafiasnv) FT.=§dxafis«mo. 

A'^^)^ GhYr. iUnatured. 

II. dds 5. termination of Dative (H. 

signifying direction towards, aa 
ca§, Qj5d9s. (often ^, f.i. niSiQisi 

(fis^GTOo kuTfU^ain 8. An eye-dia 

(di<BQ>Siy <B&\ kukkaya To be hot 
nm «>cijeao> 
TS, Agj heat. 

d^<B9>So kukkn^am 8. Cook (L. < 
a)ro6Bi9 CO. — Afa%sa^(S\ss9£^9ii 

d^<Be>(tio kakkvain 8. Dog, old « 

<6i(BQ£\ knkfi 8. (OAOoeo) Belly. 
Sah. to fill it. Aafio^oMl a gluti 
xQBanmo o^^ Nal. to support oi 

d^CjCb^o kll^a}am 8. (better A<^i 

ing flowerbud. ai. aion^ea Qj6n^< 

<&i2di<Q> koAgaya T. To sink low, d 

to be elated with joy, lust, sport, 

A^dt> 1. N. pr. ^f men, «ia^ • 

women. 2. (comp.) nnmana; 

Aflbobojorn) a mythieal wild ho 

AgBooa A, TP. 

AB>aba,)j[g an almoat inewal) 

d))oejW) crd A. TP. cn^sma 

8ai>ab ^*g[^ ^^^^9^ eurae. 

<di88i(2okaftgamam 8. l. 8afflroo, C 

OP 78. a^plm «noola8«09 a. proi 

co§Ao OnP. It Is Qsad by wtmiaa 

in winter, .aicBcno la naiasr OG 

dOaa^aS) — (MdiLiDaij 


(fi9etmDdB)o — d6aS 

l2y4»%o tf^ Bbr. 2. « orimtoa eompofition 
for marking tlie foreheftd. 

(£i(n^am\ BC. 
Aftagj , — o^ds't — ftJS P*^ <>^ the pUnt. 
Aaas)gjM») KU. an old tax 
ABBiaSkoA) kungnliyam T. BoM. P«ig.s=A 

AiUs kujain 8. (a^ to contraot) Femalo breast 

s^ei. In po. AAMboSo CG. A.aMbQIOO0idn^ 

sy^o A«b0o N«L Oaj9(bb«icvaado BC. 
Aiiia^^Oo nipple. 
4l4i^dBi^ 5. Wl^isper, tee AS^AS^. 

dsLX^ji knjodyam 8. (a L) i. Derition, 

Inad. 2. M. improper qneition. 
jAtf^ kattf T. C. To. (sAQ, ^JU)> l^nce 
L T. M. A teeeel, ehip, itrlp, pieoe of straw* 
QUidBe^ ehaff of flax. 2. To. M. brush, 
m^ of toddj'drAiren. ««»flBBM9e^ the promi- 
Hst veb of a eoeoannt. 
^11*0 hat. A. <omiW AjurneCO. Si^eiy£\^ 

*MniflMi9g(CD»orQb CQ. dark room. 
*^ (obae.) peaia. 

L^^^Ai^ («iiy 2)sAex3lc6a9§ grass jungle, 
hmhvood. jnd. 

hqam B.(Al.)BarthborD; tree; Mars 
ixiaso Mad. on Tneeday. 

kn^ljlin T. 8oM.=xA^ Tassel, brash. 
^^Jcml^c. bristlee of swine. 
m£^ l.=spree. MtlrMMolD horse hair Yi. 
Ajrmltfam) bristles (loo. * T.) 2.T.M.(C. 
Ae&) nape of neck (^^oiiRMioaicSa a 
mS^do% osSiP OAom) Jnd. ASBsDdSe*^ 
Ik>Uow abofa it. S.=AfiiB^ yoaog ODdCU 

Cocmtti P. AMttlioaacnocDO^mD GnP. fancy 
themaelToa joang Bamas, go wooing. 

kn^iaiattf ^ ^89(D7^ Gaaerat 
r. (Tdbh. of ^gmi^). 

jynj kniiiJimlm Fine ehaaam(loo.)sA 
laso, .ojfSxi^AanidCKni at&ii||8B 0BfiO ATP. 

gjoasicilnnr) (SiDrDOj^rDrok Q05>ej MM. 

dea6«SxHrO\> ka^i6am 8.(Ai^) Crooked. 4MbD 
(OK^aiob Bhr. snake. <fli6Bui(mor^lfiJ3fla>o VCh. 

d^sai^ (6) knnjaifa So. (T. Te. C ao^) To stoop, 

bow. (see Anni, aq etc.) 

aiSB^ T. ft aiffi^ M. (C. ^(Tv) young, small 

A^^go bodygfuard in Tray. 6&9§o ASB^ 

§<6a9fi)a> 9i3j(Q2 •^^^' Boldiers. s>ji)oW A 

«B^§<afi94> Tray, polieemen. 

dfoOf^o knfljain 8. Bower. 

AsmrooS. 1. elephant, aicaDroor^rDAcXs BC. 
ojODeasAsiBEKonb, Aojl A5TWC>o6 AB.=moet 
eminent of men, monkeys, eto. 2. N. pr. 
AsiQaroQajOBo fi)d>9fla»«rn0nmfQdo Bhr.=A 

(dssrsYQ^ kn&fl^ (=A6B^; C. Te. ^nm short, 
young) pi. AsmKBBcb ▲ young, infant (BV^siSi 
sm^ 6)aLj6iQiaa9o Arb. (of birds). [war). 

AODO^ob elder brother or uncle (Tier, Moekn- 
Aen»cnj Vi. short dart. [Muokuwar). 

A6I0OZB matron, lady B.; elder sister (Tiar, 
A5nidn6 boy; also endearingly of girls TP. 
Often ojflAro Aflooodo Aglc({^ gsn^ num- 
erous family. Asai^ado a^^cqvo^o ^?, a 

esan^Cldo Ag>A3D fD<6flfllA|. AOOOOdo AglOlM 

anbocqjo s) ixiaio^ TB. — cna^s AootMoacX) 

(of Baja.)=(0)aiioaaa<b — (in N. pr. f.i. a 

6R)iQ>cnj m., aotooai f.) 
A5rgis3A6iao^fo)s better {Q — q. t. 
Asm^a^ lamb. Aenn»o^ a to jump aboat, Aaooa 

go f riskiness, as of oaWes Ts, 
Afiool l.sAM^, A<iiai»n^ f.i. roKXUOg^ejea 

A6I0I{{^ A^ A6)a rD(dfiDlg-)3nb TB. AOB^f)Qf)(^lb 

ojo^^oi 6&^«aaQBv^gy proy. in childhood. 

2.girl — (1.& 2. in f.i. AsnolSdaaa 

(Dnb| m., Asno'^Mnf*) 

Aaaia)(08iai.;sn»g_|o a cake (2). 
Aen^As^AcX), AOTigg^AcX) family. 
Asn^ajdonlcob small door Yi. 

(fisS kll4a T. M. C. Tu. (Te. SiiOXU^ fr. A^) 
1 . Umbrella; kinds: daaj — yojg — , ^Skn — ,^ 


dBisnm— (fts) 

Q2<^s (old «)g^d9«s), the iMt med by kings; 
generally oieidBts (or CMii^gi^ddes) A aid^s. 
Kings giTo ocns^S) AS m emblem of rank. 
^9^at cn^s Til. ajso^Vob ftflvvo as, as 
ajis)gLp<fln proT. oojosaupl cns<fl«an isi^A 
Qftd^ ASojls^anTR. to illtreat trayellers; else 
AS Qj^s^Ak to bear an nmbr. as aa^ a to 
make an nmbr. ASQ^jo ajsio)^ oQ^cqB ens ai to 
go oat. ASQ^o QJAQ^o 6) ^J^:^ TB. punished a 
Brabmani with loss of caste. 2. top of nail, 
screw, etc. 8. met. protection AS aiHtf 9aiai 
ai>d«sa) KU. Baja appointed, enlisted. 
AScOaaoib umbrella's handle; ASA>0(Bto«KO) 

jacktree of similar siie. 
AS^Qi) B. rent of house (As)P) 
ASA^xHcBKib elephant (huntg.) 
ASg-p) Corypha umbraoulifera, 
ASCB;3«m) nail with flat head. 

da^So kll4am 8. (see A^Ai ete.) 1. Waterpot 
lencDaaso (29.00^0 (opp. or^odstso), o^s^AMob 
A. e^dSAi proT. Asae9.o s>as1 Asorn^i^ 
^ai(bKB. crossed by swimming with pots. 
2. (loo.) testicles. 

ASo aj^(ol«OB(2 (nlso a^Soa.j). or oojefio 09 
6^a»(2) ^^ stage of a palm-tree*a growth. 

ASo 12^2^ Vs. a certaiB flsh. 

ASoa^OD Vs. a play. 

Ascrf)<b water standing in pots AsO(Oo A. 

(opp. AftcnU) KeiN. 
ASOJCBoab potbsllied, Oa^apati. 

daftS<d3 kii4a'yf t. m. (O. Tu. aasod^ prh. 

from s)AO^ steep. T. as A => west ft identical 
with fi) A9fli§) K. pr. of Ck>dagu or Ck>org conn- 
try 6) A9S A^^eJ Qj99fiirD)ajl<0(00998(Q3 fiSOCB/oA 

TB. letter of Ck>org Baja; often OA9$0«>eJd9a 
S)ja)gkiA TB. 

ASAob 1. a Coorg man — f. o AOSOiuni^ TP. 
(a Coorg f.) 2. the Ck>org Baja. 8.= ASA 

g-}9&i f.i. ASAOb OOnriD 6QJ'3jU^(99a OP. 
ASAo I.sASA; ASAOjiSfiJ'OIDl^tBb AO^r^ft) 

(Lj^sV)g^ Bhg. 2. Hydroootyle Asiatiea 
Bh. (80. ASOMb B.) 

ASA^saj 8. AS«o Eohitea pnbi 

seed ASAgjofiJCBN^ MM. 
ASgLjXDKQb Pistia stratiodes. 
As^gy Jasminnm rosenm (on mou 
AScnjfiO Gtambogia garoinia. 

(fissmn kii4a]ina see oAosom. 
dess^nri) ka4appaii in oMpd^i 

Plantain flower. 

ddaSCp^dB) kn4a7a'ya M. To. c. T6 

fling away, shake eztremitissy cm 
TP. after eating. Ascn^ oqjmob 
out of riyer. coxBu^ AS«B09(bb cno 
stition), AgBA6)a c^i^ogi Asei 
cAith .oiofm Ao A. to s^nkle- 05: 
PT. a playful infant. 
VK. AS^oA shaking oC 

da^s^ kn^ari * tOiSai t. m. 1. 

C^DCDJA, CLSKoae, ao^oqjA ato. 
9Q0ocnD .aiA» proT. Often AS(tto» 
e9ei(2cSl«aQ^oBhr. ofwoonded. x 
ejAcXto^^ano^OTfiflo^BS. in battle, 
ta, prolapsus ani ete. ^qj^ 

Asainb m., — ejl fem. ss ojOBoob po 
Asoaiooo spasms in the bowels- 
AS(ab ^nBasl a med. plant. 
AS(obAlrd = AS(ab09&i f.i. Asafcdi 

SHMiiablaA a Marmam MM. 
AS(baj3a»o Tg. eolie. 

d^SQJorb ka4aTa& 1. Ys. = asao^. 

al slave Asaob W. 
c^SDdBA ki4ak]n) (T. ^socot, H. ^ 

^ciuo) Tobacco ball smoked in al 

I. d%slkn4iT.M.C. (alBo8.)V^A9 
hut, dwelling. 2. inmates, family ( 
^<0ioA(dnajdoTu.);also A^liaasA 
(o^AAcb subjects. 8. wife (loc 
first wife Yi. (No. also Qfom A.; 
younger, or (09V9o a. second wlfis] 
nation cY>lo»9.aUD<b Aob A^WaaocNB 
caeo; A^<fls OiiinTXiiftaM. colon 
As^ids «ii)«air)9«XD 6) AssntaA Pny. 
ans, Maaieheans, etc. 



» Mtll«, dwell (Beiair9a<aiBkW oi 

1. dwelling A*^criD fi>a>09i| 

to lire in, cnaaitfxo A*g^(ab ^ 

"fTB. lodged in the N/s manor. 

I bj the tenant for his hooee on 

^iftho. S. leeae of ground for 

4. a tenure: 8 fuiADs giren by 

to the proprietor of the land, on 
home ie built. 

i> to make to inhabit 1. cause 

lionize €^j^ 9&j99cb«o a. KB. 

I 4k. by study or doTOtion* 2. to 

I place. 6RNDBS)A cnaglrob a*sb(Q 

> a>£^(YXB>o9a»5mo treat us so, as 

e us out of the land. 6r»coBS)a 

QuiflmonziW ^v(g^ ^^ooA TR. 

ecure peace. S. to restore a patri- 

re-admit a dishonored Tassal to 

' honors by a ceremony Yi. a€1 
lycb ojOAgLJ^ TR. 

to abandon an abode. [HR. 

nily debt, cnl&i^Qaerot* dk. ^sq^ 

HR. owner of a house. 

settle (2)daa<P®^3§ A's^ Anj.; tn 
gu a€1 ^. resoWes TP. 

. to cause the manes of ancestors 
the house. 2. slaTcs to marry. 
acng^W A'§cno TP. determines, 
to destroy a house or nation, a* 
BC. (Riyanan). [to marry. 

1. to build a house. 2. slaTcs 

4> dwell. A^Q«>oc)o oQfijQdQ fa\ch 
iUA oime CO. (prayer). 

iz on houses ft shopsss as) cnldn 

3jkijA0O3f^ as) 6&nrnl(TT> £((S)g-| 


aa aseetie, half a Banyasi. KeiNa. 

OQsebreaker; oppressor of subjects. 

asWVSIai to submit to taxation 

c)o «i*^anso Qgj TE. (a^n^$>a 

aAraplaotd the people(after war). 

AsVljod) (pi. — aOoj—cb^o^) inhabitants, free- 
men. «n0^C»9OCnQ{|o A*eK»CS^o rDiffini:|^KU. 

A. 4iKb cn^iOtt oQ^i£^:af dsfiiTR. chief 

inhabitants. [ej«»o C6>) MB. 

A&^cLj)^ abode (d* cnotfiA crotJWjo a*§o ctS) 

A^toadtasa ASiaEul(Dl(8a. 

Aslo^AoA ceremony on entering new houses= 
(pao^®aLX«o;from As)ajAd»f.i. fttt^^ob 
OJQQ AS^gJ^OAoW^SMnOOB aaolkoo RC. 

cDosjlab AsUjdBa ojoro^aii Anj. 

A^Q^n id. see AsWbb. 

AS^^<9> hereditary enmity, a. fi>ajdaey(Tendet- 
ta). ojooiDmD A. the serpent is said to 
ret enge itself on the relations of an offender. 
01.00. A^gj <^0Dd9a TP. feuds. A, q^sma^ 
a> TP. to make friends again. — AS^^a) 
cBKibTi. cne^siA A^aasronb TP. 

A5i«g-)9Mb=As)Q^A(Qb (loc.) 

AS^0 1 . the body of landholders. 2 . tenant- 
ry (ros^do^o A. 0^0 <0(a£id» KU. as^s 
or!l(b see a^0. 

A^cftob slaTcs f.i. in Coorg. 

A^CB;g-)nb (rosneso a.) step-father Vs. 

Abi3;rab=:Asla^A<i^, also Asloai/axib (=s Abi 

9aj9A(zA) — A^OCQ;9(tib(9^(mB»o TR. A^ 

QBxob ^^A, the ceremony of aj9(9l>A9jyi 
a€)^^a No. 

A5^GB)9n6 inhabitant, subject, tenant (opp. n 

c£^ or (BidS^CB/onb). As^oo/O^q the right of 

a tenant to enjoy for a time the produce 

of the trees he planted; cultiyator's share 

of crop. As^cQ^o^ So. residence. 

AS^oTlrDi^o^ house & compound inhabited 
by owner or tenant. 

A^C(^aS0g-)9^ a deed by which the proprie- 
tor transfers any payments made by the 
tenant to a third party, W. 

AS^ojA any house = a&Iajo^. 

A^OJOO^ As A. A^cSa f. i. jS^Qiib A*<0e^^9 

<sS\ left their homes TR. 
AS^OJOfDo cultiyator's share. A. nr^dai TR. 
dednoting it (in pepper eto.) 

deasi — (flaslaJo 



4ai^Qjiaj 1 . So. GoTeroment price paid for noono- 
poly articles. 2. common country price. 

Asloaitin lettle.^A^ flsoaajsi^ 2* to 
take a wife, chiefly so as to leare tbe bride in 
her honse, 5)a_j||q^3)or) A<e>§i A'<fiaa> eoa 

^ Si^^ PT. 8. to place A oooseorate 

an idol. (a_)d)l(^ 
dk£l9oeoaxT) search of house. 
AS^ai So. arrears, amount due. 

U. (^Slkn^i T.M. Drinking^, water drunk after 

meals (fr. d9i^<ft^); soaking. 

AS^dda l.T.M.O.Te. (ft Te.5>^oej)to drink; 
different modes of drinking: (Siosmomo, goo 
crn^, 9fi9a£^, — As^^ jiioig^, OQnego (disl 
^ 0^^ to be drowned. 2. (0. Te. ^ai) to 
swallow. (TOnmojo oajgeojo atsicSs tu. 

CY. dhs^g^an to gire to drink, as axfisocB/o; 
to soak (gfiml (^aal ^ais^g^^ooQak amed. 
oj^ A'nrnig^ Bhr. not allow the calf to drink. 

A^cri)^ infusion (=a)(fi39CB/o). 

AS^O^fob soaked thread, for fumigation etc. 

ats^aeo intoxication Yi. As^zqQi a_ioa> to 
talk like a drunken man. 

As^zoolcB^ weaned. — AslsooQai to wean. 

AsioDKib drunkard. 

As)aiOQ(d> So.=ra-i9(obaj. (of cows). 
dfeslstwDlajb ku4innil (C.Tu.Abicnnfab,T.Te, 

<0)^aro)Hut, thatch; So. Aslsrao place where 

young caWes are tied. ^Oddoslsnolrob tent. 

tg. A.'OiBftisrosajl Mud.— ojOBltflas^spalratnatu- 

ral bower formed by creepers, jungle-hut. 

atS^(ab. T. H. (a^ + 93^) ^^^t out-house near 

palaces for menials. Qjea)(Sa^fija>o Kal.= 

AS^oooW. (paj(cn^0a8ajiaDai.Hud.Boyal 

tent in war. as\(A s>JU(Sa Y2. to quarter 


c^S|a\} kQ4ilam S. (=: (flMoaltUK)) Crooked, tortu- 
ous. Aslejd98g|^3cX> RC, cns/cno (g<ais^<9>6)S. 
o«>D5nj a»slej0oan (^-aju^.^ YCh., As^Gjalipl 
SitVij. girl with rolling eyes. a»slfiJiJ):ora>n03 
9(69^ ajoojocnaof) fi)4i>gs)fij^o KB. 

ailmob deceitful, talebearer. 
aiab o^mo proT. 

(fia^VOo kadiram s. (=AsVob) H 
a>3aj<aA og^ysKmOiaamo Mud. 

I- <^% ka4u 0. Te. Small, narrc 
II* dBs^^eaS 5. i^D^j Ononutop. 
guggling, rumbling noise. 4k. < 
ChYr. Oii)9(£l A, (0as):oni<o<a&4 
(fias)^ Bhr. Sjiioro aia<s>^ ^ 
sls^j Arb. dsi^dhs (nlajoj^fiO^ 
— noise in smoking a hooka, emp 
rattling noise. A^dkS^OD jU9;q> 
§g-)3cnj MO. rattlesnake. 
<fi^^, (fla^Qj T. NoM. small res 
A^aa T. M. 1. shells, as of js 
yessels. — ejajoa<fli. KU. cit 
<6a. Y2. bombshell. 2. small c 
with narrow mouth 4Kn^^< 
A§d9s)o 1. fitting, as of a ring 
2. entanglement, a. ojoo) 
A^<Q9 1. narrowness, tightness, 
A, aS\dysiU) release out of dan( 
noose, trap; button. fiMMoolci 

Zi}^ jud. A§(d»laJ3(0sl entrai 
<0)§cafil (loo.) a window, a. qj»q 
y.a. (Si^cjQfia), <i3a) 1. to entangle, 

(o^SKSU A^<o£i Si^£\ tied fast, d 

ej)^ (Tn)rDas2 6>(fi)0c}oaj9a6 CG. 
of the well. Asn£\ a, to stop 
of water. 2. to embarrass, • 
tice oQ6)nm aQ^ajIcu.'Oiddlejo 4k\ 
T.n. da^so^>d> 1. to be entanglec 

got in. .alSnCED(Qbd9l§«3Q^9^9C 

hoe brought up a bone. OiOJOEQr 
2. to shake, make noise (loo.) 
(d3§rs7| ku4a5i Yi. Piecea of wo 
creYices in boats. 

c^§^ kii4Qppa No. see «i£)^d 


(di§d9so— dBbCUjoGQJo 

la * Hd^^Qih (T* — ^) 1. Harrow 
t*s ctmit piTOt of door need m hinge 
Ajll^), tendoa let into » mortUe (a 
kortite); Qjlu^ab a. Bhr.; helmet'i 
IjUl^ea; a^qfifA A^aoi^jo oodiKfia 
bOiMe^ fl^l^^S^ KB. 2. the look 
rom Hi OMte dktliiction f^cojVob 
ilaeonaj^ TB. m KayerB. «)aj^o 
T. ^ 4k. oai^ ^fD,^ MC. pnoish- 

nT. A§0 ^ooi^S^:^ OD^ Had. 
the lock. A^fikOe ^l(S(a> 0i20o g^y 
jidi, chiefly (^Ob., Q^ea>^0. 
[A aisle — ) a tenare almost eqaal 
eehold, by which all the body of 
y rights ( ^8) is gained without the 
tgdignity (the right of transferring 
perty to another); a payment not 
ag 2 fanams is annually made to the 
>r of the title, who can no more 
the land, oaajcrojo nnao tst^ oj 
s^aor^ib ojl^ TB. 
• W. holding land on a qnitrent. 
: A^0) A^e^Q^gl a caste, which 
s A^^QVQjXsb rioe beaten yery thin. 
.) the top of a handle aboye the 
axe, hoe, etc. 
9cb erested bird of prey. 
pr. Embalers ft carriers of loads 

) M. Ini4iunba'ya (comp. a»^an?^ 

.^a^«i)Torot, pntrify,f,i.ajgyl«)fibo 

a4innBftin 8.=Aaj^o6ajo. 

nnf (1oe.)=:A§d9a Closeness. 

r. short, thickset, fr. ^t^) 1. No. 
ogssA/Mm; heayy task. 2. So. 
laxib); a sow. 

, pr. the lowland of Ambalapula. 
1^ (ssAga)95n6) a rioe growing 
lanhes, planted in April, reaped 
ary ; (kinds A3<b — , 4jkSO<^— ). 

A§nb 1. a boy, lamb, oalf. ^(S\dat^c)a99m ftfi| 
TB. bnlli ready for the yoke. 2. B. jaek- 
alssA§. 8. a kind of fish. 

Agg^ No. fr. preo.s^bWvg^ So. q.y. 

de9§<d)o kuftaiytm (ft ai§Ao) Caldron, large 
yesiel (narrow mouth), esp. for treasare. A. 
ft(Q§^«»o«q| QjikTo PT. AgAcoBcX) Hal. 
4k§or>o S. hammering, pounding (from a§a). 

(69§l kntti (see a§, A§n6) s aoo^ l . The young 

of any animal ; child, chiefly girl ; a Pattar boy. 

(in oomp. 6)^^§), 010341), (O990O§) 

=rooa(fle§l). 2. small ft moyeable, as pupil 

of eye, (WOZ0l<e«§l, «fl>sod9e§l etc. [head. 

4k£^<o»(osmo 4k(i^3t 60. to tumble heels oyer 

ai§l(fla^Ocaeo.tib jack-rafter. 

A^ jyotnoinb H. pr. a jangle Deity. 

ai§I^CD6 B. wall in ruins. 

ai§)09^ (Bom.) baptism. 

ai^iO^A 1. to bring forth young. 2. to cork, 
stop a leak. 

A^Qglsrib ft Asooo^snb first meal of a child 
in the 6th month. [g^^ 

A^^^osb (aigl|g)oaj MO.) a sloth, see QmDJH 

A^loDjrDo (s=A§l:^aub) B. ruins. 
(69§|00| kntfilli 8. (ft dsigcnl) A bawd. f. 
<di^^ kaffimam S. A pavement (firomA§or)o) 


d%^(A> knttaya C. Te. Tu. To pound, T. So M. 
to cuff =s No. SiCfs^Ai (S. dSigcno). 

(jeaO^(Do katharam So«Aze=^0;f. 
cdiCUjoGOJo kudamfiam (S. a^osojossI. as^) 

1. Family, household A. egyoojRs snooms^ 
CYV) seocfiaog^ps TB. unmarried. 2. kindred 
8. the 4th of an Idangali (scnosp^). 
aicivosfiKeaorDob 1 . householder. 2. a kinsman. 
Aav<>au(a^^imV^ l.sA^<d§A. 2^, So. to 

found a Csmily. 
AOJ^oeoj) a householder, (poooruoob; uxn^rooo 

<ft. <ftd>d9a eorMooagyMMn Aoraacoo ii§y Nal. 
(flKivofiOjlor^ l.wife. 2. heiress aooording to 

oaste rule, inheriting sbter. 


(flaC^o — cflaOn^ 


dB^Gngo— (ftentMnrS) 

<OiC\^ kadyam s. Wall. po. 

d8sG<^a-k> ku^abam k corpse A*0o^g^^6<fi«cm 

(g d9>fln^ Hud. 
ddiGCtoSBS ktu^okkl} M.T.I. Swagger. iBi^ork98 
6nDd9a9goCLseacBf3cno YetC. a woman's stnit. 
2. T. a lotas-Uke earring ; nosering. 8. A6no<fia 
cnoQa), A6no<fia06mo No. loc. sweaty smell, 
smell of one perspiring or of soiled linen 
steeped in water. aSkoHewms^ of (dHcVib. 
Asnoaso Tl.= AfiicSaio. 
4Mno<a§A M. C. Ta. to wag, swagger. <fli5no 
CQB^ cnstDn MC. eanxib Utemosqo cosaKb 

dOiSri^ kui^da T. M. (Te. ^9v, C. Asm, Tu. 
AS) 1. What is hollow ft deep, low. Asn^ 
a>|r© V2. sunk eyes. A. mi£^ Vi. porringer. 
qq^ce^o dksn^gg dOB <|^ajo PT. aioqjicTfla^o 
CS. depth & diameter of an Idangali. 2. bole, 
pit. Asn^o Ai^Q^o. — AQoixdso^ of 3 kinds 
ji)^rod9c. square, cugide. round, (8i02?ld9s. 
oblong. Qjonr^tflsoneotesl the wearer put his feet 
into the aia^ip (desng. — A5nB)(ziQj)snD CC. 

A9ie 1. No. the connected roots ft stems of 
plantains planted in one pit, Qj9SPd9(&sns, 
ai99g^9v. f.i. ® A9ne ojo^p tf>ai:^MR. (st^ 
AVMllrab QJOiP a»S)ej(Sa fig^i proY. 2. So. 
stack of straw, era dfesnegjej, «^J€k' ***y" 
rick. 8. slaye Yls., dirty woman; fish- 
basket B. 

ai5neairD9«o Nal. a certain flowerbash* 

AsnsdSAo asneaao cnsdMo So. to trndge along. 

Asvsrn', AWoaine^ So. backbiting ash 
9r«u5lAnb (sic.) or)0(Deab Si Pa. 

Asneob Tu. C. Te. M. 1. cripple (S. ea^ck) 

YCh. inyalid. 2. a young, weak, bad 
workman. 3. (comp.) deep. — also 

A9«m35)i9st to cripple? or to enslave? outrie. 
«Km99^AC(v A*^ CY))n6ai9dn Stuti. oq^ 
^ A9«o5^cni^o Qudoa^ch BS. 

A9vg^]cm^ low, mean work. 

«i9npgjirdb Choloris barbate. 

A9r«o = A9f, A5ITU)o Small pit. i 

<oilrDa»^as AsneosiViiHlI. pit of 
ain<aa. Yi.sAsmpo. 

Asneo cellar, dungeon. «nmoi»0)< 

Aineej^ Palg* T.=^s9:ij. 
A^neo^A) see Asngcms^stu 

Asnel T. M. C. To. 1 . posteriors, anui 
of a ressel. ajcrn)(%QS a^v^cqo 
gl(ab «>Qj9<thl6ia9 <^<^^3£ ® 
penis. — ai5ne1(0s9^ (obsc.) Sod 
sns^aO§«> to break, tear in the i 
clothes, YCBsels). ~ A9rclcB;9g^ 1 
cD/oslo-iafiol. 2. A5neld9»9an Cai 
without the nut ft other analogies 
OTASoacs^os Asnsl opp. oeoisia^ 

(d^enoo kn^tham S.(=A9neab)Lam< 
blunt. ai5g?orD9CJuicB;3o a>gf2cnl4>Na 
r3jL?5>CD; a^ftffi^ YCh. to rouse onese 
(mjo Aaj^ao^ Bhg. indolence. 
A5|go)<mo (part.) backwardness; st 
^(A A. Q.6n^ CC. I griere. 

d^ernjJo kaii^dam 6. i. Pot=Aso 

round basin, esp. cayity on an altar. 

«Rid98«nBo Yl. (=ASr^). 

(dismunbS. son of anadultress. A*nE 
6mi}ajn09^ Bhr. idle fellows Yi 

d^GnrujaV) kni^^alam 8.(AfirTu>oor 

1. Man's earring <fii. sgg^9.'Oi3»ajA aQfi 
cr)9^(ob KB. proT. 2. a stop in ni 
(fe or cog)) **flnis" CG. etc. 
(dismueJ^ S. serpent. 

(d^snijj](6> kn^di'ya s.=d9blsr«l, • 
c3fe6<Yu51oOo kn^dinam 8- ir. pr. 

Yidarbha <fl)smD^onQ_j9fiid»«CT)9C0 o? 

(3%gnn kan^a (ft eaflroAg^) Meal 

46a6n26^nol kuigmavi (Ann9, a(X> 

small grain, Tory little A. OQ.iaeu 
£iacxdo Bhr 7. 

dMS^ — dB^r^ 


dB^rs^Vb — desrs^to 

m ]ni5ft T.M . (C.Te. fetter, tight) 1. Loop, 
H of bowttring, 4kai ayTnl§y not quite tatiafied 
t. Dotoh of bow or Arrow, stept of well or 
ladder, noteh or step in » log of wood or roagh 
ladder used for cliBibing (=ajs), 0)9smdktA 
oVfii^iS A9» proT.; incision to Join beams. 
A&gtcaa to make a notch oj^iroo A. or Adtn^ 
AqQd). Also ^7h A. Yi. to mould stones. 

Atto 1. So. leaps Ml). 2. Xo. notoh, tight- 
ness, elastieitj A. 04»>99i| ^a^o 4ktl^(o 
Bhr8. ooodexib &fD(0i8»«i. s>Ad9n§iai35^ 
cnsib KS. ojatotmsoBcX) Ae^iSat «i. Qd>9 
er^Oiiinfio Bhr. (bird). aro)3cni)d6« 4k, flL^ 
Ti. strong, tight; sioosaxuucnQjo AViZ7:aj\ 
C1K90 ChTr. ^ysi^apSi:m A.Q^sn^ that can be 
helped. aiMg^oBcb dT»o cr>g| «i. (SiDgyTB. 
things are out of joint. ajnrnt3cB;os 6^o a. 
CgjTP. A. fl9§y e2aj9rD3§ 5)a-j3a8in)^ihVob 
(Mpl. song) no joke, no possibility. (OiZZ^cA 
t^A^1i9ch 4k. fifing Yi. they salt each other. 

^ifSmo ku&anain Te. 6>dv9a Remainder; grated 
HeosaQt from which the milk is expressed, 
(ilft, (Lj)s^ (loc.) refuse. 

ka5ab«in 8. {4k) Noon time. 
\Si kaSarUTfa aM. (C. Tn. fi>a>oa>§ bore) 
^AqB^ To steb, pierce d§fiJi)ro<drmai^s, 

(inan a. BC. (8iO(rn^:oR3»9n& A. d^ioejlaxb a 
•il<flt«n^^ftjejl CG. [<s>ej CC. 

%aMi id. Ao8oA.t9roil<99a(o>a8o AsttcSAoejIcDo 

tAQ<fi> kuMiryaM.T. l. To shake off (= as 
^ fta. A); AAcSlcSA^AiYi. to lie restless in 
Wd. 2- to resist, quarrel ^g»j09^3§o Atn 

kkob knStl Yi. Moisture, see ArnlosA. — 
IR) kaU (C.Tu. boiling up, bubbling)!. Leap, 

llBOf. «M»W>A99V9abs=AAW>a)IBt^nno RC. 

I» Bift. T. (C. Te. {0e))heel, also «ft^A0(9b. — 
^ Mi^AorBbcKUg^ deceiyer, traitor. 
iHsIa* t. to boil, bubble up. Ys. 2. to jump, 
skip, o A oflaaVflknWns aaI^ Jii9£\ FT. leapt 
9A.aicn AcOa^s^kxiono KS. 

Aon.aD a little bird coasciDSKibo ttojcoo Aoi) 
^(aaonB9023 KR. 

cd^fCnVb ka6ir NoM. (see AoHr^di) Small mounds 
of earth in rioeflelds, on which the rice is 
sown and after it is grown sufficiently, is 
transplanted with a hoe. 

dOsrznVo ka6ira T. H. c. Tu. (Te. cxoooo, s. o^ao 

s, Malay, kuda) 1. Horse, from Acn'. — Ami 
A^:j^ 09^cm AflslroAcb KR. Ats^AiRBbipo a 
(0)1ro RC. AonorocSa 6)A9nr>js>AO^.TSioi9rsk pror. 
2. caTslry ArtftiroQ^o ajoAcsKijo TR. oaralry ft 
infantry (in S. enoosjo), also the knight in 
the chess. [neck. — 

Ao>lroA>|f anoMib (Aglrob) wared like a horse's 
A(cn)(OAi96mo So. gram, c^anlro. 
AoHrDdiftOiDab 1. horsekeeper, also AroH^^^o 
5m) B. 2. trooper, rider. m34k^o mg^ 

A^fOOBo KR. 
dai^ro®(0«i9gj[, — ^0cb;o horsetrappiogs. 
Aiot^rDO^Aajob trooper, a'sxd A^ceal Bhr. 
AiBlrDgjS=A(mlrD2. cavalry, ojoc^o A. 4kdi 

Mud. [A«Dir^eJ03i;o So. 

AfdnrOgujOCD^ 1. line of horses. 2. stable, also 
AmIfDgjiocqSB on horseback. Artnlrogjoo 0oi 

(S{^A to tumble heels over head. 
Aan^r^fiUo B. shlnbone. A. Aoj^on TP. a kind 

of (BI^Q^(JU0gj90r\)o. 

AoHrDt^&i mane. [j^^,, 

Atm^rDOcvooo riding, A'anoilrBb tsi^jii^nch 
A(m1rD&i<a&)srr)o(8io6lA YCh. to be expert about 

^^rwi. [Nayar under Tamflri. 

Atinn>ajga]BtoDXB^A K. pr. a baron over 5000 

Afon^Dajfijl spasms; pulling like a horse, a. 

Ao^A Yi. to be in a hurry. [einb. 

A^^Daj9eji||j|fBb B. a panicum, Ko. Aonmojo 
Ainirooorxib a portion of Tenmala between Tri- 

chur ft Wadaokanchery. 

d^(li)\(Oi<B> kahixxif^ So. 1. To grow damp, be 
soaked Yi. A'm)(^aO§A to soak. 2.== Arotos 

A f.i. AqponDSoA SMOAt^g^S^:^ Bhg 4. 0908 

OMtiiiQKib A2<Tio9aj9(n» KR6,77. (prh.sA 

ddi^dho — ddiXOf^Si 


— dMn^dn to Boak Y2, zsocu9i£\ia», 
TN. <fli^ij, A(£^2d (No. Qjinaa) ftUo (loo.) 
A^zb coooaaQt oil. 

d9a(g|d9ao kQ5a'yam 8. EagemoM, sea dh^oOfiJo. 
dcncoSl A, gogylojlQs ajo<^3nb Bh. A^Odiicn 
Mud. — - a>aiiOAs«n CC. Narada. 

ddi(^<6i(l5) ka5n'yil5a (Adn)Oniomatop., a ram- 
bling noise, mark of haste. 
A(S<fia^ 1. to take a ipring in order to leap 

A.-no «i.2(38ai OQa^ard jiio^oxib BSio. prh. 

= AdS^dh loo. si<flea)cb ODdejlfijo (cn)(38s)d9a 

(ScSAldBa&ply^^ ASTTUMBBcb Sk. dig? 

AS)<0aej<d9n^0firi the lapwing. [hnrry. 

(Q-i6a2SaO(7A) ASAfi,)cnjo Mpl. of boieteroas 
<^^ kaSQ S. Leathern oil-bottle, ^ftsans)!. 

(s^^ooajo kn6ahalam 8. (aunt) Oarioeity, 


d8BaJY0^<fi> knttaya T. M. (C. To. Te. H. joTJTD)) 
Farm, oontract, as for liqoor, honey, wax; 
monopoly (also dBM2l20ronq.T.). Ji)oro3c»(0«. still 
ft arraok shop. 0rod9e(oiaia>fi»fim(&t TB. timber 
oontract. Asog <fl^^ano)a> qqoq cns<0oa« MR. 
an under-farmer (opp. SS^njntaxSaofDob the 

(69(^c6> kattU'ya l.T.M.Ta.aC.(Beng.^'(») 
To pierce, stab, sting, a>3@ AiSRins ^tflftlaib 
coan^ (socoo AroRQQ^o(Jud.)bore. ^((5)gj6rnl A. 
to embroider Vs. Aspl d9i. to dig. Q_)nrn) qjosp 
fiKSV ai.Tff^(00fi6iai9 rooted np. aias^ruonb qj(ts 
nm qgjoflpfc prov. fint^oob eiooos^ actodo a^uy^ 
Mod. (^OQKn QJcfifiicnS^ A. DM. (Aec. or Instr. 
of weapon). Q<Q)Osrnl A. to push a boat with 
poles. ajlai3C2j^ai A. etc. to stiteh a leaf into 
a spoon. ^ooanobiA^o Aonsb) Mud. planted 
the standards* c^e A* to stamp paper, letters, 
ete. — T. n. of piercing pain (0)ej,Qjg>j <ft. — Inf. 
aiORBi^o^aiTi . to fly straight as an arrow, spirt 
oat. ^oo^^Ogo ai8(Oro)(tM)aii9cB'-9 slanting or 
perpendicular? dSMRi^aazi crofDcroo ajsmoB^ 
ChVr. 2. (T. C. Te. Tn. a|, Te. eia^z^, C. 
Ta- ^ok) to coif, beat in a mortar ((«iO(^ai.). 92 
OB A 3RMb is half work, ^nrv AmMsbSjjsmo Tn. 

8. to prick in an Ola, write, make a 
<8>fm<j9c A. Ys. to east an aoeoontf aa 
to erase. 4. (C. Ta. Te. T. a^^ A^ ] 
(SltOm to squat, sit on one's heela; a 
ag_j3«> head to sink ; 6MI A A 9b9 cnsd 
on all fours. 

Aimi^ C§A to pluck fruits with pc 

A(OrO e^tan 8o.=<o»OQ9ti9». 

Am) <41l^<da to take up fiM>Aej9croo 

AfMOBsOfiJoaa) CartT. A. 
A.iRct) Afijlcfie water to rash down. 

AflSToncfieOKQaA housebreaking. Mud 

Qaj9d9>, Qjl§ d9i. TB. (also mer 
oj9(a)l6jo Ami). 
A>m)(d8i3@ bored ear A. Afflsajcb^ 

A.mlcds&i assassination — AajnSloA 

derer — Aml^sA suicide. 
Am^5>(doS^, A.m< (BldS>5«6n to I 

breach, sew up a wound. 
A(mzOs)(38s3§d9a to calumniate (stab 

CT96TT>CD;n6 A.) 

AanDn^5>(0)<6a to beat up, as gold 01 
ArnlmlnscQggA to correct, as awriti 
Ami nr))5>o<0s) to ram, oram in. 
Am^oJOA (i^6uaQ2) ^ speak poii 
Arnig^s^dSs to press down, hold fr 
Amls>g-j9^d9a to open boils, to goa 
Am^Ag^o^cSa (ai9(ondb) to force opi 
ajro — to break into a house TB. 
Ar3Ti»l ^SiOtQ» to shelter. 
Amlo)aj(aA to Taccinate (see also s 

With Nouns Qaio Ami QjWno fell 01 
^s Aoji^^ to kneel, etc. 

CV. A.mliaa f.i. Ag-]93Vo A. to get 1 
tailor. Aoino 6>«>99asi AmloA 
(dTlsmQ AmlAi MR. (Doesxibo 1 
^ d3aKS{|s>s <oȣi<flM(i Aml^ ' 
to sign. fiT^nrK)A)9\| atkbi)^ 
Mud. a mode of ezeomtioa. 



u)im t^fliiW *m)«Kb the 
if Uriiar ia Calknt. KU. {diggen). 

Wft l.AaUb, prick. ^MBio^a;:)^^ 
B» c»tfkMqB|ooa>9oq| TB. got stabbed 
; sore, tbnut offWibvO Aa]Q^<^d 
S. stroke, dot, stop. ta^l^agB memo- 
Uteral translation. 8. pain otftijaa 
4. a blow, beat Adg^o ong^o o oi 

length of 4 ^6i f.L O 4k. aj§ TB. 
s^aeog). A(Q 4k. (2^rnid9a oi) ojsmo 
I TB. 

mrh moth-eaten (B. Job 18, 28.) 
ft to nnsewYi. [qJI Mpl. landed. 
» go straight in amocrnl 4k(Oi9)a3^o 
plantain leaf stitohed so as to form a 
; ao tfianikai oj^ejoojifi) senriog as a 

[man, etc. 
idb goring ox, boatman, tailor, spear- 

h (So. AoSkBaMob) a small post or 

rter, kingpost Ko.; a Carce B. 

1^ 1. to be pieroed (1). 2. to be 

(4) A0|2 Q^a»3e9o OJOo A*efiMIQOdrob 

[silrer thread, 
n^ needlework, chiefly with gold ft 

1 (So. also 4k§— ) Tessel made of the 

f Areoa trees. 

s= A^ORMi license to sell any particular 

iTi. «MB|0HC., A. dteoroof) licensed 

Ts. «»sQJJ(on» A. fi)d9>9^gjoa(> TB. 


OtTq^HR, a case of wounding. 

%o AQakaejo dhflnf^^ cug^CDnndib qQ 

iii£;jV||^(song) fall breasts. — AcqQ^ 

i woman with full breasts (opp. q<o)o 


\f^ catting langoage. 

oj^^ reaistance (as of cattle). 

i«aa lamp with long handle, Brahma- 


»aAio (S) leap year Vi.s. 

) ptrptadicalarly (sea lat 4kam 1.) 

dO^ kntra S.(a) Where? Al^iJlcsb Anj.sad 

daftCCnjCYio knlBUlftm S. (^bmus asking: whence?) 
▲base, resiling. ATrrucnojojoe Bhr. A(BnS^<0)o 
reTiled, contemptible cn>^eoa9;fi3(n§^ 0,^ 
4kaB\SWT)Q([9 Bhr. 49irsnS^'O30»^a6 Mud. 
denY. comS),^ AwS^^ oQOOo Bhr. 

ddaLDo kntham S. Tarlegated cloth, as for eleph- 
ant*s housings ALDe9a^.o Mana>oGQj^Q^o KB. 
Aix^MO^reoik on the carpet. [prayed. 

ddif^O P. khnf a Qod, asoqjIscdo^ Am^ Mpl. 

<fis§3aio knddilam s. Hoe. (Aa^di). 

d^(U^o kadhram S. Earthholder, mountain. 
dOsCO) knM T. M. (aiso^d))) 1. Semicircle, cnrre 

dkcnl^g^lc»ocX>BC. a^Qroicb Acn^BC. 2. small 

garden in the midst of rioefields dkCT)lg_jocnj, 

Asngo Am\fSi)Qts£\ MB. AaSloAob ^sA of 


AorSls^j^oj the blue jay. 

dkcn^O^^^ N. pr. an asylum for adulterers ft 
thieres in Yo^appanadu 4k. «>€)<d>cnl$>ejd9a 
aiOQcndSaaMOK) Anach. 

<ftcnl(sya> T. M. C. Te. to bow, stoop, bend 
^a)c}D Am£\di9m\ea^TP, a dog. ^^gsorflib 
aidcqgl dkCYTisBolasnTAlKal. siAo^ 4krn)cin9 
OojSQfij ajooBn^iis (jad.) a wounded person. 

dkcn^an 1 . to make a curTc ( Acnlgj in writing 
3 in a», 4k; 4kar))^ aiej)«8n 0>ei ^^ ®> tt)* 
4ka9):j^ mla^A to cause to stand stooping, 
a torture (ft ^cnlan). 2. q^iono 4k. to 
dance. j^SiaUb cnso Aor))agjs4>, (y)05(O:.o a 
oSlconioab BC; also to jump en^onb fi2<dn)6nr> 
00I7A A(T?1^ arD^dsao TP. 

aioo^(9en6ajOQ earth thrown up by worms 

80. (see A(6)(0c). [proT., also 4k. ftQojj. 
4kaSlcsKTb a large ant a. eel^oeio QOso&o 
4kor9ka9anb a class of predial slares W. 

deaOOlcQgo kanii(am (O. Te. deformed, impedi- 
ment, T. Yi. dkood^ sauciness) Dislike, male- 
Tolence. 4kCT)^(m aj04k (B. dkcn^?) to speak 
censoriously, to find fault with. 
4k(ni(^|^ooab Yi. litigious. 

dBaOdift — dBsC^ta 


deanrnl — dOaOfYd 

daanrdcd^csookanayanecc. Te. ^Dmis aq) Very 

small, little. ~prh. waying, oarling (= Aafi) 

AC!^^^i)>c>o KB. 

d^CClSh kimdam 8. (L. oontas, also T. Ta. C. 
Te. Am = (^cr) point, V^Aog^^) Luioe, gpear 
jiiosai. jaTelin. 9<OiOiO»^9cacAdk, bayonet, a 
atftcgo o^nRf^o^s^i^QJcnD Had. 
AOOdtio^ spearmen. 
ACTODceAO^ prop, kingpost in a r%of Yi. Palg. 

Aooceayab, — 6)$)<aa, — ois) parts of a spear. 

AnoDg-jQB'OQ spear exercise. 

4aiCTO)^9S a song at marriages (loo.) also^m 

«»(TQ)06rn^ 1. T. So. C. mortar for beating paddy. 

2. bandspike, leyer y2. 
A^oejl (T. ACTOoa^, Palg. Acroao) pickaxe 

TyM. ors=<ft§oajo. 
A9aQ>Q tbrust of spear, play with spears V2. 

(di(VTi^ kandalam a. (=^ao>rob) Hair of the 
head A. (sr^Sisneooa c^ajo CG. jxsejrsb A. etc. — 
Acnnat^nb a fish Ti. 

dearfoTl knndi S. of a tribe. — the mother 
of the PindaTas.Bhr. — M. in jiiosm^ A 
(ToJl ball, (gr^cnAoil (C. — ^:b\} N. pr. resi- 
dence of Biyar KU. 

<fl8C^<fl> kundn-ya T. So. To be lifted np (C. 
Te. Ta. to shriTel np); to walk on tiptoe. 
Acm^stt freq. 1. id. (ga^daflsr^o fi)d>3sn^ A 

jjlaieb GP. 2. to prance, stumble, trip y2. 
VK. Acnalgj gallop V2. 
<iqp)a>afab tiptoe. AooKob YK. 
4kgQ2d«Qg Yi. the eye starting out of the socket 

(also Anno — ). 

d6ac^(9dB6b kTmdanikkam(S.Ao§, Ac^rcBaK)) 

Aocf^rD^dSao MM. Frankincense, resin of Bos- 


ACBo S. Jasminam maltiflornm (AfOBorngJ ) A 

4aKnaob a Perama| Col. KU 
from his residence at Atm^ouo 
Ao near Cannef^. (better Aorr 

d^rrn\ kuiiM t. m. (S. {oon) 1. A 

torius; the speckled seed Aorn^d 
as weight A(ml(OQB<a*o, — (o^eosm* 

^tV ^^^°* Ors4 AODf^, ^ 060 

(6808 Agjo^ab g2§3^o ^nnoo pro 
oaig_j| TP. of Abms pattern. < 
croooroo d^T^go (opp. AQomafto qqj 
ecirDlcnjAfml a tree, 6>A)ak<m) B., 
a glycyrrhiza 5)aj6rab(mloaja]»o an 
upper part of the ear (hill-likej 
Qaj^ 022. dSn a school pnnishmei 
jS\(^^ AsigJIan TP. to make a d 
S. cartilage of ear. 
A(Tnig_|Od a paste of goldsmiths. 
aKrn^Qj9a> (see Ananb). 

ddiCrrd kaM^ (T. AnbQ, aq, Te. e^s 
Ta. ^§) from acid, see AaQ>o. 1. ] 
tain (in ojQalcdscno, s^oeejaBbcns). < 
cm Qj)^ hantg. ojon^ Acm^mQ 
cb;qo proY. goes to his lair. Anns « 
to root up, dig np. AnrnlnbcLjoo b 
A3(m3a.o Aojonno qao^ai pror. 
heap. 8. fort, hillfort oi) AmsAc) 
g^^; A. ^S)&^ 0O5QJO SIAdcm 
cnl^ono TB. fortifies his position. 

Hence: Anms^Ai to enltirate hill- 

AODvib 1. mountaineer; ignorant, 
on tiptoe (V^Agg^A) 8. * kind 

A. OIO^ Yl. 

AnfTK^idnl 'pressing bills down** a 

Acmo aM. (aT. Aiboo) movntafa 
(onsza, jiiQAono (a^.m) TB 
ificb mountain splitter, * title. J 

AODfiJO Aioob (oioej) Lord over hi! 
Tamuri; also Anrn^ono 9A9cnad 

A(m)(ds) 1. to pile up, heap up. m 
Aisti9«cno Yi.Aajtt^CE^^Anrn)^ 
2. Am)^t^J0r)SAiasA(1B»UBa Ti 

dkra» — dB^g,41 



tmkni 8iPii.seej0^ PirTati, a 

i««)a*rDaKi6 Siva. 

n^NlQ moaotaiiMtr tribes, as a^^ka/ct 

' A059ftA. [hanters. 

43J9^ kontg. custom or usage of 

nUUn Tdbh. {OOBo, also ^ifvxib. 
b knUisii 8. Provoked, aogrj (see 

pa T. M. C. Tb. (as 0. Te., Aijl 
yoj T. C. Te. To. heap) Heap of dirt, 
ps, refose mds^^ a., o^^eio a^c;{jo 
, aide of the hooie A^dOacns, a^<ds«pi. 

ski^daa A.ete. Agja»)(bbaid<0aai3n6aa) 

omeo SiL fbod only fit for mamire. 

a»Wttai a low serriee. aQSHmotiSeo 

, A^Ag^SAi^rvo met. tb. don*t pro- 


«1daB>^iMa§ a large yam. 

I AmaraatiiB polystaehjs. 

9 depreoiating name of oiie*B home, Id 

ing to kings yi.cs4i^_jyos Ko. 

^ Aealjpha Indiea. 

u), — OojA Tinea parriflora. 

In^piyam t. m. Tq. (C. Te. a^ 

^soDo) Jacket, gown, robe, oj^b^^ 
k. fisvob proT. A*mW e| (gsml PT. 
le^cSi button. a^3»«b9A ar- 

I flOS^^t. or QoVdi. an under-jacket. 
trowsers. — oojsnb A. Mpl. jacket, 
legyespo TraT. stats-robe, see crflfoofio. 
jroga Ko.=s(oa8cuxib — 
Uj^l a Behites earyopbyllata. 

ffi T. M. C. H. (8. Agoj?) 1. Vial, 
hjafly of crystal; AgJ) Acb Kal. a^ljI 
ionmsoB on(skij)ft««eaesxD a^acbi 
IftAft) CO. (chandelier?). Ag^9ts^9%o 
mWm Ac^M 8tnti. 2. the brass 
wm «n tha tips of balloeks' horns. Palg. 
A UMthyst. 
wmch^j^oct lie. ialmoa. 

A^gJ Webera eorymbosa Bh. 

A^ttmcm^ ( — g_)ro«rni) glased jar. 
da^a-jWol E. Oompaaj esp. of soldiers (see 

ACDJflDol) doa A. (8ir^s)ftc%Q rnibzi)^ TB. aj a 

coifij A. peons to prevent tobacco smuggling. 
<^fiA hippf Heat; ddioJldMA tee d^dX^dd>. 
cfla^4p kapyam S. l. Irascendnm. 2. any base 

metal (po.) 

cte(S6Qja)ab kaMndi 8. The God of riches, 
«)oaHE9aj6mn6. (f. ^^ 00.= ^o^. 

(3%6Y^Ctb knfija^ 8. (V^&<sm')Uamp backed, 
d^Ch koma l.T.M.(0.^ — ) Bruising, beating 
A0O AodoA to get stripes. Aid fiog^^aic j^qs 
«>rd crfl OG. flog some. Ae^ooj 8iPu.=QB;Q9 
g-)3JLi, playing-pnppets? 2. So. (T. AO«aj, 
dfcy) heaping up. 
dM)0«s 1. T. i^. to beat, bruise. flsm\}QA9«r^ 

AO0d^ BS. 6M«(03 SaoOCDBcb (8103JQ(D A 

«)eAiQ{|o Mud. 8naAD\iA iiiacSlj^ a. MM. 

2. to heap up. (^, ^i,^. 

(fisC&rzn) knmaU S. (a) IU*disposed, see nv0 
d^Qi^ kumaSi; A timber tree (No.) 

d^C2i^ knmala ft cfiscSlg Bubble. A. 9(uM)ai 

6>ajNEi|o Ifid.sOojoa; also Aoia T2. 

A06)a.A» to bubble up. 8o. 
cfiBC&DfDob kmnarail 8. (easilydying, infknt. Yed.-, 

G. konros) Boy, son, youth; heir apparent. 

Snbrahmanya (in opd. N. pr.) — also A2)3^ 

AcaoA CG. 

A09(OOoOiD<rr)AU) the story of the recorery 
of 10 dead children (EnmE. =s cndooDdnn 

ocooQjoftio). [CJomorin, T. also Aa^ol. 
dBi0O(o) 8. daughter, Tirgin ; Durga, as at Cape 
AasfD^A 8. id.=6aj9e!nA CG., CC. 

d^ kuBli T.M.C.Te.(seeA0lI., Axi))Ueap, 

as of rice, stack, pile Yi. 2. 

AalcqjA 8o. T. n. to be heaped together. 

Ae^dOe So. T. a. to heap up :s Acm) A» L !• .oOOO 
OMOOoOa a£^^^§ Arb. 
cfisc£lq(d> see dOa^ — 

ddiiCS\^j dBK2l6o kawSl T. M. 1. 8o. Anything 
globular, knob, poouiel. AdSacXtAAaer^ A. 


dOaCgdo — (dsOQJSP 


daftcnl) — 4BM2t2§l 

QLj(al<d«So. toinlaj. 2.No.(='^nb8o.)mii6h- 
room(C.$)co3fl), said to spring up, where light- 
ning enters intodamp ground. Kinds: fiiorDldM. 
eatable, ODgy A. y aj^(d8.,aLjnr7?ld9s., (6300)06 <ft. 
poisonous, aroaeetc. different fungi ; also 5)aj^ 
(om «iQcX> es^^ a mod. 8. a tree, Omelina 
Asiatioa, also dbcm^do. Kinds:5)iiiaab0^sp Bh. 
Aeginetia Ind. oSlfiJdSealsP Qaj(h V2. raiz de 
Ae^iP So. the round stone at the end of the 

watering machine. 
A0lft Ko. (T. dSi^a^) a golden eye or egg^ 

as sxnoolg-jSimlsaj oojoibAs^fiL Col. 

^(^Qo kfUnucTam (how cheering!) Nymphasa 
esonlenta = (sr^crucab. 
A'sojocnuajob Mud. the moon. 

ceiCgQ<d> knmnhllfa l. To be hot,close(T. AZ 
Q^Si), 2. T. all. thundering sound, o-jsa) 
«Bc)o A£i6\ BC. A0)o<ai^o <ai§aision Pay. 
dM^ooA Ko.t=s)ajau{9b oppressiTe heat. 

(fiscru kumba Tdbh., aoso l. Belly (low). Oiiio 
cnatob «mqj <9ie4(Sa^^(snnD TP. aou ^atg^ a 
drunkard, glutton. Aou^fi^lTP.nameofacow. 
^iioriKtvab potbellied. 2. N. pr. f. TP. 

d%ciaJ6Y?r^ E. Oompanyf chiefly Gai^QOdcn^)^-) 

g A. TB. The Honorable Ck>mpany. a. (uvm^ 
(do the Compos GoTernment (TrP. has <fiKnjior^). 

dd^orUrob ktunbal (a^, a^q,^) inward heat. 

da30fUrroD^396», — rroDfOo see o<d»Daiicn}0. 

ceicoJ^o kiunba)ain T. M. C. (Tu. axms, Beng. 
AaciJD fr. 8. ^cgo^muo) Cnonrbita pepo. — a 
cnja«e pumpkin. A§)Q;gs)s ai^.mlrob a. Qa^o 
cq^ s>a)§l TB. (to shame the thief), ^^ainb 
4kcnjiA«e a gourd used against poison. — a 
cnjlftonoisn;, — (Cion&jmed. GP. kinds: cnrooinb 

4b.y £t^(S^<09, or fi>6)Cnd9S. 

AcaiftiSRioejl a neck-ornament. 

d6aauiP Oombala, & <j%(tu% i. K. pr. of a 

TuluBaja*sresidenoe. Acniy^ (8id9(DQ((8idk'0uii&), 

TB. ACDJOa (D90aQ)oa\^o8i9aj (doc.) 2* A 
coJA Bh. » plant (Banlaeasa?) 

(fiscnJn kombi l.(T.healaAa3M»)]fl 
d9iaijl(Dl, So. SiOTxA, 8. l^o. penis 

d9»ciaj|6o knmbil (Acnj) l. Tempon 

made of a stitched plantain leaf (So 

Vl. 9^ooad AcnS^ftlob Aoafi pro 

(SiOfD^daKDjl^o ai.'gnf)aj9(»ATP. «a i 

bag. 2.=A0lc)o. 8. aioGijcboauBtOt 

(one ofaj6iau^&Jo)aiofaji^o .i^kojoai 

cfiscn^ kombl} T. Closing, oontraottoi 

cfiBCYlJl^dS) T. M. C. Tu. (ft Ae&^A)n. 

down, prostrate oneself, worship. . 

\pa» to fall on the faoe. <nDaini9tf 

AS^^ Acm)^ <fih)s<fla amed. oj 

c^S^^ Qj^aS2 cuoeo €ia^^ Bhr. bowed 

a. T. d9icnjl^(0a f.i. Qj(^^ssgl^o ^cnS^% 

were ashamed. 6>0(a>Acnj)^a82 < 

order to take a handful. 

a. y. d9icnji§(q|^di=a>cu)(^a> f.L 

d^So knmbham S. l. Jar, pitcher. 

KumK. (Tain promises). Often ec 

breasts dSiuiiAofiflBcb ete. A deeo 

towers Ocoo£Lj(D3<c^oco3asi8i AosoBd 

^nrio Kal. sxusrBsrn^Ba. etc. S. . 

Aoca>oo9l. 8. the 11th month « 

also AosfiBOoocSlrbb (doe.), acqmb 

ooj^B^o 6>«>9sn| TP. (AcniooKsVa 

sidered as peculiarly dangerous). 

globe of an elephant. 6. other pr 

swellings, pregnanoj. 

Hence : dsiosdk^q;^ K. pr. brother ofBi 

^os^o&Qi (8. — a)90fij) a kind d 

or dropsy Hid 16., high degree of 

elej, (So. (SKUJoej). Aos^seleiA 

AofiAoronb potter. 

Ao£i (4) elephant. n 

Aofilojo^o (contents of a jar) K. pr, 

<Q^QQi<Q6!i P. komak, Assistance. fi»l 

<di. fi>uii^ to ally. 

d%ac2§l knsuiuHti (T.oa^oeBslfir.Oi 



cftCQjcni— <ft(06no 

wuBis ooloojmtliHi, aIbo oojQ^mgl, 
»ple 0P7O. — QAiaabza^ Caenmii 

E. OommtiidAri A*«)rd cruoscno 

Tippa to the oiroomoiied Cod«ga 
Bm AmcnftdOdo ^^ TR. a oom- 

QEOnal Ho.=:ACfiirbb8a1trine88,maBti- 

muiiitti (QAtoaa, «><o>32bo§o q. y.) 

Bluidrak£|i,P»lg. (=:T. oojoOBTib) 


mmittf So. «k aLkml(0ft To insert 
it of a bond in flgaret, when sigpiiog 

nmun&yam T. m. Tq. (ai;^) Lime, 

ihiefly for bnildiog. (kinds: atgeljOe. 
6>ajai<0e., a»nAd9e.) «t(a)b)ceQ. cement 
mod. A. fl2§A* 9(aii0tt to plaster, 


adi) a trowel. 

S^ l.Palg. limestone. 2. No. brickie 

mi T. 8oM. (Aag) Clapping hands, 
women. [^aalwnl) Very little. 

kmnini^i So. (sAsre^Tn^, see &. 

Q^ 1. C. Te. T. To beat in a mortar, 
8. AaiMft, «i2Baib descriptiTe of 
sanrogg a>(r){Qkj)^9(o)c(2{o «nr)ft BC. 
iTe coals. 
see cs^OdCUob. 

yil T. M. (0. aa\(A 8. 9d!>^,9A?)aio 

) 1. The Indian cnckoo, Cuealns or 

s orientalis AOtfleC^go Aoa^lejo Osao 

MBMvW MC. blaokbird. cftakCBnoaJS 

laid to consist in aj6BU0(Docoo CQ. 

a small orab. 8. the steel of the 


. a very black person. 

n6 Cnenlns melanolenons (loo.) 

Kiaaipkftscb woman of pleasant Toice, 


dasOy coJj^ koTOmba-pl (S. «iavofio)Cartha- 
mos tinctorias, safflower. 

cfis^ajb knjyal AGgjkA (prh. A<^32Mob) Spoon, 
small spoon, To. aaud. 

(fiaro kora T. M. (C. Odkoro) Disagreeable sonnd, 
coagh, barking. a»:iiS)cho dWD QQjoqgJ^oee 
ono(Ta.) silence the dog ! kill him. Qjddnaxao.'sb 
ega A(0 B3 cu»Qi ji|0 a med. Qi9»9((0ft)d9ard 
hooping coagh. 

AarDide T. M. to oongh, bark, hem. cnofD^m 
daiArD^Bhr. grew old ft asthmatic. AS)ro 
^^nm ojgl er»cT)9^o ais^dftMflgy KumK. 

(fisfOoCOo knran^am S. Deer. 

d^(OGS*^ knranni} T. H. C. Te. Monkey, chiefly 
Macaco (prob. from atd) hon. A^dnenb f.i. 
ArDcseaaoib RO. KR. a)ead9erMaBCia3(b (gofnloj 
g^ Bhg. you stand not before tile monkeys. 
Also dkrooa^nb, A(Q^si(Oj»iib Bhr. dhroaa 
ojVoA BC. Kinds: a)(o)aabrD«a§, jcolaeadas. 
etc. etc. — word of abase: d»>gBd9«rD<oali)cn (m 
§^ 925>sp^5nb <mQgpgj|oa]Q| a)aaj(0)^(Tr)3(Qo 
egy<l(»o Mud. [|,ejnj^ fou grown. 

ddi(t>J^(A konddal Bo. Fruit ripening before 
dkrosFio) (T. a tune) mire, mud, fine clay. aH&p 
(OalrDOQO^cqjo dhrDsno^a^ (what ought to be 
in front of houses). 
dQafDSOaj T. M. see e^d^OOSOOJ . 

cfisfD^ lniia49 Cr* <ft^9 fl"!' P'o^^^f ^- Te.Tu. log) 
1. Piece of wood Ana .aicB(ni)arD§ log. 2. round 
wood worn in the ears to widen them, also dk 
Qsng. 8. inside of cheek airogoiBK tfKUOolai, 
QjocBiVBb dMdgfimtsO^ Cg^A Tantr.; also jaw- 
bone, gums ¥2. 4. a measure (Ao^?) oon 
<fli. UXY)0 «^^ = 0(d>9s)p 

(3e^a)§ see (03O§. 

dOstOBdd) karaftu'ya = ^oiHg^ ondQadooiae — 

Qa)9rD«)abvO aigj airc§a>Q^o TP. Did mischief. 
<0irDgl«8Aflsa9 T^o.sdkSPdSttloajj^ put in dis* 
order. ^(S\ o^ au trodden under feet ft spoiled. 

d%a)6no kniailMk (=«k^) Logi ttaap, gnarled 
wood. saiooJW ^ proT. 


t^fwy^ — d6a(D3a]k 


dQ&rD30d3— dOlUIB 

t6)(D5ns kura94& ^ *ov' jangle fniit (8« «K0 

d%fD5ins) kora^^i (l^o* stone of fruite) l.aA 
(D^ Board used as seat, stamp. 2. a med. 
plant, Rh. 3. So, palmyra fruit (see «iOg) 
4. Palg. stone of palm-fruit, see foil. 

<3es(06n^ k0Ta94!} M.C.(s<flirD^) Log; ear-orna- 
ment of women oa>09r«o&i<»oaik dk(09^o SiSiQ 
QjoproT. (al. ATDOfo, — sni^Q^o) — ^MmcK^o 
dSMdsngo <d)|f^, Q0ool TP.f-see preo. 

ti^((ierr\jO(Bio & dBarOfinso ]nilft94^^ 9* bellow 
amaraathf «in9o aKOsnxuo Kal« 

<^^g-Jo korappam 5.(H.kharara) Cnrryoomb, 
also — g-jn6, — - qa dbfOg-jai^ih to curry. 

d%(Dcn^ kurambl} (T. dam, 0. to dig) & AfDOU 
Nest made by a sow before littering. 

cd^rorOo knraram s. ft — fol^ Ospray scnfnoSlg 

A/D(oU>cB/9^9eja:>j KB. ArD(DlQQjo6>ai ^(^z^ 
cm cnShii BS. 

(03(Dd) kural T. So. ft d%(06o C. Ko. (AO)) 
1. Sound, Toice ^€h\(A<09(Q(A q_up1<08o 6)00!^ 
BC. louder than thunder. Q0^>Qi(darDaiib dfoio) 
6)uiiQ sidOAsmoej) BC. airoaicoli ^^smo OoLjoroo 
cn^ocol'nansnmD KeiN. 2. throat ik(0(A AS^ 
3^ QcS^:^ Ouii9(£ten6 TP. A. <Bios>5(de to choke. 
a>(£l(S(Q03;arAVib<ftrdAai9ei)a>€)d KB. 6).'o>9sne 
(dQrD6j)ej5nB9o a med. a disease, alsodMDcobmo 
ifi windpipe. 8. top of tree, neck of palm tree 
ai(Dch qqoibko (^8011 <mflg-jOQ proT. «irofi<ae. 
(Siosp)aj)(darocX> exact riTcr-mouth. o^q ajgsnr) 
anat(p)aj)d9<aQOai3^o KU. 
«>0(S«rDaijnb BC. black throated, Siva. 

(SQftfDOJ knrava T. So. Shouting, esp. of women, 

<03rooj<6}o kuraya'yam S. (saoIsp^P) Red 

amaranth (T. Lawsonia), a)roaj<d>Q^ dOB oia) 
oO^bb soBxid) <oiaB<jQK^o Kal. 

cfii^D^ kurala (T. ai-^g) Talebearing, slander, 
sowing dissentions. 
AftficdAoA 5)-a)3nm 5)i&i9g4(&>cX>6hr. backbiters. 

(flafD^o BPe dfefO.TJb. 

c63<03(«b knral T. M. (to. <h) ^ ) q. t. a. 0onb A 
kind of deer. dh. aSioo brown. 

A^oej)(0a So. to have the ey« irr: 

dust etc. [Henbane, Bji 

c&(D3CydD6ro| knraSa^i t.So.cacbsov 

dd}(6) kari what is small (8. a kind 

des(Dl<£^(?sb kllriyil( Acaoj^) i. SmaU hire 

dk. eoocroo 0^0200 GP.d^rDCEpOlbl^ 

A.=:^rolc»900 (}P. eaiflk. falooohe 
2. T. M. daiK^<d>l(abiO)9ai ConnarM m 
6)ajaa8ai. Omphalobiumpinnatam^ |g 
a poisonous kind. 

dte(Dldd6^ korikka (Aaa«a) Breaking 
efflorescence. M^cflegJip), M^ee 4k 
to throw up earth as worms. 

d&(0V666 koiikk) Young fruit (A(n<ei 
<fiarola(d>ai Glass; graTel, see A(»^ 
dda(D)j4 Bee cfiaCZB^. 

d^rDloaTtb kariyaii (No. dkoa T. AtiSl) 

paddy-bird, 9A9«m9ak(Qi. 
AfoloEuob, Afo^^oA (Tu. *5>g^) a matl 
basket of pandanus leares; also 

«K0^ai;9^ N. pr. district in Gadattaf i 
d^(S]^y de&(Q^rr\J Port. onUi Croaa. 

I. ddi((^ koxJJL S. N. pr. of people, ooai 

(Cyrus). AOScdacX) Bhr.ssOAWQQiik 
of the Cora prinoea, gtanaoMEMM 
(Ottorokoro, Ptol.) a country in tha fi 
Tcrbial as paradise. 
Ansdkfiio Bhr. =oa)0(oajdb. 
Aas®a&K(S)o the battlefield of the 
Pa^daTas, near Paniput. Bhr. 
IX. <Qi(Ch Tdbh.,^(Qi; hon. pU AfCMi 
<3BiacX> 1. Teacher. 4i)&) a-iO^^^ A* 
9g^Qo «^<8aGB04b 6>jaiag2Wicn O* 
2. a class of NayerysScftOQ^, in i 

III.<fia(lB 5. (=AQ what is yoaag 
1. Pustule, boil| smallpox. AOUute 

TB. sores. 2. kernel, nut, aap. oi 

ArodajQconi Aosg) j>kBa njyB^ j 

also: fruit of OojioorA etc. 4mi^ 

dMMQ — A(9I6«^ 


dBdfQfiril — «6iO 

MB ^#)s)§y lP.a <^ Ag^ 8. "So, horon, ss a 

1. to sproat, thoot; henoe air^dSn 
q. T.; ^aio AnBAi Ys. oommenee to 
bsre • beard — Aosroni a\)oni>9Qj9«rBi3As 
RC. i. to break oat, obleflj smallpox tm 
QXB ArtB^ aaj99§ (oarse). Al06)<fln«mo 
nQJpodaasme df^nBOdSaODo erSlotiSasmo 
prayer for Boddeo death. 

TV. A<T8^ 1. ■prooting, a. qj^qs^ paddy 
■proated for aowing B., «i. «>wgb a stake 
growiog when fixed in the ground (=^9S 
ojtti'Sidn). 2. Ko. amallpox. dUKQ^ atlcS) 
s>:ui8e to raednato. eoro^idaas^, a>snB03ai 
ifltrts^ ^§l9ajo9§ (enrse). 

*(S^^ejl or — QgsP SideroxyloQ spindsam. 

A'acn)^ 1. matter of a boil. 2. first ex- 
tracted palm-wine (AfDicm). 

*fli^rteaiRi) (^tm 2.) the real cotton plant. 

«oe)tfl prominent eye, ^ofQcBe. «ej9.aKr)o 

•ii^^fc real pepper (opp. Capsieam). 

MkBft knnkta} (acq in.) l. Yonng fruit <ft 
BiV^iy (T. AOBA ft «inB(fi»anEb))G»rtnera 
«nao 8« 8. (a A^<0e) entangle- 
ropeknotB., benee «kqmo9«i=A9<Q9<0). 

m% kQni4l} T. If . C. Tn. (Te. ^^) l. The 
ima ll cit firoit of a bnneb (aao^), Imperfect 
init (Aia^), a eertain yam. 2. blindness. 
*. m mff >€iQ j §A Yi. grow blind. Aa8^d»6rT6 
Mtad eye; 4i(iB«|(Utf) walking like the blind, 
Ml itraigbt. 

iMisob 1. blind man, Aivdf <9»g|^f. «KtBs^, 
^ 4M»&)jp(Aa8s)c»9CEu) 8iPa.).aj)oQj)<0e(ca 
\ snbYs. bUndborn. 2.8k>w worm,also Arcs 

m/ns9^ Yi. bUadneis. 
jjMiftfBCy Ho. gravel., So. glass. 

P^A kiini^yft (T. Afseian, aee aq~) 
|b fvr, eoo, rattle in the tbroat Oa^Mm ArǤ 

^^^ [cno^. oowhage. 

InUIIQA So. Jasminom maltiflorom, 

dOdflsroTI kimiSi T. M. l. Blood. AfC»«»^gjcnfBb 
Bhr.= 9jalO(D^^; Aro9;on»(B;3isra 0^^ BC. A. 
AQd9A^d)9gjO> ft A. 0o)(d8i TP. to diminish 
or bring back the blood by charms. 2. also 
dbramSl, mixture of red turmeric ft chunam, 
representing blood in demon worship A. d^ifi 
aa ete^ also cvS^ffimo. 

d^fOi'lT^Tl konitti (= A(S^fSV<A) Basket for oatoh- 
ing fish (made of oroo^Qj|gy,6>5)d)>Aoi3fiJeto.) 

dtefg^>irg) knrattaT. M. Sprout dhfiB^mlg «(0)«]B3 
GP.=Q«>ft^ 9f0imBX The spongy substance 
inside a horn is called S)4»>3nf2j dUiracEQ Y2. 

Afcicm T.M.I, sprout, shoot, f.i.5)jiiafi)«9aro9 
moMH . ec)o<fi«^<Tio the mind. 2. TriohlUa 
spinosa, which is rubbed on the cut spatha 
of a palm, when tapped for palm-sugar ai 

(QrnoArDdBfli. [Corundum). 

d9ir;anm<d)g4 B. pipeclay (perhaps T. dhasooDo 

cfisr^BCSnnnfDl knmnneri B. Hastiness, precipit- 
ancy (perhaps d9irc8Qcror£l). 

cfiB^mJ knrnmba T.So. l. Tender, young cocoa- 
nut (d9iro9(6«). 2. sweet toddy (AOaorflfb). 
8. SanscTiera Zeylanica, the fibres of which 
are made into bowstrings. Odjaaaabroscnisajft 
MM. amed. 4. f., see jaflQou. 

ddi(O^OJ(Bio knniYa'yam S. (or ArQd+(moA>o)=: 

dbroQj<d>o f.i. GC. 
d%rifiQj|klirayi(=<ftrDl<sOrab) T. C.Tu. Sparrow 

auspices. A1soaiasQji(skQ_i<£ifia)(loc.)= oisoto. 
d6a(0)6o knnil ft (diQ6o T. M. C. Te. Curls. 

cflafWGcrOfDl ft JgrWCSorofOl Trouble, preci- 
pitancy (see ainsaorrvDi)=s6riy&jL)g_jo^ eto. odi 
fDO^j^esro oD^fnb eos AaaQcrorol gsn^ TR. 

d69(^a-io kniUbam S. (a) Ugliness. 
d^6s(0dd6i see dd\(0 — hence aiAfOo S. Dog. 

ddscSisHfiJo Inirldlam =<ai8BbeJ^cB;o(S. ^c^ejand 
^gjej) The bdellium tree, in MM. AQd9cfi4. 

dOdO kohl T. M. (C. Te. Tu. fi> A90) V^AQ, Want, 
defeot, blemish; disgrace a)^4MJ!)c(^S oQ^Qt^o 



<ftOd6s— dOicS) 

AOQiyo (SiooiGDOo TB. rifting or falling off (see 
^Od9to). ^aOAda (fS\<dsi to mend, oomplete. 

tfkO6)(0D3eal a threfttening meteor, oomet (?) 
(Bi^dhooaflnf^ni (T)la»5n6 a. 8k. 

4ic>asreftCUgJ^6Tnfi)ec)o BC. headless trunks, 

aiocnosp^ false measure. 

aoqj^, AO0ocr)o defioienoy, abatement c^o) 
«6anrTMnlcm dOB aioais) ojorilgy T&. they 
are still cutting at the same rate, 
n. T. cfi30CQ;j<d> 1. To abate, dwindle, sink in 
price 6Rioob aQocOmo Aoojjmo why humble 
myself? Aosn^Qajoa^l (f.i. Q6U(a^croseo 
Mud.) became less. 2. to be deficient, short, 
little. «iOQj(s what is deficient. AOOsiDOons 
dkno TB. With Dat. (8iD(dQcno§ aaaoeio 
oios^ AOCB/oob BC. he is not backward 
to fight cTen Sira. A09cnooa» a bit, a mo- 
ment ^oW(3o AooDo^go (0i^a»oproT. (too 

YK.I. AOj^(A want, scarcity oajgacBeo^rgb (of 
water); col«Kmi<08 <ftO^(gk ^oemcro TB. 
falling off (opp. oioso). 

IL AOQj 1 . deficiency. AoajQcSs to perfect, dko 
QjQ(0Ritt(2 Vi. (=cro0oa^o, m^Sismt^^ Ao 
cuQa2BKcuoa\>ajl<0e Bhr. helped. Absence: 
6Q^'SjuiceeoQj(= ««>§, odlcntn) t, disgrace 
ajsfi)aj|nrrk(fncn9(ab Aoojlgy Anach. no 
degradation (to Brahmans). 0100^ cm aoqjI 
gy Mud. 8. = AOA q. T. 

Inf. dkoov, A90 little, less, minus (u^j^aiOCB) 
cnsondQ KU 890. dnnodkcxv .oOOO ^o<0e 
TB 999. dkOCB}e)«r.og9<d> Mud. to count for 
little, to despise. 

AcxB^, AQo^ Tery little o^gyoajnao dkoco; 
y^ aicxd'^ fi)a>3§aS2 TB. gaye each a trifle. 

a. ▼. d6a6)0<d6t 1* To diminish, abate, lower, 
disgrace. aqo^aoJ:^ broagbt down. 009(S)o 
AODo eu Ifal. to make lighter. 2. to cut off, 
as the splint of trees ojcrn^ AO^§ ^as2 
died through the hog. oi^oeofoljsa eroo a. KU. 
8, (Bioaabo A. to fight a dael, as ordeal or in 
honor of a Ood, as at Tirunavai A(Q cna^oiRA) 

0^^ oa>x}o<d> Col.KU. fliDQjocr 
s)as)o^ lightning strnok. mmi 
Qi9)0^d9tt to take up the bones of a 


AQO^ f.i. ^cne A/ao^ooLoiiSx: 

YN. AOO^oTU. = ACXU . A*03d9a 

A*S0 (T)s^ rarely used. 

d%Od% knxaifi) (T. Aosk) 1. Qm 

mala Yi. 2. (s&ogj) ham, 

d%0§ koh^!} T.sAfD^ q.T. Piec 
for shoes, ajaiMaio^=6>(M£^s;s^ 
AO§ l.nut, kernel =(Bn>ra^. ^ 
• hand or foot. 

dBaOob knrail in Aoolovos^^dson 

summit Ko. of Cu^yadi. 

cfi^oajctb kniaya^ T.M.C.Tu.(« 

AoamS^. 1. Wandering tribe of bt 
snake-catchers ACKpsies, heredi 
of Brahmans> dSKDca^ -AKom aooj 
who has lost his liTelihood. .nlgj 
Od KU. Classes : «)9<0MBaoQjn6, « 
Pujaris, ocuejltdeoainb chiromaz 
QJ06 q. T. eto. AO(aiQ|)d9a 0M>A4b: 
Q^^ a Tamil poem,.whieh they 
pr. of men A women. 
c6)06o ku^al T. aM. (dSM^) 1. 8hi 

ArDcb f. i. oQ6>nbo A(06)S. ojls^j^ 
Aocbeoob B. a certain deer (pei 
0onb). [ai 

AOft T. aM.s AfOft baekbiting 
dhDftnb dwarf. =d9igBnb. 

cteOl kuH T. M. C. (500) T*. C. ' 
1. What is short, a mark, sign, 

head, cnacB;^ Aol (Doeo^o OsjOc 
<ee6^ ^nriDo QoiOo «Mh9§ TP. «i 
GEbia Bhr. (women), oorvokv ojs 
«d>ogjo oQ)§^oo Bhr. all yiMu di 



cfiacSldBQ — cftdW^CDl 

•ttXBon— yCng — * ^^fi— )• 2. aim, 

or. Ao)omM9tA to «im. 8. notai 
CSQAotf^Dpoil replied. 4. lot, Bbare; 
lotterj kept ap bj a namber of eqoftl 
lion, repeated for a number of timea 
» tbe number of Babseriben, the ad- 
'■ eonaitting In gaining the prize early 
a free of interest, repayable by instal- 
ilao aji£)(fiiAO^. There are 8 kinda Qcn 
jcmtaaoi, mor^ddaoi. 5. a dab (see 
i quarrel, dkok(^ ^S^xjo m. 6. a 
jocno AcSl(0aaLj«mo a(B*m^a^g^6t) ^^• 
aftion, appointment. 7. time, tarn; a(B 
4>w often? n^4k6\ twice, £9 Aol MB. 
le, stfke odSKiii cueMkoicqio TB. — 
trial <o>g9oa) Oi&ocm a61 A9Qj)a6 o-i 
iola>e«|9«no (loc.)=! iiKoe»ml<0acSl. 

fDoC>(5)memberofa olab, qnarrelsome, 
ooa peraon. 

4k to form a clnb, to qnarrel. 
i (1) a coimetie, nied for: 
d0^A marking the body (forehead). 
i9doA (2) to note, notlee, attend to or9 
A*tfn| cn^o fiMma^psnmob CG. oQcm 
3MCO0 4i*«i| NaL crvmociO ai*97g 9a)§ 
(baiYilTP. 4i'W^9£>) don't mind.— 
> agree to a term of payment, 
t^ (6) to inTite, c^^ano^ A*C|[ Pay. 
,$«a to oopy. 
,3g|i annooncing a A(S1. 

»&*=»^ ©!*• [ejEC. 

uo (6) a rendesTons, A*09o rnlAooj) 

tA to appoint a time ; to insinaate, prog- 

«ate; to qnarrel. 

1 wimoffaiidiim, note. 

T)o (5)=5QJAWgJ6mo. 

rto(S) note, chit; (2) aim A. QjaMBSI 


Hk (1) to mark the forehead, e8p.=fi 

nftj)^y^A(in oi^oavQXV)o); (4) tooaat 

lots, alao a6\ (£\itt; to deoide, eettle Ao) 

cfl| OqjocvI jaeta eet alea. 
a519®9&j (8) a memorandum, letter a. Oxi 

ene{2 ^R* >^° order. 
AolaoMSa (1) to mark, (5) to form a club, (6) 

to appoint a term. 

dedOlsOSi knHkka T. M. O. (acSI) l. To mark, 
note, attend to (=«iC>lA«i9cbA) inDoOo cySW 
6ISL Aol^iy Bhr. I have heard your prayer. 
2. to write ^aoDoii/aa N. (noovA AcSl^a ^^* 
letter from K. to Bh. flttdmo A. to pretoribe. 
8. to appoint, asaday. ^go Ao)d9a to inyite. 
enriD 0(ii)leja»«:oi»«i» (Br^AcriD dBicf^^g} TE. 
AcSl^ cooQBro^ a mode of hunting, when war 
is solemnly declared to the game. 4. to point 
at, refer to. 0rD)^aM>CT) ao^^ am^ Mud. Iotc 
for the dead, cnx]^)^^^^^^ Aol^ QaoJlsi 
oooobPT. expected. Hence AcSI^^ T. P. 1. to- 
wards ^^oQ&mji 4aicO:^ coe^^ CO. o<]^(m <ai. 
Aoansr^o, roHrcaQjeao g^v^ Mod. oioajfiKn a. 
(OMuimj (2^^^ S^fi>* ^^^ ii'^i'i^ directed on him 
(=^a^^). 2. for the sake of fiSovcLifiKr) A. 
(Oififial^ «>a»oc^ TB. for Qod's sake; oSlsKm 
A. 0(Dlg_j9nb AB. 8.r3Quiiogyi. 
YN. I. AcSltfiMob (3) appointment. 
II. AcSlgj memorandum, abstract, list. 

d^ol^'l knHdd T. M. 1. (AQ=AmD) Hill, 
country (in aiO^Aol^^, QaaUkO^^, «>aj(D^ 
OOBO^Aol^ etc.) 2. a kind of fish with 
many ft sharp bones. AO^^ QjflLcfnofA ei^ 
OQjoej)9CD;ofi.o proT. Bllnrus Bagre. 8. (T. 
Ao)) pudendum mullebre. 
A61^ajeil or 6>A9€)Bh. Eohites larigata. 
Aok^a»<b (C. OAc^^ft) a hill-tribe ojorxxjo 
(Do (omm AcD^cvA TE. (in Wayanadn), 

also AOSft Aol^cB^jd*'^^^'*^^ ^* 
ceidW^lniHnfiT.M.(=Aol^) l. A jungle 
snake, said to kill by its breath (see AtS^cnocoo), 
2. So. she-cat Y2., flash-pan of a gun Vs. AO^ 
enipcs^ touch-hole. 8.Barleria, of many kinds 
A^D^aabcSlcBo) Justicia EcboUum. a mod., A(dl 
«b.^aP66.» «).AMb.E3t6.,O.AiQA.Pariploca 



cftQdB)— <ftQ^ 

■ilT., ar)lai(da. B^rUrU oristata or oeralea Bh., 
fixuonbdh. yellow B., 0000^. Jastioia Ufundi- 
biliformis, oajaai. Just, betooica; ojoss^sai. 
Gomphroena globosa GP 67., AOjaaiO^craGlcqjo 
ojosodSacSlflDoks^ KB. 

I. d^q kohk (T. AobQ, C. Td. Aoy steep) HUl. 

U. d^CJ T. M. 0. Te. (Tu. A^) Short, little, brief. 

«kS1(b> flxj^cXkde QjejicB; eqj^ajul neTer trost 

dwarfe. Aoloovoas Sit^ch ^a^oS^j^ Bhg 4. 

tfKSloa^cuobiii.i — cbf. a dwarfish person. 

Keatr. aicS)o»(2 & aq(2 1, What is short. 

2. small cloth (= AQi^sni). 8. cross beam 

of door frame, etc. mo.i^aooajas «iQ(2 P'o^* 

the knowing need no explanation. ^SM^dDO 

<09«> to abbreviate (Vi. has ojwA ^^<£^ 

Hence: a6)qb;d9 small sheep (C. Te. Tu. AcSl 
AQaaȤVob small bedstead. 
AQekyanamb short-necked. 
AQasbd^ nnderwood. 
aiQa>9(ti footling, see ax^^qu 
AQcn(ol ft dhQ«d>ab Jackal (Tu. 4ai§<a*) ^q 

(T)ro^a>^o «>(D«0o)@ ojoroo Bhr. a bad omen. 
AQcn3d9«disease in the tongue, called the f^og. 

Vi.siBiog^oiaelfiKibo mQsrn^. 
<fliQ(r>dcb daj after tomorrow B. 
43Mi(RAS^«oso(oab short, stout man. 
AQonoai 1. mullet MC. 2. o^ojob A. GP 65. 

a medic, plant, ^kQcro^tasocBn a med., o^ 

Qjoflk. aj1&pleD9 Yernonia cinerea. 
AQcmiro^^o^ a song at fsasts. 
AQQgBQj^ Sida retttsa AQOao)^ GP. ; a kind: 

adcnd9e.q. t. 

<ftQQSaj(0 a Dolichos. [gt^lk of grain. 

^boggBOirab small feather (Ho.); a bush B., a 
AQ^tt^ Flacourtia sepiaria Bh. or a 
AQQ&pl Jasminnm anricnlatom «06BU3Qor)x)o 

crno «ajoa)9«0eQA0aipl DN., Q jai«bQQ&flBh . 
AQAAOSp) 1. see preo. 2. aM. the Pracrit 

dialect of Magadha etc. r^x 

AQcoMd) threshold, sill ft lintel (opp. fiKD^cai 
«K^caJ9f snudl Mi, also aqojociD. 

AQOQj^^ too short a handle. 
AQC^^ B. cultiTation of any 

43M^o Qc^<3AS1<e»orDa(> a shortsigl 
AQQJs) cudgel (also ac^oqS 

d9i»o.i6 4k. ttajSHi proT. 
AQOig^ a square basket. 
AQCLtSpl shortest way. et, <aic 
dk()aj9cX) short sword. *. u^r£l 

I. cfisQ<^9 dSh\ kohlYft T. M. ( 

Tu. Aog) To grow short, dimi 

ridged (as iadQ(UgM)i to thioke 

Inf. AC^ih shortly. AOtfig^ 

briefly. dQ<fi>da»8|^«> to boil i 

. AQfds 1. what is short; bye-] 

ddsoupl shortcut, — AQaaa 

boiled down. 2. what is a) 

backbone. AC^iael^A to sto 

Yi. daM)«9e ojoai to raise c 

Hence: AQ«Rab= AC^orKoi jack 

(81^0 an§)(BfSaj9d>£j proT. 

<^Ci<QS^<Bi, ddSi\ 1. To shor 

boil down (as aq<0s e(»cno, oauii 

Q-i6BUcrootO Ya. refined sugar, s 

^anQcdn) 0O9&p)oaj9CB/9(9b a med. < 

KB. briefly. 2. to contract, p 

g<d>) 6)«>«Md« or 6>C8»9>2)Q«a^<^ 

U.d%Q cfia<ae>^ d^ ft dOaQ €8<^ (0> Y 
coo, as a dove, aqao (^sojUki 
o^^Q^QS 4hqfiaaiA MC. (saa 

AQdkQdas, 082 ^ breathe with 
sound in the throat of adyin 
^neoiilcno diQA<^<as amed« (i 
Hence: ^ae snore. 

deaqodeTlaio kniokkilaoi i.«*< 
(ftQ.^ kuhlddf AoertaiiisBara 

<aedQ9a^ kohl&ni 8ha-oa^B:« 

^q^<B> kohitta'ya (=:«m»^ 

grunt. aj(m)«,c)» 4Mrn)«4u 4 

do&Qro^ — dedcxnj 


d%Q^ — (fisOOo 

iQ(d^ knhlM Vi. Wooden peg. 

iQgto kohlppilll YN. of AQ, 1. Shortness, 

AQ^OlS^ Yl.sAQdM. 2. (AQgJ?) pomp 

T2.; alto ammnnitUm, stores. 

tQgJ knhippq lf.(T.«K)oaj mischief, battle, 
ixt L AQ) 1. A ehief, His Excellence, prh. 
original! J fort, manor = fiSo, ggsoiA. dhQ 
aj^ ^nQA=&am(ORO(ae to speak to a su- 
perior, (ajgojWinbo AQg^(ob ^oo) KU. cod 
OOA A'(Bfc i^t^ooff^o (Biomoroo TB. the N. 
it to be informed of what follows. dahQ^3<d>§ 
dbpleasnre T2. (lovw than fo!la8Qgeg8(0Ȥ). 
ajgaltftOgJ AAoW^a) to sleep (hon.), oj^b^ 
4ltqgj«mfTB«> Bhr. t . title of different castes. 
•fli9vW<fla9§ «M)gjra9A Calient Nayers. 
lip. fencingmasters AQg^onbo AcnsnooQ^ 
fnr, (= AfD^aeoa), swordsmiths {mom^Ao 
Unb); Cammala castes with (BT^i{|<JC3£jO<n>o, 
m fMi3§ydat., As.£}O(ai0g^n6, a-irD<0e., qj^ 
#1., Q-jfiLil'jedat., Ao^., oojejae.KN. S. a 
dMB of rajarit, enchanters, barbers of Chegon 

^ (also pAinters B.) 

■l2€QJXu> 8jr. knibaft Sacrifice, mass. 

hQcniiib kohimbal (n. aq) So. AQzanb, ~ 

*«V Bweeplngt, mote, sediment, coagulated 

pbcnj knhunh) l. (see prec.) An infant, o 

fli AQjOQiAs^dMv fifl| one scion. soaQcnj. 
Nl (s AQgJ?) So. Ptelg. T. hanghtiness, inso- 
prob. from aq I. 

1. T. If . insolent| stubborn, also N. pr. 
^* (feai. €M)cnj), AQouom)). 2. T. Tu. C. 
1^ Acpberd ( Aol C. Te. Tn. sheep). 8. caste 
1^ af Bonotaiaeeri (A61^c»<b, aoojA etc.) 
^ ^i^*- in Wayanidn. 4.=5daM^aiirob f.i. 
r flnt£Wi)^sB9 aqoqk^^ TP. 
IttiynJ ft (^AQcnj (jaHQaii) K. pr. Panrati, 
9 tha hill-goddess of Codungalur. 
}fmg^nirjcn9^ (T. aqochioosk) hill country). 
W V. pr. distriot eaet of Calicut, originally 
tha tfsQoiJOMsVfil or «K^ciijk»MinrDl 

of a Cshatriya family, called emnn^oro J3 
ojo of Tamuri, whom he helped to expel 
the Portuguese. Under him 30000 Nayers of 
diTine origin (^aajAneo) in 1200 (mo or 
CD93b<baj3£, in 4X8=32 AQguJ and 4 92s 
QJA), each with aa>9^ authority; extent 
36 a>9^o, capital ojoejQooroi TR. qjoqj3^ 
(S^ or 6ru3^Q03rDlQtian9iKn. After the ex- 
tinction of the dynasty in 1779 it passed 
under the rule of the Cottayatattu Raja. 
9a)03g({S2 AQDa}or)9^ajl>'Daj2arD9GQ33JU(0> 
cX> TR. AQoijIro^az/ocn) j(0)ajm)aat>(ob@^3 
^ — 90(d8a^^ fosn^ ^aoiojb (or (Odojspi 
di\(A) 4 Qd)0.-Lnaii>>o TR. 
AQi(nj349« ( — cruomodSa?) a staff, from which 
the woof runs on to the Qonaaoo) (weaver). 

d%Q^d8> kahLmma'ya 1. To coo=r<ftQ«oi|d> 

V] . 2. (C. Te. «^&) to eat greedily, cram in. 

cfiaQOJ knhiya ].= d9iQaj3^ see above. 2. <d> 
rolaakQCLi A sort of black paddy. 

dQaCJCUDOO Bce cfeQSIQJOCYt)— A. «d)D6n0DrT6 
Oo-ioa) To go to mass. AoucnDOf^^ a. s)a)9 
ggjCh to take the sacrament. SoM. Rom. Cath. 

(fiaqOJDob Ar. quran The Coran. 

<ftqrrOD6no| see d^(O0C/d06rr)\. 

(J^CJcrol Ar. knraii Chair, throne. 

(fisq^o kan4 (ft <9ir33cX>) M. Te. C. Ringlet, 

curl, AQc}oo>i«D, also aqcy^. 
d^QOy <^6)OddS\ see cfisO. 

cfi3CX)sl kuf^adi So. (aq) Sarcasm, taunt. 

d^OOo katftTam T. M. (=aiOQj) 1. Defect A, 
Oip)sB9 croofirD)^ AR. dSiooo oOKnil^iv PT. 
perfectly. Qaj^ne® Qoqo ajrcBOis^ajdnb aooo 
flS^SUS^^ Bhg. nothing is wanting to. eraonb 

* cn^ch sojiBioajo^roonb aiooo cg^ Kal3. no 
objection. 2. fault, crime, guilt as A. e«>o 
:j^s>aj(dey (TU20nniiaf^, (8&i0)<ds»; etc. cnlorvQS 
A. (BAgy Nal. not thy fault. 

Hence: AoocdesfDnC) guilty, criminal. 
Aooonospl fraudulent measure W. 
AOOgjd^ see fi)5)Ad9aoog-)9$. 





Aooo (Bi^dSsai to bUme. fliKOBSSfi. 9Z(A a. cbi^ 
an^tiKU^ declared us guilty. oQQnbo 00 

AOOoog^A^ to condemn f^ss(S\(m A*^§nnr> 

600)0 Stati (= to excel). 
Aoooog^^ to acknowledge guilt; also cn)2B 

(on«os MB. to confess the crime. 
Aoooa)Og<d> to misbehaye. cmdojab A. ^9S^§ 

QSHBo TB. any misdemeanor? 
Aooo aiofirsi to find gailty, (roajQobo aj(0fi(bb 

A*^; (ST^dto doa Aooo a»snB9^ TB. 

if conyicted. 
Aoooiaj0a2BKd> 1. to accuse. 2. to conyict. 
aiooo 5)^9^ to accusci condemn, «icx)Q06>^9 

AOO0oQflfiQa-igm YCh. eclipsing. 

Aooo (tnlaa<d> to be repaired, got into trim. 
d9i*aio TR. when the property is oultiyated 
(doc.) — A, (fS^&i to restore, repair, to free 
from blame. 

AOOoonld9«d> to acquit. 

aioooojo^ to censure. 

Aooo aLjl5>iP(fls to die (subjects or inferiors, 
represented as deserters from their duty) 
d3i*Q-|on6 giSo^nm Gcnroo PT. when dying. 

aiOOoOjico^fSs) to condemn, aooo £QjS)abo 
ojdSneab Qjicu^^s TB. declared him to be 
in the fault. [9ona<ftBi« 

dSioocroDQio the scene of the crime, MB. a* 

dfeOOl knttl T. M. Tu. (nTaq) 1. Anything 
short & stiff ; stake, peg, oarpin, stump eu^ 
oojogl AooloiocsO MB. aioo^^ajCLn MC. as 
of a cat. Qj9anla!n6)nbo «iocSlc;2jo ^coeajct^o MB. 
(BiD&p)cc{jo AocSlcqjo rails. 2. stake to mark 
limits, (Aoo^ctTi^^, A. (Oioo<as BS.); hence 
boundary Aciucno) <fliOolafi^o TB., 0gy&p)cAob 
OQjg^AiSaamo Aooldda ojoo s)a)9«r« S^«>ayo 
Sijiim TB.; any mark or proof, clue. o^^^^ocX) 
oQorn (^cni(8« dmoo a. ^qj^ MB. don't know. 
<fli. Algl, dk. flt6nB93nasafi^g^(in iuTestigations). 
S. stump, hence remainder, balance t^iMob A 
ool cn)£^9gg(nD TB. §icn\ A. (mn8aj9Q9n| still 

dae. aj)ro)QB;9(m A. oJr^^daa TI 
rent. ^g»jo<0eoo^, ojeiloBi Aoolq 
AS^aB/9n6 (roT.) behind hand, in ar 
6mo Aoo^fiLi99(g03p is outatao 
last stump, progeny en. Qj^o aoc 
criD TB. are extinct. — basis, 0»ajr 
manager of the club (Aol). 4. 
number ojajg^ Aoo) Qajs)daa9ib T 
keteers. — ready money «oOOO &< 

tBAOaHso AOoioB^Ocf^go iOt(Q9o TB. 

oil-vessel, measure a>8B^abAoois 
ODdaeooi 4 — 5 Nali, or 16 palam. 

Hence: AocS)<ae«mdAi9fii (8) rent-r 
of proprietors' deeds, tenanta' ren 
AcxSld9i)cfi39GBto a mcd. prepared 

med. roots. 

AOo^<e«99 (1.) low bush, thieket c 

Aool(0a9«mo 1. (4) price of tin 

claimable by the owner fbr ot) 

down by the renter (1 or ^ Bnp. 

CS^O A. (OkrD9«MA a£ld^ Q^d^« 

A. QJ9«ai§a> TB., o9(olGB;930|tt 

MB. 8. = Atfl A»9fimo Yi . 
Aoo^d9R9rDnb (8) who owes a bala 
AOold9n9rob post, rafter. 
AOo)3<ae9S small (mud-) fort. 
Aool^fbb broom, much worn B. 
AOol<T)ogA(2) to mark out a hoi; 

ai^gsmo, obsequies (AcxSkn9 
AOoicrS^gA (^) balance, arrears O) 

A.; QaA A'^9aols>aid^ TB. 
Aoolocngu allowanee in grain to 

keeping up the fences of an ei 
AOcSl09^(ob = A§(nj stomp of a 
AocSlojls^ So. petty memhandii 

s^daagronb petty dealar, 
Aoo^ residenoe in Ga^ 

A. QJ9«m (mcQjrD9o6TP., AcxSl 

Qjloiaio TB. 
ACxT^a^n (2) ceremony perlbn 

carpenter on finishing a new 


4IOQ— dBias 


dOiaKqj— deaej^o 

%maJkSkmch (h«m*faig). 

ai(8) a Camily to b« withoiit offipring, 

n V. pr^ A. aakMfW oiaom (aKQ|r»oab 
MI to WayanidB). 
so (or AOoVfiov^irDo) numiog in with 
I (flin) or foandfttioB after the 5th 
* ttooes; 4i*aii)anBaki9.T» •fiM>aj§ 

.«i (2) to ilz Umitoy muaio ^ cf^§ 
n, tnm^£kA o4tnKn3iB»i^ *'§ aio 

^*39a=)^ ai^CSHof^i^ TB. 

o^ (S) balasee of rerenae, doe by 

lUAlS. » 

•f s aqU. befbre ^wela, at Aoos^. 
km last pKaatain^leaf, ojasp a. S)a)9 

^^* (ing, maider. 

Ift (C. T. OAoajyflrom e«»&%s^ Kill- 

lAifto battlefield, place of ezeoation. 

^ to kUt, marder. 

.laatfbod giTen before the ezeeatioD. 

B. teittenee of death. 

If ad. plaee of exeoatioii, alto aqj 
ok oai99^|Oaj9in Mad. 
Bio marder, alto aifinD9<M)cn AeJojo 
scD|TB.*^kAJajM>«»ab marderer, alio 
Ml A«aa<^ TB. [jfl m^^ 

k to be killid, soM^ A*^«ajdO oi 
ia» qft to mvdor. cncBcnreoorD a* 
) 06. rosxiimAcn A«)3ftiOg^(qg|aj) 
nttCT) ojstf)^ KU. Modern: aajo^ 
^ •• «08(8^*f^ ai*ani)Q»(a MB. 
oad ele^wit, a. (onftixiob flgtr^<0»«aj 
>no 0a)diio 4icn«ae«QLi86. bow proad 
■ onder a& irreeistible leader! 
M. (Te. Ta. C. sxoofii, O09xn) V^A 
ihakes. t. Baneh, eep. of ooooaauts 
iSBMH ^^ TP. ooMBMaaej, oios 
K.) ft plaataios (Aeja^oiB* ojoiP 

proT.); alio of fiowen, ipatha (a^«aeJ» aaj 
CB§^) ^kftJdto^a^ spatha to baret ; string of 

pearls Qas2<^^^^ B^'* ®to* ^* noose of 
bowttringi end of bow or arrow (= AOk). A 
fij3^ aiaroool CC. drew the bow, =s ASi&id^ 8 ; 
also ^oqljo AQJ^sosBog^ ChTr. 
Hence: Afikasmei) palm-cnltiTator's knife (ss^ 

AfiiSflRMaao, aiejd9«9, AexusiP eto. frait- 
clnstora suspended in streets for the re- 
ception of Bsjas eto. 

AS)fiJ<ae9<0Rig| A cocoannt tree in its 8th jear, 
promising Erst-fruits. [clusters. 

Ae)0olQ»c6(i-KSQ B. a kind of beans, in 

dhCiCB^ palm-blossoms. 

dUiej^cBKX^ih to latoh the bowstring, ^osuojo 
diii*ootehr.Qj)g^5)or) A.ficmQkdoeajgpji^KB. 

AQjOj^Pi bow drawn, dk*agjd§ajs mg^o <g&Mn 

«i&i9«niP(ob 8o.sdhfiJ:^a& q.T. 
d&£JCS^ dB> ▼• n. To jolt, shake, to be agitated 

as a branch under a monkey (see dkfii«o§dkftfi 

aKiy a>), gsejo Afiicu flioSoncioab BC . ojigyf Ams 

AQi«B9CG., 0or)o d9iQJsni»l§oGG. (to trepidato). 

YN. AOioj hesitotion, a^a&)^(0^3ob AQXIJ^ 

c3636^^d96i ▼. n« 1* To bear fruit (see agj), 
ojoiP ASfij^;^, fiQmo AAai«9aQ09 proT. a&j 
jym the 8th stage in the growth of a palm- 
tree, in full bearing. 2. to shake, bend what 
is elastic ^QaS) Qs^Qoarob 6>aj^ Ad>ai^ TP. 
tried the sword^s tomper. ojoocndSaQfijaao 
^^oooacQch BC, ojosida «iej^<9b ojonD BC,, 
j£\3saio 4kSiQij^ 0s;d9so CG. 8. to draw the 
bow ; Q?§u AS>ei(0sO3£^g»| Bhr. could not latoh 
the bow8trlng.= AQj9cBOQd^. 

d^Bia^iii kida6dil (Bo. Afij3flDolab)sffAsn|o 

jjii^oyo. A cocoanut bunch without or 
stripped of the nuto, also called cnaoMOia^ 
(Afii n, 1.) 

d^a^j^^ kohq^paUf ( aoio or <fteiP)£ye-tooth. 

d%aJ|^3CYi^kllltpimbif Inteetlnal worms. 




(fisaja^ — dO^dBG 

(ds£^Q-|j1caXo kolapyam NMae of • marnuiiii 

Q.en^ amed. 

d63£Jo kolam 8. (V"anrD6moP) l. Flook,M «> 
ojlaiaio. 2. family, race, tribe; in Mai. <^ 
\pcu:ot^(S\ A. KU. 72 caBtea, tribes; csi^ft 4kfiio 
oQnne ajocB/oaoooftPaj. ojsnDo a>glQna(ob a. 

^9<3:arA9a6 (perBon of no particular tribe, 
mean) proT. flDg^mo aiQiQjo ojoen^ TP. 
alluded to our respeotiYe families, the most 
ticklish point (came to bitter words). 8. what 
is noble (= «o.d)l). [ftunily KB. 

Hence: Afijo^ob m., — o^ f. destroyer of the 
aiQJS 1. unfaithful wife, loose woman. 2.aj9 
cnjinb «ieJsa>c)o 6>a)§l Mud. baskets (?) 

4fcaj<q>aa) KB. continueroffamiljsojouoihasiBio 
Qjoo aj^a6. 

AQJ^ficnS^ best ocimnm. «i. soai Anj. 
A&i6)S)e3Jo chief god, or family-god, (^ab St. 
QjcnS\ceQdi KB. [c„te. 

A&JCU20O the peculiar law ft duty of each 
dkGJojQliaixOBcX) Bhg 5. the 7 chief mountain 

chains, also inyerted 0QOM>S)oofiUBi£J<BBcX> 
oCB^o CO. 

Aaiojlip^ (tu. AeioLjioa^) oatoast. 

Aej0Q^Mud. minister of a dynasty, or prime- 

Aej0&ia)cX> «iej6JB^ Bhr. (see a&ioj^iao). 

«iQjo^^(&> to join a caste, (^g^£)^ a's^ 
BiPu. to marry. 

Aanjlfij YCh. knowledge or art hereditary in 
the family, A. dsflsnd ^ynDoojo^OcdiiogyAnj. 

AaiOd)ej=d9ieJiaej, or marblef arch? (A&iII.) 
in d9i&Jc/9)ai9i2;9^ofi)ajoaBo jS^^ KB. 

AQJSoofiiirDnb 1. a Perumal, famous as 
founder of the arbtocracy KU. 2. title of 
the Trayancore Baja ft of the 2nd Colattirl 
etc. KM. [ftimily. 

AQi3^(£gnb the best of the family, of good 

d9iQJ(nrJ) chaste woman, legitimate wife (opp. 

Anach., 4i&i(ajPa)Jo SiPu. 

AaiodloDob lowcaste, oatoast. As 
aiQJSuiioioo family ooatoma, direei 

AaioaTfta»n6s4kfiiA>ofiic6 f.L oa 
BC. destroyer of the tribe of 

d^aJcYij d8) kulamba'ya To be inte 

Qjd>) <ftQJcnj%o «io<fl«orQb ^aicQ, 

CY. ajy|<flac)o Ai^aadi "S^fpff^ < 

to prick the earssQ^aSl ^ 

d^ejQJoi) knlaya^ (abjo?) a hii 

CB;5)n6o gtnab, prh. AA.Qjab. 

<^B^yBe^^O kaliknla imit. of 
d^eJDcoio knlayam 8. Nest. po. 

d^eJOaJob kolala^ 8. Potter ( Aoi 

jii^9(aR»09 ^s) (»)rDl<%m> said 

Bhg. ' 

Aai9(ob (T. nioe, Aaiacufab eirch 

ajsn^i So. T. a natiTO carriag 

desaJDOj <Bi kolavu'ya T. aM. To \h 
Terse with oj^iP AaidoS^cng a»9i| 
Qjicn a)lc;olii)(dn6 BO. 

d^aSlOdo knliiam 8. Tlmnder 
weapon =Qj(g^oc({{U)o f. i. qjO 
<o(OtyA BC, tfieikAOosiaMQao^o a^ 
cnj 8ilS.; AfijlosaxoiDla^ AB. I 

d^a^ooo knlinam 8. (*&io) Oi 

noble. — AeTlcn f., opp. aais S 
d63fiIVl>o knliiam 8. Crab. 
<j%aj GS^ d8) kuln&&irya T. If . 0. (1 

To shake, quake, to be agitato^ 
c£\(S\ ^o Bhr. (from sounda). - 
cBBOdtn Nal. [n 

«iej<da T. 8o. reoeptaoleof riee, mi 
TN. LAejdaao a shook, «a qjS« 

rg90 A. fi«niOC»)g] Bhg. no 
n. Afijcsa a shaking, a. fiipioqj 

rinse the mouth, spirt oat b 

4antfisB9 (loc.) 
Ae4«9a(ma»o a rattle for playing 

o^) — ae^tdetooi) B. a plant. 
ddiB^dX^d^ <bS\ t. a. To tl 
Ao6i AfijdBiQjonb PT. to taka 

«AUb— <fiiOdfiio 


dO^OaOJ— d8dCr\2(2Q 

1^ Qjl&p)^ CO., 0(^ (4^skm * 
i6aSWKn«;flB9V3Hftl.; cn)6QAaboQ)§^9R8o 
2Qe9cn03c»l niiftK)APj<afl KB. Msentod. 
i)gjcnl intormiitent ferer. 
idBtaKJb Afis^aSl^ G0. bj his Toioe. 

kolfir Port. Golh^, trowel MC. (To. 

nlyam S. (4keJo) Domettio, noble. 
S. OMud, cM>a»9(aRi9$. — 

*• kalihf Cap, bonnet Agyotfxamo^. 
KTft (T. beep ai0) Orooible B. 
nTtlDi Abate B. (4kajuiicnoP). 
lniTa4f T. eM. Hill, numntain-top (s 
)^ tfiajos^qftSfib oooloooab BC. 

f^\A kaTtt9i'yas9a»0Qj<m)r in «i. c^ 
%j. Ship's ledderf 

3Ub kUTakyam 8. WaterlUy, ohiefly 
vA f.L AxiaiQBiaj)9ei9^or)l Bhg. 
T. »M. Tdbh. the uune, 0&P9CB;3^iB A 
iActe aajdcei 0(n)^(d>()o QjMnr)x}o BC. 

> konya T. So. (C. knb, kap;Te.kaT.) 
t eeeembled, eontreeted. — 

KXjtdBe T. So, to beep up cau)cno Acmo 
l^nSl^^ynU Sk. 

niilin B. Seerifieiel ir^MS, Poeoynosnr- 
aiy prorerbisl for sharpness; also dkce 
3jVd)^ CBof^jy KB. 

JlojS. one of the 7 great oontinents.Bhg 6. 
jsarnlaiAd^^ AB. in sacrificing. 
(Qflmaju^ person of great acumen. 
QjnBoft KB.,K. pr. Casa ft Lava, Bama^s 
■1 (also ^atuS^Bsyjddoh); «K>bejcY)3sa)o a 
€m ooneemiog them. 

9 knitlan B.Wel(are, ability. Aeoro 

41. a.ai3A«iKB. toaskhow he ii.aio«(]2l^ 
m, ajolM^^sdbKB. sainted each other, 

41. aAgdA) with qoestions like (nooias 

i»ai)nr)9A nro^ojiBo KB. both answered 
"• 4Meei(^CAoa)«>cX> Bhr. oostomary 

wh diw; — V. abstr. «Ki»aMi. 

Aoeeil prosperous. *. c»oail(D)d9afi)cmoaB rdo 

sob KB. 
aomA 1. artifice, trick (T. aM.) em)9CB)(DA 
gy AiaKok a>«9ni9 BC. — Aoa^oroab Ys.=s 
g^ojscfi. — Aoe^srn^Ts. artifice. 2. back- 
biting, Bce A^^CQj. 8. floe words 4kMe^ 

4l>c)Q6>a)Mq| On9(D)09SKD (OafioldBeOOj; 4i^U6(A 

ajoA to teach an elephant. 
denV. AObejlas 1. to deal cleverly oOiKDuS^ovo 

k£\ Aoseiio^oca Q^bVbbojg^ob Anj. S. to 

whisper, mumble Ta. (A(fi.) 
<d)OdaJCYb knSaYaiL T. H. Potter, & ACBfOJob; 
fern. AODQj^, «K(VQjl Yi., also a)9«m9fiHoi aisne 
ACA^oni^ OAOcX) (^g^oo Qjdroi proT. [oftSOS* 
Aostfnaio potter's TCSBel, — <0eifl loam; iflso a 
AcsMkcmoirca potter's dwelling or workshop. 

d^C/dO(A knSal H. (as if from AODfiJo) P. xush- 
hal,In pleasant circumstances; happy, aiooo 
fiiOdBe to cheer. 

(fisa^eJOb koiaaJL S. (a) Of bad oharaeter 
effloi BnOdAODlainb CC. rogue. 

<^^<Si^dde>y 0^ kiitakniiikkaT.M.(Te. 

C. Tu. ^s^) To whisper ; hence ^umA 8., A 

A^cnjQJOA Yi. (ft AoeosHBo) talebearing. 
A^ounb Bo. enyious, a oheat Yi. 

d^^ciQjrob kninmbalft.cdscpjai^ Mustiness, 

damp smell, decay. — A^aiD^ 9ajO^ to rot 
(loo. see A§cnj«i). 

dBacQgo knStkaxn B. (ft Ai^, Ago) Leprosy 
ft other cutaneous diseasM. A. «oqj myo!^ a 
med., (of 7 kinds, Nid.) (MsoeDanarA Skxjos) 
ootpcTTMn e.-no, ou^&io^ o^fii ojg^^ttoDa^ 
^5C»lr£^d9eo, (a^ajflrTU)(JWo, 098) jilfflo, 0oo6o 

6Qj(o«i., roa^OMi., ooBJAA. (ojoflmy Asm 
Od9e), 9^on»)d9a., 8a)^e94)>)abo a., ajoe<d> 
f^WoAcm A.J j^anes^f a>^<u(ai8i^d9s. (4i>sl 
Qjd9e.), (Ok^ptoismo (ouii9o1<fia.), oj^onMOt* 
A(£9^, «i:^moc/fi a leper. 
dOiCrxg (2b knsnmam B. Flower, SB 04^0 MKiifO 
(CftOB 0J8Q a'cbbcX) fidSloBcns GhYr. 

<asrr>^ai»-^ (fii^ai^ 



AOV^W blOMoming (u ojcno Bhg.) 

4Bbcr\^oso safflower, also Aoq^ju • r^ pp^ 
(daCr^aJo klualam 8. aranary. A*caal\(A €^ 
<d)(T^ro7l klUfti 8. (A) Bad procedure, triok 

ed9en^((ft)d9e ojcnft Amo Oa^iggnb Mud. a. eoo 

(^Od ckurcB^ AR. loroerles. 

^Mj^roHiaAoronb a Juggler, rogae. 

<03QO(dx) knlia'yam 8. Jagglhig («iaO where f) 
AaO«»nb a rogae — AqOOT) hypooriey. 

AqO(Do knharam 8. (cooo-udo, ^oo) Cavity 

c^du — - or QjaoDAaoroo AR. open moath. 
A^ 8. new moon (V^{0<^)< 

<^^ ko}am T. M. (C. Te. deep; C. Te. A<0)3 
emo, Ta. aia«i«^ rloefleld). — Tank «i. as^ 

Qajdovorti cufij3^a)b pror. 
Hence: AftdOescif see a))SQj. 
dSh&OcdAOSpl water-fowl, moor-hen^gl 

So. A. oQODcSlaCQ/SnDo FT. (=Oa>0CD>(^). 

AAosfO (4b(o) margin of tank (in aicmtt., oio 

srnlctvaBb.); a*9^ aaj9fi> to ease nature. 
«ifl,fipn> water-oresses. 
^aiftOaQDO^,— enal tankdigger Vs. 
Aft^(0 a bathing house near a tank. fgnm. 
A010OQJ a tree, whose bark furnishes a strong 
Aft 03^ sakti worship. 


«acun6 1. a flsh, crxD^Aib, in Qaiocoiob 
06)3(^12 ^aiflQunb qjoq pror. 2. aM. des- 
troyer (T. 4^Ach Babrahmaaya), ajOBonoo 
0)90^0 oojogo ajflbldBto ajsD0ocBldaeaQLin6 
ffMOcn BC 4S. 

dBl^dBso kl4a7fam 8. (Afija»o) Ck>nnezlon of 
sereral stansas (po.), see ga^Ao, — 

desf (Yxj knlambq t. m. o. Tu. (C. Te. 6koo(£1 

<ro, 8. fi^(Do) 1. Hoof Qa)9CQ|o AAO)^ o^^djOgiq^ 
(T) SQJOwl^ &0 ai£fiao aa(^ar«)A Nal 4.— 
«ifla2J%4i» Yi . to lose the hoof. 2. gathering 
of water, Aftcnj^oejoa «fhlcnio61ejo A^.tmilejo 
(in hunting). 8. H. pr. Colombo. 
6MiocDUAftaiiabsaj{^; OidQ Aacnjobx;^ 
(DOb (haating). 

dB^Q(A> kolahiyft T.So.Xb 

<0a eto. 
dei^OJob kolftTak see ander 
Aftoj) T. 8o. wasp, horaet, 

cfiB^ kll)i T. M. (tfiao)BaihlBg, able 

dnildss^, dMio^AtOf cnsaiootfian ' 
A. or ASfin^ A. — AflO^fO bathing 
orSl(S;do oioaxid cnonr^SiPa.; ^ik 
ago regular meal of high oaatea. a 
em.inai)ms ftoaj^<fis«cai9cb TB^ 

d%£l(0A T. M. T. a. To waah, bal 
into water; aijncrflib OAosr^ AaP 
bathed in tears. Afii^jscb JuAj 
Q-pcK> o.aSgj9cni9(X> «n9cmoab Aisp) 
ondobproT. — cnaejA. q.r.; i^^ 1 
as women after confiaement. 4ka^ 
the y^ttam of these, who go to i 
KoduBgalvlr BhagaTatt (loe.) 
CT. ooidaJSKn AfiO^^iyPT. qfi. 

dOt^lco; kii]l ja a^osMsaMib (^^«i) 8 

tnmed bar, foot or leg of famitor 

d^£^ ka)lr ft <fi»|[d) T.]f.aC.Coh 

refreshing (Bo. horripilattoa), aa 4 

cold season, A^ftasooQ cJloelKR. 

«b or ajronin6«a^a;|fii Bhr. 4ki}h 

warm oneself. i 

A^(9ngjpaTilion, jiM^Axnmadffii 

A^ibarn^ 1 . the moon, ^ ftA^ Vi 

^.afn^axbNali. women. S. ei 

ed, quiet or firm persons. 

A^2b9aj = flQ^eooVob q. t* 

d^£\(0^<BiyC(rd to be ehilly, faflr 

C0O Af OIO Arb. was oomforted. gu 

Anj. 3BeaQJ3q^iOsa.on> ^aooAjpff 

YN. AsO^a freshness; the mnnpa, oi 

aif^anid. A^anajgeoldriee kepiflroa 

ding evening. A^oneisooo to. < 

to observe the fJsst of thoae, wh 

senis to tha KiiakaiLPer«BHi|(ci 

fli|^c4)— dBBtKqj 


<ft6MP<M— (MfiTlb 

) A9«Mb A^atcnoKB., a»9rigoO<fi> 

it.atoaig[jo C0., ^>g{^^><}o «i^<dii9aj 
» fhe d«li(kt of hit eyes. 6Qj3fiJA> 

Ihr. reMtored. eoMftiaio a^o^ 
ipeMed. ftiBo ^aai A^ oxaig CG. 
A^MQjWn KB. refrethiag lyreCf) 
j» «4^ dhillinees. 
lae to oUll, quiet, refresh , comfort 
A. GC. 0AW'di«o ca^cnaMB ooo 

itnttfe aoand for Inteiue cold. 
iMB%) A^LA^Ltftmo, liM cold M ice. 

Qai T. M. C.( AQf) A short mail, 
ftl f . B short wooiMi, fsmftle dwarf. 

M. (C. Asin)«)) 1. What is hollow 
/Q« lilkpail, Q^<flisp Yi. a firework. 
|o ojg^o oC|CX) j^p^icb, ojocnj (d>s^ 
'• wooada. omsp AsPcdil^A Yi, to 

2. loophole, eye of a needle, rings 
, aperture in the head of an axe, hoe, 
t in thefbre-anii fore-leg a»oei^abo 
I Vid. Mkb 4k&PQ»W cnW eaoan^ 
. dislocated. 4 . T. aM. ear ft ear- 
i«stfCB»Wm, 04MDecrnVfls&p9j»i(TQ)rD 

ii^o ^«to flMlgs BC. 6. ASPA 


kȤ a round cake. 
Dved ear4i*«M»W e^moom Asmuaio 

b (4kSllP4a) to be topsj-tanry. 
i T.n. T.M. (Te. C. «Kfo, To. dhrol) 
laeeraied, kneaded, mixed as pap. 
fifima^ 4MMB9 C0. disordered hair. 
iMif KR.; jSi<mo»mw^mM^4Ufsft^ 
bed. S. to be iistigued, perplexed 
• 4MP«Bif fT.; <LJSsU9aiPaD9«nb qjI 
CO. tirod of singing, cnso^ asp 
f sp^jia A^^xijesoO t^4Sfti (pea- 

iloUe^r hodily iapediaait, paUy, 

dd^e^\PJdei ▼. a.T.M.(C.Te. «wae)l. To mix, 
macerato, knead (noajiaioajo^ ojaejlni 
A. Mod., ajaBticro9(DQq|o Otoicao Ouiu^ a. 
VCh., Asp^nftg^ (oHcT^, i^giassp^ oio^J) 
^gBA (rice) TP. (o^tfansiBiVBb 9ji19Q a&p^^ A3 
ftidse ool9aje1(a» Arb. gQQJA<^o&^:^9<D»<T^ 

A. a med.OAos^ASAaj9S^^A5>iP^j2^'<^^ 
(DQ^aib (in battle) Bhr. S. to confuse, per- 
plex by meddling ; also ▼. n. Aogjo Atf^^ 9qj9 
a£^ Yl. was embroiled, came to nothing. 

A(F<d6^ knlakkf (asp) l. intricacy asof thread 
Ogfijlonbo A. confusion, impediment. Aoog^ 
cnsidscrrMinmD a. OMD^Adngy TB.wiU pro- 
ceed nnhindered. (oo^eoei AiPificAcJo, a90(D 
O^roWo AQCQ^OOgdOeo A. Oikri^f^j^ oD 
q^ TB. troubles (s0)^^). 

dB9iP0S^dB» ▼• D. To be troubled* Q.i6ino c^ 
$g^9ab ASPOB^agjaqf) TB. had difficulty to 
collect the toxes. akno aJD^^ AiPcas^Arls 
dSs to lie disabled, ctojlos AiPflRsi ojooxBt^rD) 
<fis(ns TB. I am sorry to be deteined. jo^s^, 
C4(fk A. to be entangled. 

d^i^iQSuBi^ ddS\ ▼. a. To disable, trouble, 
perplex. Qjln^^o^asn^fob A. worried. 

cfiBiP^o kniappam T.]f.G. intricacy, danger, 
misery (fr. AS>u>(fl«). A. aj3(D09can A<oeD9 
5)ajgg<a9()^ fi9^9Qa!A*aBc>) cmnb o(Kffio^9 

Si^»^- [Y«.=:ajVsc3(««>. 

A&PgJA 8o. l.BAQSPA). 2. to be hurried 

«fo(Poa4 kolambl} T.X.(Tu. Acngft (go^, C. 
5)0030^, 8. Aioooo) Thickened fluid, electuary, 
ointment, liniment ((M>aMA»|m 90Oak9a asp 


denY. AVcnj) Ai to grow thick, A*^aio(a§d> 
med.ssASPaoJodn ojooe^Aiotfqi; atQajSK 
xt^cpo AiPoii^^MA, A'^Oouxb ojorA 
Qjlj£^ etc 

dO^nb kl4&l T. M. (C. Tn. OAOfiKab) fr. a&p 
1. Tube, finto, cn^ifie^(£i CO., jukndSasPdiban 
fiO(0B Yl., (MQd a£^a»ai9<dtv<Bb cbidsobs^ qao 
^coRMBTd^ TB. (for a Bija); AQAVfob, o^sa. 
musical instruments; throat, oDavoA gullet; 

daiSfOjl— d8l(^ 



gan barrel, teleteopa; 9<m9kifi<A sweet o«ne. 
2. women*! hair tied io a knot j>jVTi9^roi 
ospodoa a)0^d9a&P(eb emcrw^onb CG>. 

Hence: «ispaio§ long^neoked goat. 

ASPai9cfo=«M>ej), in cr61cX> ASPfiJ3}«>s A^A 
^oqktA RC. 

Aipail 1. (2) ornfijteaoA a. Mad., ojsnioA A., 
egjOjoA A. YCh. woman with fine hair. 
2. (ASPrbl hood) caB<nai<sey>e!i) Yi. two- 
hooded inake. r^P 

AJp^OQ the work of *sp^0(Mb, fifer, trampet- 

ASP^OQDo bayonet. 

ASPft^ocnj Yi. hooded make. 

ASMb Qjtflaa to pipe ; to proclaim (pror.) 

dBliPQjl knlayi T. M. (ohUd, fr. AiP tender) 
Small rolling stone to grind with, ffioaa^dBesi, 

ddi\P\ knU T. M. aO. Ta. (C. Asml, Te. s>O90Sb1) 
1. A hollow, hole, exoaTation. o^ajdafionai aoB 
Aspt Am^ MB. 6)Qj§l, «itf^d^eto. 2. pit, graTC. 
«>9i9CY)«>cB; ojl^cSeem AiP^a>do (rer.). — 
after burying A^or^aKonTl Anach. 8. meae are 
of one sqaare foot for planting trees, AvlcSa 
Hence: Aspiatg]^ having siinken eyes. 
AvI^kfiJo deep basin. 
«up)a)g;j Ko.tsAs^Qjl; So. priTy. 
AiP^tiBadcmo 1. deed of mortgage for the im- 
proTement of oaltiTated lands. A^conTlnrn 
(^^^ptoHoAio^aSIt MB. (s=A'cm9C09(Do; a* 
6m0Qaj9§o a deed aoknowledging the 
ri ghts of the Janmi, giren by his mortgagee). 
cruDfiJOQi A. AOLkaaa), &snio<8t^ oojd^ 
«Vd<SeA MB. to oaltirate a paramba on 
this tenare. A. &ai^(m ^oa TB. «iospi 
Qj A. mortgage of Jangle for bring^g it 
into oaltiTation. Atf)aaMm<s»so ouo^ A3 
fikBsiMmo (doc.) tenare of Kolikanam with 
a loan of money. 2 . money paid to the tenant 
on relinqnishing his lease for improTcments 
made. W. 8. hire of a grare-digger. So. 
4klp)tiBaMD0^ id. B. 

«Mf1^5Q id. o^^OOdo AI^WmTT 

orvodBn) MB. tenure under ^ 
pensation forimproremttntsAd 
is stipulated. 

AiAmofto a masical instrvmaat. a 
ajl«m A. BO. — Asjlmaftesam 
iP^(moft^»«t a YalUsnerla. 

Ai^como a tomb (So. Asp^eoso). 

AtflosratodD Palg. a large earthen rm 

stage of a oocoaani trea's grow 
AipVnttio Yi. whitlow sQiWoob^ 

OQIft Yt. to open it. 
AiP^OTKOl a fox. 
«isp)cY)9§ 1. lowland svrroonded 

grounds ; (=s (oAo) fonnar crater 

4l*^9^C(MDo 09OO«Ml9§»|3Bhg5. 
dog to fix a poet. 

A^ernail, AiP^9aO90o a dangarooi 
in SQ^cuoeo, when a man ia ii 
pit ft coTered with mats ft earth, 
solemnities be performed. 

Ai^as) B. great laxineea. 

A&plaoso Yi. sepulchre, also «uf)( 

A&plcB/si the gutter or ohaimal In 
inclined sides of a roof (ss Tails. 

AsfiavooD a small inseot (sao pro' 
AfiKS/OCn, AQl L) 4k^k»scrK9<K 
OQ^^OQDOQo QLap^aovaf pror. 

«upi»o§ hole dug for. a foondatSoa 
foundation of stone, qg^nmai « 
proT. to plant a tree iaTorted. 

AtficBtH^ eyefly MC, (»^aj)^. 

A&p^Qjttl pepper Tine, aa plaalad I 

Ai^Cbloi price of stoaea itt the qm 
of planted trees aUowoA to li 
on his giring up the laaaa W. 

<fttftay <fl> knUyuTfa T. M. (C. T*. ri 

flblrkBA^— ^^ddmcbi 


^JXj^ — ^:3Y0YC^ 

itficB Ojai§ao proY. aiipifiEo (Q^smo 
tBQ ojok Y2. rotten tooth. qj1§uo 
ej^ Bhr. — to be deep f. i. ^ii£\sa^ 

=«iS)ai) 1. oil-ladle, oil-measure. 
isA&fiooj^ Bo. 

T. a- T. M. aC. To dig a hole, dig 
on A^^o^ob KeiK. — ^0<ab disp) 

bending the bow) drew the shoulder 
. — metaph. to undermine, to attack 
Qfixm Atf^aaOao tu. ^>g[j[)<^ ojoom 
itnm^sr^ CG. (fearofCamsa) 
• 1. to bury jiianokOJOCQ «i'§d)ft<dt 
. S. to plaat pepper, oocoanuts, etc. 

a^^pca^ ol^fijoojo ajea^cx^o ai'§ 


GBa 1. to bury. QScni ^aisp^d^ «>aj^ 
Jd A&fio^^agS ^R* -• ^ plant. 

Ti. a large pan=e.(Q3Sp. 

^.jae f.i. dhliTDQ dk. MB.; (Si^tfdSa 

I Mud. made them dig deoply. 

1 l.= Actbl(ob q. T. 2. o^asbSP^i^A^ 
9&3iai9Qo cnsmo BiPu. boesP butter- 

= (^3; hence perhaps: 
wdli^ya a plants eq^l^^ S. 
9 (flatf. [CG. 

^QJd8> T. C. Te. H. To cry aloud, 

ak, ^ojoA, ^Qj f. i. ^3 jjonb ^oj 
i^idamo TP. I am prepared for death, 
rying coo ! — ^Oj^^o ai^ or {^dj\ 
distance to which it is heard, 2000 
»3i or 1 naliYa (6666 jards W.) 

, dBsH "^o ^7t b*'wi> OBp. of men. (d)3 
ATS 09r^ ^<fia^ MB. msca/os ^<0») 
^InbTP.; so (^cOa^aj^Alcaa eto. 

YH. ^d8a«a>§ MB., ^aaoj^^ ft ciDal^fde 
<d<X) Til. also ^dSAfijo Qjl^oij^o. 

^(dul a bawler, a^ bos ^cdnlvs^o ojij^lciyo to) 
onm TU. BO noisy I 

^(dttlrol bawler, coward, ^gaioiltab i^s^cb^ooA 
{^. <s^o Qjcnjob proT. [outcry. 

^(dsrooA Palg. T. (^+ ArcoA q. t.) whooping, 

^OJd^ (100.)=Qjj(i>3CQJrQb. 

I^oj)^ eyeflysdab^GE^l^. 

^ Aj dBj kujuya T. M. also — j^ — , a^ — (V^ A 

Gia^P) 1. To stoop, bend, contract (ojoib teeth 

to be set on edge). 2. to be shy, bashful, to 

dread. ^q£\^ oDssm^^ ^(/otas^Sioe^nDoftCG. 

(girls). ^od99a» cnlmoBhr. dauntless. i^UQOtan 

ojiKotofl coRM(ob gDOoei KB. 

L YN. 1 . ^^rgb timidity, shyness, doubt mi 11 

orn araa ^. onocBc/a^^o a>3€no<fi>cd>^^CrArj. 

^. o^^nrn^Q^Z) confidently. 2. also ^^g^rab 

Sf^oSon; ^:£}o So. = fear; but generally 

^^rob cramp in the extremitiestssojo^^^rob. 

n. AjI^ 1. Bending as of arm or leg, eo^lft 
^. horripilation. 2. close tie, pressure of 
weight. ^^^6J£09 elephant's fetter. ^ 
o^9(fieo, (oa£\<dii Am ^. they are of equal 
weight, are a match to each other. Ajsa ^ 
^93bla8cT9 Ti. the army was drawn up for 

^^(0> l.T.a. ^j[^6)d>sd>totieclose. 2.T.n. 
^jylQ^9d> muscles to be contracted, as srs 
ri>cnj f.i. of a wounded hand, spasms. 
CY. a>6iak9jg ^^«a Bo. to blear the sight. 
^89 P. kliahi also ^c/d Gogglet. 

^e^oOo klganam s. (^ also s.) Hum, buzz, 

etc. aj<efia^^0))(a)CO8c)oBhg. 

<^5^i7rrQ^ kunnf (^.ojf ^nb) l.The hump on a 
bull's shoulders. 2. ceutre of a fruit, stalk 
in the midst of a jaokfruit (T. ^jy), M. also 
(^68)il|i, ^<po(ob), ^^610092.0 S) .oJ oreiiQB;9(bb ^fi. 
Annoo fQg^ pror. 
^fioolroldao So. = (Si^m^ajs). 
^6ia09di6nii^io)3 concentrated darkness. 
^6l0O9(0b, |^6Buai s^^Qsoa^oi*. 




^5 kfi^a T. M. C. Te. (^od) vT*^^ 1. Basket, 
as for fishing. 2. hat f. i. for stores, OttncoB 
an§ ^scdilrob ojcno TP. StmOBO'^s; also for 
beating rice, eto. 

^SokfL^ftinS. I.Horn, peak, roof oorD^SQORB) 
O^^ Bhr. shot arrows enongh to serre as 
roof, (siocuonbo aosojo ^sojo yq. stately 
dwelling. ^sooHfinoSajo^cvsoKU. (=s0oso, 
royal inoome from permitting repairs of man- 
sions). 2. heayy hammer ^S6oe$o oQOif) 
RC. (or moontain tops?) 6)a>3§^nb^So MB. (is 
taxed). ^SQjo Qglq^o Qa)§<iQ2 ^R- 8- trap, 
cheat, illasion=0ocD; (phil.). 4. cause ^So 
oQnrn^9cB> KB.; root ^. Q_joi^ eradicated. 

Hence: |^scb)(Q^ a trap. 

^scraoob 1. standing on the top, God. t. 

(phil.) inhabiting 0oqb;; the sool of the 

^SSdojeo-io, TU. ^8S0Q)o Yi.2. sorcery. 

1^. 5)^^ to bewitch, esPas to oonnteract 

i^S3(0o kndaram T. H. (C. Te. To. ^ — ) l. Tent 
=A^rQb f.i. ^. (Bio^an, A(i|2^» €iA^ai to 
pitch it. ^sorD0fiBu) y2. boat with awning. 
2. camp Q_i5tf)(0so§^ejo ^so^cijo KB. (bi^ 
fiQSasnflrDidQenm (iA5>nbo ^. aflcaai N. oQcm 82 
S.m (Bi^(0anTB. Tippa moTcd his camp to N. — 
^S3(D£)§) (l^So 2.) anril. 

<^% kn^f T. M. (C. Te. %Q(\Jg) 1. Beceptacle, 
nest, 4k9(aA(fi>c)o ^^^§^ Arb.; cage, as ojorn^ 
^§ swine-cot, eoB ^£^(A Q. ayS\ QjlinoTP. 
(stST^ei); body e^ojob QO^s^oib egg mo 
ftlrzA TP. 2.=|^s2. storehouse, S^msbo s 
§flm id§ MB.; «0^§, oSlaj^^ etc. 

^§<6> ki4a7fa 5. (Beng. aov, V^ai§) l. To 
come together, meet aoocD^cTO s>A9gucu3n6 ^ 
§mD CG. why do you come to kill? — roasnis 
d^o aja8efi39(0o i^sonb^^md TB. in battle. 
2. to join, «ioaj«Kibo ^s ^^aic^o TB. join his 
party. —- With Ace. flioojob 09naltf\aO5>a ^^o 
KB, marry her. 8. to befall ikno cn9cm 

1^^, 4kS<0aOQ(D ^^ QJftfiMO f^i 

belong to, oaajoru-iasici)(iib i^s^cor < 
6. to be added QaocfooBcb AO 
ajraontnoAcne TrP. less or moi 
Qja^^OXno, 0A9^, cn>(KMii)<9r 
Qg_jxft he has grown wealthy, e 
So. addition. 6. to come to pas 
^^CtDOrob, ^9<IQ| |^^aBr9(ak = Au 
action in general «io€)^^=:inD£ 
GLjl^ 1^. eto. — to be possible 
aQaDorob ^^OonsOiORJiOflto; esp. Vi 
l^^oOgy MB. (OKOdOJoab o^cna 
cro89»so OfiQjoaS)^:^ ^Sd^oyo 
eo^ojonb t^soan^, 01)01959^, q 
cn^o. — with Inf. AKOjldBn ^s^oa 
not cTcn tremble — oQfiicm 6>4ko 
ojOfionso (jud.)=o^)aT)9aiib. 7. 
Qjlcftio (OiOcm cBi^l^^o CG. will 
S^^ (^^QcnJocX), 4kgjcn oQ^vi 
(BT^(^4ksplaB^^9acaJ9c)oTB. wh 
haply— OTer — rD98QCJO02io oa>^ ^ 
h^ard fully. a§caai ^^Ooj^ftoBl 
AB. In po. chiefly ojcno^^; « 
cm Qjono^s) PT. became ineriti 

Inf. ^s, ^SOo), ^9S 1 . along w 
flnoaj6>ro i^sTR. with them, 9c 
c%oQ-joaB^KU. singly ft witt 
— With Boc. flioajOmd^ ft 
6)nbo ^9s (tu. fliox)9n6o3as 
OS ft — s^). 2. also, again, e 
i^9S (a^CD;9aO09a£^=&o. 

^S^9S repeatedly, often. 

I^SgJ^Ogj brother or sister =££ 

Keg. part, ^saift enemies, ^SfiA 
destroyer of foes I 

n. y. P. 1. ^S03(0>=eg>j9Oiai w 
QE^ooHcigo QjioAo ^saoKunb C 
Bhr. — like 0^009 with Ace. oq 
6)u)j^a^g^KB. 2.=:inDgt)3a( 
(S^S93<0) etc. 8. but ojcm) 

gj^ £gy <$s9«ih oj. qq. ost 

oobo QjluS^cMm TP. 



T. P. ^s\ 1. along with, with Soo. 2. by 
way of Qjosl(ob ^s^, ojs^iflASflJ ^s^ 
OuaodcnD TP. to pan before the eotraoce 
(ss&QJs); o^sroAob ^5^ tf)4k09r^9ajoa> to 
float down the riTer. 9iA0«rn) ^(rnlejo ^ 
s^ ojrm m»(S\ ^9<at TR. by 3 boati ^sl 
CBgj 88nrS1d9anfno)oa890 Bhg. 

I§^<6a9^ interriew, C^-ag onbo<i{{o rD9afiiau9 
e39|CKiboc%o ^. Mad. 

(^S^eis^ag Yi. ooitna of dogs etc. 

l^sWo^ai 8o. to danoe together, speak fiaoe 
to faoe, <^s^ago(aj9orvDo 9(d>9tflq{o 0^9 

) if\^9<mo ocoaa^ab ^sicB;o§o Si Pa.) 

f§^jj)^9Ao eonsaltation. ^*(DiB»^a7)9cqjfia oeo 

j§i kfittwn 5. ▼K. of ^^<d>. 1. Janction, as- 
MBbly, flook, heap (8t^^§o etc. oro^go. 

•udiO MB. along with the rest. ^scsBcbTg. 
i i gg ege = eroosypgedD. 2. caste, ^gTnzftirtib 
in^Bo^^TR. seotion, ^so^ ^g^TRzOfob ,ocq. 
•o, 4i»9^3^^So eto. class of Nayers, party; 
ly si e a ojg^jamasA (^^sxmooB ^§0 ao oH KB. 
t^saB%&s i^^wS^ onogydtiMA (ST^otQ has 
to be a kingdom. ojOJ^go dEhoog^o TR. ' 
^iB sorts of concerns. Aoa ^§0 ojljfl^ofgb 
£ifi^ in a certain manner, rdo^ ^§0 
i^isAo two kinds of thoughts. 8. assembly, 
4 or 5 oSlsp^., qjS^., cr)9GB;o^'^., 
>^., m^^so. 4. qaarrel aob qjo 
ittWiobo 1^. TB. contention aboat; cr)^CDB^5)S 
OtadBso ^scgo, (d§Qjo dkolcxyo quarrels, og) 
mW«ii9(CB ^gojo Aoloq^o sgy TP. quarrel. 
sdT. entirely, altogether ^§0 Qs^^gnb a 
to Si Pa. With qq: ^§90 $)<fi>9 

C&. (=^sa.inci96>s). 

>• ^ g «flayttflb i* one of a party, belonging 
o^CKibo ^san9/09roi^as PT., rosrf 
both parties TB. 2. pleader, 
allianoay confederacy, oomplot. 
19^ ehargay toonded in bi^ttle B. 

^g(n9QB;A headman of a section, his office 

^ggujs tumult, battle. 

IdS^ £^^ ^ i^^^ ^^^ * purpose. |§§e^§90S2 
QJ^&)(£j§<^^Tio AR.; also in sing. rD9(dfiicroab 

^*S9({2i23^ KR. — <8103J(b^*gOaLj96aBl PT. 

arose all at once. 

l^goa>aicnji a disturber B. 

l^§o^^<d) to congregate, conspire (in Palg.= 
to speak). a>9a!n(Qb ^' si TR. deliberated in 
solemn assembly. [lyTP. 

^goojoA 1. to quarrel. 2. to speak coherent- 

^§ft (2) companions ; of the same class. ^. 
ag)9orr)9(^ CG. thinking they are the same 
as we. (8T^ ^s<b those people. 

^gojlfiO shout of a multitude. 

^S kntfa YN. of^^d)). 1. Joining, fellowship 
odonb flno^mo ^^ partner. ^§9^ sj^gobBhr. 
(=:@firT)). (81^ a)9cgj(aRft)mD cn9a2;A ^^9A T^* 
Q^if) oilrD^ajoab ^s^ srzioab CG. I will not 
Join in. a>(Dnft)a>A)ei4o Ji^£^Si£\Q^o xu)aj(b ^§9 
0^0 £tfr^ MB. pursue their trade with part- 
ners. 2. mixture, additions. |^sa>oi condi- 
ment. ^s^g^gcoRiis simple, gennine. ^§8^ 
<dBe=^sis^<ao YyM. 8. sort, manner (=^ 
go 2) jiioeiloB/Aobo ^^ proY. 4. connexion, 
sympathy, agreement QdSigoaib cn)srr)€>(afi9a8 
^§0 (SiO'ongjQf^g SG. you do not mind it. 

Hence: ^g<flfiarDo'combined letters. 

I^g9d8ad» (4) to regard, attend to;(B(^ Qj)orD9 
cuo ^gganoSrm StV^ TR. not mindbig the 
interdict. u5)<dflM^d9siv9(ab (BT09^ ^g9anl 
59Qg<Tn)(no Bhg. 

|^S9(g(fr. ^goanb) 1. companionship, band; 
^. A-oiQU clubbed together, gathered for 
an enterprise. |^. o^o ^gl robbers, ffioax) 
QjlAnbo ^.0^0 iBT^^o Sijiicm TR. Amba*B 
adherents. 2. subdivision (= ^go), tnooJ 
a a30rD98rD90j&^c»l(bk ^*a>^o4»)^^KU. 
▼iz. ^Q ft croooQio of Brahmans. 

|^9ej place to keep temple property; ohap- 
ter-hoase W. 



^GHD — A<Tr ^ 

^§ofiab aasooiate, one ofs crowd, Also |^^. 
^§9(^ B. Toluntary temple contribations. 
^^rolcfia 1. to remain with, |^§)r£)g_jo(nocBn 
cn>00/on(flis)C(P^ KR. 2. to be hasband to a 

P'i°o«w- [mask (2). 

<^§^^3(0a^(Dl KU. an old tax on g^naine 

^|a>£jajSo joint-trade, bo ^|^;fi?) VyM* 

^^a)3rDn(> associate, partner, i^s^oosos og) 

^^^^a> to be associated, mixed. 

^S6)'d>.s intimacy, (8Toaj6)nbo fo»*so jiiaavs) 

ago (8T^d)9; also ^^5) do.^^k intermarriage, 
^sojs^ ft ^s^ol condiment. 
^SQ-j»tn Palg. where cross- ways meet. 
^s'Sojod) to accompany. 
^S6ru3CJO (^^^ 8.) demoniac possession. ^. 

(m)f£^d9s) as Caniyan KU., ^. d^do <S\^(6i^ 

mo SO. 
^f olHos^ (2) mixed seed. 

i^^dB) kuttti'ya T. a. of ^^a> 1. To bring to- 
gether, join, heap np £roQ&i9§ ^£\ eaxno^^ 
CC. tied to the mortar. ^s<0> erases <^mib 
Bhr. get ready the chariot. aj3&cD;(08>9«>rD ^ 
£i s>Q-j(a3aj^ <d>9jrni^s)<o>9^(qi2TB.=throogh 
soldiers. 2. to add (opp. av£(fi> to subtract) tst^ 

' n9i£\<£\<A ^£\<sv^ Qan. — to inrent, fabricate 
fDg^9.isra) e.QQ^ ag)^p(c()1<^^d> TB. to iuTont a 
debt ft add it. 8. to combine, to eat with rice 

Amd proT. 4. to receiTc, acknowledge as 
belonging to the caste or family (sr^oso o^ 
«Km nyrnlotnoi ^s1gdj(^ Cgy TB., «i05)cs;aD> 
rccaacXxan (btoojacd ^^CT)s«9a3o1g»jMB«, AoQroo 
(Qcantoro aoo^ooob qjIqcxxd f^§<fi>cq|o (Mpl.). 
5. to inflict Qol^^a). 6. to set up, get up, 
do (AooDODo ^§<a> PT., (tDXiao aSlaixn&l^£) 
Or Arj., (BiOfSgyo QaKrn^CBBSor) ^§o C0.; cgcnjicob 
^£i beforehand; cueji^gl Bhr. 7. aaxY. 
to make to pass e^ojcn^o (fiisp):;^^ ^§^^ contrives 
to support himself. r^ ^ 

Hence : ^£i (StQ^dStt to be induced to join in 
^g) a^^a) to throw A handful to some one. 

l^§l(aBsl^«fisi to set (dogs) to fight, ae 

each other ; io Join fitly (as a ear^ 

^^(defijij mixture, oonfasion. 
l^§l$)d9R§ tying together, marriage, 
^§)5)<0A9^d9n to couple (as bawds), t< 

giTc more.